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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  March 20, 2019 11:00am-11:28am PDT

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bay area. here )s what it looked like this morning. right now at 11:00, the rain is moving out of the bay area. here is what it will look like this morning. pretty soggy out there for what will be our first day of spring later this afternoon. good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia. mark, you're seeing people posting a lot about that wet beginning to our spring. >> spring is here orhours. people are talking about how the rain is ruining that for them. take a look at this. ooh man i feel sorry for the people who planned to spend spring break in san francisco. it's raining at least the next one. i hate everything. i'm going to be late for an audition and this i in the bay w to drive in the rain. two more for you right here.
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raised in. stays this way forever. rainy weather is my favorite type of weather. real city native. and last one right here says happy spring! so please, rain go away @san francisco california. a lot of people talking about this online but kari, you have the news for us. rain is here for aew days. >> not that we're counting but 3:57 before spring starts. we're still seeing rain across the bay area and it's also been much cooler as we get a look at storm ranger. we're tracking showers moving through, especially as you look at what's happening now at the richmond/san rafael bridge. that's going to affect those drivers. we're seeing spotty showers moving through parts of the east bay through lafayette. the rain is not as widespread as it was earlier this morning. san jose getting in on some of that rain right now, o. we go tt
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more spotty and gradually tapering off. we will be tracking another system right behind this one. so i'll have a look at that in the fore minutes. >> thank you so much, kari. >> happening right now, uc workers across the state are holding a one-day strike, calling for better conditions for workers who they believe are being ignored. pete serato joins us where one of those protests are taking place. this is the third strike by workers in less than a year. >> reporter: that's right, laura, it is the third strike in less than a year here. folks are protesting here. they've been out here since about 4:00 a.m. the focus of this technical workers, that's just a few of the groups being affected by all of this. now inorrs overall
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have been going on three years. there have been three strikes in one spot just in the last year. they believe wages are simply not liveable, especially in a place like the san francisco bay area. unfortunately, all this does have an impact on patience, even though it's only a 24-hour strike. i'll get you those details in a moment. here is what both sides are saying about today's strike in san francisco. >> workers don't want to go on strike. i would much rather be inside seeing patients today. i don't want to disrupt care of patients. however, they're forcing that on us. we're at a point where it's hard to retain workers in this kind of economic environment when we're being offered minimal salary raises. >> today for me and everyone here today, it is really about patient care. i think all of us want to resolve the issues at thework. today is patients and this is still a disruption to patients and patients' families.
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>> let's talk about the disruption of patients. according to ucsf, 680 outpatient appointments have been rescheduled because of this strike and 150 oncology appointments have been rescheduled as well. they do point out emergency services are still available. ucsf live on parnassas, we know the 24-hour strike will end. a rally will take place in a couple of hours at 12:00 p.m. live here in san francisco, pete suratos, nbc bay area news. >> now to that development of the nt massive college admission cheating scandal. cal is the scandal. joe fryer reports on what usc is doing. >> reporter: usc is taking action against students whose
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parents are accused of paying big bucks to get them into college. they're placing holds on students' accounts. they can't register for classes or get transcripts. they won't confirm how many students are impacted but says these students have been notified. following the review, we will take the proper action related to their status, up to revoking admission or expulsion. >> if usc or others want to claim themselves as victims they have to take action so it never happens again. >> reporter: at wake forest university, volleyball coach bill ferguson is on leave after he was charged in the scandal. dent into school. the student is currently enrolled. at this time, we do not plan to take any action against her when there is no evidence she had any knowledge of thenbc news reache ferguson, the coach, for comment, but has not heard back. he is one of 50 people facing charges. 33 of them parents, including celebrities felicity huffman and
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lori loughlan. authorities said originally at least eight universities were impacted, none of which has been charged with any crimes. now it's spread to another school, uc berkeley, who is investigating an acceptance of a student after a parent was charged in the scandal, accused of making two $100,000 payments to have someone secretly take exams in two of his sons. one of those berkeley. i.d., s the s.a.t. in jordan's place. in a new statement uc berkeley says we are aware of the indictment and are looking into the allegation. david sidoo has pled not guilty and his children have not been accused of any impropriety and
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have achieved great accomplishments in their own right. fda just approved a drug that could be life saving. it's specifically for treating postpartum depression. suchlt zulresso is only to be administered in hospitals as an infusion over 2 1/2 days. it costs $20,000 to $35,000 for treatment but 70% of women reported immediate relief. one woman who suffered from postpartum depression, with the second even anti-depressants didn't work. with zulresso, she says she felt better immediately. >> hadley said mommy, you're back. i said yeah, i'm here. >> being able to treat people quickly within days is unlike anything we've rfr been able to do before. >> hopefully it stops the suffering women go through
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during that time. in the city of alameda, making city hall compliant with lactation rooms. two other council members raised up the issue. they're also calling for diaper changing tables and gender neutral restrooms. late yesterday the council approved the item and put it in the hands of the city manager. if you live in marin county you will soon be able to report an emergency by texting 911. some of the departments in the county including san rafael, novato and fairfax will have t . here are a few things sfachers say you should know. text to 911 is designated for situations you can't speak safely. second include location and type of emergency. you should not use slang, abbreviations, emojis, photos or videos. finally, officials say you should not group text with 911.
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and the city of san jose plans to hire more police and fire dispatchers to improve 911 call response times. police and fire are required to answer 99% of 911 calls within 15 minutes. an audit accepted last night found that years ago, san jose was only at 80%. the city has improved but still short of what the city requires. the city will start diverting the emergency calls allows you to text sound, pictures and data. robert kraft, who was i a prostitution scandal, is rejecting a possible plea deal. that's because kraft would have to -- >> the billionaire businessman
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and two dozen others received this letter from the palm beach prosecutors, spelling out the offer. each man charged with avoid prosecution if they admit the evidence would be enough to convict, complete a course about the dangers of prostitution, get screened for sexually transmitted diseases and, if needed, get treatment. plus they would have to complete 100 hours of community service and pay a $5,000 fine for each charge. taking to twitter, palm beach county state attorney dave aronberg writing the offer of a deferred prosecution agreement with several conditions to first-time offenders is standard in cases like this. kraft has forar comment about the plea. richard kibby is a lawyer who represents some of the other men charged with solicitation. they could face professional consequences if, to avoid prosecution, they admit they would have been convicted. >> anybody that has licenses or careers at stake may be forced
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not to accept it. >> reporter: for kraft, his legal choice here could have unintended consequences. according to the nfl's conduct policy, owners, just like player s, are held to a higher standard. now one of the league's most prominent owners has a tough choice to make. take the deal or fight the case in court. kerry sanders, nbc news. coming up here, a new warning for parents. virtual kidnappings on the rise. hear fm california mother who almost fell for it and the reason she knew it was a scam. plus no ticket. how much fare evaders are costing the system and how you end up footing the bill. for 50 years, cracker barrel
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it )s not just bart! muni is now dealing with a major fare evasion problem. welcome back to our midday broadcast. muni is now dealing with a fare
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evasion problem. over half of the 50,000 evasion tickets every year go unpaid. this means only four out of ten people who were ticketed actually paid. muni estimates that adds up to $17 million a year in lost fares. one woman who rides on muni bus daily say there are a lot of us same issue. our cameras, numerous times, have caught people jumping over the entrance gates, costing the transit system an estimated $25 million a year. bart is looking at overhauling its entire 600-gate entrance system to try to do something about it. as for muni's situation of the problem, they're trying to focus on the root of the cause, offering free muni programs for low-income riders.
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to decision 2020 and the democrat democratic race, an eight-point jump for harris. however she's being followed closely behind beto o'rourke despite placing an official bid -- not placing an official bid i should say, vice president joe biden crowded field with vermont senator bernie sanders trailing behind. and many of those are making legal marijuana a top issue in a poll shows the majority of americans support legal cannibis on the federal level. that data shows 61% favor legalization, up 67% from two years ago. virtual kidnapping. gadi schwartz reports on when we all need to look out for. >> you only have moments to act. that's exactly what kathy gross says happened to her.
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>> i was 100% certain it was her. she was hysterical, crying. mom, i need help. they took me. they put me in a van. a man's voice came on the line and said you better n call we have him. b slip-up tipping her off to the scam. >> to scare you to death and get you to send money. >> reporter: last week two other similar cases in her community, federal investigators say scammers have been targeting hundreds of affluent families, many of them in southern california, likely coming from inmates in mexican prisons. >> they're learning your child's name and their school. >> reporter: that may come from your own social media.
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olympic swimming legend rowdy gaines. >> what popped up, her face and her number. i would have no reason to believe it was not her. >> the other person on slitter throat. >> reporter: across the country, the same group of scammers were madison. when gaines asked to talkd i'm help. >> reporter: he grew suspicious when asked for payments in gift cards, his wife calling 11, finding out it was all a hoax. the fbi says try to take these steps. slow the situation down by asking for more time to get the money. also try getting ahold of your loved one using a separate phone. ask questions only your child would know and, finally, call
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polic police. >> there you have it. opening bell of the new york stock exchange. the dow is down 33 points. then we see the s&p 500 turn positive after the forecast. no rate hikes this year. >> hey, hey. i took advantage of a break in the rain. we're down here, beautiful downtown san jose, iconic s.a.p. center. we do have the shark tank. the reason i'm out here is because i am stoked -- not because of the break in the rain but they clinched their playoff berth 14th time in 15 years that san jose sharks will be making a we made a good run last year but got knocked out by those golden knights of las vegas. i don't want to dwell on that loss but do want to exact revenge. knights and sharks would face off in a first round. playoff tickets go on sale 27th at 10:00 a.m.
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keep your eyes on the sharks website for that information. over my shoulder i have my eyes on that shark store. the other reason i might be out here, playoff stuff is on sale starting this morning and i have to get geared up. don't tell the bosses. >> i won't tell. >> yeah. right about now, a lot of die-hard oakland fans are sleep deprived. that is because they got an early start to watch the team's first game of the season. the a's pd packed a watch party in oakland with high hopes for the season. >> i've been stoked about this for a couple of months now and it's finally happening. f more of the game, you can't win them all. scotty homer got things off on the right track but they lost 9-7. a's and seattle play one more tomorrow in tokyo before heading home. opening day is in eight days.
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>> hopefully we'll have spring-like weather by then. first day of spring later this afternoon, officially. >> in parts of the bay area it's raining off and on. we'll start to see much less of that as we go imole doppler parked on san bruno mountain. it's giving us most up-to-date information on exactly whecoun. we're seeing t then we head down to parts of the east bay. rain is passing through hayward. that will be working its way closer to sunol as well as the tri-valley. in san jose, i'm zooming in so that you can see it's raining. just rain in downtown san jose, pushing off to the east. and then we go into the rest of the day once again with this storm system wrapping up and then starting to give us much less rain. we'll catch a little bit of a
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break in between these storm systems but another one is right behind that, and it looks like there are several others right behind that as well. so, we're going to have a busy next seven days as we go into ne in san francisco, looking at soma. at least every now and thent' g out. after a soggy start we do see a rain that's pushing off to the east. this is a look from our camera here in san jose. you can see where it's clear and where it's raining. it's been a little unsettled for today if you're about to head out. you may still need the umbrella. once again, rain chances are going down as we go into the rest of the day and it's going to be much cooler, only reaching about 60 degrees for the rest of the afternoon. and our hour by hour outlook shows some clearing tonight. we were hoping to see the super moon. it looks like we'll have a pretty good chance of that. going into the day tomorrow,
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mostly sunny skies. going into friday, our new storm system arrives. it's going to bring in an additional quarter to half inch of rain. that's about what we had today across the bay area. so, we're going to add some more on top of our rainfall totals. see that moving out. it looks like by about early saturday, but there still could be lingering showers into saturday afternoon. so, additional rain at this point. looks very light. once that storm system comes in, another quarter inch of rain. you probably noticed that layer of pollen on top of your car or anything outside. we have a lot of tree pollen but everything else is absent. mostly elm, juniper and cedar trees that are in full bloom right now. live look outside from our heavenly camera. it's mostly cloudy there. we are still going to see light snow showers over the next few days, another three to eight inches of snow above 6,000 feet. it's going to be fairly active here. we can get outside and enjoy our
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well as sunday.n between with other than that, marcus and laura, we still have quite a bit of rain off and on throughout this forecast. >> going to have to get used to it. >> at least we're warned. we can be ready. thanks, kari. >> look up into the sky tonight, the surprising sight you'll see. >> happening now, it may be time to update your iphone. you will get 50% more talk time and use the new wireless case. it costs the same. charging case, however, will cost you an extra $40. we're back with more news after the break. to get your free trea
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be sure to head to his facebook page to find out all the today is free ice cream day. mike inouye making sure you know where to get your favorite treat. >> yummy, yummy, yummy in my tummy. you can catch the last super moon of the year. the moon will be full and is at its closest point to the earth. it really appears gigantic. >> look at it beautiful there. the equinox, the start of the new season and, of course, kari hall is monitor iing the rain.
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>> moving out for the super moon. there may still be some clouds drifting by the super moon which will make for some spectacular photos. we are still tracking that rain, though, especially for the peninsula, the east bay. a little bit of rain moving through san jose. now over the hill. a little bit more action there. we're going to have more showers by friday. >> download our app and have radar in the palm of your hand.
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get odown on one knee. it is national proposal day. >> and planning the perfect
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proposal. >> people do not want to be vulnerable. what happens is you end up missing out. >> how to get celebs to throw you the perfect bachelorette party. >> ohbae-b. >> the


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