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tv   Today  NBC  July 16, 2019 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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and always at have a wonderful tuesday. good morning. hitting back. the four democratic congresswomen targeted b good morning, hitting back, the four democratic congresswomen targeted by president trump take their counter punch. >> he does not know how to defend his policies, so what he does is attack us personally >> it's time for us to impeach this president. >> straight ahead, which republicans are condemning the president's remarks as he digs in >> if you're not happy here, then you can leave. >> where the war of words goes from here live from the white house next
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going up, temperatures soar with the summer's most dangerous heat wave set to expand across much of the country today. how hot will it get, and how long will this last? al's got the answers. miracle in the mountains. >> search and rescue. >> the california woman found alive after four days lost in the woods reunites with her family overnight, and shares a dramatic story behind her disappearance. >> right away we ran into trouble. >> this morning she'll join us live to tell us how she survived those stories plus confronted in court. two accusers come face-to-face with sex offender jeffrey epstein. don't even think about it, the military's stern warning over a viral campaign encouraging people to storm the secret of area 51. and moon shot, the apollo 11 mission changed the course of history, and we're celebrating its historic launch 50 years ago with an inside look at what made
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neil armstrong's one giant leap possible, today, tuesday july 16th, 2019 >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza good morning, everybody, welcome to "today. nice to have you with us on a tuesday morning. willie, good to have you here and thinking about 50 years ago how people must have felt when they saw apollo 11 make that launch. >> we've been looking up at this big beautiful moon the last couple of nights and still 50 years later it blows your mind that we pulled this off, and we've got a look from cape canaveral and al come up in just a bit. this new outrage over president trump's go back attack aimed at four democratic women of color in congress. this is coming as his administration makes a move this morning that will make it harder for migrants to request asylum at the southern border we're going to have all of this covered. we'll start with this new outrage over the president's
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tweet. nbc's peter alexander at the white house for us >> reporter: good morning to you, from birtherism, to charlot charlottesville president trump has a long history of stoking racial tensions and again this time he is not backing down. the president seeming to relish this latest fight with those four prominent progressive democrats, all of them women of color. is an effort to exploit the divide among the moderate and liberal wings of the democratic party. this morning those democrats are united in their outrage. the self-styled squad collectively calling out president trump. >> he does not know how to defend his policies, so what he does is attack us personally >> reporter: it comes after the president escalated his attack on the four freshmen democrats. >> these are people that in my opinion hate our country. >> reporter: expressing no regret for his incendiary weekend tweet arguing liberal lawmakers while not calling them
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out by name should go back to their home countries, though all but one was woborn in the u.s. house democrats drafting a resolution condemning the president's words writing president donald trump's racist comments have legitimized fear and hatred of new americans and people of color. pressed whether he's concerned people view his comments as racist and that white supremacists will embrace his words. >> it doesn't concern me because many people agree with me, and all i'm saying, they want to leave, they can leave. >> reporter: the four progressive democrats accusing the president of inflaming racial resentments. >> this is the agenda of white nationalists. >> we are grateful for your solidarity, your encouragement and your support in the face of the most recent xenophobic, bigoted remarks from the occupant of our white house. >> i urge house leadership, many of my colleagues to take action to impeach this lawless president today. >> the lawmakers arguing the president's remarks were designed to distract from his controversial policies,
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including the separation of migrant families former vice president joe biden on "morning joe" denouncing the president's comments. >> what presidents say, they're the face of america, like it or not. they're the face of america, and the idea that donald trump says and does the things he does is just absolutely despicable. >> reporter: some republicans have called the president's remarks racist. >> i think those tweets are racist and xenophobic. they're also inaccurate. >> reporter: but most have steered clear of using that word. >> a lot of people have been using the word and my own view is that what was said and what was tweeted was destructive, was demeaning, was disunifying and frankly was very wrong. >> reporter: and while from gop leaders there's been silence, the four congresswomen say other >> there were many people who approached me and who said i disagree with some of your policies, i'm an independent,
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i'm a republican, and i think what he did was wrong, and he won't apologize but i am going to apologize >> peter you had mentioned this house democratic resolution condemning the president what are they hoping to accomplish with that >> reporter: that resolution, savannah is expected to be voted on by the house as early as today, again, condemning the president for those comments about the freshmen congresswomen. in his tweets this morning, the president is arguing the house should rebuke them for system of their past comments. by itself it doesn't mean much, but with their strong statements yesterday, the congresswomen reignited this conversation over impeachment, still democratic leaders have not expressed any change in view on that savannah and willie. >> as you said, peter, republican response to the president's comments has been tempered or absent altogether. do you expect that to change going forward? >> some republicans have spoken out, but house republican leaders who come to the white house this afternoon to meet with the president alongside
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their senate colleagues are on message again today. their strategy really right now is to try to tie the president's inflammatory tweets to this broader fight they view against socialism. privately, though, many republicans complain that the president can't resist voicing these thoughts, but politically the majority of them know that their success is tied to him willie and savannah. >> peter alexander at the white house, thank you. now to new developments in the immigration battle in this country. the trump administration has announced new rules that would all but end asylum request for central american migrants. a keyboarder patrol official is speaking out to dispute reports about conditions at u.s. detention facilities nbc's gabe gutierrez is el paso with more on that. >> reporter: good morning, the number of migrant children in these facilities continues to drop now, whether that's due to the trump administration's policy changes, increased security in mexico, or just the hot summer months is unclear, but now we're hearing from a border patrol official at the center of it
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all, and he makes no apologies with heated protests in new york and atlanta over immigration raids, new outrage is mounting over the trump administration making it harder for migrants to seek asue lumbar in the u.s. the new rule means those coming from central america can't apply for asylum here without doing so first in mexico. >> we want a president who continues to want to erode the legal system of asylum. >> reporter: the president firing back in a tweet, the obama administration built the cages, not the trump administration democrats must give us the votes to change bad immigration laws. >> how overwhelmed was this system over the past few months? >> well, it was definitely overwhelmed. >> reporter: we spoke exclusively with aaron hall, the chief border patrol agent in el paso who oversees the station in clint, texas, at one point the
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facility heltd about 700 children it was only built to hold 100. >> what happened >> simply a volume issue we don't want to hold those people anymore than we have to. >> a scathing report by the "new york times" alleges the agency's leadership knew for months that some children had no beds to sleep on, no way to clean themselves, and sometimes went hungry. >> even at this point, you still dispute the characterization of the care that these children were receiving inside the clint facility >> absolutely. we've added showers. we've added laundry facilities. >> should this not have been added months ago before it got that bad >> keep in mind it's the u.s. government we have an entire contracting process. the illegal alien traffic is always going to be one step ahead. >> at the border with juarez mexico we met this group of migrants from cuba. >> you're desperate? martinez told us she's desperate. she tried for two months to apply for asylum at a legal port of entry but was told to keep
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waiting, she says after watching three people murdered in mexico, she and her husband decided to cross the border and turn themselves in to the officers here in the u.s. >> reporter: as for the asylum policy changes, chief hall believes they will help reduce the flow of migrants here to the southern border, but critics are expected to challenge the new rules in court willie and savannah. >> gabe gutierrez down along the border in el paso. thanks. the morning's big weather story, the most extreme heat wave of the season is set to expand today from the midwest to much of the east coast al's down in florida as mentioned. he's at the kennedy space center where the temperature is already soaring. hey, al, good morning. >> good morning, guys. we'll get to why we're here had just a little bit we are launching some really hot temperatures that are going to be dangerous we've got 41 million people right now under a heat warning, heat watch or heat advisory, and that is going to be expanding as we move into the week. we've got a giant dome of heat,
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high pressure moving eastward, plus an upper level high pushing the jet stream way up into canada, and so for today we've got heat indices, a combination of heat and humidity, triple digits in jacksonville, tallahassee, mobile wilmington and for tomorrow it moves into the northeast, philadelphia, new york, richmond, raleigh, charlotte all in triple digits and as we move into the late week period, 32 states heat indexes above 100, 200 million people will be feeling the heat and humidity going into the weekend. heat index, triple digits for kansas city, dallas, tupelo on into chicago, and heading east we're looking at triple digits for new york, d.c., charlotte, nashville, cleveland, and indianapolis if we don't get a break, savannah until we get toward the end of the weekend. >> those are some huge numbers. >> jaw dropping numbers there. >> a lot of red on that map. al, thanks so much we'll be back to you shortly. a judge is now considering whether to grant bail to jeffrey
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epstein after a dramatic day in court tied to the wealthy finan finance ear's sex trafficking. >> there was an expectation the bail hearing would be brief. it was anything but, with prosecutors introducing new details about what was found in jeffrey epstein's home and two accusers testifying that they think the man they met as teenage girls shouldn't be let out of jail at all. >> reporter: this morning stunning revelations in the case against jeffrey epstein, the wealthy financier now accused of sex trafficking. fbi agents found piles of cash, diamonds and an expired foreign passport inside a safe in his new york city mansion according to federal prosecutors the passport from the 1980s appears to show epstein's photo, but under a different name his residence listed as saudi arabia in federal court on monday, prosecutors argued epstein should be denied bail because these items along with his
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wealth of more than $500 million make him an extreme flight risk. they also say he is a risk to the public two of epstein's accusers testified in court confronting epstein face-to-face for the first time. >> both believe not only is he a flight risk for the obvious reasons, but also that that is the only way to secure the safety of the community. >> reporter: courtney wilds says she was 14 when she was abused, annie farmer, 16 when she says she met epstein. >> these were girls who were procuri procuri procuripr cured, transported across state lines. >> epstein has pleaded not guilty to sekx trafficking and experiences and allege he tampered with witnesses paying $350,000 to co-conspirators
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after the miami herald's bomb shell report about him last year epstein's defense says there's no proof the money was a bribe his lawyers are fighting the charges and offering conditions for epstein to be released on bail, including house arrest inside his $77 million manhattan mansion, pointing out that the 66-year-old isn't accused of committing any crimes since he pleaded guilty to state charges of soliciting minors for prostitution more than a decade ago. the federal judge in this case says he will announce his decision on mail thursdabail on and there's new attention on new mexico where epstein owns a sprawling ranch. several new accusers have come forward alleging they have been abused those names will be passed along to prosecutors here in new york. >> you mentioned tw of those accusers appeared in court yesterday, confronted mr. epstein. how unusual is that? >> it is unusual in a bail hearing, although occasionally it does happen legal experts tell us that it's
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an indication of how federal prosecutors are going to be deliberate and careful through every step of this process and allowing accusers at each step the opportunity to have their say. >> all right, stephanie gosk, thank you very much. officials in southern california are searching for answers after a deadly gas explosion. it happened at a home in murietta the force of the blast so powerful it launched debris onto vehicles across the street, blew out the windows and surrounding homes. officials say gas workers were already at the home to fix a ruptured gas line when that explosion occurred a spokesperson for the company says it appears the gas line was initially danlmaged by a contractor working at that home. now to an incredible display of team work that may have saved two people's lives this was the scene in panama beach, florida the current was so strong, two swimmers were having a hard time getting back to the beach. they were out in the water despite a double red flag warning.
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dozens of good samaritans formed a human chain that stretched from the floor out into the ocean. eventually the swimmers were saved. officials say it serves as a good reminder to obey those warnings when you see them on the beach. let's get back down to al at kennedy space center he's got the rest of the forecast, and al, that shirt can be seen from space >> well, i figured, you know, i'm on the space coast, i may as well kind of dress like these folks. you should see the shorts. >> no thanks >> let's show you what's happening around the rest of the country, and we are looking out west at a real southwest sizzle, temperatures will be rising, of course, they'll be joined by the rest of the country later. pacific northwest not too bad, some severe storms in the northern plains. flood warnings are going up now with the remnants of barry we're going to take a look at that coming up in the next half hour, sunshine into the northeast, but some showers along the mid-atlantic coast that's what's going on around the country, here's what's happening in your neck of the woods.
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good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. well our san francisco camera covered in drizzle right now, and low visibility in a few spots. meantime, inland it's all clear but looking a little hazy in the tri-valley. we'll see a wide range in temperatures and sky conditions as we go throughout the day, so we are going to see those high temperatures in the valleys reach into the upper 80s. a gradual cooldown by the end of the week, into the weekend, with san francisco staying in the 60s with times of fog. >> reporter: guys, this is very >> guys, this is very exciting we're down here, of course in a .
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guys, this is very exciting. we're down here, of course, in a little more than two hours 50 years ago on launch pad 39b, apollo 11 lifted off, a saturn 5 rocket on its way to the moon. it's an historic occasion. i am thrilled to be here we're going to talk about that more coming up in the next couple of hours. >> always where the action is, al that's so cool thank you, we'll see you in a little bit. also ahead this morning, we've got some overnight details on the disappearance and rescue of a california woman lost in the woods for four days. she's with us live, and we'll share this dramatic story, including her encounter she says with a knife wielding man. plus, have you seen that facebook event calling on people to storm area 51 to see what's really inside the top secret site we've got the st
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>> all morning we are celebrating the landmark launch
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they can progress quickly and can be fatal... sometimes within 24 hours. before you send your teen to college... make sure you help protect them. talk to your teen's doctor... about meningitis b vaccination. good morning everyone. 7:26. i'm scott mcgrew. a short time from now ntsb investigatesor also arrive at hayward airport, where a helicopter crashed yesterday during a lesson killing one man, skieriously injuring another. the wreckage still on the runway this morning. a 62-year-old flight instructor died. his student suffered critical injuries. rescuers said the student managed to walk away in the moments after the crash. investigators are going to try to figure out if it was a mechanical issue, pilot error or something else. let's get a check of your weather this tuesday morning. >> starting out with sunshine for the inland areas. this is a live look outside in san jose this morning, as you get ready to head out the door, and in oakland, we're also seeing the cloudy skies that do
7:27 am
extend into the coast, and over san francisco. so we are going to see everything starting to clear out, headed into late morning into the afternoon, with temperatures warming up in the east bay valleys, up to 90 degrees. we'll see a lot of upper 80s in the north bay. napa today looking at a high of 89 degrees, and 83 will be the high today in san jose with san francisco reaching 66 degrees, going into the rest of the week, some slight cooling by friday, we're reaching into the lower 80s and back into the mid 80s for saturday and sunday, as we get more clear skies. let's get an update on the commute from mike. >> kari, looking at the south bay, pretty predictable pattern but the arrow shows you north 280 toward 85, a crash there may leave a lane or two blocked. there's a motorcycle reported down, so i'm concerned about the rider as well. we'll track that, and the effect, but plan on a little slowing headed up toward cupertino 280. westbound across the san mateo and the dumbo slow westbound.
7:28 am
the bay bridge right now the metering lights will slow you but the traffic continues light on the left approach. fog on the golden gate. >> more local news coming up in half an hour.
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7:30 now. tuesday morning. that is the satellite image of the highly secretive 7:30 now, it's tuesday morning. that is satellite image of the highly secretive military base known as area 51. >> it has long been a source of fodder for conspiracy theorists. now there's a call on social media for people to storm that base to get the truth, but is it real and what does the government have to say about it that story is just ahead. let's get a check of the headlines of the morning the four democratic congresswomen targeted by president trump are fighting back this morning. the squad collectively called
7:31 am
out the president yesterday after his incendiary tweet that argued that the liberal lawmakers should quote, go back to their home countries. all but one of them was born in the u.s. >> he does not know how to defend his policies, so what he does is attack us personally >> i urge house leadership, many of my colleagues to take action to impeach this lawless president today. >> it doesn't concern me because many people agree with me, and all i'm saying, they want to leave, they can leave. >> the president expressed no regret over the tweet. in the meantime, house democrats overnight drafted a resolution condemning his comments, writing quote, president donald trump's racist comments have legitimized fear and hatred of new americans and people of color. white house senior adviser kellyanne conway defied a subpoena and failed to appear at a congressional hearing yesterday. the committee wants to hear from conway on allegations that she violated the hatch act
7:32 am
the top white house lawyer directed conway not to appear at the hearing arguing that white house officials were immune from being required to testified before congress. the committee is threatening now to hold conway in contempt of congress if she does not honor the subpoena before july 25th. and now to a rare glimpse of mother nature, and it left onlookers in awe here's what they saw a mega pod of dolphins swimming and leaping along side of boats. it happened off the kes coast of laguna beach, california there were hundreds of them. the man that captured the video said those dolphins stayed with the boat for about 25 minutes. >> could watch that on a loop all morning. now to this remarkable story of survival, the missing california camper we told you about yesterday, she's been found alive. this morning the 60-year-old is sharing dramatic new details on what she said led to her day's long disappearance we're going to talk to her live in just a moment first nbc national correspondent miguel almaguer with the latest
7:33 am
on all of it good morning. >> good morning, sheryl powell had walked into the woods to go to the bathroom when she says she was suddenly confronted and chased by a man with a knife who was waiting for her in the trees. she was missing for four days, and her family was just beginning to lose hope, then came the unbelievable news she was found alive. >> this morning, sheryl powell is back with her family, bruised and battered but in good spirits after a harrowing story of survival. >> it was really just a matter of me wanting to check out a gorgeous new area while my husband was turning the car around, and right away we ran into trouble. >> reporter: while she was getting ready to camp with her husband in central california's le mote white mountains on friday, she learned the couple was not alone. >> my dad was driving the car around, she went to go pea in the woods over there, and a man came out from behind some trees and he had a knife on him. >> the first thing that's going to happen here is i'm going to use this knife on your dog, and
7:34 am
then if you don't let me have your way -- my way with you, i'll use it on you. >> reporter: sheryl says she ran into the woods with her small dog moving deeper into the forest because she feared she was being chased when she finally lost the man with the knife, she also lost her way back to the camp site. for three cold nights and four hot summer days, sheryl and her dog were alone on the run moving only at night and hiding from sight during the day. >> at night when i chose to hike, i thought okay, well, the rattlesnakes probably aren't out. it's chilly, it's, you know, so i -- i took the risk. >> reporter: drinking from a creek and eating fruit from a cact cactus, she managed to stay alive. nearby, helicopters scoured the mountains while rescue teams combed the forest. on day four of the massive search, finally a break, the family dog was found two and a half miles from the camp site where sheryl went missing, not long after and not far away this search team found the
7:35 am
60-year-old. >> that was harrowing, luckily i'm here. >> reporter: defying the odds, this mother and wife is this morning back where she belongs >> i got back my wife. >> reporter: her incredible story of survival being called a miracle in the mountains now as for that man with the knife, police say they are still looking for him. they have a limited description, but are using what information they have to scour the area. sheryl still didn't know exactly how far she was chased by him, but investigators say she did the right thing by running away. guys, back to you. >> all right, miguel, that you think, and sheryl powell is with us now along with her husband joe, her children, greg and farrah, good morning to all of you. >> good morning. >> i know it's early there, we so appreciate you waking up with us how are you doing this morning that's the first question, sheryl. >> i'm doing okay. i'm just happy to be back with my family. i'm happy to be here to tell my story.
7:36 am
>> yeah. i mean -- >> didn't know if i'd make it but. >> well, here you are, and it is an incredible story. can you tell us what happened? >> yeah, i was just going to go off for a few minutes with my dog while my husband was turning around the car to park it in the right position and we were going to get all set up for our camping and i wanted to see what was around us. i love to hike, and i was just trying to check out the wilderness and see what was in front of me and what options we had, where we'd head out, and turned into a little bit more than a quick lick check out of the area didn't know it would last four days, but i'm back >> so sheryl, there you are lost in the woods -- >> it was cold. >> cold as you say with your dog miley who's there with you glad to see miley doing well, and you hear helicopters buzzing overhead this is a scene we've heard before in these moments.
7:37 am
what is the agony of hearing the search team and not being able to do anything about it? >> yeah, so i was about a canyon over i wasn't in the area they were searching at first, and that was disheartening. i had to realize that perhaps they'll still keep coming around i didn't know for sure, but i -- i lost sight of the helicopters, and i lost the noise, the sound of the helicopters when i went down to get water for my dog there was a green belt down below in the canyon in the bottom, and i thought there must be water it was some kind of little spring or something that was there. it -- she started lapping up the water. i started to drink it myself it was actually good tasting water, probably the sierra nevadas are just right by there. it was luckily not only good, but i think it was okay, but either way i made the decision i had to get water, and i had to drink. >> so we want to talk to your family -- sorry to interrupt, we
7:38 am
want to talk to your family about their relief and how happy they are that you're home. i want to go back to the story you say you were stopping -- you were out in the woods and a man approached you with a knife. did you get a good look at him >> yes. >> have you been able to give a description to police? what happened there? >> so much for the minor details of he came out he was a big guy, burly, bald headed, tan skin, just really surprised me and scared me i thought my dog was going to be hacked up by him i was told that do what he wants and he'll keep us -- you know, he'll refrain from using the knife on us, and it scared me enough to act pretty docile and let him think that i was going to go along with him and got a chance to take off with my dog
7:39 am
and ran, and he was pursuing me. but i was only concerned about that for the first day i never saw him again after the first day, and i -- i just had to concentrate on how to get through this, how to get what i needed how to get water, how to get back to my family. i just wasn't sure where my husband exactly was. so when i was lost, yeah i can't imagine as a husband -- >> i'm sorry to interrupt you there. joe, i can't imagine what was going through your mind for four days as your wife is missing in the woods. what were you thinking what a what were you doing during this time >> progressively every day i was starting to lose hope. i became a man who was a half a man. i couldn't imagine a life without her. i was so unhappy and so depressed. i had to keep my act together. i needed to do everything i could to help her. yesterday i was the saddest man
7:40 am
on the planet, and today i'm the happiest man on the planet it's a miracle i got my wife back i didn't think it was going to happen i started giving up hope on the fourth day that's why we were leaving the mountain at that point. >> it's an incredible story. thank you so much for waking up early to all of you, i know you must be so happy to have her back home with you and i hope you get some rest today, too, because i know it's real early out there. we appreciate you getting up early. >> sure. great to see you safe, sheryl. thank you very much. let's turn now and get another check of the weather from al. he's down at kennedy space center on a very big day there al. >> that's right, 50th anniversary of the moon launch in less than two hours 50 years ago, but we're talking about barry right now, the remnants of barry still causing major problems, and in fact, right now we've got flash flood watches, flash flood warnings, and in fact, that area in red, we've got a flash flood emergency
7:41 am
going on where we're seeing rainfall, already eight inches of rain in the last few hours and could be another four to five inches before it's all over this all pushes to the east today soaking the midwest, gusty winds, we can't rule out a tornado or two, and then as we move into tomorrow, the system continues to move through the ohio river valley. cold front will enter the northeast bringing showers as well, especially along i-95 on thursday top ten wettest year on record for all these areas in blue, all those little dots in blue, they've had their top ten good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. lots of sunshine for the inland areas. while the coast stays foggy. as we go throughout the day there will be some clearing for some of our coastal areas including san francisco, while oakland today heads up to 72 degrees. we'll see some low 90s in the east bay valleys. antioch and concord reaching 90 degrees. san jose will see a high of 83 degrees for our afternoon high. we will be cooling just slightly heading toward the end of the
7:42 am
week and this weekend, sunny with highs in the mid 80s. >> reporter: guys, this is 39b, to be clear. an active site, >> guys, this is 39b to be clear. this is 39b, an active site, a launch site, in fact, 2024 they're launching another mission to the moon with a man and a woman on board over there is 39a, amongst the bugs 39a where 50 years ago apollo11s took off on top of that beautiful saturn 5 rocket. we'll have more coming up from here a little bit later. >> we are geeking out right with you. this is such a great day speaking of apollo 11, just ahead, harry smith has the incredible story behind the space suit that neil armstrong was stepping into five decades ago. and an author we know and love, christina geist is here,
7:43 am
yeah, she's willie's wife, she's a mom, she's got a new children's book and it's going to really help your reluctant students get excited to go back to school. chip and joanna gaines share a big announcement about their baby boy. the truth behind that facebook group that's encouraging people to storm area 51 and why the government is taking this pretty seriously right after this sir, you're a broker. what do you charge for online equity trades? uh, i'll look into it. (phone rings) lisa jones! lisa: (on phone) hey carl, what are you charging me for online equity trades? (nervous chuckle) lisa: and do i get my fees back if i'm not happy? like a satisfaction guarantee?
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7:47 am
music, it's carson's theme music, actually. all the intrigue we've got in-depth today this morning. >> here's an intriguing question, do you believe in aliens and ufos? a lot of people do, and there's a new viral campaign that seems to be capitalizing on that nbc's joe fryer has details for us joe, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, guys, it is one of the biggest mystery ofs our universe, is there life beyond earth at the center of it the military facility known as area 51, which has long been the subject of alien conspiracy theories. now a new facebook event talks about organizing a large mob to raid the base. by all accounts it's a joke, but officials worry some followers don't get it deep in the nevada desert, the mysterious place known as area 51 remains a subject of intrigue for those wondering are we alone. its legend immortalized in movies like independence day. >> take my word for it, there's no area 51.
7:48 am
>> that's not entirely accurate. >> reporter: now the top secret military base is the subject of an eye opening event on facebook titled storm area 51 they can't stop all of us. organizers say we will all meet up at the area 51 alien center tourist attraction and coordinate our entry, adding let's see them aliens. more than a million people from around the world have signed up, including brian smith who has no plans to actually go >> i basically see this post as being -- if you look at the group that shared the event, you obviously can't take something like that seriously. >> the tongue in cheek invite says if we naruto run we can move faster that be their bullets, a reference to the running style of a fictional ninja. the facebook page is filled with satirical memes about area 51, but the government isn't laughing an air force spokesperson says it's aware of the facebook post and that any attempt to illegally access military installations or military training areas is dangerous.
7:49 am
parked in the mojave desert, area 51 may seem like an unlikely tourist attraction, but it's surrounded by alien themed businesses it wasn't until 2013, the cia confirmed the existence of area 51 saying it's simply an aircraft testing facility. radar and missile expert thornton barnes once worked there and said their projects were so secret he couldn't even tell his wife. >> my wife was mad at me when she found out i was working only 85 miles from home she had no idea where we were and thought it was in some other country. >> reporter: our fascination with the possibility of life beyond earth permeates pop culture from the scary to the sweet. but in real life, the search is on just this year nasa established the center for life detection science which is focussed on finding life beyond earth. that life, if it exists, might not be what you think. >> we're not so interested in little green men as little green microb microbes.
7:50 am
>> a herculean hunt happening far outside the boundaries of area 51. >> so joe, if anyone's actually considering this, storming area 51, what awaits them >> yeah, well, at a minimum, signs say those trespassing or taking unauthorized photos can be fined or jailed there are even signs that warn it's a restricted area it's unlawful to enter the area without permission, and that use of deadly force is authorized. in short, don't go. >> don't even try it. >> don't go. joe, thanks so much. >> do you guys believe in life outside of earth >> there's life out there for sure. >> why risk it, though, even if there's nothing at area 51, why would you risk -- leave it alone. >> exactly coming up on this 50th anniversary of apollo 11's launch, harry introduces us to the women who hand stitched neil armstrong's space suit and he'll show us what's been done to preserve it, but first these messages
7:51 am
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good tuesday morning. right now at 7:56, we're seeing clouds and drizzle in san francisco right now. this will gradually clear, and we'll see more of this, sunshine, as we're seeing right now in san jose. as we check out our high temperatures for today, a wide range from the coast to the inland valleys once again. those half moon bay reaching 62, we'll see a high of 82 in palo alto and 83 in san jose. livermore up to 86 degrees and 90 in concord, and some upper 80s for much of the north bay. headed through the forecast for the rest of the week, only some slight cooling by the end of the week, with some breezy winds, some low 80s for the inland areas, and we'll go pack to the mid 80s. in the seven days we stay in the cool pattern with lots of
7:57 am
sunshine. let's get an update on the commute from mike. cloud and drizzle there on the lens. a disabled vehicle approaching the toll plaza so stay over just a bit here left if you can, as you are traveling across toward san rafael. now things look great on the east bay and approach. looking at san francisco, northbound 280 jamming up toward the 101, where a crash southbound may have tied things up extra there. a slower drive continues across the san mateo and dumbarton bridges and in the south bay, everybody's pushing up into a sunnyvale and santa clara. happening now, within the last hour, word from the justice department federal prosecutors will not charge the new york police officer in the "i can't breathe "case five years ago when an officer applied a choke hold to eric garner, who was busted for selling cigarettes. on our twitter feed there's full details. ntsb investigators due to arrive at the site of yesterday's helicopter crash. a flight instructor died and student suffered critical
7:58 am
injuries. on a home page a full link to the story. another local news update coming in half an hour. of savings and service. whoa. travis in it made it.
7:59 am
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it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, not backing down. the four it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, not backing down, the four freshman congresswomen targeted by president trump fight back. >> he does not know how to defend his policies, so what he does is attack us personally. >> but this morning the president's standing by his tweets. >> these are people that in my opinion hate our country. >> how are republicans and dm democrats responding to this bitter back and forth? we're live with the latest. >> plus, space suit reboot, 50 years after the launch of apollo
8:01 am
11, we'll meet the women behind the space suit that helped put neil armstrong on the moon. >> were you nervous as he was walking around up there? >> no, not really because i just had all the confidence that everything's going to be all right. >> just ahead, harry smith gives those women a first look at their newly refurbished creation that took one giant leap. and gaining ground, the youngest member of the gaines family steps into a major milestone. how the whole crew celebrated his first birthday and the adorable photo that has people talking today, tuesday, july 16th, 2019 ♪ >> shoutout to my mom in happy valley, oregon. >> hello, aurora, colorado. >> from virginia! ♪ >> good morning, west palm beach! >> hey to emily and dad. >> in philly, p.a. >> we've been married 15 years today!
8:02 am
>> celebrating kendall's graduation! >> good morning, everybody, welcome back to "today." look at that sweet face, just one of the many sweet faces out on our plaza this morning on a tuesday morning. temperatures going up around the country. it's going to be hot today. >> it's getting hot around here. i love those shout outs from people out on the plaza, folks at home as well, you can join in on that fun, too. just post your video wi with #mytodayplaza on twitter or instagram for a chance to see yourself in our open. >> we love to do that. lets get right to the news at 8:00. the president digging in for a fight, and so are the four women in congress he has targeted with his go back where you came from attacks. nbc's peter alexander is at the white house with the latest on all of this. peter, good morning. >> reporter: hey, savannah, president trump has a long history of stoking racial divisions, and again this time he is not backing down. within the last hour defending his tweets arguing that they are not racist and he is not a racist either. it's an effort to exploit the divide among the democrats.
8:03 am
this morning those democrats are united in their outrage. the self-styled squad collectively calling out president trump. >> he does not know how to defend his policies, so what he does is attack us personally. >> reporter: it comes after the president escalated his attack on the four freshman democrats. >> these are people that in my opinion hate our country. >> reporter: expressing no regret for his incendiary weekend tweet using racist trope, arguing the liberal lawmakers should go back to their home countries, though all but one was born in the u.s. house democrats drafting a resolution condemning the president's words writing president donald trump's racist comments have legit miimized fe and hatred of new americans and people of color. pressed whether he's concerned people will view his comments as racist and white nationalists will embrace his words. >> it doesn't concern me because many people agree with me. >> the four progressive
8:04 am
democrats accusing the president of inflaming racial resentment. >> this is the agenda of white nationalists. >> we are grateful for your solidarity, your encouragement, and your support in the face of the most recent xenophobic, bigoted remarks from the occupant of our white house. >> i urge house leadership, many of my colleagues to take action to impeach this lawless president today. >> reporter: the lawmakers arguing the president's remarks were designed to distract from his controversial policies, including the separation of migrant families. former vice president joe biden on "morning joe" denouncing the president's comments. >> presidents they're the face of america, like it or not, you're the face of america, and the idea that donald trump says and does the things he does is just absolutely despicable. >> reporter: some republicans have denounced the president's words, but most of them have really steered clear of calling his comments racist, and
8:05 am
republican leaders who come to the white house this afternoon to meet with the president, they have remained silent. also today the house is expected to vote on that resolution condemning the president for his comments. in his new tweets this morning, the president argues the house should be voting to rebuke the congresswomen for some of their past words. savannah. >> all right, peter, thank you. president tr president trump has put up a new obstacle for central american migrants who seek political asylum in the united states a rule announced yesterday will deny asylum to migrants who did not apply for protection in other countries they pass through before reaching the southern border. that means for instance a migrant from guatemala would be ineligible unless he or she had asked for and been denied asylum in mexico. civil liberties groups vowed to challenge the rule in court. the white supremacist who rammed his car into counter protesters at a unite the right rally in charlottesville, virginia has received a second life sentence. the judge gave james fields life
8:06 am
plus 419 years yesterday for his conviction on murder and other state charges. he received his first sentence last month after pleading guilty to federal hate crime charges and avoided the death penalty. fields killed civil rights activist heather heyer and injured more than 30 others when he deliberately mowed them down two years ago. an overseas cargo port has reopened now after a dramatic accident caught on camera. a ship ironically named soul of luck broke away from its moorings, it drifted from a peer and knocked over a giant crane officials in indonesia still trying to figure out what exactly went wrong here. amazingly only one dock worker was injured. it's 8:06, time for little morning boost. jennifer miller was filled with pride when she was invited to throw out the first pitch at a ball game in york, pennsylvania. the local team was honoring her son, corporal shane miller who was serving with the u.s. marine corps in okinawa jennifer hadn't seen him in two years, so she got a huge surprise when the catcher took
8:07 am
off his mask and walked out to the mound. >> welcome home corporal shane miller >> and you can see corporal miller lifted his mom right off the ground he joined the marines right out of the high school jennifer says there are no words to explain how proud he has made her. >> can't see enough of those always love those. just ahead, now that j.lo has answered the dance or donate challenge, it's time apparently for savannah to do the same. >> we shall see. first, harry smith gets the incredible story behind the space suit worn by the first man on the moon from the women who made it. >> one thing i remember thinking, if anything goes wrong in that suit, it better not be the gloves or they'll come after me. >> plus, harry's going to give them and us a first look at their newly preserved creation right after this
8:08 am
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8:13 am
it's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankin one giant leap for mankind >> we are back with our series one giant leap, at this exact moment 50 years ago, the crew of apollo 11 was preparing to launch the historic mission to the moon. >> you still get chilled when you think about it neil armstrong of course would eventually take that first step on the lunar surface wearing a special space suit handmade to protect him. decades later it was the suit itself that needed some extra protection harry smith joins us. >> these have been such cool story, right if you go to our website and go to one giant leap, they're all there zb there. >> i love that. >> this one is one of the best ones yet imagine if you will, all this technology that has to come to bear, but so much of it has to actually be done with a needle and thread
8:14 am
take a look. >> reporter: apollo 11 had it all, the biggest rocket, fearless astronauts, and a goal that humans had dreamt of for a millennia, but what to wear to such a big event don't laugh, these are real proposed space suits designed by grummond and republic, not the right fit for the guys are the right stuff. this design, though succeeded in ways that never occurred to us >> that image of that black and white high contrast video of neil armstrong stepping down on the surface of the moon, people don't remember neil armstrong making the step. they remember the suit making the step. >> kathleen lewis is the curator of space suits for the smithsonian and she says the the space suit is really a spacecraft. >> everything that a spacecraft is required to do except move in orbit, a space suit does
8:15 am
that's how you can operate, do meaningful work and labor on another world. >> reporter: a world devoid of air, a world under a constant barrage of radiation requiring a suit jam packed with science and tailor made. >> this achievement and innovation in technology and then the end of the day, it still has to be sewn together by hand. >> by incredibly scrupulous hand. >> reporter: cut and sewn and stitched together by women at delaware's ilc dover among them lillie elliot, joe thompson and rouuth ratledge. >> it had to be perfect. >> there you go. >> it had to be on time. we were very thrilled, very thrilled that we were helping a man go to the moon. >> it was -- it was phenomenal >> reporter: an astounding 21 layers of materials stitched together with no room for error, a split seam, a forgotten pin
8:16 am
could mean disaster. >> so many pins were allowed every day, and you weren't allowed to bring any from home. >> couldn't use whitehead pins. >> right, because it would blend in with the fabric and you wouldn't be able to tell if you got one in there or not. >> reporter: their attention to detail put to the test on the harsh lunar surface. >> were you nervous though as he was walking around up there? >> no, not really because i just had all the confidence that everything was going to be all right. >> i remember thinking if anything goes wrong on that suit, it better not be the gloves or they'll come after me. >> reporter: neil armstrong's space suit did its job all right, but over the decades curators began to notice it was beginning to show its age. >> it was not made to last for very long, and we knew that that was due to the rubbleers. >> it deteriorates.
8:17 am
>> it would cost a small fortune to fix up, so the folks at smithsonian turned to kick starter. >> you wanted to raise a half a million dollars. >> how long did it take to get there? >> i think it was under a week it went so quickly we were shell shocked. >> the money has been well spent. ♪ >> reporter: with the conservation process complete, we figured maybe the women who put it together 50 years ago should get an early glimpse. >> hi, mr. armstrong we're here 50 years later. >> he looks old, brand new. >> reporter: these women of delaware sewed their way into history. >> hang on a second, ladies, when you look at this, this is your handiwork. >> right right. >> aren't we good? >> more than good. >> do you need a suit made for yourself >> what a reunion. >> pretty cool, right?
8:18 am
>> wow >> yeah, yeah. okay, now are you ready for kind of a reveal here >> yes >> something special for you so you know the real suit goes on display today at the air and space museum, the big one out by dulles airport, we got neil armstrong's suit here in studio 1a as well in 3d. >> wow >> don't mess around. >> how do they preserve that >> they clean it as meticulously as possible. there's no preservative you can put on it. when you go to the smithsonian today, it will be in this basically hermetically temperature controlled thing that will preserve it for as long as possible so when this conservation process, they took 3d scans of armstrong's suit, they posted it on their website this morning, and they gave us the raw file so we could recreate it for you right here that's kind of cool looking. you look in, you see armstrong's name you see how dirty it is. you can see it's really kind of nasty. there's dirt down there.
8:19 am
this is all from the -- >> is that moon dirt >> lunar dust? >> it is, it is, those are very good questions. >> wow. >> and the stuff, this moon dust, it's not like dirt on earth. >> right. >> it's unbelievably fine particles. it's almost like ground up glass. it's insidious stuff. >> it looks like you could brush it off or something. >> you can't >> you thought a tide stick. they come back from the moon, they said what should we do with this somebody said take it to the cleaners they did not. >> thank goodness. >> wow. >> this is very aggressive stuff. that's kind of cool right? >> it looks great. we love it they said if you try to brush it, the little lunar specks could get in the teflon. it's sturdy stuff. >> okay, so the smithsonian at the mall, sorry, i made a mistake. you can go see it today in its brand new case. >> in washington, d.c. >> on the mall, not the big one out by dulles. >> that is so cool >> how neat to bring all the
8:20 am
women back together to be reunited with the suit 50 years later. >> i love it thank you so much. on our website we've got all of these pieces we're just getting started we're going to be honoring this anniversary all week long. >> very cool, harry. thank you very much. speaking of, al's celebrating the apollo mission as well at the kennedy space center where are you now? >> right now we are on launch pad 39b, an akctive launch pad they're doing work right now right across there, there's 39a. that's where neil armstrong, buzz aldrin and michael collins got suited up and into that rocket and speaking of that rocket, that saturn 5 rocket it was the most powerful ever built to give you an idea of this thing, taller than the statue of liberty, and it weighed over 2.5 million pounds to give you a sense of the size, we got a camera way over there and this is how big that rocket is
8:21 am
i mean, it is huge, and the 5f1 rockets on that thing produced 7.5 million pounds of thrust if this were your car it would have 160 million horsepower. that's a heck of a ride. all right, let's show you what we've got going on right now as far as your weather, strong storms in the mid plains, in the mid-mississippi river valley due i'm meteorologist kari hall. low clouds and misting in san francisco. we'll see this clearing up later on this morning. all clear in the south bay and we're going to continue to see sunshine here. temperatures heading back into the low 80s for afternoon highs and downtown san jose. while livermore tops out at 86 degrees. we'll see low 90s in the east bay valley. san francisco in the low 60s today. we're going to see some mid 80s continuing in the forecast throughout the weekend.
8:22 am
>> reporter: guys, i put this on because we're going from here to up there, the mobile >> okay, guys, i put this on because we're going from here to up there, the mobile launch pad. that's 400 feet up, and we're going up there here we go we'll see you in a little bit. >> oh, my gosh. >> we are officially jealous. >> we are jealous. we are all in, how cool is that, al, to be there? >> that is so cool. >> yeah, baby. >> we'll see you in just a second get up there. jenna's here now and carson, how about a little pop start. >> can't follow mobile launch pad, 3d holograms with harry smith. that's the show's budget for the year pop start, we've got nothing compared to that i'll do my best. first up the dance or donate challenge is certainly now gaining steam as jennifer lopez has joined the craze sorry. >> i heard from a little birdie that hoda challenged me to the dance or donate challenge for cancer
8:23 am
i accept your challenge. i will dance and donate. and i am challenging derek hough and ne-yo. you're officially challenged, ♪ everybody ♪ club getting tipsy oh, and arod ♪ >> how does anybody follow that? >> no. i was going to do that dance but. >> this could be good, people will just donate now. >> j.lo filming this at madison square garden here in new york that was a performance they had to reschedule after saturday's blackout forced her to cancel that night's show. she isn't the only one answering hoda's call. savannah. >> that's right. >> you also joined the challenge. >> and you brought in your own star power to perhaps outshine j.lo >> i don't think so. but we tried >> let's take a look >> okay, we challenge lester holt, chuck todd, and stephanie ruhle and this is our song okay, play it..
8:24 am
>> alexa, play jump around. >> oh. ♪ >> i like it >> that's all we had >> switch. >> that's good >> that was a good move. >> she's flossing. >> look at that. >> she's flossing. we've got house of pain, you're in it. you put the spotlight on your kid, you've deferred a little bit. >> i can't beat j.lo's dancing, but you know what, she's the best. >> vail comes close i have to say. >> so lester, chuck todd, stephanie ruhle have to step up to the plate >> they have to step up. i want to see chuck dance. the 11th season of jerry seinfeld's comedians and cars getting coffee is nearly here. we have a sneak peek, get to see one of this season's great guests, ricky gervais debating with seinfeld over laughing at bad jokes.
8:25 am
>> if someone doesn't like a joke, i laugh too much. >> you're a sweet guy. >> i don't want to make them feel bad. >> i want to do just the opposite, i want them to feel horrible. >> wow. >> but doesn't it bother you that they think they're funny enough to make a joke to make you laugh? >> but why shouldn't they? >> because you've spent your entire life in this craft and -- >> you're treating it like an insult but it's a compliment that they would love you to laugh at them because they like you so much. >> because it would make them think they're on the same level and they're not. >> it's not like someone going up to a doctor and saying can i take your appendix out >> yes it is. >> we're not that important. >> aren't we >> i'd see a show with just those two guys also has great guests featuring, eddie murphy, seth rogen, jamie foxx and much more it begins streaming on netflix this friday. chip and joanna gaines have shared a big update on baby crew, the couple's fifth child born last june turned 1. if that wasn't enough of a milestone, he tackled another
8:26 am
important life skill, and that's walking. chip sharing this image of baby crew taking his first steps on the couple's property in waco, texas, chip giving this photo the caption it was a good day. more on that on "the "today" show" in a bit. first our local news update. police investigating a late night shooting outside a san jose home a little before midnight near cottage grove avenue west of south 1st street. within the last two hours police gave us an update and say the male victim who can be seen in the video on a gurnee will survive his injuries. they're not giving details about the victim's age or identity or what they believe may have led up to the shooting. people who live nearby call it a quiet neighborhood. so far police say they have not identified a suspect. turning to the morning commute let's check in with mike to see how it looks. >> looking great. the san matteo bridge holding
8:27 am
steady. good volume of traffic with the congestion over and starting to ease up, the delmar bridge still seeing the end of the commute over there so holding steady from newark and fremont. your standard commute, a couple crashes over northbound 101 near the airport on the shoulder. disabled vehicles also clearing. that adds a little slowing as crews clear but so far no real big problems there. the bay bridge toll plaza the fast track lanes and the lanes off to the right backed up but the left lanes eased up and very clear right now. not so clear as far as the view. back to you. >> thank you very much. another local news update in half an hour.
8:28 am
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we are back. it is 8:30 on a tuesday morning. it's the 16th of july, . and we are back. it's 8:30 on a tuesday morning, it's the 16th of july, 2019, and this is exactly what we like to see, big happy crowd out on our plaza. lots of smiling faces.
8:31 am
super cute, i mean, we've got a great crowd. feels like a good summer gang out here. >> we've got a good crowd. let's take a walk over here. there's a face that's familiar to our crowd riley you were here on the plaza on the show, but you weren't here physically. you were here -- >> face time. >> why were you on facetime? >> my mom was here and it was really cold so they invited them into the stud joe aio and i got facetime here. we thought it would be fun for you to return the favor. >> that would be awesome. >> let's do that do you have the phone, dad >> right here. >> she's already on, wow, look at that. >> hi. >> hi mom, how are you >> hey, carson, how are you? >> look who's here >> hi! >> anything you want to say? >> hi, oh, my gosh i miss you. >> i miss you too. >> you see it right there, everybody?
8:32 am
>> she just said to me she'd like to borrow 20 bucks if you could make that happen >> dad's there, he's got the cash. >> oh, dad's here with the cash. we missed you here, but come back and visit us soon. >> yes, i will, thank you. >> okay. thank you. there you go nice to see you again. high five, enjoy new york. appreciate it. >> all right, guys. >> that's awesome, carson. coming up, if you've got a young one, a kid heading off to a new class, a new school, maybe camp for the first time, author christina geist, you may recognize that name. >> yes, i know the name. >> she's here. she's got a new book that can help erase the problems of that transition, make it easy she's already read it to my kids, and they love it. >> and excellent product placement there by my wife. also how one organization is inspiring the next generation of computer scientists and inven r invento inventors. coming up on the third hour of "today," one of jfk jr.'s closest friends shares her memories of the man she knew. and on the fourth hour, a surprise guest co-host, plus how to pull off summer's hottest trends at any age. >> is it one of us
8:33 am
that'd be a big surprise. >> it's not. it's a real surprise. >> oh, i thought you were going to say it's a real co-host. >> let's go right back down to kennedy space center for al's check of the forecast. >> announcer: today's weather is brought to you by panera bread, food as it should be order online today guys, we are on top of the mobile launch platform, 400 feet up it's so high up, they actually have to put faa approved lights because it's within flight paths. here you see in the distance, that is the vehicle assembly building, rocket would be put together and then on this mobile crawler that would carry it, carry all 2.5 million pounds of that thing it would either -- if it kept going straight, it would go to launch pad 39a, and that is where in less than an hour, 50 years ago the apollo 11 mission launched for the moon. it is just so awe-inspiring to be up here right now
8:34 am
this, i'm told that this is the view the astronauts see just before they take off that's pretty incredible in fact, let's do a forecast for the moon just in case we're thinking about taking off the lunar outlook, our forecast for there, it's a little toasty during the day that's right, the sea of tranquillity, a balmy 224 degrees, but don't worry, at good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. a live look outside in san jose with, hopefully, sunny skies and a little hazy, too. our temperatures will top out at 83 degrees in the south bay with some low 90s in the tri valley and extending over toward concord. we're also going to see for san francisco staying cool in the 60s today. meantime the inland valleys will have some slight cooling by the end of the week. overall, no major changes in our seven-day forecast with san francisco in the 60s.
8:35 am
>> reporter: you know, this took off at 9:32 a.m. eastern time. on the third hour of >> so as you know, this took off at 9:32 a.m. eastern time. coming up on the third hour of "today," we're going to relive that launch we're going to run it realtime it's really exciting by the way, if you want to take part, even if you're not here, you can take part in the 50th anniversary coast to coast from california to washington, d.c., just go to, and you can find out where in your community they're celebrating the 50th anniversary of the moon launch of apollo 11 guys, back to you. >> this is so cool >> so cool. >> al, thank you so much we'll check back in a minute. up next, willie's better half, yes, christina geist,
8:36 am
8:37 am
welcome back. school may be out for the summer, but it is never too early to start thinking about the first day back.
8:38 am
out for the summer, but it's never too early to start thinking about that first day back, and for some of our little ones this time can be a bit scary. author christina giese is conquering that fear in her second picture book. it's called "sorry, grown-ups you can't go to school". >> good morning. >> thank you. >> and you are also willie's wife which is why willie gets to sit next to you. >> i'm crashing the party this morning. thank you for having me. >> he's going to play the role of being husband to you. i loved your first book, and this is the second in a series, and it's so cute it's all about kids who are kind of nervous about starting the first day of school or starting the first day of camp. where'd you get the idea >> i mean, if you can imagine as a grown-up if someone told you that every year you were going to start a new job with a new boss in a new office with totally new responsibilities you'd be overwhelmed, too, so it can be a little bit daunting, and the idea was actually born not at back to school but at a
8:39 am
summer camp moment when our daughter was 3, she was going to a toddler summer camp, and you know, that might have been aggressive by me for a 3-year-old, but we were out at the beach with my in-laws with willie's parents and about a week before camp i started walking around the house and yelling out i'm so sorry, grandparents can't go to camp. dogs are not allowed at camp babies cannot go to camp, and it evolved to this chant that only lucy can go to camp. only lucy can go to camp and that sort of -- that philosophy of rejecting everybody else transcended for me into these different moments of parenting including back to school. >> it's really cute. it kind of takes the fear out and empowers the kids. >> and christina has these crazy parents instincts that i still haven't fully understood how she always knows the right thing to do and she flipped it our kid lucy was nervous about it and all of a sudden they were holding the cards and they were barking at people, no, you can't come to school it made them excited to go where they're going. >> you also seized on something that i hadn't thought about
8:40 am
until i talked to you about it, which is so many books and children's books when they set up a scenario, it's kind of fear-based there's like three s's that are always involved. >> all of the school books in our library, particularly the preschool level, were featuring the three s's, someone's sad, they're shy, or they're scared, and those books have been written. they've been written beautifully many of them, but they leave me weeping at the door of the preschool classroom, so i needed something different in my library, and i wrote it. >> well, i have to say the reviews are in they're from my child, vail, and my son charlie you were so cute we had some friends, we were all upstate a few weekends ago you brought the book and read it to the kids. christina was like the pied piper. the kids were riveted. what's really cute about it is it you kind of call out, i would say to christina, can i go to school and she'd say are you a kid or a teacher only kids and teachers are allowed. >> only kids and teachers, and so we kind of repeat throughout
8:41 am
the book, sorry grown-ups you can't go to school for those of you at home you have to read it with gusto, you have to promise me you're going to read it with gusto, and you really have to get them going on this chant sorry grown-ups you can't go to school only kids and teachers, only kids and teachers. >> it's really, really a cute read and obviously like the second in a series, but we're seeing the characters kind of develop because we had the first book, which was all about bedtime ritual, which is another thing. i get all my best parenting advice from christina basically. >> by the way, so do i. >> i get it from my mom who's here in the studio buddy's bedtime battery features the same brother and sister, lady and buddy you got to know lady a little tiny bit this that story, and now she's a more central character in this one. >> your daughter lucy, who obviously she's -- is she 12 now? >> she's 12. she just turned 12. >> i can't believe she's 12, be u a couple of years ago she did a little to-do list for her first day of school. it's so cute i think willie posted it she sort of had in her mind what
8:42 am
she wanted to do on her first day of school, and you had some advice for kids who are headed off to school. >> i think, look, i'm not a parenting expert we just happen to be parents and we've been through this. our kids are 10 and 12 now for me one of the tricks with back to school was not to have the first day of school as the only thing on the calendar to make little things feel big, so make backpack shopping day into some kind of a holiday that's on your calendar, or at the end of the first week of school have a yes day. a yes day for us is where you can go to the grocery store and fill the cart with all the snacks you want for your lunchbox, and these things that are little details in a day but can feel really big and special to a little person >> it's great advice, and also clear out the schedule, right? i mean -- >> yes, yes. so i mean with all due respect to savannah and willie and all of you working hard at the "today" show, you're at work when the rest of us are in the trenches dropping off, and particularly with the preschool transition, just clear your calendar rour n you're not going to work out you might go in your workout
8:43 am
clothes, you're not going to get there. sit, lean in, make friends with the other parents, do what the teachers want you to do to make that transition. sometimes it takes a couple of weeks. it certainly took a couple of weeks for me more than once to just be there and clear that schedule. >> the book is super cute. it's a great way to kind of introduce the topic right now as we start looking toward back to school, whether you're going to kindergarten or whether you're going to later grades, it's a cute read. >> this is the story of my marriage, i sit in awe and watch christina. that's my role here. >> i know. christina, thank you so much the book is called "sorry, grown-ups you can't go to school." we've got other tips to calm those back to school jitters on, check it out. just ahead, a special just ahead, a special surprise
8:44 am
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kids at coding camp is cr >> announcer: kids at coding camp is created by "today" with
8:46 am
our sponsor amazon celebrate prime day and take advantage of the best shopping, savings, and entertainment by visiting we're back with a story about one organization inspiring the next generation of inventors. sheinelle jones is here with that story. >> this is a good story. for five years coding with kids has taught students as young as just 5 and 6 the basics of computer science using fun games and activities we decided to visit some of those kids to find out what makes this program so special. what they didn't know is that in honor of prime day, our sponsor amazon had a surprise in store >> i don't even understand coding what is it >> so coding is what you put into the computer is what the computer will do. >> you kind of sound like a genius. >> thanks. >> these elementary school kids are spending most of their summer playing video games, but it's not what you think. >> so you're literally creating the game that you're playing
8:47 am
>> yeah. >> each of them, some as young as 5 years old are designing and programming the games all on their own. >> do you think other kids should learn to code >> yeah. >> why >> well, because it's fun and it's a good activity to do >> reporter: it's all a part of coding with kids, an education program that hopes to inspire a new generation of computer scientists, engineers, and inventors. for the last five years they've taught computer science skills to more than 30,000 students across the country >> we know we are in the digital age and we're moving forward with all these careers that have to do with technology, and i think what it will do is just really help them get that foundation >> reporter: according to the bureau of labor statistics, computing jobs are one of the fastest growing in the economy, and by the year 2020, there will be an estimated 1.4 million in the united states. >> and then let's hit test. >> reporter: while not every child who learns coding may go on to a computer science career, the foundational skills they
8:48 am
learn are just as important. >> it's not just about coding. they are learning critical thinking, logical thinking, cause and effect, creative problem solving. >> reporter: amazon's future engineer program recently partnered with coding with kids to help reach even more students. >> congratulations mariah. >> reporter: through scholarships the program is brought to underserved schools who may not normally have access to coding education. schools like kaiser elementary where students like pedro arroyo are getting hands on experience at an early age. >> how old are you again >> i am 7. >> you're 7 years old, and you already know how to code >> mm-hmm. >> how important is it for a kid like pedro to have something like this? >> it's super important. it's not offered everywhere. this is something amazing. this is an opportunity that is once in a lifetime, and we get to do it >> reporter: what the kids didn't know is that our sponsor amazon had something even more amazing in store >> how many of you guys really
8:49 am
enjoy coding >> me! >> we have some friends here from amazon, and they think you are super special, and they want you to take home a big surprise today. we love the fact that you love to code. they love the fact that you love to code, and they want to keep that learning going even after the summer camp is over. >> reporter: and then the big reveal >> 3, 2, 1 >> reporter: all 75 students got to take home backpacks filled with school supplies and brand new coding games and toys. >> tell me how special this was for you today. >> overwhelmingly special. i feel so much joy, like their reaction is priceless. i can't even express how i feel right now. >> reporter: but the excitement among this young crowd said it all. >> i can tell you it was just as exciting for the parents who were on the side there one thing we found interesting is all of the different ways these kids can apply their coding skills later in life. it's not just about computer science. there's coding in fashion, design, architecture, so many more careers
8:50 am
one of the kids i talked with, pedro for example, he asked to go back. they let him do it an extra week they didn't realize how much he would love it. >> parents have to almost redefine what's cool for kids, and there's so much about sports and athletics, i would kill for my kids to get into coding as something they could do in the future. >> we decided all of our kids are going to learn to code. >> you know what the kids like there's power in their finger tips, you're not just playing a video game, you' controlling it. re
8:51 am
8:52 am
it's 8:52. we have time for a daly click. >> oh, lucky you guys. it's 8:52, we have time for a daly click. >> lucky you guys. this one's a good one, if you've been to a wedding, you know what's going on right here that was happening, the traditional bouquet toss with
8:53 am
all the ladies there including the wedding party's little flower girl. go ahead and take a look at this >> 3, 2, 1. >> watch the girl in the front. >> bam nailed it. >> oh. >> didn't have to move planning a little wedding coming up there >> look at that. >> i think my 10-year-old son has caught fly balls like that just mid up in the air, he was just as surprised as the ball landed in the mitt. >> nice throw, too >> we've got al down at kennedy space center with some birthdays. >> that's right, you bet you, guys in fact, our senior producer pete breen said i guess with being down here for the apollo 11 moon launch, these will be space jam, get it? first up happy 100th birthday to abe gundersen, proud grandpa, eight grandkids, five great grandkids. space jam, it a's jelly joke
8:54 am
olivia decastro, 102 years old, a former off broadway actress from new york, worked for the united states navy during world war ii happy 100th birthday to edna heathers, a football fan from abala, indiana, no player she loves more than peyton manning, la choy, ran one of the first chinese restaurants in her hometo hometown, roger bufard a world war ii vet at 100, he says the secret to longevity, playing golf we celebrate you for your service, and happy 100 birthday to mark, been married to the love of his life for 40 years. we're less than a little bit more than a half hour away from the 50th anniversary launch of the apollo moon mission. i remember i was working at my high school during the summer and we all watched in the gym,
8:55 am
and the awe and imagine cimajes was one of the things i will never forget up coming up on the third hour, we're going to actually run the broadcast with david brinkley starting at 9:32 a.m. >> that's so cool. >> we cannot wait to relive that. >> how lucky for you to be there and for us to get to share it with you thanks so much, we'll see you on the third hour >> bye, uncle al. >> he's on the moon right now. >> he's up there on the heights, i could never even be up there that high. coming up here we've got more stories you'll love by the way, go to all the good stuff with the reenactment of the moon launch. >> and then we have the fourth hour with a surprise guest. >> who >> just give us a hint. >> okay. she's on a major nbc hit. >> oh, i know. >> you know? >> i'm not going to say it. >> you remember from last week. >> it's really good though. >> really good. >> is it a drama >> it's a drama. >> huge show >> i'm guessing. >> we're out of time
8:56 am
see you after your local news. >> it's good a very good morning to you. it is 8:56. ntsb investigators are arriving this morning in hayward airport where a helicopter crashed yesterday during a flight lesson killing one man and seriously injuring another. the wreckage is still sitting on the runway this morning. a 62-year-old flight instructor died. his student suffered critical injuries.
8:57 am
rescuers say the student did manage to walk away in the moments after the crash. investigators will now try to piece together if this was caused by a mechanical issue or if it was pilot error or something else. happening now at the airport, we'll have a live report for our midday newscast. you can read more details on our home page. five people including both drivers injured after a crash involving a car and bus in union city. an nbc bay area news crew was at the scene. head to our site and you can check out new video. federal prosecutors will not charge the new york police officer in the so-called i can't breathe case five years ago when an officer applied a chokehold to eric garner who was arrested for selling cigarettes. go to our twitter feed for full details. who's dog is this?
8:58 am
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live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza, this is the third hour of "today." >> good morning, everyone. well come to the third hour of "today." i'm sheinelle here with dylan. carson is joining us. two of my favorite people, and i really people that. >> aren't you sweet. >> that caught me off guard. thank you. >> the more i thought about that, i really like them. craig is on assignment. also a friend of mine. nothing against craig. al is down at the kennedy space center for a really cool assignment today. if you haven't heard yet, today marks 50 years since the apollo 11 launch, nasa's historic mission to the moon. i heard you say earlier, you were in high school at the time. >>


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