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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  July 15, 2019 11:00am-11:29am PDT

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is to take it. the ust. right now at 11:00, a crash sending two bicyclists to the hospital. we're learning that one has died. they were hit by an suv during rush hour this morning. good morning and thanks for joining us, i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm scott mcgrew in for marcus washington. kris sanchez joins us live from the scene with what we know. >> reporter: hi there, scott and laura, you did mention the onet has life-threatening conditions in the hospital and it was a rough scene when we got out here first thing this morning. a mangled bike here on the roadway and evidence of serious
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injuries. again, we know that one of the cyclists did not survive and one did get cpr and both were transported to the hospital. theames are nothing bei-- are nt being released because the families are being notified. they were riding southbound when a woman hit them with her suv as she pulled out of the store and she's cooperating and neither alcohol or drugs is a factor. the woman is shaken up because she knows the seriousness of the collision and she knows one person is fighting for their life and both of the bicyclists were wearing helmets and very close to that bicycle lane that is here on vista park drive when they were struck. this is the 26th deadly jose. but take this,t is the third
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fatal bicycle crash in the last three months. so very serious conversations happening among folks riding bikes in our city. in san jose, kris sa thank you, kris. just in, police in greece have detained a man for questioning in the killing of an oakland scientist. 59-year-old susan eaton went missing and her body was found a week ago in a world war ii bunker and the biologist had been suffocated. they interviewed ten people over the weekend for the investigation. for the third time in two days donald trump took aim at democratic congresswomen not mentioning them by name but he said enough to get the message across. the group of four new congresswomen all minorities who call themself the squad. >> they're free to leave if they want. and if they want to leave, that's fine. and if they want to stay, that's fine. but the people have to know -- and politicians can't be afraid
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to take them on. >> and by leave mr. trump means leave the country. president trump also confirmin s some parts of the country. however, so far none have been reported here in the bay area. nbc bay area sharon katsuda is live in san francisco where the protests are happening amid growing anxiety. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, scott. the protest is expected to start here at noon. i just got off the phone with an amazon spokesperson and he said that the company cannot comment on the clients they are working with but the group protesting today said amazon has migrant workers and the company is possibly working with i.c.e. by providing face recognition technology and we have yet to confirm that with the company. this is taking place while migrant support undocumented migrants are living in fear wondering if and when the i.c.e. will come for them.
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support groups say for the past few weeks because of the president's talk of raid they warned to report any i.c.e. activity and in san rafael they were spotted over the weekend but so far no word of any raids or arrests in the bay area. president trump said i did make arrests yesterday. >> many, many were taken out on sunday you just didn't know about it. in fact, i went to -- i spoke to the head of i.c.e., i spoke to a couple of people, we had many people -- it was a very successful day. >> we were ready not only this week but weeks before because we thought if they strike, it is on a day not announced by the president. >> reporter: one i.c.e. official said those targeted should not be called undocumenteds immigrants because they've been through the court system. the i.c.e. raids are expected to take place through this week so there is still high anxiety in the bay area community. live in san francisco, i'm
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sharon katsuda, nbc bay area news. cutter you, sharon. munro took down a drug thug in a largest seizure in years. it has gone viral. bob redell spoke with the captain and members of the crew. i bet they had a lot to say, bob. >> reporter: they did, laura.he arrive here and has been here for a couple of hours along with her 140 crew members who are disembarking as you could see. them families have been after being away at sea for 98 days and what turned out to be a successful and memorable mission. now this was the first deployment to hunt for drugs. the munro and two other cutters seized 39,000 pounds of cocaine and over 900 pounds of marijuana off the coast of mexico and south and central ameri street market value over a half
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billion dollars. now the cutter off loaded the drugs on thursday in san diego. this is the video so amazing to watch. you're looking at members of the munro chasing down a semi-submersible vessel, just barely sticks up above the surface and the cartels spend about a million dollars to build this one. it deployed two boats and a chopper over the horizon to find this vessel and when they did, two crew members jumped on board the sub as it moved through rough seas and pounded on the hatch and forced the five drug runners to give up and surrender 17,000 pounds of cocaine and the largest seizure in four years. this is a dangerous operation because the bad guys could have scuttlyed t moment. we were not allowed to speak to the men who jumped on the sub as they might be witnesses of the prosecution and we did speak with the captain and another officer on the small boat chasing the sub. >> you see the dangerous parts. he's jumping on a boat going about 10 knots and water washing
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over the decks. it was a great move. those guys are great working to this type of takedown they're whole careers and it was neat to catch on the go-pro video and see them in action. >> the biggest challenge was they kept on -- they wouldn't stop at the time. just having the crew members go on board and make sure that we have a proper seizure of the vessel. that was probably the biggest challenge that we faced. >> reporter: as i mentioned, the munro was deployed for 98 days, a long time to be away from home if you have small children and it was quite a reunion once they made it on the shore. >> we felt so sad but we got over it and now he's come back. >> we're very proud of him and the girls really do help and keeping us busy and making it
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easier on the deployment. we're just happy he's back. >> reporter: the coast guard cutter munro is 2017 as part of a new fleet of legend class ships replacing ships that are 50 years old and costly to replace. these have longer endurance and more detection and communicatio these drug cartels. live here in alameda, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> tough work but boy, those kids are happy to see their family home. thanks, bob. in the south bay, a 4-year-old girl is pepper sprayed during a fight between two adults. now san jose police are asking questions. it happened at a 7-eleven on monterey road just before 11:00 last night. close to boston hill road. police are trying to figure out how an argument between two women escalated to the point the child was pepper sprayed. it is not clear if the woman who used the spray intended to spray the child but police say the
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little girl and her mother ran into the store for help looking forer t her eyes. >> the one girl came sheas all just ran inside te >> so far police are not saying if anyone will face any charges. take a live look now outside san warmish, weekend, a good time to get out and now it will warm up even more. >> a little bit more today compared to yesterday. but we're all clear as we look even from our beaches to the inland areas. that is a look at ocean beach and people heading out there to enjoy some time outside for lunch. in san jose, we're also seeing a lot of sunshine. not a cloud anywhere to be seen across the bay and we're going to see those temperatures warm up fairly quickly. we're already at 87 in brentwood and 77 in napa.
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71 in oakland and in san francisco. san jose now at 80 degrees. and our temperature change from yesterday at this time, anywhere from two to ten degrees warmer than this time yesterday so starting out with warm temperatures for this afternoon but the winds pick up and then we see temperatures hold steady for the rest of the day. we'll talk about that and a slight cooldown in the forecast later on. that is coming up in the full microclimate forecast. and breaking news from southern california. this is a roof collapse. that happened at larry flynt lucky lady casino and this is in gardena in southern california. we're told it happened at about 10:20 this morning. there are reports of minor injuries so far. that lucky lady casino is a 24/7 operation. and you see a lot of emergency personnel gathered in front of the building. it looks like several people that were maybe taken out of the building there on the side. but we're monitoring this as i
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mentioned with reports of minor injuries in gardena this morning in southern california. at larry flynt's lucky lady casino after a roof collapse. in othersmidday, prosecutors are presenting rebuttal witnesses in the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire trial. last week defendant derick almena wrapped up his testimony and at times remorseful and at times defiant. he placed blame on the city of oakland and the owners of the warehouse for the deadly 2016 fire. once the rebuttal testimony concludes, a break will start until the week of july 29th when closingrg scheduled. in san francisco, the buses are back at the salesforce transit center. buses start the delivering and picking up passengers over the weekend. this morning was the first work day the trans-bay center is open. it was closed for repaired crac. passengers are happy i
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open. >> it is my -- it is everything in one spot and all of that. >> it is the cleanness of it being here and the buses are together and it is nice when we have the buses take the bay bridge and through the city. so i'm excited. >> to read more about our investigations into the problems at that transit center, go to and an apology from the ceo of san francisco based juul. next on nbc bay area, the reason the head of the vaping company said he's sorry. plus -- >> if she would have bumped her head we would have found her. >> an intense search for a missing woman camping east of fresno and her husband and family speak out and the reasoz deals of their own.
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and welcome back to the midday news. of a grass fire on the east side of san jose. you could see it starting to consume the hillside. emergency crews en route as we've had a number of fires, including one in livermore over the weekend as well. again, hard to get an estimate on exactly how big this fire is. it is near carolyn clark elementary school, that is aborn ward near guardera on the east side. this is in the evergreen area of san jose, we should me look at wind conditions out there. i just checked with meteorologist kari hall who said it is notin prey straightforward into the air much. we'll see if firefighters have a handle on this one so far. but we know that crews have responded to it so far and you
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see white smoke which can indicate that it could be a little bit better than the dark smoke but in the center of the screen you do see that there as well. you know, we're in the midst of summer and we have dry hillsides in the area which is concerning to firefighters. you always want to eliminate the brush surrounding your home and we'll continue to watch this fire as it is burning in the evergreen neighborhood. kari, you mentioned the winds. we don't have winds today which is a good thing. >> it is good for now but we'll start to see winds picking up throughout the day. so it could spread more of the fire up the hill because we'll have a westerly wind picking up throughout theay but we've seen this area catch on fire before around aborn drive and going up into the foothills around east san jose, around evergreen. so we are going to see that as an issue as our winds continue to pick up. and it does show on our computer models that by 4:00 to 5:00 we could have winds coming in from the west and northwest, picking
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up to about miles per hour. so that would spread that fire even more up the hill. and then continue to make it more of an issue as we see the winds increasing and temperatures getting hotter as well which will cause that humidity level -- the humidity level to drop as well. so a lot to monitor here as we go throughout the day with smoke blowing away from the south bay but going to see our fire danger increasing and that could make that wildfire fight more difficult as the day goes on and the winds pick up. so the good news now, we don't have wind and hopefully get containment on that soon because once again these models show that the winds will pick up today. it is already 80 degrees out there. and we are also seeing lower to mid-80s for the east bay valleys and into the north bay. we're at2 in santa rosa. san francisco and warming up into the lower 70s. through the microclimate
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forecast, in east san jose, t u the mid-40s at about 46%. and our winds coming in from thk going in antioch, we're going to see the high of 90. martinez reaching 87 degrees. and for the peninsula, up to 80 in redwood city and daly city in the mid-60s. still gusty winds in san francisco today with a high of 67 on the embarcadero and 87 is the high today in the north bay in santa rosa. as we go through the rest of the week, our weather pattern staying the same. high pressure building across the desert southwest which is what we typically see. it is causing the inland valley to warm up and keeping the coast cool. as we go toward the end of the week, we could start to see this area of low pressure developing, anotheeaing more rain to
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them. and for us a stronger on shore wind flow. so as we check out the seven-day forecast, we're looking at highs in the 80s eac cler for the weekend and it may also be more breezy with san francisco with highs in the upper 60s through the rest of the week and some lower 60s by saturday and sunday. but of course, we'll continue to monitor the wind speeds and the humidity levels around that fire, around east san jose. scott. >> let's take you back to that fire as we have live pictures at aborn road near gerdera and right where aborn road terminates up against the east foothills there in san jose. now there are some houses out there. particularly on lazy lane. and we see the fire isp the hill and slightly to the north. not much wind but to orient you, this is on the east side just a couple of milesthe is a small a.
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he's not there to fight the fire, he's landing at reed hill view. that is a wider look and more of a perspective as to where it could be in san jose. you're looking at 280 right there as it runs east to wesctly and as you could see it from the freeway shot that we have here, aborn road is in the evergreen neighborhood of san jose and it lines up right to the foothills. there are multiple homes in that area. but then there is a lot of dry brush there as well. we're in the heart of summertime here. so we've seen our gorgeous green hills turn to brown. and this is always a concern with firefighters in the summertime as well with the dry, hot conditions. >> we've seen a number of fires with small grass fires over the weekend including one in the livermore area. one in the san francisco area as well. i know we have our own helicopter headed to that scene to beo keep aef on, it but again, if your in the area particularly of that lazy
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side, that is a wider shot you could see as now much of san jose is ab as it is billowing. we're watching it and again it is moving up the h road there oe east side of the foothills. >> and we're tweeting out pictures, if you want to keep tabs of what is going on online or in the palm of your hand if you have to rush out of the door. and it looks like crews are really trying to surround this from every angle they k. you don't want it rushing up the hill and it seems to appear to have grown a little bit just since the time that we were notified and we brought you these live pictures on air. but we're seeing this area, this is evergreen neighborhood. but no doubt you'll be able to see this one from 101. it would just be off to your left, headed to the east side of san jose. >> we're watching this carefully and continue and go to a quick break and update you with more after this. in my line of work,
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welcome back. we continue to follow breaking news this midday. there is a fire burning in the east foothills of san jose. this is in the evergreen neighborhood. just off of aborn road and goodara. it is about southeast of the big sikh temple in the area of evergreen, to give you an area
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of where this is burning. clearly you could see it from the freeway. we've been monitoring this for a few minutes now here on nbc bay area and also launched sky ranger this morning to give you a better view. but we are seeing this fire creep up that hillside which isu it is so dry right now. >> it is. one of the fortunate things that kari hall pointed out is that the winds are not very strong. you could see as the smoke moves straight up. although we were watching it mo hill and slightly to the north. this would be at the end of aborn road where it terminates into the hillside. now there are homes up there. you could see the fire is mostly above the homes on the valley floor. but there are a few homes up there. but not many, that would be sort of lazy lane in that area. and if you are in that area, you are well aware of the fire because all of san jose is nowe. because you could see that wide shot where we saw the smoke that everyone can see. i know our phones and our twitter has lit up several times
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with some of the viewers alerting us to this fire. we know that crews are on the way. they may have arrived by now as well. it is not a particularly remote area. there are several roads, as we take a map of that area. a number of roads in that area. we've seen a number of fires as well, at least two over the weekend throughout the bay area. >> but no doubt it is very concerning for folks in that evergreen/silver creek area where they are up against the dry hillside there. in meteorologist kari hall because we're talking about lack of winds but you're saying those could pick up later today. >> we are etio pick u we go throughout the day and we're starting out with lighter winds right now and you could even tell by the plumes of smoke as it rises up into the air. our winds coming in from the northwest at 10 to 15 miles per hour, not strong but we have a lot of dry fuel here in those hills that have the potential to burn and spread fairly quickly into some of the areas where we
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do have people living farther up the hills, up aborn road. now looking at wind speeds right now, we've seen them very weak but will pick up as we look at models, at about 20 to 25 miles per hour. so that will cause a lot of concerns as go throughout the day, laura and scott. >> thank you, very much. we'll continue to follow this fire. you could also join us at where we're sending out twitter alerts and any available updates that we have. so far this fire is burning in the evergreen hills, this is pretty much at the end of aborn road where it dead ends. creeping up the hillside, we don't know what started the fire or what is on fire, if there are any reports of injury so far. >> but indeed we'll keep an eye on. it follow us on twitter at and we'll have more on their at 5:00. >> thank you for joining us for midday newscast. we'll continue to monitor this. have a good afternoon.
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right now on "california live," we're headed to a place in the bay that is simply out of this world. >> hey, guys, i love you to the moon and back. >> then stop the summer shedding. get rid of the mess. and jess goes deep seafood diving in santa barbara. >> i have a secret delicacy to share with you. >> and kim is giving us a taste of fine dining in l.a. >> we're celebrating restaurant week with dine l.a. in a very delicious way. and we're taking you for a ride in some hollywood hot mosy are all done. we get them and restore them. >> it is allap


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