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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 31, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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will be another cloudy start. that's all because of that system that's passing nearby. but, hey, at least we didn't get any rain here locally from that system. 56 degrees right now. however, into the arch, look at how your day is going to be shaping up. upper 70s for palo wall toe. upper 50s, low 60s for the coastline. >> vianey, it's been great to have you all week. i'll be watching you all weekend. look at the fog. the zipper truck made its way without incident. no problems. the light traffic you expect for friday, that's okay. light traffic, yes, approaching the bay bridge. at the bay bridge, you see the fastrak lanes moving. you do have the backup and the wait there. a little build in hayward and slowing starting. but nothing big. now new details from nbc bay
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area investigative unit on a story that made national headlines. last month a woman was trapped and pulled under a muni train. muni is looking into a mishap last tuesday where a woman got her hand caught in the train door while getting off the train. another mishap last month was caught on video where the passenger's hand was caught in the door. she was trapped at the embarcadero station. in this past week's incident, the train operator realized the passenger's hand was caught in the door and opened the door about a block later. last month's incident prompted the agency to order new sensors to be installed.
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muni says the problems with the door sensors date back to last october when they started inspecting the newer fleets but now they are expecting the older fleets as well. >> thank you, sharon. this morning president trump's trade war has a new battlen front a lot closer to home. tracie potts is live in washington. now he's going after mexico. >> reporter: he is. and the president says it's because of immigration. he want mexico to start across the border. in the meant he will tax everything they try to sell in the u.s. 5%. everything coming across the southern border starting in a couple of weeks. adding to that until it reaches
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25%. a permanent tariff until president trump says they get immigration under control. we're getting reaction this morning from mexico reaction from mexico's president. a letter sent to the u.s. to president trump saying that taxes aren't the way to solve the immigration problem. he has his foreign minister on the way to d.c. today to talk about this. and reaction from democrats, too. here on capitol hill, they're not in session. but by twitter we have heard from at least one democratic committee saying this is not the way to deal with the situation, that the president has a basic understanding of immigration. no response from the white house on that letter or what the discussion, if any, with the mexican foreign minister might
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be as president trump threatens to impose tariffs in just a couple of weeks. >> it is not just avocados. it is cars and steel. it could have an impact on families. thank you, tracie. new details on wednesday's kai on theic hit and run through tenderloin. police are naming the woman they say was behind the wheel. 25-year-old cherry neil is accused of striking two people in several cars with a stolen suv. police say she was doing all of this while invading officers over several blocks. surveillance showing the chaos. neil facing cower counts of felony hit and run and driving under the influence fda regulators are taking a closer look at part of the cannabis industry. >> yeah. it's a big thing and a big question this morning whether companies should be allowing -- or be allowed to use cbd oil in food, drinks and supplements. there is a lot of confusion about cbd right now.
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ali wolf is live at meta san jose national airport when a look at what's going on. ali. >> reporter: good morning, marcus. well, if you're flying out of an airport like this one, you will be allowed to take certain cbd products through security and onto a plane because the tsa just said this weekend that they will be changing its policy on medical marijuana. but here's where it gets a little bit tricky. the fda currently does not approve cbd to be used in food, drinks, and other supplements. but that is not stopping companies from using it. as you may know, cbd products are easily available and very popular. you probably heard of it being sold in the form of gummies and drinks and supplements. even pet treats. it is predicted to become a $20 billion business. it is made from hemp. it does not have thc, so it will not get you high. people are already relying on cbd oil for pain relief from things like arthritis.
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today's hearing is the first step to try to regulate the cannabis compounds. there has been some confusion reasonable, and that led to arrests. one woman was taken into custody at disney after being caught carrying cbd oil. and another had it in her back at an airport in dallas. >> i think it's a very good idea. it doesn't have the effects of it, you know, of like marijuana or something like that. people use it for health reasons. >> i don't use it, but i know people that do. >> reporter: watt today's hearing, the fda will hear from experts, some companies and ultimately they want to look into whether or not cbd is safe
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before they decide whether they should regulate it. reporting live from san jose airport, ali wolf, "today in the bay". okay. definitely a hot topic. thank you, ali 6:07. new this morning, relief is about to arrive for one of the bay area's so-called food deserts. it opens on san pablo near market. the owner said there hasn't been a full-service in that area since the 1970s. he said most focus on alcohol, tobacco, snacks and packaged food which is a real problem for people without cars. >> people want to eat healthier, do it conveniently where they live instead of having to go through the whole effort to get somewhere else. >> so good to see that. >> the new store is 14,000 square feet and will offer fresh produce, meat and dairy. more than 50 people have been hired so far almost entirely
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from the neighborhood. tomorrow will include music and a street festival. it is a great thing that is needed in all communities. >> the last couple of weeks vianey said things are getting canceled because of the weather. not this weekend. >> now we have sunshine. one of my sisters just got a grocery store. and i said where is that family discount? groceries are a little pricey. she doesn't start another two weeks. i guess i have to wait until she gets that start. if i get a family discount, you best believe i'm going to use it. temperatures for today. as kris said, a lot of the rain ended up ruining outdoor plans. you don't have to worry about it this weekend. go outside, enjoy the weather. the 80s will stick around through the weekend. so are the 70s through oakland area. again, cooler on the coastline. if the 80s are too warm for you, don't worry. you always have somewhere to retreat. that's the good thing about microclimates. you can pick fog and clear skies.
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nbc bay area. mike, how are the roads? >> looking really good, folks. take a look behind me. nice smooth flow. green sensors all over the bay. north 680 and mckee, the off-ramp, a crash activity near the off-ramp. it is open. and traffic sensors showing a real problem. use caution. highway 4 toward concord. 242, 680, all moving smoothly here. rest of contra costa, just the backup at the bay bridge toll plaza. fog for the north bay. crash 101 at 37. 101 through san rafael and low clouds here. farther back in novato at the 37. there may have been a deer hit. there is activity on the shoulder. no injuries reported for the drivers. i don't know about the deer. i'll let you know if we have any closures. back to you. thank you, mike. do you need another disruption during your morning drive? the new technology to allow
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you to blast messages to other drivers. how it works and what some people are saying. >> only what we can say on tv. >> mine would be something about the proper use of the left lane. >> down arrows as there is apparently another trade war going. we'll take a look when "today in the bay" continues. alright boys, time for bed.
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it is 6:12. as you head outside, it is still going to be cloudy. sunshine is on the way. once the skies part, temperatures will warm into the mid-70s. by 11:00 a.m. this is concord, one of our warmer spots. your weekend forecast coming up. looking at this drive westbound 580, that's the morning commute. talking about the weekend forecast. i'll talk about the weekend getaway midday eastbound. happy friday. we expect stocks to fall after threats of more tariffs. president trump announcing new graduated tariffs on all mexican products. 5% a week starting monday, and then 10% july 1st.
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5% more up to 25% until mexico does something about immigration. as you are watching tariffs go into place, understand it is more about just, say, avocados. they are an easy thing for the media to point to because you notice the price at the grocery store. oil and cars and machinery and medical goods. fruits and vegetables. but how do they consider things on steel and x-ray plates. remember, we may the tariffs, not mexico. uber filed its first financial report since becoming a public company, and it was pretty terrible. some of the biggest losses ever experienced by an american company. uber said it will slow down
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subsidies of some of its rides, meaning uber prices could go up. the president will allow gas stations to sell ethanol year around. it is not clear they have the power to do this. here's what he said. >> all i know is you have a lot of farmers, right? and my administration is protecting ethanol, all right. that's what you want to hear. >> you have the chinese tariffs on soy beans. swine flu which means hogs eat soy beans. >> right. >> you have that. you have flooding.
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>> i spent a few years growing crops in iowa. >> thank you, scott. new today, you can spell out your own message to the driver behind you using a brand-new device. it is called roadway. the l.e.d. screen is mounted in your car, truck, or suv and displays brief phrases. a lot of people think putting words in the window isn't a good idea. >> at the end of the day, not everyone is from the area. >> the ceo said his mother was the victim of road rage. i'm just glad they don't have emojis.
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>> maybe some words wouldn't be allowed. >> or gestures. >> don't put u in any of those. like you move over. >> use your signals. >> as you head out on the roads, we don't have those yet. you may have to stick to get upset in your own car type of thing. that's a pretty good shot there. yesterday the sun came out, as i promised. we will get that today. down to limited visibility in the north bay. we are noticing patchy fog. santa cruz, definitely dense
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fog. three miles of limited violate, hugging the coastline. we have thunderstorms lining up. remember that short wave trough that brought activity to the sacramento area. we are still going to keep that in mind today. as far as locally, the system stayed just far enough. we did not get any cloud cover. that kept temperatures below seasonable. morgan hill, 82. the interior valleys, mid-70s and 80 in concord. a little slower to clear.
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santa rosa, 79 degrees. it will be a beautiful weekend. the low that has been bringing a lot of cloud cover will make its exit. high pressure will dominate. our temperatures will really begin their warmup into the start of the workweek. overall, a great weekend ahead. mike? vianey, looking over here to the roadways. a great drive right now. san jose, you see a little brake tapping 101 north of 680. we saw a lot more traffic. it is 6:19. this is right about the time where we see the second burst of traffic for the morning. the first burst never caused much slowing than you just saw. it is right there circling above the e in san jose. 101, 37, north of there.
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he is caught from time to time as well. traffic is smooth. fastraks are moving. a biggedvantage if you have two other people. three people across the bay bridge. h.o.v. cash lanes over there and fastrak. slowing. the fog was registering. back to you. a possible new plan to honor princess diana in a new way in a location that may surprise you. >> asking you to weigh in on this. bay area kblx is banning all drake music until the warriors
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and raptors season is over. what do you think? follow me on twitter. you're watching "today in the bay".
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see how investing with a j.p. morgan advisor can help you. visit your local chase branch. here's a look at some of the news making headlines around the nation and the world. one climber died and two others were injured last night in the rock near the summit of mt. ranier. a total of five climbers were flown out, along with the body.
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north korea's kim jong-un executed his top negotiator from the failed trump summit weeks after. it claims four other leaders were purged. nbc news has been unable to verify any of it. talk about a partnership no one saw coming. alexandria ocasio-cortez and ted cruz are teaming up about ending the practice of former congressman becoming lobbyists. the search is for a missing suburban connecticut mother of five. >> they are praying for her safe return. she have last seen dropping children off at school last friday. police found her suv near a
6:25 am
park. >> we love you so much. and we just want you to come home. >> public court documents show dulos is in the process of divorcing her husband. according to her initial affidavit, she said she was terrified for her family's safety. >> new for you this morning, france is looking to honor princess diana. city council is expected to vote next month on renaming a square after her. it would be located near the site of the tragic car crash 22 years ago. then 36-year-old princess diana, her boyfriend, and driver died died after crashing into a concrete pillar in a traffic tunnel. a shrine is already in that area. actor mark wahlberg is on "ellen" today. he didn't know there is technology out there that can read your texts outloud in your
6:26 am
car. >> your name would come up and i hit it and then it says mark wahlberg says. >> i don't have your number. i've been on the show 16 times. >> mark wahlberg doesn't have it. we don't stand a chance. >> no, i don't. >> find out whether ellen gives him her number. you can find out at 4:00 today on nbc. and nbc bay area news starts after that. and then lester holt at 5:30. warriors fan might be a little blue. super fan drake didn't shut up about it. postgame chat has a lot of fans talking this morning. but first, rising rideshare
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fees for you. a new proposal from state regulators and what it could mean to you.
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to simone, i leave the van gogh. to harrison, the wine collection. grace, you get the beach house, just don't leave the lights on, okay? to mateo, my favorite chair. to chris, the family recipes. to craig, this rock. to jamie, well, let's just say, enjoy the ride. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud.
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the almonds to walter. the beaches to the bums. and the fog to, who else, karl. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california. all right. 6:30. we're looking live at the new york stock exchange ahead of the opening bell this morning. stocks are poised to open lower after president trump's tariff
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announcement. scott mcgrew is tracking that for us in the newsroom. it could be another rough day. thank you for joining us on this friday morning. hopefully your day won't be rough. i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia. >> i'm marcus washington. we have a look at the forecast for today. >> it's cloudy right now. kris, you were talking about coffee. you can take the coffee to go. we will warm up. 56 degrees in san jose. wind speeds are calm. that is exactly the vibe that i am picking up for the afternoon. considering we will have a rain until 10:00 a.m. then the skies will clear out. we're talking upper 70s for san jose. we will inch into the 80s for. that will set us up for a gorgeous weekend ahead. more detail in six minutes. >> please more details on the gorgeous waoebgseekend. very smooth drive for 6:30 in the morning. volume manageable but building in the east bay. nothing big, nothing dramatic.
6:31 am
university is getting away from 101 into the east bay. remember, there is a lot of facebook folks over there on the campus in fremont. a smooth drive-through the south bay. no delays through san jose or heading up to the rest of silicon valley. there is the bay bridge. you do have the backup because metering lights are on. >> thanks, mike. happening today, california's school superintendent tony thurmond is in the bay area. he's here to sit in for negotiations between new haven school district and teachers. thurmond is meeting with both sides today. last night, negotiations ran until 11:00. today will be day 9 of the strike. it started last month, affected thousands of students in union city and hayward. teachers will be back on the picket lines this morning. new this morning, your trips on uber and lyft could get you spending more money. it could be more expensive.
6:32 am
>> bob redell is live in san ramon. this is something cupc is asking them to do. >> reporter: correct, kris and marcus. this is to help people with disabilities. if you're in a wheelchair and you try to hail an uber or lyft, you will be out of luck if you're looking for a vehicle that will be able to accommodate you. sacramento has passed a law that take effects this july 1st that will charge people to use the ride hailing services an extra five cents a trip to provide for future wheelchair service. this bill, if you're interesting in looking it up. sb-3276 offered by senator hill of san mateo. the cupc wants to double the five cent per ride trip fee to 10 cents. cupc is the state agency that must approve whatever fee hike goes into effect. and disability advocates, they want the fee to be even higher. they are looking at 50 cents a trip. the fee increase, whatever it
6:33 am
is, should start only in san francisco and the los angeles areas. the cupc, the ball is in their court to decide on the fee hike and not expected to make a decision until late june. reporting live in san ramon, bob redell, "today in the bay". thank you very much, bob. 6:33 for you right now. happening today in contra costa county, sentencing for an antioch man who killed two young brothers in a drunk driving crash. jurors convicted wilson on several charges, including murder. back in 2017, his car veered into another car on highway 4 off-ramp in concord. after both cars crashed, wilson ran from the scene and tried to report his car stolen. two brothers, 5eu-year-old and 10-year-old, both died. their infant brother survived but was seriously chanelinginju. wilson faces 40 years in prison. 14 of the 22 candidates
6:34 am
vying for the democratic nomination will attend a three-day event. that includes senator kamala harris and congressman eric swalwell. the front-runner so far is joe biden, and he will not be attending. speaker pelosi, governor newsom and mayor london breed are among the speakers. senator warren is expected to speak at the convention today. this billboard may give us an indication of what she will cover. the call to break up big tech companies which drive the engine in silicon valley. warren says companies like facebook, google and apple have too much power advantage, raptors. theyopped the warriors last night. it wasn't fun to watch. >> it is only game 1. this wasn't the game they were expecting. >> at the end, i couldn't make any shots.
6:35 am
luck was on their side. >> we're sorry you lost. but we're thoroughly impressed by our team. we are the underdogs. and i think we can take you to game 5. >> to be clear, they are talking about the raptors. >> yeah. whatever. the dubs a little rusty there. this was their first game after, what, i think nine days. >> nine days. >> so this is just a tough time. a big story ended up being the high score. probably a guy you never heard of pascal siakem. 32 points. toronto won 118-109. here's a look at the upcoming schedule. game 2 sunday in toronto. games 3 and 4 back in the bay area at oracle next week. all right. so this is a story a lot of people are talking about in media, our office, wherever you are. what did drake say to draymond last night? well, a lot of people didn't know because it was so loud there. and you can see that exchange. but drake is of course a
6:36 am
canadian. a big raptors fan. a rapper a lot of people love. a reporter asked him a question about that. >> hey, draymond. just wanted you to talk a little bit about that postgame scuffle between you and drake. >> you got a question about basketball? i wasn't really a scuffle because i didn't hit him and he didn't push me or i didn't push him and he didn't push me. we balked a little bit but i wouldn't call it a scuffle. >> a lot of people asking about this one. >> a local radio station banned drake for the duration of the series. so far most people say who cares. it's all about basketball. but of the people who care, 32% say good on you for banning drake and his smack talking. by the way, i didn't know he had warriors tattoos.
6:37 am
you surprised me this morning. i put that on my facebook page. he has a 30 and 35. . >> this is not a golden state warriors fan tattoos but tattoos of two people stars for the warriors. and he knows it. >> maybe that's what draymond green is asking. where's my number? >> remember, draymond asks do you have any question about basketball? of course drake is a band-wagon fan. smooth flow of traffic. a little build. altamonte and the bay bridge. contra costa and the north bay, they are moving smoothly. getting away through sacramento, sierra, just keep that in mind. they will crowd early afternoon.
6:38 am
red shows very slow on 205. join bay area wazers listed at the bottom. we will help you drive like a local whether you're in and out. keep us in mind. >> that's really good, especially when you have beautiful weekend weather in case you want to get out of town. >> get out of town, stay in town. either way, i hope you have a lovely weekend. coast, bay and inland temperatures will vary. cooler temperature as usual on the coast. expect to see the cloud cover early on. the low system nearby has been keeping us below seasonable. temperatures will warm up just a little bit more. that's because leading into monday, that's when the high pressure will begin to roll on in. once the high pressure rolls in,
6:39 am
guess what happens, the temperatures start to jump up. we dry out. then you can finally clean all of your cars. i want to make a quick note. heading up anywhere near the sierra, we are tracking nearby storms that will bring up the possibility of thunderstorms popping up. make sure you leave early. expect to see rain. don't camp anywhere near the lightning. safety first. even though it will be muggy, overall enjoying locally no wet weather except yosemite and the sierra areas. back to you. thanks, vianey. >> all new details on a stabbing in contra costa that happened while three teenagers were playing video games. show you what police said one
6:40 am
kid did after stabbing his friend. one of our top stories, major problems for muni. new case of a woman getting caught in a train door and the effort now to make sure the trains are properly working. brand-new tariffs against mexico. they surprised wall street. dow industrial is losing more than a percentage point off the top. we will go through the numbers. >>ing on. so it's almost breakfast time. would you go out to have a drink surrounded by rats? >> oh. >> on purpose? >> no. >> it sounds pretty disgusting. >> are i hear you. >> stick around. you're watching "today in the bay". a little bird told me you
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it is 6:42. that's right. it is 6:42 right now. as you get ready to head out the door, keeping ahead of the gray skies around but not for long. partial clearing into the morning and clearing into the evening. warming up into the 70s and 80s. what does that mean for the weekend. i am going to help you plan it out completely. i have rain in the sierra. details coming up. sorry, vie tphaeurbgs big changes. it is now 6:43 across the san mateo bridge. the clock keeps moving. you should be okay this morning. no major problems. we'll talk about what to expect. now to new details from nbc bay area investigative unit on a story that made national headlines. last month a woman was trapped and pulled under the muni train. we know something similar happened again this week. muni says it is looking into another mishap tuesday where a woman's hand got caught in the door while she was trying to get off the train. another mishap last month was
6:44 am
caught on video where the passenger's hand was caught in the door and she was dragged onto the tracks at the embarcadero. she suffered a collapsed lung. the problem this past week was caused by a crack in the rubber tubing. a concord boy is accused of stabbing his own friend. two brothers and a friend were playing video games when one of the brothers stabbed the friend several times. he was airlifted to the hospital. we don't know how he is doing this morning. police say the suspect ran from the apartment afterward but then called police and turned himself in. >> new for you this morning, a haul of illegal guns is off the street of gilroy. a s.w.a.t. team arrested two men and seized the weapons.
6:45 am
they were looking for glock switchers. investigators say they were delivered to gilroy from out of the country. jussie smollett saga continues today in chicago. you might recall the santa rosa neighbor and actor was charged with lying to police that he was the victim of a hate crime. those charges were later dropped. today a judge will decide whether to a point a special prosecutor in the case. it comes as chicago p.d. unsealed 400 pages from the investigation yesterday and more pages are expected to be released soon. the new mayor and police chief continue to express their outrage over the decision to tkropt charges. he claimed two masked men attacked him because of his race and sexuality, but investigators say he staged the whole thing. a rent-gouging case has now been settled.
6:46 am
the owner of meadows raised rights shortly after the tubbs fire. >> the president is slapping new tariffs on mexico. >> marcus, the mexican foreign minister told nbc news, quote, it's no secret to everyone that mr. trump is very active in his use of tweets but doesn't always follow through on threats on twitter. the president said he would add a 5% tariff to mexican goods a week from monday, 10% july 1st, 5% more each month up to 25%. until mexico does something about immigration.
6:47 am
he didn't say what the something substantial was. the timing was strange because the mexican senate was working on the new nafta. u.s./mexico/canada trade agreement as mr. trump announced the new tariffs. a treaty we want mexico to sign. at the same time vice president pence was in canada trying to convince canadians to ratify the very same tariff. the usmca will be the largest trade deal in the history of the united states. our own congress has yet to vote on it. the president continues to lash out at robert mueller tweeting robert mueller came to the oval office seeking to be named the director of the fbi. i told him no. the next day he was named special counsel, a total conflict of interest. nice. it is true mueller did go to the white house the day before he was appointed special counsel. he was not seeking to return to the fbi director's position. he had been invited to the white house by the white house to give
6:48 am
advice on how trump should replace comey. we know this because his closest adviser steve bannon told investigators that. he said they were prepared to ask mueller to return to the fbi. we planned to beseech him but ultimately decided not to. you can find that testimony on page 81 of the mueller report. wall street very concerned about the new tariffs i was talking about. we will talk about th thatthroughout the day. the dow industrials are down better than 300 points. i will be tweeting about it on twitter. in the meantime, follow me@scottmcgrew. >> thank you very much, scott. >> this morning you might want to set your cereal or bagel aside because of this next story. we know people in san francisco love a pop-up store. next month there is a new pop-up bar opening. >> the star attraction, rats. the rats that ride bart for
6:49 am
free. we're going to make you look at some pictures. it is called the rat bar. it is going to be part of the san francisco dungeon. there is an interactive show. they will add a rat bar where rescued rats will crawl around on the floor, maybe on you while you enjoy an amaretto sour. price of admission, 50 bucks. reservations are already filling up. >> what? >> rats!
6:50 am
seeing activity strike up in the north bay mountains, east bay hills. microclimate highs for today, once we see the clouds burn off, temperatures will warm into the 80s for the south bay.
6:51 am
80 in san jose. east bay, 73 degrees in oakland. walnut creek, 84. 85 in danville. 82, livermore. peninsula, mid to upper 70s for redwood city. it will be a comfortable afternoon. notice the icons. increase in sunshine. if you're hanging out around the coast or san francisco, of course expect to see that fog.
6:52 am
as you would expect, a little slowing past golden gate fields and university avenue. getting onto the richmond to san rafael bridge. fog on the north side as we off see. peninsula looks great with a little build across the san neyeo, south bay.
6:53 am
speeds dipping below the speed limit but not much. over here, westbound 580. there may be an incident or a crew finally clearing. eastbound the early getaway. maybe even 11:30 out of livermore, in toward tracy. a smooth drive to the peninsula side. slowing at 92 to half moon bay and 17 to santa cruz over the weekend. send it back to you. happening now, etna lighting up the night sky. rivers of smoking red hot lava streaming down europe's highest and most keuf volcano. the last major eruption was back in 1992. a quick look at the top stories, including the first of its kind. a hearing on cbd oil. if you're someone who you know
6:54 am
is new to this, why it may mean something big for you and the industry. plus. >> can you spell history? a surprise in the billing bee and the bay area students among the kids waking up champions. 6:54. you're watching "today in the bay".
6:55 am
6:56 am
welcome back. 6:56. before you head out the door, here are the top stories on "today in the bay". in just a few hours, california superintendent tony thurmond
6:57 am
will join negotiations between the new haven school district and striking teachers. last night negotiations ran through 11:00. today will be day nine of the strike. and it started last month, affecting thousands of students in union city and hayward. teachers will be back on the picket lines this morning. teachers want more money but the district said their budget doesn't make it possible. happening today, fda regulators are taking a closer look at the budding cannabis industry, specifically cbd oil. it is being sold in the form of gummies, drinks, supplements, even pet treats. it is predicted to be a $20 billion business. it is made from hemp and does not contain thc that gets you high. >> a new move for juul. the e-cigarette maker may open new retail stores in texas. they tell cnbc they would only
6:58 am
admit adults but there is no formal decision in place. the potential plans would give juul more control over distribution of its products. regulators have been blaming the teen especialpidemic of vaping . disney put a reservation process in place for the first 30 days. within two hours, all available slots were filled. visitors are limited to four hours. and storm troopers will be looking for those color-coded wrist bands to identify visitors overstaying their allotted time. well, the best young spellers in the country battle word for word, and the outcome is unpredicted. >> this year we don't have one champion, we have eight. this one from san jose. he is just 13 years old. really cool part, though, is while they are all holding the trophy, they don't have to split the cash prize. they each get 50,000 bucks.
6:59 am
all eight will be on "today" show at 7:00. i'll be watching that. >> congratulations to all of them. >> i hope they do get a trophy. >> they got the money. >> yeah. >> well, last look at the weather for today. >> yes. . as i'm getting over the rat story, we are going to see clearing skies into the afternoon. 63 degrees on friday. 64 saturday and sunday. if you don't know what i'm talking about, i will post it on instagram. >> miss a minute, miss a lot. . >> exactly. >> a nice warmup. again, we are checking storms popping up in our mountain areas today and tomorrow. we'll keep an eye on that. >> any traffic tieups? >> we suddenly have slowing in san jose. this is northbound 680. we had a crash earlier at mckee. they may have run a break on the center divide. bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights. maze moving smoothly. that's your friday traffic.
7:00 am
>> i like that green. >> that's what's happening "today in the bay". oh, thank you. we'll be back at 7:25. more live local news. >> and join us at 11:00. thank you for starting your morning with us. happy friday! good morning. breaking overnight, crisis point. multiple levees in danger of failing across the midwest and south today. new evacuations under way with rivers cresting at historic levels, millions in the danger zone. we're live with the very latest. standing her ground. the new comments overnight from house speaker nancy pelosi resisting the growing pressure from fellow democrats to impeach. >> i probably have a better idea as to what the president has to be held accountable for than anyone. >> at the white house the president unloads. >> to me it's a dirty word, the word impeach. it's a dirty, lt


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