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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 19, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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a very good now tuesday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. mike will have a look at the commute coming up. first we want to start with kari with the weather forecast for us. you say there's going to be a slight change. >> there will be more clouds moving in but you can leave the umbrellas at home until tomorrow. a live look in fremont as you get ready to head out and our temperatures will be on the mild side to start out with low 50s across the bay area. at noon it's 64 and we'll talk about the storm system that will be moving in so i'll have more updates on that. mike, you're tracking a traffic alert. >> the status has been declared by chp. car fire on the peninsula, i just want to shout that out. we're monitoring south 101 at millbrae. that's not the traffic alert. that's for another fire. this is for a truck fire into and out of the altamont, things are jamming up but the truck fire itself blocks all but one lane of westbound 580 coming in out of the alt month pass, eastbound is distracted and we'll track that but no major
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injuries reported. that's a lot of slowing out of tracey. back to you. >> thanks, mike. happening today, a north bay school district may finally vote to change its name. it's been the center of of a month's long controversy and some residents are calling the name offensive. "today in the bay's" pete suratos has been covering the story since the very beginning. he is live in san rafael with the next chapter. pete? >> reporter: yes, good morning to you, marcus. we're talking about the dixie school district here in san rafael, a relatively small school district, so we'll see if they finally vote to change the name. we know it's been discussed for a number of months. we'll see if that happens tonight during this special meeting. let's bring our viewers up to date on exactly the source of this controversy. there's disagreement over the dixie name here. some residents see the dixieist the name synonymous with the confederacy. folks who want to keep the name say it's named by an indian woman named dixie who donated
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the land for the first school in this district in the 1800s. last month, the board decided to revisit the issue at a later time, instead of voting on the 13 names proposed by opponents of the dixie name, they want to do more research instead of rushing to a decision last month, so today the board is going to consider two names, the two names are libo valley and sojourner truth and found both names not to be controversial. if a decision isn't made it could go to a community vote in 2020. we're live here in san rafael, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> a lot of people talking about this one. pete, thank you for the update. 5:02. today, prosecutors will release the search warrants for president trump's michael cohen. tracie potts joins us live from washington at a look at what to expect from those documents. >> good morning, everyone. when we get a first look at the
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search warrants that the fbi executed on michael cohen, we'll get some sense of who or what led them to the president's personal lawyer. today, the fbi is expected to reveal search warrants executed on michael cohen's office at hotel room last april. >> reporter: any concerns about what the fbi might find, mr. president? >> no. >> reporter: in a statement, cohen's attorney says revealing the warrants only furthers his interest in continuing to cooperate. cohen was vice president of the trump organization and president trump's long time attorney. he called himself the fixer. the president called him a rat. cohen arranged hush money payments to women mr. trump denies having affairs with. >> mr. cohen has acted like he is above the law. >> reporter: cohen pleaded guilty to tax evasion, campaign finance violations, and lying to congress. he got three years in prison and testified publicly before congress last month. >> i know what mr. trump is.
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he is a racist. he is a con man, and he is a cheat. >> reporter: the search warrants revealed today will explain the government's probable cause for searching cohen's home and workplace, and detailed what agents were looking for. >> i think there is significant danger to the president. >> reporter: the raid yielded 12 audio tapes, including one where cohen and president trump discussed buying the rights to one woman's story. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. >> 5:04. continuing coverage on new zealand's emotional and social fallout following one of the nation's darkest days. the rampage that killed 50 people in two mosques is prompting some new zealanders to hand over their guns. new zealand's prime minister is applauding those moved to action, she's also vowing to never speak the name of the accused gunman. >> he obviously had a range of reasons for committing this atrocious terrorist attack,
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lifting his profile was one of them and that's something we absolutely can deny him. >> she is fast-tracking new gun laws and the reforms will be announced next week. terrorism not yet ruled out in a deadly tram attack at the netherlands. it was breaking news all morning yesterday here on "today in the bay." this is video from last night, showing police arrest a suspect after a seven-hour manhunt. three people died and five others were injured. police say that that suspect is a turkish immigrant with a criminal past. they're not yet sure if that shooting was a personal vendetta or something political. back at home, a city sanctioned homeless encampment in san francisco's willow glen neighborhood will not happen for now. 17 people living in hope village have 12 days to leave. deb davis proposed a site off of highway 87 to relocate it. yesterday one of the committees voted against it. many willow glen residents are against it as well. >> i think it's very important
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that they have the government, the community outreach to reach the neighbors, and let them decide what is good for their area. >> reporter: do you know what you're going to do yet? >> i don't know, honestly. you know, i would say that we will find someplace, whether it's staying where we are or another location. >> the faa says the current hope village site on rough drive is too close to the airport, not zoned for people to live there and they need to be out by march 30th. san jose's housing crisis is expected to take center stage at tonight's city council meeting. a new strategy being proposed would cut construction taxes in half on high-rises in the city. it would then reroute the remaining revenue into affo affordable housing. it is part of the mayor's housing crisis plan which was approved by the city council in june. the plan calls for the construction of 25,000 new homes by the year 2023. new this morning, the days of casting your ballot at your
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local polling station may reportedly soon be a thing of the past, at least in santa clara county. "mercury news" reports county leaders are considering allowing ballots cast at 125 designated voting centers, it would consolidate the current number of polling stations down from about 850. voters would also be able to submit their ballots starting ten days before an election. other counties including san mateo and napa have already made similar changes. supervisors expect to make a final decision next month. 5:07 right now. parents, i want to you listen up because the cost of going to usc is going up. this for the second consecutive year the school has approved a 3.5% increase an undergraduate tuition. that announcement comes about a week after the news broke thaus was one of several universities involved in a massive bribery scandal. it will cost students about $57,000 a year. the school's board of trustees calls this increase one of the smallest in 50 years. happening today, a push to
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protect bicyclists in san francisco. city leaders calling for more protected bike lanes. the event comes after a woman hit and killed, she was hit and killed by a truck earlier this month along howard street, less than 100 feet away there was a protected bike lane that might have saved her life. the city plans to remove parking on the north side of howard between fourth and sixth to make it safer for cyclists. the rally gets under way at 12:30 this afternoon at city hall. right now, at 5:08, as you get ready to head out the door, you still can leave the umbrellas at home, even though we will see a lot more clouds moving in today. if you're on your way out the door to pleasant hill b.a.r.t. station t will station, it will be 51 degrees for the next couple of hours and some peeks of sunshine. we'll be in the mid-60s as you head out for lunch and of course we've been tracking this incoming storm, starting to already spread some clouds across the bay area. we will see the rain holding off until later on tonight, and off
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and on waves of rain throughout the day tomorrow. we'll talk about how much rain this could bring, and where we may see some of the highest totals, that's coming up in just a few minutes. mike, you're not tracking one alert, but also two fires? >> two fires, but only one of them declared an alert. the one on the peninsula, we'll show that to you in a second. this one the red sign here is the traffic alert for chp, because only one lane is open. should be just another couple of minutes and in fact, the speed sensors just started changing. they may have started to relesion more traffic west off of the 205 merge out of tracie and the altamont pass just east of north flynn where the big rig reported on fire. on the peninsula, the little bit of slowing south 101 at millbrae. one lane blocked by a car fire. no alert scheduled and no major injuries. to or from the san mateo moves smoothly. back to you >> thanks, mike. coming up, changing the online shopping game. that's what instagram is hoping for today. we'll tell you about its brand new shopping feature just unveiled. plus trouble for twitter and
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early bet on lyft could pay off big. plus the u.s. army names a tank before dwayne "the rock" johnson, but there's already some backlash. coming up at 5:25, what some are saying on social media.
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mike traffic tease right now at 5:12 as you head out the door, we'll see more clouds moving in through dry. here is a live look at 101 in san jose. willow glen 51 degrees and we'll
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still have those warm temperature, just not as warm as yesterday. we'll talk about when you need to lug around the umbrella, coming up in less than five minutes. freehmont 880 moves smoothly across the truck scales. north of here we have a few issues, construction in hayward and a traffic alert out of the altamont. happy tuesday to you. the fed begins a two-day interest rate meeting today. apple launched new ipads ahead of its big announcement next month. facebook's instagram launched a new program letting you shop on instagram. late monday, the sec filed a response in its court case against elon musk. you remember musk is in trouble for tweeting what the sec sees as false financial information, and he's done it more than once. in a legal settlement, musk agreed to run financial tweets past his board of directors before tweeting them.
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musk says that restriction violates his first amendment right to free speech. the sec says that's ridiculous, because it was musk himself who agreed to the court settlement. he signed his name to the restriction on himself. california congressman devin nunez has sued twitter for allowing parity accounts like devi devin's mom and devin's cow. harassment is not included. nunez says the cow account is harassing him. he also says twitter shadow bands him, makes nunez's tweets hard to find. lyft began its road show to drum up interest in its ipo. after lyft goes public it could be worth $23 billion, so imagine if you had invested in lyft when it was worth $5 million, like million with an "m." this week on sand hill road our podcast, we talk to a brand new investor when the tiny company lyft came to her for money.
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i asked ann what right did lyft have to ask for money? she said what right did i have to give it to them? >> what right did i have to be writing checks at the time? i was a ph.d. candidate at stanford. i hadn't finished my ph.d.. i had five years of work experience and mike maples offered me a checkbook to write out of this made up fund we called floodgate. >> that is going to be the early story of one of the first investments in lyft and after the ipo after they go public ann's investment will pay off handsomely. listen to sand hill road wherever you get your podcast, apple podcasts, google podcasts and stitcher as well. >> good deal. speaking of spending a little money if you like shopping, instagram launching a new way to shop. this is called checkout, it allows users to directly buy and pay the products right there on the app. so the menlo park company paired
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with adidas and zara. if you wanted to buy something you'd have to go to the vendor's home page. >> oh, it's so hard to do. >> a lot of millenials say that all the time. 5:15. maryland could be the first state to ban foam containers there. that bill is moving the state's legislature right now and would force restaurants to find more eco-friendly alternatives for the takeout boxes. san francisco and concord already banned foam containers but not the entire state. how to you get your country to build more freeways? you build the shortest highway to publicly shame the leaders. a romanian billionaire paid $5,000 for a one yard long highway. romania is one of the shortest networks of freeways in the european union, even though it's the same size as the uk. check out this post from the chp in santa cruz. a man riding a horse got a dui. really, it happened. the officer says he pulled the
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man and the horse over after he was getting some calls. it's illegal to ride a horse while drunk. >> as it should be. but it's so interesting to hear. >> yes. >> how did they know? was he swerving? he was laying over? >> even with the horse. >> people calling in, i don't know. >> i don't know. >> interesting. okay. so let's get started this morning. we are tracking a new storm that will be moving into the bay area. here is a live look outside in san francisco and skies are still mostly clear. the seven-day forecast is coming up at the bottom of the screen, and unfortunately, it's not going to be as warm as we've had recently, but more clouds moving in today and the rain holding off, in antioch as you make your way out the door, temperatures will be in the low 50s for the next several hours and going into the mid-60s by noon today, and we're going to feel some air, that's a little bit closer to norm. we'll still be just a few degrees in the south bay, normally 66 degrees. it will be 67 in oakland.
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67 in napa, and san francisco reaching 61 degrees. and it will be cooler today because of the cloud cover moving in, but the rain will hold off until later on tonight, but you can see the storm as it approaches. this will be moving in and giving us some rain into the day. as we start into tonight, by about 11:00, we could see some of that rain moving in, very scattered, hit or mace, and this is the kind of rain we'll see coming in waves going into early tomorrow morning, even into the afternoon, so at any point, we could see some rain coming down that may linger into early thursday morning before it all drys out and we'll see another system approaching on friday. we're looking at the possibility for most of us getting about a quarter inch of rain but some spots will barely measure anything, and then could you have some other spots like the santa cruz mountains getting about an inch and a half of rain, and then we're looking at most of us once again about a tenth to a quarter inch, but that storm will still churn up some waves, create some sneaker waves and rip currents so we
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have a beach hazard statement in effect until 11:00 tonight. for the sierra, additional light snow on the way, mostly at about two to four inches, but it will still make those roads a little slippery going into the weekend. additional light snow will be falling while we're getting some rounds of rain. just a heads up about that, if you will be going to the sierra and tomorrow we finally welcome in spring, and our temperatures will be heading down. we'll be in the upper 50s tomorrow for the inland areas, off and on rain, breezy winds and gradually gets milder as we get closer to the weekend. it looks like most of the week, it will be dry, just some showers saturday morning, and then we keep that sunshine on sunday. i'll have more on that, and traffic alert. >> we'll look at both sides of the issue. over here we have a smooth drive along all sides of the water here, and out in the olt mant pa altamont pass coming out of tracey, the traffic alert blocks all but one lane for westbound 580 as you approach north flynn
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road. the big rig fire waiting for the heavyduty tow truck to move the big rig that was on fire. no injuries are reported. a distraction both directions, eastbound has the paving work going on and westbound is your main commute. all of the folks held up on the side of flynn that makes things better for the dublin interchange. folks coming out of brentwood, discovery bay, they jump on to a clear roadway unexpectedly clear for a lot of folks on this tuesday. getting toward the peninsula, 101 looks just fine here at university. there's northbound, with the taillights. the southbound side of 101, we have millbrae, still reports of one lane blocked because of an earlier car fire there, and the fast track lanes now suddenly show a backup at the bay bridge toll plaza, a good group of traffic as they should be turning the metering lights on any minute. so back to you. >> thanks, mike. coming up, the latest from zimbabwe, where a major cyclone has left dozens dead. but the damage is much worse in
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neighboring mozambique. a look at what is left behind. the backlash after the army names a tank after dwayne "the rock" johnson. but first, let's check this out, "today in the bay's" mike inouye taking us inside the golden state warriors locker room there, posted this photo on facebook, says he was in the arena last night for his daughter's basketball team party, but you can follow mike to see more of that. also coming up, we want to show you a shot from last night's game that the warriors had. it has everyone talking. if you didn't see it, you want to see it so you can talk about it late we are everyone els it later with everyone else. we'll be right back. clone.
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5:24 for you right now, and devastation this morning in southern africa, this is after a powerful cyclone slammed into parts of zimbabwe, mozambique and malawi. at least 80 people are confirmed dead in eastern zimbabwe. the president of neighboring mozambique fears the number of deaths could be in the thousands. entire villages are submerged there and hundreds are said to be missing. the u.n. and red cross are assisting. new details a washington teenager charged with reckless endangerment for pushing her former friend off a bridge is now pleading guilty. 18-year-old taylor smith appeared in a courtroom yesterday where she changed her plea from not guilty. prosecutors say she could have killed jordan after pushing her
5:25 am
off a bridge last august. she suffered broken ribs, a punctured lung and shoulder injury. the whole thing was caught on video and went viral. holgerson's mother says she hopes the plea will help her daughter heal. >> we are working through anxiety and i think being done with this will help her close that chapter in her life. >> smith's punishment ranges from hours of community service to at least 364 days in jail. welcoming new u.s. citizens, former president george w. bush and former first lady laura bush attended a naturalization ceremony in texas. the former president told the 50 or so newly sworn in citizens that he hopes "those responsible in washington can dial down the rhetoric and put politics aside." >> whatever the opinion of one retired politician might be, i believe we will see our way clear to immigration policies
5:26 am
that are just, fair, and in the interest of the whole nation. >> the president also encouraged the group to participate in our democracy and vote. new for you this morning, servicemembers are dedicating a tank to bay area native dwayne johnson. >> the 1st armorred division at ft. worth, texas, said the tank's new name is the rock. the hayward actor and tv host quickly thanked the decision on instagram. johnson added "i'm sending a salute of respect and gratitude." many people since commented on the post, some showed support and others questioned why would it be an honor to have a destructive weapon named after you? 5:26. time is running out to fill out your bracket. march madness officially begins today with a play-in game. prairie view tonight takes on farley dickinson and temple plays belmont. mara ga st. mary's college doesn't compete until thursday, taking on defending champs
5:27 am
villanova. steph curry long distance no problem. whoosh! right there, steph sank that beat the buzzer right there at the end of the first quarter against san antonio. no one in the nba has made a longer shot this year. despite that, the warriors sadly lost, 111-105. >> what a shot. i think that was a record for him, too. >> beautiful shot, too. coming up here, top stories we're following including installing license plate readers in eastern contra costa county. >> a lot of robberies and stuff and going through the intersection and stuff like that, they can get the license plate and apprehend them. >> up next, in a live report, where those license plate readers will be going. plus all new this morning, we're getting a clearer picture of the funding california will lose if president trump's emergency border wall declaration goes into effect. we're digging through new documents, what we're finding, coming up in a live report. and taking a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza, yep,
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good morning to you. i'm marcus i'm laura garcia. let's get to the forecast, it's a clear start to our morning, kari. >> it is still clear. our rain chances will be going up later on tonight, as we look at concord, our temperatures go from the low 50s, a mix of sun and clouds, and 65 degrees, not bad. it's still going to be a warm day, with our high temperatures reaching into the upper 60s. it will be a few degrees cooler, because of those clouds moving in ahead of our next storm system. i'll put a time line on this, and we'll also talk about the weekend forecast, that's coming up in a few minutes, but mike, busy, two traffic alerts. >> in addition to the bay bridge metering lights being turned on, that's the least of our worries. over here out of the altamont west 580 we have the traffic alert, with one lane open because of the big rig fire. they're having trouble finding the right size tow truck to remove vehicles but that makes things lighter for the dublin interchange.
5:32 am
what makes things bad getting out of san francisco, westbound at the split with 101, sand barrels are busted, the connector is closed, waiting for an update. i'll bring that to you. back to you. 5:32, another bay area community is considering high tech to combat crime. "today in the bay's" bob redell is live for news discovery bay. what's being proposed there, bob? >> reporter: laura, we're talking about automatic license plate readers. there's a number of other cities in contra costa county who have them. soon discovery bay could be receiving this type of technology. later this morning the contra costa county board of supervisors will decide whether or not to fund 24 automatic license plate readers in discovery bay. this area has seen a number of serious crimes involving vehicles, criminals cut through the area because it is remote, it's located along highway 4, and they can easily escape to i-5 in minutes. other cities in the bay area already have cameras in place at
5:33 am
intersections and other strategic locations. the contra costa county sheriff's office believes if discovery bay had already been using this technology, deputies could have identified suspects and/or made swifter arrests. >> i would put one on my house if i could. >> reporter: it's that bad? >> just we got a lot of people come from other cities, we got a lot of crime in the neighborhood. >> i think it's more of a privacy thing for me. because you know, i mean, i wouldn't want them to know where i'm going. >> reporter: what if it helps cut back on crime? >> if it does, then hey, that's great, you know, but other than that, my privacy, i feel like my privacy will be, you know, in jeopardy. >> reporter: the proposed cameras will cost around $331,000. the board will consider giving that money to the sheriff's office during its 9:00 a.m. meeting this morning in martinez. take a look at your tv screen, look at this map we put together
5:34 am
to give you a sense of where other cities are using this technology. brentwood, pinole, martinez, danville, alamo, antioch, pittsburg. tonight in fremont police will be talking to city council members there about a proposal, again, to put license plate readers in that city. reporting live in discovery bay, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> good perspective from both sides. thanks, bob. elsewhere in the east bay, three separate freeway shootings in three days, and so far, no arrests. the shootings happened near concord, in the tri-valley area, and the latest in richmond. on saturday, a 25-year-old woman died on highway 4. investigators believe that shooting is gang related. also over the weekend, a woman was shot in the leg on 580 in livermore, road rage may have been a factor. yesterday in richmond a car was struck by gunfire. none of the shootings are believed to be linked. breaking news in solano county, two people are dead and
5:35 am
two others hurt after an explosion and fire inside an rv. there are reports it happened just before 5:00 this morning in dixon at the dixon may fairgrounds, just north of vacaville. details are sketchy but a reporter from our sacramento affiliate is there. of course, we'll bring you more details as we get them on that explosion inside an rv. 5:35 right now. california could help foot the bill for a border wall, but this is through the loss of federal funding for military projects. this morning, we're getting a first look at what could be on the chopping block. "today in the bay's" kris sanchez is joining us live and kris, i know you went through all of the documents there. how is this going to impact the bay area? >> this is 21 pages, marcus, and it is pretty dense but in those 21 pages of appropriations, it appears that concord would have the biggest hit if this emergency declaration and border wall funding goes forward. in all, california stands to lose more than $1.1 billion in
5:36 am
appropriations in concord and also at the tracy defense distribution depot here in the bay area. also on the list, camp pendleton, travis air force base, lemore air station and naval reserve and the tracy defense distribution, as i mentioned, the tracy distribution depot, the defense there, and the channel islands air national guard. now the department of defense document reiterates that just because the project is on this list does not mean that it will lose its funding. this project list will be the topic of a military readiness hearing in the coming weeks, according to california congressman john garamendes staff, the trump administration needs $3.7 billion to build that wall along the southern border, so everything on this list amounts to more than that at this point, but of course, as we know, there is a vote coming up next tuesday to see if that emergency declaration will stand after all. >> is there anything off limits here? >> the only things that are on
5:37 am
this list are things that are not funded going forward, but anything that has gotten their money, they get to keep their money, barracks and living situations like that, those are off the table. >> thanks, kris. memorial plans are set for the son of an oakland city councilmember killed in los angeles. the family will hold a viewing on friday at harris funeral home legacy. the service will follow on saturday at the auditorium at oakland temple hill. victor mcelhaney was shot and killed during a robbery near the usc campus earlier this month. teachers in dublin threatening to strike if the district doesn't sort out a contract. they plan to meet with district leaders again at 8:00 this morning, just to try to come up with a deal. weeks ago, the teachers in oakland went on strike, you'll recall for seven days, and then they negotiated a deal. san ramon's teachers prepared to strike, but they reached an agreement with the city. teachers in dublin are hoping
5:38 am
for a similar outcome. later today, we could get an update on the future of california's high speed rail project. the board members are going to update the economic impact. today's meeting comes more than a month after governor gavin newsom announced he would be scaling back the project. he said there's just not enough money to finish building the high speed rail line between san francisco and los angeles. so you know the leaf blowers, they could be annoying to some folks out there. city council leaders in richmond tonight will consider banning gas powered ones because they are getting so many complaints because they're too noisy. they are already banned in sonoma county. mike inouye, we know like the extra loud ones especially on saturday morning, neighbors they love them as well. >> also my wife loves them when she's working from the home office and they're right outside the window, shoosh! >> a wake-up call. >> there you go. this is a headache. no major injuries for this
5:39 am
traffic alert in san francisco but a major problem north 101 going through city streets, 08 westbound, folks headed toward the skyway to get out of san francisco, that connector is what's affected right now, as you get up through the area, a crash apparently took out the sand barrels, where the roadways split so shut down the connector on the westbound 80. you may have to get off on city streets and get over to seventh, fourth, fifth, areas headed toward the bay bridge are going to get very crowded so we're going to track the progress over here. we have no word but it sounds like the sand barrels are busted and there's debris all over the place. getting toward san francisco we have the backup at the bay bridge. over on the right, we still have all but one lane blocked for west 580 out of the altamont. that helps a lot of our viewers, it makes the dublin interchange lighter because everybody is held up on 205 and 580. >> it's a good thing. >> for some. two sides of the coin. making our way through the work week, tuesday, looking toward the weekend. we won't have the same type of
5:40 am
weather we had last weekend. >> not at all. will you need to plan around some of the showers we'll be seeing, and we are already tracking our first storm in a series of several that are lining up out there in the pacific. as we go through the time line, waves of rain coming through, as we go into the overnight hours, and we're also going to see some of the rain coming in for this evening. rain chances in berkeley this evening for the persian new year festival and fire jumping. if you're going to that, a heads up, there may be some showers going on but of course this happens rain or shine. going into the weekend, we will have a chance of rain moving in, and actually moving out on saturday morning. sunday is looking dry, won't be as warm but still pretty nice. if you're planning to go to napa valley this weekend, expect those rain chances on friday. scattered showers early on saturday, but sunday, that's the pick of the weekend, 67 degrees, and mostly sunny skies. yosemite will have some slippery roads and off and on snow showers mixed with some rain. we're up to 43 degrees on friday, and some upper 30s
5:41 am
headed into saturday. we'll be tracking this new storm coming in. i'll look at today's temperature trend that will be cooler coming up in about three minutes. >> thanks, kari. 5:40. new surveillance video of a deadly robbery at the bellagio casino in las vegas. up next the part of the casino the robber targeted. we may have a better idea what the fbi was looking for when it raided michael cohen's office. >> more of scott's report coming up in moments. right now we want to talk about well this right here. >> how about some gucci shoes. >> how much would you pay for these? you think somebody would want to give them away but no. they cost a lot of money. we'll tell you just how much, coming up. too much money for me. kari weate
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it is 5:44, and the changes get under way today. we're going to start to see some clouds moving in. here is a live look outside in fremont. no rain as you head out for your morning commute this morning, and our temperatures will be in the low 50s, headed into the mid-60s by early afternoon. we'll keep the warm air today, and the dry conditions, but we'll talk about the changes tomorrow, coming up in less than five minutes. you see the cones on my 3-d map? they're not really there but symbolize the closure. let me give you the corrected info, updated info, getting off of the bay bridge westbound 80, the tail end, as you approach that split with 101, headed toward octavia, is where the closure is on that connector
5:45 am
because of busted cement and a crash. we'll talk about this traffic alert and one more, coming up. >> thanks, mike. 5:44 right now. authorities in san diego are investigating what's believed to be the city's first death involving a dockless scooter. police say that a 53-year-old visitor from georgia failed to handle a turn and crashed into a tree, this happened last week in downtown san diego. the man not wearing a helmet and later dying from his injuries. san diego only allowed dockless scooters last year and a program similar to the ones that we see in some cities here in the bay area. this is believed to be the second dockless scooter death in san diego county. it's quarter to 6:00 right now. police in las vegas showing the dramatic and deadly confontration between officers and an armed casino robber outside the bellagio. surveillance cameras captured friday night's shooting. the suspect just robbed the casino's poker room. you see the robber point his gun at a driver in a car to try to
5:46 am
carjack it. nearby officers converge on the scene, the robber fires and strikes one officer in his bullet proof vest which likely saved his life. seconds later, police returned fire. that robber died at the scene. now moving on to decision 2020, democratic presidential hopeful senator amy klobuchar plans to visit san francisco today. she's hosting a roundtable discussion and the effects of climate change in the city. it is her first trip to the city. scott mcgrew we should get details on search warrants today. >> search warrants for michael cohen's office. law enforcement can't just look for anything when they search. the search warrant, a piece of paper, has to specify what they're searching for. sometimes you can learn about the investigation by knowing what law enforcement was looking for. we think we'll get those documents today as a judge
5:47 am
orders the court records released to the public. the white house releases a list of projects the military will not undertake, as president trump uses that money for his wall instead. among the projects canceled, guard booths in concord and on base center in kentucky. kris sanchez will talk you through it at the top of the hour. president trump attributed a quarter of his paycheck to the department of homeland security. the president's salary $400,000 and donates it to various government departments. iowa congressman steve king deleted a facebook post speculate being the next american civil war. a graphic showing blue states fighting red states. curiously king's own home state of iowa is on the blue side, even though he's republican, and iowa did vote for trump. not the first time the controversial congressman has posted to social media about a future american civil war. whatever disagreements we have, they may pale in comparison to great britain.
5:48 am
the speaker of the parliament shocked everybody by prohibiting the prime minister from bringing another brexit vote before lawmakers. he says it's too similar to the other votes theresa may already lost. britain has a matter of days to work out a deal with the eu before it leaves on march 29th. if it goes out without a deal, a hard brexit, nobody knows what's going to happen but people have been stocking up an cash and food and medicine, just in case. we'll be watching everything that happens in washington and lately in london as well. follow me on twitter, i' i'm @scottmcgrew. >> thanks, so much, scott. how much would you pay for a pair of dirty looking shoes? right now, gucci selling these sneakers starting at $870. the version with crystals could be yours for more than $2,000. the company says the design is supposed to resemble a pair of shoes froms '70s. many are pointing out the cleaning instructions.
5:49 am
the description reads clean when the shoe is dry using neutral or same colored products to avoid staining. they're actually selling them. at first it was someone selling old guccis on ebay. they're literally making them. >> who would you want to stay in those shoes? >> i know, right? >> stains came with it. >> interesting trend. >> shoes are very important i think. they can complete the outfit. >> that's right, polish your sneakers, folks. all right, look, weather going to cost us big. >> not today. >> whether we like it or not. >> i think it will be a nice day, and we keep the warm temperatures and the rain holds off, but it won't be as clear and sunny as it has been. here is a live look in dublin as a lot of people are headed up and out the door and we're seeing the seven-day forecast up at the bottom of the screen, showing the major changes on the way, going through the rest of the week. so if you're on your way out to the dublin b.a.r.t. station, expect those temperatures in the upper 40s. we'll be at 60 degrees, mostly
5:50 am
cloudy skies and continuing to warm up from there. here is a live look outside in san francisco, and with those low clouds that we are seeing right now, it's going to be humid, i think still you can just wear some light long sleeves and pants today, and be comfortable especially in the city. inland areas will still be warm, reaching up to 69 in san jose and in concord, 67 today in oakland, and 65 today in santa rosa. here is our next storm that will be coming in. we've enjoyed a stretch of dry weather. now the second line of this rain we could start to see showers moving in later on tonight, off and on through the overnight hours and we wake up tomorrow morning to some wet roads and also having to deal with some waves of rain. it will be off and on throughout the day tomorrow. just kind of hit or miss showers, lingering into early thursday, before this system moves out, and we are going to see the potential of some spots getting quite a bit of rain, and others next to nothing, in parts of the east bay. you may measure only about a tenth of an inch of rain while
5:51 am
the santa cruz mountains gets an inch and a half of rain and in the north bay about a quarter inch. once again, just hit or miss showers and it will depend on where you are. our temperatures going from 70 degrees to 59 for the high on the first day of spring, and we keep those spring showers in the forecast off and on for the rest of the week. and mike, you're starting with neither of our traffic alerts. >> that's indicating that we have two traffic alerts, but i think this even more important to viewers, the bay bridge itself, the span westbound you see the jam headed up the incline and around the bend in toward treasure island. what's going on is in treasure island and working its way slowly across to the san francisco off-ramps there, we have a disabled vehicle now limping along slow rolling over in toward san francisco and that's what's tying up traffic from the toll plaza side in oakland. they may slow down the metering lights and that will have an impact and if they do on the berkeley curve and the maze, but so far, we're looking all right coming off the berkeley curve.
5:52 am
once you're in san francisco, that slow rollover will be clear but at the end of the skyway we saw a lot of slowing, that connector from westbound 80 to 101 coming into the area, that is impeded by a crash with debris, busted sand barrels. you have to get off on to the city streets and that will be an issue for city streets near that split. the rest of the bay moves nicely except for coming into the area, west 580, we have two lanes open out of the altamont. more traffic coming through the tri-valley but not enough to cause a problem at the dublin interchange. back to you. >> thanks, mike. happening now, large sections of the midwest and the plains are underwater, affecting 10 million people. in iowa, one of the states hardest hit, the governor says more than 40 counties have requested disaster proclamation. water levels are at a record high. this is due to the melting snow and heavy rainfall. 5:52 right now. still ahead this morning, still burning. a massive chemical fire still going strong in texas right now. when it might be finally able to be put out.
5:53 am
plus preventing pregnancy. new this hour, we'll explain a headline-grabbing news survey that may have some women ditching the pill and relying instead on their smartphone.
5:54 am
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weather is about come to an end! today in the bay )s kari hall is tracking a new storm heading towards the bay area. our stretch of warm and sunny weather is about to come to an end.
5:56 am
"today in the bay's" kari hall is tracking the new storm headed toward the bay area. follow her on twitter @ twitter @karihallweather for the ongoing updates and kari will look at the time line of when we'll see the wet weather. developing now a massive chemical fire burning near houston, texas. it started on sunday, spreading to seven tanks by yesterday morning. it's now down to six burning tanks, three of those are actually starting to settle down. the tanks are filled with chemicals used in gasoline, paint thinners and glues which could cause nausea, breathing problems and skin irritations. still a shelter in place order for the town of deer park is lifted and officials say the air is safe. authorities say it could keep burning until tomorrow. new video over midtown manhattan showing the aftermath of a crane malfunction. a knuckle boom crane came down near penn station. the hydraulics system failed causing it to lower to the ground. police say the boom operator suffered a minor injury to his
5:57 am
foot. there was also a large hydraulic fluid leak due to that malfunction. new for you this morning, in decision 2020, lgbtq issues will be front and center for democratic presidential candidates. the human rights council just announcing candidates will participate in a special forum down at ucla in october, while candidates will have to reach at least 1% of the sport to be invit invited, that means oakland gay candidate mayor pete buttingieg from indiana does qualify. there's research to backup the idea a smartphone app can help you prevent an unplanned pregnancy. the family planning app called dot is statistically as effective as the birth control pill. it predicts a woman's pregnancy risk for every day using historical data based on previous cycles. dot's failure rate was 1% to 5%, which is comparable to the pill. the study included 718 women,
5:58 am
there were 24 confirmed pregnancies among those who used dot incorrectly. only one pregnancy occurred in a cycle in which the woman used dot correctly. goldman sachs wants to hire more women and minority workers. it says half of all new analysts and entry level associates must be women. 11% need to be black and 14% latino. the move comes ahead of new gender pay gap rules going into effect in the uk. netflix ceo says the company will not be part of apple's new streaming service, could be firming what many already suspected. netflix is available through the app store. apple is expected to unveil its streaming service at an event next monday. while it will feature some original shows, it will also offer subscriptions to third party services such as hbo go. more americans are now paying for streaming service, more than traditional tv. a new survey from deloitte finds 69% of households have at least one streaming subscription
5:59 am
versus 65%, who pay for tv services. that's cable. now that underscores the continued popularity of the likes of netflix and hulu, as more customers become turned off by high cost of cable and satellite pack tajs. the average consumer pays for free streaming services. binge watching is popular with 91% of millenials saying they've watched three or more episodes of a show in a single sitting. right now at 6:00, it is decision day in a dixie school district. today what the school's new name will be, after controversy other whether dixie is racist. the two options being considered. housing crisis, the new strategy proposed in san jose tonight and what that means for the future of high-rises. plus, rain returns, after a few sunny days, tonight wet weather moves back in. we've got the timing for the system, so you could plan your day. "today in the bay" continues right now.
6:00 am
a very good tuesday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. mike is going to get us through the morning with the commute in just a bit. >> i'll try. but first, meteorologist kari is going to help us ease through this day. >> it's going to be a nice day, still the rain will be holding off but won't be as bright and sunny as it has been. here is a live lock in palo alto as you get ready for your morning drive. highway 101 looking good and our temperatures are in the low 50s. we will see the sun kind of peeking out every now and then, at least to start, but the clouds will continue to increase, as we head into the upper 60s and low 70s. see, not too bad but there will be rain moving in tomorrow and that's a different story. we'll see some off and on rain for the next couple of days. i'll have the time line on that, in just a few minutes and mike, the traffic alerts continue. >> yes but kari, i shouldn't have been such a bummer. at least this isn't happening tomorrow when the rain is coming through. right now most of your bay shows a great, easy drive. we have two traffic alerts, the one that continues to be a


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