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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  March 30, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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the president )s response to a humanitarian crisis is under response to a n humanitarian crisis under fire this evening. he's vowing to withdraw to three central american countries. some say it would make it worse. plus rally for change organized by young people in the south bay. the important issue they want aaddressed. but a police from a father when a little boy who accidentally shot him. that father wants to be released from prison long enough to say good-bye at his son's bedside. go evening. 5:00 starts right i'm t mcsweeney. anoushah rasta has the evening off. the accidental shooting of a 4-year-old involves the governor as the father wants to see his son one more time.
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marianne favro is here with the details zplchb details. >> reporter: the family said the boy has no sign of brain activity and is on life support. navon's father is serving time at the state prison and today the family asked the governor to allow him to get out to visit his son at ucsf benioff hospital. the boy shot himself in the head on wednesday after finding a loaded gun under a pillow in a bedroom at a friend's home. today the aunt of the father visited him at salinas valley state prison where he is serving time for a gun violence conviction. while she was there, she learned the governor had granted the father nathan jackson the opportunity to skype with his hospitalized son. the aunt said that is not enough. and she made another desperate plea to the governor. >> now his 4-year-old son is clinging to life at children's hospital, i'm asking, as a
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father, as a man, as a human, that you gra him this exception and allow him to be transported to the hospital where he can sit by his son's bedside. >> reporter: the boyfriend of the father terrance wilson is charged with one count of child abuse, one kau-- within count o possession of a firearm by a felon and one count of storage of the weapon. he lost bother of his brothers ages 16 and 18 to gun violence in oakland. we have not yet confirmed with the governor's office that offer of a skype interview and still no word yet on the governor's response to this new plea. marianne favro, news. >> thank you very much. we are following a developing story out of washington regarding the crisis at the border. president trump is vowing drastic measures, he said will curb illegal immigration, but critics say will only make things worse. the president moved to cut
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humanitarian aid to el salvador and guatemala and honduras. mr. president trump said he's likely to close the southern border next weekend unless mexico stops the flow of immigrants. democrats call the move to cut aid counter productive and will increase the flow of those seeking asylum at the border. the president trump is standing firm even though it could hurt the economy of u.s. and mexico. the fallout over the college admissions scandal is -- is impacting a nappy valley wine. he helped his daughter cheat on her s.a.t. and then donated to a fake chair toyota get her into usc and he handed over his wine business to his father. he gave his ceo position to the company days after being charged. in the past the state has revoked the alcohol license of people convicted of a quote, crime of moral turpitude.
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another bay area parent charges said he could not take a planned vacation to mexico. in front of a judge in boston yesterday, the man from mill valley was told he won't be taking that family trip to mexico. boivin vestor is apuzed of paying a consulting firm $50,000 to get his son into usc and he would have vacationed elsewhere, including properties he owns in montana and northern california. hundreds of people gathered in san jose for a rally to prevent gun violence. this comes one day after a federal judge blocked california's ban on high-capacity magazines. christie smith joins us live in san jose with more on that. christie? >> reporter: and terry, there were conversations here today in san jose about that federal ty f gun violence and plan to keep up theled a rally with a goal of curbing gun violence. >> we're tired of gun shootings at schools, but of course just
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overall we want to stop the gun violence. >> reporter: jessica silva joined in the march for our lives san jose rally for change. she wants the student-led momentum built after the parkland school shooting to grow. >> to join town hall and send letters to representatives. >> reporter: demonstrators said the violence isn't limited to school shootings but violence and suicide. >> we want common sense gun laws and also mental health is such a huge part of this that is overlooked. >> reporter: after a judge blocked a provision of a state gun control law that tightened the ban on high-capacity magazines and voters approved but it was not enforced due to challenges and today they weighed in. >> the notion in the state of california that anyone would need these high-capacity magazines and ammunition is ridiculous. we need to take further action to protect people. >> i think what is at risk are probably some of the california law, we have some of the most stringent laws in the
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legislation so empower t youth. >> reporter: saying it was a huge win for gun owners of what courts have too often treated as a disfavored right but young people here say they will stand firm. >> i know people who have been affected by this and it really affects me. >> reporter: now a number of young people today told us that they were not only inspired to stay active with this cause, but they have also since joined other movements as well. reporting live in san jose, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much. the search is on for a person wanted for assaulting two officers in the east bay. happened last night in hayward. near alquire and high gate. they sent out a shelter in place to find the suspect and he is still on the run. the good news, the officers are doing well and are expected to be okay and that is all that hayward police department is released now. a man is dead after being hit by a car in concord. it happened before 7:00 last
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night on arnold industrial way near highway 4. police say the man was not in a crosswalk at the time. now the driver, a 71-year-old man from pacheco stayed at the scene. police say he's cooperating and drugs and alcohol are not a factor and police have not identified the man killed. sausalito continues to recover from the devastating mudslide last month. on monday they plan to reopen the section of the boulevard closed since february 14th. engineers have reviewed the conditions and say that it is safe to open it back up. all barriers are set to be gone by 5:00 p.m. on monday. still ahead at 5:00, beto o'rourke makes it official, what the former texas congressman and now presidential hopeful hopes will resonate with voters. plus hundreds of girls celebrate women's history by meeting some of the bay area's most impressive women. and we're seeing beautiful weather to kick off this weekend. temperatures close to 70 in san jose.
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you can expect more for your sunday plans. i'll have a closer look when we come right back. he )s been on tl
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for a couple of weeks, but former texas congressman beto o )rourke made it official today. he's been on the campaign trail for a couple of weeks but beto o'rourke made it official today to kick off his bid for ainepaso ency in his home town national attention last year when he narrowly lost to ted
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cruz. chris pollone reports. >> reporter: former texas congressman robert francis beto o'rourke is in. >> i'm so glad to be here with you today in my home town, in my home state to announce that i'm running to serve you as the next president of the united states of america. >> reporter: he took quick aim at the nation's powerful, accusing them of dividing the american people and taking their cues from the white house. >> they have used fear and division in the same way that our current president uses fear and division. >> reporter: o'rourke launched the campaign in el paso blocks from the mexico border. friday president trump threatened to shut the whole border down. >> there is there is a good likelihood i'll be closing the border next week and that is just fine with me. >> reporter: and the night before he mocked asylum-seekers trying to escape violence in central america. >> i am very afraid for my life. >> reporter: o'rourke drew sharp contrast with the president and
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appears poised to make immigration reform a centerpiece of his campaign. >> let's not only follow this country's asylum laws, but let's make sure that we never take another child from another mother at their most desperate and vulnerable moment. let us -- let us reunite every single one of those families that are still separated today. >> reporter: o'rourke is one of 13 democrats who have already entered the 2020 campaign. the first primary debates are just three months away. chris pollone, nbc news. congresswoman jackie speier hosted her annual when i grow up confront in san mateo today. hundreds of elementary and middle school girls came out to hear women talk about their careers. retired san francisco fire chief joann haines white was there. perhaps most inspiring was open water long distance swimmer kim chambers. she became the first welcome to
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swim the 30 miles from the islands to the golden gate bridge. she shared how she wasn't even a swimmer until an accident landed her in the hospital unsure of whether she would ever walk again. >> i craved the sense of freedom both mentally and physically. when you are in those moments when you don't see a way out, you really learn what you're made of. so i discovered open water swimming. >> well the presidents and general manager of nbc bay area and telemundo 48, my boss was there sharing the highlights of her long career in journalism. well volunteers are out in force across the bay area to help tax filers meet next month's deadline. united way organized income tax assistance or vita to meet with troubled taxpayers. this event in san jose and the free expert tax help is aimed at seniors and low income families. some needed pointers to navigate this new federal tax law.
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>> when i got the book, i because it is very confusing, some of the things they say. you read it one way and then you go back and read it another way and it is different. >> a lot of people saying that. it is going to be holding more free tax seminars in locations all over northern california and find the list of all of the vita seminars at just search "free tax help." veterans of the vietnam war honored fallen comrades, the ceremonyak war memorial in san jose. that memorial is created six years ago and sits just steps away from the sap center. the mayor helped honor the nearly 150 san jose residents who died in the vietnam war. >> specially at a time like this when we're so divided in this country it is critical that we remember what units us. the service and sacrifice of those who sought to defend our
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freedoms. >> the ceremony follows yesterday's national holiday vietnam war veterans day. still ahead on nbc bay area news at 5:00, doctor's orders. the rolling stones have to put their tour on hold. that will give you no satisfaction. we'll tell you why, next. and right now the weather at least pretty satisfying. close to 70 degrees right now in concord. but eventually we're going to have to talk about rain chances. they are back in the seven-day forecast. but will they impact the end of the weekend. we'll have a look at that when we come right back. stones fans .
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didn )t get much satisfaction today. the rolling stones have just announced they are stones fans in the bay area right now are saying shidobe.
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they are postponing the next leg of the no filter tour. mick jagger's doctors have decided he can't continue the tour because you need medical treatment. you know what kills me, keith richards who abused himself like no one else and mick is in poor health. fans are being told to hold on to your tickets and tour dater and postponed the tour. perhaps even shattered. and he's looking forward to getting back on stage as soon as an up close and personal chance to meet first responders. today san francisco firefighters hosted a family health and safety resource fair at station 43. participants received free smoke alarms and information about fire safety and a chance to get to me the firefighters one-on-one. firefighters pushed the importance of having not only fire alarms but please also a fire safety plan. well they were surfing all
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kinds of different ways over in santa cruz today. it was the 33rd annual paddle fast at steamer's lane off west cliff drive. this is an elite surfing competition of surf kaiacs and standup paddle boards and wave skis. i was over there today and it was gorgeous. these folks are amazing. and the finals are tomorrow afternoon. if you want to check out some surfing like you haven't seen before, and just up the coast, at dog's beach. just fort. d 13 years of that. >> perfect weather. >> it was postcard and it was amazing today. >> one more of those days in rrow >> good. >> we have another decent day tomorrow and not as warm today as in santa cruz. but inland valley may trend warmer than outside right now. the view across the bay and we see san francisco and golden gate and west winds picks up and
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now down to 61 degrees in san francisco. walnut creek over towards concord still sitting close to 70 degrees with mostly sunny skies. and into san jose, upper 60s, winds picking up slightly. 17 miles per hour. overall a mild evening. light jacket weather tonight as temperatures slowly drop into the 50s, around 8:00 tonight. and a little bit chilly tomorrow morning. we'll have a chance of seeing lower 40s around the north bay. maybe a few patches of low clouds and high clouds too. a little bit of filtered sunshine for sunday but look at these high temperatures tomorrow. into the 70s around the santa clara valley. perfect timing for your weekend plans. a few high clouds at times for afternoon from the tri-valley to concord. numbers in the mid-70s. close to 70 in oakland. 73 in hayward. and peninsula temperatures upper 60s to low 70s. cooler from half moon bay into san francisco. due to the west wind keeping temperatures in check. mid to upper 60s around downtown. and north bay temperatures comfortably in the 70s to wrap
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up the weekend. more cloud cover at times tomorrow. both along the coast and low clouds here and towards tomorrow evening increasing high clouds as, yes, we talk about a chance of some rain showers at times. this is monday into tuesday. notice not nonstop rain. here is the point. it is sun mixed with bands of showers at times. off and on starting on monday through tuesday and rain totals will be light compared to what we saw last week. no one should see more than a quarter inch of rain. just enough to wet the ground and maybe mess up a car wash if of the our. so that is a side benefit for you. monday wednesdaoo we might see more rain if two more systems follow. thursday and the better case could be friday into the beginning of next weekend. so, yes, some active weather making a comeback next week. e more of that showing up in the seven-day forecast. but for tomorrow, things look great. for outdoor plans, temperatures close to maybe briefly near 70
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in san francisco before that sea breeze picks up. valleys tomorrow and monday no problem into the 70s. but don't pack away the umbrellas despite how beautiful the weekend is. showers making a comeback on monday and tuesday and perhaps decent rain from the friday storm so stay tuned in the seven-day forecast. >> rob, thank you very much. and still ahead on nbc bay area news at 5:00, we'll introduce you to bay area high school students delivering good news one story at a time. it will make you bay area proud. >> april 1st means april fools. >> silicon valley biggest tech companies are embracing the day. >> and as you start the workweek on monday, we'll have your forecast. >> join us monday morning from 4:30 to 7:00.
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for the past seven years the bay area proud series is dedicated to sharing stories of people doing good in the world. we finally have some competition. a group of teenagers has decided to report only good news. nbc bay area's garvin thomas shows us. >> reporter: these are my people. and i don't mean middle-aged fathers of three. qupposite. these are high schoolers who like to find the good in the world and then share it. >> you're assessment is on 26. so it is on the cold war. >> reporter: it was in u.s. history class last spring that the bad news was channeled into something good. high school senior caroline rumor was in class that day and said they've been discussing a string of recent bad news events that had everyone, including their teacher, feeling down. >> she said something along the lines of when you grow up and get rich you need to start your
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own television news program that only does positive news. >> reporter: caroline liked the idea but had no interest in waiting until she was grown up or rich to take it on. >> it seemed like something that was good and i can make this happen. >> reporter: so caroline coraled a group of like-minded classmates and within a few months -- they're good news podcastd. >> welcome, scott. >> reporter: every couple of weeks caroline, along with co-host justin jung or jz interviewed someone they consider to be making a positive impact in the world. found on streaming services everywhere, something good happened is now in the second season. highlighting good news in the environment, education and medicine. and carolyn and jay-z hope bringing balance to people's
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news diet. >> normally if i'm reading the news, then you're only seeing 95% of negative things so i'm 100% sure that would negatively affect your mind space. >> reporter: both jz and caroline say talking so much about positive people and their positive outcomes has not only lifted their spirits, but given them a confidence boost. knowing that no matter what ills face the world, they can be part of the cure. >> if you put in the effort yo , can do it. you can always be able to make that little bit of change. >> if you have a change you want to see happen in the world, then you should go out and do it. >> caroline and jz are seniors at middle college, a high school on the campus of san mateo and they hope after they graduate some of the classmates pick up with something good happened. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. and we'll be right back. [ loud traffic sounds ]
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smile. a lake tahoe couple took in finally tonight, video that is sure to make you smile. a lake tahoe couple took in these guys. two orphans. the new children are a bit wild. meet bearubs blaze and why. they are now 4 weeks old and discovered when they were just a week and a half. the youngest ever found by lake tahoe wildlife care. the couple has now taken on the roles of momma and poppa bear for the 100th time the cubs only weigh about pounds now but when they grow to be about 100 pounds they'll be released back into the wild or anywhere else they want to be released because when you are a 100-pound bear you call the shots. we're back at 6:00. tonight, the president's new
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threat intensifying the battle over the border. democrats push back after premium says he will shut it down. >> mexico is going to have to do something. otherwise i'm closing the border. i'll just close the border. >> after repeated threats, will he actually try to do it this time? deadly clashes in the midet. tens of thousands of palestinians turn out to mark a year of bloody protests and face off with israeli soldiers. why a new op-ed, chicago's prosecutor defends the decision to dismiss the case against . the two reasons why she says her office made the right call. camp lejeune devastated by hurricanes six months ago still


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