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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 18, 2019 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> exactly. i can't wait to hear about it. so big but he's like, pizza, pizza, pizza. it was a great week to understand go skiing or really across the bay area, a lot of people were headed to the beach. >> i'm loving the sunshine, but everything's nice and green. i want to keep it that way and i think we will, with some more rain headed our way, and so as we start out this morning, we are feeling some mild temperatures with some low 50s in dublin, going to the b.a.r.t. station, it will cool down to the mid-40s and warm up pretty fast today, so you'll go from wearing a jacket to short sleeves within a couple of hours. our high temperatures headed back into the mid-70s today, so we'll take a closer look at this in just a few minutes. mike, you have an update to the traffic alert? >> folks, look at the headlights and say that's the same backup you just showed but down here, that crash scene has cleared, all lanes of westbound highway 4 have cleared, but they have not cleared up completely, only cleared of the crash. we'll get you out to the map, we have over seven miles of backup coming westbound highway 4, out
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of pittsburg, through bay point, where there's a second crash that possibly was there, sounds like it's off to the shoulder as well, jamming you up into concord at port chicago highway, go and this crash we just showed you, clear from the roadway. more traffic is going to flood down toward walnut creek now, so folks, if you take more than just a few more minutes, you may get met with a lot more traffic for 680, highway 24, also headed down into the tri-valley, but right now no, major problems. the rest of your commute looks great. the bay bridge metering lights of course have your backup at the toll plaza though. back to you, scott. >> thank you, mike. several people recovering after a mysterious smell at the post office in downtown san jose. this was the scene just after 4:00 this morning on north first street near st. james park. we've talked to the fire department, we're told several employees became nauseous because of an odor inside, but it wasn't a gas leak. happening today, hope village is taking center stage in san jose as the city hosts a community meeting about the relocation of a sanctioned tent
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community for 17 homeless people. on the city side, hope that homeowner also support it. on the other side, neighbors who hope the city will consider a different location. kris sanchez live from the proposed site with a preview of the discussion and a look at the time line as well. good morning, kris. >> reporter: hi there, laura. there's such interest in this topic, hope village's relocation. all the seats for tonight's community meeting are spoken for. the meet something at capacity. there's another one coming up. right now, hope village is a distance from here, it's over on a county property off of rough drive, but cannot remain there because it's not zoned for residential use, and the faa says it's just too close to the airport. right now, that encampment serves 17 people, in a secure area with tents, access to bathrooms, showers and meals. it is meant to be a transition to more permanent housing. this is the proposed location in willow glen, at lee long and willow street. it's an empty lot owned by the
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san jose water district. some homeowners say that it's not the right location, it's too close to homes, and that the city is not listening to them. the councilmember for this district who lives not too far from here says that hope village is about safety, security, and sanitation. >> they have a place to go to the bathroom, a place to take a shower, and they have garbage service. they have a place to store their stuff so they can go work or look for work during the day. >> if you build that, there will be other homeless coming around, they'll be trying to get in to use the facilities that they drop right there. there's already a bad, bad homeless problem right there at the creek. >> reporter: so here is a look at some key dates in this issue. tonight's meeting at gardner community center is at capacity so if you show up, will you likely be turned away but there is another one coming up on
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wednesday, march 20th at the elk's lodge on alma avenue in san jose, about a couple blocks from where we are right now. i am tweeting a link to that so you can register for a seat if you'd like. a week from tomorrow, march 26th, the san jose city council is going to take up this relocation conversation and hope village has to move by march 30th. there are some folks in this neighborhood who are supportive of the fact that the city is trying to do something to help these homeless folks get into more stable housing. their voices are a little bit quieter, and at the same time, there's a petition drive and also a go fund me to try to raise money for perhaps taking up a legal defense for the issue. in san jose, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> it will be interesting follow. thanks so much, kris. the trump administration pushing back against the suggestion the president's rhetoric is partly to blame for the attacks in new zealand. "today in the bay's" tracie potts live in washington where that debate is brewing. good morning, tracie. >> sure is. it is growing here, scott. good morning, everyone. this is not just a debate about words, the shooter's words or president's words. it's also a debate about
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numbers, how often are these types of incidents happening in the u.s. and beyond? in a lengthy manifesto, the new zealand shooter disagreed with president trump's policies but called him a symbol of renewed white identity and common purpose. >> his language, his actions, his words, his policy positions, his dog whistling has electrified those groups. >> that's absurd. donald trump is no more to blame for what happened in new zealand than mark zuckerberg is because he invented facebook. >> reporter: the president on friday denied there's a growing worldwide threat from white national is. >> i think it's a small group of people that have very, very serious problems. >> reporter: experts disagree, the fbi anti-defamation league, southern poverty law center and others all report more attacks by white nationalists in recent years. >> it is on the rise, and the president should call it out, but sadly, he's not doing that.
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>> it's a long way to attributing any kind of real link between what the president might say or tweet and the extraordinary type of madness that leads someone to massacre people in large numbers. >> reporter: but the president's latest tweets are angering people in washington, calling the late senator and war hero john mccain "last in his class" accusing him of sending the "fake dossier about ties between the trump campaign and russia to the fbi and to the media." keep in mind, mccain did say before he died that he did turn that over to the fbi for analysis, but he denied that he was the leak to the media on that dossier. scott? >> tracie, thank you very much. as all of this plays out in washington, we're learning the australian suspect will be tried in new zealand. a discussion on gun control will be held in the country later today. 50 people are now dead, dozens are coming to remember those lives lost.
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thousands of students were gathered this morning to perform a traditional haka in their honor. they song songs, chanted before lighting candles and visiting the makeshift flower memorial in front of the mosque. vigils are also planned later today in the bay area to remember the victims. one is at 5:30 this afternoon in the multifaith sanctuary at santa clara university. a vigil against islamaphobia is scheduled for 6:30 tonight at lake merritt amphitheater in oakland. san leandro leaders tonight debate the city's red light camera program. for several years cameras have operated at busy intersections. critics wonder if the costs make the device worthwhile. the city recently conducted a study looking into collision rates at red light camera intersections versus those without. the results of the study will be released today. sadly a driver is dead this morning, after a car crash in fremont. police say alcohol may be to blame. it happened on central avenue
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between blacow road and southwood drive last night. a mini van and a honda civic collided. the driver of the civic died. the driver of the mini van fled on foot. police later found him and arrested him. if you take the richmond-san rafael bridge expect delays. beginning at 7:00, cal tran also work on the shoulder along westbound 580. the work ends at 3:30 in the afternoon every day this week, and you can expect overnight lane closures as well. crews replacing joints on the bridge after concrete chunks fell on to the lower span last month. the super bloom under way in southern california, but one place finding it to be a super big problem. the city of lake elsignore posted it's struggling to cope with the number of visitors. they even banned visitors in shuttling at a certain point yesterday claiming the crowds were simply too big for city crews to handle. an estimated 50,000 people flooded into the inland empire over the weekend to see the
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blooming flowers. talking about flooding of a different sort, developing right now, many in the midwest are waking up to such a difficult week ahead in the wake of dangerous and really deadly flooding. recent rain mixed with melting of record snowfall is leaving some places inundated across the plains. at least three people have died in nebraska and iowa. some communities have literally been washed away. in other cases, communities are now cut off, surrounded by water. >> can't get in and out, and i want to go be with my kids and my husband. >> it's something you anticipate and if you're going to live here, you got to accept what the river does and adjust to it. >> the flooding is at historic levels along parts of the missouri and mississippi river basins and the threat is not over for millions of residents. and we finally get a chance to dry out, but we do have some more rain in the forecast. today as you enjoy the sunshine, we start out with temperatures in the mid-40s and low 50s, and
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then we'll see our temperatures warming up, so as you are getting up and getting the kids ready for school in concord today, you do need a jacket to start out with our temperatures at about 47 degrees walking to school, and then as you get, the kids out of school, it will be the upper 60s and the last school bell ring will be near 70 degrees. we have a couple more days of weather like this, and then some changes on the way. i'll talk more about that in just a few minutes and mike, you've been tracking more crashes out there on the roads. >> that's right, the good news is the traffic alert for highway 4 has been lifted. the backup has not cleared. more crashes not south bay, not peninsula, it's in the tri-valley. 680 southbound at 84. you don't want to hear about the crash but the good news is the crash is on shoulder, no major injuries but distraction adds to slowing. a crash 680 around 92 is off to the shoulder and should be completely cleared. there is the backup that's still there pittsburg in toward bay point and concord, slow for westbound highway 4, kirker pass
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is a good option. i'll time out the changes because i think we've had a better flow now. back to you. >> thank you, mike. here is a problem we know all too well in the bay area, the skyrocketing cost of housing. we have some new perspective on how we compare to the rest of the country. and calling my fellow gaels, who wants to dance? a look at st. mary's big march madness matchup, who we play and why we're hoping for a repeat of a few years back. you're watching "today in the bay."
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we're coming up on 6:14, and exactly one hour away from sunrise, and it's going to be a cool start in martinez. 48 degrees, and then warming quickly, headed into the low 70s again today. we will enjoy this for one more day, before the rain returns. i'll show thaw in the forecast, in less than five minutes. >> and here is the drive from richmond over to san rafael, westbound 580. we told you about roadwork going on during the daytime, starting at 7:00 a.m., we may find more backups because you might lose a lane at that time. we'll track your morning commute but here is an early start. good morning. i'm frank holland at cnbc global headquarters. here are today's top business headlines. wall street is set to open up in a few minutes, slightly lower right now. last week, stocks finished on a positive note, the dow rising
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more than 100 points on friday, while the s&p 500 had its best week since november. on today's watch list, a report on housing. boeing news, its 737 max jets are coming under new federal scrutiny. the "wall street journal" is reporting the department of transportation is probing the faa's approval of that aircraft, this includes the safety system that may have played a role in a crash in indonesia in october and last week's crash in ethiopia. a grand jury has also issued a subpoena for documents related to the development of that plane. the accident sparking the biggest crisis boeing has faced in two decades, threatening sales of its fastest selling plane. first-time home buyers are experiencing tougher conditions, as they search for their perfect home. a new survey by says the toughest market in the country is san francisco, it's ranked 50th out of the top 50 metro areas. california has six of the top ten markets. pittsburgh is the best for first-time buyers. bank rate takes into account
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affordability, jobs, market tightness, culture and safety. scott and laura, back over to you. >> and frank, we're not surprised. >> it is tough. frank, thank you much. if you're think being buying a tesla, you may not want to wait after today the company raising prices an average of 3%. currently the model s sedan starts at more than $69,000, the suv model x, $78,000. here's some news you don't get tired of hearing, finding out where you're playing in the ncaa tournament. st. mary's gaels found 11th seed opening round game will be against the defending champions, the sixth seeded villanova wildcats this thursday happening in connecticut. there is a little bit of history here. in 2010 the gaels were the tenth seed that upset number two villanova in the second round. so that will be fun watch. thursday. go gaels. >> i'll be rooting for the gaels perhaps. >> perhaps? >> we'll be over on the side
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there. >> that's right you're a bruin. >> rob mayeda, too, the other arizona there. >> there we go, i like to point out iowa state made it in as well. >> right on. >> we'll check everybody's brackets. >> we'll check in with car keka. >> we have great weather and the march madness, we'll have some weather madness, too, going on. as we get ready for the start of this monday morning, still nice and quiet, a live lookout si ou in oakland, temperatures in the mid-50s and warming up this afternoon. it will be a good day to go for a hike. in the east bay hiking trails a chilly morning, upper 40s and going up to about 59 degrees at 10:00, that warmup happens pretty fast, by early afternoon, we're in the low 70s again today. if you're just trying to make it out for work, and making it out the door to diridon station, it will be 51 degrees in san jose, and then up to about 65 at 11:00, and continuing to go up
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from there. we'll be in the low 70s this afternoon. as you check out the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen, a lot of changes throughout the week so you better enjoy this. 75 in antioch will be the high today. 72 in oakland. santa rosa reaching 75 and for san francisco today a high of 69 degrees. we have a little while longer with the sunshine today, but we'll start to see the clouds moving in, as we start to see this storm system approaching, and we've had high pressure blocking any storms from coming in across the bay area, but it's moving away, so we will start to see that storm door opening once again, and more rounds of rain moving in. starting late tuesday night into early wednesday, by tomorrow we see mostly cloudy skies and a slight chance of rain wednesday morning but the rain chances continue to go up throughout the day wednesday. scattered showers moving through, kind of just off and on throughout the day on wednesday, and then gradually tapering off on thursday before another system moves in. so we're looking at the potential of getting some of our heaviest rain south of the
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golden gate bridge, up to close to an inch of rain, while the north bay gets anyfromwhere fro quarter to half inch of rain. the sierra gets more snow, mostly light for the high elevations but there could be up to a foot of snow between now and the weekend as we start to see more activity here once again. oddly enough, it's in the mid-70s today, but as we officially welcome in spring, it's going to be much cooler, back to some wintertime temperatures with highs in the low 60s and some scattered showers through the start of the weekend. mike, your main concern is still highway 4. >> it is, kari. the timing might be a little bit different because we've had a chance for folks to adjust and things to change. we're looking right now at the overall view, i should show you the entire view of the bay. most routes are looking great. we're still looking at the crash south 680 at 84, over on the shoulder, and no additional backup, a little build through pleasanton, typical there and disabled vehicle 880, i don't know if it's north or south, as
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you pass by 92, so we're going to check that with chp, once they arrive on scene they'll confirm the location. the pattern looks similar that you tip lay see headed south toward union city. the worst for highway 4, we shout out the bay bridge where the metering lights are on, slowing down the east shore freeway. timing what's going on with waze, we have the backup and show you the alternate. out of pittsburg through the backup and past the earlier crashes it takes an hour and 10, hour and 12 minutes to get over there. that's less time than before because the lanes reopened. kirker pass road by comparison takes about five minutes longer than it did, most folks are using that as an alternate. waze will help you out, continue to adjust. nbc bay area wazers is the name of our team, so please take that with you and we'll update you along the way. back out to our other map system talking about the transit systems, 50 trains running on time no, delays reported for b.a.r.t., vta, the service restored between civic center and convention center. what happened?
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don't worry about it if you didn't know. there was a minor delay but things are okay now. forget there was ever any mention of that. back to you. >> it's green. >> it's green. >> thanks a lot, mike. next and all new on "today in the bay," could a cure for blindness be in the works? right here in the bay area, what berkeley researchers are doing right now. a viewer needs help with the ups and downs of a garage door replacement, and we learned something it applies to almost every homeowner. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura, "nbc bay area responds," next. but first, "today in the bay's" mike inouye still celebrating st. patrick's day on facebook. he wants to know if you used a leprechaun trap yesterday. be sure to share some of your holiday photos with us, using #nbcbayarea. we'd love to hear from you. you're watching "today in the bay." nbc bay area responds to a
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vallejo man who says a garage door installer didn )t fulfill its nbc bay area responds to a vallejo man who says garage door installer didn't fulfill its promises. >> consumer investigator chris chmura found an important reminder for everyone in this dispute. >> brad hired a contractor to install a new garage door with an $89 battery backup so the door would open during the power outage. he did not get the battery he expected. so he called us. here is the thing. the battery backup wasn't offered in writing. brad said the promise was verbal. stalemate. but our teams got the two sides talking and they settled the $89
6:25 am
dispute. now, if we could rewind to when brad was hiring his contractor, we'd make sure everything he expected was in writing, and that advise applies to all of us, if a contractor wants to throw something extra in, tell them, you need to see it in print. one final note, by the way, beginning in july, california law will require that all new garage doors carry a battery backup. installers who don't include one can be fined up to $1,000. when your case isn't exactly open and shut, give us a call, 888-996-tips or online at >> thank you, chris. 6:25. new hope for a possible cure to blindness. after a break-through by uc berkeley scientists. according to a report released by the school it involves gene therapy, inserting receptor genes into the eyes of blind mice. within one month those mice were showing no signs of vision
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problems. it's hope that same therapy may one day be used for people with degenerating retinas. the therapy may soon be ready as >> three years from now. that's great news. the music world mourning the death of the king of the surf guitar. >> that's what dick dale became known as for the frenetic guitar style he made fame us in the early 1960s. perhaps best known dick dale song, we're pretty sure you've heard this song before. ♪ a whole new generation discovered his music during the opening credits of the quentin tarantino classic "pulp fiction." dick dale, 81 years old, no cause of death given. coming up next on "today in the bay," breaking news, a possible terror attack in europe overnight. moments ago we got our first look at the wanted man. we'll tell you what we know, coming up. plus lyft is set to win the ride share race for an ipo. the move the company is making today, what we're learning about how valuable it's expected to
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be, and what the future of san francisco looks like as a wave of tech startups go public this year. right now, some concern for commuters in the east bay, after two freeway shootings this weekend, one woman is dead. we're live with what happened and how people are remembering her. you're watching "today in the bay." right now at 6:30--
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taking a live look outside at s-f-o. it )s monday, march 18th. right now 6:30 on your monday morning. taking a peek outside, going or coming to sfo, hope you're coming off a great weekend for this monday morning. good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia.
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>> and i'm scott mcgrew in for marcus washington. let's get a check of your monday morning commute and forecast, starting with kari. >> if you're on your way out, headed to the pleasant hill b.a.r.t. station it's chilly. grab a jacket, some upper 40s but later on today we'll have another day where it warms up quickly, lots of sunshine, and a very nice one with some of our inland valleys reaching into the mid-70s. we'll be up to 75 in san jose and antioch and also in santa rosa today, but we'll talk about some cooler air and some rain in the forecast, and mike, you have a new problem in the east bay. >> i do, folks traveling the nimitz and there are a lot of folks traveling the nimitz, will be extra slowing. overall looking at good sensors showing here. we see more red south 880 approaching industrial parkway. it's smoothing out a bit. the disabled vehicle may still be in lanes but chp was trying to get it off to the shoulder there, but you see that backup off of 238, castro valley y past 92, and continuing toward industrial. fremont gets a little bit of a break because of that for now.
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680 south toward 84, that crash is over on the shoulder, minor distraction. we've seen no change in the slowing there coming out of pleasanton. the rest of the bay shows a good drive. the backup at the bay bridge toll plaza and continued while highway 4 westbound is trying to recover. all lanes are clear, pittsburg toward bay point is just recovering. back to you. >> mike, thank you. breaking news this morning out of holland. a shooting on a tram that authorities suspect is a terror atact in utrecht, about 20 miles south of amsterdam. the shooter is on the loose, within the last few minutes. police released this photo of the suspect, officials say he is 37-year-old gakman tannis. they warn people not to approach him. law enforcement is investigating two more freeway shootings in the east bay. one left a young woman dead, another in the hospital. bob redell live along highway 4 in concord. bob, chp made any arrests?
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>> reporter: no arrests and no indication they've found any suspect or identified any suspect and no indication that the shootings here in the east bay were related. both did happen over the weekend in the east bay. one last night on eastbound 580 in livermore, and another one saturday afternoon not far from where i'm standing along highway 42 in contra costa county. saturday a young woman was killed, destiny hillary, 25 years old, lived in antioch, graduated from deer valley high school, worked as an office manager for a doctor, according to her linkedin profile. saturday afternoon, someone shot several bullets into the driver's side of her honda sedan. she crashed at the willow road off-ramp off of highway 4. it's not clear if she died from the gunshots in the crash or a combination of both, and there's no indication if she was targeted or if this was a random attack. we did speak with one of her long time family friends.
6:33 am
>> i've never seen anything out of the ordinary, you know. it's not like that family that you're going oh, of course it would happen to them. i'm kind of a supporter of the second amendment, but this is getting out of hand. you hear about it all the time, and whoever did this, do the right thing and turn yourself in, and for the rest of our youth, stop this. >> reporter: last night 5:45 in livermore, a 24-year-old woman was in the passenger seat of a car headed eastbound on 580, she was shot in the leg as the car was shot at. she ended up pulling off at vasco road a few miles away, waited for an ambulance, taken to the hospital. fortunately her injury is not life-threatening. reporting live along highway 4 in concord, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> thanks so much, bob. 6:33 right now. the starting today company officials for lyft will be
6:34 am
hitting the road across the country this week in preparation of its ipo. pete suratos joins us live in foster city this morning with some of the details. this is a first of many bay area ipos. pete? >> reporter: it could be, laura, that could be the case a new trend there in san francisco when it comes to the startups but when it comes to lyft, they're doing this to get investors on board before that ipo that could be happening very shortly and they want to do it before their ride sharing competitor uber does the same next month. let's get into the numbers of this ipo by lyft or the suspected ipo by lyft. when it makes its debut on nasdaq it could be a valuation of about $23 billion and the shares will reportedly be priced at $62 to $68 apiece. now ride sharing competitor uber which i just talked about may top $120 billion when it comes to its valuation. some experts believe it may be closer to the $90 billion mark. the two ride sharing companies could be the first of several
6:35 am
san francisco startups going public, a list that includes post mates, slack, pin terrorist and airbnb. this could mean a rather large group of millionaires entering the san francisco market which could trickle down to housing prices in the city, some housing may end up being more expensive if you have this new group of millionaires. lyft is expected to list on nasdaq by the end of the month. uber is expected to do the same in april. reporting live, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> thank you, pete. a reminder if you live in sonoma county, time is running out to ask for help, as crews work to clean up debris following massive flooding. a final sweep begins today, and ends on friday. earlier this month, county officials declared a local health emergency due to the large amount of hazardous waste after the russian river overflowed. also happening today, crew also return to the area devastated by the camp fire to clear debris there. more than 200 workers will return to paradise in nearby areas to clean more than 200 properties before work was suspended during a series of
6:36 am
winter storms. the storms increased the risk of mudslides in the fire-scarred hills. some 11,000 properties still scheduled for cleanup and debris removal. grief counselors are expected to be on hand at the pittsburg adult education center. its principal was shot over the weekend. paul schatzwell is the bring palate pittsburgh's adult education center. police say his wife, maria, shot him during a fight early saturday morning. he's on life support. shocked friends called them an ideal couple. >> i love both of those people, even still just don't know what happened. i don't know what happened. >> grief counselors will be on hand at the school today where his children attend. he's the father of eight children, five from a previous marriage. today is transit driver appreciation today. b.a.r.t. celebrating its crew of 457 train operators. the agency says it has several surprises planned for the drivers.
6:37 am
b.a.r.t. also encouraging riders to thank their train operators today. you can give a shout out on local media using #tdad. >> we thank them all, i'll thank my friend arial, shea, they drive, good stuff, for various transit agencies. parking lot walnut creek b.a.r.t. station nearby doing fine as far as timing goes. here this is slower, 24 getting off of southbound 680, more traffic right there at the interchange, and we'll show thaw on the map, we show the slower drive. we warned you about this. the crash is the good news, have all cleared, all crashes in all vehicles from highway 4 westbound. you see a little bit of recovery for those speeds port chicago highway. behind me we have about seven miles, maybe eight miles of cars that are jammed up, also cutting down through kirker pass road but these folks the ones on highway 4 are the ones flooding down toward walnut creek and the interchange. joining up with folks off kirker pass road and the 24, that will be a slower drive. the bay bridge toll plaza metering lights on and disabled
6:38 am
vehicle 880 south of 92, blocking one lane. the rest of the bay is standard, it's monday. >> it's monday. >> happy monday. >> should be a nice day, now into the weekend we'll get rain midweek, right? >> off and on rain, even into the start of the weekend, so this upcoming weekend won't look like the last one. look at how much cooler it's going to be from mid-70s today to lower 60s by the weekend, at least it does show some clearing by sunday and san francisco will reach into the upper 50s for saturday and sunday. are you going to the sierra this weekend? there will be some snow coming down, so the travel may be a little bit more tricky compared to the weekend we just had, temperatures reaching into the upper 30s, and some scattered light snow showers for half moon bay. looks like it will still be raining on friday, and moving out by saturday morning, sunday we're up to only about 60 degrees, but at least it will be bright, and looking at paso r e
6:39 am
robles mid-60s. if you're planning to head to l.a. the rain will skip southern california this time around so they're looking at mid to upper 60s as we go into this upcoming weekend. we'll talk about today, our temperature trend coming up in about three minutes. >> thank you, kari. next and all new this hour, new guidance for parents worried about peanut and other food allergies. the best timing according to doctors for when to start introducing foods to a baby's diet. all new, a fund-raising record, eye-popping number for a 2020 presidential candidate reported over night. how it compares to everybody else. people in one san jose neighborhood trying to keep a controversial homeless village out. where it may go, and new reaction from all sides. we reported earlier lyft is ready to begin its road show. meanwhile on the nyse, dow industrials losing about 37 points. you're watching "today in the bay."
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right now at 6:42, it's a clear start. we will have another warm day, as we head out the door in santa clara. we go from 50 degrees to the low 70s again today, and that warmup happens fast. we are going to enjoy this dry weather for a little while longer. we'll talk about the rain returning in the forecast, coming up at about 6:48. and those flashing lights right there out of lanes but it is a distraction, north 101 north of the 680 interchange,
6:43 am
spotted that on our live camera. we'll track what's going on here as well as with our live >> thanks, it's 6:42. hope city is taking center stage in san jose. 17 homeless people currently live in the homeless encairn are campment. the village is on county property on rough drive but can't stay there because it's not zoned for residential use and the faa says it's too close to the airport. we want to show you the proposed location in san jose's willow glen neighborhood. some homeowners say it's just not the right location. the councilmember for the district says the village is important in addressing the homelessness issue in the city. >> we have over 4,000 homeless people in the city of san jose. if we can provide safety, security and sanitation for them it would be better than having them sleep on the streets or in the creeks.
6:44 am
>> the most important question is, why isn't the city stepping up and the county stepping up to help these 17 people. we're actually being a bit bullied here. >> the areas just off of highway 87. tonight's meeting at gardner community center is at capacity but another meeting is expected on wednesday at the elks lodge on alma avenue in san jose. >> 6:44. today marks one year since sacramento police killed stephon clark. a memorial will be held today in the state capitol. reverend al sharpton expected to attend. the 22-year-old was killed when police mistook clark's cell phone for a gun and opened fire. prosecutors decided not to prosecute officers involved that led to protests.
6:45 am
the search for a marine who went missing during a back country skiing trip in the sierra is being scaled back. first lieutenant matthew craft left for his trip on the sierra high route february 23rd, he was supposed to complete it two weeks ago near bridgeport northeast of yosemite. the search mission over the weekend is starting to scale back that search. department of homeland security secretary kirsten nielsen expected to address the state of her department. this comes less than a week an she was grilled by lawmakers about the current situation on the u.s. southern border. nielsen continues to defend president trump's border policies and repeatedly backed his national emergency declaration over border wall funding. now to decision 2020, and the presidential race. democratic candidate beto o'rourke is setting a fund-raising record. in the first 24 hours of his presidential campaign, o'rourke raised more than $6.1 million. the former texas congressman got online donations from all 50 states. this edges out senator
6:46 am
bernie sanders' $5.9 million haul during his initial 24-hour period. the closest other 2020 democratic candidate was california senator kamala harris, at $1.5 million. president trump is again calling out "saturday night live" for making fun of him. on twitter he's threatening a federal investigation over it. the commander in chief tweeting yesterday "the show is not funny and has no talent" specifically calling out the show keeps knocking him and "not presenting the other side" and calling it "an advertisement without consequences." he has threatened to get the federal election commission or the federal communications commission to look into it. "snl" has not responded to the tweets but it should be noted saturday's episode was a repeat of last year's christmas special. >> it is 6:46. new research says parents don't need to wait to give their babies peanuts, and other allergenic foods. the american academy of pediatrics says introducing
6:47 am
these foods as early as six months can help prevent allergies. high-risk infants who have severe ex-ma or an egg allergy may need to be introduced to peanuts under a doctor's supervision. evidence does not report restricting a mother's diet during pregnancy or breast feedings to prevent allergies. let's get a check of your weather and traffic on this very pretty monday morning. look at that. >> a nice sunrise, we're about 30 minutes. >> let's go outside. >> you want to make plans to get outside today because this will be one of our last clear, sunny days for quite a while and as we get started this morning, this is a live look outside in san francisco. our temperatures have been running in the mid-40s, even some low 50s. if you're about to step out the door in san jose, headed to diridon station, grab a jacket. we have some low 50s to start but you'll be taking it off later on today as we reach into the low 70s already by early afternoon. the seven-day forecast is already up at the bottom of the screen, and you see the cooler
6:48 am
temperatures on the way. as you make your way out the door in concord, headed to school, it will be about 47 as you walk the kids to school and as they head out for recess, it will be warming up into the low 60s, low 70s by the time that last school bell rings and so this live look outside in san jose looks really nice, after a beautiful weekend. so you do still need a light jacket to start and once again, some short sleeves as our temperatures warm up. we still see the dry weather and look at what's happening just to our west, there is a new storm developing, and the high pressure that's protected us from any of these storms moving in is moving off towards the east. it's going to move out of the way, allow for the storm door to open and some more storms to move in, as we go into the next several days. so it's going to be mostly sunny today, but more clouds moving in, as early as tomorrow afternoon, and the possibility of some rain by early wednesday morning, the rain becomes more widespread on wednesday, scattered showers off and on throughout the day, and this will gradually taper off, going
6:49 am
into thursday. during that time, we're looking at some of the heaviest rain, mostly south of the golden gate bridge. for the north bay, you're looking at about a quarter to half inch of rain, and then mostly about three-quarter of an inch to possibly an inch of rain, as we go into thursday. and then our rain chances stay in the forecast, as we go into thursday, as well as friday. a new storm system moves in on friday and moves out by saturday morning. it looks like we will be dry on sunday, but look at how chilly it's going to be, and ironically, as we officially welcome in spring, our temperatures go back to winter for several days. mike, you're tracking that crash near the bay bridge. >> i am, kari, over here look at the backup right there, little misdirection because that's moving nicely or pretty nice for this time of day. it's right here, the bottom of the screen, behind the clock and partially hidden there are some vehicles. there was a crash in lanes. they've moved it off into the parking lot. that's the good news. so now we're able to see that traffic in the fast track lanes
6:50 am
is visibly moving and we will take that, because that's a big focus of our morning commute. the crash is now off of the roadway on the approach. still slow hay way 4 through pittsburg and bay point but kind of getting back to your typical slower, maybe slower than you're used to on a monday morning. earlier crashes tied things up there. the rest of your sensors looking good. southbound 680, i want to put that crash back up on here. even though there was a little bit of activity on the shoulder, the little bit of activity may be enough to cause this big backup, because folks are focusing down 680 and 84. we'll talk about the san mateo bridge in just a second but here are your travel times for 680 and 84, coming down in toward where they meet and head down toward fremont and sunol. that's slowest drive for the tri-valley and southbound 880 is recovering after the earlier disabled vehicle cleared at 92. here is 92 across the bay toward the peninsula side, the commute is on for westbound 92, flat section moves well, slower than you'd like. in san jose the earlier disabled vehicle quickly got cleared from
6:51 am
the center divide, and so now things are smoothing out again. this never appeared on the. report. we caught it because of our network of live cameras. helping each other out while folks got helped out on the freeway. >> 6:51. happening now, more children and yaung duloung adults are go the emergency room for psychiatric care. researchers from johns hopkins university looked at 2011 and 2015, psychiatric visits rose largest increases among teens, young adults and minorities. most visits were long, very few patients saw mental health specialist while in the er. next on "today in the bay," a quick look at the top stories, including a scary night for some at the san jose post office. the smell that made at least one person sick, and had police rushing in to that building. and another odor investigation, this one in a bay area city, the new push to officially understand what's
6:52 am
going on in milpitas. we're back in two minutes. welco
6:53 am
6:54 am
before you head out the door, here are the top stories on today in the bay-- breaking news this morning in welcome back. before you head out the door, 6:54, here are the top stories on "today in the bay." breaking news in holland, a shooting oen a tram. authorities say it could be a terror attack. this was in utrecht, about 20 miles south of amsterdam.
6:55 am
at least one person is dead, several more injured. within the last half hour police released this photo of the suspect. officials say he's 37-year-old gakman tannis. they worn people not to approach him. the terror threat at the highest possible level in the city. several people recovering after a mysterious smell at the post office in downtown san jose overnight. this was the scene just after 4:00 this morning on north first street near st. james park. we checked with the fire department, we're told several employees became nauseous after smelling an odor inside. there was not a gas leak. highway 4 willow pass road the scene of one of two weekend highway shootings. one left a yuck woman dead and willow pass road a woman sitting in the passenger seat was shot in the leg. the highway 4 shooting happened saturday afternoon, a 25-year-old antioch woman died. police are not saying if the
6:56 am
victim was a target. no link between the two shootings. san leandro leaders debate the value of the city's red light camera program. for several years cameras have operated at busy intersections. critics wonder if the costs make the device worthwhile. the city recently conducted a study looking into collision rates at red light camera intersections versus those without. the results of the study will be released today. sadly a driver is dead this morning, after a car crash in fremont. police say alcohol may be to blame. it happened on central avenue between blacow road and southwood drive last night. a mini van and a honda civic collided. the driver of the civic died. the driver of the mini van fled on foot. police later found him and arrested him. a heads up for your morning commute, if you take the richmond-san rafael bridge, expect delays. this morning at 7:00, cal trans will start working on the shoulder along westbound 580. the work ends at 3:30 in the afternoon every day this week, and you can expect overnight lane closures as well. crews are replacing joints on
6:57 am
the bridge after concrete chunks fell on to the lower span last month. when it comes to lyft going public, lyft's next step is appropriately named, lyft leaders this morning begin the company's so-called road show, what many companies do to generate investor buzz, ahead of going public. lyft hits the road just ahead of its top competitor uber, which has its own road show planned for april. wall street expects a lyft ipo by the end of the month. it will trade on the nasdaq. the golden state warriors take center stage in san francisco. the owner and president plan to announce the first shows to perform at the chase center this fall. it's the first in a series of events planned as reveal week. today's announcement is at 11:00 a.m. 6:56. this morning there's a formal push to figure out why milpitas smells the way it does. people have been putting up with a certain stench for decades. >> drivers who pass the city
6:58 am
seem to know it as well. it's not clear'landfill is the only culprit. the city announced a pilot odor monitoring program to gather information about all the smells including where they come from and whether they affect your health. people will w.h.o. live and work in the city have their fair share of theories and opinions. >> it's terrible. i think personally it's a dump and worse at night than it is during the day. >> we could barely take our kids outside at the day area, they couldn't stand the smell. >> it's an issue. as a resident, i have small kids sometimes playing outside, i'm like hey go inside, it's very smelly. >> the bay area air quality management district planning its own year-long study. for years, people have been taking to social media to complain about the issue, many comparing the smell so dirty socks or garbage. garbage, even a few twitter users from san jose commented saying the smelly air sometimes blows their way.
6:59 am
>> check which way the air is moving today. >> water treatment facility so there's a lot of possible sources. >> we need a good, stiff breeze, kari hall. >> i think we'll get that today. as we go into the afternoon, you want to get outside. we're looking at our last day of some warm weather. by tomorrow, more clouds move in and rain won't be far behind. we'll see scattered showers for the rest of the week and high temperatures only reaching into the low 60s, but i think a lot of this should clear out by sunday, but that's several days away so enjoy this afternoon. >> thank you, kari. in the meantime, starting at the richmond-san rafael bridge? >> scott just talked about this, the roadwork going on, across the bridge so folks, at 7:00, you may see folks on the shoulder, that will be a distraction for westbound 580, your commute direction, from here, the richmond side toward san rafael across 580. that will be a slower drive perhaps. we'll track that and let you know. over here at palo alto, moves smoothly, a beautiful sunrise and a beautiful drive on the peninsula and the tri-valley other side of the bay typical
7:00 am
slowing typical spots. >> that's what's happening "today in the bay." we'll be back at 7:25 with a live local news update. >> join us for "nbc bay area news" at 11:00 and have a great day. good morning, unprecedented disast good morning. unprecedented disaster, historic flooding in the midwest now blamed for at least three death, forcing thousands to flee their homes. >> this is the entrance to paradise lakes. insane. >> nebraska dealing with the worst flooding theren half a century. entire communities cut off and the water is still rising. unbearable grief overnight emotional memorials for the 50 victims for the mosque shootings in new zealand. and the hero, whose quick thinking saved lives. just ahead what


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