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tv   Today  NBC  June 10, 2019 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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more at 7:25 with live local news. >> don't forget to join us for nbc bay area news at 11:00. hopefully it will be a nice commute. >> it is summertime. good morning. breaking overnight, ambushed. former boston red sox star david ortiz shot at a nightclub in the dominican republic. new video showing the disturbing attack. one of the suspects confronted by an angry crowd. ortiz shed into emergency surgery. the very latest on his condition. the search for a second suspect, and the well wishes pouring in. deadly collapse. >> oh, my god, the crane is falling over. oh, my god. >> a crane falls into an apartment building in a parking garage in dallas. >> that's my apartment, y'all.
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it's done. >> absolute chaos. >> one woman killed, five others injured. high winds being blamed, and that storm system is moving east now. al's got the forecast. all eyes on iowa. 19 democratic presidential candidates making their case in the critical battleground. >> we should dream big, fight hard, and win. >> just ahead why the frontrunner wasn't there and a new poll showing joe biden's lead in iowa shrinking. all that, plus miracle. the dramatic rescue of a missing hiker lost in the arkansas woods for an entire week. surprise appearance. meghan markle puts her maternity leave on hold to attend a big event honoring the queen this weekend. and no limitations. >> ali stroker! >> an emotional first at the tony awards. a broadway star paralyzed since the age of 2 making history. >> i love you.
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we did it. >> today monday, june 10th, 2019. >> announcer: from nbc news this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hi, everybody. good morning. thanks for being with us on a monday morning. lots of people still talking about sunday night. ali stroker making history at the tonys last night. >> it was remarkable to see it. proving it doesn't really matter where you are in life. no limitations. >> absolutely. let's get to our top story though. a shocking overnight attack on former baseball superstar david ortiz. he was shot at a nightclub in the dominican republic. the chilling moment caught on camera. nbc national correspondent miguel almaguer with the latest. miguel, good morning. >> good morning. the beloved boston red sox star known as big papi was shot in the back at the bar in the
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capital of santo domingo. after undergoing surgery overnight, we are told he is in stable condition. a warning to our viewers. some of the video you are about to see is graphic. this morning police in the dominican republic say one suspect has been detained, but not yet questioned after baseball legend david ortiz was shot in the back at nearly pointblank range in a nightclub there on sunday. police say two assailants approached ortiz at the dial bar and lounge in santo domingo. the ambush-style attack apparently caught on surveillance video inside the open-air restaurant. the bullet exiting his stomach, police say, and hitting another man next to him. the 43-year-old seen here shortly before he was shot. ortiz's father leo telling local media his son is out of surgery and out of danger. according to authorities one of the suspects was caught. this video purports to show that man being beat up by bystanders. the other remains at large.
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police say their motive is not clear, adding they don't yet have information on the type of gun that was used. the news prompting an outpouring of support on social media. former red sox teammate pedro martinez tweeting this photo of the two men together writing, i'm at peace knowing you are out of danger. you are a strong man, compai, can't wait to hear your voice. alex rodriguez writing, anxiously awaiting for more news. in the meantime only prayers for david ortiz. tiffany and their family. during his 20-year baseball career, ortiz was one of the game's biggest sluggers. the ten-time all-star helped lead the red sox to three world series titles, winning two world series mvps. he was also beloved in boston, rallying the city and the nation after the boston marathon bombings. >> this is [ bleep ]. and nobody gonna do that.
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stay strong. >> reporter: his number was retired by the red sox in 2017. ortiz is widely expected to be a first ballot hall of famer. but this morning the question is, why was big papi, a beloved baseball star, who has made an impact all over the world, the target of such a violent attack? >> a short time ago, police in the dominican republic confirm they have arrested a suspect. they have not questioned him yet. police hope to hold a press conference later today. there are still so many unanswered questions here. was this a robbery attempt, a mistaken identity, or something else? at this point, police simply do not know. back to you. >> miguel, thank you very much. another major story this mornin morning. that deadly crane collapse in dallas, texas. it fell on to an apartment building and parking garage during a strong storm packing high winds just ahead, al will have more on the severe weather and today's threat of even more. first, nbc's gabe gutierrez is on the scene in dallas for us.
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gabe, good morning. >> reporter: this is an active scene. the road is still shut down. this crane was towering over the dallas skyline when it came tumbling down during a storm one witness said that it cut through the apartment building below like a knife through butter. >> oh my god, the crane is falling over. oh, my god >> reporter: this morning high winds are the prime suspect in the deadly crane collapse in downtown dallas. >> there was a massive bang and the power went out and then i kind of went back outside of my balcony and turned left and saw the crane had fallen on top of the building. >> the man next door was yelling for help he cracked his door open for me to get to him. i helped pum him out of the apartment. >> reporter: severe thunderstorms in the area sunday afternoon spawned the wind gusts up to 70 miles per hour. this crane from a building under construction nearby sliced through an occupied five-story apartment complex. >> that's my apartment, y'all.
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it's done. >> reporter: and crashed down on a concrete parking garage. >> absolute chaos. >> reporter: pancaking cars on top of each other. >> every single level of the parking garage has collapsed. >> reporter: in one apartment emergency responders discovered a critically injured woman who later died she has not been identified. search dogs were deployed to sections of the building that were too unstable for rescuers the crane company tells nbc news it is sending crews to investigate and is fully cooperating with authorities, adding our thoughts and prayers are withamil t fs of those who were killed and injured and to those who suffered property damage this couple had just moved into a top floor unit two weeks ago she returned from a shopping trip to find her new apartment crushed and her husband in critical condition despite the catastrophic damage, officials believe everyone inside the 468-unit complex has now been safely evacuated. >> all the units at the apartment complex have been
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searched and everyone has been accounted for. >> reporter: power and water to the apartment complex are still shut off so even residents in units that weren't damaged haven't been allowed to go back home. at last check, two of the five injured are still in critical condition. >> all right gabe gutierrez in dallas thank you. let's turn to al for the latest on the storms that swept through the south. there is a risk out east today as well, al? >> that's right. we start off oklahoma, you can see the heavy rain don't drive through. turn around, don't drown you never know how deep the water is along the east coast north carolina massive flooding, washing out roads, causing major problems, major damage, and there is more on the way in fact, as we look at the radar you see we have heavy showers and thunderstorms firing up from florida all the way up into the northeast where we've got flood watches in the carolinas on into virginia by the time this is all over through wednesday, we're looking at anywhere from two to three inches of rain through the
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southeastern atlantic coast. that moves up into the northeast with locally two to three inches of rain or more causing major airport delays from the southeast from miami and charlotte and into the northeast we are looking at more rain that will cause airport delays new york, philly, washington, pittsburgh, cleveland, boston. on the roads i-95 from jacksonville all the way to new york, cleveland to new york on i-80, i-77 cleveland to charlotte. wildfires have been going crazy out in central and northern california this is the sand fire. it is about 0% contained, bu the good news is we will see some relief for the folks out there thanks to the weather. right now high pressure has been pumping in dry winds has been bringing dry, gusty desert winds into california the good news is today into tomorrow that high moves away. high pressure departs, and the dangerously dry winds will subside giving firefighters an upper hand. >> al, thank you. now to the 2020 presidential race
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many of the democratic candidates traveled to iowa over the weekend where a new poll shows former vice president joe biden is leading the crowded field, but some familiar names are gaining ground with voters there. we have got complete coverage starting with nbc's andrea mitchell andrea, good morning to you. >> good morning, craig today that iowa poll has joe biden still in the lead, but bernie sanders beginning to slip since march. elizabeth warren and pete buttigieg gaining traction with the rest of the field far behind after a weekend when most of the candidates except joe biden were out in full force. in battleground iowa 19 democrats lining up. each getting five minutes to make their pitch. >> we are not going to win by playing it safe or promising a return to normal we are where we are because normal broke. >> i'm not spending my time with high-dollar donors and with corporate lobbyists. i'm spending my time with you.
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that's how we build a grassroots movement in america. >> reporter: the missing candidate frontrunner joe biden. attending his granddaughter's high school graduation at washington sidwell friends school along with her friend and classmate sasha obama. an obama/biden reunion a new iowa poll shows biden ahead with 24% followed by bernie sanders, elizabeth warren and pete buttigieg in a virtual three-way tie. bernie sanders targeting the former vice president without naming him as being too middle of the road. >> that approach is not just bad public policy, but it is a failed political strategy that i fear could end up with the re-election of donald trump. >> reporter: while biden is still out front, he is being criticized for flipping on the hyde amendment. the law banning federal funds for abortions after supporting it for decades. he says because of the recent efforts in republican states to
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severely restrict access to abortions. >> i can no longer support an amendment that makes that right dependent on someone's zip code. >> reporter: but his reversal is drawing fire from fellow democrats. >> the hyde amendment is wrong. i have always been opposed to it. >> reporter: also on defense bernie sanders who, among many of the others, previously voted for spending bills that included the hyde amendment. >> sometimes in a large bill you have to vote for things you don't like, but i think my record is being literally 100% pro-choice is absolutely correct. >> governor, bernie sanders said there is no room for middle ground. what do you make of that? >> i am not sure what he has accomplished. what is his track record he says i have done a, b, c, d, e, f? >> the first presidential debate later this month on nbc. who do we think that might mean for the race going forward? >> it's critical. it will depend who qualifies for the race with democratic party
7:13 am
rules. but also for that debate, rather, it's going to divide the field. you are beginning to see the field separating with these candidates in the lead. joe biden, but also elizabeth warren moving up beyond bernie sanders. that's where you are beginning to see elizabeth warren and pete buttigieg beginning to separate. it's a very large field. >> andrea mitchell in washington. thank you. also this morning the president is defending his administration's immigration deal with mexico. the u.s. to e threatened
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remain in mexico while their legal cases proceed. the president warned if he doesn't see immigration numbers fall he will reissue the tariff threat. >> kristen welker, thank you. now to the growing u.s. military presence in the north arabian sea. a strike group led by the uss abraham lincoln was ordered there by president trump last month after what the white house described as attacks of -- as threats of an attack by iran. nbc's courtney kube was given rare access to the aircraft. >> reporter: this morning the general in charge of all u.s. military forces in the middle east says the threat of an attack by iran remains high,
7:16 am
even as some tensions are down at sea. general frank mckenzie is the head of u.s. central command in the region. nbc news was granted rare access to the two most visible military assets rapidly deployed to the middle east last month. their mission? to stop a possible attack by iran and iranian to proxy forces. for long-range b-52 bombers sent as a show of force deployed to qatar, now flying missions. also surged into the region the aircraft carrier uss abe lraham lincoln with 6,000 sailors on night. >> our intent is to stabilize the situation, let iran know that now is not the time to do something goofy. >> reporter: mckenzie says the additional u.s. military presence is having an impact on iranian behavior. >> the fact that the carrier has
7:17 am
been here has caused them to recalculate. it's concerning to them this big chunk of american will is sitting here. >> reporter: the iranians were close to launching attacks in early may according to general mckenzie. he adds without the u.s. presence it's entirely likely there would have been an attack right now. while the threat of attacks by iranian proxies in iraq and off the coast of yemen remain high, iran has pulled back some boats in the perr persian gulf and strait of hormuz. mckenzie credits the carrier and the bombers for change. >> the carrier is seen and they have to weigh the enormous capabilities. >> reporter: for today, courtney kube, nbc news, qatar. >> unusual to get that kind of access and to hear the general, what he is saying to the troops there. >> fascinating. now to the stanley cup final. i know you are watching it. the boston bruins live to see another day. >> he steps in.
7:18 am
got it back over. kuhlman is shot. he scores! >> the bruins forced a series-deciding game louis bluet flight 5-1 four of boston's goals in the third period the series is tied up three games apiece game seven wednesday night back in boston. you can see it right here on nbc 8:00 eastern. >> whether you are a blues or bruins fan, one heck of a series. >> everybody wants a game seven. mr. roker, another check of the forecast >> all right around the rest of the country, we will be looking at sunny and hot out west not helping the firefighters midsection of the country looking good a few showers through southern texas. wet weather from florida into the northeast today. a few showers in parts of central and northern minnesota otherwise, plenty of sunshine as well through the midsection of the country. we will get it your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds my dad's ancestors were african bantu.
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i bet they told the most amazing stories. with new features and richer stories... ...ancestrydna can show dad where he's from- and strengthen the bonds you share. it's only $59. give it to dad for father's day. good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. hot day on the way. it starts out warm. we're in the low 70s now. filtered sunshine. a live look outside. we have the smoke drifting by. unhealthy air quality in santa clara valley. spare the air alert. also a heat advisory that starts at 10:00 this morning. we are going to see some triple ding it temperatures for the inland valleys. mid-80s by friday. and also into the weekend. and that is your latest weather. >> thank you. coming up, the dramatic rescue of a hiker who was lost in the woods for nearly a week
7:20 am
this morning his emotional reunion with loved ones and what he is saying about the ordeal. the booming business of meatless burgers they are popping up coast to coast. healthy arhow e
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coming up, meghan markel's post-baby public debut and a special day for the queen. historic win, big night for women at the tony awards we have the highlights after your local news. don't give it up ♪ ♪ i want it all
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[ocean sfx] [bottle opens] "ahh" yoaw! good morning. 7:26. i'm marcus washington. one man is in custody accused of plowing into a car and killing the driver during an early morning high-speed chase. it happened 3:00 in the morning, south san jose at the 101 overpass. chp says officers tried to pull over the car near 280/101 interchange, but the driver of the car took off at speeds up to 120 miles per hour. his car was smashed into a mini van. the pattern in the mini van was
7:27 am
critically changed. the driver of the mini van died. a look at the weather for today. it will be a hot one. >> yeah. microclimate weather alert. heat advisory at 10:00. very hazy because of smoke drifting in from nearby wildfires. so it is hot, hazy. temperatures reaching 105 degrees in the tri-valley as well as the delta. inland parts of the east bay. north bay, over 100 degrees. heating up in san francisco again today reaching 88 degrees. we will see those temperatures gradually calling down. mid-80s by friday. looking at a smooth drive. south bay, silicon valley map. only north 280 in the middle at 17 the worst slowing. 87 toward curtner is typical. hayward slow toward the san mateo. across the span slower. same for the dumbarton bridge.
7:28 am
fremont towards east palo alto and menlo park. slower drive but improving for berkeley. back to you. thanks, mike. more local news in 30 minutes.
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♪ 7:30 now on a monday morning, june 10, 2019 a little rain moving into the northeast today. can't complain though because we had a picture perfect weekend up around these parts again outside, say hello to the crowd in a moment. let's get to the headlines of the morning former boston red sox star david ortiz recovering this morning from a gunshot wound after he was ambushed overnight. it happened at a bar in his native dominican republic. the shooting was even captured on surveillance video. you can see the gunman approach from behind and shoot ortiz at close range.
7:31 am
the 43-year-old was taken to a local clinic, he underwent surgery and is in stable condition now. one of the suspects was caught and beat up by bystanders. the other remains at large police say the motive is unclear. hong kong's leader says her government will push ahead with proposed amendments to the extradition laws despite a massive protest. hundreds of thousands marched through central hong kong yesterday in what may have been the largest protest in recent memory the amendments would allow them to extradite suspects to mainland china to face charges opponents say defendants in the system will not have the same rights as in hong kong. chief executive carrie lam says safeguards will be added to the legislation to ensure human rights are protected. american airlines announced sunday it is extending cancellations of flights involving the boeing 737 max in september. three weeks longer than previously announced
7:32 am
the 737 max was grounded worldwide in march following two deadly crashes in year and -- in indonesia and ethiopia boeing has yet to formally submit its software upgrade and training changes to the faa for the approval. now to new details on that dramatic rescue of a missing hiker found alive nearly one week after he vanished in the arkansas wilderness. morgan chesky has the latest on this one good morning. >> good morning, guys. this really is just a remarkable story of survival. 38-year-old josh mcclatchy went out for what he thought was going to be a one-day birthday hike that ended up being nearly a week-long ordeal the experienced hiker somehow got lost, surviving six days before rescue teams could finally move in. >> reporter: cheers and tears of joy as missing hiker josh mcclatchy was finally reunited with family. >> i do have him, i do have him. >> reporter: rescued after nearly a week lost in the wild found dehigh downgrade and weak
7:33 am
but alive. >> i knew he had been in the woods for a long time. we were just ready to get there. we were ready to find him. >> reporter: six days earlier mcclatchy, an experienced hiker from texas, had set out on a solo hike in the dense arkansas hills for his 38th birthday. he was on the buckeye trail, a rigorous trek with unmarked turns. mcclatchy posted photos from the hike with the caption "i'm safe and sound. but the next day he texted his mom saying he was lost and losing phone reception rescue crews launched an extensive ground and aerial search but they were unable to locate him for nearly a week >> i thought we would find him injured or deceased. we have never had anybody disappear in that area for that long. >> reporter: just when all hope seemed lost, america clamcclatca spotted alive by a national guard helicopter using infrared technology like this >> 10-4, we're coming up the side, but it's bad
7:34 am
it's straight up. >> reporter: to reach him search crews had to climb a 600-foot mountain ridge in the dark then carrying him back down on a one-wheeled rescue cart. >> once we get him down the hillside we had 2.7 miles of trail to get him out of. >> reporter: mcclatchy's family says he escaped any serious injury and is already out of the hospital in a statement mcclatchy writing, i want to thank everybody on the search and rescue teams that worked around the clock the last week to find me i wouldn't be alive without them his survival story a cautionary tale for those seeking adventure off the beaten path. >> morgan, this guy was clearly an experienced hiker how did that help him stay alive? >> he knew to take emergency supplies with him. he had bottled water, protein bars, and most importantly a filter straw that allowed him to drink unfiltered water until the rescue teams could find him. >> wow, i didn't know that existed. morgan, thank you. >> i guess that's where the experience comes in handy. al, what you got
7:35 am
>> some heat out west to talk about. let's show you what's going on in fact, we have had red flag warnings out there but the heat advisory stretching from oregon to arizona 22 million people. we will be looking at this heat stretching into the beginning and middle of this week. the jet stream way up to the north. there is a heat dome over the west so look at these temperatures. record highs 102 in sacramento today and tomorrow mid-90s in portland. vegas will see temperatures triple digits. l.a. will be in the mid-80s. phoenix up into the low 100s that's going to continue into the week but then finally start to cool down a little bit as the jet stream dips to the south triple digits in las vegas and phoenix but cooler in las vegas and los angeles, i should say. in the east lots of rain so there are going to be airport good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we are under a microclimate weather alert due to a heat advisory in effect for the
7:36 am
inland parts of the bay area. that includes san francisco and the inner bay reaching 88 degrees. 98 in palo alto. 100 in san jose. 105 in the try very well, the delta toward concord today as well as the north bay reaching over 100 degrees. but it gradually comes down. we'll be in the mid-80s by the end of the weekend. >> that's your lathes weather. >> thank you. coming up, a surprise appearance by meghan markle. the big event for the royal that let her take a break from maternity leave. then, would you take a vacation by yourself why it's such a hot trend right now. some smart ways this morning to stay safe when you travel alone. and then on "popstart" an inside look at chris pratt and katherine schwarzenegger's surprise weekend wedding. first, the burgers that are all the rage right now meatless but meat-like what's in those burgers and how do they stack up against the real thing we are about to find out right
7:37 am
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♪ that split the night ♪ and touched the sound of silence ♪ we are back. 7:40 "in depth today. this morning the meatless burger craze that is sweeping the country. >> it's being embraced by grocery chains and the fast food industry as competition heats up one company that specialized in the plant-based proteins is seeing green. we have more as on that. >> good morning, guys. since beyond meat's wall street debut profits have been sizzling the stock outperforming google, facebook, and amazon but with all of this success, a lot of consumers are asking what is in that beef?
7:42 am
>> reporter: from grocery stores to restaurants and even the drive-thru lanes, plant-base burgers are sprouting up everywhere best food chains like burger king and white castle with the beyond burger. in supermarkets nationwide. >> i couldn't tell the difference. >> reporter: and wall street is getting a whiff. beyond meat going way beyond expectations with sales numbers beefing up stock prices by 400% since going public last month. the company with a market value of $7.8 billion. at their high-tech test kitchen in los angeles the ceo ethan brown takes us inside. >> put a hair net or hat on. >> i'll take hat >> reporter: here scientists are cooking up used plant-based ingredients to taste, look, and smell like the burgers we are used to, using fruit juice to get the color and beet juice to make the patties bleed >> the consistency feels like meat >> we're getting closer and
7:43 am
closer >> reporter: uh-huh. but what about nutritional value? are they healthy >> no cholesterol. no carcinogens lower levels of saturated fat. all the health benefits by doing this that you wouldn't have in conventional meat. >> reporter: a study found plant-based burgers like those by impossible foods tend to have more sodium than real meat competitors. at carl's jr. it has more calories, fats and carbs he says his burgers have more protein. the benefit of cutting out the cow to bring the beef is about more tha just health. >> if you look at the footprint of the human race on the planet and look at the sheer number of animals that we keep alive to feed that footprint, it's not sustainable. >> reporter: how do these plant-based burgers hold up at the dinner table for the moment of truth, a taste test we've go impossible foods, beyond meat and a plain old burger we see if people can tell the difference first up, beyond meat. >> it's really good. >> reporter: plant-based or not? >> plant-based. >> i can see it visually but delicious.
7:44 am
>> reporter: on to burger number two, the impossible burger. >> i prefer one better. >> i prefer two. >> reporter: and last but not least, three. >> number three. >> really good. >> is that meat or plant >> meat. >> reporter: meat, but between three and one, it's not so far off? >> spoiler alert you guys are totally right number three so number three is the real beef. >> number one is beyond meat. >> reporter: that is the one that is skyrocketing right now in terms of prices on wall street are you surprised by that? >> i'm calling my stockbroker. >> reporter: taste tests are the best as for the competition between impossible foods and beyond meat, up until now impossible has been going after restaurants, beyond meat focusing on grocery stores, but now things are about to get juicier as they move into each other's territory. while meat giant tyson food is starting to develop their own meat alternative as well back to you. >> we have to go to chief burger analyst al roker
7:45 am
you tried one? >> you had one at my house. >> i didn't know it. >> i didn't tell anybody i made sliders o of the beyond burger, and nobody could tell. >> people didn't know. >> did you try it? >> yeah, a couple of years ago i did a story with ethan there we started with the chicken and beef it's fantastic family doesn't know the difference. >> i guess i have tried it, but i didn't know. >> it's a little bit more expensive. >> okay. interesting. still to come, a hot trend in travel. seeing the world solo. what women need to know especially before traveling alone. first, these messages. or for vehicle accessories. and with fordpass, a tap can also get you 24/7 roadside assistance. and lock your vehicle. only fordpass puts all this in the palm of your hand. fordpass. built to keep you moving.
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straight ahead on this monday morning, the inspirin broadway star behind the history-making first at the tony awards her story coming up. plus, a big star in the studio yep, it's country icon tim mcgraw good morning. >> good morning, how are you >> good. he is going to tell us about a new project, music fans, history fans, a little something for everybody? >> absolutely. first, a check of your local news and weather this is the ocean. just listen. (vo) there's so much we want to show her. we needed a car that would last long enough to see it all. (avo) subaru outback. ninety eight percent are still on the road after 10 years. come on mom, let's go! now buy your family three blue diamond almond breeze products
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so much to look forward to this week. tim mcgraw on his patriotic project, plus father's day surprise makeovers and gifts and who doesn't love deals we love i know i do. that and so much more coming up this week.
7:56 am
good monday morning. we are under a microclimate weather alert at 5:56. or 7:56, i should say. we start out with clouds and smoke drifting through the area. unhealthy air quality due to wildfires. our temperatures are going to be really hot today. in fact, reaching the peak of the heat. over 100 in the north bay. 105 in concord, antioch and livermore. 100 in san jose. heating up in san francisco and along the coast, reaching into the upper 80s today. our inland temperatures will be very hot to start out this week. and gradually come down still above normal. that will be our coolest day. reaching 84 degrees. heating up again for the weekend.
7:57 am
san francisco, though, will catch a break. staying in the upper 60s thursday through sunday. an update on the commute from mike. overall, a smooth drive. not a whole lot of traffic as far as the congestion and volume go. it is not heavy compared to a normal monday. traffic alert south 880, industrial, because of a disabled big rig. instead of going toward the dunbar ton bridge, pass 92, san mateo to get out of the congestion. holding steady there. back to you. thanks, mike. within the last half hour, firefighters gave us an update on the sand fire in yolo county not too far from lake berryessa. it is listed as 30% contained. it has burned 2,200 acres in rumsy. go to twitter for the latest. authorities say the driver that plowed into another car during an early morning
7:58 am
high-speed chase was high on drugs. the other driver died. the suspect is in custody. more local news in 30 minutes. at comcast, we didn't build the nation's largest gig-speed network just to make businesses run faster. we built it to help them go beyond.
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it's 8:00 on "today. coming up, wicked weather. high winds causing major problems in the south. >> oh my god, the crane is falling over. >> the east coast bracing for heavy rain as severe storms spread across the country. how bad will it be al has your latest forecast. plus, meghan's moment. meghan markle makes her first public appearance since announcing the birth of baby archie the reason behind her royal return just ahead. and a day to remember. chris pratt and katherine schwarzenegger tie the knot in a surprise ceremony. we will take you inside their
8:01 am
lavish reception today monday, june 10th, 2019. ♪ >> from o-h-i-o on the "today" show >> best friends, all turning 50. >> we are from maryland, texas, and we are texas strong. woo! >> hey, albany, georgia. >> we are the mets school in rhode island class of 2019 and we are graduating today! >> cute. love the sign. congratulations to them. we're back it's monday morning. nice to have you with us the rain has not started yet. >> no. >> love that we will get the rest of al's forecast in a few. the news at 8:00 hundreds of people forced out of their homes when a giant crane collapsed on a dallas apartment building it happened yesterday afternoon. at least one person was killed nbc's gabe gutierrez has the latest from that scene gabe, good morning.
8:02 am
>> reporter: savannah, good morning. this is still a very active scene. the road behind me is still shut down as crews sift through the wreckage this was a massive crane towering over the dallas skyline when it came tumbling down on that concrete parking garage we follow the twisted metal, we can see that it crashed into an apartment complex. five stories it was occupied at the time, and at least one person was killed, five injured severe thunderstorms had swept through the area sunday afternoon kicking up winds of up to 70 miles an hour. now, an investigation is underway to figure out exactly what went wrong. high winds are believed to be the cause. now, power and water remain shut off to the entire complex. even residents that were in units that weren't damaged haven't been allowed to be able to go back home. at least check two of the five injured remain in critical condition. savannah. >> all right gabe, thank you very much.
8:03 am
retired baseball star david "big papi" ortiz is recovering he was shot last night in his native dominican republic. officials say the boston red sox legend was at a bar when two guys walked up from behind one of them shot him in the back the ambush was caught on camera. police say one suspect was arrested that suspect was roughed up by bystanders they are looking for the other guy. the family says that the 43-year-old ortiz is in stable condition after surgery. so far police have not released a possible motive. an amusement park evacuated because of smoke from a nearby brush fire it broke out about moon. it's a mile from the six flags magic mountain pin valencia. flames reached the edge of the parking lot there. no injuries. the fire was contained overnight. and in northern california, meantime, hundreds of people were told to evacuate their homes when a fire that started saturday quickly spread. now covering more than 2,000
8:04 am
acres. two more racehorses died this weekend at california's santa anita park, bringing the total to 29 since late december. one horse collapsed from an apparent heart attack near the finish line. another was euthanized saturday after being injured during a race the track's owners have refused a request by state officials to suspend racing they say they are working to reform and improve racing every day. in april, the los angeles district attorney created a task force to investigate the deaths. it's 8:04. monday morning let's get a boost. one of the highlights of last night's tony awards show was a moment that made history. >> and the tony award goes to ali stroker! >> and just like that "oklahoma!" star ali stroker the first performer in a wheelchair to win broadway's biggest award. best performance by a featured
8:05 am
actress in a musical >> this award is for every kid who is watching tonight who has a disability, who has a limitation or a challenge, who has been waiting to see themselves represented in this arena. you are. >> ali has been in a wheelchair since she was 2 years old. saw her first broadway show when she was a young child and she decided nothing was going to keep her from a career on the stage. and guess what nothing did. >> nothing good. good for her representation matters still ahead today, a sweet start to j.lo's world. her emotional duet with her daughter. also, inside the royal event that was so important meghan markle paused her maternity leave to make a surprise appearance keir simmons standing by live in london to tell us all about it right after this
8:06 am
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♪cause a happy heart, is a healthy heart.♪ ♪so find a fun way to make your style,♪ ♪jump, dance, play and eat, or whatever gets you on your feet.♪ ♪do whatever makes your heart grin and take a spin.♪ ♪and go and do it over and over again because happy hearts know how to live.♪ ♪and happy hearts have more to give.♪ ♪honey nut cheerios, good goes round and around.♪ all right. we're back today's talker busy weekend for the royal family ♪ when they play the music we know, royal story. a surprise appearance by meghan markle this was her first since she gave birth keir simmons is on duty. hi, keir they are playing your song. >> reporter: hey, savannah good morning you just missed out on hearing a
8:09 am
wonderful gun salute here in central london the duke of edinburgh's 98th birthday today so happy birthday, your royal highness it was another member of the royal family who took center stage over the weekend it was the queen's official birthday, and we saw meghan's first official assignment, if you like, since the birth of baby archie. it's a sign of how well she is doing, how much she has changed perceptions of the royal family that so much talk was about meghan she really has been a breath of on fresh air. one of the most important royal events of the year and all eyes are on the duchess of sussex this her first royal engagement since giving birth baby archie too young to attend. meghan riding a horse and carriage with prince harry the queen traveling separately the event to mark the monarch's official birthday called
8:10 am
trooping the color the queen's children and grandson prince william riding horses behind her. in her younger years, she would have would have done the same. she is now 93. more tha 200 horses, 400 musicians, and 1,400 officers and men taking part in the parade that has been held for 260 years later on the buckingham palace balcony prince louie waving at a flyover by the royal air force positions on the balcony are as regimented as the military marching below in another sign of harry and meghan's popularity, many fans complained that they were at the back and harder to see. this was an event not to be missed for at least one important reason it's among the queen's favorite days of the year, and you can see why. all the pomp and pageantry and this was the queen's official birthday. her actual birthday is april 21st which she spends with members of her family, guys.
8:11 am
>> so technically the second birthday this year it's like craig melvin, didn't you have a couple of parties you are like the queen >> yes. >> i really crack myself up. anyway, keir, what did you want to tell us about that? >> why does she have two birthdays, keir? >> reporter: well, it's a tradition that goes back to king george ii in 1748. he moved his official birthday celebrations because he wanted the weather to be better. >> seems like it worked out nicely. >> so this is the beginning of summer, guys. >> exactly keir, thank you so much. >> maybe we are wasting your talent, too? we should get you out on tour. >> no. >> she is here until thursday. >> one-woman show. anyway. >> "popstart"? >> yes switching gears to "popstart" now. first up, everyone is still talking about last night's tony awards we mentioned the highlight of the evening, ali stroker's
8:12 am
historic win but there were other big moments as well. many people praised james corden on his hosting duties, an incredible opening number. the performance was interrupted at one point take a look. >> so excuse me. brian, brian, brian, where are you going? >> i just have to go to the bathroom >> now i mean, the show literally just started. we are in the middle of the opening number. >> i know, but i really have to go. >> really? you can't just wait? >> i am bloated as hell and i'm not going to take it anymore >> i love that congratulations to all of last night's winners. and up next, more congratulations are in order katherine schwarzenegger and chris pratt tied the knot on saturday, both wearing mr. giorgio armani they exchanged vows in montecito, california, at the
8:13 am
san ysidro ranch on instagram they wrote yesterday was the best day of our lives. we became husband and wife in front of god, our families and those we love. this morning we feel nothing but blessed. their wedding has a sentimental tie to it. it's where katherine's great aunt and uncle, jackie and john f. kennedy, honeymooned. we send our well wishes to the newlyweds. congratulations. jennifer lopez's daughter emme stole the show over the weekend wearing red matching dresses and singing "limitless." watch the duo perform together ♪ ♪ [ clears cheers and applause ]
8:14 am
>> wow. >> wow >> it must run in the family, right? >> so cute. >> lopez wrote on instagram, i can't take it, and neither can we the performance was a part of j.lo's new tour which she kicked off in l.a. on friday night. finally, we have heard of comic-con. have you heard of crime con? over the weekend true crime junkies gathered in new orleans to listen and learn from the experts. our "dateline" team made an appearance they were treated as if they were the "avengers" cast fans cheered when they entered the room and stood in long lines just to get a picture of them. looks like everyone had a great time as a reminder, in addition to friday, starting tonight you can catch "dateline" on mondays 10/9 central right here on nbc. >> keith morrison must have killed it at that event. >> and a click yes, interesting this morning. a band was performing at a mall
8:15 am
in mexico over the weekend, but then a thunderstorm caused the roof to leak the flooding that followed had them playing a different tune. ♪ ♪ >> i don't know if that's funny or dark? that's "my heart will go on" by celine dion made famous by "titanic." the video has gone viral with social media users all over the world applauding the band's timing >> how did flay gthey get kenny, though i'm not sure if it's leaking like that if people should be hanging around >> especially with the music playing. that's when you find the door to float on and get off. >> thank you so much. al, what do you got in the weather? >> i don't think the flooding was that bad anyway, let's show you what we've got going on
8:16 am
looking at a lot of dry air out west with a lot of heat, but the good news is winds are going to die down so the fire threat should start to lessen after tomorrow more wet weather through southern texas we have got a lot of wet weather stretching from florida to the northeast and later on into new england. rainfall amounts there in the southeast we are going to be talking anywhere from one to three inches but as you get into the northeast we are going to be looking at the lot heavier rain, two to three inches. airport delays a big problem later this afternoon from boston, new york, washington, on into philadelphia, pittsburgh as well in the south down through florida we are going to be having airport delays most likely through atlanta into miami. that's going to build during the day today. . good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. it's going to be a hot day. temperatures peaking today and that's why we have a heat advisory in effect. all these areas in orange, that may include your city as well as
8:17 am
san francisco reaching 88 degrees today. 100 in san jose. 105 today in the tri-valley as well as the inland parts of the east bay and the delta. we're going to see those temperatures gradually coming down as we go throughout the week. the weekend we're looking at 84 on friday. >> and that's your latest weather. jenna joins. with the summer travel season heating up a special series called vacation confidential. >> a growing trend the rising number of women who are traveling solo nbc investigative and consumer correspondent vicki nguyen took a trip to show us what's behind the uptick and how women can stay safe when they're traveling abroad >> that's the key. we want people to feel like they can do it, but how to do it safely we talked with women in their 20s to 70s who says it's liberating, empowering, even addictive. being by yourself in a foreign
8:18 am
place can be risky with recent cases of women targeted abroad for assault or worse how do you protect yourself? this morning i am taking a trip to costa rica armed with safety tips from travel experts to show you from italy, iceland, tibet, south korea, more women than ever traveling solo around the world. a recent global survey about solo travel found more than 50% of women have vacationed alone the searches for female solo travel trending up on google the last five years. >> women are feeling more adventurous. on social media, more women are doing this they see the kind of experiences that you can have on your own on a solo trip. >> reporter: but things can go wrong. >> my birthday >> reporter: just last year, this 36-year-old woman was found dead near her vacation rental in costa rica where she was staying alone. and this woman vacationing alone in thailand chased by a man as she walked back to her hotel at
8:19 am
night. she fell 150 feet off a cliff trying to escape, only to be assaulted by that man as she lay helpless. >> i thought that was the end. >> reporter: she survived but had to learn to walk again. >> being a female solo traveler is absolutely empowering, but safety should be one of the number one factors you consider. >> reporter: so how do you stay safe when you are flying solo? i'm taking a trip. so excited party of one to costa rica, a popular solo traveler's destination to show you how it's done. before you get to the airport, make a copy of your passport as backup snap a picture and email it to someone you trust. and when i finally arrive, it's daytime, which is key. experts say get to your destination while it's still light out. that way you have time to check out your surroundings, make sure it's safe. and this place looks awesome and consider staying at a hotel with 24/7 staff versus a home
8:20 am
share when you are traveling alone. before i begin exploring i check in with my family. i think i will be in town a couple hours i wanted to check in share your itinerary with someone at home so they know what you are doing another tip, know the exact address of your stay get it in writing so if your phone dies you have it handy time to see the town what i'm wearing and not wearing can make a big difference. blend in in public don't give away you are a tourist and leave the valuables at home. only carry what you absolutely need your phone, your i.d., some cash put it in a front purse or pocket that way you help prevent pickpocketers from reaching into a back pocket. another important tip. carry your cash in more than one spot maybe your shoe or somewhere else that way if your purse is stolen, you are still good and don't be shy about checking out the night life scene jalapeno ginger margarita. keep an eye on the person making your drink what goes in in that drink
8:21 am
don't let it out of your sight this is important. if you are by yourself, stay sober. one more thing don't tell strangers where you are staying. if they ask, keep it vague but this trip isn't over yet waterfalls just because i'm traveling solo - >> the road is very steep, so hold on tight. >> reporter: -- doesn't mean i have to be alone say hi experts say more companies are catering to solo travelers with group tours. read the reviews first and book with a certified tour operator you want to make sure you go with someone who is experienced like joaquin you know where you are going, right? >> now we are going to take this. >> reporter: with these tips and a little planning ahead, not too hard to get used to this solo travel stuff, it can be an adventure to remember. that jump was higher than it looked, by the way a useful tip, request a room on a higher floor there is another layer of security before you get to the elevators. if you are riding up with
8:22 am
someone else, let them press their floor first. if it's the same as yours, maybe go up another level just to be safe full disclosure. i wasn't totally by myself i brought my producer along. i didn't want you to get tired of that selfie videos. >> i love that people are doing this i completely understand th appeal to get away for a couple of days. >> it sounds like heaven. >> it starts to catch on for men, too. >> i think it has. for the women, you feel a little insecure where do i get started what do i do so much information online search for travel blogs. there are a lot of even more tips out there so you can plan that trip and feel good about it but, yeah, we have a lot of little people in our lives, spouses. >> that's great. >> vicki, i know you are new to the "today" show family. you realize all of the assignments aren't like that >> that's a tough one to come down from, right >> welcome. >> thank you. coming up, not one, but two big stars in studio. there they are hollywood legend samuel l. jackson, country superstar tim
8:23 am
mcgraw. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> what's up >> he is wearing a hat that suits them. >> exactly i got the hat memo i got the memo. >> you want to see me. >> you guys, you have a new film you got a new book coming out. just exciting. >> it's pretty exciting time i get to hang out with samuel l. jackson and jon meacham in one day. >> all before nine in the morning. i know. >> which is hard for my brain. >> and samuel, you are bringing "shaft" back >> yeah, been so long since i well a movie come out. >> i know. >> okay, yeah. >> another one just came all right. more with sam and with tim in just a moment. ♪ first, a check of your local news and weather there it is. >> never gets old.
8:24 am
8:25 am
8:26 am
i'm kris sanchez a. lajcak look in walnut creek where the temperatures are set to soar today. meteorologist kari hall tells us pafrs of contra costa county could sail past triple digits. the bay area today is under a heat advisory along with a spare the air alert and fire danger is still high. firefighters are still putting out grass fires that started up over the weekend. the malech fire started yesterday afternoon near morgan hill. about one hour ago firefighters told us it is now 85% contained,
8:27 am
more than 200 acres burned before that. shifting toward the lighter summertime morning flow, chris, so we're seeing a pleasant drive as we look toward the earlier jam, south 880, recovers toward industrial. san leandro to hayward, a smooth drive across san mateo. we still have a good volume heading west on 92 from this live shot here. over there opt bay area toll plaza, we see the fast track lanes moving. chris, we'll send it back to you. >> more local news coming up for you in half an hour. have a good morning.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
are back. 8:30 on a monday morning, june 10th, 2019 always nice to see folks on the plaza. really nice when they decide to brave a little rain for us raindrops just started you guys are great thank you, thank you ready for a crowd moment >> let's do it. >> you got a number? >> yes. >> let's see where are rene, kelly, karen all the way down all the way down
8:31 am
that's my roker run. all right. so which one is which? >> karen. >> kelly. >> rene. >> i am going to assume we are celebrating a big birthday >> yeah. >> happy birthday. we wanted to get you something. >> you do? >> we did. >> we heard you are a big tim mcgraw fan how about a birthday hug from tim mcgraw ♪ >> woo oh my god! >> don't hug him too tight now we don't want -- i think he will probably take a picture with you. >> how are you >> i'm great. >> i'm fantastic you having fun >> i am having a blast. >> i can tell. how long have you been up this morning? >> i'm not going to ask about the party last night >> good to hear. pleasure to meet you. >> thank you. >> and happy birthday. >> thank you so much >> happy birthday, ladies.
8:32 am
take your picture. make sure you get your picture >> nice to see you my 50th was a while ago. >> thank you, guys you know, i'll take it we'll send it back to you guys in the meantime. get your sign out. there you go. >> wonderful. >> ready one, two, that's a good one. oh, yeah. >> tim mcgraw is such good sport. he is getting soaked right now a lot more with him ahead, including the project that has him joining forces to jon meacham. >> and guess who is in the house? samuel l. jackson. we can't wait to talk to him about the return from "shaft." he is maybe the hardest working man in hollywood. >> number one box office star of all time. >> wow. >> yes. >> that's awesome. >> no big deal. al, you had an awesome weekend? >> i got back from kansas city
8:33 am
where five amigos, pull rudd, eric stonestreet dave kepner, jason sudeikis have been holding a poker tournament, the big slick, to raise money for children's mercy hospital, a terrific organization. we have exclusive behind the scenes i took part. it is a big, big fun thing we will have that coming up on the third hour. >> can't wait. that's fun. guys, a big anniversary coming up. did you know it's been 25 years since studio 1a became home of the "today" show we have been looking for pictures from that time. 1994 if you were here a quarter century ago, we want to see your pictures go to to share with us. >> great. >> rainy on the plaza today. just a little bit, right >> right. >> this is officially rain. >> officially rain. >> let's go. >> yes 25 years ago, actually, i was here when they built the plaza before the 25 years. anyway, let's show you what' going on we are looking at a lot of wet weather along the east coast for monday sunny and hot out west
8:34 am
into the midweek period things dry out in the northeast, but soggy in the southeast storm developing in the ohio river valley record highs in the pacific northwest with excessive heat through the southwest where it will ease on friday. good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we're starting out with clouds and some fog, not only fog, but smoke drifting by. we have poor air equality as a result of nearby fires. a spare the air alert. it is going to be hot today. heating up to 88 degrees in san francisco. we will gradually cool off as we go through the week, mid-80s by friday. >> than is your latest weather savannah. guys, it's jon meacham a pulitzer prize-winning historian. tim mcgraw is here
8:35 am
together you are authors >> yes. ♪ >> also tim mcgraw is here. >> i told tim that he has massively upped your cool. >> do you think so >> i think so. >> you know, brooks brothers has hats like that. >> we will talk about this cool new book called "songs of
8:36 am
as a family, we always fly emirates. mum and dad are always saying... i love the breakfasts... it's the lunch for me... we both like the snacks... and the comfy seats... granny always says... the crew are so lovely with... can i get you anything madam? my uncle loves emirates for... the thousands of channels... plus i never miss a live match... and my sister, if she ever spoke to me... would say... it's the free wi-fi... duh! you get so much more on an emirates flight... even the baby would say... fly emirates. fly better.
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from ball rooms to battlefields, the history of america is often reflected and powered by song. "the star-spangled banner," born in the usa now tim mcgraw and pulitzer prize-winning historian jon meacham are teaming up in a new book called "songs of america," patriotism and protests that music that made a nation. guys, good morning. >> good morning. >> i am not going to call you the odd couple, but this was a pairing i did not expect, knowing both of you.
8:38 am
>> i still don't expect it. >> no. why does he get to be a legend >> you are legendary, too. >> i appreciate that. >> because i am older than you jon. >> that's true i am wiser he is older. >> this was born in somebody's living room. yours, tim >> my porch. >> nashville >> you can tell the story. i hate to say this - it's the only nice thing i will say about mcgraw, this was his idea i wrote a book last year about moments in history that felt like this. tough. no matter where you stand, you are not thrilled about politics. tim said have you thought about the role music played in these moments? and honestly i hadn't when you climb from the revolution through 9/11, you can tell both the tension of an era but also its hope and its optimism in the music of the time. >> how did you pick the songs? because i know it's not supposed to be an encyclopedic recitation of every song from the history of time >> no. our goal is that you read the book and discover songs you didn't know about. i think we reference probably
8:39 am
160 songs in the book. but that's just scratching the surface of the music out there that made a difference in the progression of our country and the reflection of our country at the times things were happening. so our hope is that you dig in and you see the songs that we wrote about that i wrote some side bars about, and then you listen to those songs and it inspires you to look up more songs and get into more songs and start learning about more songs. >> is there a song that inspired you or affected you as a musician that's in this kind of patriotic vein >> battle hymn of the republic. >> we have a clip. let's play it. ♪ glory, glory hallelujah ♪ glory, glory hallelujah ♪ >> that song has been sung many
8:40 am
times in our history note the date -- it's three days after 9/11 at the national prayer service. hard to have a dry eye when you look at that. >> that was from president bush from the lectern said we are in the middle hour of our grief this conflict began at a timing and terms of others. it will end on our terms there was some debate before the service about was it too defiant. george w. bush said defiance is good he echoed -- the first time abraham lincoln heard that hymn was at the capitol building. he said, sing it again. >> we have a combo "we shall overcome" and "blowing in the wind" by bob dylan. let's put those together ♪ ♪ i do believe
8:41 am
♪ we can overcome someday ♪ the answer my friend is blowing in the wind ♪ ♪ the answer is blowing in the wind ♪ >> tim, i know you both feel like those two songs belong together >> yes. >> in this conversation. >> sure, i think john lewis told us tha the civil rights, the marching in the civil rights era would not have been possible without music. the music that it reflected at the time and told the story and progressed us forward and caused us to look at ourselves and look at what is going on in the country and world. music has a way of connecting emotion to history especially when you look back at it now when you look back at those songs in those moments, you say look what these songs did. look how we remember these songs and artists. i think it was just a time that people were really socially conscious about what was going on those songs reflect that.
8:42 am
>> i hate to say this as a prose guy, but you can hear a song in a more emotional way than you can read a page about it or listen to a speech so even if you are on the other side of an issue, there is something about dylan or peter, paul and mary or pete seeger that you at once have an individual reaction, but also a collective experience. and i think what we need in this country more than ever, whether you are a republican or democrat, wherever you are, we need more collective experiences. >> one more song this is more from the modern era. it's brooks & dunn "only in america. let's take a listen. ♪ only in america where we dream in red white and blue ♪ ♪ only in america where we drea as big as we want to ♪ >> what we like about that is bipartisan i mean, we see candidates from both sides listening and liking that song and using it as an anthem. >> it's a song about hope, which we found is a theme throughout a
8:43 am
lot of these songs everybody gets to dance. it's a song about the hope and the progression of america and the chance that you have as an american to do the things you want to do in life and that song, you know, brooks & dunn are good friends of mine. that song is actually written before 9/11, but after 9/11 happened it became one of those songs that you recognize that sort of makes you think of 9/11 and makes you think of everything that was going on at that point. >> one of the things i like about this project and this book, it reminds us of our patriotic songs. it's okay to be patriotic. i think it feels good for people to remember the ties that bind us and what we have in common. >> absolutely. >> you celebrate and critique. that's what america does you do both. we are on the road to a more perfect union, not a perfect one. >> and the friction has always been there i think sometimes, jon and i were talking, people get caught up in what's going on now. it's never been this bad before. it's been -- we have been fighting for a long time. >> you know, the civil war was
8:44 am
not great. not to minimize what we have, but the message of "blowing in the wind" or the "battle hymn of the republic," we can move forward. >> there's no real segue here, but i just well to mention to tim that you recently went o vacation you caught a couple of fish. we have a picture. i think we have the picture to show nobody is noticing the fish in that picture, tim. and here is meacham's vacation let's see it guys, you make a great pair. >> thank you. >> thank you so much a pleasure. >> i wish i were your neighbor in nashville thank you, the book is "songs of america," find out more at craig, over to you. we have a huge star in the house. ladies and gentlemen, samuel l. jackson. we are going to talk about the box office return of "shaft. some of his other iconic characters who knows what else we'll talk about? >> i want to find out is "lift every voice" in that book?
8:45 am
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♪ >> ah, yes, the great samuel l jackson has starred in a lot of films, playing truly larger than life characters. arguably, his coolest role none other than john shaft. now harlem's toughest private eye back on the case in a new film, this time trying to show his son how things are done. >> any woman that dresses up to come out ton a tuesday night is my kind of woman how do you think i met your mom? >> that's enough with the rules. i'm outta here. >> excuse me, gentlemen. >> oh, rule number two, never turn down free drinks from beautiful ladies. >> samuel l. jackson, good morning, sir. >> good morning. >> so j.j. is the son we meet in
8:48 am
the film is he a chip off the old block or does he need toughening up? >> he needs to understand what the shaft name means in the particular world that we inhabit. he has been taken away from me because his life was a bit in danger when they were with me. she moved. he's a private school kid. went to mit, who now works for the fbi. he comes to me for help. and in doing that, i have to kind of show him how his father and my father operate in that particular world. >> we get three generations. richard roundtree makes an appearance you are there. what was it like having all three of you guys there together >> a lot of fun. jesse's a young actor that i have watched i used to watch his tv show. he had this tv show called "survivor's remorse," a lebron james-like player, a young basketball player all of a
8:49 am
sudden became rich, was wondering if he should give more back to his community and what his place was in the world at that point interesting thing. and he was will smith's son in "independence day. >> that's right. i know john singleton directed the first one. >> he directed mine. richard will quickly correct you about that. >> he directed your first one? >> yes. >> and of course we lost him a few weeks ago. >> yeah. >> how did that affect you personally >> john and i were really good friends. we talked. we were about to actually do a film together this fall. so we were, you know, sort of in preproduction and getting ready to start that process. >> surprised whether it -- surprised when it happened? >> it's hard to find somebody with john's sensibility. we will work that out. i was out of the country when he passed i was fortunate enough to be back to speak at his memorial service in l.a. the other week it was great.
8:50 am
>> you are probably aware of this, but you are the most bankable star in hollywood did you know this? >> is that different between that whole box office thing we talk about all the time? >> they are the same we crunched the numbers this morning. we have new numbers for you. $6.6 billion that is -- >> money i made for other people >> well, i mean, i don't think you are struggling, but yes, that would be the amount of money -- >> that's how much they made >> yes. >> okay. interesting. all right. >> but you made a lot of movies as well. >> i am not a billionaire though. >> you are probably closer than me yeah probably closer than me. >> okay, i'll accept that. >> i read that you, on average, over the past 30 years, five films a year that's the average >> i hope so, yeah. >> how do you decide what to do and what not to do >> sometimes it's time a film comes across the desk and i would love to do but it conflicts with some other film i
8:51 am
already agreed to do or some people have preference like when i had my nine-picture deal before i fulfilled it, marvel always had first place. no matter what i was doing, they could call and they would say stop doing that movie and come here and i almost had to do that so that was part of it and sometimes it's time commitment sometimes if i can find that week, i can run in for a week. i am doing a couple of movies this summer that i'm only doing a weekend. >> a couple movies >> yeah. i'm trying to figure out what my fall is going to be. >> and you just turned 70 in december >> yeah. >> are you going to slow up at all, do you think? >> slow up what? >> i mean, you know -- >> work? i can't retire, man. you see what's going on in the world? i can't retire you know, it's hard for people to get jobs at my age. people are willing to hire me, i'm going to take that job. >> what's -- >> i can be a greeter at walmart or something. >> i could see you doing that. >> i could, too. >> the coolest greeter in the history of walmart
8:52 am
25 years since "pulp fiction." lard hard to believe - >> is that all >> i was at a charity event with you a couple years ago and people run up and scream lines from movies. >> i'm the t-shirt guy >> what's the most common line from a samuel l. jackson film that people come up and scream at you on the street? >> that one, quarter pounder with cheese in france. that's the most popular with a certain age group. older black people say, yes, they deserve to die and i hope they burn in hell. that's theirs. there is a group of especially now that "shaft" is coming out, it's my duty to please the bootie people, which i thought was the corniest line ever in my life john said it's going to be cool. i was like - really >> he was right. >> really? >> he was right. >> really? >> he was right. always good to see you. >> thank you. >> thank you, thank you. samuel l. jackson, always a pleasure
8:53 am
mr. jackson is back on the fourth hour along with richard roundtree and jesse usher. the whole cast, by the way "shaft" in theaters this friday. we are back in a moment. you want to say this line? >> what? >> what? this is what
8:54 am
...6, 7, 8 >> what? this is what ♪ ♪ ♪ big dreams start with small steps... ...but dedication can get you there. so just start small... start saving.
8:55 am
easily set, track and control your goals right from the chase mobile® app. ♪ ♪ chase. make more of what's yours®. all right. don't forget more great stories at all day, including an a to z skin care guide. everything to know about the latest trends. plus, should you start swigging aloe vera and cactus juice? >> no, thank you. >> my dad does that. swears by it >> it's a thing. it's a hot new trend. >> maybe with your, what is it, beyond imagination burger? what is that meatless burger >> or the impossible burger. >> exactly. >> beyond imagination. >> my dad drinks a glass of aloe vera juice every day. >> how does he feel? >> great
8:56 am
looks good, too. >> he is a little prickly. >> you knew that was coming. >> bad jokes about my dad. funny. on the third hour, john is stopping by. >> you know who we have in the fourth hour? john cena. and we are back together again. >> and three generations of "shaft." >> yes samuel l. jackson. >> yes he'll be back. weave to find some things you didn't ask him about that was a good interview. >> i will give you some notes. good mornin good morning. one man accused of plowing into another car during a high-speed chase. it happened at 3:00 a.m. this morning in south san jose. officers tried to pull the driver over near the 280/101
8:57 am
interchange but the driver took off and his car smashed into a minivan. the driver of that minivan died. a passenger in the minivan was critically injured. the chp tells us the suspect was wanted for a felony warrant and they also say that he told them he was high on methamphetamine. happening now, chp will provide an update at 11:00 this morning. we have a crew waiting for that at headquarters. you can look for a live update in our mid--day newscast at 11:00. a link to more on our homepage right now. also we're keeping a close eye on the hot weather. kari hall is tracking a heat advisory in parts of the bay area. we're going to soar past the triple digits. a short time ago, firefighters updated the sand fire burning in lake berryessa which is now 30% contained.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
rockefeller plaza this is the third hour of "today." >> good morning, everybody. welcome to the third hour of "today." i'm al along with sheinelle, craig, and dylan. good to see you guys. >> good morning, guys. gang's all here. >> you guys look nice. >> thanks. not even planned. >> we put on blazers today. it feels like a rainy day, i didn't feel like putting on a dress. >> we may get heavier rain later, folks still suffering across the country, the south into the east. wildfires are out west. we have more storms coming today. this is oklahoma. heavy rain. an


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