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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  April 9, 2019 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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first we want to talk about the weather. >> the rain has moved out. we will clear out for the day and get some sunshine. it's going to be a nice one. it will be windy and cooler. take a look at this view. the sun rises over san francisco. a few clouds in the distance. the clouds are moving. we're going to have gusty winds today as you head out for school in san jose. expect it will be holding steady here at 55 the next couple of hours. a slow rise of temperatures into the afternoon as we eventually head up to 68 degrees. 68 in concord and livermore, as well as santa rosa. as we head over to mike, you have been tracking one possible program. >> overall, traffic is light. we will see a normal pattern. it would be an hour earlier typically. this is a 5:00 commute. we are tracking one possible problem coming in to san francisco. right over here. no delays in the north bay. on the golden gate bridge. let me take the live camera. southbound 101 approaching the
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toll plaza, a transit bus and pickup truck got into a fender-bender right by the toll plaza. no one is changing lanes. no slowing at the seam. we have to get an update. clearly traffic is flowing just fine for now. >> 6:01 right now. on capitol hill, president trump getting rid of another top security official. the person in charge of protecting him and his family. "today in the bay" tracie potts joins us live with more on another shakeup. tracie? >> reporter: laura, good morning. yeah, this happened just as we were learning the back story of how homeland security secretary kirjsten nielsen ended up being forced out. now it looks like one of the people reporting to her is leaving too. >> good afternoon. >> reporter: president trump is replacing secret service director one day after his boss,
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homeland security secretary kirjsten nielsen, was forced to resign. despite nielsen's continued resort. >> i share the president's goal of securing the border. >> reporter: she and president trump disagree on how to stop immigrants from crossing the border. a record 100,000 last month. three u.s. officials say mr. trump wants to he reinstate the family separation policy that led to children being in cages. >> we have thousands of children separated from their parents. and that reinstated half a year later. that's unacceptable. >> reporter: the shakeup of home land security will leave six top positions without permanent replacements. >> is i'm concerned of a growing void of leadership within the department of homeland security. >> what happens if we're ever really in a crisis? what happens if we find ourselves the victim of a terrorist attack or in a war? >> reporter: getting tough.
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half a dozen key positions open at homeland security as the agency braces for more. and at the border, a setback for the president, for the administration. a california judge says people who come to the united states to seek asylum can't be sent back to wait in mexico for a u.s. judge to take their case. there's a huge backlog. >> exactly. the time it could take there. tracie, before you go, i want to talk about attorney general william barr. he testifies today about the mueller report. what do you think we should expect? a lot of questions? >> reporter: yeah. more questions. that testimony getting under way in about 30 minutes. we have seen his opening statement. it doesn't even be mentioned mueller report because this is a budget hearing. he's there to talk about the justice department's budget. it will be a big point because there are seven democrats on that committee who are just ready to talk to him about what
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is going on with the report, why he is redacting it and when he is going to bring it to capitol hill. is it going to land while they're on vacation for two and a half weeks? >> exactly. exactly. we'll find out more. tracie, thanks so much. well, 6:04. back here in the bay area, santa clara county may be ready to start contacting i.c.e. when violent undocumented felons are released. it is being sparked in large part because of a deadly stabbing of a woman in her home back in february. "today in the bay" sharon katsuda will join us with the vote that's happening today. in a few hours, supervisors will discuss a needle exchange program as criticism continues over syringes left in the streets. pete suratos is joining us live in the city with what happens today. pete? >> reporter: yeah, marcus. the board of supervisors of san francisco will consider this
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needle exchange program, a continui continuation of it. this was all happening as folks are seeing more needles around the city of san francisco. let's talk about this specific program. it would be a seven-year extension of this program. it costs roughly $26 million. city officials are saying that needle pickup efforts are increasing despite these complaints. in fact, last summer, start anything july, reports that crews collected roughly 9 0,000 in a six-month period. response time is 58 minutes, so just under an hour. data from 2017 for the public health department of san francisco, they are reporting about a 62% return rate for s
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syringes. if the board does approve this with the aids foundation, it will last through 2026. pete suratos for "today in the bay". pete, thanks so much for that update. >> it is 6:06. it is day two for potential jurors in the ghost ship warehouse fire trial. more expected to fill out questionnaires. 320 will be working on that paperwork. attorneys in the case will start questioning them next week. 12 jurors and six alternates will be picked. derrick almena and max harris face 36 counts in the 2016 oakland fire. one count for each person who died. both are pleading not guilty. >> 6:06. new for you this morning, it looks like teachers in fremont will like live not go on strike. the district and the teachers union just reached a new three-year tentative agreement. calls for guarantee salary increases for the current and
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next school years. in the third year, the two sides will negotiate salary terms. both say details will be announced later. the tentative agreement must be approved by union members and the school board before it takes effect. teachers, parents, and students held rallies and walk-ins to protest stalled contract talks. a potential crackdown to protect your packages. san hoe saeuf city council supporting a proposed state law aimed at increasing penalties for thieves. if approved, the bill would give police officers discretion to book a suspect on either a misdemeanor or felony charge. criminals could face up to three years in prison. the bill is being proposed by santa clara county jeff rosen. the police chief is supporting that legislation. >> new video showing earthquake damage in alaska. this is being revealed as snow starts to melt. it is left over from last year's
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7.0 creek. >> large structures on the roadways is the most significant discovery since the snow has melted. there has been landslides and boulders obstructing paths as well. but when you see the ground open up like that, it's a reminder, right here in earthquake country here as well. >> yeah. what we always put in the back of our minds to stay ready. here's a look at san jose. low clouds moving by. with the sun rising and this front passing by, we'll have amazing views this morning. get your cameras ready for taking pictures and snapshots of clouds as the sun rises. storm ranger showing the rain has moved on. if you're heading to warm springs, mid-50s at 7:00. seeing our temperatures slowly warming up. we will quiche the sun, along with gusty winds. mike, you have been showing slowing in the east bay.
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>> i had to look to the east bay to find the slowing. lighter volume of traffic. i know it's the bay bridge toll plaza. typical tuesday. a smooth drive. no problems out of the maze. once you get past the metering lights just fine. still tracking the report of the crash near golden gate toll phruz. just watch as you approach the toll plaza. flashing lights over to your left lanes. the rest of the behave shows a smooth dry. slowing 880, hayward. 0 lighter than typical volume. 19-minute drive past the bridge to the dumb parton. back to you. thanks, mike. more drama at the bmv. menlo park woman hit with a paperwork roadblock. 6:25, the help our consumer team was able to give her. devin nunes angry at
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twitter. he makes a bold allegation this morning. and all new for you this hour, aive high-tech zoo visit for a good cause. you're watching "today in the bay". ♪
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while you're up there? ♪ grocery outlet bargain market ♪ [ announcer ]rchetiger woods.] [ tap of the putt ] expect anything different? [ waves crashing ] probably the most important shot dustin johnson has ever hit right here. [ crowd cheering ] what a gem! now keopka, down there into the wind. [ club thwacking ] how about that? back to back united states opens. [ tense elegant music ] just awesome. right now at 6:12, let's head over to palo alto. we are going to see our temperatures starting to cool out. that's a live look outside from
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emeryville towards the bay bridge. we are going to see a few spotty showers moving on out. and skies clearing today. a look at that in the forecast coming up in less than five minutes. and we are looking at the san mateo bridge westbound. picking up the volume. a little slowing here. we did just hear about a bart delay. i'll give you the details coming up. very good morning to you. happy tuesday. the dow dragged down monday by boeing. we may see this again today. there's concern over when or even if the boeing max 8 airplanes will fly again. tesla has laid off more salespeople. we get the fed minutes tomorrow. more hearings on capitol hill this morning looking into white nationalism and it spreads on social media. this will be before the very powerful house judiciary committee. the committee wants to know what internet companies from doing to stop hate speech.
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current u.s. law protects it from t from what the companies place on it. the senate judiciary committee meanwhile will interview high-tech leaders about sensorship. that hearing is wednesday. as you know, california congressman devin nunes is suing twitter twor allowing an account pretending to be a cow to harass him. he has filed a complaint against the newspaper team. they allege a reporter who worked at the fresno bee deliberately hurt him by tweeting out this allegation involving miss behavior on a boat. it is nonsense. he wasn't even there. we only bring it up because he brought it up in the lawsuit. in the lawsuit, legal teams khraeuf claim they emboldened devin and
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cocaine. she did not. in fact, it is difficult nearly to bold things. >> right. >> what lawyers did is a search for the key words. >> this oh, and it came up that way. >> they didn't realize that. they don't know enough about twitter. they put that in the lawsuit. >> oh, wow. that's interesting. >> it's embarrassing. >> that part will be thrown out, i imagine. >> thanks, scott. 6:15 for you right now. this new video, thanks to modern technology, almost nothing is off-limits anymore. that includes a trip to the zoo for children who otherwise cannot go. so a technology company in poland allows six children to actually visit local zoos remotely from their hospital beds. >> that's so cool. >> the robot rolls through the zoo accompanied by many zoo workers there displaying live streaming of all the videos.
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it is by a zoo worker whose son is suffering from a degenerative disease. a did a story a few years back when a kid who had to go through chemo. they did the same thing. put an i patted on it and he was facetiming throughout the day, walking through the hallways. kids would go hi, tyler. incident was really cool. >> i wonder if they can do that with v.r. if there's a way for them to be there at the zoo. advancement of technology. all right. starting out using our technology to track any rain through the bay area. we have seen a couple of spotty showers. now, as it clears out we are left with a beautiful sunrise. a live look at dublin. this is a look at 580. a lot of people up and out the door. it will be in the mid-50s.
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you'll notice it is windy as well. the seven-day forecast is up at the bottom of the screen. low 50s this morning. most live sunny skies. we'll head into the low 60s. you'll probably notice it won't be as warms it was yesterday. parts of the bay area may be 10 degrees cooler than yesterday thanks to a cold front sweeping through. that will cause the air to move very rapidly. we could see some of the gusts today reaching 30 to possibly 35 miles per hour. we're upper to 67 in napa today. san francisco, 63. palo alto, we will see a high there of 66. and we are also going to have still a high amount of tree pollen. there wasn't enough to give us temporary relief. oak, mulberry and pine is
6:18 am
causing the problem. storm ranger, we are seeing things clearing out, except for a few spotty showers near the coast. other than that, we are going to see dry weather moving in. we will see our next storm system on thursday. it looks very weak. the dry air is causing it to weaken even more as it moves into the bay area. we will see an increase in cloud cover going into thursday. and there will be a few spotty showers, mostly for the north bay. most of the pay area will only see mostly cloudy skies as we head into the weekend, the weather will be improving. i'm sharing my personal story, my journey with autism. check out facebook, twitter, instagr instagram. very softball. upper 60s to low 70s. and our skies clear for the weekend. there could be more showers moving back in on monday.
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mike, you have a delay now for bart ride senators. >> one reported out of san francisco heading into the antioch direction. an equipment problem on the train. tracks are reported okay. maybe 10 minutes for trains out of san francisco again towards the antioch direction. going through the city, take an option there. 101, the crash at the golden gate bridge toll plaza, must not have been a big deal. they cleared the delays. highway 4, mild slowing. 24, no problem through the call called cut. a little build. smooth traffic up the dublin grade, castro valley. and eventually the folks heading
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towards the san mateo bridge. things get crowded. we showed you right here slowing towards that high rise. all new here on "today in the bay", help from oprah. the natural disaster here in america that the media mogul says she'll spend millions on. she had to go to the dmv again and again just to renew her driver's license. so why didn't they get it right the first time? or the second or third time? i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. nbc bay area responds, next. first, a touching post on social media. kari mentioned this just a moment ago. take a look. she posted photos of her kids writing, i'm sending love and support to every parent who has a hard fight of communication with your child. we go through hours of therapy
6:21 am
to hear one word. each marks a major milestone. i went through this with my son and now my daughter. that's quoting kari hall. she's sharing her story. and an organization aimed at helping families dealing with autism. follow kari on twitter. she posted a link with more information. we'll be back with more news ahead. you're watching "today in the bay" were.
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♪ i've slain your dreaded dragon. for saving the kingdom what doth thou desire? my lord? hey good knight. where are you going? ♪ ♪ climbing up on solsbury hill ♪ grab your things, salutations. coffee that is a cup above is always worth the quest. nespresso. tis all i desire. did thou bring enough for the whole kingdom? george: nespresso, what else? menlo park woman who hit a paperwork roadblock at the 6:23 right now.
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amen low park woman hit a paperwork roadblock at the dmv. >> chris chmura's team stepped in to help. >> good morning. famika has been unable to renew her driver's license and get a straight answer from the dmv as to why. she was issued several temporary licenses but not a permanent one. even with an entire day spent at the dmv office, still no explanation. we took her case to dmv head quarters in sacramento. there has been a snag cross-referencing her information with the federal database. that's now worked out and the dmv just sent her a permanent driver's license. speaking of visits to the dmv, most of us will need to pay a visit sometime in the next year and a half to get a real i.d. with that bear logo right up there. in october twenty, the federal
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government will only accept real i.d.s like this one at airports. if a consumer problem is driving you mad, give us a call at 1-888-996-tips or 6:25. voters in israel go to the polls today. prime minister benjamin netanyahu is seeking a record fifth term. he is facing a strong challenge from former chief of the israeli army ganz. ganz's supporters believe it is time for something new. fans favor his global reputation. >> we need a change. we need him out of the government. we need a new brain, a fresher brain in charge. >> all over the world they respect him. thi they love him. especially in the united states of america. netanyahu has put israel on the map of the world.
6:26 am
>> netanyahu has always been polarizing. this week he is raising new tensions to annex part of the west bank if re-elected. >> 6:25. new this morning, oprah winfrey working to help with disaster relief efforts in puerto rico. she is donating $2 million. half of funds will go to an organization founded by the "hamilton" founder. the other to the hispanic foundation and flamboyant arts fund. they have been working to clean up after the devastating back-to-back hurricanes hit in 2017. winfrey mentioned attending the production of "hamilton" on the island earlier this year as inspiration for her donation. she hopes the funds will help not just the island but also work to preserve the arts on the island. 6:26 right now. here are the stories we're working on for 6:30. after the flood, the specific type of business that could get new help in sonoma county. this is after the winter's devastating floods.
6:27 am
fighting 5g. the plan some in contra costa county have tonight to make their voices heard. the concerns they have with the upgraded technology. but first, no swaanctuary. letting sheriff's deputies working with i.c.e. after a san jose's brutal killing inside her own home. taking a live look out
6:28 am
6:29 am
san francisco. beautiful look at the sunrise and the bay. taking a live look outside at san francisco. look at that beautiful site there.
6:30 am
sunrise on a beautiful tuesday morning. and right here with "today in the bay". i'm marcus washington. >> i'm laura garcia. boy, it is a nice day. >> it is going to be windy. 10 degrees cooler compared to yesterday. that's a live look outside in walnut creek as the skies clear there. our temperatures start out mid-50s and mostly sunny. we will see cooler air, gusty winds. but we're going to keep it rain free for a little while. we'll talk about what's ahead. we have just a few delays. >> just a few. traffic volume is lighter. spring break continues to roam around the bay. bay bridge toll plaza metering lights are on. the issue is not the toll plaza. in fact, it is getting out of san francisco. we have now a 20-minute delay. this is more delay reported for equipment problems. out of sf. that's the only issue we're hearing about.
6:31 am
rest of the lines not reporting delays. it will be an issue getting into san francisco. pleasant movement for the fast track lanes. back to you. >> thanks so much, mike. 6:30. the bay area becoming a flashpoint in the immigration debate. the santa clara board of supervisors will decide whether to hand over undocumented criminals to i.c.e. after a san jose woman was killed in her home by an undocumented immigrant. good morning, sharon. >> reporter: good morning, laura. we can expect a lot of passionate debate over this today. local law enforcement agencies say the top priority is keeping the public safe. santa clara county police chiefs association issued a joint letter to the board asking the board to revisit the law enforcement policy regarding notifying immigration and customs enforcement or i.c.e. to
6:32 am
notify after a criminal will be released from jail. i.c.e. officials said the suspect committed several crimes in the past. i.c.e. requested help to deport him but that didn't happen. now, the board is also looking for other agencies to help with this issue, including the district attorney's office and the sheriff's department. they are looking for input from those agencies to help move forward on this issue. sharon ckatsuda, "today in the bay". >> california governor gavin newsom continues his visit to el salvador. he tweeted photos of him sitting down california has the highest nephew of el salvador ians living in the united states.
6:33 am
more than 10,000 have entered the u.s. . 6:32. a warning for cat lovers this morning. an oakland animal shelter is on the lookout for someone who is shooting cats in the lower diamond district. animal services says someone shot four cats with a pellet gun over the past five weeks. all four recovering with serious injuries. the shelter is offering a $10,000 reward with anyone with information about the shootings. some businesses may get help following february's historic flooding. the board of supervisors will consider waving certain taxes for dispensaries. it only applies to those businesses which suffered structure damage or losses. the board is set to receive an update on overall flooding recovery efforts. an estimated 2,000 buildings were inundated by water when the russian river crested. residents of san ramon plan to fight back against 5g cell
6:34 am
phone technology. this follows a community meeting on sunday. city council members are considering an ordinance that would allow small cell sites to be set up on light poles and utility poles. residents are concerned about possible exposure to radiation. they also say they have a problem with the sec's control over local governments when it comes to plans for new technology. tonight's meeting gets under way at 7:00. 6:34. concord leaders give the go ahead to a planned 310-unit development in the heart of downtown. renderings show the apartment complex for ga linda street near the bart station. the land is owned about i the city of concord. tonight's meeting gets under way at 6:30. golden state warriors will install playoff banners at oracle arena today.
6:35 am
it is the team's final season before moving on to san francisco. playoff matchups are set to be announced on wednesday. they commemorate the team's time in that city. >> the giants honor st. mary's gales on college night at oracle park. >> after a great run to reach the ncaa tournament, the team gets to throw out the first pitch. the home team got off to a great start by kevin pillar. the bullpen couldn't hold it. padres won 6-35. good thing it's early in the season, mike. >> this is what we don't want.
6:36 am
this is good news for the bart system. 20-minute delay is not good. out of san francisco and heading over to antioch. we are in recovering mode. the one train has been repaired. no cascade effect reported. that's good news. bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights are on. easy flow on the approach. no problem for the walnut creek interchange. >> whoa! that's huge. folks across the san mateo. they are slowing down to grab the sunglasses. >> yeah. we were talking about snow. take a look at this right here. a combination of record-setting rain and melting snow forcing oregon's u.s. corps of engineers
6:37 am
to release water at dams, causing flooding in parts of the state. the sheriff telling residents if they do not leave the area, emergency services might not be able to reach them if they need the help. water will be above flood stage. >> hope the people got their warning. >> but in the clear for the most part? >> for the most part. nothing significant here. we look at the seven-day forecast. into the weekend it will be warming up. inland valleys will reach the low 70s with san francisco in the mid-60s. packing up the vehicle, heading to coachella, it will be in the upper '60s saturday morning. reaching into the low 90s.
6:38 am
make sure you're prepared for the extreme temperatures they have in the desert. sunday, autism speaks walk. nice weather. starting out at the time the walk starts, 58 depress. low 60s closer towards noon. if you want to get the details on the walk, i'm@karihallweather. if you'll be in the tri-valley this weekend, nice and warm. slightly cooler on sunday. dry weather continuing. >> there will be light snow the next couple of days. up to 39 degrees. if you have beach plans, santa cruz looking nice for saturday. mostly sunny, 68 degrees. a look at today's forecast coming up in about three minutes. >> looking forward to that, kari.
6:39 am
thanks. >> are you ready for the easter bunny? a homeowner in new york has a different definition of bunny. 6:50, the new video making headlines and how people there feel about it. all right. but first the danger of living near roads. the long-term impact that busy streets have on your child's development. the test that may surprise you. >> diseased streets. stopping a recent rise in needles and sir rings being left behind. republicans are concerned over the president's purge of dhs. dow industrial pulled lower by boeing. you're watching "today in the bay".
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we're coming up on 6:42. it is starting to clear out. we head over to fremont. you can tell by the flag it is windy as you head out the door. it stays windy. temperatures start out in the mid-50s. low 60s by early afternoon. we will see mostly sunny skies. we'll talk about more dry weather in the forecast and warmup for the weekend coming up in less than five minutes. and we're seeing a little more slowing for the upper east shore freeway. 28 minutes from highway 4 to the backup at the bay bridge. fast track lanes do continue to show movement. better movement for batter out of antioch. now down to a 10-minute delay and continuing to recover. 6:42 right now. in san francisco, criticism is growing over dirty streets and used syringes being left behind.
6:43 am
city supervisors are expected to stand behind the needle exchange program. lawmakers will vote on approving a seven-year contract extension with the aids foundation. just last week the department of public health acknowledged a needle litter increase. efforts to pick up used needles are increasing. last summer a sir ring pickup team left 90,000 sir rings. the crew operates seven days a week.d. the crew operates seven days a week. their response average is 58 minutes. our investigative unit looked deep into the dirty streets of san francisco, even interviewing mayor london breed about what's being done to fix the issue. head over to to see more of what she had to say. >> 6:43. new, a warning for parents, children exposed to traffic
6:44 am
pollution face a higher risk of developmental delays according to the national institutes of health. it showed young kids who lived close to busy roads scored lower on tests of communication skills than those in more suburban areas. researchers found children exposed to air pollution in the womb in a small but significant risk of developmental delays. also new this morning, police in oakland investigating a triple shooting. sky ranger capturing these images yesterday afternoon at an auto shop near e street and 98th avenue not far are elmhurst park. one of the victims just 15 years old. all three in stable condition. police are offering up to $15,000 for any information that leads to an arrest. well, today fans will have a chance to get tickets to attend a public memorial for late rapper nipsey hussle. tickets are available beginning today. and people lit candles and paid
6:45 am
tribute to him as he was shot -- this is after he was shot outside his clothing store in los angeles more than a week ago. his suspected killer in in custody and three murals are up in los angeles to honor him. >> 6:45. new details involving a hazmat scare at the hollywood hills home of popular english comic eric idle. he is part of monty python. two women were taken to the hospital as a precaution after opening an envelope with white powder. it is not believed he was there at the time. ultimately no hazardous material was found. the los angeles police are now investigating. 6:45 right now. in the state capitol, a push to create a state agency for immigrants and refugees. this comes as dozens have been approaching the southern california/mexico border seeking asylum. the proposal is backed by david chiu. it will be up for discussion but
6:46 am
the state's assembly judiciary committee. california with more than 110 million immigrants and refugees has the largest immigrant population. bill pwrar spebarr speaking first time since he got the mueller report. >> when are we going to get it will be the question asked over and over this morning. let's take you out live to the hearing. barr, with his back in the center, set to testify before the house appropriations subcommittee. this meeting about the budget for the department of justice. but the elephant in the room here is that mueller report, which barr has seen, congress hasn't. we will keep an eye on this hearing for you. meanwhile, chuck grassley is warning the president to slow down his purge of the department of homeland security. as you know, the head of dhs announced her resignation sunday.
6:47 am
he is planning more firings. that would give steven miller more power over immigration policy. he has very conservative ideas about immigration. a detective feet in the courts. the president's policy of requiring immigrants to stay in mexico while they wait for a decision from a u.s. immigration judge violates u.s. law. eric swalwell announced last night he is running for president. the "new york times" ran an ad, eric swalwell is running for president. who is he? he becomes the third candidate other than the age of 30. normally someone so young, little experience would be a long shot. pete buttigieg is rising in the
6:48 am
polls. more questions about the president's tax return, we're quite sure of it. and we'll following the israel election. >> 6:48 right now. one easter display outside a new jersey home causing quite a stir coast to coast. probably not the bunnies most people think of when it comes to easters. neighbors are hopping mad. the city's mayor calls it visual nastiness. he says there are no laws on the books banning it. the homeowner didn't want to comment. we heard from one neighbor who believes everyone just has to lighten up. we're guessing she doesn't have any young children around or understands the true meaning of easter. >> or has never been to a shopping mall.
6:49 am
>> i love what you have done with the place. what do you say? >> don't go trick-or-treating at that house, kids. let's talk about the forecast. >> yes. . >> if you're headed out the door in the next few minutes, skies will be clearing. look at this shot over san francisco. it is gorgeous. now that all the fog and the clouds have cleared, my friend in new york just sent me a picture of it being foggy in the city. i think carl is here. i agree. i think he left san francisco and went to new york city. mid-50s. mid-50s all around the bay area. it will be very windy. a cold front moved through.
6:50 am
it will drop our high temperatures today in some spots by 10 degrees. high of 68 in the south bay. 66 in oakland. 68 in santa rosa. we will need the sunglasses today. if you're going to wear a hat, maybe something that won't blow away. it is mostly oak, mulberry and pine that is high. everything else is low or absent. you can see clouds to the west of us. that continues to weaken. it may bring us an increase in cloud cover.
6:51 am
dry. mostly sunny. tomorrow we keep the sunshine. into the weekend, we will be warming up once again. make your plans to get outside. one great way to spend your sunday is heading to the autism speaks walk. it will be 70 degrees. rain coming back early next week. a look at palo alto. >> you talked about carl taking a vacation. i found who i think is his cousin. cloudia. okay. moving on. smooth drive. no problems. there's not a lot of traffic to think of. south bay just started to build more. silicon valley, you may see a break again just like the last few. highway 4.
6:52 am
a little build for the walnut creek interchange. slowing through berkeley. all of these lanes stacking up on the north side, san rafael side. 10-minute delay possible out of san francisco for the antioch line only. recovery mode from an earlier equipment problem. that's it. back to you. >> thanks so much, mike. 6:52 right now. happening now in buffalo, new york. firefighters busy working to put out five separate fires. it first started 12:30 this morning. fire officials say all five calls were for garage fires. massive flames. there's no word if the fires are connected. next here a quick look at the top stories on "today in the bay", including no new followers.
6:53 am
the limit san francisco bay twitter will start imposing osu. but first porch pirate crackdowns. what they are considering to keep your deliveries safe from thieves. 6 6:53. back with more news after the break. [ loud traffic sounds ]
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[ distant traffic sounds ] [ music replaces the noise ] the new galaxy s10 on xfinity mobile. the phone and network designed to do more. switch and save today, and you get a new galaxy. say "get a galaxy" to learn more. here are the top stories on today in the bay-- santa clara county may be ready to start contacting ice here are the top stories we're covering on "today in the bay". >> santa clara may be ready to start contacting i.c.e. when undocumented felons are released. they will debate a measure to prevent the pap from contacting
6:56 am
deputies upon inmates being released. undocumented immigrants or inmates would be instead held into federal authorities. that move is being sparked in large part by the deadly stabbing of a woman in her south san jose home in february. investigators say the 24-year-old killed 59-year-old bambi larsen. he was a repeat offender released twice from jail without i.c.e. ever being notified. critics are plaming sanctuary city policies. >> day two for potential jurors in the ghost ship warehouse fire. about 320 will be working on that paperwork. attorneys in the case will start questioning them next week. 12 jurors and six alternates will be picked. eric almena and max harris face 36 counts of involuntary
6:57 am
manslaughter, one count for each person who died. both are pleading not guilty. new, it looks like teachers in fremont will likely not go on strike. the district and the teachers union just reaching a new three-year tentative agreement. the calls for guaranteed salary increases for the current and next year's school years. the third year they will negotiate salary terms. both say more details will be announced later. a tentative agreement must be approved by union members and the school board before it takes effect. last month teachers, parents, and students held rallies and walk-ins for stalled contract talks. a crackdown to protect your packages. san jose city council proposing a law increasing penalties for thieves. if approve it would give discretion to book a suspect for either misdemeanor with almost a year of jail time or a felony. repeat offenders could face up to three years. the bill is being proposed by the district county jeff rosen. san jose police chief is
6:58 am
supporting that legislation. happening today, leaders from facebook, twitter, and google's youtube will appear on capitol hill. lawmakers want to get to the bottom of however each company handles white nationalists on social media. it comes in the aftermath of the new zealand terror attack where it was streamed on facebook live. ever since that, new ban on extremist material. capping the accounts you can follow each day in an effort to help fight spam. you will now be limited to 400 follows per day, down from the previous 1,000. having a high daily follow rate contributes to spam. you can follow more accounts once a full day has patched. wahoo for the fame.
6:59 am
cavaliers took over to win the first ever college basketball national title. good for them. they ousted texas tech, 85-77. >> good for them? good for you. >> my bracket turned out on the top. although we didn't put any money down. it's an honor. inland temperatures in the upper 60s. low 70s tomorrow. a slight chance of rain on thursday. >> all right. well, nothing major going on with traffic this morning? >> no. >> oh. >> that's it. a smooth drive. we are building for the south bay northbound. we have the build for hayward. san hoe looking great. not seeing much traffic. san mateo bridge. you see more traffic.
7:00 am
>> high wind on bridge. >> yes. . >> get ready for that. >> that's what's happening today. back at 7:25 with a live local news update. >> don't forget to join us for news at 11:00 for our midday forecast. thanks for starting your morning with us. good morning. the purge. president trump's housecleaning at the department of homeland security reaches a new level. the secret service director now the latest to go, raising red flags with critics on both sides. >> he gets rid of anybody who gets io his crosshairs. >> i'm concerned over a growing void of leadership. >> the president says he's going in a tougher direction, but could the moves actually make the country less safe? feet to the fire. attorney general william barr testifying before congress this morning for the very first time since receiving the mueller report. the tough questions he's set to face and what it could mean for


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