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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  March 26, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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been vaccinated. >> the top of the list are babies because they'reated if a family happened to travel with the infected person was, they should be watching for symptoms. >> reporter: symptoms include fever, cough, runny nose, red eyes and a rash. this ihop restaurant on first street is one of the first places the customer visited. this person ate there and hasn't had a meisal vaccines. 'em ple customers say nothing was posted in the restaurant. >> they should at least on the window, at least on the front window. >> health officer dr. sarah cod present in the air after the person leaves the room. she says it could take 21 days after exposure to start feeling
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symptoms. this infected person also visited the great mall in milpitas. this is very important. if you happen to develop symptoms, don't rush into your doctor's office. be sure and call first so they can make arrangements to ice late you from other patients. as for that infected traveler, that person was hospitalized. we don't know if it was a man or woman or what country they're from. right now they're doing well and they're still here in the county. >> marianne, thank you. this is an alert across the county. if you're worried you've been exposed, this shows all the places where the person traveled. it lists the exact locations and times when that person visited. click on one of those red pens for more information. more rain just hours away. take a look at our live traffic camera in walnut creek.
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earlier today, sunshine. now you can see gray skies. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri has more on when we'll see the rain. >> we're in between storm systems. so we have inability this afternoon. that's going to fire off a quick downpour in san francisco. it's moving off to the north and east, getting you wet again in san francisco through 5:27 off to the south. also showers in san mateo by 5:39. we'll get a look at the next storm system. there's the center of the storm, the associated cold front. the heart of the storm is going to be moving off to the north. that's the area of low pressure. the cold front, that's going to start to move close, sweep across the bay area starting at 9:00 tonight and picking up the rainfall once we hit the early morning commute around 5:30 with heavy rain in the north bay. we'll track how long it lingers and of the weekhe hits before we
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minutes. if you'd like to take a closer look at when this storm arrives, head to jeff's twitter feet. he posted the key moments of the storm. we have a followup to a story we initially broke last month. it's about the east bay preschool where the toddler was killed. the state has taken action to revoke the license of that pre cool. senior investigative reporter vicky nguyen joins us with details. >> such a sad story. we told you the heartbreaking story of macy, she died while playing at park side preschool in newark. her parents say the death was completely reventful. a play structure fell on top of her. according to inspection reports the state issued two violations against park side noting the play structure was not anchored to the ground, posing an immediate health and safety
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risk. the state plans to revoke their license to operate a day-care center. the school declined to be interviewed. they posted on facebook it has chosen not to appeal the state's decision. according to paperwork we obtained today, park side attorneys submitted an appeal to the state six days after that facebook post to try to get their license back. an attorney for park side declined to answer questions about why she filed that appeal. she says the school plans to close april 19th. macy's family filed a wrongful death lawsuit. the preschool denies it did anything wrong. no pay, no involvement and a change in the corporate structure. the giants making a major shakeup involving embattled ceo larry bare. this is after the long time executive wasspended. baer had a public altercation with his wife which was caught
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on camera andck weeks ago. today the commissioner of major league baseball said, quote, baer should be held to a higher standard because as a leader he's expected to be a role model. kathy black with the domestic violence assault group agrees. >> it's a key piece of letter that we sent. it's important because the giants have this awesome brand around respect and anti violence, anally bullying. >> about a dozen local groups petitioned for the outcome. baer accepted the decision and called his actions unacceptable behavior. rob dean, one of the giants principal owners will serve a the point person even after baer returns from his suspension. south bay police chiefs say they are in favor of santa clara county changing its relationship with federal immigration or
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i.c.e. in a letter to the county the chiefs say they look forward to working with supervisors to change the sanctuary county law so they can protect all lawful undocumented immigrants, but -- the chiefs propose jail agents notify i.c.e. before releasing someone convicted of a violent or serious felony. >> you get a situation where someone is not only violent, but feds are looking for them because they're a threat to the entire community. it's in those cases that we need to have better guidelines as to when the sheriff should act and when the sheriff shouldn't act. >> the move is sparked in large part bithe deadly stabbing last month of a woman in her south san jose home. the 59-year-old was killed by a repeat offender released twice
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from jail without i.c.e. being notified. a man in the east bay accused of exposing himself is off the streets. investigators say it happened several times in the area of dwight way and aetna street near the cal campus. david harrington was arrested over the weekend. hours of searching but still no sign of a merced county man. the 28-year-old was hanging with friends at rockaway beach around 3:30 this morning. collins and another friend went into the rough surf when collins disappeared. after about 45 minutes they couldn't find him and called police. if you look closely, you'll see it. a shark on the right side of the photo there, just inches beneath the surface of the water. a close call for a lot of surfers at mavericks this weekend. a man on a jet ski spotted that shark and helped rescue several
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surfers. >> reporter: that man you're about to see works as a professional surfer. he jumped into action once he saw the shark was headed toward a surfer. >> i was sitting on twatching te surf. >> reporter: he says what he saw in the water at mavericks sunday could have been from 16 to 18 feet long and four feet wide. >> at first i thought it was a whale it was so big. >> reporter: it wasn't a whale. >> as it came up, i could see every detail of its eyes and teeth. >> reporter: and it wasn't a dolphin. >> definitely the biggest shark i've ever seen. >> reporter: a giant great white shark circling under drake's jet ski, so close he said he could touch it if he reached his arm out. he quickly snapped this photo of
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the shark on his iphone during a moment of complete shock. seconds later he says the shark started swimming toward a nearby unsuspected surfer. >> the first thing i thought was, oh, my god, it's going after the surfer. >> reporter: to save the surfer drake tells us he drove over the shark with his jet ski to scare it off. luckily the animal turned around and swam swam back out to sea. >> after i diverted the shark from going after the single surfer, i went out and collected everyone into the water. we put as many on the jet ski that would fit. the ones that didn't fit hung on to the side. >> reporter: drake said there was no surfing competition happening at the time. it was just a great day to be on the water. from big sharks to big waves or no waves at all, the world surf league tells us tonight the window for the mavericks big
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surf contest is likely to close. no heavy surf on the horizon before the deadline this sunday. this would be the third straight year the world famous surfing competition won't be held. earthquake alert. the crucial test happening tomorrow to make sure the new early warning system works. something we don't see too often, surfing on -- that's lake tahoe. we'll tell you about it next. storm ranger and mobile doppler radar has a few areas of spotty rain showing up right now. there's an entirely different storm on the way tomorrow morning. we'll have the timing on that. my brand new update coming up in eight update on our s
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from last night. that shooting in san francisco. just in to our news room, an update on the breaking news we were following last night, that shooting in san francisco. someone shot a teenager inside a building that houses the department of corrections. investigators say that shooter got away. but now, we're learning the chp in southern california spotted his car abandoned on the freeway near the arizona border. a short time later, they spotted that mang. that man then opened fire. but the officer took the man into custody. san francisco investigators are now heading to southern california to continue their investigation. seconds matter in an earthquake and your cell phone could help warn you of the next big one. california is developing a system that will send you an alert before an earthquake hits.
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it's being tested tomorrow in oak lapd. if you're in this area, you could get the alert. it's a 60-block radius which includes downtown oakland, up town and the edge of lake merritt. that's where we sent tech reporter scott budman. scott, how does it work? >> reporter: it's a test of technology, janelle. here is the goal, to get a signal as fast as possible from the sight of an earthquake to your mobile device. about 40,000 people in oakland will be tested on wednesday. so get your cell phones ready for an earthquake warning amber alert style. >> basically to push the button at or around 11:00 a.m. and to send the message through the pipeline to a 60-square block region of downtown oakland. >> testing a way to let people know through their mobile phones that an earthquake is on the way. >> yeah, it would help. it would still be scary.
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>> if you can give me a ten/second warning, that will be worth it. >> reporter: the test is south of 23rd, north of 11th, west of harrison, east of jefferson. nobody knows just how much warning we'll get. but officials say it's important to use technology to try to get the word out ahead of earthquake danger. >> it's important for us to be testing every possible way in order to inform the public when an earthquake is occurring. >> reporter: again, that test here tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. officials say they hope people not only get the sir nall on their phones, but pay attention to what time they get the signal so they can report back. reporting live in oakland, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >>thanyou, scott. for the past seven years the bay area proud series has been dedicated to sharing stories of people doing good in the world. we finally have some competition. >> it's all good.
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>> we encourage it. we're happy to share. garvin thomas shows us the positive spin some people are putting on the news. >> raj and janelle, these are my people. i don't mean middle-aged fathers of free. quite the opposite. these are high schoolers who like to find good in the world and then share it. >> your assessment is on 26, the beginning of the cold war. >> reporter: it was in u.s. history class last spring, the bad news was channelled into something good. high school senior caroline was in class that day. she said they had been discussing a string of recent bad news events that had everyone, including their teacher, feeling down. >> she said something along the lines of when you grow up and get rich, you need to start your own television news program that only does positive news. >> reporter: caroline liked the idea, but had no interest in
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waiting until she was grown up or rich to take it on. >> it seemed like something that was good and i can make this happen. do you want to split this up into two parts? >> reporter: caroline corralled a group of like-minded classmates for a news podcast called something good happened debuted. >> welcome scott. >> reporter: every couple of weeks caroline along with co-host justin or j.z interviewed someone they considered to be making a positive impact in the world. found on streaming services everywhere, something good happened is in its second season, highlighting good news in the environment, education and medicine. >> cool, that's really interesting. >> reporter: caroline and j.z hope bringing some balance to people's news diets. >> normally if i'm reading the news, you're only seeing 95% negative things.
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i'm 100% sure that would negatively affect your mind space. >> reporter: they say talking so much about positive people and their positive outcomes has not only lifted their spirits, but given them a confidence boost. what ills face the world, they can be part of the cure. >> if you put in the effort, you can do it. you can always be able to make that little bit of a change. >> if you have a change you want to see happen in the world, you should go out and do it. >> reporter: they attend middle college which is a high school housed on the campus of san mateo. you guys always ask me how i hear about this. i heard about this when they called me to ask me to be a guest on the podcast. i guess in the next couple weeks, if you check out the something good happened podcast, you'll hear garvin thomas. >> maybe they'll give you a story idea.
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thanks, garvin. surf is up. this is not mavericks, this is not the motion. this is lake tahoe. it's so windy there today, waves are big enough to surf on. the placer county sheriff's office posted this video on facebook showing one surfer brazing the chilly waters. >> that's pretty cool. >> windy, choppy. >> they've had wind 15 to about 40 miles per hour for the past 24 hours, we get waves picking up from storm systems but the wind-whipped waves hope to get things going. that's what they're dealing with across lake tahoe. we'll take you to the microclimate forecast. you can see a live view across san francisco. the cloud cover increasing after a little sunshine breaking through the clouds today. right now we have 61 degrees. as we head through tonight, we nd-oep rain chances tonight with temperatures dropping into the.even thoughn between
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systems, there's enough instability in the atmosphere to fire off some of the downpours we're seeing happening right now. they're moving fairly quickly. we had rain in san francisco. it's moving off to the north, into richmond through 6:07 tonight. wet weather across the peninsula with more showers through redwood city through 6:00. we'll keep the chance of on-again, off-again rain chances through tonight. by tomorrow morning we have our next storm system moving in. you can see in mie forecast, it is yet another start where you have to have your jacket handy. put the umbrella by the door. maybe set the clock a few minutes early so if you get stuck in traffic, you're still good to go. a cool start with 40s in the south bay. a lot of you are looking at this saying, oh, i can't wait for sunshine to get here. we have thatin in san francisco. watch out for the slick bridges. in the north bay 47.
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let's get you ready for this, my hour-by-hour forecast does a great job. by 3:00 in the morning we're beginning to see the showers develop from the north bay down to the south bay. what i want you to see is by tomorrow morning's commute, the heaviest of it looks like 5:00 in the morning and focused over marin, napa, sonoma counties. as we hit 8:00 in the morning, the storm front moves off towards the east and will keep the scattered are the forecast d likely hold into some of that instability through about 3:00 tomorrow. then eventually we'll start to see it clear out by tomorrow evening. do notice, all of this snowfall we're going to see return to the s sierra. rainfall totals on this one, a quarter to close to a half inch for the north bay. most of the bay area, a quarter to a third of an inch of
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rainfall. a possibly isolated thunderstorms on thursday, .1 to .5 inch. friday, saturday and sunday still lining up for us, looks really nice. keep your eyes focused on the inland valley temperatures. by sunday we're up to 71 degrees. so far dry into the early part of next week. so we get over this, and then we've got relief coming our way. >> we just get to april and we're there with a lot of sunshine. thanks, jeff. up while you still can. why crab season is ending two months early.
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only three more weeks remaining. the dungeness crab season is being cut short. crab fishing will end on april 15th, tax day. there's great reason for all this, a great big reason, in fact. whales, endangered humpback whales and blue whales begin feeding in our california water in the spring and they can get tangled in the crab gear. people lined up at the shake shack today. it opens for everyone tomorrow morning in larkspur. the first bay area shack shack opened inecember at stanford shopping center. the entire lineup for outside lands has been released. this is the official poster at san francisco's golden gate park. there are some big names set to perform including paul simon. child dish gambino, wenity one
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employees who are taking city tonight at 6:00, are they abusing a privilege? we investigate san francisco city employees who are taking city cars home when they're not supposed to. that story and mom coming up on our 6:00 newscast. this time of year you'd expect the iconic berkeley restaurant chez panisse to be doing some cooking. they posted an ad in the parking lot. promising vintage clothing, furniture along with alice's famous hats. perfect time to make a reservation, do some shopping. >> the flea market is this saturday. >> march 31st -- >> sunday. >> the restaurant is closed on sundays i think. >> we can make a reservation for monday or tuesday. >> i wonder if they have cool old cooking equipment or something. that would be fun. thanks for joining us at
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5:00. lester holt joins us next with "nightly news." >> we'll be back at 6:00. see you then. tonight. a shocking turn of the jussie smollett saga. all charges suddenly dropped after state prosecutors make a deal with the actor for two days of community service. the move blasted by chicago police and the mayor, who say they were blindsided. >> this is a person who has been let off scot-free with no sense of accountability of the moral and ethical wrong of his actions. >> smollett standing by his story. but prosecutors say they're not exonerating him from orchestrating a fake attack on himself. so why did they drop the charges? also breaking, an emergency landing tonight involving a boeing 737 max. the trouble from one of the grounded planes as it was being moved. an unprecedented move in the measles outbreak. one hard-hit county


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