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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  July 15, 2019 11:00pm-11:33pm PDT

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still a home for a man who said $400,000 out there if you know where to look and how to work. terry mcsweeneyfrancisco. what's the catch? >> reporter: no catch. no catch at all, according to nick guzman. he says if you're looking for a home for $425,000, he can't help you. if you don't mind living across
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of the east there, thome of you dreams is reasonable. he knows numbers, like the new property in oakland. >> 100,000 square tweet. we're going to bam in at $550,000. if you're looking out the bay a there's no in san francisco or san jose guzman. they may be able to protest lim. that way, i'm able to identify the properties that will brian up with my challenge hair of
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this like and seven drop last year. guzman says he hasn't been seeing a lot of multiple crisis. >> i see presidents specialing. >> reporter: terry mcsweeney. ahead, did you see that man's hands get stuck in the >> the muni driver didn't seeou. the crew that pulled this off. jeff ranieri. eat's 73 in
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show me the crown. show me homecoming.
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baby sloth videos on youtube. amy, do you uh mind giving someone else a turn? oh... yeah i made myself a little comfortable here. i got a pizza for amy! yes, that's me! xfinity lets you search netflix, prime video, and youtube with the sound of your voice. and i don't have my wallet, so... that's simple. easy. awesome. experience theaient y. access netflix, prime video, youtube and more. all with the sound of your voice. click, call or visit a store today. the coast guard crew from alameda that pulled off this drug bust is back home now. the crew onboard the cutter monroe, jumped off of the coast of south america. they opened the hatch. inside, they found five drug smugglers and a lot of cocaine.
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almost 45,000 pounds of it. street value, about 570le this bucks. it was not just nerve-racking for the crew, but for the family members, who saw that, as well. >> it's nerve-racking. they don't know what they are going to work into. >> the gard turned over the federal drugs in alameda here. >> a lot of problems teeling with tworains. >> we ar >> i couldn't sleep more than four hours.
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jeff jefr needed a gt true. >> my frand spots free from the door. >> this video shows what happened. in that bag, bowe barrying a bunch chocolate chip cookies, manage loves there. >> reporter: lou pulled one hand free and used it to wave at the driver as the metro tunnel approaches. >> i was really scared. >> reporter: lou fell away from the driver in time but the driver we talked do didn't see
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him. the second video hows what the driver saw in his year-view hon tore. >> they call that nightout. even in ideal conditions, the driver's display is 1/2 inches across. >> you're looking at the middle grain that is salt. you're look at grains of situation from this sinner away for screen. >> i think they are a bunch of
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stuff, unlike o sheerer, makes the log. once a weak, a train has to go to b.o. that's short for breaken and out of service. and they got women not ten love you have the tunnels and the stream that goes to the e to ha culture that brings people together. >> they act like they are the driver. when the operator said the screen was too far, muni said they ordered a largest, ten-inch screen. while lour's wrunouldn't see hi
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mah-jongg buddy. >> if you have anyone for action our anybody in our investigative ends is on. >> we had a great day tomorrow. >> a couple of degrees cooler. let's get you going and start off with the new change in weather. that's beginning to be skilled back right now. as we start off tomorrow morning, we'll have the low clouds near the coast and the day. 60 here in the south day. peninsula for the trivalley.
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no doubt of a possibility of vizle 55. as you approach through the day, it will help you drop off two to four degrees. it will be noticeable. temperat among average. we're at 87. 90 in concord, 90 in ant wok. did you notice the bayh? they have yet 92. and over to redwood city. going to san francisco. and a chilly 62 for the marina. look at the winds. that's 20 miles per hour.
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and 88 here in santa rosa. 89 in napa. tomorrow is a warm day for us, at least of the work week. we'll see temperatures gradually drop throughout the rest of the week. we'll sitting on down, each and every day. let's take a look. on my forecast, we have 60s, 70s threes. inland valley, you're at 88. and cooler temperatures down at 83. not too hot. the next seven days, really looking good for july.
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this year, a 30% chance of june not letting come through. and el gino will in the next few weeks, several of them, down to the south. >> a lot of it is monitoring for tomorrow. it took seven people who reel it is. and we have jimmy. happening now. governor newsen lets you bring tupperware to concerts and events. the san francisco similar billion will
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a deadly accident in the south bay involving a bicyclist
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extract two bike riders. one of them dayed. this happened near vista bike wide. the other rider is in serious > rescuers found cheryl pound in the month grave spring location. the area had found her dog with her on the hike. that helped hin point her lee ka location. >> a big catch in the middle of the bay captured get cal attention. >> that's goop. >> local fishermen pulling in
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near ailing alcatraz. the tap tan tells us he had no idea what he would look at in the bay area, ever. >> the wishermen were overing oates 3 years in california. >> today is the bay of the bury upcover service. fights with was over the trademark game. the original name -- it was changed to the majestic. >> you can't go to the majestic. >> yes. >> and chance curry was before
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who would have thought it? the giants are the hottest team
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in baseball tonight. >> and branded crawford has d e fourth inning, steven vagt and branded crawford. back-to-back runs. they would beat the rockies in the night cap, 2-1. how good of a game was it for crawford. a home run in the second game. and then, the pride of pleasanton had five hits, two home runs, it rbi. throe home runs on the thigh. the giants beat the rockies in a big way, in game up with. 19-2. the giants have won 10 of the last 12 games. >> after a contentious back and forth in the off-season, the 49ers and robbie gould finally
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well, the seilicon valley i still king. but in the south pay, $118,000 a year. san francisco and oakland are begin. and in the back mt. le, and then, long beach. if you got kids, get them into tech. ey be good at math. >> steffen is good at math. >> numbers drop down to 73 by friday. 70s for the afternoon.
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how is that map? >> we may need to be there [ knocking ] >> jimmy, show is in two minutes. >> jimmy: be right there stephen? >> yeah, i'm here, jimmy i'm just trying on a new bandana. i'll tell you what, let's change frequenci


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