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tv   Today  NBC  March 15, 2019 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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getting off 80 toward sacramento or 580 toward the central valley and eventually toward tahoe for a lot of folks. >> start the car! that's what's happening "today in the bay." we'll be back in half an hour. >> see you later. good mor good morning. breaking news, terror in new zealand, at least one gunman opening fire inside two mosques killing 49 people. >> from what we know it does appear to have been well planned. >> one of the safest countries in the world now reeling from its worst mass shootinever. this morning we'll talk live to somebody who was inside one of the mosques when the gunfire erupted. final moments, overnight chilling radio messages from the pilot of the ethiopian airlines crash revealing what was happening inside the cockpit, while new clues emerge on possible links to the other boeing 737 max 8 crash. and here at home, airlines
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struggling to replace grounded planes. how could this impact your next flight? veto vow, president trump set to use his power for the first time after a republican revolt. 12 members joining democrats to denounce his emergency declaration at the border. >> this is not about the president or about border security. this is a constitutional issue. >> so what does it mean for the president and his party? we're live at the white house. those stories, plus dropped. how that massive college bribery scandal is now taking a toll on lori loughlin's career. social distortion, a shocking new connection between social media and serious mental health issues in teens. >> it's not something that makes me happy. it's something that makes me anxious. and a palace divided. the royal split that has harry and meghan moving on from william & indicate.
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the world is talking about it today, friday, march 15, 2019. from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and welcome to "today" on this busy friday morning. thank you for joining us. savannah has the morning off. craig is filling in. a lot of people waking up this morning and hearing this horrific news about a country many thought i guess was among the safest on the planet. >> the deadliest attack in the history of new zealand. we want to get to that breaking news out of that country. deadly shootings inside two mosques in new zealand where worshippers were in the middle of friday prayers. >> officials are now saying at least 49 people have been killed, four people were taken into custody at the scene. >> new zealand's prime minister speaking out calling the attacks an unprecedented act of violence and one of her country's darkest days. >> in a moment we're going to talk to a man who was inside one of those mosque, but first, bill neely joins us with the very latest on this.
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good morning. >> good morning, hoda, a horrifying attack, the worst ever mass shooting in new zealand. a gunman wearing a bullet proof vest moving from room to room at one mosque, killing men, women, and children. that took around 15 minutes. then a second mosque was attacked. police haven't said if the same gunman was involved there. he's described by authorities as an anti-immigrant terrorist. it all began during friday prayers, survivors saying they just prayed for the bullets to stop. this was a massacre without mercy. >> reporter: minutes after the massacre, a stream of wounded begin arriving at city hospitals, many with multiple gunshot wounds. armed police still hunting for gunmen, still unsure if the attacks are over. and everywhere, dazed survivors who had been through unimaginable horror. >> you know, the blood is
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spilling on me, i mean, splashing on me, and i'm thinking oh, my god, oh, my god. it's going to happen to me now. but fortunately i'm alive. >> reporter: this man saw the killer. >> he had a helmet and glasses and the dress of the military. he has a machine gun, m-16. >> reporter: minutes after the shooting, police were filmed arresting a man. they later held two other armed men and a woman and found two explosive devices attached to cars. >> so far one person, a male in his late 20s has been charged with murder and should appear in the christchurch court tomorrow morning. >> reporter: police say he was not on any new zealand terror watchlist. the massacre in christchurch began around 1:40 in the afternoon at the al noor mosque, more than 40 killed there. then a mosque at linwood was attacked and seven killed. police recovered automatic weapons.
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in a horrifying twist, they say the man streamed his massacre live from a body camera and left a long anti-immigrant document. >> it is clear this is one of new zealand's darkest days. clearly what has happened here is an extraordinary and unprecedented act of violence. >> and we stand here and condemn absolutely the attack that occurred today by an extremist right wing violent terrorist. >> reporter: police are advising new zealanders to avoid all mosques after an attack that has stunned this normally peaceful country. police sources have told our partners at australia's channel 7 that the killer is 28-year-old brenton tarrant. he calmly reloaded his weapon during the massacre. they're raiding homes right now
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and investigating a threat to the islamic community that the killer posted on facebook just before the attack. it is a terrible irony, guys, that many of those killed were refugees from war zones seeking peace in what was one of the world's safest countries. hoda, craig. back to you. >> all right. bill neely, thank you. richard engel is with us. good morning. there is something out there, a manifesto. we haven't been able to independently confirm that at nbc. if it is true, the things that this guy writes are clear as day. like he tells you exactly who he is, what he's about, why he did it. what have we learned? >> as you heard in bill's package, police have confirmed that there was someone, they believe to be the shooter, who posted live streaming video from a body camera and the same person also posted a manifesto online called "the great replacement."
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it is anti-immigrant, antiblack, anti-muslim and the concept is and obviously we are not going to put that on our air, but it is important to describe it to understand the context in which this murder, this terrorist act took place. the idea behind it, which we have seen in a lot of extremist literature is the great replacement, muslims, nonwhite people are outbreeding white people so it is important to kill them off. that's what he tried to do. it is littered with conspiracy theories. it mentioned dylann roof and it is the same messaging you heard in roof's own manifesto. the same anti-immigrant, ant anti-nonwhite people rhetoric. >> new zealand is widely considered to be one of the safest countries on the face of the earth. >> it is. >> very strict gun laws. they require home checks to make sure people's guns are locked up
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safely. you have reported extensively on events like this around the globe. are we starting to see more attacks like this that are fuelled by some of the sentiments you talked about? >> when they happen, they are brutal. i'm not sure if we have seen more of them. but they do tend to copy each other. that's why police in new zealand now are so afraid. they put out a call telling people not to go to the mosques today. i'm not sure if it is a global trend, but certainly over the next few days there is this concern that somebody could take this up, read the manifesto and decide to do something similar. so for the first time ever new zealand put its terrorist threat level to high. it had never done that before. there is a concern you are expressing that at least in the immediate future there could be copycat activity. globally, are there more armed hate crimes? perhaps. but not on this scale. >> all right. richard, thanks for joining us today. we appreciate it.
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>> absolutely. now to the latest on the grounded 737 max planes and the investigation into two deadly crashes. the black boxes from ethiopian flight will be investigated. we are learning more about the pilot's last radio conversations. tom costello remains on the story for us. what do we know? >> reporter: craig, good morning to you. we can tell you that there is widespread discussion now about the possible link between the ethiopian crash and the indonesian crash, and american this morning and southwest are juggling their schedules shifting planes around to make up for those grounded max 8s and 9s here in the states. from miami to dallas, chicago to l.a., the 737 max groundings have got american and southwest airlines scrambling, canceling some flights, finding replacement planes for others. 20,000 passengers affected. >> our first reaction was what
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are we going to do now, right? because we knew we were going to miss our connection flights. >> reporter: this morning the "new york times" has the final radio conversation between the panicked captain of ethiopian flight 302 and air traffic controllers. brake, brake, request back to home the captain radioed. controllers say the pilots were struggling to control the plane, and the faa says there are striking similarities with the lion air max 8 crash in indonesia last october. satellite data shows the lion airplane experienced erratic vertical speed readings after taking off, up and down over seven minutes, climbing at 1,500 feet per minute and then descended at 1,500 feet per minute. data from the ethiopian plane is similar, up and down and up again over a very volatile two minutes. investigators are looking at whether a software glitch may have mistakenly pushed the nose of the lion airplane down with the pilots fighting to pull the nose up. did the same thing happen in
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ethiopia? >> it can be as quick as that. >> reporter: former air canada pilot aaron murphy says reacting fast to an in-flight emergency requires intense training and experience. >> somehow this has slipped through the training for some of the pilots. this is a training issue because you should know how to deactivate that system, but if you're not even aware that the system exists, you wouldn't even think of it. >> reporter: the ethiopian airline captain was just 29 years old with 8,000 flying hours. the co-pilot had very little experience, just 200 hours. this morning ntsb and french investigators are beginning to analyze the plane's badly damaged black boxes. as the faa faces backlash for only grounding the plane in the u.s. after the world had acted first. >> of course they didn't act quick enough. they should have been the first up to bat on this. they should have been the first one out of the gate.
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>> reporter: so investigators in ethiopia are also looking closely at something called the jack screw, which controls the stabilizer on the tail, if you will, and if that suggests that the plane was in a nose down position, that could be further evidence of a link to what happened across the world in indonesia. most authorities are telling me do not expect a quick answer from the french about the cause of this accident. this could take some time, and those planes could remain grounded for months. guys, back to you. >> tom costello for us this morning. thank you. now to a stunning rebuke of president trump from both democrats and republicans voting to block his declaration of a national emergency at the mexican border. the president quickly vowing to use his first veto since taking office. nbc's peter alexander is at the white house with more on this story. hey, peter, good morning. >> reporter: hey, hoda, good morning to you. happy friday. fresh off an embarrassing defeat in the senate with republicans delivering the key votes against him, president trump is poised
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to use his veto power as early as today. the president arguing the issue here is border security, but for many republicans it's about pulling back the reins on his use of presidential powers. >> are there any senators wishing to change their vote? >> reporter: this morning after a republican rejection with 12 gop senators rebuking president trump over his national emergency declaration, the president's brushing off the thumbs down at the hands of his own party tweeting in all caps, veto adding i thank all of the strong republicans who voted to support border security and our desperately needed wall. >> the joint resolution has passed. >> the president hitting a wall in the senate, that stinging vote including a defiant dozen republicans joining democrats to block the president's go it alone strategy, specifically his effort to bypass congress to get
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billions of dollars for his border wall. >> we must stand up and defend congress's institutional powers. >> the use of national emergency powers to circumvent congress's explicit decision on funding is unprecedented. >> this for me is a matter of defending the constitution and the balance of powers. >> reporter: still, the president's undeterred expected to prevail at least in this fight because there aren't enough votes to override his veto, his first as president. >> it doesn't matter. i'll probably have to veto, and it's not going to be overturned, and we're going to have our whole thing. >> reporter: the next test in the courts with 20 states already filing suit against the president's national emergency pouncing on his own words to nbc news last month appearing to undercut his argument. >> i could do the wall over a longer period of time. i didn't need to do this, but i'd rather do it much faster. >> reporter: i'm told the white house has now received the bill. again, the president will likely veto it today. his strategy here, though, is clear, and it focuses on 2020.
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the president's pushback designed to send a message to his base that he's fighting the establishment on border security as he said here yesterday, i think it's going to be a great election issue. craig and hoda. >> peter there's also breaking news on another front overnight, north korea saying it may actually suspend talks with the u.s. tell us about that. >> reporter: kim jong-un, the north korean dictator according to one of his top aides will make a decision soon whether to go forward with future talks with the u.s. and whether to restart missile launches and nuclear tests. the aide says the u.s. needs to change its political calculation. it also calls out two of the president's senior aides, secretary of state mike pompeo, also national security adviser john bolton for effectively elevating tensions, but about the relationship between president trump and kim jong-un, the north korean official says the chemistry is in her words, quote, mysteriously wonderful.
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hoda and craig, back to you. >> that's odd. all right, peter, thank you. now to beto o'rourke's debut as a candidate and how it is shaking up the democratic party. everyone from challengers to president trump weighing in. the question critics are asking this morning is he ready for the nation's highest office? kristen welker has details. >> reporter: this morning, all eyes on beto o'rourke's big debut. criss-crossing iowa. >> going to take my sweater off real quick. >> reporter: and speaking to an energized audience overnight delivering a message of unity and change. >> given the challenges that we face, we will not overcome them with only half of the country, with only one party, with only some people who feel a certain way. >> reporter: this morning, mounting scrutiny of the former congressman who failed in his bid to unseat senator ted cruz. he's known for drawing large crowds and shattering fund-raising records. overnight some critics
7:17 am
questioned if he's got what it takes to be president. >> tell me beto o'rourke's record. what is his record of accomplishment? >> reporter: o'rourke had few accomplishments during six years in congress. unlike many of his progressive primary challengers, o'rourke hasn't offered a signature policy proposal. president trump hitting him on style, not substance. your reaction to beto o'rourke's announcement? >> he has a lot of hand movement. i have never seen so up many. i said is he crazy or is that just the way he acts? >> reporter: beto o'rourke saying, i'm pretty animated. i am who i am. i really do think we all want to get past the pettiness of personal attacks. the former entrepreneur and rock musician conceded he's still trying to figure out who he is and his glossy "vanity fair" profile made some wonder if he's more focused on bolstering his image instead of leading the country. o'rourke dives into a crowded democratic field with big names like bernie sanders and joe
7:18 am
biden, who is widely expected to run, leading in most polls. some of his rivals even fund-raising off the announcement. from senator elizabeth warren to kamala harris. >> in this crowded field, do you see him as your main competition? >> i think the voters will decide. as far as i'm concerned, peter, the more the merrier. >> all right. time now to say good morning for the first time to mr. roker. hey, al, how are we looking for the weekend? >> things a little calm. we like that. yesterday it was the busiest day as far as storm reports, 155 all across the country, but now we've got the remnants of that storm in canada, cold front coming through, showers stretching from new orleans in louisiana, up into the northeast. lake effect snow behind that. that will be the worst of it. now, we're also looking at temperatures changes. up and down the east coast we've got warmer than usual temperatures. new york city 66 degrees today, raleigh 77. look at jacksonville, 12 degrees above average at 85, that colder
7:19 am
air is just behind it, tomorrow new orleans at 60. we're looking at 59. 12 degrees below average. chicago eight degrees below average. pierre, 35, 12 degrees cooler than usual. next week, not too cold, not too hot. it's like goldilocks' porridge, just right. we're going it get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. good morning. clear skies but a couple of high
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clouds rolling through right now. golden gate bridge you could see we've got some cloud activity through there. current temperatures as you head out the door in the 30s and 40s. here's a look at how to plan your day. upper 60s and low 70s through the north bay. 68 degrees for palo alto. 69 for san jose, and we're going to keep this dry, warming trend through the weekend into st. patrick's day sunday with our next chance of rain starting to creep in as early as tuesday evening into wednesday. test weather. craig? >> thank you so much. coming up this morning more on the top stories we've been following, the deadly terror atta on the top stories we've been following, the deadly terror attacks in new zealand. what we are learning about the victims and the suspects now in custody. plus, fired by hallmark, new fallout for actress lori loughlin in the wake of her arrest in that massive college admissions scandal. but first this is "today" on nbc. c.
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coming up, inside the royal split, why harry and meghan are officially parting ways with
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(driver) relax, it's just a bug. that's not a bug, that's not a bug! (burke) hit and drone. seen it, covered it. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ i )m - -... today )s horrific rampage in new zealand good morning. it's 7:26. i'm kris sanchez. today's horrific rampage in new zealand is having a ripple effect all the way here in the bay area. san francisco police are adding patrols in neighborhoods surrounding city mosques, and they're also reminding everyone, if you see something, say something. so far, there is no indication of any added threat. happening today, oakland coliseum authority members vote on a new lease agreement with the raiders, and if it goes according to plan, the deal allows the raiders to play at the coliseum next season with an option for 2020 when the raiders plan their big move to las vegas. and don't need to go to vegas to have sunny weather. >> we have plenty of sunshine, a live look at the golden gate bridge and we have a couple high
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clouds rolling through but all in all, fantastic day expected ahead. as you head out the door, we're still in some 40s right now but our microclimate highs for today will be climbing into the 60s and yes, even some 70s. we're talking upper 60s through napa. san jose, upper 60s, along the peninsula, light winds, not very gusty and over the next seven days look at this. we're going to keep that high pressure that's going to keep us dry and warm us up into the weekend. by st. patrick's for san francisco, 71 degrees and then our next chance of rain does move in, but not until tuesday into wednesday and wednesday, next wednesday, just so happens to be the very first day of spring. we've got sunny days ahead. mike, how are the roads? >> sunny, as far as the demeanor of a lot of folks. south bay a gentle build for northbound routes. no major concerns across the bridges. this is the big backup, highway 4 westbound out of pittsburg and antioch from summersville to willow pass road. slow drives from earlier, two crashes. activity still on the shoulder. the east shore freeway recovers.
7:28 am
westbound 80 around gilman the earlier crash cleared. slow around golden gate fields. look at the backup at the bay bridge, just a parking lot. back to you. >> thank you, mike. more local news come up in a half hour.
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back now, 7:30 on this friday morning, it is the 15th of march, 2019. a beautiful look there over the big apple, a city that is getting ready for the marathon on sunday, that half marathon and the st. paddy's day tomorrow. police saying there was at least one gunman who reportedly used an anti-immigrant manifesto to explain the attack. nbc's chief global correspondent bill neely joins us with the latest on this. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, hoda, 49 now confirmed dead, dozens
7:31 am
injured, and a gunman charged with murder. it began during friday afternoon prayers. a man wearing a bullet proof vest moving from room to room at one mosque killing men, women, and children. that took around 15 minutes. then a second mosque was attacked. police haven't said if the same gunman was involved there. he's a 28-year-old australian described by authorities as an anti-immigrant terrorist. in a horrifying twist, they say the man streamed his massacre live from a body camera and left a long anti-immigrant document. police also diffused two explosive devices on cars. they arrested two other men and a woman. it's not clear if they're involved and they're raiding homes right now. surf vai survivors are saying all they could do is pray the bullets would stop. it's a terrible irony that many of those killed were refugees from war zones seeking peace in what was one of the world's
7:32 am
safest countries. guys, back to you. >> just horrifying. bill, thank you. the israeli military says it has hit more than 100 hamas targets in the gaza strip in response to a rocket attack on tel aviv. air raid sirens sounded in the israeli city last night. is the first time that tel aviv has been targeted by rocket fire since 2014. there were no reports of injuries. hamas denies involvement in the attack. jussie smollett pleaded not guilty on thursday to 16 felony charges stemming from his claims of a hate crime attack. >> supporters chanted as the "empire" actor arrived at the courthouse in chicago. smollett is charged with disorderly conduct for allegedly filing a false police report. he told police that two masked men beat him while hurling racist and homophobic slurs. prosecutors say that attack was
7:33 am
staged. a conviction carries up to three years in prison. there is new backlash for the stars involved in that massive college admissions cheating scandal, and the first lawsuits have just been filed. nbc's joe fryer has the latest on that. joe, good morning. >> those new lawsuits target both the celebrities involved and the universities named. one mother is asking for $500 billion in damages saying her son was robbed of a top tier education. this the biggest names accused of wrongdoing are facing new backlash. >> reporter: this morning under indictment and out of a job, actress lori loughlin dumped by the hallmark channel after investigators say she and her husband paid half a million dollars in bribes to get their children into usc. >> why'd you go to college? >> mostly my parents really wanted me to go. >> reporter: also dumped loughlin's daughter, youtube star olivia jade, dropped by sephora and tresseme after becoming the face of the
7:34 am
scandal. multiple media outlets reporting loughlin's children withdrawing from usc. it's not just celebrities and wealthy parents under fire. a lawsuit has been filed by a student at stanford university, klea woods is suing the eight colleges involved saying she never knew the admissions system was an unfair rigged process in which parents could buy their way into the university through bribery and dishonest schemes. >> if they faked information or something like that, i think expulsion, revoking of a degree. i think that would be warranted. >> reporter: the entire operation varsity blues may have been triggered by a financial executive who was already under investigation. nbc news learning maury tobin was seeking leniency in an unrelated securities fraud case and told investigators the women's soccer coach at yale asked for a bribe to get his daughter into that university. one of the 33 parents arrested
7:35 am
hollywood star felicity huffman is out on bail after investigators say she paid $15,000 to have a proctor correct her daughter's s.a.t. answers. her character on "desperate housewiv housewives" paying a bribe to get her kids into school, investigators say life imitating art. >> a generous donation will ensure our kids beat them out. >> how generous? >> 15,000. >> reporter: this morning the real life suspects may be hollywood stars, the wealthy and the privileged, but investigators say the victims are the children who lost spots at the universities they deserved to attend. joe, back to that lawsuit. how many people could end up being involved? >> craig, if the courts agree to certify it as a class action suit, lawyers are asking more than 1 million students could possibly join itme. stanford university says the lawsuit is filed without merit. investigators say none of the universities played a role in this scheme. back to you guys. >> joe fryer there in los
7:36 am
angeles. thank you. >> we have not heard the last of that story indeed. rarely do i hear the word beer and your forecast in the same sentence, but what is happening? >> well, okay, for example, we know st. patrick's day is coming up, right? what do you think st. patrick's day falls in the hierarchy of beer holidays? >> second? >> top? >> it is in the top five, but there are three others where we drink more beer. new year's eve, christmas day. >> that surprises me. >> and july 4th. guess what, because of climate change by the year, the beer could double in cost because of extreme heat and drought. barley is highly vulnerable, hops, another ingredient, heat decreases the crop yield and if we have draught water restrictions at breweries could limit production. drink up right now. okay? st. patrick's day, new york, the parade tomorrow, sunny skies at
7:37 am
11:00 a.m., breezy, 48 degrees. another city's big parade, boston on sunday, on st. patrick's day, sunny, chilly, 38 degrees, and as we make our way to chicago where they dye the river green saturday at noon, a few clouds, chilly, and 38 finally, savannah, georgia, has a huge parade, saturday, mostly here in the bay area, our dry, sunny weather will carry over in through st. patrick's, so if you have plans to be outside, expect the temperatures to be rather comfortable, very spring-like, the official start of spring is officially next wednesday. we're looking forward to that. 42 degrees in san jose. take a look at your predicted microclimate highs as you get ready for your day. you a upper 60s throughout the bay area. we'll warm up more sunday into monday. >> and that's your latest weather. up next, an eye opening new
7:38 am
look at social media and the negative impact it could be having on young minds. we're going to have a really honest conversation with group of teens. also ahead, richard engel will be back. he'll join us with an update on his family's quest for a cure for that adorable little son of his henry. and the big winners. and the royal family's fab four split, everything we know about prince harry and meghan markle's official move away from william and kate after these messages. messages. >> so from the first loving touch everything that touches your baby should be this comforting pampers swaddlers, the #1 choice of hospitals, is 2x softer and wraps your baby in our most premium protection so every touch is as comforting as the first
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7:43 am
nbc is nbc's savannah sellers is here with more. >> we had an incredible conversation. it's no secret that kids have a lot to deal with. if we're making things worse by putting the internet in their hands. i sat down with that group of teens to get their take. >> now even more reasons for parents to tell their kids to unplug. a new study suggests gen zers, those born in 1995 or later are more emotionally distressed than ever before. new research says kids ages 12 to 17 had a more than 50% increase in depression or anxiety over the last decade. young adults aged 18 to 25 up even more, a 71% increase in psychological distress. >> show of hands, how many of you guys feel stressed, depressed, anxious? >> all of you. >> so what's changed? well, symptoms spiked in 2011
7:44 am
when social media hit the scene. >> what is social media doing to you? why does it make you unhappy? >> i think it's fun sometimes. it's interesting for like five minutes, but it's not really my thing, and it's not something that makes me happy. it's something that makes me anxious. >> i just don't like seeing, like my friends hanging out without me or like my ex-boyfriend's post with his new girl. like i can't. >> i'll see like a few of my friends hanging out, and like, i'll be like oh, man, i didn't get the invite. >> reporter: interestingly enough, researchers found now increase in mood disorders for those over 26 years old. >> i think that it's more towards kids because adults have their lives together. they have jobs. i think they have different kinds of anxieties. >> reporter: potentially contributing to the problem, lack of sleep. the study found that younger generations are more sleep-deprived with experts asking if the cause comes from smartphone use at night. >> i will really stay up at night just scrolling through memes, just laughing myself to
7:45 am
sleep. >> reporter: lack of sleep can lead to anxiety and depression. >> why don't you just step away from them? >> i've tried to step away from instagram, and that lasted about two days. >> i was not on social media for a long time, for almost the past year, and i rejoined because you kind of have to in order to have friends. >> reporter: so what should parents be looking for? doctors say watch for angry outbursts, poor school performance, exchetreme changes appetite. limit your kids' cell phone usage before bed so they can get some sleep. if they do appear to be suffering, encourage them to talk to you about their feelings and understand that depression most likely won't get better on its own, so seek help from a professional. >> it's like more about knowing how to use it. you'll learn a lot of things but then you have to know whatnot to put out and whatnot to take in.
7:46 am
>> most social media sites require you be 13 before you get an account. right now there's a campaign called wait until 8th, or follow in the foot steps of bill gates who refused his kids cell phones until high school. >> that leaves out the whole topic of bullying, which is really devastating to a will lo kids. >> i'm a semiwell-adjusted adult and i have a hard time navigating the emotion using social media and i can't imagine a young person trying to figure that out. >> just like they were saying in the piece, you actually have to see pictures of not being invited things. maybe you would have heard about it the next day at school, but you're seeing pictures of it. sometimes kids are using that purposefully to target other kids. >> think about if you get a nasty tweet or something and how you get that little ouch and then imagine being 16. >> and your school and community knows. that's why we have to lock up nick's computers and his cell
7:47 am
phone. >> oh, really? >> in a safe after 9:00 because he was staying up. he was falling asleep in school. >> i need mine locked up. >> you found like the smartest group of teenagers. >> they were incredible. one of them was as young as 14 years old. she wishes when she was 11 her parents would have taken her phone away from her so she wasn't as dependent. >> all right savannah. just ahead, a castle divided. why harry and meghan are officially splitting. >> wait, what? >> households. they're splitting households. >> no! >> first these messages. una mesa para dos personas. so again, using "para," you're talking about something that is for someone. pretty good.
7:48 am
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43 degrees now in san jose. wind speeds light, not a factor. microclimate highs for today look at temperatures, talking mid to upper 60s on the map. bring it on sbrinpring. i'm ready for you. half moon 63, to the south bay upper 60s. as you plan your afternoon, plan for a lovely evening. we're talking not too cold along the coast. we're in the 60s along the coast, it will be great to see. over the next seven days here is a look at what you can expect. we'll keep the upper 60s in through saturday. by sunday, it's going to get warmer and our warmest day is expected monday. we are tracking our next chance of seeing some rain, and that's
7:57 am
expected to make its move in on tuesday night into wednesday. mike? >> looking at walnut creek top of your screen, 680 and 24, where they split. the middle lanes are slow, 680 headed south through walnut creek. it's not that bad. worst is the backup highway 4, continues slow out of bay point and pittsburg. earlier crashes started the slowing, continues now. the rest of the bay looks great. the south bay just 87 northbound, north of capital shows slowing there. the bay bridge metering lights are on but it's so clear, we could see the reflection. back to you. san francisco police are stepping up patrols after the deadly shooting rampage inside two new zealand mosques and reminding people if you see something, say something. but at the same time, they are saying there is no real indication of any new threat here but you can find the latest on our home page. also members of the oakland coliseum commission plan to sit down in the next hour. they are supposed to vote on a deal to potentially keep the raiders at the coliseum for one
7:58 am
last season, and then the raiders are off to vegas in 2020. find the full story in our twitter feed. rain is moving bac week. we )re tracking a developing system. we )ll let you know when it will get to you - so you can plan ahead. plus - your morning commute and all your local news headlines. join us monday morning from 4:30 to 7.
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, terror in new zealand. >> i was hearing the shooting of the shooting of the shooting. i could hear screaming and crying. >> overnight, dozens of people killed in a mass shooting at two mosques in the city of christchurch. >> this is one of new zealand's darkest days. >> what we're learning about the investigation including the multiple suspects now in custody. we're live with the latest. plus, royal split? the reason harry and megan are breaking away from william and kate setting up their own household in buckingham palace. and the luck of the irish. we're getting a head start on st. paddy's day celebrations.
8:01 am
plus carson and siri are here to share their twist on the holiday feast. today, friday, march 15th, 2019. ♪ >> representing vcu! >> howdy from lubbock, texas! >> celebrating my 12th birthday from st. louis, missouri. ♪ >> happy birthday, michelle. >> i'm turning 50! >> i love watching the "today" show with my brother and my mom. >> here to celebrate st. patrick's day! >> welcome back to "today" on this friday morning. savannah has the day off. >> we are, of course, going to get outside in just a bit, but we have a lot to get to starting this half hour. >> dozens of worshippers are dead after terror attacks
8:02 am
overnight at two mosques in new zealand. nbc's chief global correspondent bill neely joins us with the latest on this shooting rampage. hey, bill. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, hoda. a horrifying attack, the worst-ever mass shooting in new zealand. a gunman wearing a bulletproof vest moving from room to room at one mosque killing men, women, and children. he went back to his car, reloaded and returned. it all took around 15 minutes. then a second mosque was attacked. police haven't said if the same gunman was involved there. he's described by authorities as an anti-immigrant terrorist. well, it all began during friday prayers. survivors saying they just prayed for the bullets to stop. it was a massacre without mercy. minutes after the massacre, a stream of wounded begin arriving at city hospitals. many with multiple gunshot wounds. armed police still hunting for gunman still unsure if he attacks are over. and everywhere, dazed survivors
8:03 am
who'd been through unimaginable horror. >> you know, the blood is sitting on me, splashing on me. and i'm thinking, oh, my god, oh, my god. it's going to happen to me now. >> reporter: this man saw the killer. >> he had helmet and classes and he was in dress of the military. and he had machine gun of the m 16. >> reporter: minutes after the shooting, police were filmed arresting a man. they later held two other armed men and a woman and found two explosive devices attached to cars. >> a male in his late 20s has been charged with murder. >> reporter: police say he was not on any new zealand terror watch list. the massacre in christchurch began around 1:40 in the afternoon at the al noor mosque. then a mosque at linwood was attacked. police recovered automatic
8:04 am
weapons in a horrifying twist, they say the man streamed his massacre live from a body camera and left a long anti-immigrant document. >> it is clear that this is one of new zealand's darkest days. >> reporter: police are advising new zealanders to avoid all mosques after an attack that has stunned this normally peaceful country. so at least 49 dead. police forces have told us that the killer is 28-year-old brenton tarrant. they say the attack was planned over many months. 48 people are in hospitals including young children. it is a terrible irony that many of those killed were refugees from war zones seeking peace in what was one of the world's safest countries. hoda? >> just horrible. all right, bill. thank you. experts have started examining the black boxes from sunday's deadly crash of a
8:05 am
boeing 737 max 8 jetliner. but there is already mounting evidence to explore a deadly crash last fall. tom costello has the overnight developments on this story. good morning. >> reporter: hi, craig. goo r good morning to you. ntsb investigators from the states are starting to look at the black boxes from that ethiopian crash on sunday. but the black boxes are seriously damaged and they're worried about further damaging the data inside. so extracting that data will take some time, we're told. however, the data that suggests that there may be similarities between the ethiopian 737 max 8 crash and the one in indonesia last october has to do with the speed readings. the vertical speed readings after takeoff. both were very erratic and volatile. up and down and up and down. and that has investigators concerned. they're also looking at the jack
8:06 am
screw assembly on the tail and to see whether that might also suggest an issue between both planes. meanwhile at the airports nationwide in the states, american and southwest continue to try to juggle their schedules, move planes around to accommodate all the passengers who are going to be in some way affected by the fact they've had to put their max 8s and max 9s on the ground. so that is playing out. this could go on for weeks or months as boeing is ordered to keep those planes on the ground. guys, back to you. >> all right. tom kocostello, thank you. we have an important recall to tell you about. butter ball is recalling 39 tons of raw ground turkey products that could be contaminated with salmonella. six cases of illness found it in butterball samples. the recall covers 16 and 48 ounce trays of butterball ground
8:07 am
turkey with natural flavoring. some of them carry the kroger or food lion names. they were sold nationwide. although the packages do have a use by date of july 26, 2018. officials are concerned that they may still be in some consumers' freezers. consumers' freezers. we've got the news covered. we could use a boost this morning. >> if you like babies, you'll like this one. you've probably seen those baby races they hold sometimes during the halftime at basketball games, but maybe you've never seen one as exciting as this one: after a slow start a little separation anxiety, two babies break away from the pack. for a while they're crawling, until the baby on the top decides to take a break and enjoy the view. do not count that baby out yet, just when it looks like the baby in blue is going to make it to the finish line, look what happens, a stall out. the challenger comes from behind with a stunning finish and a burst of speed. >> wow. wow. >> boom.
8:08 am
some spectators joked that the -- others said they would have paid double the admission price just to see something like that. >> that's great. >> that's cool. >> it looked like at the end there they were using some sort of toy. >> a lure, whatever it takes, baby. just ahead, carson's got the highlights, winners, and some surprises from last night's i heart radio music awards. and the special relationship between richard engel's son henry and the doctor who thinks she could hold the key to a ♪ limu emu & doug look limu. a civilian buying a new car. let's go. limu's right. liberty mutual can save you money by customizing your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. oh... yeah, i've been a customer for years. huh... only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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8:13 am
something called rhett syndrome. richard, there are hopes now of a possible cure and this hope or these hopes are tied to this doctor who's helping henry? >> i just got back from houston, texas. i got in last night. i tend to go every six months to get a follow-up not only on henry's condition but also the research that's being done. in houston a team is trying to build a cure, currently rhett syndrome does not have a treatment, does not have a cure. she based on henry's cells, his dna, she's trying to create a cure, and it goes to inspiration. she thinks henry's important. she had this connection with henry. she fell in love with henry, and now based on that relationship with henry and another child that she met decades ago, she's working and hopefully she's going to make a breakthrough. >> our son henry captured dr. hoda zopi's heart, but more
8:14 am
than that she thinks he could lead her to a scientific breakthrough. it was another relationship that started her down her path of medical discovery. the connection she felt when she met ashley fry more than 30 years ago. when ashley who lives with her parents was born, there were no signs of trouble. >> she was right on the nose for the first year developing absolutely in accordance with the books. >> then slowly ashley's motor and cognitive abilities slipped away. >> she used to be skillful with her hands. she started losing the use of her hands. >> i knew in that moment what ash lea had. i knew she had rhett syndrome, and the doctor said i agree. i think this is what she has. >> seeing someone who's born healthy and able to do so many things for a couple of years and then gradually lose all those skills, that never left me.
8:15 am
♪ >> dr. zogby decided to switch from treating ashley who loves music to finding a cure for her by dedicating herself to research. >> i decided i cannot go online this. i have to do something. >> and dr. zogby knows a thing or two about determination. born in lebanon, she was in medical school when civil war broke out. often unable to leave the school because of bombings. >> i used a little closet in the ladies' room. that's where i slept on the floor. >> reporter: she escaped to the united states landing as a post grad in houston, marrying a cardiologist she met during the war and starting a family, and then in 1999, dr. zogby made her big breakthrough discovering among the tens of thousands of genes in our body the exact one that if distorted causes rhett
8:16 am
syndrome. >> it was truly like looking for a needle in a haystack. the discovery won her nearly every major science award and international acclaim. but not a cure. >> so beautiful, yes you are. >> reporter: then two years ago dr. zogby met our son, henry. >> like ashley henry also started life normally, but he never learned to walk or talk. my wife mary and i work hard with physio and occupational therapy seven to eight times a week. henry works hard, too, and has brain scans to check for seizures. but there may be light at the end of this dark tunnel. dr. zogby believes henry could hold the key she's been looking for because his genetic mutation is a tiny bit different from any known so far and he's coping with it better than expected.
8:17 am
>> so that intrigued me because it also told me maybe here we have an opportunity. >> reporter: and she got to work in her lab at the texas children's duncan institute creating mice that have henry's exact genetic mutation. the next step, using the mice to find a treatment and hopefully a cure. henry's back here for more tests and we're hoping dr. zogby's inching closer to finding an answer, and if she can do that the potential is enormous because henry, ashley and millions of others suffer from incurable genetic disorders. >> we know today that hundreds of genes that can cause autism or can cause intellectual disability or complex psychiatric disorders. >> reporter: the research using henry's cells can be applied to any of those diseases, and if you can fix one, there's hope for all the others. >> we want to -- we want to get to dr. zogby in a second because
8:18 am
she is phenomenal watching this. >> a force of nature. >> but before we do, there was a moment that happened for you with your son that i think a lot of parents just take for granted. >> so henry looked at me, and he called me dada for the first time just a few days ago, and it was something i'd been waiting for for years. a lot of parents it happens naturally. it happens early on. henry's situation is different, so when he locked on, communicated with me and said da dada, you know, my world lit up. >> you know what, i want to thank you, craig's going to tell everybody where they can read this thing you wrote, i read it last night, and you wrote to the readers of this that may not seem like much to you, your kid saying dada, but it meant everything to you. that was a big gift to us. it reminds us when we get home and get to our children, not to take anything for granted, and you've done that. i drag my kids it church on sundays and i say we have a lot to be thankful for and we're highly inspired by your family.
8:19 am
>> let's go back to dr. zogbi for a second. it would seem as if she's on the path here. >> we're encouraged. she's encouraged and the reason she's focusing on henry is not just because she loves henry, although that's part of it. she thinks there's something really unique and special about his genetic makeup, so she has a team, and we're talking 15 people who are working around the clock on his cells. you saw some mice in the package. those were special mice. last time i was here about six months ago when e had two, there hundreds now and they're plowing ahead. >> time is of the essence we know. how does dr. zogby see it in terms of time? like when that breakthrough may come? >> obviously we want it to be tomorrow and not after that because what's so special about this case and a lot of neurological disorders are like this, there's not actual brain damage. the brain is okay. it's just not functioning
8:20 am
properly. it lacks a particular protein, but if you can boost that protein and get it to the right level, there is the possibility that this can be reversed that the brain can fire up and get going. that's the plan. so she thinks it could be a few years before there's something that she can show. >> that's go ahead. >> not decades. we got to keep the faith. >> we are rooting for you. >> and thank you for those thoughts and prayers. >> we're rooting for you, we're rooting for henry. >> tell mary hello as well. >> i will she -- last time she was here with us, but they're still in houston doing some follow-ups. >> thank you, richard, love you honey. >> richard's written about his family's experience. we encourage you to read it. it's a fantastic read. it's at mr. roker. >> our weekend outlook shaping up for tomorrow. it's going to be mild in the east. if you're doing some st. patrick's day festivities, chilly in the northern plains. out west looking pretty good as
8:21 am
well. sunday sunday, it's turning colder here in the northeast, cool as you get into the mid-mississippi and ohio river valleys. nice and mild in the pacific northwest through the plains and we have sunshine. current temperatures right now in san jose, 43. we're still in the 40s pretty much throughout the entire bay area. and today microclimate highs will climb into the mid and upper 60s through the afternoon. we're talking mostly clear skies, 68 degrees for palo alto, 64 for san francisco. and a couple low 70s throughout. and temperatures only expected to get even warmer in to the weekend. st. patrick's day will be off to a fan takes sunny start. >> and that's your latest weather. hoda. all right, al, thank you. when carson's here, you know what it's time for. >> big night at the iheartradio music awards, a will tlot of gr
8:22 am
performances. alicia key's son genesis caught off camera flirting with taylor swift. you can see the 4-year-old waving to the pop star, gave a little wave bag. swift took home the award for tour of the year. another big moment started with chris pratt introducing the artist of the decade award garth brooks and ended with pratt being pulled back on stage to help garth and friends sing "friends in low places." back to alicia keys. and her son egypt joining his mom on stage to play the piano while she sang. take a look. ♪ every day and every night i pray for one accord. i adore you even more ♪ ♪ and every minute that i've had we can afford for us to be ignored ♪
8:23 am
♪ >> we want to see your hands. >> my 8-year-old's taken piano for three years, and mary had a little lamb is hardly recognizable. >> and he's flossing. >> he's 8, egypt, unbelievable. he takes after mom and dad for that matter in the talent department. he's taking home the innovator award for contributions not only to music but also social causes as well. up next, karlie kloss sat down with andy cohen on watch what happens live to celebrate the arrival of his son. she bake add delicious gooey cake to gift to the host. he said the cake was amazing, he thanked his guest, but then take a look at what happened. >> it's sugar and butter for the record. >> it's sugar and butter literally. >> oh! >> three second rule. >> it was sugar and butter. >> i got you, i got you. i got you.
8:24 am
[ laughter ] >> it's so good. >> okay, well, it was. >> you made me that last night, the night before the premier. >> i think it's still good, al. >> scoop that right up. >> get in there before three seconds. >> she offered to make another cake for andy, but i think she should just make one for us on the "today" show. we promise not to drop it. season six of the voice is well underway. the newest coach, john legend has been an amazing addition to our show. while we may love his musical contributions, one person has grown a little tired of them. >> i'm excited to be with john. >> i feel like this is our second home right now. >> he fits right in it's amazing. >> my favorite part is that he sings to us. >> you like it? >> i love it. >> you don't love it. >> it's a lot. he sings. he sings a lot. ♪ how is it fruity water if it's
8:25 am
so clear ♪ ♪ i'm sitting here by myself on this couch ♪ ♪ did they change the meeting time ♪ [ laughter ] >> kristy may get tired of the singing, we sure don't. he has been awesome on the coach. on monday we're going to wrap up the blind auditions. you can tune in at 8/7 central. >> is it crossover battle? >> we have the cross battles are a new part of the show this year coming up in april. >> thank you, carson. >> thank you, thank you. just ahead as al roker calls him sweet willie geist. he's going to tell us about hanging out with woody harrelson ahead of his latest movie premier. we're going to kick off st. paddy's day. we may be a couple of days early, but hey, why not? >> are you going to dance an irish jig? >> i think that's what you and al are doing, after yourgood mo.
8:26 am
i )m kira klapper a dark day in what was one of the safest countries good morning. it is 8:26. i'm kira klapper. a dark day in new zealand. san francisco police are adding take patrols around mosques. and if you see something, say something. happening today, oakland coliseum authority members vote on a new lease agreement with the raiders. if it goes as planned, it allows them to play in the next season with the option for 2020 when the team moves to vegas. and mike has a look at the traffic. >> we're looking the a nice dry almost everywhere. we do have northbound 680, a
8:27 am
crash there partially blocks a lane slowing just north of dublin. if you are going the opposite direction, you will also find slowing as you head down toward highway 84. and there may be a crash in the area. so we're watching that. highway 4 still slow, yet another crash through bay point. the crash is in antioch. and over here there is an incide incident, maybe two. crews just arrived. but the toll plaza is clear. >> and we'll have another update in 30 minutes. to simone, i leave the van gogh.
8:28 am
8:29 am
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♪ ♪
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>> and we are back, 8:30 with music from the port authority police pipes and drums band. >> how awesome. >> as we head into st. patrick's day. another big round of applause, guys. >> you know, they were going to send the big guys. >> big men. >> wow. >> man. >> by the way, in case you hadn't heard st. patrick's day is coming u ining up on sunday. new york city's big parade happening tomorrow. these guys are going to play a huge role in that event as they always do. that was wonderful. >> that was very, very cool. more music and dancing in a bit. siri's here, my wife, we're going to cook a nice little recipe. we also have cocktails, stuff that will be perfect for st. patrick's day but also the day after. >> are you cooking? >> he does the cocktails. >> and the drinking. >> the talking, the hanging out. all of that, yes.
8:32 am
>> we have an enormous crowd. we see vcu well-represented. we got a big crowd. who am i looking for? i'm looking for erin. where is erin? here's the story about erin. erin actually came yesterday, got all excited. got all dressed, showed up, waved, and nobody in her family rolled the vcr, okay? dvd. exactly. so you are back for round. >> two. yes. >> what do you want to say, holy moly i'm erin goly. shoutout to creighton blue jays. my family, golys and happy st. patrick's day! >> let's go. >> it all worked out that they didn't roll the vcr. >> i know. >> old school, baby. >> really quickly, you mentioned vcu, i feel like if we don't
8:33 am
show these people, if we don't show the vcu crowd, you guys may burn this place down. vcu for folks who don't know where it is? where is it really quickly? >> virginia. >> you guys are in the tournament this weekend? >> at noon today. >> noon today. good luck, vcu thanks for hanging out all morning. they brought their party bus. >> we should point out there's a big bus vcu has. >> wait, who's here? >> wait, the flyers are here? [ cheers and applause ] >> battle of schools! >> equal time, baby, way to go, you guys. >> where's the power supply in that thing? that is good looking. >> thank you very much. >> you got to sell that sucker. >> march madness is upon us. just ahead, a conversation with actor woody harrelson.
8:34 am
he's opening up to woody about his career, and how he said early fame really did go to his head, and what drew woody to his latest movie role. and i'm going to go on the job with a man who may have the most beautiful workplace in the country down in charleston. he's been keeping the history of these famous flowers and historic flowers in bloom for decades, and the music of a great charleston group, ranky tanky. >> you're busy, you got weather to do. >> yes, we do, looking ahead for today, snow showers around the great lakes, continues out west, sunshine up and down the west coast. rain in the southeast. tomorrow st. patrick's day new york city, the parade, 11:00 a.m., sunny, breezy, 48. let's head on up to boston, show you there we're looking at sunday's parade, 1:00, mostly sunny, chilly, 38. head over to chicago where they dye the river green sunday at noon, saturday at noon i should say. a few clouds chilly, 38, and finally savannah, georgia,
8:35 am
another big parade, saturday, 10:15, cloudy, mild, we have great weather to look forward to. your microclimate highs, mid to upper 60s. we have some 70s up through the north bay, but our predicted eyes oaklaey highs he can la s oakland, 65. and high pressure will keep us dry all through the weekend and even the start of the next week as well. next chance of seeing some rain. i'll be on facebook live at 9:00 a.m. >> don't forget, you can always pick up the "today" show when you head out the door. all you have to do is tune in to "today" show sirius radio xm channel 108. mr. melvin! >> roker run, willie geist joining us now with a sneak peek at his sunday sit-down.
8:36 am
this is a good one. >> this was a fun one. woody harrelson, you just say the name people go oh, woody. i got together with the actor in austin, texas, to talk about his netflix movie called "the highway men." our conversation took us back to the beginning, and regrets on how he handled his newfound fame. >> when i was a kid, i thought, yeah, i'd like to be famous. >> reporter: woody harrelson always knew he'd end up in show business one way or another. >> i remember at the time a film crew coming through lebanon, ohio, and i was like man this seems like it would be a cool life. >> reporter: a cool life that took a big leap into the movies in 1992 with "white men can't jump" followed in quick succession by indecent proposal, natural born killers, and the people versus larry flint, which earned harrelson an academy award nomination. >> tell everybody the pervert is
8:37 am
back. >> reporter: on tv, woody starred most recently in the hbo series "true detective". >> what the held do you think you're doing, man? >> reporter: but it all started with another woody. >> this is amazing. >> one of my buddies said hey, woody there's this part in this show "cheers." the part's called woody, and you know, it's from indiana, which we'd gone to college in hanover, indiana, and so he said, you ought to, you know, go audition for it. >> wow, my first bachelor party. no dates, right? >> no. >> how did you work through that part of being the star of a huge show? >> i didn't think i was dealing with it very well, you know. i was -- >> what does that mean? >> i was kind of a madman. >> yeah. >> probably just too much party and too much loose moral type of behavior, you know, as a young
8:38 am
christian boy. >> that covers a lot of ground, loose moral behavior. >> yeah. >> reporter: walking along the river front in austin, the texas born harrelson fits right in. >> i could see living in austin. >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: harrelson is in town for the premier of his new netflix film the highway men, he stars alongside kevin costner in the story of two texas rangers called back into service to track down and take down the infamous bonnie and clyde. >> it was really a sign of the times, you know, it was the depression and i think people looked at them as really robin hood types who were stealing from the rich, giving to the poor, which wasn't a fair account of who they were, but they somehow got just good pr, you know what i mean? >> it might be good to have a doctor look at you sometime. >> might be good to have a doctor look at you sometime. >> i ain't got no bullets in me. >> were you aware of them before
8:39 am
you were offered this part? >> no, not at all. when i heard kevin was doing it, i was really psyched, and but no, i did not really know about manny gault. it's great entertainment, but it's kind of cool that we get to remedy some of these facts. >> i want to take them down. >> what a fine idea. >> so first of all, the movie, the highway men, excellent. it's coming up on netflix about the two guys who eventually track down former texas rangers, and kill bonnie and clyde. you usually get the bonnie and clyde story. let's not bury the lead, how cool woody harrelson is. he's got the jean jacket, cowboy hat, a pair of sweatpants and slippers on. >> there you go. >> sometimes a stylist will come in with a suit or something. he goes no, man, let's go. >> let's do it. >> and we just sat by the river and talked by the colorado
8:40 am
river. we sat by the river and had a great conversation. he is just a complete blast. he also talks about howell vis presley influenced his abouting career, how it was born in the library of his high school when he was a kid. there's so much there. >> he and willie nelson are close, close buddies. >> there's a shock. >> woody and willie on sunday. thanks, buddy. up next, the royal family fab four split, everything we need to know about harry and meghan's big move. >> let's go sit down by the river.
8:41 am
8:42 am
we are back with major changes currently underway in the royal family. sheinelle jones joining us with this one. prince harry and meghan markle are starting a new chapter. not only are they about to become parents and move, but they're also splitting royal households from william and
8:43 am
kate. >> reporter: the fabulous four no more. meghan and harry officially cutting ties with william and kate. the soon to be parents breaking away from the joint operation they currently share now setting up their own royal household in buckingham palace, a complete separate home base for their staff and offices. the split comes as harry and meghan are also in the process of moving from a cottage on the grounds of kensington palace to frogmore house. >> in the case of harry and meghan there's a sense that they need to have their own path. they need to have their own family and some separation from the cambridges to do their own thing. >> reporter: the palace confirming the queen and prince-wales's support to the new structure announcing in a statement that the sussex's household will be established in the spring and this move will ensure permanent support arrangements for the duke and duchess of sussex, the split fueling speculation of further strains in the once close relationship between harry and william and growing tensions between their wives and alleged
8:44 am
disagreements about how to manage their staff. harry and meghan also setting up a new team, hiring pr consultant sarah latham. >> the new head of communications is somebody that worked for hillary clinton. she's got u.s./u.k. citizen ship, obviously that suits meghan down to the ground because she feels like she's got one of her own in the team. the sussexs on a whirlwind schedule working together on causes they are both passionate about. >> i'm now going to try and drag my wife on stage. guys, i am with you, and we are with you. get to work. >> reporter: duchess meghan actively embracing royal duties throughout her pregnancy joking with the audience last week. >> and then i'll put my feet up because that's a deserved treat, especially at this stage of pregnancy. >> reporter: the duchess now reportedly on maternity leave just weeks away from giving birth to the couple's first
8:45 am
child. the royal baby is expected in the spring, possibly next month. while meghan is on leave, prince harry will continue to carry out solo engagements while moving house and setting up their new office before the baby arrives. it's a new chapter for the family. >> wouldn't want to live with my brother and his wife either. >> well. >> you know they can hear you. >> i love my -- you know what i'm saying. >> yes. >> what if you had your own wing? >> your own wing? >> maybe. >> thank you, sheinelle. mr. daly. st. patrick's day is here, you're going to come back with delicious st. patrick's day food. siri and i are going to swho you ways you can use those leftovers and my special recipe for a delicious cocktail. but first this is "today" on nbc. nbc. ♪
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♪ [ camera shutter clicks ] the new galaxy s10 on xfinity mobile. the phone and network designed to do more. get $250 back on a new galaxy and save on the network with millions of wifi hotspots. say "get a galaxy" to learn more. beautiful sounds, we're back with more music from the port
8:48 am
authority's police pipe and drum band. they were terrific. >> so good. >> as an added treat, we are going to be cooking with the dalys on "today's" food. they're going to show you how to turn up your holiday leftovers. a lot of people make this great food and they're like what do you do afterwards. >> right, but who cares. let's start with the cocktail. i worked at krok in la, a great rad radio station, and there was cases of guinness and champagne and this is what bono drank. i thought it was the coolest thing ever. black velvet. we're going to do it in this martini glass. a little champagne. >> equal parts guinness and champagne. and this is a little cream decasissi. and then a little cherry on top. hoda. >> yes. >> suck down on that one. how about that. >> get your st. paddy's day going.
8:49 am
>> that is yummy. >> a little different than regular guinness. >> everybody's probably going to have a lot of leftover corned beef, cabbage, potatoes, this is a way to use all that. we did breakfast for dinner last night. eggs, corned beef. the corned beef and cabbage are already cooked. we're going to start with a cast iron skillet. >> why do you love that? i do feel like food tastes different in there. >> it does. it gets really good caramelizati caramelization. we're going to melt that butter and add onions. you want to grab that cabbage. >> yes, i do. >> there you go. that's cooked. we're going to caramelize that for about ten minutes. once that is all caramelized, it's going to look like that. >> is this what carson usually does in the kitchen by the way? >> hangs out. >> a little moral support mr. melvin. >> i light a fire. i make more cocktails. i talk to the kids. >> he does make cocktailsment then we're going o'it add garli -- going to add garlic. >> what kind of potatoes do you use? >> these are red. you can use yukon, gold,
8:50 am
anything. >> if you come back tomorrow with the shepherd's pie from tonight, you can take the potatoes off the shepherd's pie. the idea is how do we repurpose the things we're going to eat on st. patrick's day. >> i love leftovers. >> salmon i love when i eat it the next morning, i cannot eat it. i don't know why. >> some things i can. >> i love taking leftovers home from restaurants. sometimes he's like oh, gosh, that will be in the garbage for a couple of days. >> you're scared to tell the waitress you didn't eat it all. she's like i'll take this home. why are you taking this home? you're never going to eat it. >> breakfast with the bickerson's. >> this is my problem at large. >> we're going to just fold that in. it's already cooked. we're going to warm that through. it's all done over here. we're going to add our eggs. >> oh, wait. >> we're going to add them on top one at a time. >> wait, wait, look at this. >> i know. >> and plop, plop, exactly. you don't even need to bake this. >> don't say plop plop. that's not a good mental picture. >> then you can just cover it
8:51 am
with foil. >> people want to know that you cover this with foil. >> you just got to shush. >> and then you bake it -- you don't cover it, you don't bake it. you just let the eggs sit. >> about ten minutes. the whites will cook through. the eggs will still be runny. >> what is a typical dinner like at your house? >> this. >> this is it? >> this was it last night. >> we did actually, squlak jack who is ten today. >> oh, my god, yes. there he is. >> he made scrambled eggs for us for dinner last night. he literally made them. >> they're taking after us our kids, he made the scrambled eggs, and etta our 6-year-old made the cocktail. >> this is not true. >> she's like dad, try a little cream on top. it's delicious. >> if you want these recipes head to, and we're going to keep our st. paddy's celebration going. >> they grow up so fast. >> can you believe we've been enrents for t years?
8:52 am
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>> announcer: smucker's celebrates today is sponsored by smucker's. with a name like smucker's it has to be good. >> we are back with more of our pre-st. patrick's day festivities. al's inside with people who have two reasons to celebrate. hey, buddy. >> oh. with st. patrick's day this sunday, our viewers are celebrating loved ones who have birthdays this time of year. for example, hank, he says st. patrick's day is extra special because everything's celebrating his birthday with him. melissa will be 25 on sunday, her friends say her smile can brighten any room. barry, huge bruce springsteen fan, plans to celebrate with some tunes from the boss. jim turning 72 on tuesday, proud father of seven kids, and he's rocking that vest. you can keep those photos coming at . guys. >> mr. roker enjoy the rest of that meal. that does it for us.
8:55 am
>> the third hour is just ahead after your local news. first we want to end our big prest. patrick's day show on a high note. give it up to the performers of the school of irish step dancers! ♪ ♪ good morning, it )s 8:56...
8:56 am
i )m kira klapper today )s shocking good morning. it is 8:56. today the shooting rampage in new zealand is impacting security here. san francisco police are adding patrols around neighborhood mosques and they want the public's help. if you see something, say something. so far there is no indication of any avid threat. we'll have an update in our midday newscast at 11:00. and the oakland coliseum
8:57 am
authority is meeting, members plan to vote on a new lease agreement with traiders. they could play next season and an option for 2020. happening now, bob redell will have a live update and you can go to our twitter feed where we post updates. and san ramon valley teachers have sealed a new deal ensuring there will be no teachers strike. the union says teachers ratified the new contract agreement. and a bay area skateboard legend is being remembered. jake phelps has died. he published thrasher for two decades from san francisco where he was raised. we have a link to the full story on our twitter feed. it is 8:57. a local weather update for you in an hour. rain is moving back
8:58 am
week. we )re tracking a developing system. we )ll let you know when it will get to you - so you can plan ahead. plus - your morning commute and all your local news headlines. join us monday morning from 4:30 to 7.
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and a good friday morning to you, craig melvin here alongside al roker, sheinelle jones, dylan dreyer, our friend jacob soboroff joining us as well. always good to have you. we start with what new zealand's prime minister is calling that country's darkest day ever, shootings inside two mosques in the middle of friday prayers. as of now, officials say 49 people have been killed, dozens more are hurt. a 28-year-old man is in custody. he's charged with murder. that


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