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tv   Today  NBC  June 13, 2019 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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they are being extra careful. >> nice to see the fog, your travel pictures. enjoy the cool down, folks. go warriors. >> yes. we'll see you back here for mid-day. hey, go warriors, dub nation stand up. it's time. stand up.
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the japan prime minister in iran hoping to ease conflict. the morning's incidents coming weeks after saudi arabia accused rifle iran of striking four tankers in the gulf. a preliminary investigation blaming an unidentified state actor. iran has denied the accusations and at times played down the prospects of war with the west. president trump speaking out about relations with iran earlier this week. >> when i came here, they were all over the place, causing terror, causing problems. they're not doing that right now. >> reporter: but this morning the region on a knife's edge again, iran's supreme leader saying why iran does not want an atomic bomb america could do nothing to stop it. >> this has been a time of escalating tensions in this region, keir. have we heard from the white house this morning?
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>> reporter: nothing yet, savannah, but inevitably there will be reaction. the administration has taken multiple steps going back to last year, pumping out of the nuclear agreement with iran, ramping up sanctions on aran and amid tensions sending more troops to the region. the aim has been to deter iran, savannah. the urgent question this morning, what happened here. there will be cool heads in washington asking this morning why would iran attack japanese-related ships just when the japanese leader was there trying to work for peace. but, clearly, if it was iran it will strengthen the hand of those within the trump administration who have been urging a tough approach like the national security advisor john bolton. again, savannah, we are in the early hours of trying to find out what really occurred. without doubt, this is a dangerous moment, savannah. >> reporter: keir is on the breaking news. thank you. now to the stunning admission from president trump revealing in a new interview that he would listen for information on his 2020 rivals
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from foreign governments nbc white house correspondent peter alexander joins us with more on what the president had to say and the reaction as well. peter, good morning. >> reporter: craig, good morning to you you're right these were remarkable comment, especially after an investigation that consumed nearly two years of donald trump's presidency, focusing on his campaign's interactions with russians in 2016 the president in this new interview says he might not necessarily alert the fbi if foreign governments offered damaging information, what he called opposition research on his 2020 opponent, suggesting he would put his own political future above the rule of law president trump, asked by abc news where he would accept information on his 2020 opponent from a foreign power or call the fbi? >> i think maybe you do both i think you might want to listen there's nothing wrong with listening. if somebody called from a country, norway, we have information on your opponent oh, i think i would want to hear it. >> you want that kind of
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interference in our elections? >> it is not an interference they have information. i think i would take it. if i thought there was something wrong, i would go maybe to the fbi, if i thought there was something wrong. but when somebody comes up with op research, right, they come up with op research, oh, let's call the fbi. the fbi doesn't have enough agents to take care of it. >> reporter: just last month fbi director christopher wray made his position clear. >> if any public official or member of a campaign is contacted by any nation state or anybody acting on behalf of a nation state about influencing or interfering with our election, then that's something that the fbi would want to know about. >> reporter: the president disputing that. >> oh, let me call the fbi give me a break. life doesn't work that way. >> reporter: the fbi director says that's what should happen. >> the fbi director is wrong. >> reporter: it follows donald trump jr. testifying gen behind closed doors. >> are you here to correct your testimony. >> reporter: the president's oldest son hosted that 2016 trump tower meeting between
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campaign officials and russians promising dirt on hillary clinton. the president defending his son, who was not charged with a crime in connection with robert mueller's investigation. >> reporter: should he have gone to the fbi when he got the e-mail >> let's put yourself in a position you're a congressman somebody comes up and says, i have information on your opponent, do you call the fbi? i tell you what. i have seen a lot of things in my life, i don't think i have ever called the fbi. in my whole life you don't call the fbi you throw somebody out of your office. >> reporter: it comes as one of the president's most trusted confidante, hope hicks, will be the first to testify before the house judiciary committee investigating whether the president tried to obstruct justice. what hicks will be permitted to say is unclear since the president may assert executive privilege over her testimony related to her time at the white house and earlier this month directed hicks not to cooperate with a congressional subpoena for white house documents.
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>> peter, let's go back to the comments from president trump about accepting information from foreign governments. has there been reaction yet and do we suspect there will be some fall-out >> reporter: strikingly, republicans have been silent, but democrats from the campaign trail to congress, they quickly condemned the president's comments chuck schumer calling them disgraceful, tweeting, when the president talks like this, it's no wonder mitch mcconnell is blocking what does it mean for the wider impeachment debate amongst democrats. nancy pelosi, the house speaker, has resisted calls within her party to begin impeachment proceedings. we will hear from her this morning, a weekly news conference it is not clear these comments from the president will change her calculus >> peter alexander at the white house for us thank you. there's growing reaction to the first sentencing connected
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to the widespread college admissions sentencing. nbc national correspondent miguel almaguer joins us with the latest. >> reporter: good morning, savannah prosecutors wanted to send a message that it will end in prison time but they didn't get it it is being watched by others, including hollywood actresses, as they face time behind bars. >> coach, any message to your former athletes that looked up to you in. >> reporter: prosecutors wanted him to spend 13 months in pritson, but the former coach of the stanford sailing team formerly, he was sentenced to two years supervised probation and a $10,000 fine he apologized outside federal court. >> i have taken responsibility for my actions and i'm accepting the consequences of the actions. >> reporter: after pleading guilty to federal racketeering charges in march, he admitted to
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making more than 610,000 in bribes to get students from wealthy families admitted into stanford as sailing recruits in federal court where he and his family wept, his attorney asked for leniency instead of lining his own pocket, he said, he used the money to pay for sailing uniforms, boats, equipment and staff costs. >> in no way could i have used the money for personal suspenses or personal gain my actions were wrong. i see that now. >> reporter: prosecutors were unable to get a stiffer sentence, but after the hearing releasing this statement we will continue to seek meaningful penalties in these cases. with 22 defendants pleading guilty or agreeing to plead guilty, the judge's decision likely got the attention of others like felicity huffman who faces possible prison time the actress this week attending the high school graduation of her older daughter, whose college entrance exams were rigged
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>> lori, lori, pay for my tuition! >> reporter: but some parent like hollywood celeb lori loughlin and her husband plan to fight the charges. the nation's largest college entrance cheating exam, ending for one defendant as dozens more wait to learn their fate. >> miguel, as you said there will be many more sentencing hearings what about new indictments or charges? there's always been that notion perhaps there's more to come >> reporter: that's right. we know the investigation is wide open and several more parents could be indicted. the necessary court dates for lori laughlin and felicity huffman remain sometime away we should mention while the coach didn't get prison time he is now a felon. >> thank you very much now to the new arrests and details of the shooting of david ortiz. prosecutors in the dominican republic now say he was the target of a murder-for-hire plot nbc's morgan chesky is in santo domingo with the latest on this.
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morgan, good morning >> reporter: yeah, craig, good morning. dominican authorities stressing the shooting suspect definitely did not act alone. in fact, right now six other men are behind bars, accused of trying to murder a man who is much more than an international sports star, but here in his native dominican republic a national hero. this morning dominican authorities are calling the plot to shoot beloved baseball star david ortiz a sophisticated and coordinated hit. six suspects are now behind bars, but police say they're searching for others including one nicknamed the surgeon. the attorney general says investigators have been working nonstop to track down those responsible, including this man, rolfy cruz who police sakon fessed to being the shooter. investigators did not reveal the motor but said someone put a
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$8,000 price tag on head of the likely future hall of famer. you can see the moment the popular santo domingo nightclub, the bullet going through ortiz and wounding his friend. authorities say shortly before the attack this video shows the suspects meeting around the corner in two cars the motorcycle there, the planned getaway vehicle. the coordination leading police to believe the shooting was anything but random. the motorcycle driver was captured and beaten by the crowd before police arrived and took him into custody he is now charged as an accomplice to attempted murder his attorney saying none of the evidence presented so far implicates his clint in any way. back in boss toton, ortiz's wif tiffany saying big papi is improving every day. david was able to sit up as well as take some steps his condition is guarded and he will remain in the icu for the coming days but he is making
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good progress towards recovery and this morning the attorney for garcia, that first suspect arrested, says his client has never accepted any money and is not part of an organized crime ring meanwhile, when asked authorities refused to answer anything on who could have ordered this hit on big papi savannah, craig. >> morgan chesky in the d.r. thank you. more to get to including history in the nhl the city of st. louis celebrating its first stanley cup ever after the blues defeated the boston bruins in the winner-take-all game seven kristen dahlgren got there because she wanted to be first. >> reporter: that's right. happy tears. people here have had a long time to plan the party, 52 years in the making this is the city's first stanley cup ever, and what a cinderella story, not just ending a 52-year drought, but on january 3rd this team had the fewest points in the league
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they went on, they like to say, from worst to first. they did that with a 4-1 win away game seven in boston. fans that couldn't travel filled the enterprise center here, they watched it on the big screen, and the party went well into the night. the blues not only ending their own drought but also throwing a wrench into boston's postseason success in multiple sports so a huge day. the title, the stanley cup already back here in st. louis, guys. >> kristen, thank you very much. did you stay up late and watch >> i watched through the second period last night. >> okay. >> they were up 2-0 at that point. looked like they had it well in hand, but it looks like you might have been pulling from the blues based on your glasses. >> my blue glasses, or i just want to be like al roker >> either one. >> are you wearing yours today >> i have purple on today actually. >> purple, okay. >> but prevel cheese for everybody, a big delicacy in st. louis, and a little fried ravioli also we have wet weather through the
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northeast and a cold front pushing its way to the east, making its way through western pennsylvania we have some wet weather out there to talk about. today the coastal low will bring rain and wind. it will be a slow drive. travel delays will be a big problem as well. then we have a second front pushes through through friday that may bring s howers lingering on through new england airport delays may be a problem later this afternoon, up into boston this morning, into the early afternoon. d.c., cincinnati and detroit if you are on the roads, look along i-95 from bangor to raleigh. on i-90 some problems, and along indianapolis along i-70. we have your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds
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. good thursday morning, i'm meteorologist carrie hall. the low clouds are back. there is going to help cool us all off across the bay area today and much cooler for the inland areas, reaching into the upper 80s today. it's still going to be warm. 85 in san jose. 73 in oakland and the 60s in san francisco. today in napa, reaching 83 degrees, our cooling trend continues, lower 80s for the inland valleys for the weekend. starting to heat up early next week. steen. >> cheese, very tasty. >> between your purple glasses and savannah, i'm a slob here. >> but your tie -- >> exactly. >> kind of like sorbet. >> thank you very much, mr. roker.
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coming up, amanda knox embarking on a trip she vowed never to make again. why she is returning to italy after being convicted and eventually cleared of murdering her roommate those manipulated videos that are getting easier and easier to make and hard to spot the real from the fake just ahead, the growing concern with the 2020 race it will make. alright boys, time for bed. listen to your mom, knuckleheads. hand em over. hand what over? video games, whatever you got. let's go. you can watch videos
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♪ i'm not scared to be seen ♪ i make no apologies, this is me ♪ ♪ this is brave, this is bruised ♪ ♪ this is who i'm meant to be, this is me ♪ >> good morning, it's 7:26. i'm kris sanchez. bart managers meet to discuss a planned increase. lately there has been talk of putting that on hold debra allen says higher ticket prices could turn riders away. a 6% hike is set for january. increased fares could bring in an additional $25 million a year in estimated revenue. that's the flipside. we want to take a look at your forecast. boy, is it nice to see the fog.
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>> the return of that marine layer will cool it off. we start out with some cloud, we get sunshine today. that's when it heats up. we are back in the mid-80s, ukiah reaches 90. santa rosa, that ocean breeze. it will continue to cool off, warming up on father's day into next week. enjoy the cool down while it lasts. it gets hot again next week. >> the san mateo bridge. so i'll continue to follow the span, itself. you will see the drive on the census westbound standards for thursday. earlier trash north 880.
7:28 am
really overall, look at that, pretty nice around the bay. remember, the ace train is cancelled today. >> we have more local news coming up for new just a half hour.
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we're back at 7:30. it is thursday morning, june 13, 2019. and that's a live look at the world of harry potter down at universal orlando. you can see folks there already lined up for this morning's grand opening of a new ride. we will have much more on all of that coming up in a few. >> all right. the navy's fifth fleet rushing to help after the vessels suffered serious damage off the coast of iran. at this point it is not clear who is behind those attacks, but this morning's events come weeks after saudi arabia accused arch
7:31 am
rival iran of striking four oil tankers in the gulf. iran denied those accusations. a preliminary international investigation into the attacks blamed a, quote, unidentified state actor. breaking overnight, chaos erupted after a deadly police shooting in memphis. officials say a group of protesters gathered at the scene became irate and started throwing rocks at officers. they damaged police vehicles and a nearby fire station. these protests came after federal officials shot and killed a man they were attempting to arrest. memphis police officers who were not involved in the shooting were called in to help control those crowds. some heart-stopping moments in the skies above ft. worth, texas wednesday. check this out. a small twin engine plane forced to make an emergency landing after the aircraft's right-side landing gear falls off during takeoff from another texas airport. the plane manages to land successfully on its other two wheels. when the right side of the aircraft touched down, sparks shot out of the plane. you can see there.
7:32 am
thankfully, no one aboard was hurt. now to an emotional and surprising journey back to italy for amanda knox. she returned there today for the first time since being convicted and eventually cleared in the 2007 murder of her roommate, but she once said she would never go back. nbc's kellie kobe yay cobiella joins us with more. >> good morning. it is clear this morning that interest in amanda knox has not gone away. she arrived in milan this morning, touching down on italian soil for the first time in eight years. she was invited to italy to speak this weekend on how the media changed her life and the cameras were waiting at the airport. this morning amanda knox, seen arriving in milan, ready to set the record straight. knox's story, jailed for a murder she didn't commit, dominated the headlines for years. now she is nervously returning to italy for the first time since 2011, posting this picture on instagram days before she
7:33 am
left seattle with the words "feeling frayed. in 2007, amanda's friend and fellow student meredith was killed in their shared apartment. amanda's conviction and courtroom tears when she was freed four years later shown around the world. >> i -- i am so grateful to have my life back. >> reporter: in a new article she previews the speech she will make in italy this week. she says the italian prosecutor painted me as a sex-crazed femme fatale and the media profited for years by sensationalizing an utterly unjustified story. she criticized some media she says does not distinguish between a person's life and click-worthy content telling "today" last year -- >> i think that i wasn't ever really given a chance from the get-go i think that as soon as the tragedy of what happened to meredith was revealed, there
7:34 am
was -- there was a hunt for a monster. >> reporter: more than a decade after the killing, the world has moved on, but not amanda knox and her-then boyfriend, pictured with her at the murder scene he will not make a speech this week, but he told nbc news in a recent interview -- >> i want people to know exactly who i am, not what the media tell about me. >> reporter: the man who did call meredith is currently serving a 16-year sentence amanda knox says she believed she would grow old in prison, knowing she was innocent now she says she still suffers insults and hatred on social media, abuse from which she fears she will never be free >> kelly, you mentioned she is going because she has this speech, but it sound like it is personal as well, this return to italy. >> reporter: yes, that's right, savannah, she says this is really the way she feels she can get over what she calls a very traumatic experience she said in the past that she
7:35 am
needs to go to italy in order to face her fears she said it is scary for her, but it is something that she has to do. it is not going down well, by the way, on the side of the family of the victim, meredith kircher. the family lawyer told the media in his word that the visit was uncalled for and inappropriate savannah. >> kelly cobiella, thank you very much. we turn for another check of the weather and we are looking at heat. >> that's right. since 1970 with climate change we have seen temperatures starting to rise greatest summertime warning since 1970 the nucmber above average, only three in new yorks, 36 in raleigh, 41 in new orleans, 20 days in new orleans you head out west and you really see a change look at the number of temperatures above average reno, 67 for the summer, 30 in phoenix, 15 in amarillo. we continue with triple digit heat today
7:36 am
a lot of temperatures are above average. phoenix will see a record today at 114 tucson, is 10. good morning, i'm meteorologist carrkari hall. fog near the coast is helping cooling us all off. as we go through the the day, we will see sunshine and the valleys warming up mid- to upper-80s. san francisco reaching 66 degrees. santa rosa up to 78 degrees. our cooling trend continue as we go into the first part of the weekend. father's day is looking nice. but it will start to warm up. we'll be back in the 90s by next week. with san francisco in the 60s. happy national seersucker day. >> oh, that explains it. >> it is. >> but for you it is almost always seersucker day. >> it is a month for me.
7:37 am
>> we love it. coming up, kate middleton with a new call to action. she is hoping to change the way we think about mental health and children we are going to chat with the stars of the new "men in black" movie chris hemsworth and tessa thompson here. first, some new technology raising serious concerns over its potential to influence politics we are going to take a close look at deepfakes, how they work and what, if anything, we can do about them that's right after this. december 30th is national bacon day.
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whether it's using rewards just pointsaway. toward things like complimentary maintenance. or for vehicle accessories. and with fordpass, a tap can also get you 24/7 roadside assistance. and lock your vehicle. only fordpass puts all this in the palm of your hand. fordpass. built to keep you moving. this morning on in-depth today, we are taking a deeper look at so-called deep state. >> they've been in the news a lot lately, video technology where someone's face can be manipulated or even placed on to someone else's body. amid growing concerns over how deep fakes could be used and the potential impact on things like the 2020 election, congress is
7:42 am
holding a hearing on them today. nbc's morgan ratford is here with a real eye opener deep, deep fake, some are really good. >> really good and kind of scary good if you haven't heard of deepfakes already, you better get to know them because the technology that makes them is becoming easier to access than ever before. already, numerous doctored political videos created with simple editing techniques have been debunked, but as we're about to show you the technology used to make deepfakes is already very convincing and only getting more sophisticated >> sir elton. >> who can forget this moment at the grammy's when lady gaby acevedo honored sir elton john. >> thank you, elton. >> or when she took the stage at the golden globes with bradley cooper but look now. >> it is an honor -- >> that's not lady gaga standing next to bradley cooper
7:43 am
that's me, my face replacing lady gaga. >> michael douglas. >> and at the grammy's, there i am again. >> thank you, elton. i love you. >> sure, it is innocent enough, but the technology that makes this possible makes it easier than ever to manipulate video, even putting words in people's mouths it is called a deepfake. >> we're at a point right now where deepfakes are sri real et cetera tick and the technology is only going to get better. >> jeff smith studies deepfakes at the university of colorado and he made those lady gaga deepfakes for us. >> every facial expression lady gaga makes morgan makes. effectively, we've put morgan at the golden globes. >> and how did he make such a convincing fake? with free software, a regular desktop computer and some basic programming. >> this is what the software generates after about a few hours of training, and after about 24 hours of training we
7:44 am
get a much more well-defined face. >> there have already been a number of prominent deepfakes spread online, and just last week artists uploaded this deepfake video of facebook ceo mark zuckerberg delivering and only necessa ominous message. >> imagine this for a second one man with control of billions of peoples stolen data. >> with the 2020 election getting into swing, there's growing concern deepfakes could be used to disrupt u.s. elections and this has members of congress scrambling to act. >> the potential for harm is tremendous. >> congressman adam schiff, chairman of the house intelligence committee, called for a hearing on deepfakes. >> do you think that this technology could disrupt the 2020 election? >> absolutely it could and what psychologists will tell you is if you see a video of someone saying something distasteful or racist or criminal or whatever, even if you're later persuaded that wasn't them, you can never
7:45 am
completely lose the lingering negative impression of that person. >> while not a deepfake, just last month a doctored video of house speaker nancy pelosi racked up millions of views on social media this is the original >> most currently that he was engaged in a coverup. >> here is the edited video which makes it appear she is slurring her words. >> most currently that he was engaged in a coverup >> but it is not just washington hollywood is taking notice, too. actresses like alyssa milano, gal godot and johansson have had their faces plastered on other women's bodies in pornographic videos in a statement in december to "the washington post", johannason wrote nothing can stop someone from cutting and pasting my image or anyone else's on to a different body and making it look as eerily realistic as desired and with the technology rapidly evolving, smith says it is getting harder to dwrish the real and the fake.
7:46 am
although there are still some telltale signs of a fake. >> so if you are looking at something that might be a deepfake you will see there's blurriness, less detail or definition in the eyes but for what it is worth, morgan is now at the golden globes with bradley cooper presenting an award. >> you looked great with bradley there. >> thank you, and blonde hair? >> seriously, there's a story on the website right now,, about a guy in czechoslovakia producing these videos as well that are eerily good the videos that originate in other countries, in foreign countries, what can be done about them what can be done about the ones here >> that's great question we reached out to facebook and youtube and they said they're working to update their technology and policies to combat disinformation. but the house intelligence committee, which is meeting hours from now, says they're working on tracking and sourcing those videos, because especially when they're made on foreign soil it is something they have to be concerned about because they're not exactly sure what role the u.s. can play.
7:47 am
>> all right >> it is so disturbing, and especially when you are talking about the election upon us people have to be very good consumers and smart and shrewd about what they're looking at and ask good questions morgan, thank you very much. >> good story, morgan. thank you very much. still ahead, what happens when you turn professional organizers lose on the messiest part of your house savannah guthrie just found out. wait until you see the results eye opening, is that fair? >> yes, eye opening and to dab my tears of joy when it was all done. >> first, these messages ♪
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carson joins us. we have an update this morning on the injury suffered by golder state warriors superstar kevin durant. >> yes, in an instagram post from his hospital bed, durant confirmed what warriors' fans and even non-warriors' fans had feared he wrote in part, i did rupture my achilles. surgery was today. it was a suck said my road back starts now. i got my family and my loved ones by my seed and we truly appreciate all of the messages and support that people have sent our way that coming from k.d. a short time ago and the injury happening during game five of
7:52 am
the nba finals, his first game back after being sidelined more than a month. >> he seems to have good spirits and know it is a long road to recovery for his fans and family, the fact he feels he will come back, very important. >> game six tonight, he said he would be cheering on dub nation. i would venture to guest his teammates use this injury as inspiration and take game six tonight. >> absolutely. it is a terrible injury, probably one of the worst you can have in the sport but we've seen people come back from it. boogie cousins recently came back but this will be the inspiration. assuming they win to night, it will be all eyes on game seven in toronto. >> we are washing him the best just ahead, chris hemsworth, tessa thompson, the new "men in black" franchise. >> first, your local news. .... man 3: proof that i can fight psoriatic arthritis... woman 4: ...with humira. woman 5: humira targets and blocks a specific source of inflammation
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. good thursday morning. 7:26. we are seeing cloudy skies over san jose. >> that will help keep us cooler. we're starting out with low 60s. we're headed up to 85 degrees after the clouds clear. we're reaching the upper 80s, oakland reaching 73 and 66 in san francisco with nap tha reacg yes degrees. cooler temperatures at the start of the weekend. we get nor clomore cloud and fo. as we get to father's day, it warms up into the mid-80s, by the 90s early next week. for san francisco, we have 60s in the forecast, continuing into the weekend, on father's day, reaching 66 degrees and then in the 70s who ill the inland valleys heat up.
7:57 am
we will see some warmer temperatures in san francisco as well. we'll be tracking all of that in the forecast. we're going to enjoy a cooler weekend, mike, how are the roads looking? >> much better. on the right side, san mattia has had a tough time. they have a series of crashes and disabled vehicles. high rise actually raised there. dunbartop bridge about the same volume of traffic, slowing, university, willow, not so bad on the peninsula. the south bay shows the build. westbound approaching 101, starts to jam up there. west 580 towards that richmond-san rafael toll plaza. back to you. happening now, bart directors are getting ready to debate a plan to increase fares. apparently, not everybody is on board, including some board members, it's possible they could postpone the hike. you can see more and your
7:58 am
concern after new attacks on two oil tankers that left one tafrger on fire. you can finds all of them on our home page. at comcast, we didn't build the nation's largest gig-speed network just to make businesses run faster. we built it to help them go beyond.
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♪ it is 8:00 on "today". coming up, breaking news the u.s. navy responding to attacks on two oil taskers in the middle east, the crews taken to iran, coming as tensions between the united states and iran are running high. we're live with the latest plus, taking center stage. kate middleton making a rare public speech to raise awareness about children and mental health. >> i have seen over and over again that, sadly, the root cause can so often be traced right back to the very earliest years of someone's life. >> the duchess now taking on some serious causes and following in the footsteps of princess diana ♪
8:01 am
and back in black. chris hemsworth and tessa thompson are here to talk about the return of "men in black." >> i haven't seen that before. >> how this dynamic duo is teaming up once again and making history. today this, june 13, 2019. ♪ >> all the way from new zealand. >> to celebrate thursday on the "today" show >> celebrating my 18th birthday today. >> we're the coffman family from maryland. >> celebrating life. >> our family. >> just finished my first year of teaching. >> here for my 60th birthday. >> from wisconsin. >> happy birthday, happy anniversary, happy everything. welcome back to "today". it is thursday morning we are happy to have you on our plaza, whether you are celebrating a special occasion or coming to the plaza is your special occasion
8:02 am
we are happy to have you here. post your message on twitter, instagram, use the #mytodayplaza and we will find it. >> bring that up in a bit. we have another crowd outside, down at universal orlando. that is where a new ride is opening as we speak. the wizarding world of harry potters. carrie sanders loves the roller coaster. he was among the first to experience it. he will have more on that in a bit. let's get to the news at 8:00 the tensions escalating in the middle east at this hour where the u.s. navy has come to the aid of oil tankers attacked in the tense waters near iran today senior international correspondent keir simmons is on the story. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, savannah we are seeing these pictures, fire and smoke from what is said to be one of the tankers, pictures from an iranian state news agency, the u.s. navy's fifth fleet rushing to help.
8:03 am
iran's foreign minister referring to attacks on japan-related tankers, tweeting suspicious doesn't begin to crib what happened. one of the ship's owners claiming it was hit by a shell this all happening as the japanese foreign minister is in iran working for peace the crew was evacuated from the vessel after an accident and taken to an iranian port and claiming one of the ships has sunk whether it was an attack, which country and who might be responsible is not yet clear, in a week when president trump said his iran policy is working many will ask why iran would do this now, but this is a dangerous moment with oil prices spiking, savannah. >> keir on the breaking news thank you very much. with russian meddling in the 2016 election still under investigation, president trump says he would accept dirt on a future opponent even if it came from a foreign government. for reaction to the president's comments let's go to the white house. that is where we find peter alexander. peter, good morning. >> reporter: hey, craig, good morning.
8:04 am
president trump raised eyebrows again with the new comments, saying there would be, quote, nothing wrong with accepting damaging information about a 2020 opponent from another foreign government and that he might not call the fbi here is exactly what he told abc news. >> it is not an interference they have information. i think i would take it. if i thought there was something wrong, i would go maybe to the fbi, if i thought there was something wrong. but when somebody comes up with op research, they come up with op research, let's call the fbi. the fbi doesn't have enough agents to take care of it. >> reporter: the president also said his own fbi director christopher wray was wrong when wray recently said politicians who received help from foreign governments should alert the fbi. all of this came hours after the president told his son was on capitol hill answering more questions from lawmakers donald trump jr. hosted the 2016 trump tower meeting with russians after being promised dirt on hillary clinton. i guess the question this morning, will it change the impeachment debate among democrats.
8:05 am
we are likely to hear from noens pelosi today craig and savannah, back to you. >> thank you, peter alexander from the white house there is new fall out about the central park five case netflix series the lead prosecutor is leaving her job as a part-time lecturer at columbia university law school a student group demanded her resignation. in a letter from the dean, she is quoted as saying given the publicity generated by the netflix portrayal it is best for me not to renew my teaching. it involved five black and latino teens wrongly convicted in the rape and beating of a female jogger. they were released after new evidence in 1992 on what would have been the 95th birthday, the george h.w. burn commemorative stamp was released yesterday the postal service says the stamps image of president bush who died last year captures the
8:06 am
spirit and essence of a remarkable man. >> that's well-deserved. let's get a boost. it has to do with the st. louis blues when they won their first stanley cup last night there was no happier fan than leila anderson the 11-year old has inspired the am throughout the playoffs as she battles a rare immune disorder the blues flew her to boston and make sure she was there for the celebration. >> oh, yeah! whew! >> whew, whew! >> yes >> unreal, unreal. >> leila had to get her doctor's permission just to travel to that game, but her health has been getting better since a bone marrow transplant in january and that has to raise her spirit for sure. >> i would think so. speaking of the stanley cup, by the way, it sparked a friendly feud between the stars of "the office" that went to a whole new level last night. >> first, kate's campaign.
8:07 am
what we experienced during our earliest years, even while we're still in the womb shapes the developing brain. >> the duchess of cambridge opening up about her new effort to help young children that's right after this. look at the interior. this is nice. this is my sexy mom car. i would feel like a cool dad. it's just really chic. i love this thing. it's gorgeous. i would pull up in this in a heartbeat. i want one of these. that is sharp. the all-new chevy blazer. speaks for itself. i don't know who they got to design this but give them a cookie and a star.
8:08 am
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you always think you have more time than you do. and you really don't. (announcer) you can quit. for free help, call 1-800-quit-now. play it cool and escape heartburn fast with new tums chewy bites cooling sensation. ♪ tum tum tum tums with new tums chewy bites cooling sensation. minimums and fees seem to your typical bank.n of capital one is anything but typical. that's why we designed savings and checking accounts with no fees or minimums. this is banking reimagined. what's in your wallet? we're back with "today's" talker jenna joins us. >> good morning. >> good morning. the duchess of cambridge, kate middleton, is the driving force behind a new call to action that she hopes will help children all
8:11 am
over the world nbc's kelly cobiella joined us with what the duchess had to say overnight. these are rare public comment from the duchess, kelly? >> reporter: yes, we seem to be seeing her more often in front of the camera actually speaking which is fantastic for the eight years or so since she married into the royal family she has been quietly finding her footing as a member of the royal family, as the mother and wife of future kings, but now the duchess of cambridge is clearly carving out a new role the duchess of cambridge stepping out solo. speaking about kids and mental health in a rare public address. >> the last few years i have been focusing on the importance of prevention. how can we all really support the earliest years of life, build foundations and help avoid adversity later on in life >> reporter: highlighting the need for early intervention. >> i have seen over and over
8:12 am
again that, sadly, the root cause can so often be traced right back to the very earliest years of someone's life. >> reporter: it has become one of the cornerstones of her public work, and a sign she is transitioning from some of the more mundane royal duties to taking on some serious issues. >> sadly, for many who are suffering with addiction, they just don't receive the help they need early enough. they've already reached crisis point before they find the support they need. >> reporter: the move, similar to a shift made by princess diana, who after starting her family championed several causes from a worldwide ban on land mines to changing perceptions about hiv and aids. >> hiv does not make people dangerous to know. >> reporter: and like her late mother-in-law, kate is now being recognized for her actions. >> what you do for children's mental health is actually unique. >> reporter: as the next generation of royals explore new ways to make a difference, launching a text hotline to help prevent suicides.
8:13 am
>> it opens up a whole new way to find help. >> reporter: opening up about their own moments of desperation. >> when you are berieved at a very young age, any time really but particularly at a young age, i can resonate closely to that, you feel pain like no other pain. >> reporter: and encouraging mental strength through sports kate now firmly rooted in the royal family tree, opening up and reaching out. >> there was never a more important time for action line addiction to succeed, and i for one could not be more delighted to support such a special organization. >> reporter: and another big moment tonight for the duchess of cambridge, she will be appearing on the world's longest running children's show. it is called "blue peter." it airs in the uk, and she will be on the show encouraging children to get outside and play guys. >> all right >> very cool. >> fun all right, kelly thank you. al, let's get a check of the water. >> all right let's check out "blue peter" and
8:14 am
find out what it is about. let's look in the northeast. a lot of wet weather making its way through, probably a lot of airport delays that will move through quickly afternoon highs 90s and 100 through the southwest. 90s down inf florida and 60s in the northeast and through the great lakes. firing up in arizona and west texas, another hot day in the southwest. co good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. it will be cooler today, starting with clouds a live look outside over palo alto. in the 80s. once the clouds clear up it will be still be warm in upper 80s. oakland will see a high of 73. a cool 83 in napa, keeping it cool and breezy in san francisco with mid-60s. in the forecast, continuing to cool off, reaching the low 80s
8:15 am
the next couple of days and heating up early next week. that's your latest weather don't forget, heading out the door catch us on "today" show radio sirius xm channel 108. savannah. >> thank you so much time for pop star action. >> first up, john cry zen sky and jenna have been going head to head throughout the stanley cup. this pair was shown. she is in the blues jersey captioned it, it all comes down to tonight before the blues took home the cup, he couldn't resist taken a last jab at his former co-star. >> game seven, stanley cup jenna fisher, i know we have been having our ups and downs recently i just wanted to say i'm really sorry you're not here. this is your seat right here, and i was really bumped you couldn't make it but, listen, honestly, let's have the best team win both teams have been -- yeah, sorry. both teams have been playing
8:16 am
incredibly well and i think it is an exciting series for hockey and -- oh, thanks. i think at the end of the day it is about hockey, it is about hockey fans. so good luck here's jenna, by the way. >> oh, hey >> fans of "the office" may recognize the actor who played fisher's fiance for the first few seasons of "the office." >> oh, wow. >> funny that was him in the video. >> of course, she did get the last laugh as the blues did take home the stanley cup so congratulations to jenna. next up, jonas brothers. last night the trio sat down with jimmy fallon on ""the tonight show". and kevin shared a clip, a funny moment of one of his daughters, alina, of the moment she finds out her dad is in the jonas brothers. >> i am alina and this is my dad. is this it >> uh-huh. yeah, your dad. >> this is one of the jonas brothers. >> what!
8:17 am
who let him in this house? >> kevin also revealed that little alina spilled the beans about the jonas brothers' reunion. it was a big secret but she told her entire school. >> cute. >> and she did it before the jonas brothers even had a chance to announce the tour lucky for them, the kids now how to keep a secret. >> when he was here he talked about that a little bit, how his kids were completely clueless that he was one of the most popular guys on the -- >> and he was a jo bro. >> yes out of the bag madonna's madame x is out tomorrow she sits down to open up about motherhood and what it has taught her >> how has having six children informed your life >> it has reminded me how precious time is and how each child requires attention and vigilance and guidance in a different way, and really you
8:18 am
have to be ready for anything. and the more kid that you have, the better you get at being a parent. >> really? >> yeah, definitely. of course. but it is like everythg, the more songs i write, the better i get as a song writer >> does that mean you need to have some more kids? >> not right this second, but never say never. >> well, for a closer, none of us had seen the clip until now we are all taken aback by the eye patch. >> where is your -- >> wait a minute, maybe it is an eye injury. >> it does say "x." >> was it an injury? was it an accessory? >> it could be an accessory, it could be injury. >> i know. she is excited the raiders will be doing hard knocks football. she is a raiders fan, raiders nation. >> that's exactly it. >> i like how harry missed that. >> maybe he will explain it tomorrow. >> here is what we should all do, including it at home, you should watch the interview
8:19 am
tomorrow and i'm sure he will get right down to it that is very, very special. >> i don't know if you have a clip to beat that. >> i have a good one i want you to meet roy and rachel, huge fans of "snl" when it came time to introduce their wedding party they created a special video for their entrance. >> live from roy and rachel's wedding party, it is saturday night. featuring emma henry jason katz lauren gindon. jason steinberg. >> i guess watching this -- >> yes. >> it looks like the "snl" opening. >> it does. >> they did a great job. >> they must be a produce. >> allies "moons of papa." >> that's impressive >> it took some time. >> do they work in television? >> they must. >> sarah kesler. >> if they don't, they should.
8:20 am
>> bobbie cassidy. >> this is incredible. >> it is a deepfake, what people can do. >> that's impressive. >> just hire them. congratulations, nice job. >> we're thinking about the patch. >> i think she might have pink eye. >> that's what i think she has something and she decided to make the most of the situation. >> yes, we'll find out tomorrow i hope. >> it is madonna. >> i remember the boot i had to wear when i broke my ankle here. >> and you bedazzled it. >> i did. >> no way. >> you think it is a fashion statement? >> we'll find out for sure tomorrow. >> we're going to find out guys, to more of our clean springing today series they can turn a mess out >> wherever you turn there are my two tots and their toys, tiny pieces adding up to one big mess a mess that has met its match.
8:21 am
the home edit team, joanna and clia. >> we are professional organizers. >> crazy people. >> same thing. >> with more than a million instagram followers and clients, they are making organizing a reality. they're my superheroes so i invited them over for a play day. >> this is -- we call it the play room. >> it is -- >> it is kind of an obstacle course because this is -- this is what happens. it wasn't meant to be like this. when i started you were my inspiration and i had a toy cabinet and it was okay. but then all of this stuff -- >> right. >> -- came out. >> it grows. >> i call it toy creep. >> yes, it is. >> look, this says blocks. there are no blocks in there. >> no, no blocks. >> charlie toys. that's where nothing is. i tried hard and then the art situation. >> it is out of control. >> the art situation will be fun for us. >> surrounded by this massive mess of toys it was time to get
8:22 am
to work, measuring and planning. >> okay. that will just fit. >> take the orange buy, put him in that one. move the blue guy over. >> yeah, but don't we want a yellow one. >> sorting and stacking. >> clia, why don't you hand me this. >> it is like extreme acrobatics right now. >> what about two side by side. >> they were interrupted occasionally with toy challenges >> where are you >> you stopped it. something was laying on something. >> don't touch it. >> i'm trying to know where it is. >> we don't want it to do it again. >> oh, see, it is mad at you for telling me to stop touching it >> oh, my god. it is going to be playing in my ears tonight >> all hours of the days and night, bothering you welcome to my world. >> in clia and johanna's world she have a method to master the step the first step, cleanse. second step, categorize. third step, contain. and then, of course, add a label. with a few little helping hands,
8:23 am
clia and johanna organized right down to the minute. >> did you think we weren't going to finish? >> no, i know we are always going to finish. it is like are we going to finish as she wain the door. >> we're still not finished. >> that's true. >> after a few final touches, time for the big reveal. >> ready >> yes. >> one, two, three >> oh, it is insane. >> isn't this wonderful? >> how did you do this oh, my god >> okay. so let's take you on a little tour. >> yes. >> all of the messy art you will see is out of reach. this whole shelf is like adult-help needed only. >> okay, good. >> like scissors, glue sticks, chalk, messy things, sharp pencils. the things we don't allow in our house at all are up on that shelf. >> why do i allow it >> i don't know. >> moving down, this is more puzzles, building, train sets, things that they can get into.
8:24 am
>> i'm getting teary, you guys. >> from arts and crafts to cars and trucks, this is moving into car land >> look at the cars. you color coordinated his cars. >> yes, we did. >> charlie, come over! >> what do you think >> look at the cars. >> charlie, open the drawer. look in there. what do you see? >> to car land and pepa's land >> this is pepa pig world. >> oh, my god. >> now you don't -- you know, pepa has her own land? >> play room complete. kid and mom approved best play date ever. >> thank you, girls. >> you're so welcome. >> you have changed our lives. >> wow oh, my gosh. >> look at that. >> it is crazy. >> does it still look like that? >> it still looks like that. it really does i had to keep it it is so beautiful, it really did make me tear up because i can't believe they did that. >> it is a work of art. >> it really is. it is so lovely. >> it is like watching an artist. >> the color coordinated crayon
8:25 am
wheel, i still have it color coordinated. put it back at the end. >> has charlie had a good play session in there >> oh, my gosh we're there all day every day. >> just make sure to put things back >> we do once you do it, you are totally motivated to do it we play with something, we put it back. the next thing comes back and it goes back. >> i think you can do it yourself, right? >> they have a book, it is called "the home edit" and i really love them they tell you how to do it they have products and things you can do to make your house -- >> i have to say i have never been so jealous of you except when you pierced your ear. >> i'm going to the container store now. >> it is so pretty. >> let's organize! >> carson, you need help. >> i need help. >> you need professionals, too. >> i do. i need the girls. >> my favorite part was charlie's dancing. >> i know. he was so happy. >> so cute we have a packed half hour ahead including the new faces of
8:26 am
the popular "men in black" franchise. chris hems worworth and tessa thompson here. >> i'm going to flip-flop my way over to the food good morning, 8:26, i'm marcus washington. meteorologist kari hall said there's a cooldown going on. this might be the time to clear the brush. reminding you to get rid of brush along with trimming that could catch fire. the deadline is sunday. oracle arena, where the warriors will hopefully go out with a win. win or lose, this will be the warriors' final game in oracle. mike, definitely a lot of
8:27 am
traffic in that area? >> yeah. over here, we're looking for the watch part. over here, around capital expressway, overall, citizens valley heading north, moving nicely. so is the rest of the bay. lightening with volume. dunbar bridge, towards the peninsula, slow. and almost always slow for san mateo and hayward. on the other side of the bridge. and despite what's going on at the peninsula, it's a nice drive. back to you. >> thanks, mike. >> we'll have another local update in 30 minutes.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
last night jimmy had chris hemsworth playing true confessions. >> i once tried to murder someone in singapore. >> tonight, sienna miller and from nbc "songland" ryan feder and we are back. 8:30 now, thursday morning, 13th of june, 2019. it was as if they knew we were about to head outside. oh, yes. the skies opened up a few moments ago. nonetheless, lots of happy faces here on the plaza. how are you guys holding up? you good you good all right. >> we have so many umbrellas it
8:31 am
is awesome. >> where is cap and donna. where are you guys there you are right there. >> i love you so much. >> look at these two so much you're what? >> sisters. >> sisters from new zealand. >> from new zealand? >> yes. >> wow welcome to the "today" show. >> thank you we've been watching you for a long time, since mtv. >> god bless you i love these sisters you are out here in the rain we want to say thank you very much. >> thank you. >> i understand you are a fan of the show so i thought if you like i would give you a private >> are you kidding my? >> yes. >> chris hemsworth is here i believe he is australian, but maybe you could say hi that's all right it will be i will give you a tour in a little bit. >> that's so cool. >> how about that? >> coming up, the aforementioned chris hemsworth, tessa thompson. they are here to talk about the new spin they're putting on that beloved "men in black" franchise. >> that's right. our buddy carrie sanders is down
8:32 am
where it is a little dryer, universal orlando. he has a big, big debut coming up right, carey >> reporter: that's right, guy it is open boy, are there a lot of excited people here. i guess i oom one of them. you can hear i kind of lost my voice from riding on this ride take a look at the witches, the wizards, the muggles who all gathered here. you know, some people have been so excited about this one guy showed up here at 1:30 this morning, and as far as the eye can see there's people lined up, maybe out past the parking lot i thought it was sort of funny early this morning somebody was standing on interstate 4 outside the park holding up a sign that says, "the line begins here. it is a wonderful opportunity to continue a story, a story that hagrig takes us on, an incredible adventure i went on with a special guest i will introduce you to in a little bit. all i can say, guys, what a
8:33 am
blast, really. >> kerry, we will come back in a moment. >> that looks so fun. >> unbridled enthusiasm. >> yes then we have carson and they're going to bring a taste of the tropics we needed on this crazy day. >> we were going to barbecue, but we're going to bring it inside >> you have the food, the drinks and flip-flops and everything? >> i have everything. >> cool. we're going to meet the mayor taking a unique approach to fighting crime. he is offering to pay criminals if they agree to one thing. >> okay. guys, i know it is raining but i know you also want to know what happened with the ipad. >> yes. >> we call it eye patch gate apparently madonna has been wearing it as part of your madame x persona so you were right. it is part of the outfit
8:34 am
we will hear more right here on "today" tomorrow. >> we will turn to al usually for the weather, but i don't know if we need expert analysis today. >> there is more than just new york. >> that's true. >> first -- today's weather is brought to you by capital one. what's in your wallet. >> and let's take a look and see what we have for you, starting off with our weekend outlook tomorrow, some showers leftover in new england we are looking at strong storms in the mid mississippi valley. out west, cooler and sunnier that will continue on saturday hot and humid through the gulf, wetether from the great lakes into the mid mississippi and ohio river valleys and dad's dad on sunday. sunday looking wet in the northeast, in the ohio river valley and the gulf. florida, actually the only nice place it looks on the west coast for father's day we did have a weather person here -- here she is. where do you do the weather? >> spokane, washington. >> you are used to this kind of weather? >> it is supposed to be really nice, one of the hottest days this year today.
8:35 am
>> you're at our nbc station >> yes. >> what's your name? >> majestic storm. >> is that your real name? >> yes. >> are you her mom. >> no! >> sorry. >> it is my real name. good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. as we take a live look outside at san francisco, you can see the clouds kind of rolling back, but still nice to see the presence of that, bringing up cooler temperatures. we're going to be in the 60s here. inland areas are going to get cooler air. and then upper 80s in antioch. and we're going to see the temperatures continue to cool off but it will heat up against after father's day. a little known fact, my real name is pathetic drizzle >> i can believe that. mr. roker, thank you up next, we are excited to
8:36 am
sit down with these two, stars of the "men in black" international, chris hemsworth, tessa thompson. >> yeah, we don't need them. >> first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:37 am
8:38 am
we are back with chris hemsworth and tessa thompson who are going global in their new film, "men in black" international. the popular franchise is returning this time with chris and tessa starring as agents on a mission to protect the world and tackling the biggest threat yet, a mole in the organization. take a look. >> shouldn't we call it in >> god, no the paperwork is a nightmare [ situarens ]. >> i haven't seen that before.♪
8:39 am
>> now i'm pissed off! >> come on! >> tessa, good morning. >> good morning. >> "men in black", come on, joining a franchise like that is a big deal were you fans of the original? >> absolutely. >> we were we were both 14 when the original films came out. yeah, the way that they captured our imagination at that time, and still they hold up. >> i know, they really do. they're so funny i think a lot peoplare wondering, is this a prequel, will we see tommy lee jones and will smith how does it fit into the whole "men in black" world >> the appeal for us was not to make a reboot, an expansion of what had been done so well before as you said it is a global film. we went to italy, london, morocco, paris, back to new york tommy lee jones/will smith characters still exist through
8:40 am
the "men in black" universe, yeah. >> so you're kind of coexisting. >> we're work colleagues. >> it does have though that same kind of humor and sass and a little bit of edge that the original had. >> yes, i think what we wanted to do was satisfy fans of the original movies and this beloved franchise but bring something new and fresh and original. >> so it is "men in black", however you are making history you are -- as far as we know you are the first female agent, although emma thompson is kind of a supervisor. but you're not the men and women in black or the people in black, and you guys, the film has a funny way of dealing with that. >> yes there's always been women inside of the organization, there's just never been a woman at the forefront of any of these narratives, and i think it is a great time for that to be the truth. >> emma thompson, she repricses her role but basically says, yes, yes, i know, "men in black", the name, we're working on it. >> it takes a while.
8:41 am
>> you two we cannot separate because it is the third project -- >> we're glued together. >> you guys have done together in three years are you negotiating as a package now? >> that's not a bad idea. >> we probably should. >> you could. >> i'm just trying to get, like, a little guest house where -- >> there's a room for you in my place, no worries. >> is there? >> you need to look at australia as a home away from home. >> i want to be an honorary hemsworth. his parents came with us on the press tour. >> you have worked with luke before. >> i have. i am often asked who my favorite hemsworth is, and i think it is your mom and dad. >> they're my favorite, too. you have to work with liam and you can complete it. >> the trifecta. >> i have my neuralizer here which we all remember erases memories. >> yes. >> is there any memory you would like to erase? >> oh. >> i'm opening it wide open.
8:42 am
>> i'm being newuralized now what would you like to do? i would like to reprierase all e wonderful films so i can rewatch them. >> i thought you were going to say erase some films you had been in. >> dancing on the stars? >> no, don't erase that. >> i want to imprint it in my memory. >> look, we have it ready. >> look at that! ♪ >> but i think he really -- >> wow, let's get that off >> let's hang on this shot. >> let's get that off. >> i think you look good. >> thank you it is enough though, isn't it? >> tessa, what is next for you >> oh, no. >> this end to the audience. >> it is gone, just like that. >> good morning, everyone. >> we just start right over. and what are you working on next >> i'm working on the third season of "west world" so i go back to be with another hemsworth. i can't escape them. >> what about liam though? he must be bumming out he hasn't
8:43 am
gotten to work with you yet. >> no. >> he's lurking in the wings. >> he is really like over there. >> hi, liam. >> chris and tessa, thank you so much "men in black" international hits theaters and i max nationwide tomorrow so check it out. just ahead, another fantastic adventure. kerry sanders taking us aboard the newest new ride at universal it will have harry p ot
8:44 am
a little bird told me you have the fastest internet and now the best mobile network too? yeah and get them together and save hundreds on your wireless bill. wow, that's great. oh, and this looks great. are these words for sale? no. go, go, go, go, go. now the fastest, most reliable internet can help you save on your wireless bill. that's simple, easy, awesome. taxi! should i have stopped her? save hundreds of dollars a year when you get internet and mobile together. plus ask how to get $250 back when you switch to xfinity mobile.
8:45 am
and we are back with something fun for harry potter fans, and non-potter fans alike. has gonerid is the beloved giant in the hit books and movies who helps harry out and his friends. >> that's right. now for the first time you can take a spin on his signature magical motor bike kerry sanders is pumped up he is at the wizarding world of harry potter at the universal orlando.
8:46 am
>> hi there, guys. i lost my voice from screaming on this incredible ride which i took several times harry potter is an incredible phenom, think about it the book sold 500 million copies it then became eight movies and inspired parents to sit down with their kids who are reading the book, and so now the story continues. you can see the people who have lined up here to get an opportunity to continue that story with hagrid. i got a chance to go on several times this ride and i did it with my producer's children and a surprise guest for all of us, it was quite a thrill ♪ >> reporter: from the opening scene of the first harry potter movie, hagrid on his motor bike bringing baby harry to du dumblrdore
8:47 am
>> and hermion. >> isn't he beautiful. >> say hello. >> this is where he teaches care of magical creatures but we're not dressed for class yet. >> before the ride there are moments fans will remember so we have made it to hgd's hut. >> look at the pump kin. >> looks like buck was here. >> you know it >> wow, look at all of hagrid's dragon eggs. did you see the golden egg >> yes, look. >> wow >> look, it is hagrid's giant glove. >> watch out for the book. >> oh, my gosh >> it looks like hagrid's motorcycle over there. look at all of the parts. >> i think they're building another one.
8:48 am
>> you guys want to go for a ride >> yeah. >> to take us through the forbidden forest we had an expert who played ron weasely. >> look who we found >> how you doing >> you ready >> yes, let's go >> like hagrid said, hold tight now, okay. >> oh. whew! >> ah! >> woo-hoo >> guys, what did you think? >> it was awesome! >> awesome >> i think i get it.
8:49 am
it is not hogwarts without hagrid. >> it is not hogwarts without you, hagrid. >> and so after riding the rides, i can take a twist on the line from the movie. hagrid says, you are a wizard, kerry. >> oh. >> reporter: guys, i should mention that this, of course, this park here is all part of the nbcuniversal family. boy, what a ride. >> kerry, it would seem as if you really enjoyed the right itself are you a roller coaster aficionado >> >> reporter: i have been on lots of roller kosters and this one is different i am not going to spoil it for people i will say there are moments where unexpected things happen i can tell you this, it goes 50 miles per hour. roller coasters don't usually last beginning to end for five
8:50 am
minutes so you really get something out of this. you know when you are holding on, you are holding on for real at certain moments i will say this, the acceleration surprised me, but i'm not going to give away the biggest surprises because it would be a spoiler. >> you would get in trouble. i hope it comes with a throat lozenge. >> thank you so much that looks fun carson, what have you got? >> that looks fun but this will be too we will get the party started here we're going to fire up the grill, but we're inside so i'll make it wake we are doing jerked chicken. we are doing jerked chicken. we have london here asleep on each morning,
8:51 am
8:52 am
people wake. and smile, when they see the sun. not that one. this one. it makes knowing when to take your prescriptions clear as day. up to fifty percent of people don't take them properly. so at cvs pharmacy we got up early and built a system that helps calculate each person's ideal schedule. it's great for doctors. and caregivers. at cvs pharmacy, we're just trying to help more people have more mornings. oh, i love the music already. this morning on "today" food it is grillin' and chilin' with us, the dalys. we keep our heads together and i
8:53 am
am as passionate about music as everybody knows as you are food. >> exactly. >> you are crazy about food, i'm crazy about muse ib. so we are doing a theme. we wanted to be outside but it is raining we're doing jamaica in june. >> really good. >> i have gone to jamaica, i love it. we moved to new york, the caribbean is more accessible than it is in california so it encompasses everything we love in life. we try to replicate it at our house. of course it is the food and the cocktails but also about the music. i curated a play list at it has this song, 96 degrees in the shade. this is third world, a great band they will be playing at the hollywood bowl on july 7th they're english. check earth crisis, two records that saved my life we have bob marley i threw a sub lime song in there and then you have to go back to reggae from the '60s put that on while you are making the menu.
8:54 am
>> we will make some rum punch, then jerked chicken. >> the rum punch is easy a coconut rum, a light rum and apricot brandy this is my brother dylan's recipe we are doing the apple juice and rum and we will throw it in there. mix it up. we will strain it out. >> you do these in a big batch >> absolutely. >> the best part is the floater of dark run. >> we will do a dark rum floater on top. a >> we made for jenna a mock-tail version. >> the rum part is where you get off to jamaica >> we are going to make jerked chicken. >> we have to fly. >> we're almost out of town. >> the cocktails are most important. >> exactly >> the jerk spices, what is in the spices best part. you either get a habanero, but don't touch it with your fingers because it will hurt your eyes we have chinese spice, that is my favorite spice in the whole
8:55 am
thing. there's cinnamon, all spice, paprika and brown sugar you want to throw in there. >> you think it is a lot, like the spice, but it is not. >> throw it in a processor, process it up for like -- >> you can jerk anything we are jerking chicken but you can put it on steak or anything. >> the key is to mayor nate overnight. an hour is fine, but you want to get the seasons all marrying together and what not. then throw it on the grill you can do it inside if it is raining. >> when you're in jamaica and you come out of a bar or, you know, this is like if you are in new york the hot dogs on the side of the road you get jerk chicken, street food, right off the side and it is delicious. >> while he does that, i'm going to make the vegetables. >> 15 minutes a side on the chicken. >> yes. >> 165 degrees. >> get it charred. i will make a marinade for the vegetable. we have lemon juice, oil, gal lick and jerk seasoning which
8:56 am
you can get from the season. >> they're rocking out i have to get my cocktail. have my rum punch. no problem, mon. >> soak your vegetables in water. >> i flew to jamaica and an engine went out over cuba. the pilot goes, hey, mon, no problem. i learned we can fly on one engine, we will be in jamaica soon, mon. literally. it was fun. >> i was not there for that. >> check it good morning to you. 8:56, i'm marcus washington. b.a.r.t. directors getting set for a planned fare increase. recently the talks to hike, well, they want to put that on wait. the higher ticket prices are feared will turn away riders. a 6% hike is set to take effect
8:57 am
in january. it would add 40 cents, for example, for a trip from antioch to the embarcadero. b.a.r.t. would have fares in an estimated $25 million in revenues. happening now, our crews are there. new concerns in the middle east after new attacks on two oil tankers that left one tanker on fire. all sailors on both of those ships were evacuated. u.s. navy is now existing. go to our home page for the developments. in about ten hour, the warriors will try to force a game seven in the nba fines. they're doing it at oracle arena. win or lose, this will be the team's last game at oracle. and whathe fans are doing in honor of injured kevin durant. nbc bay area, we investigate.
8:58 am
we are gearing up for the weekend. tomorrow morning, we have have a look at your expected news. don't forget to join us tomorrow morning at 4:30 to 7:00.
8:59 am
9:00 am
live from studio 1a on rockefeller plaza this is the "3rd hour today." >> good morning, everybody. it's the third hour. i'm al roker. here with willie geist. sheinelle is off. and we've had mug envy. >> we did. >> you have? >> yeah. hidden our -- >> we could hide it no more. >> we're going to see your mug and raise you -- >> oh! i bow to your mug. >> look at this. the height of this thing. >> is that like a travel? >> we put coffee in that -- >> wow! >> and, in fact -- >> not


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