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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  June 19, 2019 4:30am-4:59am PDT

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good wednesday morning, taking a live look outside. a nice cool start to our wednesday. thanks for joining us. >> already >> of course it's it will be a slighter cooler day. that's a live look outside. the fog near the coast will cool us off a few more degrees than yesterday. starting out in the low 60s heading into the low 70s and
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you're concerned about a crash. >> i am. even though there's a lot of construction going on moving smoothly through the area, an earlier crash cleared there. this is the crash i'm concerned about. continuing for over 90 minutes now. the latest update is your left three lanes are blocked. they continue to adjust. still worried about funneling over to one lane as that crash continues to be an issue. no major injuries when you track that. meanwh w watching a closure over the skyline but it's not quite the same. you guys have the latest on that. >> that's right. breaking news to tell you about this morning. deputies are investigating the second homicide this morning that could be connected to another case. the investigation is underway right now along skyline
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boulevard. this is brand new video of officers in that area overnight. it's currently closed. deputies telling us that the suspect is in custody and this could be connected to a more recent homicide. >> san mateo deputies found the 32-year-old's body late monday night just over two miles away from the new scene. >> as new details continue to emerge, today he reports family members. >> born in yemen, an american citizen, chasing the american dream who was a shining star in the bay area community, kind and generous with his time. >> >> he would stop working and come and help you. >> he proudly owned skyline cab company. homeot someone needed a ride. he told his wife and 4-year-old
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daughter he would be back soon. he special tat for her. >> she was waiting for her father to come back and -- >> skyline boulevard was closed all night and deputies and canine team and swat officers pouring over the area. >> i heard it when i was standing in there. >> family members that have been briefed by investigators sound confident that justice will be done. >> i'm sure we will know who did this. >> he'll have a l for the judge to wildfires it w
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shared by 14 cities and counts. they'll getoverseeing pg and e finances. >> an early 4th of july reminder, family crews do not set off illegal fireworks. this is a training exercise as crews are getting ready for the upcoming holiday. that usually means illegal fireworks and wildfires. >> we need the public's help through the fourth of july and the entire fire season and into the fall to be cautious. do not use fireworks. >> anyone caught with illegal fireworks could face fines up to $5 $500. dangerous fireworks can lead to fines up to $5,000 and jail time. new this morning a home in the south bay is damaged after flames swept through overnight. ur wer last night in san jose. this is new video of firefighters working to put that
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fire out. no one is hurt and the cause is under investigation. the american red cross is helping that displaced family. now we're learning more about a concord man charged with making terror threats against the jewish community. the 23-year-old was arrested after he allegedly posted messages in an online gaming platform under the name adolph hitler. investigators say he threatened to shoot up synagogues and any police that responded. >> it can happen in the bay area. it can happen anyone. that's just the day and age we're living in. >> he's no longer in custody but police say they're keeping track of his whereabouts and his the college admissions scandal. >> local students a new class action lawsuit tied to 26 of them are suing 8 universities including stanford and usc. students were denied admission to colleges and they're also suing the admitted ring leader
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and his foundation. the students want their applications reimbursed with interests along with attorney fees and court costs. >> new details on the courtside confrontation between a toronto rapt raptor's president and sheriff's deputy. he now has a concussion. we told you about that altercation. the raptor's president allegedly shoved the deputy and hit him in the face when he blocked him from going on the court to celebrate the raptor concussion and is on medical leave. he also says he has a serious jaw injury and is considering filing a lawsuit. >> 4:36 and google is setting the bar for bay area developers. the ceo is pledging and develop more housing. the plan is to build 15,000 new homes within the property google already owns. 5,000 of which will be affordable housing units.
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they could be built in san jose, sunny vale or san francisco. the governor says i hope the announcement inspires other companies to make direct investments in housing affordability throughout our state. >> coming up next on today in the bay, a once popular retailer looking for ways to avoid filing for bankruptcy. one of the reasons forever 21 is struggling to survive. >> plus we told you about taco tuesday give away yesterday here on today in the bay. this morning we look at how the promotion turned out to be a disappointment for many customers.
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president trump saying he will meet with chinese president xi jingping next week really boosting optimism about trade talks. also moving on expectations that the federal reserve will signal it's closer to a possible interest rate cut to head off a possible slow down. the fed heads up a 2-day meeting this afternoon. another well-known retailer is maybe in trouble. they have hired advisers to help it avoid a bankruptcy filing. it's now struggling with falling sales and rising debt. forever 21 has more than 700 stores in dozens of countries as more people skip the mall to shop online, several chains
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filed for bankruptcy including aeropostal and taco bell. and the website and app went down for many users last night according to reports on social media. it was for taco's game promotion during the nba finals. consumers won a free dorito doritos locos tacos when they won against the raptors. i hate to bring it up. >> people got some tacos. >> we're getting over it, thanks, frank. lun t timay in the forecast for us. >> feeling a little bitcooler. bay, tracking that wednesday 75 degrees ahe as our that's coming up. >> the situation in san francisco improved. a big problem for westbound across the bridge.
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if you can't see it from where you are i'll point it out coming up.
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new video showing a california teen as a sea lion bites him. take a look here as it happens. ouch.
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>> yeah, this was pismo beach last friday. she was rushed to the hospital and given antibiotics. the sea lion was captured and is being treated for possible brain toxins. such an attack is extremely rare but they're reminding us to be cautious around wildlife. >> that's reallyat t beach and really -- >> usually they don't bother you. >> a brain toxin. >> she is going to be okay. >> poor thing. >> a lot of people were heading. now we're all cooling off thanks to the fog that's rolling back in. we could see the low clouds over san francisco and that's going to hang out for much of the day. temperature now at 55 degrees. as you head out for your morning
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drive, it's going to be in the low 60s and whatever clouds we're seeing now will quickly clear out. we're going to have a really nice day. much more comfortable compared to yesterday. maybe evenitning o warm. let me take you through our time line. our temperatures for this morning, starting out in the 50s. here we are at 10:00. we're in the low 70s inland. san francisco still in the low 60s. santa rosa at 64 degrees and then as we head toward nice day to get outside and enjoy extra time-outside. especially with our temperatures that will feel a little bit cooler as we head throughout the day. we're still going to have warm spots reaching into the mid 80s in some of our inland valleys but it won't be as uncomfortable as yesterday. some spots got into the 90s and even near 100 degrees but we're going to have a nice cool down tonight dropping back into the 60s. it's all because of our wind direction and the marine layer that's been building up along the coast.
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so we do have our winds coming in more from the south and southwest so we're going to see it moving in. more of that picks up throughout the day. that's going to carry the cooler air all the way to the inland valleys. most are at 10 to 15 miles per hour. they pick up a little bit more in the amp to evening hours. we'll still see the mid 80s in the inland valley but tomorrow is going to be our coolest day of the week and then as we officially welcome in summer on friday, we're looking pretty good. slightly warmer weekend with upper 80s. san francisco, 60s all across and the clouds still licking >> i am. from both directions of 92. one cal trans truck. i saw a fleet of them traveling off the bridge. westbound we have a big problem.
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you can see traffic stacking up along the high-rise. there is a crash blocking at least one lane. sounded like there were four or five vehicles involved. but two has to be cleared still arrived quickly to assess any minor injuries. but this may be a major head ache for folks traveling over. that's clear but another issue right here, southbound 101 as you're coming down, just heard about your slowing blocked by a crash there. a lot of activity through the area so we're tracking that. highway 35 continues to be closed. similar to yesterday. basically the other side of reed as you're looking through the area. but your commute on the mayor freeways are moving smoothly. back to you.
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>> 4:49 right now and a history lesson or a painful reminder of racism? the mural depicts george washington and his life. it's fuelling an emotional debate at a high school in san francisco. >> among the issue now is how much will it cost to remove it. pensive. ss can be very >> there's guns just that, let alone -- >> but the united states -- >> a tense school board meeting in san francisco as members consider the future of a historic new deal mural that cret dpre greets students at george washington high school. >> he says seeing dead native americans and african american slaves working the fields for washington sets a demeaning tone. >> it's a lot of emotional stress. one of the reasons why it's hard to even go to school sometimes is because i know those murals are in the lobby. >> they lined up to urge the
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board to vote to cover it while others say it provides an important history lesson and should remain. >> in san francisco we should be teaching about the mural and what it means. i as a half native american indian see no problem with the mural. >> board members say it's not possible to move the 84-year-old. options on the table include covering it with a curtain or panels or painting over it. each option includes environmental review and is expected to cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. >> they're hoping future students can arrive and see images everyone should think about. >> i think they should try to put healthy images on there. >> today in the bay. >> 4:51 for you right now, coming up today on today in the bay, nbc bay area responds. >> her car failed the test and she could have gotten it fixed for free but she says a
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mechanic's mistake made her miss a deadline. nbc bay area responds. next. >> but first, breaking news about the killing of journalist jamal khashoggi. a u.n. human rights expert is calling for an investigation into the possible role the saudi crowned prince may have played in his death. that expert is citing credible evidence and it is important to saudi conciliate in istanbul. guilt. w year at the he had written columns critical of the crowned prince. we'll be right back with more news. it's 4:52.
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>> involved. >> good morning. deborah says she battled with mercedes benz of stephen's creek over a fuel leak in her sedan. deborah took the car to the dealer when it didn't pass a smog check. the mechanic there found a fuel leak. well the mechanic said they offered a free fix for that problem in other models but not hers. later, though, she learned her car was eligible for the free repair but they told her the free repair period had now expired. that put deborah on the hook for a $3,500 repair bill.
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she turned to us. we asked the dealer to take a second look. a few weeks later mercedes benz of steven's creek did the $3,500 repair job for no cost at all. we asked the dealer what changed but they didn't get back to us. call us at 888-996-tips. >> 4:56 right now. you know those puppy dog eyes? it turns out dogs may be using their eyes to communicate. >> yeah. colleges put a new study together and found dogs have perfected the art of the eyebrow raise. they develop that muscle above their eyes to communicate so the next time you lock eyes with your dog and you see those eyebrows raised, well know that they're actually trying to tell you something. >> hurry up. coming up next on today in the
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bay, tracking the forecast. >> it's going to be cooler so i can't walk the dog. >> good dog walking forecast today. we're seeing a nice breeze picking up and cooler temperatures. we're going to havbeautiful, comfortable day. we'll talk more about that and the heat up in the weekend forecast up next. >> we're holooking live at pal palo alto. we are tracking a crash a little farther north. southbound 101 trying to get lanes clear from an earlier crash. we'll also talk about the sa san mateo bridge. >> plus not one but two freeway shootings are now under investigation in the south bay. next a live report on the injury of a young girl. she suffered in the most recent shooting. you're watching today in the bay.
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the former communications director testifies in front of lawmakers. we're live on capitol hill this morning. >> and climbing into the history books. a young girl reaches
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in yosemite setting a major record. today in the bay continues right now. >> and good morning to you on this wednesday. thanks for starting your morning right here with us. >> let's talk about that forecast right now. should be a nice one today. >> yeah. it's going to be beautiful. we had some warm weather as we check out our high temperatures today looking at some low to mid 80s in the south bay, east bay, we're going to heat it up into the upper 80s today and valejo reaching 75. we'll have a wide range of temperatures from the coast through the inland area so we'll sort all of this out coming up in the forecast. now you're tracking a crash on the san mateo bridge. >> lanes cleared so this morning you see it's a high-rise that should clear up also pretty quickly. that is your commute. directly to the peninsula. we're also watching a crash. there's some delays showing up where a crash needs clearing also to the shoulder over the next couple of minutes. that's about it right now but we
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still have this issue on the peninsula. that's our breaking news guys. >> we're following that, that's in san mateo county. investigators are investigating the second homicide this morning that could be connected to the death of a taxi cab driver. m


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