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tv   Today  NBC  April 19, 2019 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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>> that is the live shot. very clear there. traffic flow is clear on the golden gate. >> good old marine layer right there. >> we leave you with a gorgeous sunrise. >> beautiful. >> from nbc bay area sky ranger. see you in about 25 minutes with more local news. ♪ good morning. the day after. the president looking to move on as the long-awaited mueller report is made public. >> game over, folks. back to work. >> democrats say it's 400 pages of damning evidence. >> it's certainly not game over. severe weather outbreak. dangerous storms in the south turning deadly overnight. a new risk of tornadoes and flooding facing nearly 100 million people today from florida to maine. the impact on your holiday weekend plans, straight ahead. the spark? paris officials now believe the likely cause of that devastating
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fire at notre dame cathedral was an electrical short-circuit. the break in the investigation and the priceless relics inside that church just saved overnight. those stories plus a new twist in the college admissions scandal. did lori loughlin's husband lie about his own college experience. surprising drop. why the number of americans going to church has hit an all-time low. and the earth all-stars. >> this might be my favorite song ever. >> it's awesome. >> the music video sensation bringing together legends for a worthy cause. ♪
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a lot of folks have holiday travel plans. the weather could impact those plans. first, the top story on this friday morning. wide-ranging reactions to the release of that mueller report. >> that's right. it's finally here. it's public. washington and the rest of the nation still processing everything contained in this two volumes, 448 pages. as we know, the special counsel did not find sufficient evidence of collusion or conspiracy between the trump team and russia. the report does give democrats some ammunition on the issue of obstruction, and now we understand why mueller did not make a prosecutorial decision on that. we've got complete coverage on what it all means. we'll start with nbc's white house correspondent, peter alexander. peter, good morning to you. >> hey, savannah, good morning to you. president trump immediately declared game over, but this morning he is clearly not over it. posting a series of angry tweets, trying to undermine some of his own aides' statements
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that were made to robert mueller under oath, calling them total bull expletive. democrats also formally subpoenaed the full unredacted report. and house speaker nancy pelosi vowed after fully reviewing the report that congress will not, in her words, be silent, previewing the possibility of further action. president trump arriving in florida, trying to turn the page following the release of robert mueller's redacted report. >> game over, folks. back to work. >> while mueller stopped short of accusing the president of criminal wrongdoing, democrats are seizing on the unflattering portrait he paints of president trump's conduct. >> the facts that are now established by this report are damning. whether they could or should have resulted in the indictment of the president or people around him, they are damning. >> mueller reveals the president's reaction in the oval office nearly two years ago, when he first learned about the appointment of a special
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counsel. writing, based on notes from an official in the room that he slumped back in his chair and said, oh, my god, this is terrible. this is the end of my presidency. i'm fed. the report's most damaging details on obstruction of justice and the president's ... mmediante funcionarios de repeated sabotage often through aides. mueller names officials or la casa blanca. al menos 10 autoridades de associates who defied the president's orders. la casa blanca asociad o asoc o asociados desafiaron el among them, don mcgahn, who presidente. resisted the president's order entre ellos el consejero to remove mueller, deciding he de la casa blanca que se would rather resign than participate in another saturday night massacre. resistió a hacerlo. según el informe como el according to the report, president trump also asked his presidente trump ... le pidió a corey lewandowski former campaign manager, corey former campaign mana lewandowski to tell then attorney general jeff sessions to publicly announce the investigation was unfair to the president. lewandowski never delivered that message. ... que denunciará que esto era y junto con el mueller's bottom line, quote, if we had confidence that the presidente. president clearly did not commit " si hubiésemos estado
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seguros de que el obstruction of justice, we would presidente no hubiese so state. president trump pushing back on twitter. cometido obstrucción de justicia, lo hubiémos i had the right to end the whole witch hunt if i wanted. señalado". el presidente se defendió i could have fired everyone, including mueller, if i wanted. en twitter. justicia, lo hubiésemos i chose not to. the report also outlines a sweeping and systemic effort by russia to promote mr. trump's candidacy, laying out numerous contacts between trump campaign associates and russians before and after the election. but mueller found insufficient evidence to prove the president or any other american conspired or coordinated with russia in 2016. a conclusion emphasized by attorney general william bar. >> that is something that all americans can and should be grateful to have confirmed. >> democrats argue that attorney general barr mischaracterized the report, framing it in the president's favor. and this morning's president trump's personal lawyers are trying to move on from the russia investigation, strongly indicating they will not release that long-promised counter report, suggesting at this point
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it's not needed. savannah and craig? >> peter alexander at the white house, thank you. all right. let's try and break down some more of the top take-aways from this report. for that we turn to nbc justice correspondent, pete williams, who was among the first to see it and read it to us live on television yesterday. pete, thank you so much for being with us. let's talk about this conclusion, confusion, if you will, sir. a lot of folks this morning might be wondering how could it be after two years robert mueller was unable to find some sort of connection, some sort of obstruction? >> or at least conclude that it was a crime. what the report says, mueller's team felt the evidence was strong enough they could let him off the hook and say conclusively he didn't commit a crime. but the report also says because a long standing policy says the president can't be indicted, the team concluded they couldn't even reach the point of deciding whether the evidence showed he committed a crime. so the report in essence says they walked right up to that door and stopped.
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and by the way, the report rejects the claim by mr. trump's lawyers that a president can't even commit obstruction of justice, because, as the head of the executive branch he had the authority to tell federal employees what to do. >> i think one of the reasons this was so confusing, besides the fact it's a 400-page report everyone is trying to read live on television, but pete, as we now know, mueller says, as you just explained, i'm not even going to decide whether this could be indicted, because i can't under the rules. i'm just a prosecutor, and the rules say you can't indict a sitting president. but it seems to me that the attorney general, william barr, said something different in the news conference before about why mueller decided not to make that judgment. >> right. the attorney general said in that news conference, and implied this in the letter that he sent in march, that mueller told him in early march that he wasn't going to reach this conclusion, and that the reason was that the evidence was ambiguous, that it pointed in
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both directions, and that that's the reason the report failed to reach a conclusion about obstruction. what barr said, the finding is not based on the policy about not indicting a president. so we'll probably have to wait for robert mueller to testify before congress to get that answer. and by the way, mr. barr said yesterday he would have no objection to mueller testifying. >> pete williams for us there in washington. thank you. >> let's dig into what happens next. we have nbc's white house correspondent, kristen welker and neil cotelle, supreme court lawyer. good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> let's start right there. what exactly is the significance of robert mueller saying, i couldn't even get to the point of deciding whether or not all this conduct, which he lays out, amounts to the crime of obstruction, because the rules forbid me from doing so. >> and it's huge, savannah sa basically, you know, it's not -- sounds technically legal, but it's actually really simple to break it down there are two ground rules that mueller says on pages 1 and 2 of
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his report and barr diplomdn't tell us abot either of them one is, if i got so much evidence against the president that he's guilty as sin, i'm not going to tell you. and number two, he says if i have no evidence against the president, if the president is totally in the clear, i am going to tell you. and mueller then writes this 400-page report to say, i don't have enough evidence to clear the president. and so the significance of this is, you know, trump's lawyers were saying, oh, best day of the presidency and so on that tells you more, i think, about the trump presidency than anything else. what the mueller report says is basically tees it up for congress to investigate. and we heard pelosi say that's what she's going to do and then there is this footnote in the opinion in which mueller says, look, even apart from impeachment, we could go after the president after he leaves office so a sitting president can't be indicted but an ex president can go to jail. >> i was told a long time ago everything interesting is in the footnotes.
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and it is true that mueller is basically saying once he leaves office, it's fair game if the prosecutors want to prosecute him. >> you tweeted that footnote yesterday and got a lot of attention online kristen, we just heard that robert mueller could be fined and would the white house be okay with robert mueller testifying before congress >> that's a great question i put that question to one of the president's top advisers, kellyanne conway yesterday she ultimately got to the point of saying, look, we wouldn't stop that from happening are they going to be cheerleading for that every day? i wouldn't expect that but look, this is about transparency and it's also about having democrats, i think, be able to take that next step. because you have the democratic base, craig and savannah, saying, look, now we need to impeach. and in talking to officials overnight, they're saying, we're not going to take that step yet. the next step really has to be talking to mueller and making
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sure that we see the full unredacted report. >> well, democrats have to determine for themselves how far they want to go with this. >> right. >> and whether they want to continue to investigate. do you read the report as mueller saying explicitly or implicitly that this is a matter for congress because he is forbade by these rules from doing anything in the justice department >> it's definitely implicit. and i think mueller was following the path of his predecessors, the special prosecutor, the independent prosecutor for monica lewinsky, ken starr. both expressly say impeach or not, just laid out the evidence, even when the evidence was so damning with nixon and the evidence yesterday was quite damning against the president but leaving it up to congress to decide. >> what do we know about how much voters actually care about all of this? >> well -- >> how closely are they following this how much is this going to impact votes in a year-and-a-half >> and that is going to be the million-dollar question.
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and that's what we're going to find out on election day i think if you are the president and his allies and his legal team, and this is why they're not releasing the counter report, they want to turn the page and keep the focus on the bottom line. that extraordinary news conference yesterday from the attorney general where he came out and basically set the narrative for the administration >> you know, really quickly on that, you obviously are a practicing lawyer. you've worked as part of the justice department was that unusual because, you know, the attorney general, although appointed by the president, is supposed to be an independent legal officer and a lot of people were struck by the tenor of his comments when discussing the evidence in a way that was very favorable. >> they don't actually have the report yet. >> exactly as a defense attorney, it's not unusual at all i do that often, trickle information out to protect my clients in a measured pace as the attorney general of the united states? absolutely he didn't look like the attorney general of the united states he looked like the attorney general for donald trump
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>> we will see how this all plays out. neil cottial, thank you for being here and kristen, we'll see you tonight. another big story this morning, the weather the south dealing with damaging storms overnight, and as we head into the holiday weekend, tens of millions facing more rough weather today. we start with gabe gutierrez, standing by for us in atlanta. gabe, what's the scene >> craig, good morning there were tornado warnings in effect for parts of metro atlanta earlier today. this is a massive storm system that has marched across much of the south. right now we're still getting hit by rain in metro atlanta, and it has been a soggy morning commute. across the south, this storm system being blamed for at least two deaths so far. >> we hear tornado sirens going off. >> overnight, the dangerous storm system sliced through the south, toppling trees in alabama after shredding parts of mississippi. one of the hardest hit areas, the small town of morton, a twister tearing through neighborhoods, ripping off roofs and leveling homes
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>> there is a loud noise and the house started shaking. it was horrible. i thought i was going to die >> michelle selena still in disbelief. >> it destroyed my car, part of my house it's really bad. i'm just shocked. >> despite the destruction, no lives were lost there. northeast of morton, torrential rain inundating roads, forcing some residents to escape by boat and just outside of jackson, the state capital, powerful winds flipping cars and knocking out power. in arkansas, flash flooding shutting down i-30 some drivers had to be rescued all part of a fast-moving line of storms that had already slammed into louisiana, oklahoma and texas. in austin, a home security camera capturing the moment lightning split a tree in half, sending parts of it airborne, landing inside this home. >> the lights flickered in the house, and a couple things fell off the walls.
7:15 am
i came out and saw the tree had been split in half from the lightning. >> the national weather service says there have been reports of at least ten possible tornadoes over the past 24 hours tens of thousands of people without power. there was that death in mississippi, another in alabama. right now here in atlanta, we're still getting hit by rain, and air traffic delays are expected up the east coast today as we head into the holiday weekend. craig and savannah >> if there are delays in hartsville, jackson, there are likely delays all over the country. thank you. >> good point. dylan is in for al, tracking the storm threat for today and the holiday weekend. what have you got? >> the heavy rain moving through atlanta right now. just south of atlanta, also have tornado watches in effect for another couple of hours. heavy rain is continuing to slowly move to the east, and within these storms, we could see some very gusty winds, some small hail possible, and as we go into this afternoon, that threat is going to increase even more especially across virginia, into north and south carolina it's been about three years since we've had a forecast like this for the carolinas, for
7:16 am
winds in excess of 70 miles per hour long track tornadoes meaning once they develop, they could stay on the ground for an extended period of time. we're not looking at a huge risk of hail, but torrential downpours are certainly a possibility and that could lead to some flash flooding so this storm is slowly going to move east. a lot of these storms across virginia and the carolinas not moving in until this afternoon in the northeast, storms not really moving in until late tonight. and in new england, those storms not moving in until early tomorrow morning then this whole storm system will continue to slowly clear out as we go into late morning on saturday across new england and then we're all seeing sunshine by saturday afternoon as for the rain, i would say a widespread inch to 2 inches. but we could see some areas picking up about 3 to 4 inches, because of the tropical nature of these downpours and that's why we do have 48 million people under some sort of flash flood watch because of the potential for that flooding. guys >> all right we'll come back in a moment. a lot more to get to on this friday morning, including the latest on the fire at notre dame cathedral.
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investigators in paris now think they have pinpointed the most likely cause nbc's kelly cobiella has the latest developments. good morning >> good morning to you, craig. yeah, forensics teams are finally able to get access inside the cathedral to really search for that evidence they have spoken to some 40 construction crews and cathedral staff at this point, trying to really pinpoint the exact source of that blaze. this morning, notre dame's grand stone floors are still covered in charred debris from its collapsed roof and spire but it's safe enough inside to rescue the cathedral's remaining artwork. the fire that nearly brought down the entire building likely caused by an electrical short-circuit, according to an associated press source. investigators are still looking for the exact cause of the blaze. the 850-year-old structure is unstable, walls supported by wooden planks. >> we look here, for instance,
7:18 am
we've got this now free standing gable wall will there be some heat effect, that will likely have an effect on the stone work itself. >> architects who helped rebuild windsor castle after a devastating fire in 1992 could help guide the reconstruction of notre dame at windsor, 100 rooms were damaged or destroyed several roofs collapsed. but the castle was saved in five years at a cost of about $55 million. >> we had a set of problems, a set of challenges to restore that ceiling and roof structure which perhaps is going to be comparable to some of the challenges we'll face as people look into restoring notre dame and the roof there. >> this morning, more than $1 billion has been pledged to rebuild notre dame firefighters who saved it from total ruin honored as national heroes thursday in a day-long tribute. some experts have suggested it could take 15 years to rebuild notre dame cathedral
7:19 am
president macron wants it done in five. what else happens in five years, guys paris is hosting the 2024 olympics. >> oh, that's right. kelly cobiella there in london thank you. >> let's bring dylan back in for the rest of the forecast morning. >> good morning again. yes, the trouble spots will be up and down the east coast but in the middle of the country, look at that. lots of sunshine, temperatures in the 60s and 70s not too bad. the west coast looking good, except for washington. we will see a lot of clouds and some scattered showers up that way. that's a look at the weather across the country we'll get to your local forecast in the next 30 seconds
7:20 am
it is 7:19. this is a beautiful view right now of some fog rolling through. the golden gate bridge peeking through. don't worry, though. we will see fog start to burn off. our forecasted highs today will be running a little cooler this afternoon. expect a high of 70 in oakland. 77 livermore. a couple of low 80s into the tri-valley in the city. 64 degrees and expecting a cooling trend to carry over into the weekend with increase in cloud cover by evening. and and that's your latest forecast >> dylan, thank you. coming up, the new deals now being cut in the college admission scandal and the new questions facing lori loughlin's husband over his own college experience. and fake it until you make it inside the world of social media, click farms and how they're impacting what you see online
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and good morning to you. 7:26. breaking news as police are still at the scene of a deadly police shooting that happened right outside fremont's washington hospital. "today in the bay" bob redell has been there all morning. what is the very latest there? >> reporter: well, marcus, fremont police say they shot and killed this man who they say tried to ambush one of their officers outside washington hospital in fremont. police still have this area shut down. this happened 10:50 last night. an officer was heading back to the fremont police department. when, according to the department, they say a man with a gun started firing at this
7:27 am
officer, hit the squad car one time. the officer did a u-turn, pulled out their rifle and shot at the suspect down on the ground. two others responded. they told the suspect to not go for his weapon. they say he did. while he was on the ground, he tried to reach for his weapon and they wound up shooting and killing this man. they have not released information on who this man was. the officer are fine. they are not hurt. bob redell, tphabs bnbc bay are. bob, thank you. a look at the good friday forecast for you. >> we have good weather. temperatures in the 50s now. san jose, 56 degrees. but if you're hanging out around the coast, you are probably seeing marine layer. today's forecast will be comfortable. we're talking 70s. a little bit cooler than what we have seen. it's only going to get cooler into saturday. a fast-moving system that rolls through. by sunday, it will be nice and
7:28 am
warm. green over the bay. there is slowing at the richmond-san rafael bridge but not to the bay bridge. right back to the "today" show.
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♪ it is 7:30 now on this good friday morning rockefeller center all decked out for easter weekend. >> best time of year you can see the leaves on the trees, flowers popping up. i love springtime. >> same here. >> yeah. let's get a check of the headlines of the morning we start with the mueller report it is now up to congress to decide what to do with the findings of the mueller report will the special counsel decline on obstruction of justice. the report says it could not exonerate the president. nancy pelosi in a letter to democratic lawmakers vowed congress will not be silent,
7:31 am
previewing further action, she says, to protect our democracy the president arrived in florida on thursday, hoping to move on, saying game over, folks. back to work. >> some big news this morning in the battle against teen smoking. mitch mcconnell plans to introduce a new bill that would raise the federal minimum age to buy tobacco from 18 to 21. the mcconnell bill, as it's called, will be introduced in may. it will cover all tobacco products, including vaping devices. mcconnell says vaping devices pose the most serious threat 12 states have already enacted laws that set 21 as the minimum age to buy tobacco products. as millions of people celebrate easter and passover this weekend, a new survey revealing the percentage of americans who report belonging to a church, synagogue or mosque is at an all-time low. that number just 50% last year and that's down from 70%, only 20 years ago the biggest declines were recorded among democrats and hispanics. that's the reason why experts
7:32 am
blamed the drop on the perceived link between religion and politics. also this morning, there are several new twists tied to that massive college admissions scandal that we've been following. nbc national correspondent miguel almaguer joins us with latest on that good morning. >> guys, good morning. nbc news has confirmed that more parents have struck deals with prosecutors, this time to help them indict additional people. this as accused actress lori loughlin and her husband face new scrutiny after an interview with him surfaced, suggesting he too may have faked his college years. >> lori, can you come to the microphone >> just days after lori loughlin and her husband pled not guilty to charges they bribed their daughter's way into usc, a new plot twist in this scandal in an interview in this fashion blog from 2016, mossimo admitted in the '80s he lied to his parents about attending usc. instead using his tuition money to start a t-shirt business. that was how i was starting my company.
7:33 am
i used all that cash, he told the blog the article said he not only convinced his dad he was a student by falsifying report cards, mossimo got him to fork over fees with fake tuition bills. >> he has a really crazy story in charge. >> his daughter, social media influencer, olivia jade telling the same story in an interview before the story broke. >> he wasn't actually ever -- i don't know if i'm supposed to say this, sorry, dad he faked his way through college, and then he started his whole business with tuition money that his parents thought were going to college. >> olivia had no comment, and her parents didn't respond to our request. if convicted on all charges, he and loughlin face a maximum of 40 years behind bars and recent court filings suggest more arrests are likely. to assist prosecutors in that goal, 2 of the 13 parents who
7:34 am
have agreed to plead guilty have now struck a cooperation agreement. california real estate investor, bruce isaacson and his wife charged with paying 600 grand in bribes to get their girls into college. including their daughter, lauren, who allegedly posed as a soccer star to gain admission into ucla, even though she never played competitively in their deal, if the isaacsons provide prosecutors with information leading to further indictments, they could receive lighter sentences, a possible next scene in this made for tv drama come to life >> so miguel, you mentioned the two parents are now helping investors. is there word more could do the same >> prosecutors haven't publicly commented on that, but legal experts say those deals do happen at times with defendants who plead early and show a willingness to be cooperative. we should mention in a statement the isaacsons confirmed their cooperation with prosecutors, saying our duty was as good parents to set a good example
7:35 am
for our children, and instead we have harmed and embarrassed them by our misguided actions guys >> all right miguel almaguer in l.a thanks >> that's the news for now let's go to dylan with the weather, which is the news, actually, this weekend. >> it is going to be a big story, especially later today and into tomorrow morning. temperatures will also be a big story, because we haven't seen a whole lot of warmth, especially across the northeast and it is going to be above average today. philly should get up to 75 degrees. nashville, though, where the rain is now moving through, we're going to see a high of only about 55. chicago's chilly with a high of 50 look at the warmth out west. rapid city, 75 degrees that's nearly 20 degrees above average. that will shift eastward on saturday minneapolis looks beautiful, 73 degrees with some sunshine memphis, 68 degrees, and cooler temperatures back where the clouds will hang around through the appalachians, and ohio and tennessee river valley boston should get up to 69 on saturday starting off with rain and that will linger through most of the day across new england and then on sunday for easter itself, 66 in new york city.
7:36 am
chilly in raleigh. madison, wisconsin, chilly and we do have to keep an eye out for severe storms today, especially as we go into this afternoon across virginia and north and so >> check out this beautiful view from sutro tower camera. we have marine layer and fog if at half moon bay. temperatures will be slightly cooler today. as a matter of fact, some spots 7 degrees cooler than what we saw yesterday. we can expect to keep the chance of some cloud cover increasing into the evening hours. temperatures will be topping out quite nicely. upper 70s in inland areas. and that's your latest forecast. >> i love that i'm surrounded by spring here. >> we try to have spring colors. >> i like that. coming up here, mystery, romance and intrigue
7:37 am
the granddaughter of world war ii's most highly decorated spy shares her little-known but remarkable story. and then the highlights and what we haven't shown you yet from our once in a lifetime trip to the holy land. >> plus, adam levine, justin bieber, ariana grande the biggest names. first, the web of lies an eye-opening look at all those likes and shares on social media and what actually makes some videos go viral. wait until you see what we were able to do right after this you don't want to give those away. which is why aarp fraud watch network offers tips and tools so you can protect yourself and your family from scams. so let aarp help protect you from fraud. and keep what matters most. take on today and every day with aarp.
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and t today," more of our web of lies series, trying to answer the question, how fake is the internet >> well, according to one report, more than half of the world's web traffic isn't even human. so pretty fake nbc's gadi schwartz joins us with how social media could be faking all of us out good morning. >> good morning, guys. i gave you an inside look at the business of fake reviews on sites like facebook and yelp but there could be thousands more fakes on other social media platforms. fake likes, friends, followers, even fake views. and this is what's behind it rooms of phones operated by actual people, cashing in on all those clicks, and the whole operation known as a click farm. this morning, i'm about to show you what that looks like and how they can boost some social media accounts from instagram accounts with
7:43 am
thousands of likes and followers, to facebook posts that go viral overnight. ever wonder if it's actually legit and what could be behind those crazy spikes in? enter the world of click farms where actual people are paid to answer phones, click on accounts, like photos and watch videos all to drive up fake traffic. >> this is really easy this is unskilled labor. you could train a monkey to do this and then as far as the cost, you're paying people pennies on the dollar to perform these tasks. >> are so just how easy is it we decided to create our own click farm with the help of cybersecurity expert jim stickley and 50 cell phones creating instagram accounts for each one ready to click on whatever we wanted and that's where i come in let's say i wanted to get a bunch of views on this really boring video of me watering plants we're going to watch this an all of these phones, right >> correct
7:44 am
we've got it all queued up and we can watch and see how many views we get. >> all right let's get some views. >> i get clicking. >> that is some rich content >> seeing the same video play out over and over. >> watering plants >> within minutes -- >> 11 views. >> the views start coming in >> while we're here, we might as well get some followers, too. >> i follow that fake account from every phone, easily hitting 50 followers >> nothing to see here. >> and then passing 50 views and i am just one guy with one wall how big of an operation can these get? >> way bigger. the average person working one of these click farms, there will be one person for 200 phones and hundreds if not thousands of employees clicking on these things all day long. >> we're not done yet. i want more views. buy instagram views. >> it turns out it is way too easy to get them online. a simple google search shows me tons of sites that can get me instant views for cheap.
7:45 am
>> this one has five stars i click here and, wow, 10,000 views for 24 bucks and they take a credit card. >> just a few seconds later? >> and we've got 63 views. >> the numbers keep climbing. >> 7,731. >> skyrocketing well over 10,000. >> all right so we only bought 10,000 views, but the latest number is 16,481. it looks like this video is going viral, but remember, this is all fake. >> instagram isn't the only one. you can buy friends and followers and views and likes on almost any social media platform out there. instagram, facebook, twitter and youtube telling nbc news, this type of activity is not allowed, and they're continuing to develop systems to prevent, detect and remove accounts that violate their policies >> what's the harm in this is this fraud? >> absolutely fraud. you think about it from the standpoint of a consumer, you're being misled so something goes viral, but it's not real. >> huh >> so gadi, obviously i guess there is an ego boost for getting a lot of likes and followers.
7:46 am
but why do people do this? are they monetizing it in some way? >> yeah, there's a couple reasons. one, people trying to be influencers might do this so they can take numbers to companies and say look how many people see my content and then try to get them to pay to promote their products and if you ask some of these influencers about them, some will tell you it's a way to try to get the algorithms to notice you. so those companies will rank your posts higher and more real people will actually see them. but there's no evidence that that actually works. and as you heard, some of those companies haven't responded. we also reached out to the popular app tick tock about this we haven't heard back from them either. >> so gadi, how can you tell the fake activity from the real activity or can you >> oh, craig, our expert told us, if you see accounts with a sudden spike in followers or likes from one day to the next, that is a major red flag also if you see accounts with huge followings but very few likes or views, that's a give-away, as well craig? >> gadi schwartz that just seems like a heck of a lot of work. >> it does seem really -- to go one by one
7:47 am
>> right gadi, thank you. >> okay. just ahead, what hilaria baldwin is saying about being a step mom sparking a conversation about blended families works so fast, it takes only one week to reveal younger looking skin. making wrinkles look so last week. rapid wrinkle repair® pair with new retinol oil for 2x the wrinkle fighting power. neutrogena® with the capital one savor card ♪ you earn 4% cash back on dining
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7:52 am
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it's 7:55. and we've still got a good layer of fog at the san francisco golden gate bridge. look at that. it looks beautiful. temperatures are in the 50s. in san jose, beautiful, clear skies. we will be enjoying above seasonable temperatures this afternoon. slightly cooler. 60 degrees in san francisco. temperatures starting to warm up. microclimate highs will be topping out in the low 70s oakland to concord. 10 degrees warmer. san jose topping out into the upper 70s. as you get ready to plan your day, enjoy dry conditions. very quick moving system will bring showers to the north-northeast, which will bring the return of possible drizzle to parts of the coastal mountains. also the winds will be kicking up as we head in towards sunday,
7:57 am
easter sunday, we will see the ridge of high pressure. we get to dominate once again. temperatures into the 70s. mike? a little slowing from 101, sunnyvale, mountain view, palo alto. west 3580, a disabled vehicle, not a crash, as you approach the dublin interchange. they are trying to get the vehicles over to the shoulder. westbound 580, richmond-san rafael bridge, that is the biggest backup. starting to thin out. it can't thin out. there is the bay bridge toll plaza. back to you. thanks, mike. happening now, development in the deadly police shooting that happened outside washington hospital in fremont. there was an attempt to ambush the officer on his way to the police station. full story on our home page. house lawmakers issued a subpoena for the entire unredacted mueller report. the latest on today's response from democrats, including new
7:58 am
reaction from house speaker nancy pelosi who is traveling oversees. more local news in 30 minutes. w reimbursement check until our consumer team got involved! plus---waiting for another warm up! we )re tracking your forecast as you gear up the start of your work week. join us monday morning from 4:30 to 7.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, new battles. president trump moving forward after the public release of the mueller report. >> game over, folks. back to work. >> but democrats are vowing to take action. >> the facts that are now established by this report are damning. >> so what have we learned from the over 400-page report, and what happens next? we're live with the latest. plus, watching her step. fitness guru, hilaria baldwin and how she handles being a stepmother to alec baldwin's older daughter.
8:01 am
the challenges of being a blended family. and what on earth? ♪ we love the earth ♪ it is our planet >> the new music video with the star-studded lineup being called the "we are the world" for climate change. ♪ have you ever been to earth >> everyone who is listening has been to earth, ariana. >> today, april 19th, 2019. >> from the windy city to the big apple! >> from ridgewood, new jersey. >> today is our mom's birthday! >> happy friday from montana! >> cape cod! >> and pennsylvania! woo! ♪ >> good morning. we're watching the "today" show this morning from sarasota memorial hospital. >> we're celebrating her 8th birthday and 16th birthday. >> celebrating our 50th birthday. hi kiddos! >> on our honeymoon from las vegas! woo! >> morning, everybody. welcome back to "today." it's a friday morning. glad to have you with us.
8:02 am
a holiday weekend ahead. and we're really happy to get your messages on #mytodayplaza. >> look at that good friday crowd. >> yes. i like it. >> by the way, #mytodayplaza, it's like you're on the plaza. >> not fake at all. let's get to your news at 8:00. the president says it's over. democrats say there is plenty in the newly released mueller report that demands followup action by congress. nbc white house correspondent peter alexander joins us with the latest on all of it. peter, good morning. >> new this morning, top democrats say they will subpoena the full unredacted mueller report today. and in a letter to democratic lawmakers, house speaker nancy pelosi vowed after fully reviewing the report, in her words, congress will not be silent. previewing the possibility of further action. we've heard from the president touting vindication, saying game over. but this morning, he's back on twitter, really frustrated,
8:03 am
venting about some of the report's findings. this 448-page document is filled with evidence of repeated lying by administration officials and the president ordering aides to lie for him. the most damaging details on obstruction of justice. and the president's repeated efforts to effectively sabotage the russia inquiry, often through white house aides, including orders to have mueller removed. but on at least ten occasions, officials or associates refused. they defied the president's demand. the report also outlines a sweeping and systemic effort by russia to promote mr. trump's candidacy, laying out numerous contacts between trump campaign associates and russians before and after the election. but mueller found insufficient evidence to prove the president or any other american conspired or coordinated with russia in 2016. a lot that many people will be breaking down still over the course of this weekend, savannah. back to you. >> they will indeed. peter, thank you. some stormy, dangerous weather is going to make it a hu rough holiday weekend along the
8:04 am
east coast. the south is already seeing heavy rain and tornadoes, as well. d dylan is here with what we can expect. good morning, d. >> good morning. we have rain through atlanta, so flights this morning could be in jeopardy, just because of that heavy rain. east of atlanta, we have tornado warnings, so these are some really strong storms with very gusty winds and also the possibility of some spin-up tornadoes as we go through the day today. so travel impacts today, again, especially atlanta this morning or orlando later on this morning. charlotte and all across the carolinas, we do have the threat of winds gusting up to 70 miles per hour. and also torrential downpours that could lead to flash flooding and we can't rule out long track tornadoes. in new york and washington, d.c., i don't think we'll have an issue until late in the day. but tomorrow morning we could start off with some delays at the airports, especially up into boston, early in new york and philadelphia and then we will see improving conditions as the day goes on. for easter sunday, we are going to clear things out quite a bit. most of the eastern half of the country looks really nice and sunny.
8:05 am
temperatures in the 60s and 70s. so you can get your springtime pictures outside on easter sunday. we are looking at a few spotty showers back through pittsburgh and into parts of the appalachians. also some rain and mountain snow in the rockies. warm down south and easter sunday out west looks nice too with highs in the 60s and 70s. dylan? >> thank you. three professional mountain climbers including one american are missing and presumed dead following an avalanche in the canadian rockies the men were members of the north face company's global athlete team they were climbing in the national park when they failed to check in on schedule. a search team flew over the mountains and spotted signs of an avalanche and debris littered with climbing gear recovery efforts have to be on hold right now because of bad weather and the risk of more avalanches. investigators in paris now believe that the most likely cause of monday's fire at notre dame cathedral was an electrical short-circuit. they were finally allowed into the unstable building overnight to search for clues.
8:06 am
it was also deemed safe enough for more of the art treasures to be removed on thursday, ceremonies were also held to honor the firefighters who saved that cathedral and so many of its precious artifacts paris also approved a plan to build a temporary structure near the cathedral to use for religious services during reconstruction. >> all right hoda is off with her family. so i get to do the boost this morning. and it's a good one. a disabled veteran out fishing when the battery on his electric wheelchair died. and that is when the ray town, missouri, fire department came to the rescue. three firefighters pushed the man home nearly a mile, most of it uphill. another firefighter drove the truck to protect them from traffic. the good deed winning a lot of praise on social media the town's deputy says he encourages firefighters to find ways to make a difference whenever they're out in the field. they certainly did there. >> yeah. much more ahead on this friday morning, including the all-star lineup featured in a new song all about the earth.
8:07 am
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crave victoriously. [zara larsson - "wow"] ♪ ♪ make you're jaw drop drop say oh my drop drop drop ♪ ♪ make u say oh my god my drop drop ♪ ♪ make you're jaw drop make u say oh my god ♪ how do you get skin happy aveeno® with prebiotic oat. it hydrates and softens skin. so it looks like this... and you feel like this. aveeno® daily moisturizer get skin happy™ theat the risk of ruininguld retheir thank you. is the same type of person who can help you quickly and easily get an appraisal on your car, because helping people is what carmax people are all about. this morning on hilaria baldwin, fitness
8:10 am
guru and wife of alec baldwin, never one to shy away from sharing. >> we have heard her spark conversations, and now she is speaking out on navigating the challenges of a blended family and how she herself handles a step mom sheinelle has the story. >> people with relate to blended families hilaria baldwin is a mom of four and step mom to one. and she says there is plenty of love to go around for all. >> when we agree to be parents, we have to -- we have to accept the good and the bad >> hilaria baldwin's social media can feel like a family scrapbook. >> what are you doing -- oh! doing the flamenco. >> she doesn't hesitate to share. >> you're a great mommy. >> now the mother of four and host of the popular mom brain podcast is speaking out, taking internet trolls to task in a lengthy instagram post
8:11 am
hilaria, who often dotys on her children online bristles at the posts that claim she doesn't love 23-year-old stepdaughter ireland as much as she loves her four biological children with alec baldwin, writing on instagram, i love my stepdaughter as much as i love my biological children and i've become a mommy lioness when i see comments that insinuate otherwise. hilaria, who has been married to alec since 2012, says it was up to ireland if the relationship progressed at all, writing when i met ireland i said to alec, if she is not okay with our relationship, i cannot go further. family is first. and she needed to be okay with me she partly credits her good relationship with ireland today to letting it develop naturally, writing, having a step child is a delicate matter. especially one who is grown. i think my relationship with her has been so successful because i never tried to step in as her mommy. no stranger to opening up about her family life -- >> how are you feeling >> hilaria visited our show last week to talk about her recent
8:12 am
miscarriage and revealed that overall, parenting is just plain hard. >> we have to realize that it's not just all, you know, diapers and blankets and hair bows it's -- we have to open our hearts and realize that there's going to be hard moments too >> in her instagram post, hilaria goes on to give props to ireland's mom, actress kim basinger, and admitted that ireland is sometimes left out of social media posts because she doesn't want to step on kim's toes, writing, she has a good mother who i have tremendous respect for, and i've put myself in kim's shoes if my children ever had a stepmother, i would want her to let me be number one she adds of ireland, but this will never take away from how much i love her. need her in my life, and think that she is one of the best things that has ever happened to me >> guys, i think this struck a chord. i mentioned this at the top here because so many people have blended families. >> you have a blended family. >> i'm in a blended family and i turned out okay and the relationship can be okay and like she said, she's not
8:13 am
trying to be the mother. and especially because she's grown. >> yeah. >> also imagine the age difference if you're a stepmother or stepfather to someone so close in age -- >> it's a different dynamic. yes. >> you turned out better than okay that's my only dispute, sheinelle, you're awesome. dylan, let's get a check of the weather. >> yes we are getting up now and going to look at some of the severe storms -- >> are you 100 >> it's not an easy chair to get out of we have strong symptotorms and rain along the east coast. in atlanta, this will slowly move east and the zone we're watching today is through virginia into north and south carolina large hail, damaging winds and tornadoes, although winds and tornadoes will be the biggest threats. rockies will see a lot of warm temperatures today we're going to get highs in the 60s and 70s. lots of sunshine, too. the only trouble spot besides a live view right now in wood side. it's mostly clear. we do have a nice marine layer
8:14 am
still bringing some fog to the golden gate bridge as well. overall our temperatures will climb into the 60s for san francisco and then the wind picks up tomorrow as a very quick moving system. it's expected to bring showers to the north and just east of us our temperatures will warm right back up into sunday. expect 70s just in time for easter with clear conditions expected. >> and that's and that's your latest forecast >> dilly, dilly, thank you so much sheinelle has pop star and look who joins us >> i was walking down 49th street and thought i would pop in >> dressed for the occasion. good morning to you. want to do a little pop start? >> let's do it >> first up, earth wednesday rapper and comedian little dickey posted this video to instagram, teasing an all star collaboration the short lclip had the interne buzzing, wondering what on earth it might be. now we have an answer. ♪
8:15 am
♪ hey, i'm a zebra ♪ no one knows what i do but i look pretty cool ♪ ♪ pretty hop kangaroo ♪ i'm an elephant i got junk in my trunk ♪ ♪ i'm a koala and i sleep all the time ♪ ♪ so what it's cute ♪ earth it is our planet ♪ we love the earth ♪ we love the earth ♪ it is our home ♪ we love the earth ♪ it is our planet ♪ we love the earth it is our home ♪ ♪ any words, leo ♪ this might be my favorite son ever ♪ >> looks like it's for kids, right? but i have to tell you, some of the songs are raunchy. >> the cartoon song about the earth? >> it's for a good cause and getting a lot of attention. >> i like it. >> the whole goal of the project is to raise awareness about climate change ahead of earth day on monday. and you probably noticed, leonardo dicaprio there at the
8:16 am
end. it's an all-star cast. lil dickey working with the actress foundation to give the profits to different organizations implementing climate change solution. >> really solid animation, though. >> we're making you hip this morning on the "today" show. >> thank you for telling us. up next, shaquille o'neal. willie, you caught up with the basketball icon, now business legend. >> i did shaquille o'neal this is a basketball fan's dream come true. i got to go down to georgia, near his home, talk about his hall of fame career, his second act as a prolific businessman and pitch man. but the highlight, we surprised a group of kids on a playground. imagine you're playing pickup with your buddies and shaquille o'neal gets out of a truck and plays with you >> whoa! shaquille o'neal >> all right let's play a game. you know who willie is big dog, come here for a second. >> hall-of-famer, shaquille o'neal is one of the most
8:17 am
dominant athletes in the history of sports. now eight years since he played his last nba game, the big man is proving to be an unstoppable businessman too. >> hey, shaq how about some help up here? >> nope. i'm retired. >> shaq had been told in college that big guys in basketball just didn't get endorsement deals the way michael and magic did. ♪ like to be like mike >> so i'm sit there and i'm watching, and thinking i'm never going to have a commercial ever. and this dumb dog comes on the tv bud mckenzie you remember him, right? so the commercials were always funny and cute cups, hats, damn napkins so i said to myself, okay, if i ever get a commercial, i've got to shaq it up. i've got to make people laugh. >> it was mom who gave shaq his famous sparkle >> when my mom talks, it's gold,
8:18 am
it's scripture, and she is the one who taught me the concept of what have you done to make somebody smile today >> back on the playground, i wasn't exactly michael or lebron, but i did have my moments. >> oh, nice form ooh! >> shaq, though, proved to be a tough match-up >> ah! >> no way i lose to an anchorman. >> he said no way i lose to an anchorman. >> i love that. >> he's right. he didn't lose to an anchorman but he is everything you think he is. he's incredibly smart with his business, but he's so charming and so funny and we walked up on these kids, and their jaws dropped. he brought them in for a huddle, gave them a pep talk about life and basketball and then played with them for a half hour. >> they'll never forget that >> it was incredible really fun conversation with shaquille o'neal this sunday and on the sunday sitdown podcast. >> i love that >> which we subscribe to the sunday sitdown >> for free if you want to. >> on apple podcast?
8:19 am
where will you get yours >> wherever you get yours. >> we sat down with his mom a couple days ago and she made her famous mac-n-cheese. >> shaq's mom. >> we should invite your mom can you hook it up for me? >> she's got a big rider, the m & m. you don't want to get involved in that. finally, jason momoa, known for his beard. well, guys, jason said goodbye are you ready? to his facial hair and those characters yesterday in a video posted to his youtube page here we go >> i want to see this. >> to 12 is t2012 is the last t shaved goodbye, drogo >> oh, wow. >> oh, hello >> yeah. hello. >> a clean-shaven -- it still works. either way the actor posted the video to bring awareness to the benefits of using aluminum instead of plastic products see, it's all for a good cause
8:20 am
thank you. >> it is for a good cause. you're welcome that's your pop start. have a good day today. >> thanks for that you have a daily click for us? >> i do, although it's tough to follow we've been following the saga of the country song old town road first it was not country enough, and then removed and then billy ray cyrus got involved it was a drama that fans and supporters of the song couldn't get enough of and even though now it's been sitting at number one on billboard's hot 100 list, i think with he found the oh only person who was thoroughly unimpressed with this hit sonin♪ >> oh, my ♪ >> 7-month-old malia expecting to hear baby shark until dad decided to change it up with "old town road" and she is not a fine mom said they had to go back to
8:21 am
baby shark so she would smile. >> all right, guys. >> thank you, sheinelle. now to a remarkable story from world war ii that's getting some well-deserved attention now. the new book, "code name lise," details the heroism of the war's most decorated spy stephanie gosk is here with more this is not a story that i had heard of. >> i've got to tell you, this is a great book and i don't have a lot of time to read books. this is a great book brilliant, beautiful and fearless strengths she used to fight against the nazis. few people have heard her story, but that's about to change headed to new york city's spy escape museum to sit down with the book's author and odette's granddaughter. she is not well-known but should be she was the most highly decorated world war ii spy now her little-known story is brought to vivid life in a new book >> how did your grandmother have that courage
8:22 am
>> i think it was instilled in her from a very early age. her grandfather said you must do your duty. and that was throughout her life >> at the time in nazi-occupied france, female spies were raising less suspicion than their male counterparts. fluent in both english and french, sansome was exactly who the allies needed. >> they were saboteurs that was their job they were to blow up the german bridges and ammo dumps and barges and all of those things >> odettte was a courier, the second deadliest job for the allies 42% would be killed. >> explain to me how dangerous it was on a day-to-day basis they couldn't stay in the same place. they had multiple identities whenever they moved, they were shoulder-to-shoulder with german
8:23 am
officers and gustapo, right? >> yes, teeming with soldiers and gustapo. >> the book reveals the romance that develops between odette and organizer, peter churchill. >> they're a couple so they're arm in arm and one thing leads to another and they fall in love. >> and soon they weren't acting like a couple. >> exactly. >> both the espionage and romance come to an end when the couple was betrayed and arrested by the nazis in an effort to get the names and locations of other spies, the gustapo interrogated and tortured odette, including ripping out each of her toe nails. >> there are scenes in this book i had a difficult time reading and she was not my grandmother. >> reading larry's book, her time in the bunker, was really explained. and i also felt such love for her, knowing she got through that knowing that we were cooking
8:24 am
chicken soup together later on, but shes would the only one condemned to death, and she is the only one who survived. >> did she ever talk about it? >> all she ever talked about was the fact that her comrades didn't make it the women she trained with the women she bonded with. the women she became really good friends with they didn't make it back >> she never gave the germans any information, and for years, odette endured the rest of the war in ravensbrook, the notorious nazi concentration camp where up to 100,000 women were killed. near death herself when the war ended, sansome returned home to almost immediate praise and celebrity. a movie made about her heroism as well as medals, becoming the most highly decorated allied spy, man or woman. >> and odette won them all the george cross, order of the british empire, france's highest honor. she cleans up. >> as her granddaughter, how
8:25 am
proud does that make you feel? >> extraordinarily proud and honored and honored to carry my middle name is odette, and i'm extremely honored to carry that name. >> she briefly married peter, but the war-time romance wouldn't last. nor would the celebrity. now her story is being revised as an inspiration, not just for odette's family, but for all of us did you ever think to yourself, oh, my god, if i was in that situation, i don't know. would i have done it myself? >> she was so brave. and it just really showed how horrific humanity can be and i think it really just shows that with whatever situation, if you just put your heart into it, you can find strength. . >> ah. >> incredible, the story that none of us knew. >> i'll tell you, while you read it, you try to put yourself in that place and you think, god, the people that did that -- the honor and duty they felt to go and put their lives at risk.
8:26 am
she left three daughters behind in england when she went and worked as a spy in nazi controlled france. >> crazy. >> like savannah said, i hope someone bought the movie rightsa police standoff that ended late good morning. it's 8:26. i'm kris sanchez. a new twist this morning in a police standoff that ended late last night in benicia. police say the suspect is the same man responsible for shutting down a bay area bridge two weeks ago. they arrested 54-year-old rodney brinckerhoff. they say he called 911 claiming to have a gun and threatening to harm a relative. he did eventually surrender peacefully, but now we're learning he was out on bail at the time for allegedly issuing a bomb threat that shut down the benicia bridge for hours on april 5th. a look at your traffic picture with mike inouye.
8:27 am
i feel sorry for the folks traveling north through oakland but i am happy i have something to report. slowing north 880 heading up to 29th where there was a disabled vehicle that has just been moved to the shoulder. no injuries and no major crash when we had to clear the lanes and that's what caused the jam for the nimitz. 580 more traffic as folks shifted over there but no need. we haven't had any real slow spots. a tiny bit of slowing for the south bay and watch for the fog at the golden gate bridge. you see the few cars here and able to navigate, kris. more local news in a half hour. who doesn't love a deal?
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♪ and we are back! 8:30 on a friday morning, the 19th of april, 2019. a good friday. all these folks kicking off their holiday weekend on the plaza! by the way, in addition to good friday, do you know what else today is >> i know it just came in with the breaking news. >> what is it?
8:31 am
>> it's sheinelle's birthday. >> is it >> yay >> sheinelle's birthday? a one, a two, a three! ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ happy birthday dear sheinelle ♪ ♪ happy birthday to you >> yay >> thank you, guys [ cheers and applause ♪ how old are you just kidding. >> 41. i embrace 41 >> is that your real age or tv age? >> you wear it well. >> we've got a crowd moment for you. i'm looking for bun bun. >> bun bun >> aww >> i knew i would find a bun bun here so you're bun bun or this is bun bun? >> this is bun bun. >> okay, that makes a lot more -- >> i'm jude. >> and this is your first time on tv?
8:32 am
>> yes. >> so what do you want to do with your big moment here? >> everything! >> you can tap-dance, you can spin in a circle anybody you want to say hi to? >> i want to say hi to my family in nashville, tennessee, new orleans and -- yeah. >> awesome you have family all over well, happy easter i'm sure bun bun will be celebrating. >> yes >> all right thanks for being here. >> thank you >> cute. >> big thanks to bun bun >> guys, as we all know, it's sheinelle's birthday and also good friday, the start of passover and this morning we're going to wrap-up our frontiers of faith series with a closer look at our remarkable trip to jerusalem, exploring some of the world's holiest sites. >> beautiful. >> a little windy out here. also ahead, spring spruce up so you can enjoy outdoor spaces is this summer from furniture to controlling mosquitoes to fun diy projects. and cooking with a rising star on the food scene, a chef
8:33 am
with an incredible life story. he'll share some of his experiences and give us a taste of some of the dishes he made so popular. >> looking forward to that don't forget, by the way, mother's day right around the corner, going to be here before we know it and we are looking for some deserving moms to celebrate. we want to toast the moms here on the plaza we're hosting a special brunch right here on the plaza, friday, may 10th you can nominate your mom or mom that you know by going to our website,, and tell us why that mom is so special >> all right dylan, we know it's windy. >> it certainly is thanks for showing us. >> what else do you know about the weather? >> it is actually going to be pretty nice for most of the country, as we head into this easter and passover weekend. we do have to start off with some rain across new england early tomorrow morning, but then that will clear out. back through the appalachians, we see clouds and spotty showers. but you'll get some dry times, too. we are looking at warmer temperatures to work into texas. highs near 90. close to 80 degrees through the middle of the country.
8:34 am
and then on easter sunday itself, we are looking at a popup shower or two, back through pennsylvania, into western new york but for the most part, it does look dry up and down the east coast, should be seeing highs in the 60s and 70s, lots of sunshine through florida. warm through texas afternoon storms could start to develop through the middle of the country, and on the west coast, lots of sun a live view right now using our weather underground cameras. temperatures in the 60s right now. some upper 50s. eventually we'll be warming up into some 70s for inland areas. but in san francisco expect to see a combination of a little bit of fog right now. once that burns off we'll get filtered sunshine. we have showers expected to move in on saturday mainly to the north and east of us. breezy saturday with a warm-up expected once again into sunday. snoop we have got a beautiful picture
8:35 am
we've got a beautiful picture here of sister pat and what does she say? >> say yes to the morning. >> i love that where are you all from >> attleboro, massachusetts. >> awesome and sister pat. >> isn't she beautiful >> a wonderful thing to say in the morning. we like that very much and now to our frontiers of faith series, wrapping up this morning as we head into easter weekend and passover with a look at some of our favorite moments from the holy land >> this is the center of the spiritual universe for so many different faiths this is a very famous street. >> yes it's the street -- that jesus >> reporter: this went along on his way to cavalry. >> this is the famous garden, right? >> yes, the garden of getheseme.
8:36 am
>> is this legal, father >> it's legal for you. >> i can see you can really see the city from this vantage point. >> this is the holiest site in the jewish faith. >> it's a very emotional spot here, no doubt that's really the main prayer hall of the muslim population here in jerusalem. >> welcome, savannah >> it adds to the magic of the moment when you climb steps like this and you're going to approach the temple. >> the city of david is the place that if you take a shovel and you dig, you look underneath the ground, whatever you pull out of the ground is going to match the pages of the bible >> my first find wow! father, we're walking in the jordan river
8:37 am
and this is such a special and meaningful place for christians and for jews when you have your feet in the river of jordan as we do now, what do you think about? >> it's a reminder of -- to whom we belong and of our own baptism. >> so this whole area was closed for decades. >> yeah. >> it was too dangerous. >> my vision is this land will be blooming again. >> hopefully it will be beautiful again. >> people come from all over the world to pray and search for meaning and for spirituality in the city together. everybody is welcome to pray here >> and hopefully to pray above all for peace. >> hmmm. >> this has been one of the -- one of my most favorite series we've done on the show. >> me too. i feel so lucky to get to be a part of it i can't say enough about our
8:38 am
photographers, our producer, yial federerbush we shot i guess four or five stories you saw all this week. we did it in two days. >> wow. >> and the rain was pouring for a lot of it. yes. and they were just -- there's our senior producer, t tom mazarelli. we had a good dinner in jerusalem. i really loved the people. the place was incredible i loved the people i met, you know, from our franciscan friar who took me around to our beautiful palestinian producer who brought me into the mosque i just -- i thought it was an incredible experience. >> was there one highlight i know there were so many memorable experiences. >> well, there were so many. but i loved that father luke, who is now my e-mail buddy, and i like to think a personal friend, he made me that beautiful bouquet from the garden of gethsemene, and to take home an olive branch they think would have been one of the
8:39 am
trees perhaps he prayed by, you know yeah so most are in my heart, but that is in my hand >> thank you for sharing with us. >> i'm so grateful thank you for being interested. >> we went to the holy land this week next, we go outside. getting ready for summer the simple things you can do to improve your outdoor space but first, this is "today" on
8:40 am
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and we're back with "today home," as we head into the holiday weekend with warmer temperatures approaching, time to get outside and spruce up your space for the spring and summer months. >> we talk to george, guys latest trends and simple diy tips and george to the rescue is here good morning. >> the weather is beautiful, and it's a beautiful weekend coming ahead of us. and so it's time to get out there, spring has sprung but one thing we hate with the outside is mosquitoes. >> yes >> and so i have got a couple
8:42 am
things just right off the bat. >> what's this one >> amazing all right. i got kids, you got kids the kids never shut the door, right? my wife yells all of the time, shut the screen door, we don't want bugs inside magnets, super easy to install. >> magnets. >> some of my neighbors had one of these, their kids running in and out. it's the best way to keep the bugs out when it's hard to keep the door shut. your kids, dog -- they open the door, don't shut it. >> what about outdoors >> outdoors, okay -- so the other reason we get a lot of mosquitoes is the larvae, standing water birdbaths, they're great, but what can we do to keep the mosquitoes away? these little busineiscuits set this nontoxic but a bacteria that kills larvae, but it's fine for animals, humans, whatever. so it's safe for us. >> i've never seen that. expensive? >> no, not expensive at all. $9 for the 26 packs right here
8:43 am
so -- donate them. they a don't eat them. >> this should also be the time of year where we get outside and maybe get our hands dirty and do some yard work. >> so the major lopping, when you would have one of these bad boys right here, that's used more in the fall in the spring, you don't want to really ever take off more than 10%. this is just kind of encouraging the trees to grow and to blossom. you just want to find dead stuff -- we got this stuff right over here to remove. the little stuff down on the bottom >> this is the time of year to do that. >> exactly and you want to cut it at an angle. and there is this thing right here -- you can actually see it right here it's the branch collar. >> yeah. >> and you don't want to interfere with that, you want to cut along it and leave that intact and then you'll have a healthy growth. >> all right dylan, you're up. >> now that we've got the hard stuff -- >> the hard stuff is done. >> let's get to the pretty flowers. we have elon here, and she is getting going on this wagon. i love this idea. >> yeah, this is a great way to
8:44 am
bring a garden right -- if you don't have room for a garden or a place for the kids you get a red wagon like this, fill it with dirt and flowers. my friend elon here is showing us how easy it is. get the plants out once you get them out of the containers, it's good to do with the kids, vegetable gardens, flowers. >> this is perfect for the kids. i think she likes getting her hands dirty. >> no. and also encourages them to get outside. enjoy the beautiful weather. and, you know, toil in the soil. >> i love it that was one of my favorite things to do when i had a garden i've never actually done a bird feeder before. >> this is easy. i put one of these together the other morning when i was looking after the kids i got a bunch of kids in my house, as well and it really is just the screws, these plastic pieces and we have it assembled from stage one to stage three but -- >> that's the roof okay pop this on. >> put the roof on it's already predrilled. so you just -- >> perfect. >> want to make sure it's lined up and literally with a land screw you can do this. >> so you don't need tools to
8:45 am
get involved in this one too. >> i think we missed -- >> probably missed, because i'm helping. >> don't worry we can install this. but the nice thing is, you invite birds into your yard. another way to get the mosquitoes eaten bat houses are cool too. >> i used to have a bat house growing up. >> i knew you would. >> george, we're in our outdoor space. we want it to look good. please do so -- besides cool, fluffy pillows, what should we look for >> things that can deal with the elements as far as the outdoor furniture game has come, if you have outdoor rugs made out of recycled plastic bottles, easy to wash, not going to get mold and mildew cushions that can deal with all different things that mother nature throws out and dry quickly, don't fade and they're ready for entertaining. >> cute, too i like to use outdoor stuff inside, because i have toddlers. and it's easy to wipe off. >> hey, i know how that is.
8:46 am
>> george, thank you so much by the way, new episodes of "george to the rescue" air this weekend on nbc you can catch them on youtube, as well. and up next, one of the hottest young chefs on the food scene and just wait until you hear the story and check out the delicious dishes he creates, as well you don't want to miss this. first, though, thiis "today" first, though, thiis "today" on nbcs
8:47 am
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this is beyond wifi. this is xfi. simple. easy. awesome. xfinity. the future of awesome. ♪ 8:48, back with "today food," and rising star in the culinary world his name is kwame, a james beard award nominee and also executive chef in washington, d.c., and shares his remarkable journey and diverse heritage in the memoir, "notes from a young black chef." >> hi, my name is kwame, i'm here in washington, d.c., at the
8:49 am
wharf. >> at just 29 years old, he already has three restaurants under his name >> this is one of the most iconic pieces in the restaurant. you'll see quotes from some of the chefs i've worked for. this piece means a lot to me it's shaped who i am in this industry. >> attending the culinary institute of america was a dream, and a far cry from growing up in the bronx with his mother and sister. >> my mother shaped my desire to become a chef just by watching her. she had a catering company she operated from the house in the bronx. and me and my sister were her first two prep cooks this is the kitchen, where the magic happens. >> to keep him out of trouble, his mother sent him to live with his grandfather in nigeria >> this is my mama's shrimp. >> the world of food already in his dna from his mother's louisiana roots. he learned about his family's african traditions. >> i went from eating mcdonald's every day as a kid to eating, you know, pounded yam and a goosey soup or okra soup.
8:50 am
>> trouble came when he returned and college didn't work out. he landed a job as a cook in mexico. >> it was the first time i was cooking for customers. >> his food was a hit. he sold candy on new york city subways. >> i went from selling candy to going to the best cooking school in america the culinary institute of america. i wanted to get that formal training >> he soon learned the disparities of a black chef pursuing fine dining. >> being a minority within an industry is difficult. there were some things that weren't spoken there were some things that were. >> then came the call of a lifetime from top chef. >> as a chef and as a person, i got to share my story with the world. >> he went on to work with the best, first per se and then 11 madison park, both new york city high-end restaurants. >> being in this industry as has afforded me so many opportunities to cook for amazing people and one of the best was being at the white house under the obama administration
8:51 am
>> at 26 years old, he took all this experience and opened his first fine dining restaurant in washington, d.c. it didn't succeed, but with determination and resilience, he came back with kip and kin. >> kip and kin means friends and family it's sharing dishes, and also food that's reflective of my culture. >> chef kwame, we are so happy you're here this morning thank you so much. >> thank you for having me. >> so we're going to make something this morning that really is sort of a nod to a lot of the cultures we talked about there in the piece, right? >> yeah, absolutely. so we have about four pillars of cuisine at kip and kin creole, trinidadian, nigerian and jamaican, the backgrounds of my family. >> and they're all in this dish. >> this is nigerian. this is called suya. you'll see the different seasonings cayenne, ginger, paprika, garlic
8:52 am
and magicum. secret ingredient. >> ah. >> so we're going to season this with salt aggressively. >> aggressively. >> aggressively. >> aggressively. >> and then the suya powder, both sides make sure it's really, really seasoned well. >> and do you season right before you throw it on or do you let it sit for a while >> i would like to do it right before i throw it on because if you put salt on meat beforehand, it starts to sweat and you don't get that char. >> ah. >> and you want your pan to be hot. >> okay. >> all right so you're going to char it on both sides and it's going to come out looking like this. >> roughly how long? >> i would say five to ten minutes. and you can do it on the grill outside, which is nice too. >> i like the grill marks. i like that. and ladies, what's the word? >> are you kidding me? melts in your mouth. how do you get it so tender. >> i'm going to get to that. don't give it all away we're going to add some mirpwa this is nigerian it's seasoning blend or arre
8:53 am
arresto-matic blend of onions and carrots. i'm going to cover it with chicken stock i've made in advance. >> you make your own, of course. >> yeah, you've got to make it all. and then i'm going to wrap it in plastic wrap and foil and put it in the oven for three hours at 300 degrees. here i make a glaze. hitso is a west african condiment. chile and shrimp powder. and i like to add honey for sweetness. >> that smells amazing >> yeah, it's really nice. we're going to let that simmer. >> 30 seconds left >> okay. and then it's going to come out looking like this. we're going to put a weight on it and press it, cut it into cubes. season it again. char it, and it will come out looking like this. >> that's why it's so good >> wow >> what kind of meat was that again? >> this is short rib >> it melts in your mouth. >> it does >> you've got a cauliflower dish
8:54 am
over there that looks like it's next level. >> this is our charred brasicas. some pickled items, as well. >> that is fantastic >> thank you i'm glad you enjoy it. >> chef kwame, thank you so much amazing story. solid restaurant, too. if you would like to check out those recipes, the book, we'll be back. you buckle up, start the car, put it in gear and take off. next thing you know, the phone is in your hand! stop! we should be holding the wheel, not holding the phone. it's a busy world out there. and we're all in it together. go safely, california.
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8:57 am
the officer did a u-turn and other officers responded. shortly afterward the suspect was dead at the scene. police don't know yet what prompted the suspect to shoot at the officer. we don't yet know whether the suspect had any connection to the hospital. happening now at the scene all morning long, a live update in our midday newscast at 11:00. meantime, you can go to the top of our home page for more back story. house lawmakers issued a subpoena for the unredacted mueller report. in a twitter feed the latest on today's response from democrats including new reaction from house speaker nancy pelosi who is traveling overseas. also, friends and family are fearing the worst for a peninsula high school student who disappeared while boogie boarding in the ocean. on our home page can you find the latest developments and what rescuers are saying about the search this morning. wait an ent
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reimbursement check until our consumer tea hitting a snag. >> small business owner told to wait an entire year for a reimbursement check until our consumer team got involved. >> waiting for another warm-up.
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start with internet and voice for just $59.90 a month. it's everything a small business owner needs. comcast business. beyond fast. rockefeller plaza this is the third hour of "today." >> good morning. welcome to the third hour of today. craig alongside sheinelle, dylan, savannah guthrie. >> i think this might be my first time in a really long time. >> it is. >> thanks for having . >> you are going to talk about that faith series we have enjoyed this week. we will shend expenditupend mor about that. >> i said i don't have to worry about the time. get to commercial, i can go rogue. >> we should note the obvious. it's a holiday, so that means al roker is not here. >> he rubbed


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