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tv   Early Today  NBC  June 18, 2019 4:00am-4:29am PDT

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an early morning tweet storm from president trump claiming something really big, in addition to threats to round up million dollars living in the u.s. illegally as he prepares to kickoff his reelection bid >> oh, my -- shots fired >> the violent dallas shootout with the assailant armed to the teeth. this morning new details on the attack >> farewell to the world's most famous poor little rich girl fashion icon gloria vanderbilt dead at 95 >> senator cory booker wants your vote. he'll tell you about his big idea in our series, my big idea. "early today" starts right now
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good tuesday morning i'm phillip mena >> and i'm frances rivera. president trump will officially kickoff his reelection campaig s supporters are already lining up it is first come first serve, so some arrived at the amway center a full 40 hours early to ensure a spot the president will take the stage at 8:00 eastern, and his speech is expected to touch on everything from the economy to trade to immigration let's get to nbc's tracie potts in d.c the president has a new immigration crackdown ahead of tonight. >> reporter: like we saw on his twitter feed overnight, the president says there will be a new round of i.c.e. raids. immigration and customs enforcement to round up people who, as he puts it here, have illicitly found their way into the united states, quoting, they will be removed as fheasy come and the president is here throwing out a key issue that is likely to energize that base ohg
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gather in orlando for this announcement tonight the president will be there with the vice-president with his family, a rare appearance of all of them as he kicks off the 2020 campaign and refutes leaked internal document polls that show him behind joe biden, the top democrat in 11 key states. a source close to the campaign now telling nbc that those pollsters are being let go meantime, we also have word that paul manafort, the president's former campaign chair, from the last election, is being held in federal custody and will remain in federal custody instead of going to a state prison in new york to face charges there he and his attorneys and the justice department and the new york authorities agreeing that he can be held in federal custody because of concerns that his attorneys raised about his health issues.ces?
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>> all right, tracy pogie pottsr us tracie, thank you. >> as the president threatens further immigration crackdown, new york state are taking steps to protect its residents governor cuomo signed a bill to pass licenses. they say it will help immigrants safely get to work while republican lawmakers say they shouldn't be rewarded for violating immigration laws >> we are following growing tensions between the united states and iran as the united states continues to build a case that iran is responsible for the recent attacks on oil tankers in the persian gulf the acting defense secretary has authorized the deployment of about 1,000 more troops to the middle east. nbc's sarah harman is following reports from london that we are now seeing escalations from both sides. >> reporter: frances, good morni morning, that is exactly right iran announced it will soon breach agreed limits on yum enr.
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it agreed to limit its nuclear capabilities the trump administration had already pulled out of that deal, but the europeans had essentially been keeping it on life support trying to protect iran from u.s. sanctions of course, we also got a look at some new photos that the u.s. navy shared. the u.s. says these photos link iran to those oil tanker attacks on june 13, specifically, and this is according to the u.s., these photos show members of iran's revolutionary guard removing an unexploded mine from that japanese oil tanker one of the two that was attacked iran, of course, denies that it was involved in this where does that leave us well, iran's president rouhani said today in a televised n will not wage war against any nation, but u.s. secretary of state mike pompeo is reaching out to leaders in asia and in europe to convince them that iran is responsible. so far the british government and the saudis both support the
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u.s. conclusion. european allies have been somewhat slower to get on board. frances, it is a huge cliche that tensions are rising between the u.s. and iran, but that is where we find ourselves this morning. >> upping the ante with the consequence. sarah, thank you >> heart stopping moments in downtown dallas captured by a news photographer as a gunman in full body armour with an assault rifle opened fire into the federal court house with 300 people inside. moments later he exchanged gunfire with police before running into a nearby parking lot where he collapsed our pete williams is following the story for us ep captures nearly every frightening moment a man with an assault-style rifle opens fire shooting at a door to the federal office building and at people on the street >> a tactical vest with an automatic weapon shooting at the building >> reporter: a photographer for the dallas morning news takes this dramatic picture shing
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the gunman wearing a mask, a tactical vest and a belt carrying extra ammunition clips. >> we're just praying he couldn't see me. like i said, if he would have saw me, he would have shot me. >> reporter: as first responders swarmed, federal agents shoot back and the gunman runs across the street to a parking lot continuing to fire before he falls. he's later pronounced dead at the hospital >> i also want to thank in particular the federal protective service officers saved who knows how many people this morning by responding so quickly. >> reporter: the fbi identifies him as 22-year-old brian isaac clyde of dallas. his social media contains references to a tangle of radical right conspiracy theories, but no clue about why he'd want to attack a federal office building. and amazingly despite all the shots fired, the gunman was the only person wounded. the fbi says the gunman brian clyde was discharged from the army in 2017 agents have been looking at his service record and talking to friends and family, trying to figure out why he did this
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phillip? >> all right, pete, thank you. >> scary moments as a house suddenly exploded and sparked a fire in ridgefield, new jersey, near new york city an off duty police officer was nearby at the time and helped rescue one es are department who was trapped inside and suffered minor injuries authorities are investigating the gas leak at the scene. >> she was an american heiress who built her own fashion empire we mourn the loss of gloria vanderbilt the daughter of railroad tycoon, she may have been an influencer known for her vanderbilt jeans kate snow takes a look at her legacy >> reporter: gloria vanderbilt had many titles. social light, writer, designer, wife and mother. she also had a famous name born in france in 1924, and heir to the vanderbilt railroad fortunate. at 10 her aunt battled to take custody of gloria. they covered every moment of the
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tabloid trial and dubbed her poor little rich girl. she went on to marry three more times. she had two sons with conductor lee polled, two more sons with writer wyatt cooper and anderson cooper who remembered his momon cnn. >> she was derld to matermined e something of her life. >> reporter: her larger than life personality to the rear pocket of designer jeans, fashioning a $100 million a year business >> gloria vanderbilt -- >> reporter: while her public life was glamorous, gracing the pages of fashion magazines, there was private pain she witnessed her son carter, anderson's brother, take his own life >> i often think that i was the first face that he s advanced cr >> what an extraordinary life. what an extraordinary mom. and what an incredible woman >> reporter: she died at home surrounded by family and friends. kate snow, nbc news. >> gloria vanderbilt was 95
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years old. >> now to one of mexico's active volcanos that has come to life once again it sent ash over two miles into the sky according to local reports. residents around the volcano in central mexico have been advised to use face masks and keep their pets indoors >> seems like that would be a good idea. don't want to be outside for that meteorologist bill karins joins us this morning with flash floods for millions of americans today. >> good morning. yesterday we had water rescues in ohio. could be similar scenes out there today. from illinois to atlantic city at risk of this, we are seeing some morning rain and showers. let's take you through the timing of this event we're going to have numerous rounds of rain kind of like three storms in the next three days. one of them is going to be this afternoon with showers and storms d.c. to new yo storms around much of the southeast. so that's one. then we go and do it all over again. it sits here, numerous storms.
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wednesday we get heavy rain from indianapolis, cincinnati by the time we get to thursday afternoon we get another big dose of rain throughout much of this region. so you kind of get the picture each afternoon we're going to be dodging the storms and risk of strong storms. major hitting the storms from d.c. to richmond this afternoon. severe weather can be a problem, too could see some dangerous storms in oklahoma city talk about that coming up. >> all right thank you, bill. in today's quick hits, shania twain is returning to sin city seven years after launching her first las vegas residency. an all-new show kicking off december 6 >> cardi b didn't let her wardrobe malfunction stop her show ten minutes into the setshe mada
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creamy avocado... and a dressing fit for a goddess. come taste what a salad should be. and order online for delivery right to you. panera. food as it should be. we're just eight days away from the first 2020 democratic primary debate here on nbc we're giving candidates a chance to make their case to voters before taking the stage. this morning senator cory booker shares his big idea with harry smith. >> what is your big idea >> my big idea is baby bonds, that every child born in america should have a savings account, should have a bond so whehas a stake in thi >> as the almost famous mayor of newark, new jersey -- >> a new day is dawning in newark >> cory booker made headlines for helping neighbors in distress he took his seat in the u.s.
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senate in 2013 , wrestling with the economic realities of america's racial wealth gap booker believes baby bonds will be particularly impactful for minority families. >> there are people in america who will hear baby bonds and they'll say, this is just a different word for reparations >> well, it goes to every single child. and we know there's differentials in wealth that are inherited from bigoted policies of our past, excluded families from doing the things that created wealth >> on a sliding scale, booker's baby bond program would put money into an account for every newborn in america, managed by the treasury department, some accounts would be worth nearly $50,000 by the time the child turns 18 >> what does this cost0 billionh we couay the inheritance tax of those long ago era of 2009 this is a chance to make sure that your kid has a fair shot no
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matter what zip code you're born in this is about creating a fair playing field. >> baby bonds. cory booker's big idea harry smith, nbc news, columbia, south carolina >> and next up, beto o'rourke who will talk about his big idea tonight on "nbc nightly news". and don't miss the first democratic debate in miami on june 26th and 27th on nbc, msnbc, and telemundo soes left in the lead up to the first democratic primary debate on nbc. >> we're doing all we can to help people sort everybody out and see who stands out that's different. >> we have a lot of information. >> thank you still ahead, one day after toronto celebrated the raptors first nba title, the rest have something to celebrate you can score free tacos today >> free tacos? ♪
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i wish i could tell ya how i feel about a mornin' like this. and that includes a good hearty breakfast. you need somethin' to kinda warm the whole body up kick off your day. it's ao
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the raptors are turning the toast of the basketball world i championship they paradedn prime minister justin trudeau and, of course, drake was there. it turned dangerous. a shooting was in the crowd. four people were injured, but they should recover. the celebration quickly resumed without further incident and even though the warriors lost the series, they won
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everyone free tacos. golden state triggered taco bell steal a win promotion. they stole a game in toronto between 2:00 and 6:00 p.m. today, you can grab a free taco from taco bell >> with that hopefully everybody in the bay area will completely forget about what happened to kevin durant and klay thompson and eat a taco >> until you're reminded >> exactly having the time of their lives the first-ever canadian celebration for an nba championship >> the purse is broken when it comes to drake >> nothing broke down. it's all good. having the time of their lives all right, gary busy is heading to broadway, off broadway he is joining the likes of morgan freeman, elana and george burnes what do they all have in common? they all had a chance to play god. >> i'm only human. i can see yourself >> he's been cast in only
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humans as described in the musical biblical proportions tickets are on sale now. the show opens near times square in october being possible to make god more interesting, here we are >> those voices. you can't beat it. tell us the key to a happy marriage one illinois couple thinks they've found the sweet secret curtis and virginia have been married for 79 years they stuck by each other even when curtis was overseas, deployed to germany, they served in world war ii. when they were apart then, curtis would send virginia daily letters. and she would send him chocolate bars they claim that helped keep them in wedded bliss over the past decades. for some of us, chocolate bars and love notes won't cut it. but for them a apart, there youo >> i think that will do a lot of good as well >> texting ny nice emoji hou
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we're more concerned with the wind damage threat with the storms as they roll from areas of north texas to oklahoma and tonight in areas of west texas anyone traveling in the east today, we will have significant airport delays, especially in the late afternoon, early evening including d.c., new york, philadelphia, cincinnati, even atlanta, too. i'd throw in charlotte and raleigh into that. they have hit and miss storms. as we look at the roads obviously driving i 935, 65, definitely 70, and air was we have delays. >> thank you, bill top stories are up next plus a look back at a real nasa pioneer, america's first woman sceinpa my ideal cloud? my ideal cloud? it has to work like air traffic control. it's gotta let new data integrate with data from our existing systems. ♪ ♪ be able to pull from reservation platforms built 20 years ago. e ap to book super-personalized ipmo my-
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astronaut sally became america's first woman in space she and four fellow astronauts embarked on a mission aboard the space shuttle challenger here's how it was covered on nbc's "nightly news. >> engines start and emission and lift off lift off, america's first woman astronaut, and the shuttle has cleared the tower. >> reporter: this evening the first pictures from challenger showed sally clowning around with a camera in zero gravity. but her main job today was to launch a communications satellite. shown here spinning in the cargo bay with the earth in the background she did her job very well. the satellite went off just as planned. >> pushing through the atmosphere >> what a pioneer. in today's top stories, a man admitted to sharing the video of the christchurch mock attack he will spend nearly two years behind bars.ristchurch man sentd
4:27 am
arpz to 21 months in prison. he videoed the massacre that killed 51 people they said he shared the suspected shooter's facebook live stream with 30 people the judge also said he glorified the shootings and showed no empathy nor remorse for those who had been affected. >> the vatican is considering an historic shift allowing older married men to be ordained as priests in the amazon. the issue was raised in a document by pope francis he said there are a shortage of priests in those areas there are 35 million people living in south america and they are thinking about creating a ministry for women >> a man arrested at jfk airport for trying to smuggle birds inside hair curlers. the man was accused of smuggling 35 live finches from guyana. they are used in singing contests in parts of new york where bets are placed on birds
4:28 am
with the best voices winning finch can go for about $5,000 >> we've been not knowing anything about those contests for the singing birds. >> this whole time i had no idea smuggle in hair curlers, too >> 70s is going, going gone. french billionaire has agreed to buy the art auction house in a deal worth $3.7 billion. the deal will bring private ownership after being publicly traded 31 years. but first the purchase must be approved by shareholders and regulators it is expected to close later this year. >> how about that. it's sotheby's completely the other way around. thanks for watching "early today. i'm phillip mena >> and i'm frances rivera. your news continues right here on nbc and our nbc stations.
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first in the south bay, lanes of 680 back open, after a shooting on the freeway. and police activity in the east bay, we are tracking a search for a suspect. a very busy tuesday morning. first want to say good morning to you and thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. we'll get to all those breaking stories in just a moment. first we want to get to meteorologist kari hall looking at the forecast for today. another nice one? >> a nice but very warm day compared to a cooldown we'll have later on in the week. as we start out this morning, mostly clear skies. that's a live look outside over san jose. as we head over to campbell, we'll be at 60 degrees spp


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