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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  July 16, 2019 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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right now at 11:00, an investigation into a deadly helicopter crash in the east bay. the instructor is killed while the student is recovering. good morning and thanks for joining us, i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm scott mcgrew in for marcus washington. federal investigators are at the scene of the crash at the hayward airport. bob redell just spoke with those investigators and joins us live. bob, what did they have to say? >> reporter: well, scott, laura, you could see behind me the federal investigators are out there on the runway at the place where a helicopter crashed. they are looking for clues to explain what happened out here
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yesterday afternoon and to answer your question i did speak briefly with an investigator from the faa who told me they did conduct interviews yesterday but when i asked if they knew the cause of the crash, he said no they're still investigating. the man from the ntsb told me this was his first time at the crash site and might be able to update us later in afternoon if they learn anything. the aircraft was a four-seater robinson r-44, the gold standard when it comes to helicopters of this size. it went down around 2:30 yesterday and landed on its side in the grass just off the runway. two men on board, a flight instructor and he was wayne prodger of sunnyvale and he died and his student was critically injured and able to walk over to first responders who put him on a gurney and transported him to the hospital. the airport tells us this was an instruct after flight. practicing how to hover. wayne prodger the flight
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instructor was well-known as an avid motorcycle rider very active and when our cheryl herd talked to people yesterday they told her he was an all-around great guy. live in hayward, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> tragic ending there. thank you, bob. new details this morning, a man arrested in the rape and murder of an american scientist in greece. this is new video of the 27-year-old in custody. greek police say 59-year-old suzanne eaton a native from oakland went missing during a walk and the suspect struck her with his car. he then raped her and left her in an abandoned world war ii bunker and autopsy showed she had been suffocated. the suspect confessed to the crime during questioning. he apparently chose his victim at random. some commuters are dealing with major problems on the way to work in union city. check out this new video of a transit being removed out of a crash with a car. it ended up hitting a tree.
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it happened on dakota road. five people had to be taken to the hospital. the cause of the crash is under investigation. meanwhile police are investigating a late-night shooting outside of a san jose home. this happened a little before midnight. near cottage grove avenue, west of south first street. police say the male victim will survive his injuries. but police have not identified a suspect. also in san jose, a car slammed into a home just after 1:30 this morning near brock way and yorba bueno road. you could see the minor damage to the house and car. police still searching for the driver. not clear if anyone was hurt or what caused the crash. pg&e unearthing nearly 10,000 problems while inspecting lines and equipment for fire danger. since late last year the utility has been closely examining some 750,000 towers, poles and substations. the utility yesterday posted the latest data on parts broken or damaged. the chronicle add the up the
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numbers of people and the problems needing immediate action in order to be considered safe. pg&e said most of those problems have already been fixed. new details, a bay area man who argued roundup weedkiller gave him cancer will get much less money. in march he was awarded $80 million to edwin hardaman and they determined roundup caused his non-hodgkin's lymphoma. a san francisco judge upheld the $5 million awarded in damage, but he reduced the $75 million punitive payout to $20 million. baer said it plans to appeal. let's take you out live this morning and we're looking at san jose and oakland. a bit of haze over san jose in this warm weather. kari hall is watching all your weather. good morning. >> good morning. and we are starting out already seeing the temperatures warming up for the inland areas.
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look at brentwood, 81 and san francisco at 67 and half moon bay at 59. we see our typical spread of the temperatures across the bay. but it is actually right now a little bit cooler compared to this time yesterday. and in most spots from about two to seven degrees cooler and nine degrees cooler in san martin compared to yesterday at this time. we take a live look outside and walnut creek and through the rest of the day, it is going to be heating up again. still feeling very much like summer and our temperatures reaching into the upper 80s, we'll hit the high temperature at 3:00 to 4:00 this afternoon and then start to come down. a look at our microclimates. we're up to 90 in concord today. santa rosa reaching 88 degrees. oakland today will see a high of 72. 82 in palo alto. and san francisco reaching 66 degrees. we'll still see this kind of weather heading into the weekend. so we'll talk about that and also beyond coming up in the
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full microclimate forecast. >> sounds good. we'll look forward to checking back with you. >> in the meantime, on capitol hill, the house republican lead earp said president trump's tweets aimed at four democratic women lawmakers aren't racist. instead kevin mccarthy said there is an ideological battle in the house with the democratic goal of impeaching the president and paints the controversy over the president's go-back tweet as a tool by democrats to advance an agenda he labels socialist. >> i believe this is about ideology, this is about socialism versus freedom and it is clear what the debate is happening. >> kevin mccarthy said he will vote against the house resolution of disapproval aimed at president trump's words. this all comes one day after the democratic congresswoman expressed outrage over the tweets. >> -- how to defend his policies so what he does is attack us personally. >> in the meantime president trump is meeting with the republican congressional leadership right now.
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now to decision 2020 and the presidential race. senator kamala harris is unveiling a plan to lower the price of some prescription drugs. it would allow the federal government to set fair prices for pharmaceutical companies and force the companies to pay rebates if medication are sold at artificially high prices. according to the proposal 100% of the drug maker profits would be taxed if they sell above the fair price. harris is the latest democratic contender to release a health care plan. former vice president joe biden has his health care proposal released yesterday. it actually builds on a obamacare by adding a public option. oakland city council will discuss the future of facial recognition tonight. oakland taking the matter up a few months after san francisco banned the use of the technology. some critics like public safety group stop crime sf say bans would handicap police investigations. a spokesperson for amazon, which makes a version of the technology used by many cities,
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said it is up to the companies and the government organizations to use the technology responsibly and lawfully. also today, a public hearing on a proposed b.a.r.t. station in fremont. 40 years in the making. the proposed irvington station would be a stop between the two existing fremont b.a.r.t. stations. the fremont city council will hear public comment on the stationary plan. b.a.r.t. first studied this location back in the 1970s but only approved it in 2003. the funding became available in 2014 when the alameda county voter as proved measure bb. the danger is far from over. new warnings scientists are issuing following the large earthquake in southern california. plus -- >> that was harrowing. >> miracle on the mountain. and gripping new details a missing california woman found safe after four days in the woods, who vanished on a hike with her husband. the threat she said caused her to run.
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welcome back. a case that gained nationwide attention on police tactics is back in the headlines. we're learning the police officer involved in the death of eric garner will not face federal charges. you may remember back in 2014 garner was selling loose cigarettes outside of a staten island convenience store and confronted by police. the officer held garner in a chokehold after garner refused to be handcuffed. garner could be heard on video shot by a bystander saying i cannot breeng. that became a famous line. his deathality the hands of police officers sparked protests nationwide. and while the officer will not face criminal prosecution, he
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could still be dismissed from the force. and new video, marin firefighters are posting what they say is a visual reminder about why defensible space is critical in fire prevention and protection. this is new helmet camera video from a fire sunday night in fairfax. the two men living in the home made it out safely but flames destroyed the house. also spread to nearby brush covering about a quarter acre. firefighters say defensible space likely would have prevented the spread of the fire. they also call it a reminder to make sure you have an evacuation plan. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. the search for a missing california camper is over. the 60-year-old wife and mother vanished friday while on a camping trip with her husband. now her family said she fled from an armed attacker. miguel almaguer has the new details. >> reporter: this morning sheryl powell is back with her family, bruised and battered but in good spirits after a harrowing story of survival. >> it was really just a matter
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of me wanting to check out a gorgeous new area while my husband was turning the car around and right away we ran into trouble. >> reporter: while she was getting ready to camp with her husband in central california remote white mountains on friday, she learned that the couple was not alone. >> my dad was parking the car around and she went to go pee in the woods over there and a man came out from behind some trees and he had a knife on him -- >> the first thing that will happen here is i'm going to use this knife on your dog and then if you don't let me have my way with you i'll use it on you. >> reporter: she said she ran into the woods with her small dog. moving deeper into the forest because she feared she was being chased. when she finally lost the man with the knife, she also lost her way back to the campsite. for three cold nights and four hot summer days, she and her dog were alone, on the run, moving only at night and hiding from sight during the day. >> at night when i chose to hike, i thought, okay, well the
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rattlesnakes aren't out and it is chilly. so i -- i took the risk. >> reporter: drinking from a creek and eating fruit from a cactus, she managed to stay alive. nearby helicopters scoured the mountains while rescue teams combed the forest. on day four of the massive search, finally a break. a family dog was found two and a half miles from the campsite where she went missing and not long after and not far away this search team found the 60-year-old. >> that was harrowing. luckily i'm here. >> reporter: defying the odds, this mother and wife is this morning back where she belongs. >> i got back my wife. >> reporter: her story of survival being called a miracle in the mountain. >> miguel almaguer reporting there. the aftershocks in the ridgecrest aftershocks creeping into the area close to two major faults as the l.a. times reports this is causing concern among
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seismologists following the 7.1 earthquake that rattled the area. some aftershocks have rumbled northwest of the valley, approaching the owens valley fault and according so the usgs both faults are capable of producing earthquakes of magnitude 7 or greater. people in and around ridgecrest are on edge and working to clean up the damage from this month. and no to a follow up, the college admission cheating scheme. l.a. times is revealing that usc launched its own investigation shortly after the pafrnts and coaches were charged. the college wanted to know whether 33 students had lied on applications. usc is screening thousands of student as complying for the fall to see if they have any connections to the confessed leader of the scam william rick singer. you may recall dozens were charged in the case including several bay area parents.
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[ bell ] market moving lower but only slightly. apple this morning said it would fund podcasts, it would come up with money for private podcasts. tesla will going to limit the number of models that it sells. new at 11:00, facebook facing the first of two days of testimony in front of congress over its proposed cryptocurrency libra. much of washington is already spoke out against the idea. including the president, the fed chairman and the house of the house financial services committee. here is senator brown from ohio asking an official from facebook, given your company's record, why should we trust you? >> your biggest problem is that people don't trust you so what am i to take from this? >> that we need to continue working very hard to ensure that we are deserving of trust. >> david marcus will run the libra project for facebook. he said the company will take time to get it right. but many in congress and indeed
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all over america don't trust facebook's ability to protect customers and private. facebook will face another hearing tomorrow. today marks 50 years since the apollo 11 launch. >> on july 16th, 1969, nasa rocketed three men from the surface of the earth toward the moon. but it wasn't as easy as nasa simply building a rocket and heading into space. astronaut michael collins found himself sitting on top of one million gallons of rocket fuel next to neil armstrong and buzz aldrin. >> i get nervous easily and i seem like a suitable occasion to be nervous. >> another milestone in human history would come five days later when they made man's first mark on the moon. the space suit worn by armstrong was revealed at the smithsonian today. it is part of the 50th anniversary celebration of the moon landing. various people spoke at the event including vice president mike pence and nasa
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administrator jim brennenstein. if you believe the climate is changing, the data support that conclusion. earth had the hottest june in recorded history according to nasa. july is on track to be the hottest month ever recorded period. because so much of the heat wave is in europe, they're saying that is a lot of it, alaska recording the hottest two days ever. if this trend continues, 2019 could make a run for the top three warmest years recorded in the history of earth. but i don't think we'll break any records locally today. >> not daily records. it doesn't look like it wide ran temperatures across the bay area. taking a live look outside in tiburon, i love this view. because you could see how clear it is in parts of the north bay while the fog rolls across the bay and also across the golden gate bridge. while most of san francisco is all clear right now as you approach your lunch hour, getting ready to head outside, you've got a lot of sunshine and it feels really nice but over toward ocean beach, completely fogged in right now with our temperatures in the low 60s.
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so we're going to see some clearing as we go through the the day. we're all clear right now in the south bay with our temperatures starting to warm up. so if you want to go outside for a workout around danville, try to get it in within the next hour or so. it is going to really start to heat up. mid-80s, i think that is warm to jog outside. but if you could wait until later this evening, it is going to cool down after 6:00. and then checking out our wind speeds, it got really windy yesterday evening. and so we're going to see the same thing again today, especially along the coast, half moon bay seeing the wind speeds pick up at about 25 to possibly close to 30 miles per hour through this evening. while the inland valley will have a breeze at about 10 to 15 miles per hour. as we go through our hourly forecast for the rest of the day, helping you make some plans, here we are at 3:00. we're seeing temperatures in san mateo at 76 degrees. but it is 89 degrees in concord. and antioch at 90 degrees. in time for the evening commute or heading out for dinner it is
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85 degrees in santa rosa. and oakland at about 74 degrees while san jose is at 81 degrees. not bad and this is our typical weather setup as we go into the evening. it will all cool off into the 50s and lower 60s. we have some cooler breezy weather expected this evening out at the a's game. fur going out there for first pitch it is about 67 degrees and then cooling off into the low 60s. so bring a jacket for the end of the game. we still are going to see this high pressure across the desert southwest. keeping our skies all clear and also that marine layer, the fog near the coastline. into the weekend we start to see another area of low pressure developing for the pacific northwest. this will change our weather very much but we will have a slightly stronger onshore wind flow and some cooler temperatures. so that is going to shift the wind a little bit and we see our temperatures respond by coming down a degree or two but between thursday and friday. as we get closer to the weekend, we're looking at saturday and
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sunday. highs in the mid-80s in the inland areas and then for san francisco not seeing many changes here either. but we could see more fog and some gusty winds on thursday and friday. weekend is looking really nice. make plans to get out there. although we will at times have the mostly cloudy skies during the early morning and late evening hours. but overall we have a nice and unchanging forecast for the most part ahead going into next week. so what we're seeing right now, skotd and laura, we're going to see this continuing into next week. >> kari, thanks. tv's big night. next on nbc bay area, the show is taking a top emmy award nomination this year. plus later gator. the usual find in a chicago lagoon and how crews were finally able to nap this alligator. but first, happening now, drug crisis among adults means more and more kids are being placed into foster care. according to a study around 23% of kids placed in the foster care are there because of a
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parent's drug addiction. children were more likely to be five years old and younger and white and living in the south. we're back after the break. for your heart...
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our team is always on social media. i shared on twitter this morning, ihop 61st anniversary
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and serving up short stacks for 58 cents from 1958. let than what a short stack cost when ihop opened doors. you could have breakfast for dinner. and you could follow me on facebook and twitter and instagram. we have new details over a million people planning to storm area 51 in search of aliens in mid-september. the idea started out as a joke online but a number of people have signed up on a facebook event to continue to grow past 1 million people. the u.s. military has now noticed. they say they are monitoring the situation. the air force is suggesting you stay home and not come to the nevada desert. whoever said alligators only live in florida are wrong. this five-foot predator dubbed chance the snapper alluded chicago wildlife for about a week. he was captured earlier today
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with a fishing rod and a really big hook. florida gator expert was called in to help nab the 30 to 40-pound beast. >> caught the animal last night about 1:30 a.m. on the north side of the island there behind you. localized and saw his eyes shine and caught him on a fishing rod and it went down pretty fast once we saw him. >> how do you become a gator expert? the city has not yet decided on what it will do with the alligator. one thing is for sure, he'll not be in public waters. >> the alligator had no comment. >> he couldn't with that thing wrapped around his mouth. and the emmy nomminations are ot and "game of thrones" crowned the leader. >> receiving a record 32 nominations including best actor and actress for kit harrington and amelia clark. nbc shows, "this is us" and sterling k. brown -- >> and milo ventimiglia is
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nominated for best actor and mandy moore, i know her -- >> they are all in "this is us". >> i know that show. and "the good place" is looking to win for best comedy, and ted danson nominated for best actor in a comedy. emmys on sent 22nd. >> summer-like temperatures, in the valley we're looking at upper 80s again today. and we'll do it all over again tomorrow and slightly cooler by the end of the week but nothing major. we see the weather pattern continuing into next week and some 60s for the coast. >> that is okay. that is mid temperatures, right. >> good july. >> we'll take it. thanks so much for joining us. our next newscast is at 5:00. >> and the latest information ais a-- is available at we'll be back with mike coming up tomorrow morning at 4:30. have yourself a wonderful day. >> we hope you join us then.
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right now on "california live," how to make sure your kids are safe at summer camp. we have a list of things that you need to know. then johnny is going bananas at universal studios. >> we are in the booze section. we're making cocktails on the trolley for the rest of the ride. okay. that is a joke. we're not going to take any booze. and dr. tess is here to help you make your damaged skin disappear. >> i'll get rid of your sun spots in a flash. and malou is taking us to a place to get in touch with your artistic side. >> i won't give up my day job yet. >> it is all happening right now on "california live." ♪ ♪


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