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tv   Early Today  NBC  June 5, 2019 4:00am-4:29am PDT

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our nation has been strong and is still strong today because of why because of our own people being able to put their life on the line when you go into combat, you are putting your life on the line. >> today begins the 75th the back drop of protest and controversy follows president trump and today back at home, a meeting about adding tariffs to goods from mexico. clues in the case of the missing mother of five as her estranged husband is behind bars and the officer in florida
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that hid while 17 people were killed in the school. more flooding and forced rescues. >> with the swing of a bat, the bruins have captured the women's soft ball championship "early today" starts right now good wednesday morning, i'm phillip mena >> and i'm frances rivera. president trump is heading to ireland for the first time since taking office. the trip coming off a policy packed day with out going prime minister theresa may promising to strike a trade deal after brexit the shouts from protesters echoed off the walls, the president stood by his claim that he hadn't seen any demonstrators in london. now the president will end his day in england on a somber note.
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>> reporter: that's right. if that first day was about pomp and pageant industry, the second day about politics and protests and the president met with theresa may. today is about history and her oweism right here, 75 years ago tomorrow morning, 150 allied troops from 15 different countries disembarked from here and headed to france where they engaged in one of the biggest amphibious assaults. today, some 13 world leaders will be here for a very somber ceremony including president trump, the queen of england, angela merkel from germany and the leader from france the kind o president has in the past criticized
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a lot of these allies are hoping the president takes note of this the persistence importance of the friends across the ocean some hundreds of airman and people who participated in that assault will be treated to a gun salute off the coast from a british naval ship after that, a fly over by several historic airplanes over the coast here it will be a somber ceremony and will give few opportunities for the president to step away from protocol in this very stage managed process. the pridd prepare for this stag up to 1:30 in the morning tweeting back to others in the united states this morning, he'll probably play it cool before he heads to ireland. >> tweeting about the protest and claiming he's not really
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seeing that many the border battle heads to the white house as mexican officials make an effort to stop the tariffs. leaders will try to convince the vice president that they are working to clamp down on illegal immigration at the border. tracie potts has more. the president is showing no signs of backing down from that threat >> reporter: not at all. and one of the tweets you talked about overnight was aimed at chuck schumer and the president saying this is no bluff that he will start at 5% escalating to 25% if mexico doesn't convince administration today that they are crackingllegal meeting is i. it will include mexico's foreign minister, vice president pence,
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secretary of state, secretary of homeland security and other key staff bringing in proposal to track off this 5% tt the other threat here on capitol hill are republicans who don't like t mexican goods. push back from within the president's own party. he says they are probably not going to oppose it >> if the president does oppose the tariffs next week. >> we are telling you that won't happen our hopes is the tariffs will be avoided. >> reporter: we'll see if that happens. they are supposed to kick in on monday octoberating every month to the concern from both
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republicans and others is that cost will get passed on to american businesses and consumers. >> tracie potts, thank you the florida deputy that failed to confront a gunman in the massacre has been arrested the former sheriffs deputy was criticized for not going inside when the shots range out the shooter claimed the lives of 17 people. we have more >> reporter: the school resource officer who failed to confront an active shooter at parkland high school is now charged with seven counts of child neglect, saying he failed to make a reasonable effort to protect students, refusing to seek out,
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confront or engage the shooter >> we swar an oath it says now, you will be held accountable if you don't do your job, lue be held accountable >> 17 students and staff were killed security cameras show peterson outside the school building as shots range out inside >> he stood outside while 17 people were being murdered he did absolutely nothing. >> last year during an interview, he said he did everything he felt was appropriate but expressed regret >> i'm sorry i'm sorry i didn't know where he was. i was one person i didn't know who it was or wher t charges virginia's governor has called the lawmakers back to the state capital demanding action following the recent shooting in virginia beach we are learning more about the
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man survivors say sacrificed his own life to save others. >> reporter: at new hope, baptist church, the pastor was preparing for the funeral of a church member, his own son, keith. >> he is one of the finest sons any father could have. >> keith was the one who rushed seven co-workers while he went looking for more employees instead, was gunned down on the other side of the door. >> keith gav to save seven of us. god knew what he wasoing whem. >> my son had a tenderness about him. he was a very caring person, very protective person >> reporter: put others before himself? >> yes, indeed and took great joy in doing it. >> reporter: four others died
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and others remain hospitalized the shooter had resigned by email citing personal reasons. and now considering new gun safety laws with a background check and a ban on bump stock and silencers. >> we have failed to act on gun violence it is wrong that we now view these mass shootings as the y republicans and previous gun bills have died. we are learning new chilling details in a case that has captured national attention. a mother of five disappeared more than a week ago she and her husband have been involved in a bitter court battle he and his girlfriend are being linked to troubling evidence >> reporter: with heavy
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equipment and search dogs, they go through a trash dump. >> we seek surveillance from homes or businesses that have cameras that capture vehicle activity on roadways >> if i have anything they can use, absolutely. they are more than welcome >> reporter: the mother of five disappeared after dropping her kids at school cell phones tracked her estranged husband and girlfriend to over 30 locations where video captured a couple resembling them placing multiple garbage bags and police recovered clothing and a sponge that contained jennifer's blood and an altered license plate they have been charged with tampering with evidence. jennifer's mother has petition the court for temporary custody
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of the couple's five children. the search for a mother continues. nbc news, connecticut. severe weather rolled through minnesota overnight bringing wind gusts and tornado warnings nearly 10,000 people lost power. there have been many reports of flooded streets. this video shows stranded drivers, the sewer system was overwhelmed by the rain. >> reporter: in chicago, waking people up with loud thunder. these storms will continue to the south. 31 million people at risk. we will not see a lot of hail damage but wind damage we will see storms today i umbr
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handy through ohio and mid-atlantic for these brief showers and storms with all this rain, we have to worry about the rivers concern in the south that is coming up. it might have been a walk-off win but not a walk in the park the lady bruins walked away with their 12th championship thanks to the sophomore allowing just enough time there to slide into home to seal the deal for ucla securing them the 2019 world series title. >> that's what you dream about just ahead, serena new
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leading the news, growing backlash against the former new york prosecutor after a series reignited the controversy in that infamous case >> reporter: a painful chapter in new york city's history five young man wrongfully imprisoned for raping a jogger in central park. the w backlash against one of the prosecutors in the conviction. calling for boycotts of her crime models a petition getting more than 50,000 signatures. her twitter account deleted with the trending hashtag cancel linda fairstein
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>> others involved in the prosecution, they haven't retreated a step >> no. no apology for the time we did it hurts they still think we are guilty how do we hear when we are constantly in a state of defending ourselves. >> a serial rapist confessed to the crime and his dna a match, the five vacated to this day, she conduct and the decision to pursue the case. now calling the netflix miniseries grossly and maliciously inaccurate one of the men wrongfully convicted had this to say to tmz. >> 30 years later, she has to pay for her crime. roh,ev anger for what they lived
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and will be reportedly held in solitary confinement home to nearly 10,000 inmates including the infamous son of sam and john lennon's killer the transfer is seen as a move to block a possible pardon by president trump because the president cannot commute senlt enss for state crimes. 30 rock star tracy morgan got into a fender bender an hour after driving his $2 million bugatti off the lot in new york. a woman side swiped him and he got out of the car, it is a $2 million car. he tweeted, i am fine. thanks for the concern the new car, we will see hope he had that gap insurance a florida highway patrol
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officer is lucky to be alive after being involved in a shocking hit and run a warning this might be disturbing to watch. conducting a traffic stop. there. the trooper was hit by that white bmw. they later found the vehicle abandoned. just even seeing that. >> that was disturbing to see. june is pride month, nbc out is marking the 50th anniversary of the stone wall riots by highlighting 50 change makers of the lbtq movement. we highlight sharice davids. for more, go to nbc
4:28 am >> baseball teams around the country are celebrating pride night. the l.a. dodgers sold a record number 56,000 tickets with an estimated 12,000 specifically for lbgtq night. the second annual pride night at fenway in honor of the 50th an verse of the stone wall uprising thank you for watching "early today. i'm frans riverace
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and good wednesday morning to you. june 5th it is. take a look at this beautiful shot of san francisco. this is from the san brew nope mountain. looks like the big city lights. >> hey, you're a big city boy. >> hey. good morning to you. thanks so much for starting your
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morning with us. i'm marcus washington. >> i'm still waking up. i'm laura garcia. kari has the forecast. it is going to be hot again today. a live look at fremont. everything looks good as we get started. we also step out the door. temperatures already in the low 60s. and it's going to heat up again by late morning. we're in the upper 70s in fremont. south bayoo


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