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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  March 12, 2019 6:00pm-6:59pm PDT

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should not have been on san jose streets. the news at 6:00 starts right now. thanks for joining us i'm jessica aguirre. >> i'm raj mathai. this is a story we broke on our digital platforms this afternoon. at this hour we're getting more information. the man accused of the murder inside a san jose home is an undocumented immigrant who the feds repeatedly tried to deport but they said santa clara county would not cooperate. >> the murder of bambi larson has triggered a new sanctuary city debate. >> reporter: and the attorney issued a statement about this saying she wants to see a change in county policy for undocumented immigrants who are violent or serious felonies. >> i know where this is headed and the questions will come, so i'll answer them now. >> reporter: police chief eddie
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garcia didn't mince words as he confirmed the murder suspect of bambi larson in her home, carlos eduardo arevalo carranza is in the united states illegally. immigration officials say he is from el salvador and they tried to deport him nine times before after multiple prior crimes but i.c.e. says their detainer requests were not honored in both los angeles and santa clara county authorities released him without telling them. the police chief said they also learned that carranza is also a gang member. >> we have no control over how the county interacts with federal immigration authorities and violent felonies like carlos eduardo arevalo carranza. >> reporter: he says carlos eduardo arevalo carranza who is a transient stalked his victim in her neighborhood she lived for some time.
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her son and a coworker discovered her body stabbed at her home in late february. >> cameras in that neighborhood really helped us get to where we're at today. >> reporter: including this video neighbors shared with us today. they believe it shows the suspect walking to and from bambi larson's home the day of the murder. at one point wiping his face with his shirt. >> everybody in the neighborhood has been nervous about it. >> reporter: chief garcia says the detectives have not been able to find a connection or a relationship between >> thank you. now when the details of the arrest broke we sent out an alert on nbc bay area's app. make sure you don't load it to track. the college admissions anarent will
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tell you they'll do anything to get their kids into a good school but this case went too far. 50 people have been indicted for paying big money to get their kids into elite universities it involves hollywood stars and ceo, yale, usc, goreorgetown ar just a few involved. the deliberates accused felicity huffman. the feds said she paid $15,000 to a college prep business to doctor the college entrance exam for her oldest daughter. and actress lori loughlin is accused of paying a half a million bucks to get her daughters into usc. the bay area is heavily involved from the peninsula to san francisco, there are at least a dozen peopat includes the now fd coach of the stanford sailing
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team this afternoon john vandemoer admitted in court in boston to accepting bribes to help get students into stanford. mark matthews has been digging into the documents throughout the day. there's also a 49ers link to all of this. mark? >> reporter: that's right. court papers say that marcie pell tell la, who lives in hillsboro paid maybe a half a million dollars to try to get her son into usc. she lives in hillsboro, one of the richest communities in the bay area, a ceo of a liquor distribution company and the wife of a former football player. he's not named in the indictment, he's 85 years old. his wife marcie is founder of preservation distill tri in kentucky and one of the 50
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people indicted. >> we're talking about deception and fraud. fake test scores, fake athletic credentials, fake photographs, bribed college officials. >> reporter: agents say rick singer is the ring leader taking in $25 million over several years from parents who wanted someone else to take their college entrance exam or take wrong answers or get them recruited into a uft's athletic program whether they had any ability or not. today he pled guilty to four felonies. it is suspected that he became a cooperating witness for the feds. in court documents marcie paltella is quoted with a cooperating informant saying she wrote off her $400,000 payment as a charitable contribution. agents say 75,000 went to pay
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someone else to take her son's entrance exam, the rest to secure his athletic department recommendation as a usc football recruit, and paying rick singer for greasing the skids. that's what the government is alleging that rick singer used the money he got from parents to bribe athletic and academic officials at universities like stanford, usc, and yale and georgetown, the list is a long one. reporting from san francisco, mark matthews, nbc bay area news. when the story broke today, stanford university released a statement about its head sailing coach, john vandemoer. he walked into a federal court in boston and pled to one count of attempt to commit racketeering. he's accused of taking $770,000 for stanford's sailing team in exchange for recommending
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applicants. they trained at the facility in redwood city today. in a statement the university said, quote, based on the department of justice investigation to date we have no evidence that the alleged conduct involves anyone else at stanford or is associated with any other team. now this college admission scheme didn't come as a surprise to those who work with parents and students looking to land a spot at a school. we're here with a look at the industry built around getting kids into college. a lot of parents use college counselors but use it legally. >> absolutely. legally is the key word. there are plenty of services you can turn to that help to get your child into their dream school. the president of one local company told me she changed her entire business after too many parents asked her to cheat. >> i wanted to -- >> reporter: she's the founder of ivy advisers, the company
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works with about 200 students a year. she decided to focus on grad students after spending eight years working with high schoolers and their parents. >> the dynamics have changed. every kid is in varsity sports, hi gpa, s.a.t. scores and the parents are competitive. some of them, not all, think you have to win at all costs. >> reporter: she said parents came to her with unethical requests many times. >> what story should i make up? what should i say to get in? >> parents would ask you to make up experiences their children should write about? >> yes. >> sometimes parents would ask you to write the essays. >> yes. >> reporter: and it's lucrative, some advisers charge 6 to 12 grand per student. she says she's not surprised nearly a third of thele today are tied to the bay area. >> you have engineers, venture
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capitalists, entrepreneurs. there's an illusion you must get into a top school to make a great career. that's not the case. if anything bay area proves that doesn't need to happen. >> reporter: lessons learned after this admissions scandal. buying your way to the top may work, but at what cost? she said the biggest take away from parents and students, set the right expectations. it's not about the name brand of the school, it's the right setting to learn and succeed. >> our investigative unit follows direction at 6:30, steven stock talks to a local charity that was supposed to have gotten tens of thousands of dollars at the company at the center of the scandal but they say they never got a dime. nearly three years after someone kidnapped a bay area teenager, her case is getting national exposure. people magazine is featuring the
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story about pearl in their march issue. jody hernandez is in vallejo near the spot pearl was last seen. >> reporter: pearl was last seen being dragged across this pedestrian walkaway by her abductor. that was nearly three years ago. tonight her family is nowhere closer to finding out what happened to her. tonight they're hoping this people magazine article helps bring them answers. >> i love her, and i'm not going to stop. even if i'm on my deathbed i'm not going to stop. >> reporter: rose hasn't gone a day without thinking of her missing sister, who was abducted on her way to the bus stop nearly three years ago. now people magazine is featuring pearl's case as part of a piece on >> everybody in our family we want her home. we want to know what happened to
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her, if she's okay. >> maybe someone will come along with some idea or information that will help find her. >> reporter: the detective says tips have dried up in the case while she's certain suspect fernando castro was responsible, who was killed in a shootout with police the day after the kidnapping. >> the one person who knows where she was was killed m. >> reporter: this was the last photo pearl took minutes before she was abducted. a selfie she texted to a friend. >> that was the last picture she took. >> reporter: investigators and pearl's family hopes the magazine article generates new leads, not just for pearl but for the seven other children featured who have mysteriously vanished. >> it hurts to see other familieseo through what any answers i can get where my sister is at good or bad, that's all i need, just to know. >> reporter: we are back live where her family has left signs up here for passing motorists to
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see. it's p.p. stands for pearl pinson they're hoping this article makes a difference. the lead investigator tells me this is the most unique and challenging case he has ever dealt with. again they're hoping for that one tip they need to break this case. reporting live in vallejo i'm jodi hernandez. nbc bay area news. a shooting during the rush hour this morning, the investigation along a busy highway in the east bay. a live look at the skyline. right now we're watching top wind speeds close to 50 miles an hour at sfo. when the winds will start to subside and when the 70 degree temperatures make a comeback. our forecast when we come back. to simone, i leave the van gogh.
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to harrison, the wine collection. to craig, this rock. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud.
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i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california. moment on highway 24 during the morning a bizarre and terrifying
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moment on highway 24 during the morning commute. a shooting near the tunnel. tonight the chp is looking for the gunman. let's bring in melissa colorado who joins us in oakland this evening with the latest. what do we know? >> reporter: unfortunately this is a growing problem according to the chp, this is the fourth shooting that happened in a highway or interstate just in the last year alone right here in the oakland area. if you drive here in the east bay you know this could have been a whole lot worse because highway 24 is typically jammed every morning with commuters trying to get to work. early this morning the tunnel ooked a lot like this after chp half an hour toco highway 24 for bullet casings. >> it's peak of traffic -- >> reporter: around 6:30 a.m. chp got a call from an oakly man in his 20s who said he was on his way to work in san francisco.
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he told ch p he just crossed the tunnel and was driving westbound when a driver lined up against his own car. >> he didn't recognize the driver, the car, he just heard four to five pops resembling sun gots to his area. at that point he felt the impact, heard the glass shatter. >> reporter: one of the bullets hit the victim in the calf forcing him to pull over and dial 911. >> he's at the hospital recovering. >> reporter: investigators are trying to find a better description of the suspect's car as well as a >> i be speculang reminder for drivers to -- >> always avoid not worth it. you never know who you're dealing with out there. >> reporter: if you're on highway 24 this morning around 6:30 a.m. and saw anything pertaining to the shooting, chp investigators want to hear from you.
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you can leave an anonymous tip at 1-800-tell chp. that's the latest in oakland. things could be looking up for downtown san jose a chance to transform the skyline appears to be in approval. they've been meeting about this issue, scott? >> reporter: if the downtown is allowed to grow in this way, financial leaders are talking about dollar figures in the billions when it comes to growth. now that safety concerns have been addressed it looks like san jose is about to get taller. san jose's downtown is on the verge of a growth spurt. >> this is a big day for san jose. >> reporter: a proposed increase in building size by up to 35 feet taller in the core downtownaire and up to 150 feet higher near the train station put before the san jose city council.
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>> it will bring desperately needed new housing along with office and retail space that will create more jobs, more downtown residents, and generate the additional revenue the city needs for a sustainable future. >> reporter: the city estimates a gain of $4 billion in construction value and 5 million in annual property tax gains because of the growth. growth that was on hold because of safety concerns. >> we're prone to earthquakes even with the retro fitting i don't think it's a good idea. >> reporter: not to mention concerns about the flight path into san jose international airport. concerns airport officials say were respected in the most is always everyone's issue. that's not to say that accidents cannot happen, but that all the safety parameters are in place and will remain the same. >> reporter: the plan as it stands without allow for some 9
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million extra square feet of office space, the meeting inside is expected to go on into the evening. we'll keep you posted. reporting live scott budman, nbc bay area news. we're talking no more rain, thank goodness but a lot of wind. >> right now is the peak of the wind event between now and 8:00 tonight. speaking of airport issues, for some arriving flights due to the gusty winds sfo sustained winds, 37 miles per hour, gusts to 48. so call ahead if you have friends or family flying in to sfo due to the wind. northbound on 680 right now, you have gusts of 39 miles per hour. and san jose also breezy with partly cloudy skies, wind gusts at san jose airport at 32 miles per hour. here's the winds right now as we
6:20 pm
approach midnight the speeds starting to back off, a 50% cut back by midnight. and tomorrow morning and the afternoon still breezy, just not as gusty as this evening. tomorrow morning, off to a chilly start, 30s and 40s to start the day. but look at tomorrow's highs, mid 60s around san jose and maybe upper 60s around gilroy. 62 in san francisco and oakland. 67 for a high tomorrow in santa rosa. as we head through the next few days we'll be watching hunter pence -- high pressure building in, where the warmest temperatures in the seven day forecast arrive just in time for the weekend. sunday could see mid 70s. we'll have a look at that at 6:45. >> thank you, rob. it is getting heated in san francisco. the new proposal pitting the mayor against an entire san francisco neighborhood. cvs pharmacy.
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jewel of the waterfront. tonight, the embarcadero sits at some people call it san francisco's back yard or the jewel of the waterfront. tonight the embarcodero sits at the center of the debate of where and how to shelter the homeless. >> the mayor wants to turn a parking lot into a homeless center. there's a lot of push back to this. sam brock attended a meeting and joins us now with the latest. >> reporter: it was standing room only. people were spilling out into the hallways. nobody there the import onow, the ferry building is th way, that direction is oracl park, many residents question the choice of this location. sales force tower and the new facebook building hover above, gleaming bay water flows across the street in the middle sea wall lot 340, owned by the port of san francisco and possibly
6:25 pm
san francisco's next navigation center. a show of hands quickly revealed who came to speak out against the proposal. >> there's feces and needles i had to call public works to pick up the needles. this was overwhelming. >> this will be a disaster. >> reporter: the mayor proposed the location last week and said the site helps the homeless nearby. politics she said shouldn't play a role. >> every part of the city needs to share in on what we need to do providing shelters and affordable housing. >> reporter: how much of this do you think is because people don't want their housing values affected? >> as far as i'm concerned that's not a concern at all. >> nothing do with it? >> no. >> reporter: he's president of the hoa, and says safety
6:26 pm
headlines his hesitations. >> we're building stuff instead of addressing the problems this population faces head on. >> >> reporter: about half of this 300-spot parking lot would be dedicated to the center, and the time line is about four years. i spoke with matt hanny who told me four years was too long and if he's going to stand by it, he wants guarantees on safety. reporting live sam brock, nbc bay area news. quite an issue. thank you. sam. up next, who's behind the largest college admissions scandal the feds said they've seen. we investigate the ring leader. new calls to ground the 737 max aircraft but will the u.s. follow the lead of the oouk aft a deadly crash in ethiopia. a lo-
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many of them in the bay area -- right now at 6:30 we want to update our top story a lot of high profile parents many right here in the bay area bribing and cheating to get their kids into college, that's what the feds accused. s.a.t. scores were falsified and some parents paid $500,000 to get their kids in stanford and usc. >> investigators have a lot of evidence after the california ring leader pleaded guilty and apparently named names. we have the latest. >> reporter: more than a dozen parents from the bay area, including ceos and business
6:30 pm
owners they've all been charged and the stanford sailing head coach has always been charged and now fired. today federal agents and the u.s. attorney's office announced charges against at least 50 people in what they describe as the largest college admissions scam in the history of the agency. >> we're talking about deception and fraud. fake test scores, fake athletic credentials, fake photographs, bribed college officials. >> reporter: all at the direction of this man, william rick singer, the founder of a for profit college prep business seen in this youtube video. >> you'll have your test scores and your grades. >> reporter: investigators say singer charged parents between 15 and app$000 for someone else to take college entrance exams or correct test answers for their sons or daughters. court documents show other parents paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to designate their children as recruited athletes or other
6:31 pm
favored admissions categories. experts say he used some of the fees to bribe college officials, coaches and test administrators. >> it reported to be a charitable organization but it was a front singer used to launder the money parents paid him. >> reporter: 33 parents face charges including actresses lori loughlin and felicity huffman. the operation dubbed operation varsity blues not over yet. >> the schools don't appear to be involved and no students have been charged. >> thank you, janel. rick singer used hisor and nonprofit organization to launder money and hide bribes. >> stephen stock started digging through this. >> reporter: according to its own irs tax forms, 990s the key world foundation run by singer
6:32 pm
who was president and ceo, took in more than $7 million and spent close to $5 million over a four-year period. more than 99% of that, according to these forms of that spending went towards student programs and grants to some prominent universities. what the feds say was a cover for the bribes meant for the coaches or other officials who were indicted today. except for the wind whipping all the bay, all was quiet at stanford sailing center where one of the people charged in this case, john vandemoer, used to coach. while no one was there to talk, the tax forms filed had py the documents show in 2015 and 2016 the foundation gave away some $4.5 million, including to universities such as depaul, yale, nyu. also listed the top three
6:33 pm
recipients with, the university of texas with half a million dollars. and the university of southern california, a total of $325,000. and chapman university in orange county which also received 325,000. >> we just got phone calls about this and it's a scam. >> reporter: also among those listed recipients on the tax forms a charity listed at this address in palo aalto friends of cambodia, to which it claims it gave 18, $500 in 2016 and $19,200 in 2015. >> there's no record of any of these donations. >> i would have noticed those, believe me. >> reporter: the people who run friends of cambodia had never even heard of the key worldwide foundation and never received any money from them. >> how did they get our address, that's what i want to know. >> reporter: now to be clear the van tiles are not mentioned in
6:34 pm
the indictment in any way. in fact, it appears they were random victims in all of this. they didn't know until i came up on their doorstep. they say friends of cambodia doesn't have a bank account to give money to. donations go to another 501c3, which is based in san francisco and is legitimate. >> we have indepth reporting on our website. we made it easy to look up the bay area parents named in this case. we have each person listed by name witend lin to their court documents. tonight public pressure uilding against boeinge 8 following the deadly crash in ethiopia. but the faa says for now boeing is in the right. 157 people were killed, including eight americans. investigators have the jet li liner's two flight recorders,
6:35 pm
many countries refuse to fly the plane until they have more abanswers. two u.s. airlines, american and southwest, do not plan to follow suit. if the faa did ground all u.s. 737 max 8s, it would take at least 71 aircraft out of the sky, mainly flown by southwest and american. boeing is emphasizing that safety remains its number one priority, its stock has fallen 11% this week. the white house is wading into a battle against democrats. yesterday nancy pelosi said she did not support the impeachment of president trump unless a new bombshell was revealed. now several members of her party are criticizing her stance. today sarah sanders told fox news it's clear that nancy pelosi is losing control her party and there's no reason to
6:36 pm
impeach president trump because he's doing a great job. >> i see little to be gained by putting the country through that experience. >> we have a duty to impeach when we see that crimes have been committed. >> pelosi did walk her comments back slightly saying she would push for impeachment for something compelling and overwhelming and bipartisan. britain's parliament has dealt a serious blow to theresa may. theyder deal by a huge majority. itefor the uk is set to leave. >> i profoundly regret the tak tonight. i continue to believe that by far the best outcome is the united kingdom leaves the european union in an orderly fashion, with a deal. >> in the next few days the parliament will decide whether to leave without an agreement or delay the brexit.
6:37 pm
a st. patrick's day controversy. the mayor is apologizing after honoring a one-time ira leader. people have filed a petition asking the mayor to remove the award. he was one of five people chosen to be an honorary grand marshall of this year's events. many victims of ira attacks in northern ireland are condemning the mayor's choice. she released a statement saying she apologizes t for the pain this problems for facebook tonight, they filed a lawsuit against several facebook es they claim theanwe developers ae goal was to acquire cambridge analytica u-- user data. last year cambridge analytic revealed the firm used quizes and questionnaires to compile data on millions of facebook
6:38 pm
users. replacing books with brawls, a teacher accused of encouraging his students to fight. police say he created a fight club atmosphere in his classroom at clover dale high school. up next as one of the bay area's busiest highways about to become a toll road? the wine country route that could come with a cost.
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gutted a house in the east bay. it happened around 4:30 this morning... at treat boulevard an early morning fire gutted a house in the east bay. 4:30 m on oak grove road in concord. not clear how the fire started but firefighters say it began in the garage, no one was hurt. one of the most flood prone roadsimprskedoved to help pay fr it. recently after being shutdown after floods county supervisors met to talk about how to pay for
6:41 pm
new flood control protections. one option being discussed is adding a toll. officials say significant repairs are still needed after a levy broke last month. nurses at two hospitals went on strike for the day. the california nurses association said it's upset alleging santa clara county violated state law. they threatened to retaliate against the nurses. organizers say the county illegally threatened hundreds of nurses if they didn't switch to a new union with termination. they hwful represent county employees. the nurses plan to return to work at 7:00 tomorrow morning. >> you are going to give us all sunshine. that's the deal here. best weather for the weekend and places to go with that weather. the travel forecast right now. if you're outside get ready for gusty wind. you're looking at that live, gusts around the bay area as
6:42 pm
highs 45 miles per hour in spots. a look at the warmer weekend forecast coming up. the plan, a relaxing spa day, instead a fight that required our expertise. nbc bay area responds next. alright, you excited? yeah! waaahoo... well... that was fun, right? it's time to get more. lower fares. better service. sweeter rewards. alaska airlines.
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south bay woman whose gift cards ended up worthless. nbc bay area responds to a woman in the south bay whose gifts cards ended up worthless. >> she asked to help get her some value for those cards. chris? >> reporter: celia bought gift certificates for two friends to use at a spa. when her friends tried to make an appointment at the spa celia said no one answered. it turned out the spa had been sold. when celia talked to the new owner she said she was no longer accepting old gift cards so celia turned to us. we got a discussion going and the new owner did something they didn't have to, they agreed to accept the gift cards for $400
6:45 pm
worth of beauty products. gift cards are one of the most common complaints we get we received more than 190 since 2016. california protects your gift cards and forbids expiration date but doesn't say anything about changing owners. so we say use them quickly. call or visit us at nbc bay area responds. a new survey is highlighting how expensive child care has become in california. our state has some of the highest child care costs in america, the average cost of taking care of one small child is $16,000. department of health and human services recommends child care costs shouldn't be more than 7% of a household's income. by that measure only two u.s. states have affordable care. mississippi and alabama. is the silicone valley due for a shakeup? elizabeth warren running for
6:46 pm
president thinks so. she says amazon, facebook, and google has too much power. government regulators are talking about cracking down. something we asked john hen superintendent, the chairman of the board of google's parent company alphabet. >> this new generation of products we built, whether it's google or facebook or twitter, doesn't just touch the lives of those of us that are computer or business people, it touches everybody. we didn't anticipate some of the unintended consequences of that. >> this is our podcast sand hill road. you can find it on apple podcasts, google podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts. potter mania is alive and well in the bay area area, yesterday tickets were put on sale for harry potter and the cursed child. there was such demand, the
6:47 pm
ticketing location actually crashed. if you registered online, you should be able to buy tickets before they go on sale to the general public, which is this thursday. we have hamilton and now harry potter. >> this isn't the movie. this is the stage production? >> i didn't know that had a play. >> i didn't either. >> you two are not in the know. >> you're our resident experts when it comes to plays. >> are you in? >> you don't need to be -- >> that was a no from rob. >> at least the weather is going to let you enjoy things outdoor outside, it's windy. this is what we refer to as a dry cold front sweeping through the bay area. gusty winds but not a lot of moisture. we have partly cloudy skies right now. concord seeing wind gusts of 30 miles per hour. 60 degrees outside. san jose partly cloudy skies, winds 24 miles per hour, gusts
6:48 pm
to 32. and let's take you up to where the moisture is. lake tahoe, more snow right now, 32 degrees. not much wind around the south shore. but you can see the on storm ranger radar, the regional views show you the snow there and most of the moisture off to the east of sacramento. you can see it in the radar loop. that's where the system is moving inland. didn't have a lot of moisture, but the transition behind the cold front giving us theirus pe right now. by midnight, the wind speeds should come down in the. and tomorrow we'll have the wind but half as strong as what we're seeing this evening. for the mornings could dip into the 30s. but tomorrow the highs looking nice and comfortable. low 60s around concord.
6:49 pm
and oakland and the peninsula coast still 50s for now. closer to 60s in downtown san francisco which will be nice. 67 tomorrow around santa rosa with the north wind close to 10 miles per hour. as high pressure builds in, it's going to keep the warmest weather for sunday and monday. we'll see clouds but without the rain. for your travel plans things look good all the way through monday. napa low 70s for sunday and monday. another stop might be the coast, santa cruz getting close to 70 degrees on sunday. and even tahoe right now, you have the snow, but easy driving conditions, 50s with sunshine this weekend. look at san francisco's seven day forecast. 70 in san francisco on sunday and as we take a look at our inland locations, the valley, up
6:50 pm
to san jose, saturday through monday 70s making a big comeback in that weekend forecast. >> 73 used to be mild now it's our high temperature. >> it's a mini heat wave. the raiders got their all pro wide receiver, but what about the 49ers. odell beckham jr. has been traded. we'll tell you where he's going. kelly johnson joins us next. what's better than having fast, reliable wifi with coverage throughout your home? how about having internet that can help you save on wireless phone service? xfinity gives you the fastest speeds for all your devices. plus, now that xfinity mobile is included, you can switch your wireless carrier and save hundreds of dollars a year. talk and text as much as much as you want and only pay for data. now that's simple, easy, awesome. click, call or visit a store today.
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kelly johnson here on the xfinity sports desk. it feels like yesterday tom brady hosted his sixth super bowl trophy but already the start of a new season is upon us with day 2 of free agency. of course the raiders napped antonio brown in a trade. just as the 49ers were looking to deal, the cleveland browns happened, odell beckham jr. who the 49ers reportedly wanted, has instead been traded to the browns. that according to the nfl network. in return the giants received cleveland's first-round pick, 17th over alland safety ja bri
6:54 pm
pepper. lbj reportedly wanted to go to the 49ers or the rams. in oakland ab is in town. he won't officially become a raider until wednesday when the new league year begins but he's eager to start working with derek carr, he took to instagram saying he was ready to work out with the new quarterback. and the oakland coliseum authority is finally ready to vote on the raider's new lease agreement to play their home games thisom sson opt an for 20 resolution of a parking revenue dispute. the vote will take place on friday with the board expected to approve the deal. wednesday the warriors take on the houston rockets who are on a nine-game winning streak and just three and a half games back of first place in the west. but ahead of the show down, hid
6:55 pm
coach mike d'antoni roasted the doves with a loss to the suns. when asked about the comments to reporters, the team has an opportunity to send a statement in houston, dantonio said he should have said that before the loss to phoenix. the rockets can back up their trash talk having won all three meetings this season against the warriors. the sharks taking on the jets looking for their sixth straight win and the top spot in the pacific before the playoffs begin. that does it for sports. the 49ers just pulled off a trade. they acquired an all pro linebacker from the chiefs. so things are moving and shaking for the niners and raiders. >> and the sunshine. yes. right now we have gusty winds as we head towards the weekend a taste of spricng coming our way. yesterday was the first day we
6:56 pm
didn't have any month for the entire month. today we have the winds, tomorrow less wind 60s and we begin the upward swing of the temperatures, even san francisco on sunday close to 70 degrees. warmest days arriving for the weekend. and chance of showers tuesday, not a big chance just cooling us off, that's after we see three days of warm temperatures, though. >> you projected march, can you see later in the month from the european models? >> the trend as we get into march should be a storm every four to five days that's how it looks like it might be setting up for the second half of next week. but 70s for the weekend. >> do you have to be a downer? >> no. n e moments we're getting. >> thanks for joining us. have a great evening. >> we'll see you at 11
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now on "extra." a-rod down on bended knee. the moment he popped the question to j-lo. and the newly engaged couple today on the beach, j-lo flashing that ring, where they're hiding out on vacation. felicity huffman and lori loughlin swept up in a $25 million bribery scandal. did the actresses really pay to gget their kids into colleges? is britney in trouble again? why she hasn't postedths. new clues she may have split from her boyfriend and why the lawyer in charge of her estate just quit. angelina showing off her eight back tattoos. what she t


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