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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  July 2, 2019 6:00pm-6:59pm PDT

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train, that also could have turned into a potential gun fire there and had been a difficult scene at that 12th street bart station. that bart station is back open. so things are running smoothly again but we heard from johanna a short time ago. they are maintaining a police presence and will be supporting the investigation. right now at 6:30, we're opening the news for you. we've been on the air for an hour and a half but continuing breaking news on the hunt for gunman after a shooting at the tanforan mall. the news at 6:00 starts now f. you've been with us, thank you. if you're just joining us, i'm jessica jessica. >> two gunmen opened fire shooting at each other at the
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tanforan mall in san bruno. two people were shot, one is in critical condition, one serious. both of the victims teenage boys. >> scott bud mman has been on t scene. you've been there positioned at the tanforan mall. very quiet behind you, so different than an hour ago behind you. >> yeah, it's true. the police presence has been somewhat. every entrance to the tanforan mall and the parking lot which explains to my left is still filled with people. all these people behind me have been waiting to get into that parking lot to try to get their cars and go home. they have been unable to do that now for, as you said, going on two hours. many of these people were in the century theater, which is just to the left of us. they were seeing movies. they heard the gunshots. they had to evacuate quickly. pretty tense scene here. that was at just after 4:00 and
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for the last two hours, they have been told not only can they not get to the parking lot to get cars but also some of them because there is the san bruno bart station nearby can't get there, either to get their cars. so they are in limbo waiting to go home but at this point, they are glad because the police are here. they are still searching and at this point, the people at least here in the parking lot are all safe waiting to get home. we'll send it back to you guys. >> scott, before you go, a couple things. do police have an idea is the malcolm pleatly cleared of people? i guess that's the first thing i want to ask you. that systematic search, is that just them going through stores to see if there are any other potential suspects in there and i'm guessing we can tell people the malls going to stay closed for the remainder of the evening. >> reporter: yes. it was tense for a little while because up to about half an hour ago, they were escorting people out of the theater largely the sears part and theater part. they were coming down this way towards the mall parking lot and
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at this point, it seems that there is nobody in the mall and so i think what you just said is correct. they are searching to see if any suspects are hiding out or if there is anybody they may have miss ordinary any clues they may have missed. they very gradually and systematically got anybody out of the mall and that's why everyone is here in the parking lot waiting to get back there where their cars are still parked but the mall has been cleared and again, it's been a couple hours, a lot of people have come up to us saying they are frustrated and want to go home at this point. >> thank you very much. we know about the two shooting victims and two people trampled as well. the two shooting victims, one critical and one in serious condition at san francisco general. now the search for the suspects as scott was talking about going through the mall, another location where they thought there might be a suspect coming, the 12th street bart station in oakland, cheryl heard is over there now and cheryl, apparently, no arrests there, either. >> reporter: not that we know of, not yet.
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about 4:30, terry, police officers started swarming the area here at 14th and broadway at the 12th street station. i know we have video of police officers with their guns drawn going down to the platform. they stopped all the trains down at the platform, not sure how many but hundreds of people during commute hours had to stay on the drain at least for 45 minutes, some maybe an hour. police officers were systematically going through each train searching and looking for a suspect at the time. donna watson is here with me now and can you kind of explain systematically what happened when you got the word about 5:00, oakland police got a call? >> it was just before 5:00 p.m. today the bart police department and oakland police department received information the suspect in connection with the san bruno active shooting at the tanforan
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shopping center was on bart and the bart train was at the 12th street or 14th street station. immediately, barlt clot closed station, stopped the trains and we assisted with a systematic evacuation and search. we want to thank the bart riders. they were extremely corporative. that's absolutely key when you're in a time critical moment. >> people were terrified. we see video of people getting down on the ground with their hands up. i mean, people were frightened at that time. >> what we do know is there was a shooting where two people have been shot down in san bruno. it was indicated it was an active shooting. that's always concerning for our community and we received information that that individual responsible for it is on the bart train and that bart train is in the city of oakland. we know it's in the downtown area extremely busy. we have city hall with 5,000 employees here in the city that some of them take public
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transportation. we have private businesses here. so it is really key that we have a very quick response. we support bart. we support san bruno police department. >> that quick response did happen here. can you clarify something for us? we keep hearing that an arrest was made. can you clarify that? has there been an arrest? >> we have not announced an arrest. we nor the bart police department announced there is an arrest. if anything, we made it clear we did not make an arrest. again, we were down below, we have no radio communication. we would have to defer to the san bruno police department. we're not sure what their investigative leads have come up with but here in the city of oakland, we were looking for a specific suspect. we did not find that individual. we have not made an arrest but the investigations will continue and we are going to support san bruno and the bart police department, whatever resources or support they need to assist in this investigation. we will share with you that the
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bart police department did locate a weapon. we will defer to the bart police department to speak about that but a weapon was located and again -- >> here at the 12th street station. >> we're not going to go into those details but bart did indicate they found a weapon. also, again, we are going to continue our search for the suspect. >> okay. j johnna watson, a weapon was found. not saying where that weapon was found. the police department, they do know who they are looking for. they don't want to put that information out because this investigation is very fresh. so we'll stick around here and gather more information as soon as we get more we'll bring it to you. reporting live in oakland, i'm cheryl herd. >> thanks a lot. jim, can you hear me now? >> yes. >> all right. hey, jim, first of all, is there
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any light you can shed on what we heard from the oakland p.d. they have found a weapon on a bart train? can you tell us where it was found? anything like that? >> well, i don't know that that information has been confirmed by bart police so i wouldn't want to go too far down that road just yet. >> okay. let's talk about what you can talk about, which is the closing of the san bruno station parking lot. has that happened already? >> the station and the parking lot, parking garage are both in lockdown and have been since this incident began. so people who are parked there are not going to be able to access their vehicles until the police continue their investigation. >> how far are bart trais running right now? >> going as far south as the san francisco station and at that point we have a bus bridge that's been established that will take people to sfo. bart police are working to the point where we can resume the
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train service through san bruno station without opening the station so the trains would not stop there but they aren't at that point yet. >> do you know how long they will anticipate keeping the bart station closed? >> it's all a matter of evidence collection and the investigation is not in any way mayfield of expertise so i would not want to speculate. >> okay. i want to take you back again. i'm sorry to ask you, jim, we have -- we were told by johnna watson from the oakland p.d. she told us a gun was found and so i'm going to ask you again, information about what you know about that gun and what bart police have told you about the gun because we're hearing it from oakland pd that a gun potentially connected to this has been found. >> what i can tell you is i've been in contact with our lieutenant who is at san bruno station and he is the point of contact for me for the bart police department and i've been
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told thauspet n and no weapon at this point. >> no suspect, no weapon is what you've been told. >> right. and keep in mind, as you know, that in these developing situations, there is a lot of information that later turns out to be not quite correct so i think the best thing that we could do now is not speculate on whether there is no weapon found or not. >> jim alison with bart, thank you for taking the time to talk with us. we want to go to alley wolf. mall with the latest. e nfor >> reporter: we did get an update from the police chief here in san bruno about 20, 30 minutes ago and he told us there are two people shot on the lower part of their body. he says they are at sf general. their injuries are stable at this point. two other people were taken to the hospital and treated for injuries not gunshot wounds and released from the hospital.
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he did say they don't think that this shooting was random. they have reason to believe that but they also think that those two shooters might have been shooting at each other. we don't know at this point if there were some sort of fight leading up to the shots fired or what happened there but they are still investigating. this just happened just before 4:ocho -- 4:00 inside the mall. they don't think there is a risk here, that the public is in risk in this area. they believe the two suspects took off on bart but they couldn't say where they think they are at this point. again, the station is closed, this mall still on lockdown. people are not able to get in. we do know that right now police are going through the mall thin any risk inside but they are trying to be thorough, trying to figure out more about what exactly happened inside but we two from gunshot wounds, the police chief said that they
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recently did an active shooter drill so this is something they have been trained on. there is a very big response from multiple agencies and big police please sense but calmer because the police chief says there is not a threat here but still an active search for those two suspects. >> alley, i know you're at the tanforan mall and that the being searched. what's the situation with the strip mall across el ka moquen-l cami camino. >> reporter: i don't have information. police did not give us information about where this actually happened, whether it was employees involved or people at the mall just sort of shopping around. really preliminary information. the police chief said they would try to get us more information throughout the evening and afternoon and providing updates but as of now, a basics really as they try to figure out what
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happened. i'm sure they will go through surveillance video from the different stores in the mall and trying to really piece together what happened and why these shots were fired in the first place. >> okay. ally wolf, thanks very much for the update. two people who definitely saw the whole thing and undoubtedly helping police out right now, ideally are the two victims. sam brock is over at san francisco general hospital where the two victims were taken, one in critical, one in serious last time we heard. what is the latest? >> reporter: there hasn't been a status update on that. we know one of the victims is still in critical condition and i asked if the fact this person's life is at risk and the spokesperson said yes, that's what it means. that's the status. the other victim is in serious condition and it's just sad the fact whenever there are mass casualty situations or the prospect of a mass casualty situation, this is where we end up at zuckerberg san francisco general hospital because it's
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the level one trama center for the area. the video you're looking at now, one of the victims being delivered to the emergency room at 4:00 today. i understanding is that here san bruno. the emergency room first resp d responders were prepared for what came next, which in turn was two victims coming here. as you can see, one appears to be african american although zuckerberg general not specifying details really about their background or injuries other than to say that they are both teenagers and they are both males. we did not get a ton of detail beyond that. in fact, it's interesting ally seemed to get more information about the fact victims suffer injuries in the lower parts of their bodies. what we're waiting on now is an evaluation of these teenagers. my understanding is they will be going through a very intense evaluation in evening and the ct scans have been performed the e the damage and whether there is
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bullet fragments lodged in their bodies and formulating a plan of action to bring these victims, shooting victims back to full health. it's not clear if and when that might happen. i was told they expect an update later tonight or tomorrow morning and as soon as we have more, we'll bring it to you. >> sam, thanks very much. i want to mention the san bruno police chief did give a press conference sometime ago. one is critical, one serious, both expected to survive. >> we're showing you now is one of thebe able to get soecause we're getting so many people sending us videos, you're looking at some videos right now. this is people being evacuated from the mall. i want to show you another one as you can see officers, heavy police presence walking through the parking lot. this is right in front of the barns and noble store. the shooting happening outside the theater inside the theater
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area and again, we've been getting a lot of videos, this one being sent to us with police arriving with cars and sirens with several of the streets blocking off and as sam mentioned, the identity we don't know is a video we saw earlier was of one of the young men that was shot being taken out of the mall, which i think that video also appeared to be from a viewer or a person at the mall who then sent that video in. we seen photos. >> a short time ago san bruno police chief gave a press news conference and gave the press a lot of information and saying this seemed to be getting more from there than he was able to get at the hospital. let's check out some of the press conference. >> thank you for coming out. at 2:56 this afternoon, we received the san bruno police department of shots being fired at the shopping mall just south of us. officers from our department, the san bruno police department
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and surrounding departments responded to the call. upon our arrival, we did find two subjects that appeared to have suffered gunshot wounds. both subjects have been transported to a local hospital. it appears both subjects are fairly stable at this point. our initial investigation seems to indicate this was not a random active shooter incident where somebody was going in there and shooting at individuals without any type of purpose or intent. we believe at this point we may have two separate shooters and they may have been shooting at each other or at someone else. so there was some type of intent or motive for the crime. we're conducting ing ing ing i search of the mall. i wish i had more information but we're hip deep in the investigation now and that's all i have as far as nuts and bolts of what is going on now. >> what is it -- >> we have nobody that's been arrested but i can't give you anything more than that. >> what is it about the
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investigation that suggested it was two separate shooters? >> we found evidence it was two separate shooters at the scene. >> we heard information the suspects got on bart and a stop in oakland. >> i can't cooperate all of that. we suspect they ran in that direction. >> any description of what you're looking for? >> all i have now, two males, possibly young black males. one was wearing green colored sweatshirt with a hood. >> i saw a picture on snapchat showing a gun walking on the sidewalk, looked like a rifle almost. have you seen that? issono believe that the shooter was walking on the sidewalk at one point? >> i have not seen that picture. i did hear initial reports there was somebody armed with a rifle. we have nothing to suggestion there was a rifle involved. our investigation at this point indicates two handguns involved but again, we're still in the preliminary stages.
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>> what are the ages of the victims? >> i don't know the ages of the victims. i know they are young adults. >> can you tell us about the police presence and what agencies are assisting you? it seems like a large scale response. >> we're fortunate in this area and county to have a large mutual aid response. we activated that immediately. and in 2018 at a separate location so we have protocols in police. the response was very timely and immediate. i have no doubt and i'll let the fire chief address it that it probably contributed to saving lives and successful resolution from a public safety perspective as far as the response goes but we're still right in the middle of it and that response continues where the search is ichin is a large building as you can imagine and the surrounding parking lot is conducted in teams of police officers combined with police officers all over the county here. so we're very appreciative of
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that. everything is working how it's supposed to. >> can you tell us about the search? >> we're working closely. we have a close relationship with the bart police department and associated with personnel. we're working together with them. they have been helpful conducting serves on the bart trains. we have secured the bart station here in san bruno and bart is helping us on what trains may have come through during that time period. >> what should people out there be looking for? is there anything they can look for to help you out? >> we don't have -- i wish we had more. we're still reviewing surveillance. there will be a press release coming out soon. with the press release, we're hoping to have some photo that we'll be able to distribute to the public to help us. right now our immediate goal is to locate the subject and make sure everyone is safe. we need to locate theubjects and take them into custody, which we're confident we'll be able to do and when we do release the press release, i'm
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told is being drafted now, i'm hoping based on the video reviewed that we'll have photos to show you. >> can we run through the numbers one more time? >> the police chief talking about the shooting and investigation. one thing he said i thought was especially interesting, he said as far as anybody arrested, he said no one actually arrested is all i can say. possibly detained but he didn't say that. no one arrested at all he can say. suspects two young black men, one seen wearing a green sweatshirt and hood. >> one thing that's critical, they are going to be releasing l be able to find them because they have video evidence of who they are looking for which will province meae instrumental. let's go back to the mall. scott, i understand you have someone inside the mall and may have witnessed some of this. >> yeah, lou diaz was here in
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the very beginning of this and he's one of the people waiting to try to get to his car and go home. lou, tell me, going on about two and a half hours, tell me what you first heard and where you were at the first time in the mall? >> basically, standing on top of the escalators getting ready to go to the show and my wife was buying popcorn and heard bang, bang, bang, three, four shots and heard another three or four shots. a second later i see all the people running up the stairs towards the show and started running back, popcorn flying all over theyeing. nobody knew exactly what was going on. people kept saying shooting, oor:t that point werthemall? >> no, i was upstairs. we were pushed into the theater and ten minutes into the film we went to see, the officers came in and said okay, everybody out and took us all out to the parking lot here. >> you and it looks like 200 other people still here in the parking lot. you're waiting to get back into
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the lot under ground and get your car. >> correct, yeah. they said nobody can pull out cars or anything. go stand in the parking lot. >> and said it would be more time? >> yeah. >> have a nice day. >> you, too. lou diaz one of the many people that went through harrowing moments and at this point has been playing the waiting game trying to get back inside the lot. several floors worth of cars are inside and none of these people can get to their cars at this point. still, we're told by the police and it's a thinning police force, not as near as many officers were here. still going through the mall to check just in case for evidence but seems clear everyone is out of the mall that was inside and waiting in the parking lot to get their cars. live here at tanforan mall. >> for the first time, we're hearing the number of shots fired. he said there was a burst of three to four, pause and then a burst, another burst of three to
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four. six to eight shots at two other.ent time somehow two other people got shot. not the gunmen themselves. two teenage boys in the hospital as a result. >> that gentleman waiting for his car, bart, we had the bart spokesperson on and he said the bart station is closed and bart parking lot is closed. if your car is at the bart parking station, they won't give you a ticket for being there overnight which would happen. that won't happen. don't worry about that. interesting they somehow after hearing shootings, it sounded to me they went and started watching the movie. >> yeah. >> which is a testament to the kind of era that we live in you hear shooting and continue to watch a movie until the police come in and take you out. >> let's go to oakland. suspect was believed to be on a bart train going over the2th street station where cheryl heard has been for the last hour or two. cheryl, what do you have?
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>> reporter: things seem to be going back to normal. they are on their way and there is basically nobody here. earlier today, about two hours ago, it was pretty much chaos. oakland police responding along with bart police because they were looking for someone with a gun. they stopped all the trains, told everyone to stay inside the trains and told people on the platforms to stay there. they went through systematically through every train to see if they could find someone with a weapon. we've been going back and forth if there have been arrests and going back and forth as far as if a weapon was recovered. we were told by oakland police that a weapon was recovered but can't confirm whether an arrest was made. so these trains were stopped for
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about half hour, maybe 45 minutes. they let people out of the train. train by train they had to stay up above by oakland city hall. they cleared the station and everybody went about their way. oakland police, they have a vehicle outside. they will probably be here all night long to make sure things are safe but things are pretty much back to normal here. reporting live in oakland, i'm cheryl hurd, back to you guys. >> when you were on live with johnna watson from the oakland pd, it was her understanding a weapon had been found, we were with you live when you did that. were you able to get any more information from here? we had john alison on and he would not confirm that i. did she ex poupound any more on
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that? >> i went back to her to try to get clarification. all she would say is that she was told by bart police that a weapon was found. she would not confirm if it was here or anywhere else. police officers felt safe enough to allow passengers back on the train so you don't like to speculate. because they don't have a weapon, they may not have a suspect and felt it was safe enough for the passengers to get back on the train. >> cheryl, thanks very much. great job. we want to show you more video from these crazy events that started shortly before 4:00 today. the reports of a shooting at tanforan mall. as it turns out, there were two people with guns firing apparently at each other somehow two other people got hit. two teenage boys are in -- one is in serious, one in critical
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at san francisco general. >> what you're looking at is the aftermath of the shooting and the strip mall across from the tanforan mall that has a best buy, marshalls. all of a sudden, you can see the shooting happened at the tanforan mall near the century movie theater. that best bayou siuy is where y the video of people running. about half an hour, hour into this we saw police running towards that marshalls and best buy and they started looking for potentially the subspects spect started escorting people out. that was cleared about 15 minutes and 15 minutes later, those police officers went back to the tanforan mall where they are still there doing a systematic search of the mall and subsequent investigation will begin. >> they have two shooting victims at san francisco general and two other people that were
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trampled to get away, they were treated and released. those are the victims. both expected to survive. those at san francisco general. we want to let you know throughout the evening we'll keep you posted on new developmen developments. you can also follow us on the digital platform, facebook, twitter, instagram and "nightly news" with lester holt is right up next. >> good evening. and welcome to our viewers in the west. we start with that stunning verdict in the califor breaking news tonight, a trial filled with twists and turns at the courthouse. protest tors across the nation demanding border detention centers be shutdown.
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nike under fire for featuring the historic betsy ross flag. critics including former nfl star colin kaepernick calls it an offense reminder of the slavery era. the backlash after nike agreed not to sell it. the price you pay if you're among the record numbers traveling this 4th of july holiday. surprising ways to save as your family hits the road. and a thriller for team usa at the world cup. just one victory away from winning it all. >> translator: this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. >> good evening.
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there is breaking news as we start tonight. a stunning verdict in the california trial of a decorated navy seal charged with a 2017 murder of a wounded prisoner in iraq. a military jury finding chief edward gallagher not guilty on all but one count. steve patterson is in san diego with late details. >> reporter: tonight vindication for a navy seal. >> tears of joy. >> absolute joy. >> emotion. freedom. absolute euphoria. >> reporter: the jury acquitting chief edward gallagher of six of the seven charges against him including premeditated murder. >> huge victory, huge weight off the gallaghers. >> reporter: but finding him guilty for violating a uniform code of military justice by posing with a human casualty. the decorated seal was charged with an array of war crimes, stemming from a 2017 tour of duty in iraq. the most serious, shooting an unarmed citizens in the murder of a wounded isis detainee. over the two-week trial, prosecutors called members of the team who described a man unhinged, testifying he stabbed the young fighter.
6:32 pm
gallagher's defense team painted each witness unreliable, scorned with disagreement. in a trial with no physical evidence, the most jaw-dropping moment, testimony from scott under immunity that it was he not gallagher who killed the wounded isis detainee. >> he has done more than two and a halftimes the maximum. i've said my number one goal is to get him home to his family. >> a victory for gallagher and his family who look forward to having this ordeal behind them. and there is a lot of emotion as that verdict was being read. gallagher and his wife embracing as she is crying tears of joy. the entire defense team shooting out of their seats. they're now discussing the sentencing on that lone guilty charge as we speak. e jury reconw morning. the migrant humanitarian disaster growing along our southern border became even more vivid today.
6:33 pm
disaster growing along our southern border became even more vivid today. new images of overcrowded detention cente new images of overcrowded detention centers fueling a wave of protests outside congressional offices across the country. our gabe gutierrez is in el paso with the latest. >> shut it down. >> reporter: from south florida. >> we must -- >> reporter: to new mexico to northern california. >> free the kids free the kids. >> reporter: today protests erupted across the country demanding the closure of migrant detention centers.ay protests these new government released photos show overcrowding several facilities raise security concerns. one describing a ticking time bombphotos show overcrowding. members of the congressional hispanic caucus all democrats just toured migrant detention centers in texas congressman joaquin castro tweeting out these images even though he was told not to bring in phones. you can see women sitting on the floor with blankets. one saying she didn't have medicine congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez called the conditions unconscionable.
6:34 pm
>> these women were being told by cbp officers to drink out of the toilet >> reporter: border patrol officials push back calling the accusations completely untrue adding there are ample suppliesr the debate heating up as the bombshell report by propublica details a private facebook group mocking migrants and making crude jokes about throwing a details a private facebook g burritos at members of congress. in a written statement, customs and border protection calls the posts completely inappropriate adding any employees found to violate our standards of conduct will be held accountableposts c. adding any employees found to violate our standards of conduct the border patrol is facing an unprecedented surge of migrants being apprehended. 144,000 just in may, the highest monthly total in 13 years. >> we're burning the candle at both ends to try to reduce that backlog while continuing to support our partners at the border and processing fairly all the migrants who are coming to the border >> reporter: this 12-year-old
6:35 pm
interviewed by her lawyer says she couldn't bathe and was given little food. >> i don't see an end in sight >> reporter: in el paso pediatrician has treated migrant children after they were released >> children should not be in a place where they don't have access to their basic human needs. >> and gabe joins us now from el paso gabe, we are getting new information that the number of migrants is actually going down. >> reporter: yeah, lester, according to an internal dhs document obtained by nbc news, the number of unaccompanied migrant children in custody has dropped to less than 300 supporters of president trump say that's because of the administration's asylum policy changes. but critics argue that's what typically happens during the summer anyway because of the heat, lester >> gabe gutierrez, thank you also developing in texas, summer anyway because of the investigators have just revealed information about the final moments before that private plane crashed sunday the ntsb suggesting one of the plane's engines may have failed plane crashed sunday. the ntsb suggesting one of the
6:36 pm
plane's engines may have on take off before it crashed. ten people on board were killed. here's nbc's tom costello with more >> reporter: north of dallas an ntsb drone has been surveying the damage caused by sunday's o more. >> reporter: north horrific plane crash that killed two pilots and eight members of three families inside the badly damaged hangar, the burned out remains of the privately owned beach craft king air, while the cockpit voice the burned out remains of the privately owned beach craft king air, while the cockpit voice recorder was charred, the memory inside was undamaged and captured the final moments >> the tower cleared the flight for take off from runway 15 for one minute before the end of the recording. the flight for >> reporter: then a sudden emergency. just 12 seconds before the crash, the pilot's comments ter emergency. just 12 seconds before the crash, the pilot's comments suggest confusion in the cockpit. suggest confusion in the cockpit. four seconds later, they indicated a problem with the left engine. then three automated warnings that the plane was banking hard. investigators believe the plane rolled hard to the left, then crashed into the hangar. pilot charlotte dumas saw it happened and took this photo >> i was literally walking
6:37 pm
backwards, heard the noise, looked up, stopped, and watched the remaining few seconds. >> reporter: investigators are inspecting the engines and propellers and listening to the sound of the engines captured on the cockpit voice recorder >> with sound spectrum analysis that they can do to determine the revolutions per minute of each of the engines to see if they were both operating or if one was failing. >> reporter: investigators interviewing air traffic controllers and looking at four separate video recordings trying to learn why this popular twin engine plane suddenly crashed. lester>> reporter: investigator interviewing air traffic controllers and looking at four separate video recording >> tom, thanks a massive explosion destroyed at least one home in charlotte, north carolina nbc's ron allen has late details for usiles shaking them to the bone >> my walls were just cracked open and the garage was just imploded, at which point i told the kids, we have to run out of here >> reporter: leaving what was a two-story house, completely levelled >> i'm looking at rubble piles
6:38 pm
here. >> reporter: leaving what was >> reporter: at least 80 firefighters rushed to the scene, battling the fire in sweltering heat amid reports there might be people trapped inside >> trying to get the victim untrapped. i could use more hands >> he has a beam laying across his hips >> reporter: firefighters will not say how many people may have been in the home at the time >> we will treat it as a rescue operation until we reach a point in time where we can determine that there's no, there's no at. >> we will treat it as a rescue operation until we reach a point chance of survivability. >> reporter: a man who called 911 to alert first responders was rescued from the debris. tonight investigators won't say what may have caused the blast still a lot of questions and a desperate mission to find survivors. ron allen, nbc news. >> now to a mystery we've been following, the estranged husband of the connecticut mother of five has been missing for more than a month is speaking out exclusively to our new york station wnbc. here's kristen dahlgren. >> reporter: he describes it as a bad dream.
6:39 pm
>> when it first started, i seriously pinched myself a>> re a bad dream. >> when it first started, i seriously couple of times. i said this cannot be true i'm doing this, i'm wearing orange and i'm in a cell >> reporter: he and girlfriend michelle are charged with evidence tampering and hindering prosecution in the disappearanc michelle are charged with evidence tampering and hindering prosecution in the disappearance of his estranged wife, mother of five jennifer dulos. char of his estranged wife, mother of five jennifer dulos. charges they deny. he did not speak about evidence prosecutors say they have against him, including video of a man and a woman authorities say match their description throwing out items including jennifer's bloody clothes. only saying many people have already decided he's guilty. boy >> i've already been convicted in their mind. now, the people that know me both in the united states and in greece, they have a different opinion.mind. now, the people they have been very supportive they know who i am they know i could have never done this. they have been very >> reporter: the duloses were in a bitter custody battle over the five children when jennifer vere
6:40 pm
five children when jennifer disappeared in may. he has not been allowed contact with his children e. he denies that was motive to do her harm. >> disappeared in may he has not been allowed contact with his children e. he denies that was motive to do her harm >> i don't care about malicious tonight they still have not found any sign of their mother. kristen dahlgren, nbc comments >> reporter: he had a message to his children that things would get better, but police say tonight they still have not found any sign of their mother kristen dahlgren, nbc news, new york >> in washington, tanks have arrived for president trump's july 4th military salute, but some democrats are accusing him of exploiting the annual celebration. nbc's hallie jackson has more from the white house >> reporter: spotted in southwest washington today, two bradleys and a pair of abrams tanks arriving in town over the weekend all ahead of 4 traditional festivities with the display of military might. >> we're going to have planes going overhead, the best fighter jets in the world. >> we're going to have planes we're going to have some tanks stationed outside. >> reporter: the president delighted by the bastille day parade he attended in france is now bringing something similar to washington. fly-overs featuring the f-35 and probably air force one
6:41 pm
near the stage, it's v.i.p.s who get the best view for a spectacle that has some critics concerned the president's high jacking the holiday, putting politics over patriotism, and forcing taxpayers to foot the bill one democrat deriding it as a vanity project >> mr. president, how about a hot dog and a hamburger rather than an extravaganza that t doga divides the country? >> reporter: and another headline here tonight, after the supreme court temporarily blocked the administration's efforts to add a controversial toestion about citizenship to thy the census will be printed without that question. a victory for groups that had been fighting the white house. lester without that question. >> all right, hallie, thanks tonight a coroner's office is working to find what caused the sudden death of los angeles angels' pitcher tyler skaggs who was just 27. here's miguel almaguerangels' >> reporter: tonight the untimely death of pitching star tyler skaggs remains a mystery the 27-year-old left hander for
6:42 pm
the los angeles angels found in a texas hotel room before his team was to play the rangers >> today is one of the hardest days and i know it gets easier, but it's difficult >> reporter: with local police finding skaggs unresponsive, authorities have only said they do not suspect foul play or suicide. today his family requesting the medical examiner remove his record from a public website >> for some reason that is incomprehensible to all of us, he lives on now only in our minds and in our hearts. >> reporter: drafted by his home team in 2009 >> swing and a miss. >> reporter: skaggs was a talented big league pitcher. >> everyone loved being around him. that's what's pulling everyone together at this moment. >> reporter: with shock and sadness reverberating through the major leagues.>> everyone l him. tonight fans >> it was just, just shocking. >> reporter: and teammates are stunned. angels star mike trout writing, words cannot express the deep
6:43 pm
sadness we feel right now. skaggs wasn't just a top pitcher for the angels he was also a fan favorite here in anaheim, a local boy who made it to the pros tonight tributes continue to pour in. but tonight, growing questions why did this rising superstar die so young miguel almaguer, nbc news, anaheim, california. >> tonight a series of rapes in california may have been finally solved after more than two decades. there are new kind of dna evidence called genetic genealogy, a tool changing criminal justice our joe fryer explains >> reporter: it's the latest cold case potentially cracked using dna and genealogy.e. our joe fryer explains. >> reporter: it's the latest cold case potentially cracked 59-year-old mark is accused of three sexual assaults in california in the early '90s police say he's a retired federal corrections officer and briefly taught criminal justice classes at sacramento state. >> predators and monsters can't hide forever any longer. >> reporter: genetic genealogy
6:44 pm
has led to dozens of arrests nationwide, including suspected golden state killer josef gene has l deangelo by putting crime scene dna profiles in a public database like ged machz, authorities can identify relatives of a suspect the genealogists build family trees to build the actual suspect.machz, authorities can identify relatives o that's what pointed detectives in washington state to william talbot he was just found guilty of murdering a couple in 1987 the first conviction by jury ti talbot. he was just found guilty of murdering a couple today genetic genealogy. >> this truly is a revolution in crime fighting and genetic genealogy is not going away nowevolution in crime fighting. >> reporter: but it also raises privacy questions because information from innocent people is being used without their knowledge. last month ged match changed its policies so law enforcement can knowledge. last month ged match changed its policies so law enforcement can only search users who give their consent. >> the new only search users who give their consent. >> the new policy change at ged match means it will take longer to identify many of these violent criminals and get them off the streets. >> reporter: a fierce debate at the intersection of safety and privacy.
6:45 pm
joe fryer, nbc news. >> just ahead as we continue this evening, the star-spangled controversy for nike critics objecting to the use of betsy ross's flag. then the price you pay hidden car savings as your family hits the road for july 4th. bj bj ec(door bell rings) it's open! bj hey. this is amazing. with moderate to severe ulcerative colitis, are you okay? even when i was there, i never knew when my symptoms would keep us apart. so i talked to my doctor about humira. i learned humira can help get, and keep uc under control when other medications haven't worked well enough. and it helps people achieve control that lasts. so you can experience few or no symptoms. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have haen; as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you've been to areas where certain fungal infections are common, and if you've had tb,
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all right. next up for us tonight, the new firestorm for niket. next up for us tonight, the new the company pulling a shoe after critics, including former nfl star colin kaepernick, objected to the use of the betsy ross flag, calling it a reminder of the slavery era. here's nbc's stephanie gosk.fla the >> believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything. >> reporter: colin kaepernick has been the face of nike. behind the scenes he may also be pulling strings. colin kaeperni has been the fac according to "wall street journal," the former nfl quarterback was offended by a 4th of july themed shoe leading the company to recall thousands of the red, white and blue sneakers offended all emblazoned with a 13-star betsy ross flag. in a statement nike says it sne.
6:48 pm
all emblazoned with pulled the shoe based on concerns that it could unintentionally offend and detract from the nation's patriotic holiday. unintentionally offend and detract from the nation's kaepernick's agent tells nbc news he will not be commenting even before nike pulled the sneakers, some on social media were angry that the flag appeared to celebrate a time when slavery was accepted. one calling the design, air slaveries. but now arizona's governor says incentives being offered to nikr to build a new manufacturing plant in his state may be pulled american business should be proud of our country's history, he writes. may be pulled. american not abandoning it. the iconic company faced withering ayit was the first in the nfl to kneel during the national anthemmer f the first in the nfl to kneel during the national anthem. some have burned their shoes, calling nike unpatriotic as for nike's business, since partnering with kaepernick, both sales and stock price went up. stephanie gosk, nbc news >> coming up, we'll tell you the
6:49 pm
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we're back now with the price you pay. tomorrow is expected to be the busiest day for record-breaking july 4th travel. our gadi schwartz has some tips to save you money on the road. >> reporter: this 4th of july already set to break records on the road of the nearly 49 million americans planning to travel, an unprecedented 41 million of them will be heading out in their cars tomorrow expected to be the busiest of this week so if you have to spend more time on the road, you might as well try to spend less at the pump and some ways to do that if your car doesn't specifically call for premium, studies show it will do fine with the lower octane shaving 2 to $300 a year. pump. and some ways to do that? if your car doesn't specifically call for premium, studies show it will do fine with the lower try not to top off your tank gas is usually cheapest on mondays. a tuneup is worth it replacing a dirty air filther could save you 28 cents a gallon that is an increase of about 10% in gas mileage and making sure your oxygen sensors and fuel injecters are clean could give you another boost. at the garage in queens, right tire pressure is a must. >> tire span is 3 to 5 years
6:53 pm
written on the tire itself is a birth date so you can check it and see approximately when you . written on the tire itself is a birth date so you can check it and see approximately when you need to budget so that you can buy yourself some tires. >> reporter: experts say another way to save, call your insurance company and ask for the good driver discount, or about raising the deductible on collision coverage that could shave off up to $225 a year. trying to keep more money in your pocket to celebrate the summer gadi schwartz, nbc news, new york >> some good tips there. up next, team usa on the brink of another world cup title summer. gadi schwartz, nbc news, new york. >> some good tips there. up next, team usa on the brink of another world cup title. and . for better value, tackle grease with dawn ultra. dawn is for more than just dishes. it provides 3x more grease cleaning power per drop, which cuts through tough kitchen messes, pre-treats laundry stains, and even tackles grease build-up on car rims. tackle tough greasy messes around your home, and save money with dawn ultra. brand power. helping you better.
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mouth or tongue swelling ...problems urinating, vision changes, or eye pain occur. think your copd medicine is doing enough? maybe you should think again. ask your doctor about once-daily trelegy and the power of 1 2 3. ♪trelegy 1-2-3 save at finally, another nail biting win for team usa at the women's world cup. nbc's kelley cobiella has the action >> reporter: tonight the u.s. women's team came out shooting,
6:57 pm
and it paid off just ten minutes in kristen with the first goal. a perfect header nine minutes later, the english matched it but the u.s. kept fighting a goal for birthday girl alex but controversial penalty kick was blocked.celebrate. then a player sent off the u.s. victorious again. the cheers from france to the usa. families from new york >> usa usa. cheers from france to the >> reporter: to california are building their summer vacations around team usa. usa. >> this is definitely the highlight. >> reporter: tonight their wish is for one more game >> winning the finals. >> reporter: have come true. team usa's star scorer megan rapinoe didn't play tonight because of a minor injury. she'll have until sunday to recover when the team takes on
6:58 pm
tomorrow's semi final sweden or the netherlands. but tonight, they're savoring a big win. lester >> good luck to team usa that'sigr all of us at nbc news this for watching and good night.
6:59 pm
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