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tv   Early Today  NBC  June 17, 2019 4:00am-4:29am PDT

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i find congress more difficult, frankly, than many of the foreign leaders. >> from presidential powers to the polls, president trump makes waves with a wide ranging interview. the lesson he says he learned from richard nixon >> the shocking showdown caught on camera. the fallout after phoenix police officers held a family at gunpoint >> a target for trouble. inside the tech woes at one of the nation's biggest retailers over the weekend >> a sizzling summer job how you can get paid to travel the country and eat barbecue "early today" starts right now good morning i'm dara brown >> and i'm frances rivera. one day before officially launching his reelection campaign, president trump is
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reportedly purging his polsters. the move coming after nbc news obtained an internal poll that shows trump trailing former vice-president joe biden in 11 key states the president denied the poling data ever existed during an interview with abc news. >> well, i don't believe those polls. there's no way he beats me in texas. >> even your own polls say you're behind right now, don't they >> no, my polls say i'm winning everywhere >> we've all seen these reports 15 out of 17 states you spend 2 million on the poll, you're behind in 15 out of 17 states. >> nobody showed you those polls because those polls don't exist, george >> but despite his denial, sources tell nbc news that the president's reelection campaign is cutting ties with some of its own pollsters in the wake of the leak the president also stirred up some controversy while slamming "the new york times" and the washington post on twitter over their reporting on the story he suggested this his supporters may demand that he stay in office for a third term. nbc's tracie potts joins us with
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the latest from d.c. hi, tracie, good morning >> reporter: good morning. the president's bid for that next term begins tomorrow when he kicks off his reelection campaign officially in florida but take a look at this poll about impeachment. the president expecting to make the russia investigation part of his reelection bid but our nbc "wall street journal" poll showing that there is a split among people who think impeachment hearings should begin it has gone up in the last month, but our poll also shows that nearly half, 48%, do not think that impeachment hearings should happen. president trump in this abc interview weighing in on robert mueller's russia investigation, and whether he really tried to fire the special counsel as that mueller report claims. >> article 2, i would be allowed to fire robert mueller there was --
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assuming i did all of the things i said i want to fire him, number one, i didn't he wasn't fired. okay number one, very important lip article 2 allows me to do whatever i want. i wasn't going to fire, you know why? because i watched richard nixon go around firing everybody and that didn't work out too well. >> reporter: so the president making not only russia and the russia investigation, his point about no collusion part of this campaign kickoff, we expect. but also talking about, as he said in this interview, the safety and security of america and the economy. watch for that tomorrow. frances? >> a lot ahead tracie potts for us. thank you. >> meanwhile half a world away, hong kong remains on edge this morning. demonstrations continue after the proposed bill would allow suspects to be extradited to main land china sparked a week of unrest. with people also protesting police violence. estimated 2 million people flooded the street sunday.
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police say the count was 338,000. the extradition bill is suspended and the government issued a rare apology overnight. protesters, however, say they want the legislation completely withdrawn and they are calling on hong kong's leader carrie lam to step down >> in the middle east, tensions are mounting with irany state o doubling down on his claim that iran was behind the attacks. yesterday he appeared on "face the nation" saying that the u.s. is considering, quote, a full range of options nbc's courtney kube has more details. >> reporter: the crew of the crippled norwegian tanker arrived at dubai airport this weekend after two days in iran america's top diplomat blamed iran for targeting the tankers >> how certain are you that iran was responsible? >> it's unmistakable what happened here. these were attacks by the islamic republic of iran >> reporter: though not ruling out a military response to the incident, pompeo said the u.s. is still focused on diplomacy.
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>> we don't want war >> reporter: and now the british government says they are almost certain that the iranian revolutionary guard corps attacked the tankers >> you think it would be pretty obvious who was responsible r this and we actually have veo evidence that shows what the iranians have been doing >> reporter: and the u.s. military now saying an iranian surface to air missile targeted a u.s. drone, attempting to shoot it down to prevent the drones from seeing the tanker attack and who was behind it u.s. officials say iranian forces boarded the damaged tanker altair after the attack, giving them access to forensic evidence before international investigators arrived on the scene. >> thanks to courtney kube for that report. >> breaking news this morning, out of philadelphia, police confirming that one adult was killed and at least eat other people were injured when gunfire erupted at a graduation party.
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between the ages of 15 and 17. no arrests have been made. there is no word yet on a possible motive. >> now to phoenix where a tense video showing police officers holding a family and their young kids at gunpointg, the video is disturbing the images here. the confrontation happened in may. officials say the couple's daughter took a doll from the dollar store but when the family was stopped by police, the situation escalated. now the city's mayor and police chief are vowing to take action. here's nbc's mollie hunter >> get out the [ bleep ] car >> reporter: the family held at gunpoint aisha harper five months pregnant with her two young daughters. >> put your hands up hands up >> i can't put my hands up i have [ bleep ] in my hands i can't, i'm pregnant. >> reporter: harper's fiance handcuffed by another officer. >> when i tell you to do something, you [ bleep ] do it >> i am. >> the rage and banging on windows and yelled slurs, i'm
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going to shoot you in your face. >> reporter: the confrontation in may because police say the parents had stolen from a nearby dollar store the police chief is speaking out. >> i am with everyone in the community who is angry, who is outraged >> the officers in the video have both been moved to desk duty >> i know this department is better than that i know our community is better than that. >> reporter: the family plans to sue the phoenix police department for $10 million >> it was the scareyest time of my life. i have never been through something like this. >> reporter: jay z reached out to help the family with expenses and the mayor of phoenix, i refuse to let this type of behavior go unchallenged, announcing in a meeting with the police chief >> at the end of the day i have to take responsibility and be accountable. >> reporter: mollie hunter, nbc news >> now the measles out break with more than a thousand cases so fyork, state lawmakers voted la of the week to eliminate religious exemptions as we head into summer, camps
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are a concern as well. we get more from nbc's kathy park >> reporter: kristen odell is sending not one, but two kids to day camp this summer and for the first time their camp in orange county, new york, will require proof that all children have been immunized against measles. camp director scott says no exceptions >> i knew it was happening in the area and i decided that i wanted to rile, you know, put parents at ease. so i took a tough stance that i wasn't going to accept any medical or religious exemptions. >> reporter: he isn't alone. summer camps nationwide are drawing the line against unvaccinated campers why? the measles outbreak across the country has been historically bad, with cases reported in 28 states health officials say the disease is so contagious, roughly 90% of people who aren't immune can become infected.
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with oliver's vaccinations checked off, these happy campers are ready for a safe summer. >> anything we can do to protect the children we should do. >> reporter: and while state health officials strongly recommend measles vaccinations for all campers and staff, there are loopholes. >> there are thousands of camps across this country and thousands in new york alone that are unregulated. parents have to make sure this summer that they are sending their child to a camp that is licensed by the department of health >> reporter: a warning for families, add another item to your young camper's checklist before sending them off for summer fun kathy park, nbc news, monroe, new york >> riding a wave of momentum from a record setting 13-0 victory over thailand, the u.s. women's national team started their next world cup game against chile on a roll. just 11 minutes into the matchy strike of the ball and it is good for a second goal of this world cup. the americans go on to chip in
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two more to beat chile 3-0y cu16 >> ready for that team nbc meteorologist bill karins is tracking severe weather for us bill >> once again, it's going to be more of the same this week good morning i hope you had a wonderful father's day and wonderful weekend. we are watching storms from the ohio valley to the mid-atlantic this afternoon we have a slight risk of severe weather in washington, d.c. to salisbury area north county of richmond we're not going to see a lot of severe weather but there could be new and damage. the time of the mess is 7:00 a.m. so hit and miss storms out there. 4 to 5:00 p.m., st. louis south of i-70, d.c. area around philadelphia, hit and miss showers and storms we're going to do two days of this, too. the area of low pressure will bring ripples of waves and showers and storms from north carolina to southern new enhower and
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thunderstorm chances through the ohio valley right through the mid-atlantic region. yeah, the weekahead forecast is kind of more of the same with maybe a silver lining at the end, maybe a little improvement. >> hopefully in time for the weekend, too it really matters. thank you. fast forwarding into monday, a parade will be held in toronto for the raptors who won their first ever nba championship last week after beating the golden ate warriors they expect to draw 2 million fans >> the mtv movie awards will be monica, californiaend in >> 95 million people took place simpson we are all going for something more. ( ♪ ) and new special k protein has more, with 15 grams of protein
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on technology issues not security related >> leading the news, a strong economy, young people graduating from college face the best job market in decades. while that is good news, it poses a problem for the federal government because they often can't compete with private industry when it comes to salaries so the fbi is trying new ways to recruit the best and brightest here's nbc justice correspondent pete williams. >> reporter: the fbi is faced with a problem it seldom had because so many higher paying jobs are now available, it's having trouble meeting its recruiting goals winnowed down tois not just ex-military or former accountant or la investigate complex financial crimes no reasons, he's a new t sconceptii had, i thought you had to have prior law enforcement. >> reporter: the fbi liked his background as a nuclear engineer >> part of the investigative process is solving the puzzle.
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there's more than one way to solve the puzzle >> reporter: the fbi is working especially hard to attract more women and minorities last month the class action lawsuit claimed the fbi discriminated against women some said they were subjected to sexual harassment. but the fbi says it's commit today respecting all employees and that the number of women applying to the agents has risen over the past year isf people to consider becoming agents >> we have people who are pharmaceutical sales specialists. we had aol teachers. >> reporter: the appeal of dbef helped run a power plant >> it just didn't feelght t for, she says she's excited to go to work what about it appealed to you? >> you're making the world a better place you're not just working -- you're not working for yourself >> reporter: some things haven't changed. applicants still need a college degree, work experience, clean record and no marijuana in the past three years people with broader life experiences are now nt bwaedy the fbi. pete williams, nbc news,
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come on. >> i'm driving >> what was a disappointing weekend for sequel debut in the box office, men in black international didn't live up to expectations even though one weekend with $28.5 million, it is the lowest opening for the franchise by more than 20 million. also premiering over the weekend was the latest shaft film. the samuel l. jackson flick
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landed in third place with $8.3 million >> saturday was beautiful here anyway you could save your money for this nike fans are steaming over the company's latest release with users on twitter criticizing the air max sf 720 saying thd e ki. a cross between a shoe and sandal with a clear plastic sole and cut outs some seri decemberible the household appliance. the new air max is sponsored by a soccer player fran kirby and they are set to be released on thursday >> especially the white one. you can definite nestly see the. foodies, how would you like to travel across the country to get your grub on reynolds wrap is looking for a chief grilling officer to help find the best barbecue in america. the winner will get $10,000 and the company will pay for travel, accommodations, and food you have to apply by wednesday
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jersey was auctioned off over the weekend. the jersey sold for $5.64 million. so that makes it the most expensive piece of sports memorabilia ever sold, breaking the previous record of $4.4 million that was2012 that also happened to be a babe ruth jersey from 1920. can you imagine the stories being told by the owner? the temperature controlled enclosure for that thing >> absolutely do not touch >> i'd have people over every day. come on. >> look at my jersey >> have a drink ore here let's look at the week ahead forecast we are watching more showers, more storms today. areas from louisiana all the way through the mid-atlantic also watch out in florida, too we're in your active wet weather season has begun, call it the rainy season wednesday showers and storms from st. louis through the ohio valley notice the west is pretty dry. by the time we get to friday, a lot of the rain is exiting the east coast >> all right, thank you.
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kokyu "coc and we're just over a week away from the first democratic debate and we are giving candidates the chance to talk directly to voters about the ideas that define their campaigns. this morning, nbc's harry smith sits down with former colorado governor john hickenlooper >> what's your big idea? >> my big idea is skills training and we are facing right now a huge skills gap. >> we met john hickenlooper at a high-tech mid cal supply factory in denver. the former colorado governor is mightily interested in jobs because when he first moved out west, he lost his. >> i got laid off as a geologist
4:26 am
back in 1986 government had nothing for me. 10,000 geologists lost their jobs they just tried to, you know, teach us how to write a resume and application letter to get another geology job. there were none. >> so hickenlooper became a entrepreneur, started a brewery and a string of successful restaurants. he was mayor of denver twice, then served two terms as governor >> in colorado we have 12, 14,000 job openings for cyber security we're one of the big centers for that, and they're unfilled >> his answer, a public/private apprenticeship program called career wise, aimed at young people who do not get four-year college degrees. kids start working in high school, earn, learn, and get college credit how high in awareness do you think there is across most of the people in the united states of the actual pressing need for this >> i think the awareness in terms of what the solution is is relatively low and national presidential campaign is a perfect place to
4:27 am
change cultural awareness. once we do that, then the solutions are right there. >> today there are 7 1/2 million open jobs in the united states, and jobs of the future will require new skills, giving people training to do them is john hickenlooper's big idea harry smith, nbc news, denver. >> next up, senator cory booker talks about his big idea tonight on "nbc nightly news." you can catch the first democratic primary debate right here on nbc june 26th and 27th >> one of france's most famous painters celebrated a birthday this weekend we're not talking about monae, not cesan, but the orangutan has been painting for years at the paris zoo. her works have sold for thousands of dollars and all proceeds are being put toward a new orangutan enclosure. happy birthday and happy painting to nannette
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get those nice and framed. >> thank you for waking up with us on this monday morning. i'm dara brown >> and i'm frances rivera. coming up in the third hour of today, the two kev inches, kevin bacon and kevin costener stop by to talk about their new project.
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good monday morning to you. taking a live look outside, this time from the east bay, walnut creek, getting our week started. it is so much fun coming back after being off on vacation. >> i'm sure you were thinking about us the whole time. >> it is early, let me tell you. good morning. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. mike will have a look at the commute in a bit. first we start out with the weather. another cool start. >> nice and cool this morning but slightly warmer, as we go into the afternoon. this is a live look outside in san jose, starting out with some clouds now. once all of that clears out by late morning we get sunshine and some slightly warmer air once again, as we look at our highs today, we'll reach into the low
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80s in the south bay, upper 80s for the trll


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