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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  March 20, 2019 6:00pm-6:59pm PDT

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>> i'm raj mathai. now a potential new way to stop sideshows. people in contra costa county are worried about the spinouts, the speeding, and guns that often come with these sideshows. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez has the details. >> reporter: raj, folks here in contra costa county say they've been dealing with violent sideshows for far too long. now the county says they have a solution. these raised speed bumps may look low tech but the county says they hope they'll stop the side-showers in their tracks. this is just a taste of what folks in contra costa county have been living with for months. side show drivers doing dangerous maneuvers. we found this video on instagram. >> they're standing right where it's happening. >> it happens multiple times a
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week. sometimes two or three times a day. recorders neighbors say the side-showers literally take over the intersection of alhambra valley road and bear creek road at all times of the day and night. [ sound of gunfire ] that's the found of gunfire one neighbor captured on her phone. >> they come across as very violent. they show weapons to you. they intimidate you. >> reporter: now the contra costa county public works department is taking new steps to curb it. they've installed dozens of raised circular markers in the intersection, hoping to put a stop to all the spinouts. >> if you're trying to spin over them, your tires are going to hit them. and the alignment, you'll mess up your alignment, it's going to be uncomfortable, you won't get that smooth doughnut action that side show participants are looking for. >> reporter: but not everyone is convinced. >> i feel like this isn't doing anything except wasting some tax
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dollars. >> reporter: some are skeptical but many hopes the bumps bring some peace back to what should be a serene area. >> i hope it stops it. i hope it makes it so that they can't come out here and do that. >> reporter: and we are back here live now. these markers were just put in within the last week. this is the first time that they have been used to curbside shows anywhere in the bay area. the county says if they're successful, they will start using them in other spots in the county. reporting live in contra costa county, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. in palo alto, an intruder breaks into a woman's apartment. police are looking for this man. it happened sunday at 4:00 a.m. on el camino real near page mill road. the man was wearing gloves and holding a flashlight when he entered the woman's bedroom. he sat on the bed next to her and started talking to her. the woman ran out of the room to
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find her roommate. the suspect ran away. turning now to our weather. spring showers arrived right on cue. it's the first day of spring. we saw some rain this morning and some sun. a live look at san jose where we see some clouds now her geoff meteorologist jeff ranieri is tracking the next round of rain headed our way. jeff? >> it looks like we'll get a little bit of a break between storm systems, a little bit of good news for you. you can see those totals, 65/100ths in santa rosa, san jose. concord picking up 3/10 thchlthn inch. some snow showers on highway 50 will continue to linger. the wider view shows we have dried out, just a slight chance of a hit or miss shower through the next 48 hours. our next chance of consistent rainfall will start to arrive friday morning at 8:30.
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we'll have more details this hour on what could be a very wet week. we have two updates, one at 6:19, one at 6:48. see you then. thieves are stealing packages right from people's front door. some south bay lawmakers are proposing a new law that could mean jail time for this crime. robert, a lot of homeowners would love for these thieves to face a harsher punishment. >> reporter: that's right, it's not like they're not taking precautions. when you look at some of these home security packages, you can see how they could catch people in the act. but they say it doesn't do them much good if law enforcement can't treat package thefts more. >> it wasn't the value of what got stolen. it was the value of just some stranger on my porch, taking my things. >> reporter: they're called porch pirates. while many have been caught on
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home security cameras, most have never been punished. this woman says she's been victimized twice and so have neighbors. she's rooting for assembly bill 1210, which increases the punishment for package thefts. they says thieves these days are so brazen. >> the woman who came and took me stuff actually came up to my porch, sat down, opened the box, made sure she wanted what was in it, then put it in her backpack and walked away. >> reporter: the bill offered by jeff rosen and proposed by evan lowe would give police officers a right to give jail time up to three years. >> when you take something off of someone's front doorstep, li their house, that's a violation of someone's sense of self and there's also quite a potential for violence. >> reporter: the san jose police chief supports the bill. so do frustrated neighborhood
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associations. >> i get e-mails probably every week, can you check your security cameras, we had somebody come through and they'll just pick them off one after another. >> reporter: now, besides these security cameras, people also remind homeowners that it's a good idea to let carriers know where you want the packages left, they don't have to be left in full view. the public safety committee is expected to start talking about this bill at the end of this week. one of the things they'll be discussing is how all this extra jail time will affect overcrowded jails. live in san jose, robert handa, nbc bay area news. >> a lot to discuss, thank you, redwood city police officers will not face charges after shooting and killing a teacher. last december a palo alto middle schoolteacher was killed in his backyard. today the san mateo county district attorney wrapped up his investigation, saying the two officers did nothing wrong. hart, who had two young children including a newborn baby, was reportedly suicidal. police say he cut himself with a
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butcher knife and charged at officers. when a taser did not slow him down, officers shot and killed him. hart taught at a middle school in palo alto. a man accused of a high profile attempted murder was released from custody and just hours later was back in jail. xavier watson of fairfield was arrested for attempted murder for firing shots into a car in the tenderloin district in 2017. he was convicted on lesser charges due to a lack of evidence. he was released after spending 250 days in jail but was rearrested justenderloin, accus dealing drugs. do you love your 501 levi strauss is hoping you do because the san francisco company is going public on the new york stock exchange. that means a lot of new san
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francisco companies going public this year like slack and uber. based on research from the last time we went through this, cheryl young cautions against drawing conclusions. >> most of them look at an area like facebook's headquarters or google's headquarters, not even in the region. even then the differential in price is only 1 to 3%. it's actually hard to really pinpoint what the effect of ipos has been. >> here's some interesting food for thought. facebook and twitter's ipos created about 2,500 new millionaires. this latest wave with all these san francisco companies including levis projects that number will triple. nowadays there's not much room for the little guy, as more multimillion dollar buildings go up in mountain view. a popular mom and pop store is closing down after 45 years in business. the milk pail market will soon close its doors.
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nbc bay area's marianne favro is in mountain view for us. marianne, i'm a long time customer. we're losing a lot of local flavor there. >> reporter: we really are. look at this beautiful produce. this is just one of the reasons why customers have been coming here to the milk pail market for 45 years. but today many of them are really upset because they received this flier at the counter, letting them know the store is closing in the summer. tory and irene haroldson are long time customers at the milk pail market in mountain view. >> i've been coming here for 40 years. i'll miss the exported norwegian goat cheese. >> reporter: this visit is bittersweet because it may be their last. after 45 years, the market is closing. owner steve rasmussen says there are many reasons. he says a big development next door has made it harder for customers to get to his market. and there are fewer parking spots. facebook recently opened a new office building a few yards away
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but he says that never translated into a boost in business. in fact he says sales are down 40%. his customers are changing too. >> our old customer base would come in and buy 50 and $100 baskets, shopping carts. and the new younger, single person customer is much more a 10 or $15 customer. >> reporter: the market started in 1974 as a drive-through dairy. many customers consider it a silicon valley landmark, known for its plentiful produce, croissants and cheese. but bonnie rogers says it's the people who work here she'll miss the most. >> i'm heartbroken. i've been shopping here all the time for the last 30 years. it's just hard to see it go. >> reporter: owner steve rasmussen says he has already sold this property to a developer. he says for 45 years, he has
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connected with the community through cheese. so he's hoping that maybe he can do some kind of smaller cheese business in the future. but in the meantime i can tell you that a lot of customers here are snapping up all the international cheeses, including myself. reporting live in mountain view, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> good thinking, marianne. it is one of the largest stores in san jose's west gate mall but walmart is now closing its neighborhood market there. the company says the store was not doing well. 83 employees will have to transfer to another store or find another job. the store will close on april 19th. up next here at which ones in san francisco could be off-limits to cars. p that could soon end. a major victory in the battle to get rid of those annoying robocalls. one storm down, several more chances ahead. we'll take you right through the hour by hour forecast of our
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next chance, coming up before the weekend, in about seven minutes. san francisco may begin
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exploring the idea of making san francisco may begin exploring the idea of making some streets car-less. the idea is to ease congestion for busses. so, what streets, and how will this all work? nbc bay area's christie smith is
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in the city with answers. christie? >> reporter: raj, you can find them in different parts of san francisco. these are red transit only lanes or, as some call them, represented carpet lanes. they're meant to allow muni to get through traffic. but businesses are still in traffic. now the question has come up, should the whole street be red, with no private cars. >> traffic is horrible already. >> reporter: luis doesn't want any more red transit only lanes in san francisco. he says he was recently caught driving in one. >> there's nobody using the lanes. so why not fill it? and then you get a ticket for it. believe, because i just got one. >> reporter: the chair of the sfmta board, malcolm heinecki, suggested it's time to look at
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buses and taxis on the whole street. >> it's time to make them all red carpet, maybe just for peak hours, maybe for the entire service. >> reporter: he says if there are more efficient buses, there could be fewer cars and fewer dangers on the seat, especially following the death of the bicyclist on howard street. this man worries about drivers. >> they drive bonkers sometimes. that could prevent more accidents and whatnot. >> reporter: we have heard and received reports that people are driving in the red transit only lanes but we underster have bee. he says he wants to look at other streets where it wouldn't have a big impact on traffic. >> that would make it ten times worse. >> reporter: now, we're told with this idea there would be allowances for cross traffic and
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deliveries. right now taxis can use them, also drivers making a turn. a lot to work out, it's still in the idea face. sfmta is looking into it but drivers we spoke with overwhelmingly said no. live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> christie, thank you. there's always something new on b.a.r.t. this time it's some personal grooming. you ready for it? a guy wearing the jacket and the hoodie right there, plugging in an electric trimmer and started to, well, shave his head. this is on the millbrae line. it doesn't look like anyone was bothered here. the woman who shot the video just wanted to share it because it's certainly something we don't see every day. college students in berkeley know they can sometimes be targeted by thieves. so some want to carry stun guns to protect themselves. uc berkeley police say they got a call the night of march 8th that someone was carrying a stun gun on campus. stun guns are not just banned on campus, they're banned in the city of berkeley.
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d two african-americans students and the students gave up the stun gun but police say there was a struggle first. police say they were just following protocol. >> it's not really safe to walk around late at night at all. we should have a way to protect ourselves. >> this campus is still, is still lacking in accountability of their actions. >> campus police say the students will not face charges. the student union says one of the students involved was actually a university of san francisco student. beefing up some resources, california is calling in the national guard to help prevent devastating wildfires this coming summer. next month, more than 100 troops will be pulled off border protection duty to help cal fire. they'll be divided into teams that will travel around the state helping fire crews thin trees and cut brush ahead of the fire season. before they get started, they'll be getting some training.
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>> there will be some chainsaw work, there will be to do fuel modification. there will be safety, we want to make sure nobody gets hurt. >> it will be the first time in the state's history the national guard will be used in wildfire prevention efforts. a major milestone today in the fight to curb robocalls. at&t and comcast say they connected the first ever authenticated call between two separate networks. that means the receiving phone's caller i.d. display shows the incoming call as verified. comcast, which owns nbc bay area, says when the technolog n won't be able to spoof a fake if they call you and you will know if the call is legitimate sur po youne by the year, says the fcc. >> that is good news. the surf is up and so is the hope that one of the world's most famous surfing events will
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happen. we're talking about mavericks. the swells could meet the requirements to hold the event. the waves need to be at 25 feet for the competition to get the green light. the window to hold mavericks is closing at the end of the month. we just have a couple of weeks here. the event hasn't been held in three years. what do you say, jeff? >> we'll get some storm activity next week. but it's always a problem of can we get that window of clearing so we can see the surfing and they can do it without the rainfall. we have a couple of more weeks to go. we'll see what mother nature has in store. again, next week it will get kicked up. but it's going to be wait and see. let's take you outside to our live sky camera network. we're hoping to get a view of the super moon tonight. it's the last one of 2019. you've got some great weather on we have some blue sky coming in. we do have some clouds. i think you'll be able to get a glimpse of the super moon this evening. after the 6:00 news, head outside with that sunset happening in the 7:00 hour and check that out.
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that's your live view toward concord right now. it's 59 degrees. no rainfall is expected tonight in concord. we'll be dropping down to some colder 40s by midnight. less cloud cover tonight means it's not going to be acting like a blanket. so any kind of heating we had today is going to be able to escape into the upper atmosphere, helping our temperatures to drop. the rainfall has moved toward the east. as we get a closer look at stormranger doppler radar, i'm tracking a few spotty showers offshore, a slight chance to see something pop up tonight. the best news about this rainfall today, you might have felt it already. what am i talking about? your allergies. yes, pollen report down to the low category today thanks to that rainfall. so it's much more e couple of degrees. we'll get some sunshine in here, 66 in it concord, in san jose.67. our next chance of rainfall
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arriving by friday morning. we'll let you know how much. we'll see you at 6:48 tonight. >> okay, jeff, we'll be watching anxiously. apple's next big event is next week but apple is already making revelations. today it's all about those popular air pods.
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get on board with governor
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newsom )s plan to deal with the homeless problem... or else. today -- the governor get on board with governor newsom's plan to deal with the homeless problem, or else. today the governor hosted the annual big city mayors' meeting at the state capitol. he told the mayors he wanted to devote $2 billion to homelessness and affordable housing projects. cities that don't comply with his housing goals may be punished by withholding gas tax dollars for roadpairs. >> we haven't been doing enough to support cities. and that means we need to invest more resources and we need to provide the resourcefulness that is the spirit of innovation that drives this state. >> the fact that california is the fifth richest economy in this world and yet home to one-half of the unsheltered residents of this nation is
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deplorable. >> newsom is getting some criticism for his hard line approach. but most mayors say they support his plan. the world's most popular wireless headphones are getting an upgrade. apple is releasing its newest air pods. the second generation of these air pods feature wireless charging, and hands-free siri. they're powered by an h1 chip that's supposed to be connecting the devices faster and enable more talk time. they'll be available in apple stores next week. now to the world's most popular coffee company. starbucks will be using the bay area kind of like a guinea pig, testing a new recyc recyclable compostable cups. in addition to the greener cups starbucks iscrs north
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america. up next at 6:30, he is not letting up. president trump's renewed attacks on the late senator john mccain. plus -- >> reporter: they haven't hit the road yet, but chp is getting an education for when they do. we'll tell you why they're learning more about self-driving car technology, coming up next.
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president trump again attacking the late senator "john mccain". some top republicans are outraged. right now at 6:30, president
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trump again attacking the late senator john mccain. and some top republicans are outraged. the president in full campaign mode today in ohio. but he clearly had some other things on his mind. he talked about his feelings for the late senator who died seven months ago from brain cancer, and the mueller report, saying "let the public see it." president trump in ohio before a friendly audience at a military manufacturing plant, touting his perceived successes here. >> you better love me. i kept this place open, that i can tell you. >> earlier he was focused on the mueller report, expected to be released any day, calling it "ridiculous." >> let it come out. let people see it. i just won one of the greatest elections of all time, in the history of this country, and even you will admit that. and now i have somebody writing a report that never got a vote? my voters don't get it. and i don't get it. >> andn front of ohio voters the president spent nearly five minutes again attacking tai >> so i have to be honest, i've
6:31 pm
never liked him much. hasn't been for me. >> friends and colleagues of the late senator came to his defense. >> i think the president's comments about senator mccain hurt him more than they hurt the legacy of senator mccain. >> meanwhile, in lima, ohio, the president took credit for saving the tank factory, having designated $2 billion of military spending to manufacturing the tank. >> they said we're closing it. and i said, no, we're not. and now you're doing record business. >> but that sentiment could fall on deaf ears in nearby st an ailing auto plans this month. >> it's a big loss to the area because it's going to be millions if not even a billion dollars of loss in revenue and jobs. >> gm says the factory is a casualty of the president's trade war with china. and big news from the united kingdom involving brexit. british prime minister theresa
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may somberly announced britain will miss the deadline to leave the european union. the new deadline is now june 30th. the prime minister has asked parliament twice to approve deals she negotiated but parliament turned her down both times. she now hopes the extension will allow time for a third vote to get a deal approved. the u.s. is receiving plenty of praise from israel as secretary of state mike pompeo visits the middle east. ae peo met with isr minister benjamin netanyahu. his visit gives netanyahu welcome booth at the height of a tight reelection campaign. netanyahu says with president trump and secretary pompeo on his side, the u.s./israeli relationship is stronger than it's ever been. >> we maintain our unparalleled commitment to israel's security and support your right to defend itself. >> the united states has no greater friend than israel. >> netanyahu will meet with president trump next week in washington, d.c. the boeing 737 max 8
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jetliners remain grounded in the u.s. tonight a new report is surfacing about the first crash in indonesia this past october. the report says the day before the lion air crash that killed 189 people, pilots were desperately poring over a handbook while fighting to keep the plane in the air because it kept trying to nosedive. that's when an off-duty pilot riding in the cockpit jumped into action to help save the jetliner. the next day, same problem, but it ended in tragedy. boeing's ceo says the company is committed to the public's safety. >> we're united with our airline customers, international regulators, and government authorities in off support the most recent investigation, understand the el prevent future tragedies. >> investigators are looking into a faulty sensor that may have ordered the jets to dive before both crashes including the one in ethiopia earlier this month. well, cameras are wherev
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everywhere. one company wants to use them to save lives. athena says its technology can accurately recognize any crime or weapon and alert police in real time. essentially the company would tap into all the cameras at stores, schools, hotels, and everywhere else and they can spot if someone is carrying a gun or acting in a strange way. >> we saw these problems happen on tv, people getting shot at .chools. we wanted to do something about it. we have the technology. so that's what we did, we decided to create solutions that could detect weapons and hopefully stop a lot of these crimes. >> the company says the cameras can also aledica emergency. nbc bay area's anousha rasta explains how driverless car company waymo is learning to
6:35 pm
detect flashing lights from a police car. >> reporter: waymo says in a situation where the car is flooded or it's on fire, first responders would need more instruction on how to deal with that. self-driving cars could reach the mainstream as early as next year. california highway patrol knows the change is coming and their officers want to be ready for >>he situations where we interact with these vehicles, perhaps in crashes. we need to know how that will work out for us. >> reporter: a representative company waymo gave a presentation in san jose to teach law enforcement officers and other emergency responders how to safely handle these cars on the road, specifically waymo's chrysler pacifica hybrid like this one they brought to show. the meeting included instructions on how to disable
6:36 pm
the self-driving mode, tow the vehicle, handle it if it's flooded, and even where to cut the car in a situation gentleman passenger might need to be reese cued. chp officers in the bay area have struggled with advanced technology before, not involving waymo but tesla. last march chp had to call tesla for help after a crash on the freeway in mountain view because officers didn't know how to handle the car's battery. today's presentation is an effort to make sure that kind of doesn't happen. >> the timing is okay, but it sh h >> reporter: san jose state mechanical engineering professor fred barres says better late than never and making law enforcement part of the process is critical. >> it's going to be able to handle this. >> reporter: anousha rasta, nbc bay area news. another year of free community college is one step closer to becoming a reality. legislation aimed at giving a second year of free tuition at california's community colleges cleared its first hurdle today.
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the bill would cost about $22 million from the state budget. but that money is already appropriated in governor newsom's budget plan. so far the legislation is not facing opposition. an idea that could make future music festivals much greener. an assembly member introduced a bill that would cut down at all the place took and food containers which end up in landfills where they don't decompose. the bill focuses on creating greener single-use products and advances repsyching recycling and composting opportunities. a new truck change program is being proposed. it would help truckers purchase low or zero emission vehicles. lawmakers say the program would work to reduce harmful emissions statewide. up next, muni is losinged by
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bucks. how much fare evaders are costing the transit agency and why you may end up paying for it. it )s not just bart.
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muni is now dealing with a major fare evasion problem. the transit agency is revealing that mor it's not just b.a.r.t. muni is dealing with a major fare evasion problem, revealing that more than half the 50,000 tickets they hand out each year go unpaid. that means only four out of ten people ticketed don't pay. the cheats cost the system about 17 million bucks each year in lost fares, b.a.r.t. estimates. many riders have taken to social media to report the cheats. one woman who rides on a muni bus daily writes, quote, there are a lot of regular people who just never pay their fare. as we've reported right here on nbc bay area area, b.a.r.t. is dealing with a similar issue. our cameras have caught people jumb jumping over the entrance gates, like right there. b.a.r.t. is looking into
6:41 pm
overhauling its entire 600-gate entrance system. as for muni's solution to the problem, the agency's board of directors says it plans to focus on the root cause. the board is considering adding free muni programs for low income riders. higher pay and better working conditions. that's why thousands of uc hospital workers across the state are holding a one-day stri strike. despite the rain, picketing workers hit the picket lines today. at the heart of the contract negotiations, workers say they're not making enough to live and work in san francisco. >> workers don't want to go on strike. i would much rather be inside, seeing my patients today. i don't want to disrupt care of patients. however, they're forcing that on us. >> all of us wantoissues at the and for our workers to be satisfied and engaged at s real patients. this is still a disruption to patients and their patients' families.
6:42 pm
>> nearly 700 outpatient appointments have been rescheduled. emergency services are still available. the strike is expected to wrap up before 4:00 a.m. tomorrow. jeff ranieri is back with us to talk about this rain coming in. let's just talk abouted by pictuabout big picture here. the first night of spring. >> the party was night. >> did we miss it here in the newsroom? >> i missed it. >> meteorologists only. >> wow, i have to go get certified. >> okay, we've got some leftovers. looking outside at the sky camera network, a beautiful shot. some beautiful cirrus and stratus crowds and even some blue sky in there. 59 right now. we'll talk about the super moon and what you might be able to see, coming up in a few minutes. an extended warranty is supposed to offer peace of mind. that is, until the techs continually cancel on you. i'm investigator chris chmura. that's next.
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♪ ♪ with the chase mobile app, jason wu could pay practically anyone, at any bank, all while putting on a runway show for new york fashion week. ♪ ♪ he could. or, he could make it even easier - and set up recurring payments to his neighbor. for cat sitting. (meow) whoa. you've groomed her, too. (cell phone vibrating)
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and now she's ready for the catwalk. life, lived jason's way. chase. make more of what's yours. wasn )t doing its job. and when she tried to get it repaired, she was stuck with mo nbc bay area responds to a
6:45 pm
san jose woman today whose dishwasher wasn't doing its job. >> a dishwasher only has one job. >> washing dishes. >> chris chmura joins us, our consumer investigative reporter. >> what's with the dishwashers? we've had several of these cases recently. let's talk about sylvia flanders. it broke down this past august. she called series where she had bought the dishwasher and an extended service plan. shre canceled several service calls over several months, leaving her with a broken dishwasher. she decided to call us for lp we reached out to seriears. the store called sylvia and fixed the dishwasher for us. sears corporate said it was unaware of the cancellations. it says, our member services team resolved the situation. sylvia told us it was only because of nbc bay area that her
6:46 pm
dishwasher works. we're happy about that. you may be tempted to pay extra for an extended warranty on an appliance. i recommend you check two things. first, the manufacture's warranty, that's already included, you're paying for it. it might be enough. second, see if your credit card offers a service plan. many these days do, free. you might end up deciding you don't need to pay anything extra for that extended warranty they really, really want you to buy. let us know if you have a consumer problem you can't solve yourself. call us any time, 888-996-tips or we've got another dishwasher case we're working on right now. let me just test the waters here. how would you respond if you had a dishwasher that somebody professionally repaired and they left duct tape on the front of it? >> you need to respond to that. >> we're on it. stay tuned. see you guys. >> thank you. the chase center is adding another all star act to its list of upcoming shows.
6:47 pm
the warriors' new waterfront arena is almost completed. it's right there infrcisco. today they added the chainsmokers and andrea bocelli to the opening. metallica will be the grand opening act. by the way the warriors will be playing there come october. >> so weird. these concert acts are going to play there first before the warriors and it's their arena. >> there will be a lot of events. >> hopefully it's a good luck christening happening here. >> for sure. spring showers arriving ghcoulyue. >> it was nice, we didn't have to deal with rainfall all week long. we got some rainfall to keep us in a surplus. now we have blue sky moving in. check out the cloud cover from our tiburon camera, looking back towards the golden gate puffy
6:48 pm
clouds, we have some stratus pushing in, even a little cirrus cloud cover action. right now, 57 degrees. tonight the big change is, we're eventually going to go to some mostly clearly skies, allowing temperatures to drop down to the 40s. if you're hoping for a view of the super moon, make sure to take your jacket. the later you head out to get a view of it, 10:00, 11:00 window, around midnight, the better off you're going to be. let's talk about the super moon. seems like each one of our super moons lately has some sort of hook to it. this one definitely does. it's called moon worm moon. yes, worm moon. why is it super? the moon is on its closest track to earth soht even with a little bit of cloud cover tonight, you think you'll be able to see something. why is it called the worm moon? this time of the year the ground begins to thaw out and the earth worms start to emerge, that's where we get the worm moon
6:49 pm
terminology from. it will be the last super moon in 2019, so make a night of it. check it out, also go to we'll post any kind of pictures we get from you. send us your photos, we would love to share them. so let's get a look at the forecast tonight. we're under the windows of clearing. there will be some cloud cover offshore. so by the overnight hours i think that will start to move in. right around 10:00 to midnight, i think we'll be okay to get a view of that. now, as we move into tomorrow morning, there's just a slight chance of a spotty shower. i think the overall bigger thing will be the colder temperatures. we're dropping back down into the 40s, feeling that c tri valley at 44. dipping down to 44 in the north bay. san francisco, 48.46. by the afternoon tomorrow, some decent warming with some pockets of sunshine. looks like a good day for us. 63 here for downtown san jose. over to the east bay we're pushing it up to 66 in concord, 62 in fremont.
6:50 pm
the peninsula looks really nice with some blue sky, 62 here in redwood city. san francisco, 58 in the ingleside. marin, napa, sonoma counties, low 60s here from ukiah through novato. rainfall, we're not done with it yet. we've got more chances coming our way. just a slight spotty chance tomorrow afternoon. but the better bet, some wet weather coming on in friday morning. then likely some consistent rainfall by friday evening. here is the best part about this. it starts to clear out once we hit this weekend. you see on my extended forecast, you're all good for any plans on saturday and sunday. and then the thing to watch here is monday, tuesday, 1 1/2 inches of rainfall coming our way. you can see on our certified most accurate forecast, low 70s coming next week. a nice week of spring moving on in. >> good for the gardens as we
6:51 pm
get everything planted. and we have that super moon worm moon tonight. >> worm moon? >> yes. >> gosh. okay. >> wacky. the nafl draft is next mont and one san jose state player is turning heads. colin resch joins us next.if yo
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
night owl...or a die hard a )s fan. baseball )s opening day was at
6:54 pm
2:30am... well, did you see it? if you did, you're either a night owl or you're really a die hard a's fan. opening day was at 2:30 a.m., kicking off the new year at the tokyo dome in japan. bottom of the first, things starting great, the a's with the early lead. the mariners came on strong and beat the a's 9-7. game two at 2:30 a.m. tonight. the powerhouseoo school it's not. san jose state has a r >> and the teams are all over him. here is nbc bay area's colin resch. >> it's really good lesson for our young players. this is how you have to work. >> reporter: john oliver was recruited as a linebacker. he'll leave as a tight end. his nfl draft stock, already on the rise, only improved after wednesday's pro day here at spartan stadium. >> i feel like i improve every
6:55 pm
time i come on the field, just work on certain things i need to get better at and try to focus on different parts of my game. >> reporter: that's exactly what he's done in his four years as a spartan, recruited by former coach ron kerriger, he flourished earned the current coach, brent brennan. >> i was lucky to inherit such a great young man. >> towards my sophomore year i realized in order to be the best, you have to do more than what the people around you are doing, to separate yourself and create just that dominance. >> reporter: and dominate he did, this past season. his transformation complete, oliver hauled in 56 receptions for yards. he also caught four touchdowns. >> when he came in, he was like 215 pounds, he looked nothing like the adonis he is now. you know, it's tank top every day for josh, i'm jealous. >> reporter: nfl scouts are drooling. today oliver has the stature of
6:56 pm
a prototypical nfl tight end, 6'5", 250 pounds. coached by chikyle shanahan ands staff. earlier this month, his measurable speed and skill so impressive that some believe he could go as high as the second round in april's nfl draft. >> i know it's a really good year for tight ends in this draft class. so, you know, it's one of those deals, you could see him go early, you could see him go in the middle. he's really helped himself. i think he's the best one. >> reporter: in san jose, colin resch, nbc bay area. >> if i had a body like that i would wear no shirt. >> why not? >> good luck to josh in the upcoming draft. that's going to do it for us at 6:00, thanks for watching. >> we'll be back at 11:00. :::.
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now on "extra." the first wendy williams sighting after tearfully confessing she is living in a sober house. new details on what triggered her cry for help and her "extra" interview about her 20-year struggle with addiction. >> it's not that you fall down. get up. the new poison pen tell all about "the view." jenny mccarthy's about barbara walters clashing with whoopi and who she is comparing to mommy de intervy breaking news about a major business deal together. the daytime emmy nominations are in. from soap stars to game show hosts


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