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tv   Early Today  NBC  May 28, 2019 4:00am-4:29am PDT

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breaking overnight more tornadoes causing havoc and touching down while record flooding strikes the middle of the country. thousands are without power and 48 million americans are in the path of severe weather >> a lawyer from colorado is the 13th mt. everest climber to lose his life on the world's highest peak this year >> it was hawaii's sixth shark attack this year but the first fatality since 2015. details on a victim visiting from california. >> remembering one of major league babe's best hitters who endured one of the most unforgettable moments in theo ae biggest hitmakers in the
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industry "early today" starts right now good tuesday morning at least two tornados touchdown phillip mena. down in ohio overnight leaving behind devastation. >> our house is gone a tornado just hit our house >> the person who shared this video says their street was destroyed. a neighbor had to be extracted by firefighters when a light pole fell through their home there have been reports of at least seven people taken to local hospitals. the massive tornado that struck near dayton was caught on camera more than 0,000 homes lost power. parts of interstate 85 along with other major roads had to be shut down as officials worked to clear away>> towns in oklahoma and arkansas are underwater and cs foould ou side of dayton this was a violent tornado the radar picked up the debris
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the tornado was picking it up and throwing it as high as 18,000 feet up in the air. that's how we know it was an intense tornado, maybe ef-4. the threat is slowly ending here that storm that produced the tornados now just south of parkersburg. there is not going to be a lot of pictures of the tornado because it happened in the middle of the night. those res typically the most deadly and in all yesterday, 47 tornado reports from colorado all the way through illinois and even through indiana. today's threat map, again, it's going to be another dangerous day. two sections, one with storms going from ohio into pennsylvania, possibly isolated corridor late in the day and95 right back in the central plains not only seve weathelot more ra. >> we've been dealing with the severe weather pore well over a week straight. >> at least ten a day. >> more than a one-two punch.
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>> president trump is on his way back to d.c. this morning after a whirlwind trip to japan. he visited with troops aboard the "uss wasp" and thanked hem for their service. >> memorial day links every grateful american heart in eternal tribute to those babe souls who gave their last breath for our nation the unbreakable resolve of these heroes lives on in every american who wears our great uniform. >> his speech underscores the importance of america's alliance and nbc's tracy pos joins us with the very latest this trip though wasn't without controversy. >> no, it wasn't, phillip and frances. because in part, the president, he contradicte security adviser, and our ally japan on north korea and whether these missile tests that have been launched by north korea violate security
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resolutions from the united nations international security agreement. both the nsa and japan say they did. but president trump said on this be trip not necessarily. >> my people think it could have been a violation as you know i view it differently. i view it as a man perhaps he wants to get attention and perhaps not. who knows. it doesn't matter. i think that we are very much discussing different things with japan. we h unbelieva trade imbalance h has been there for many, many years. >> the president talking about trade there. there was not expected to be any sort of a trade deal to come out of this. he talked about the imbalance but the u.s. and japan probably won't seriously talk about trade until after their parliamentary elections. the president stirring it up controversy also recovery seas criticizing joe biden siding with north korea's dictator on
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vice president and presidential rival joe biden. even some republicans didn't like that. one called it just plain wrong phillip, frances >> i'm sure we'll be discussing it throughout the day. >> another climber has died on mt. everest. this time an american lawyer who died monday on his way down from the summit joe fryer reports. >> reporter: in a place where climbers are abundant but oxygen is scarce, adventurers are waiting to summit mt. evert. after reaching the top, 62-year-old chris coolish died while descending we are heart broken his family says he saw his last sunrise from the highest peak on earth. he became a member of the seven-summit club scaling the highest peak on each continent 137 have died on evert this year many experienced including robin
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hanes fisher who also reached the summit. >> hard work. >> reporter: in his final instagram post, he wrote with a somethingal route to the summit, delays caused by overcrowding could problem fatal. experts say because of the long line, climbers are spending too much time in the so-called death zone where oxygen is limited the government issued a record 381 permits. critics worry too many are experienced. >> the solution is we need to have much stricter requirements on who climbs mt. evert. >> calls for change 29,000 feet high where every minute counts >> because of poor weather conditions there this year, the window to reach the summit is small which is another reason why it's so crowded there right now. frances. >> joe fryer for us, thank you >> we're learning more about the man from california who died in what's said to be the first deadly shark attack in maui since 2015 he was identified as thomas
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smiley he was swiping about 60 yards from shore when the attack happened now his family and friends are remembering him as a beloved outdoorsman. gadi schwartz has the latest. >> reporter: this is the sixth shark attack in hawaii this year the first one to turn deadly since 2015 a high speed rush to shore, rescuers bringing a shark attack victimut of the unresponsive. >> reporter: the witnesses say his jue catastrophic. >> his entire left leg from his knee down was missing. >> reporter: crews you be able to save the retired optometrist in virginia the day before he was set to return home authors say he had gone out for a swim around 200 feet offshore. >> his best friend remembering him as a adventurer who loved scuba diving and exploring. >> he was in the wrong place at the wrong time doing something that he was extremely comfortable and loved. >> reporter: statistically the
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chances of being killed by a shark are lower than a lightning strike last year, 32 traeks across the country, only one fatal but all alarming hawaii's last deadly attack happened in 2015 once again, signs on the beach warning of an forever present danger even in shallow water so far officials have not said what kind of shark this was. experts say it is usually tiger sharks most likely t buckner he died after a long battle with dementia he played 22 years in the majors winning a batting title in 1980 and an all-star with the cubs. the red sox honored him with a moment of silence before their game his legacy was defined by a costly mistake where he let the ground ball roll through his legs allowing the mets to beat the red sox. those old wounds eventually healed with fans opening their hearts to him in 2008.
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he was 69 years old. >> disney's live action remake of an lal lad din" had one of the best memorial day openings ever to the tune of $112.7 million. with will smith starring as the genie, it had the fifth largest memorial day debut of all time holding strong was "john wick: chapter 3 - parabellum" and avengers e"avengers" endgame". the avengers scored 23.2 million. >> people back to work and rough weather. >> a lot of people still traveling. airports that will be impacted omaha, kansas city chicago not too showers out there. good see thunderstorms pittsburgh late in the day baltimore and philadelphia if anyone's going to be driving, a rough go of 0 it lately on 35.
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anyone heading north wards from oklahoma city possibly up there towards des moines, we'll keep an eye on it f ouy will be day nine or be in the hundreds again from charleston to be jacksonville to augusta. >> the heat wave didn't get a lot of attention with the tornadoes going on we had all time records. >> busy weather week thank you so much. in today's quick hits, the first photo of a rare albino panda debuted to the world take in april at the national nature reserve in china believed to be the first fully albino panda ever to be photographed. >> in the midst of high demand for specially trained dogs,
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about this morning aldi has issued a recall for five-pound bags of bakers corner au purpose flour over e. coli concerns at least three people have been hospitalized the bags were sold at aldy stores in 11 states. the products were manufactured at ad m's flour mill in buffalo, new york the best use by dates are december 2nd and 3, 2019 consumers should return the flour for a full refund. >> we're learning new information about the hiker lost for nearly three weeks in maui amanda heller was found during a rescue mission by three men. one of them sharing new details
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about her rescue molly hunter has her story. >> reporter: phillip, we've got e helicopter that spotted amanda he tells us where she went wrong. after searching for 17 days, rescuers found amanda eller. >> there she goes. >> reporter: she was badly injured with a fractured leg, burns and skin infection. >> the last 17 days of my life have been the toughest days of my life. >> reporter: police stopped their official search for her after just three days. her family along with a private rescue team began their own certainly. >> you can't give up. >> reporter: on friday rescuers were on their last ten minutes of fuel when they spotted her. troy was part of that team. >> everybody was making noise. she's there. then we were all getting excited. the helicopter pilot was telling us to calm do. >> reporter: the 35-year-old hiked this trail before but this
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time left her phone in the car. >> once she got into the vegetation, if i put you down there, everythinr water and sleeping in a wild boar den she covered herself with ferns to stay warm. >> there were times of total fear and loss and wanting to give up and it came down to life and death and i had to choose. and are celebrating just that >> and celebrating life is exactly what this community is doing. yesterday at a big barbecue right here, her family, the community all thanked the rescuers, everyone who rallied around to bring her home. >> such a great story with a great ending what a will to live. >> still ahead, mail time. our first look at the blues clue reboot i guess why they call it working blue why elton john refused to taupe down the "r" rating for rocket man. you're watching "early today." feel the clarity of non-drowsy claritin
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gives you smooth results in just seconds that you'll fall in love with instantly. available at walmart in the foot care aisle. all right. it's me. josh and this is my puppy blue. we can't wait to play blues clues with you >> okay. so write it in your notebooks. blue's clues will be back in september. blue and her new friend josh can teach the next generation of detectives to look for clues >> i wonder if steve will make a cameo at some point. >> i love all the reboots.
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>> kids love the show, too for the movie "rocketman" elton john wasn't just okay with r rated moments. he advocated for them. >> i know who you are. just don't kill urh drugs. >> yeah. the entertainer says that some studios wanted to leave out the sex and drugs but keep the rock 'n' roll to get the pg13 in an essay for the guardian, he says i haven't led a pg139 life. that's part of his story who wants to see kind of a diluted version of a rock 'n' roll story. >> i have to sabo hemoian rhapsody had more of that grit it didn't. i wanted it to be more powerful that way. >> it got massive appeal it invites all the audiences younger, too >> what elton waned.
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here. >> you want some. >> in thk began circling around their boat they were sailing about 300 feet from shore when the shark suddenly appeared. a woman said she initially thought it was a dolphin but no. >> that's not a dolphin. >> bill's back. >> i thought you were going to say the woman on the boat said we need a bigger boat. >> some distance. >> over the weekend, multiple areas hit 100 degrees including augusta, savannah and jacksonville we're going to do it again today. the record heed wave continues today. columbia 101 this is midsummer even worse than that type heat for southeast. >> thank you when we come bac ak, songwriter helping some others here with her big hits spf
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hello sunshine won't you stay >> the boss is taking the band on the road, bruce springsteen announced he and the band are going on tour next year. the tour comes with a new album the band plans to record in the fall. >> that sounds a little bit like a johnny cash song i heard of this new album, kind of countryish. >> nbc's new song writing competition called "songland" premieres tonight. one of the stars you know her music well cynthia mcfadden introduces us to esther dean. >> i knew i was going to b right
4:26 am
a little girl growing up in the midwest with big, big dreams, a big, big talent and a gift for song writing >> liftoff for me the women who you have written music for. >> the women, they're all women. kelly clarkson, re-anna, beyonce, nicki minaj, j.lo, mary jay brij, katy perry. ♪ baby you're a firework >> i've been writing since i was in third grade. >> her story began in oklahoma raised by a single mother. the youngest of five her family relied on food stamps and church donations to get by. >> i knew i could sing and that was my way out. >> reporter: at 18 she drove to atlanta to pursue her dreams. >> did it occur to you the odds uc>>h work on myself and went through enough disappointment to nosht for
4:27 am
the stars. >> reporter: and for the stars she did not just writing for them but becoming one in "pitch perfect. >> what's that. >> i want to be oprah. >> reporter: on her way, she will be starring in a new television show called "songland" premiering on nbc finding and nurturing young songwriters her way of giving back. >> still got that old kind of loving >> that's nice, yeah. >> i know how to write a song and i know how to give back. and this is the perfect way to give people hope. >> reporter: are you prepared for what this tv show might do >> i don't think i am. >> reporter: because being on television every week. >> yes i don't know i'm just going to act the same, be the same person that s m goik >> could we see the next oprah don't miss the premiere at cent.
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and a good tuesday morning to you. a live look at downtown san jose. a beautiful way to start the day. welcome back to men. and mike. >> mike, too. >> it feels like a monday. >> we are going to start warming , marcus. and mike as well. we'll be in the 70s and 80s. we're in the 50s right now. 53 degrees. 54 down to the south bay. check out your temperature trend this afternoon. a couple of clouds here
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