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tv   Early Today  NBC  June 24, 2019 3:30am-3:58am PDT

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. i'm not looking for war. and if there is, it will be obliteration like you've never seen before. and today president trump will unleash more sanctions on iran in an effort to calm the escalating tensions to avoid a military strike. mr. trump has also put a hold on his plan tve i.c.e. agents round up undocumented individuals in the u.s., but for how long a 30th horse has died at santa anita horse track as a hall of fame trainer is banned. a popular baby formula sold at walmart is being recalled we have the details. all combed to perfection the whiskers were out in all their glory at the french beard
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championship. making art come alive. meet themarlie hall. >> i'm frances rivera. in kansas hail measured over two inches across rained down. video shows the intense moment it pounded the town of elsworth. saw wind gusts over 100 miles per hour in south bend, indiana, sightings of a massive tornado through the town the day care center was severely damaged by the high wind severe weather also wreaking havoc in texas communication has been restored at two dallas airports after a lightning strike caused a transition equipment causing hundreds of canceled and delays flights. missouri was hit hard. a flash flood washing out roads and bridges and also reports of drinking water bouthwestern
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missriive inches of rain. ramping up pressure on iran with sanctions on tehran the move comes just days after the country shut down a spy drone over the straitt and launched a cyberattack on iran target its control system. tracie potts joins us with the latest from d.c. >> good morning, frances growing concern around the world with growing tensions with iran and president trump is speaking out saying he doesn't want war the u.n. security council is meetinto>>eporter: avoiding war putting the squeeze on iran's economy. the u.n. is expected to announce a new round of sanctions today, leaving the door open to >> if you want to talk about it, good otherwise, you can live in a shattered economy for a long time to come >> reporter: president trump called off an air strike that
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would have killed 150 iranians retaliation for iran shooting down a u.s. drone. democrats agree it was the right move, but urge caution. >> it ought to be an international response and not the u.s. acting alone. >> reporter: mike pompeo is in the middle east this week trying to drum up support >> i hope the iranians will understand the world won't tolerate this. >> reporter: iran is blaming the u.s. military experts fear we could be inching towards war >> my biggest concern is the president is running out of room, running out of options. >> reporter: perhaps, running out of t and that's because iran has already announced they will, within days, have more enriched uranian that they're still trying to enforce. >> thank you. the battle over border security is heating up this morning. president trump is demanding democrats negotiate a deal in two weeks or federal agents will
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begin rounding up and deporting thousands of undocumented migrants the ultimatum comes amid growing criticism among the family separation policy. in an interview with "meet the press" the president tried to pin the blame on his predecessor. >> i ended separation. i inherited separation from president obama. president obama built, they call them jail cells. they were built by the obama -- >> you're not doing the recreation or schooling these kids any more. you have gotten rid of all of that stuff >> we're doing a fantastic job under the circumstances. >> the president says they can't do anything unless democrats sign off on more funding. growing outrage in southern california after another horse died at santa anita horse track and now hall of trainer has been banned steve paterson has the latest. >> shame on you!
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>> reporter: outrage following the death of another horse at california's santa anita race track. the 30th horse to die since this season began in late december. >> we want horse racing to end no reform and no compromise, it has to end. >> reporter: one of the country's most storeied race venues to bar hall of fame trainer after the latest death at the track saying in a statement, individuals who do sas that put horsew rules and and rider safety above all else will have no place at any ce track. nbc news reached out ceived no response after gavin newsom said enough is enough, the california racing board added a medical team to screen every morse in an effort to make sure they're fit to race, but that may not be enough >> it's part of the game that at some point, someone else is going to get hurt. >> reporter: the spike in
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fatalities has led to more drug and safety rules and temporary closures >> it's not just this track and not just 2019. this has been happening for years. >> reporter: the catastrophic season at santa anita comes to an end no closer to solving a devastating mystery. a bicentennial celebration turned into a scary rescue mission after an out of control hot air balloon crashed into a crowd of spectators in missouri. vel peet athe pilot tried to gain control. the event organizer said weather could ber s thlatest >> reporter: it didn't take long for an excited crowdo realize this hot air balloon was coming in too close, too fast
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in missouri, it was the last balloon landing of the day here, you see the balloon hit the ground the pilot nearly thrown from the basket almost immediately it's airborne bo again, cutting through this crowd of people as they dive to get out of the way, including this woman who appears to be holding a child. finally, a group of bystanders can chase the balloon down. >> it went flying between two other trees and you can see people kind of scattering and you can hear gasps from the crowd. >> reporter: amazingly, officials say there was only few thnd was likely to blame, telling nbc news the pilot is faa certified. but in the past, other hot air balloon incidents were more including this 2014 crash killing three people near richmo richmond, virginia, and this one in austin, texas, killing all 16 onboard. experts say because hot air
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balloon travel is faa regulated, the industry is quite safe >> pilots for hot air balloon like any other airmen, anyone utilizing the national air space, they have to be licensed. >> reporter: back in missouri, day two of the festival canceled a landing that came much too close. a police officer is dead and one person is in custody after a shooting in missouri officials say 40-year-old michael langdorf was shot and killed when he responded at a market the officer leaves behind two children and a fiancee there will be a press mlb face pressure to improve fan safety, another person was hit by a ball lines a ball that ends up hitting a woman in the face. she was taken from dodger
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stadium to the hospital for a precautionary test a similar accident happened a month ago. a young astros fan was hit by a foul ball. they have plans to extend netting from the dugout to the foul pole. let's check in with bill karins >> goodern moi morning, everyone all the wind damage and hail reports and watching the storms from overnight won't die off baton rouge and new orleans and even areas of central mississippi and almost don this line. later on today, airports will be an issue especially if you're going from the15 states with sli including 53 millionafternoon, e tronst in areas of the ohio valley for all our friends in thees ci
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for your travel. now here is a closer look at your day ahead today, tempderatures are right where they should be little bit above 100 to 105. pacific northwest to be one of the cooler spots today highs today in the 60s in seattle. we'll give you your week ahead forecast, coming up. just ahead, an important recall for parents with new borns and death defying stunt or trying to avoid tourists in trying to avoid tourists in tis uamesqre irreversible joint damage. and helps skin get clearer. enbrel may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal events including infections, tuberculosis, lymphoma, other cancers, nervous system and blood disorders, and allergic reactions have occurred. tell your doctor if you've been some place where fungal infections are common, or if you're prone to infections,
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never settle for 25%. always go for 100. bring out the bold™ the flying wallendas took their act to sare. nik and lijana walked between skyscrapers. two years ago she was part of this human pyramid and look at this fall that nearly killed her breaking nearly every bone in her face here is what she said about getting back on the wire >> i was home.
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the wire is truly home to us you know, you get all in your head and stressed out and nervous and when you're out there and walking and it's so calm kind of the most peaceful part of my day, honestly. >> wow that's something else. the siblings say they hope their story inspires to get people to get up even if it's 25 stories up above times square. people look up anyway when they're in times square. can you imaginwis willing to get back up there. leading the news, 11 people are dead after a sky diving plane crashed killing everybody onboard. the plane that crashed was involved in a mid-air incident three years ago. >> good morning frances and marlie how this plane could have crashed carrying 11 people before it left the air field it was taking off this direction and then 30 second into takeoff
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it started rolling and crashing right here where ntsb investigators are on scene cloecloe combing through the debris the most deadly plane crash and now staggering heart ache. two of the first to rush to tha plane plummeted to the ground right after takeoff. >> the crashing. we ran as fast as we could, but there is nothing we could do. >> reporter: the impact and fire so powerful, most of the aircraft was incinerated and the victims watched helplessly nearby among those who perished a vidiographer who moved to honolulu to pursue a career of sky diving and daniel hernden a jumper with 5,000 jumps. family members said they died doing what they loved. as the ntsb begins their
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investigation, whether this plane was fit to fly appearing to show the same plane crashing near another skydiving jump in 2016 posted to youtube revealing panin a scra to jump out. while pieces of the wing fell out of the sky, the pilot landing safely, but the plane heavily damaged and the faa blaming pilot error for failing to maintain plane speed. >> we'll look at inspections to make sure it was airworthy. >> reporter: in addition to the aircraft's history and maintenance record, they're looking into other factors like weather conditions, pilot actions, as well as how much that plane weighed before it took off guys, back to you. >> thank you. still ahead, is the crypto craze back bitcoin surges and gas pris ce plunge steve will break it all down for
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fast forwarding today. michael flynn is expected to be in court today for his first appearance since december. delay his sentencing, again, for lying to the fbi. u.s. soccer team faces spain today.
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falcon is set to take off for it first nighttime launch this evening this will be the rocket system's third flight and most challenging in the company's history. the launch window opens at 11:30 p.m. eastern time. now to wall street where bitkebind a recall for new borns. steve sedgwick joins us with those details. >> bitcoin, if you want something that is volatile, get involved in this if you don't, i'll give you the numbers. december 2017, 19,000 box pe th around 3,000 bucks and now back around 11,000. is it a currency i don't know certainly very volatilvolatile recalling parent choice baby formula a milk-based formula
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it could potentially contain the presence of metal foreign matter consumers are urged to discontinue use. and let me tell you that gasoline prices the energy administration we have demand for gasoline and highest since 1991 so, gasoline the last couple weeks has dropped in terms of price. the average price of regular grade gas now down to $2.73, as well regionally, san francisco, you're paying $3.78 a gallon and down id louisiana near francisco drivers. back to you both >> thank you so much, steve. >> thanks, steve. just ahead, the big winners at the bet awards and zeros add up to a big pay day for up to 2,000 oppele in north carolina the lotto luck of a lifetime next on "early today." now, i take metamucil every day. it naturally traps and removes the waste that weighs me down,
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a young artist is breathing new life into the painting world but not creating something you can hang on the wall instead, bringing real people into her work. molly hunter has more. >> ror sees the world differently than other 12 year olds. >> unidentified world of art >> reporter: and she'll tell you about it >> well, for me, actually, art is another way to express myself to follow my dream and just be
3:56 am
me >> reporter: she started painting at the ripe old age of 2 and had a museum exhibit by age 7 and now her art fetches up to $13,000 apiece. but nothing this california girl does is as it seems. >> these are my paintings. >> so what's over here >> my dad built me this stage for my living art. >> reporter: that's right. >> very, very loago and actually started in theater. >> reporter: creates multiple dimensional master pieces drawing ond literally everything imaginable. >> reporter: she creates her own impressionist style scenes involving very own real subjects and today it is my turn. first, she paints her background in props it might take days, weeks, even a month. and then she paints the clothes. >> perfect fit, here we go >> reporter: and then, she paints the person. >> just like a plain foundation,
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but putting on a very big amount. >> reporter: so what kind of painting am i in >> impressionalism. >> reporter: and finally as the artist adds her finishing touches, her mom captures the moment that click and this one and well, this one, too, are the final products just as the great impressionist would have done. molly hunter, nbc news, los this weekend paris held its annual french beard inspiration. championship and the contestants did not disappoint 86 gentlemen competed with the one best in show this year's champ won by a hair with his impressive 9 1/2 inch long beard wow. talk about a fast recovery now. the rolling stones kicked off their north america no filter tour in chicago over the weekend and mick jagger did not miss a beat his first concert since
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a faulty heart valven april to you can see right there. his moves right there, moves like jagger full on as if there was nothing wrong with him great to see him back on stage. >> thanks for watching "early today. don't miss the first democratic debate in
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massive size hail along with torrential rains hitting numerous states. flash flooding and tornadoes also striking overnight. >> secretary of state pompeo is meeting arab partners to build a coalition against iran while the president is speaking out, and today will slap strict new sanctions on the nation. >> presidential candidate and south bend mayor peter buttiegieg confronts an angry smashes into a crowd during nd l
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