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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  April 6, 2019 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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seriously injured in the attack last night. now we are learning more about the investigation, including who owned those dogs. >> live from vallejo with more. >> reporter: yeah, i managed to talk with a up of people walking their dogs who said they had no idea there were three pit bulls that lived if that house. investigators haven't figured exactly what triggered those three dogs to attack a mother and her 3-year-old child. right now those three dogs are in the custody of solano county animal control. these are photos of the dogs that were released this afternoon. they are currently held on a ten-day quarantine to determine if they have rabies. the 47-year-old mother was rushed to a walnut creek hospital according to the vallejo police department. her 3-year-old son suffered more serious injuries and was in critical condition at an oakland trauma center. they have stabilized. it's not clear how familiar the
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mother and child were with the three dogs, about you we have learned this afternoon that three dogs are owned by a family member at the home. now, we have also learned this afternoon that the three dogs, that investigators are still trying to figure out exactly again what triggered this and they are trying to figure out what may happen to the dogs and if they are goi-- there are goi to be any charges filed. sergio quintana, nbc bay area news. well, a heads up for you if you are going to a bay area beach this evening. there is a surf advisory in effect for much of the bay area coast. in fact, beyond. the danger comes from an increased risk of sneaker waves. that advisory is in effect to 9:00 tonight. it's been a mostly dreary past couple of days which will make tomorrow feel that much nicer. >> that's right. it's not only going to be dry, but warm. we are tracking conditions for your weekend warmup. >> we are tracking spring 70s into your sunday forecast and we are of course talking about that westerly swell which is why that
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beach hazard statement is in place until 9:00, folks. i know it was a fantastic day. people hanging out at the beach with the dogs and everything. also look out for the pets. never turn your back to a wave. look out for your fur buddies as well. temperatures very comfortable, 68 degrees. we hit a high of 69 in san jose. we have a lot of cloud cover out there. we had that filtered sunshine. 66 degrees in san francisco was our daytime high. 67 degrees in dublin. we hit a high of 69. and tomorrow we are tracking, like i said, 70s and high pressure that's going to dry us out very nicely with a little bit more sunshine into your sun forecast. i always look ahead at your monday forecast as well because i know you are probably planning out the next seven days. a closer look at that coming up. back to you. >> plan out your day with our nbc bay area app. best part is it's free. you can know what conditions to expect before you head out the door. one of the bay area's most respected soccer coaches and three other men are named in a
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shocking new investigative report into four decades of sex abuse at a prestigious north bay college prep. thom jensen is in marin county outside the branson school with details and reaction from the year-long investigation. tom. >> reporter: indeed, it is a robust report. investigators go into detail about interviews with teachers, victims, faculty members, all connected to the school over the past 40-plus years. we are not naming the teachers or the coaches allegedly involved because they have not been formally charged, but the report does and it also describes numerous instances of verified reported abuse. the branson school is one of the most respected college prep schools in the u.s. but investigators describe harassment and sexual abuse in this 17-page report at the century old school that dates from the 1970s into the 2010s. >> if it's true, they should go to jail. >> i think there is a lot of things that happened that are
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under the radar that people miss. >> reporter: according to the findings, there were reports of abuse and suspicions over the years, but there was never any real investigation until the current head of the school launched one a year ago. some of what investigators discovered is so graphic, the report includes a parental discretion disclaimer in red lettering. graduates told investigators a popular soccer coach displayed predatory behavior in the 1970s and they looked into seven allegations of sexual misconduct by that one coach. a former player who he coached in a separate private league told nbc bay area she was stunned by the revelations, but she remembers rumblings about the coach being inappropriate with girls. a friend of one of the coach's victims told investigators, quote, i remember her saying he raped me. not surprising revelations to another woman who grew up in the
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area and recalls abuse at her school, too. >> nothing surprises me. it really doesn't. i have a conversation with a lot of my friends. schools, doctors, it doesn't matter. it happens all the time. >> reporter: talking about another man who coached the school during the 1980s, one graduate said it was pretty well known with the student body that the coach and the student were secretly dating. and a parent told investigators the coach and student were also seen together at a distant ski resort. in total, investigators named or loosely identified five faculty members who had abused or harassed students and at least 11 victims. details have been turned over to police and prosecutors for further investigation. meanwhile, we reached out to those accused but they have not responded. live in ross, nbc bay area news. >> troubling allegations. thank you. now a follow-up to a story
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we brought you as breaking news last night. a bay area man is in custody in connection with a bomb scare on the benicia bridge. all southbound lanes, you see them right there, were closed for about four hours last night causing that backup. a man stopped his truck in the middle of the span around 8:00 p.m. he then called 911, said he had a bomb, and threatened to jump off the bridge. it took negotiators about an hour to convince the man to give up. the bomb squad came out. they discovered there was no bomb. they cleared the scene just after midnight. now, the man's name is rodney blink blinkerhoff. in sonoma county an incredible story of survival after a car plunged down an em bank. . it happened 9:30 last night on bohan dylan road. you see it's in the middle of nowhere. the car rolled down the hillside and sustained a lot of damage. the man driving and his girlfriend in the passenger's seat were both thrown from the vehicle. now, the man died. the woman survived and climbed
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up the hill despite a broken leg and waited for 13 hours before she could flag down a driver. it's not clear what led to that crash. new at 6:00, you are looking at an ak-47 taken off the streets of fairfield. a woman flagged down officers last night telling them she saw the ak-47 inside someone's car at an apartment complex. the cops went to check it out. sure enough, there it was. it was leaning against the center console. it had one round in the chamber and 28 in the clip. the driver said he didn't know anything about the weapon but he was arrested. a north bay neighborhood is getting extra help to clean up from a devastating mudslide. you may remember a mudslide that tore through sausalito in february causing a duplex to slide downhill into another home. now the city has hired a firm to help lead the cleanup efforts and a kickoff meeting will be held next tuesday followed by a
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cleanup schedule that will be posted on the city's website. he was known by countless parishioners as father jay. tomorrow a vigil will be held in oakland to honor his impact. father jay matthews died last saturday at the age of 70. he was the director of the cathedral of christ the light in oakland. he was the first african american ordained priest in northern california. tomorrow's vigil and viewing are at the cathedral at 4:00. his funeral is monday night. still to come, honoring the survivors. an emotional tribute in the bay area today. the link to an infamous event during world war ii. organizers of the burning man festival doing everything they can to save. their new plan to fight some new requirements. a live look in downtown san jose. we still have some clouds out there, but after a mild day i think we are ready for some warmer temperatures. i'll talk about our daytime highs for sunday. we are talking about 70s. details coming up.
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honoring veterans of the bataan death march during world war two. the a ceremony honoring veterans of the baton death march during world war ii. it took place at the golden gate national cemetery in san bruno. honored were 75,000 u.s. and filipino prisoners of war who were forced to march for days in scorching heat in the philippines knowing that at the end of their march would be more pain and suffering, possibly death. many were severely beaten along the way. tens of thousands died. >> feels good to have the pleasure of honoring all of the public, everybody here. we get out of bed every morning and walk in the sunshine. >> also honored, veterans of the battle of late day golf the largest navel bat until world history. burning man is facing a threat from the bureau of land management. organizers say new requirements
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from the blm conflict with the festival's core principles. the new rules include reducing light pollution at night, paying for road maintenance, and providing more dumpsters. now, on the issue of dumpsters burning man says people would use them instead of committing to the festival's leave no trace principle. people who live in reno say the city ends up being a dumping ground anyway for burning man after the event. organizers have asked attendees to write letters to the blm to cut back on the requirements. several bay area museums are free to the public this weekend if you play the right card. if you have a bank of make, merrill lynch or u.s. trust card eight bay area museums are free for you on saturday and sunday. they are de young in san francisco, the legion of honor in san francisco, the contemporary jewish museum in san francisco, the oakland museum of california, the computer mystery museum in mountain view, tons to choose from.
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the san jose museum of art, tech museum of innovation in san jose and the napa valley museum in yountville. make a list and visit them all. on the other hand, you might want to be outside. yeah. it could be a combination of both. visit a museum, get a little history, and then go to the beach. once that beach hazard statement expires at 9:00. until then, don't turn your back to the waves. we are talking about a westerly swell. that could mean higher sneaker waves out there, rip currents. south bay, peninsula, tri-valley in the 60s. very comfortable weather. aside from a little humidity, a little muggy out there, 66 degrees for the peninsula. check out san francisco. beautiful skies. i know it's cloudy, but it makes for a very picturesque live shot. 63. north bay 59 degrees. overnight lows, you don't have to worry about cold front temperatures. you can see how quiet it is. we are drying out for the most part. that system made its exit. through the north bay a chance of possible light showers, very far north, areas north of golden
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gate bridge tonight and tomorrow. in effect for the entire pocoas sneaker waves. microclimate highs tomorrow, yes, we're talking mid-to-upper 70s for the south bay. 76 degrees for san jose. 76 for gilroy. in through the east bay also some low 70s for oakland in through the interior valleys. 72 degrees for concord. 71 for danville up to the peninsula upper 60s in san mateo, redwood city and palo alto in the 70s. if you are going to be in san francisco it's going to be cloudy. we are not expecting complete sunshine tomorrow. just a little bit of filtered sunshine but the warmer temperatures also into the overnight hours. as you know, because of the cloud cover, our daytime highs are just kind of tapering off. our morning lows don't grop drop that much. all right. so as we head towards monday the start of your work week, it's
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going to be cloudy still but it's going to be dreifort most part. into the overnight hours we are tracking a very weak system that could bring the chance of pop-up showers. what that's going to do, that cold front, is it's actually going to kick up the winds into tuesday and drop our temperatures. daytime highs by as much as 10 degrees in some areas. we keep the 70s in at least through monday. then we drop to the 60s. look at that. overall 70s ahead. i think i am going to wash my car. it's been abandoned. i think you can, too, expect in the north bay, stracki tracks s tonight. >> that's where i live. thanks. gone with the wind. a powerful gusty in seattle took down more than a pew power poles. how about two dozen of them. restoring the power wasn't the only issue. that story is next. not your ave.
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two people were trapped in their s-u-v in seattle, after 24 power new at 6:00, this is not your average rescue. two people trapped in their suv in seattle and as you can see we mean trapped after 24 power poles came crashing down. they were boxed in. the poles fell along a mile-long stretch yesterday. 16,000 people without power. a strong burst of wind knocked down the poles. people who were terrified, one of the people inside that suv was taken to the hospital. we're told they are going to be okay. president trump is on his way back to washington tonight after a two-day trip out west. he continues to take aim at immigrants and asylum seekers in his re-election campaign. meanwhile, democrats hoping to unseat the president are crisscrossing pivotal states this weekend. nbc's chris pallone has the latest. >> reporter: a day after declaring the country full to
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undocumented immigrants, president trump continued his campaign of stoking americans' fear. >> some of the roughest people you've ever seen, people that look like they should be fighting for the ufc, they read a little page given by lawyers that are all over the place. you know, lawyers. i am very fearful for my life. i am very worried that i won't be accosted. ept back home. >> reporter: in the president's remar reseat, he renewed threats to close the southern border despite backing down from that threat friday. >> you know, close the border, we stop about $500 billion worth of drugs pouring into our country, you know. there are a lot of advantages to it. >> reporter: as the president spoke in las vegas the democrats hoping to unseat him were spread out across pivotal campaign states. >> first thank my family for allowing me do this. >> reporter: and now there is
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one more. ohio congressman tim ryan kicked off his white house bid in yupgs town. >> we are getting our rear ends kicked by china when it comes to electric vehicles, solar panels, 5g. we have got to become competitive. that starts with unifying the country. >> reporter: fueled by a surge in donations, he will soon expand campaign staff in key primary states. >> we need boots on the ground and operations that sustain us. >> reporter: senator bernie sanders vowed not to criticize his now 16 competitors for the democratic nomination. >> may i dare speak for them, i think they know what i know, that the most important task we have is to make sure that donald trump is defeated. >> reporter: the iowa state caucuses more than 300 days away, but campaign 2020 already in full swing. chris pallone, nbc news. a huge public memorial for nipsey hussle is set for thursday in los angeles. the staples center which seats
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21,000 people will open up to fans of the rapper and community leaders. now, those fans have to have tickets to the memorial service to get in. hussle was gunned down outside his los angeles clothing store last saturday. he was 33 years old. for the first time in decades the best women golfers came out to compete in augusta, georgia, today. last time they competed for a trophy in augusta was in 1966. in honor of the final round. augusta national women's amateur several hall of famers took part in a ceremonial tee shot. the title chase came down to two players. american jennifer kupcho and mexican player maria fosse. kupcho won, shooting 10 under par to fosse's minus 8. another matchup, the giants' second game against the rays. you were on the edge of your seat. >> totally. >> a lack ook at sports. >> steph curry moved up the list
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of warriors all-time career scorers with his 40-point game against cleveland on friday. and we'll see what steve kerr had to say. plus, a warriors legend got the call-up that he is finally going to the hall of fame. we'll tell you who. and it was a wet one at oracle park today, but not because of the weather. we'll show you why coming up next in sports. alright, you excited? yeah! waaahoo...
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the giants had a lot of nice moments yesterday for their home opener, but the day was dampened by the lack of scoring as the giants fell 5-2 to tampa bay. well, they are back at it on saturday and the giants' bats finally got going. game two of the three-game set against the rays from oracle park. fifth inning, giants down one. conor joe loops it to left for his first big league knock.
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the dugout and fans giving him some props. way to go, joe. later in the inning, steven duggar doubles down the line. that drives in two. the giants are back in front. well, the next batter, which is brandon belt, goes the other way and just over the wall. a two-run shot. the giants win 6-4. here's what conor joe had to say after the game with some help from his teammate brandon crawford. >> i think it's mag hnida little bit because it is the beginning of the season. a lot of people don't know who i am or what i'm capable of. my teammates have been great. they have supported me, gave me a lot of advice, and really shared, you know, things they have gone through and helped me in that way. yes! >> the second to last regular season game at oracle last night and steph curry was feeling it
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against the cavs. first quarter curry pulls up from downtown. steph had it going early. then from the other side, steph with 9 of 12 from three. late in the first the three-pointer and the foul. curry scored 40 points last night against the cavs to move into third place on golden state's career scoring list. here's warriors coach steve kerr on how steph bounced back from a rough shooting night on thursday against the lakers. >> well, you knew steph would have a good night. he had a tough night last night. he rarely has two bad shooting nights in a row. he takes so much pride in his game and his shooting. you know, after a poor shooting night, he is going to be refocused and charged up and ready to go, and he was great right from the outset tonight. in other nba news, al attles
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number hangs in the oracle arena rafters, but the warriors legend is about to receive basketball's highest honor. attles has been elected into the basketball hall of fame as a contributor. attles nickname the destroyer, spent the entirety of his playing and head coaching career with the warriors. former kings coach paul westphal and current kings general manager vlade divac will join attles in the class of 2019. to the ice. erik karlsson is upon us. he will return to the lineup for the sharks' final regular season game against the avs. he has met the last 17 games with a lower body injury sustained february 26th against boston. despite missing more than a month, he still ranks third with the team with 42 assists. the sharks play their final
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regular season game tonight against colorado before moving on to face the vegas golden knights in the first round of the playoffs. well, that's all for sports. more news after the break. [ loud traffic sounds ] [ distant traffic sounds ] [ music replaces the noise ] the new galaxy s10 on xfinity mobile. the phone and network designed to do more. get $250 back on a new galaxy when you switch and save today. say "get a galaxy" to learn more.
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with a lower body injury the playoffs. ♪ star wars galaxy's edge opening may 31st at disneyland resort china soon. today, th finally, the san diego zoo's two giant pandas are leaving. they are leaving san diego, going home to china. today the zoo launched a three-week farewell for the mother and son. >> wow. >> 27-year-old woman, or female,
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and her 6-year-old cub favorites at the zoo. it's known globally for the panda conservation program. fans have to april 27th to say good-bye to the animals. the program is going to continue. the pandas are heading out. >> they might come back? >> at a later date. very uncertain about the panda program right now. as far as weather, it's going to be gorgeous? yes. 60s in san francisco. upper 60s, i should clarify. and still going to be a little cloudy. as you head inland, 70s on the map. we will stay dry with the exception of a couple of showers through the north bay. >> it is dry for most us most of the time. back tonight at 11:00. hope you can join us then. male announcer: you are watching an nbc bay area news special. tonight, nbc bay area "responds." >> announcer: you are watching an nbc bay area news special. tonight nbc bay area responds. >> $140,000. >> local families face huge bills for air ambulances, but insurance refuses to pay.
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we discover a national issue. >> it's gone. there is no recovering that. >> he lost $300,000 in a growing home-buying scam and he is not alone. we ask the real estate industry if it's doing enough to protect your money. we figure out why this man ended up with one, and explained how you can make sure you're not leaving any real money on the table. chris chmura: good evening, and welcome to our nbc bay area "responds" special. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. you know, for three years now, our team has been hard at work solving your consumer problems and helping you get your money back. we've helped recover nearly $2.5 million since 2016 for families just like yours. tonight, we're going to look at some of the cases we've investigated and the answers we've found that might help you save time and money. we begin this evening with some bay area families who've faced enormous bills for air ambulances. these flights can and do save lives,


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