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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  July 20, 2019 11:00pm-11:28pm PDT

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right now at 11:00, a giant leap for mankind 50 years later. tonight t united statesfirst mo. the news at 11:00 starts right now. good evening, everyone. thanks for joining us. i'mnd t i'm anoushah rasta. the world watched as american astronauts neil armstrong and buzz aldrin set foot on the
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moon. >> nbc bay area is here sergio quintana, a lot of history on that ship. >>or of that first moon walk four days after is when those astronauts returned to the earth. and it was the mission of the crew of the uss hornet to go and retrieve them from the pacific ocean. >> it's one small step for man. one giant leap for mankind. >> reporter: as neil armstrong said this now famous phrase, the uss hornet was rehearsing for their role. >> it was seven days a week until they called us to retrieve the dozens of other crew members for tonight's celebration dinner aboard the hornet. the 900 foot long back then was come along the tiny space
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capsule and safely pluck the crew out of the ocean. bruce johnson was the copilot of the sea king helicopter that picked up the crew. >> it was a very quick recovery from the time they touched down. they splashed down at 5:20, and we had them back on board before 6:00. >> reporter: tonight's celebration is a moment to celebrate the historic moment what seemed impossible. >> it reminds us what the possibilities are. the right amount of funding and the creativity of the human spirit. >> reporter: neil armstrong and buzz aldrin spent a little more than two hours on the moon before they and michael collins returned home. when they came aboard the hornet four days later, they immediately went into quarantine and enjoyed a hero'sle with a ps from president richard nixon. >> there they are in the rear window. applause from the crowd. repter mission was momentous and it
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continues to inspire today. reporting live at the uss hornet in alameda, i'm sergio quintana, nbc bay area news. >> sergio, thank you so much. earlier today at the hornet museum, people got to explore the am many moon landing exhibits. the highlight was meeting those involved in the landing. >> it seems like these people are part of history. and for me to meet them, it's just an honor for me. >> vice-president mike pence joined buzz aldrin at the kennedy space center today to look back on the historic moon walk. both men visited the exact spot where it started, the apollo 11 launch pad. it took nearly a decade and 400,000 people to get is the on in the 20th century that stands a chance of being widely remembered ith space exploratios at a crossroads today. private companies are partnering with nasa to make the next giant leap forward. president also created a space force, which is the new arm of
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the military. new at 11:00, firefighters are battling a wildfire on mt. diablo near clayton. firefighters there in that video, not sure if you can see it, they're attacking the fire from up in the air. they say they have up to four acres that have burned and the fire is into 80% contained, though. firefighters say crews will be at the scene all night long because of the fire's remote location. >> a terrifying attack in a popular south bay park and this man is in jail accuse of assaulting a woman. a lot of people in that mountain view community are on edge. nbc bay area's tom jensen is at the scene of creek side park. tom. >> reporter: terri, there was another attack here in february, and in that case it was a vicious attack on a woman like this one. thatas jus like lle to the susp saveding herself. it's a trail janet has
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pedalled across dozens if not hundreds of times since she moved to the mountain view neighborhood ten years ago. >> it's really pretty in through here, but it's also a place where people can really take cover and hide out. >> reporter: police say 30-year-old sergio martinez was hiding out in one of those dark places in creek side park when he attacked a woman from behind, covering her mouth and trying to carry her away friday night. >> it's just nerve-racking knowi knowing what i thought was a safe neighborhood. there have been two assaults. >> reporter: in february another victim of an assault at creek side park escaped after screaming and biting the suspect in the attack. she screamed and was able to prowlerf martinez, for thing in the neighborhood a reflted martinez early this morning and identified him as the attacker. janet and a neighbor say after these assaults, they plan to adjust their biking and hiking
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habbitts. >> as it's getting dark, i'm going to come another way on major streets because it's just not worth it. >> i don't usually go alone. if i am alone, it has to be a trail i know well and i kind of have to know where the dark corners are. >> reporter: in mountain view, tom jensen, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, thom. two attacks within minutes in contra costa county. depp risk are trying to figure out if the two are related. thursday night a man was found unresponsive in the street in bay point. he later died. ten minutes later an assault with a deadly weapon nearby, the victim of that attack, though, survived. police have arrested a 20-year-old antioch man and a 24-year-old bay point man. both of them are charged with yet clear if those also in bay fire threatened several structures this afternoon. this is video of a homeowner trying to put the flame out with a hose before it got to several chicken coops. the firemanaged to kill dozens of chickens. the fire broke out on willow
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pass road. firefighters put out the fire before it reached any homes. iran has released new footage they say shows their forces taking over a british tanker. it is the latest move ramping up tensions in the region. commandos wearing ski masks. it repelled the strait of hormuz. at the same time pledging action to ensure the safety and security of british and international shipping. the seizure comes after the u.k. seized an iranian super tanker two weeks ago. the united states is getting involved today. the pentagon announced more u.s. troops are on their way to the region. the secretary of state mike pompeo says the diplomatic door is still open. >> these are not the actions of a country that looks like it's headed in the right direction, but we hope as president trump hasaid at they will sit d with us. >> iran is also challenging president trump's claim that the u.s. military shot down an iranian drone. say tv broadcast this footage
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purportedly from the very drone with the u.s. navy war ship boxer clearly in view. >> hundreds of people packed into a community meeting in san francisco today to learn more about a proposed vehicle triage center. the idea here is to turn an unused parking lot near the balboa bart station into a center offering services to people who live out of their cars or out of their rvs. it also would be given a safe place to park. the lot only has about 30 parking spaces and people will be allowed to stay there for a maximum of 09 days. >> we need more affordable housing as everybody knows. so people are living in their vehicles. that means they afford rent. so what we want to do is we want to help them out and give them services and help them find permanent housing. >> san francisco supervisor asha unveiled the plan on moan. today's other community conversation was to let neighbors know about the ideas and hear their concerns. the pilot center already has funding lined up from the city. it's not clear, though, how soon
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it would open. >> this red suv you see on your screen right there is being sought in a hit and run. happened in fairfield thursday night. police say a woman was riding her bike near dover park and that's when a driver rolled her over. she is in critical but stable condition. the truck had the license plate number 5 cga 081. >> the world famous architecture of salesforce tower has died. cesar pelly worked on and off 30 years. in addition to salesforce, pelly designed a 31 high story rise which opened in 2002. the salesforce tower is san francisco's tallest building, as you know. the architect died yesterday and he was 92 years old. >> still to come, new video of a home being reduced to nothing. what led to this dramatic scene caught on camera. >> and a deadly heat wave grips the east coast and there's no signs improving there soon. how people are coping.
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>> and at the opposite end of the temperature spectrum, you have the low clouds and misty skies around san francisco. mild start to the weekend, but 90s will be making a comeback soon. a closer look at that when we come right back. my experience with usaa
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we have dramatic video to show you of a home explosion in southern california taken from the house next door. >> ooh. >> we first brought you this story on monday and now you can see the blast from a doorbell camera as if knocks out the front of the home, clouds of dust covered the front yard. explosion killed the utility worker and hurt 15 other people. happened in murrieta, which is in riverside county about six miles north of temecula. socal gas crews came to check out a gas line damaged by a
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contractor. now after they got there, something set off this. socal gas says the contractor did not mark the gas line before digging on the property and that is law. >> don't let pg&e raise rates to pay for destructive and deadly wildfires. that's the crux of the lawsuit filed yesterday against state leaders and the public utilities commission. two pg&e customers want a federal judge to strike down a new law that was championed by governor newsome. it allows utilities to pass wildfire costs on to customers. newsome argues the law restores confidence in pg&e by requiring new safety measures. the lawsuit alleges it actually rewards utilities and their private investors for negligence. >> take a look at this. and before you turn let me guarantee you there's a happy ending. a 5-year-old girl dangling from a 5th floor window. they say she slipped through protective bars on the window ledge. was trapped for ten minutes.
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firefighters broke into the apartment. the door was locked. they had to kick it down. a rescuer was hoisted up the side of the building to hold onto the little girl while a firefighter inside cut through the metal bars. you see them pulling them away. turns out the girl got stuck when the mom repordl wt out to buy food, and she's fine. >> 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. and lift off. >> here's after a small step for man, international crews take a giant leap off the launch pad. the crew is blasting off for a six-hour flight to the international space station. the crewud andrew morgan. the timing marks the 50th anniversary of the apollo 11 moon landing. the crew took off at 9:30 our time. they'll work on hundreds of experiments in biology, biotechnology and physical science. >> a dangerous and deadly heat wave is baking much of the
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country right now. temperatures are so intense, entire cities are under emergency alert. nbc's kathy park reports. >> reporter: in n yk city >> reporter: on the hottest day of the year. >> the heat is just so overwhelming. >> reporter: underground, no relief. parts of the city feel like 111. new york is one of many states in the east and midwest under dangerous heat emergencies this weekend. add humidity to the mix, and it's brutal. it feels like 112 in d.c., 105 in chicago, and wichita, too. >> another dangerously hot day is on tap. >> reporter: the extreme heats limit. >> everyone is running an air conditioner. >> reporter: con edison in new york doing everything out. >> is con edison prepared? >> we are prepared. we have pulled in over 4,000 extra crew members to wait on stand by just in case any outages occur.
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>> reporter: roads take a hit in the heat, too. this interstate in south dakota buckled, cracking under a heat of 110 degrees. the heat so dangerous for young and old. in philadelphia, a senior center was evacuated after its air conditioning failed. and in michigan, a storm knocked out power to more than 200,000. despite the heat, the hearty race in today's new jersey triathlon, but it wasn't easy. >> tried to power through, but felt like i was having a heart >> reporter: any chance to cool off, a welcome relief for these families in new york city play grounds who know the worst isn't over just yet. yeah, she mentioned the humidity, which is probably like the worst part of it all. >> literally like a sauna outside. dewpoints in the 70s and 80s, firing up the severe weather we've been watching around the great lakes. and the temperatures this hour here, 11:16 west coast time,
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let's see what it's like around 2:16 a.m. east coast time new york and boston. still in the mid-'80s out there. you factor in the humidity. we talked about na. the combination of heat and humidity is worse right now in boston and new york than miami. feels like the low 90s outside at 2:00 a.m. just this rotten conditions outside. it's as bad as the weather can get in terms of humidity and heat. could see record high low temperatures heading towards tomorrow morning and another run of extreme heat tomorrow, which makes you appreciate the weather we're seeing here in san francisco. 58 degrees, low clouds, and only 66 degrees for a high today. in san jose, right now warr wit 50s and 60s outside. we have a little bit of a push of airnto p hour of. the morning will begin. low clouds we're seeing in san francisco pushed locally inward across the bay. misty skies possible in the morning into the afternoon. it's kind of interesting, we're going to be watching the low clouds on the coast, and now high clouds coming up out of the south that hint at some changes
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ahead as we see the return of monsoon moisture towards the sea in southern california coming up. the morning begins with 50s outside the bay area, then our highs tomorrow under partly cloudy skies, upper 70s to low 80s. so it should be warmer for sunday, especially south of san jose heading into morgan hill and gilroy. you'll see mid to upper 80s around pleasanton. that's warmer than the upper 80s and 70s we saw today. oak ward and hayward in the 70s. temperatures around 72 in san mateo. upper 60s in san francisco, and north bay temperatures into the 80s and some low 90s closer to ukiah. so, we talked about the fog in san francisco. no high clouds here for the end of the weekend heading towards monday and tuesday. we've got the fog on the coast and monsoon moisture coming up out of southern california. right now looks like the focus of that could be over the sierra and to the south. we'll begin to see a few high clouds drifting over the bay
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area late tomorrow. so something we'll have to watch for the potential of some lightning strikes, especially around the high country of the sierra and down towards southern california. we'll have to watch that for fire dangers as temperatures start to rise. so tomorrow morning clouds, look at san francisco. climbing closer to 70 by mid week. and while we won't see the humidity or spike in terms r temperatures like you're seeing on the east coast, 90s making a comeback into the mid valleys into the weekend. keep an eye on the monsoon drifting out of arizona. this is the time of year we have to watch for lightning sparked fires unfortunately. we may be watching some of that around the southern sierra the next few days. >> rob, thanks very much. >> thanks, rob. let's cap off your saturday with some sportseview of what's up >> coming up in sports, full highlights from the giants, mets. the giants tried to keep the momentum going after back to back walk offs. it's no ordinary day for our family at denny's.
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it's crepe day. a family tradition we started about 22 minutes ago and now we can continue that tradition at home with denny's delivery. see you at denny's or
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oakland a's in minnesota tonight, a hard stop at the 9 th
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inning. a's behind 4-3. khris davis at the plate, smashes the ball. can't handle it. two-run score. a's go up 5-4. oakland's closer comes in to close it out. he loads the bases one out. the twins rips the ball to marcus semien. the game ending double play, a's win it 5-4. whoa. a wild night. here is bonnie jo laughlin. >> i'm bonnie-jill laflin. coming off a back to back walk off, they're coming off a match up with the mets. giants hoping for the 15th win in 17 games. scoreless in the second, and don smith goes yard, a mammoth solo shot into right center field. his 10th home run of the season. that's the start of trouble for the shark. now 2-0 in the 5th, jeff mcneil, off the top of the foul pole and gone. two-run shot makes it 4-zip
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mets. he gave up four earned in five innings of work. that game would start to unravel when the bullpen came in. derek collins gives up a bomb to todd frazier. solo home run lands in the left field stands. later in the 6th, peter alonso pinch hitting, he crushes the hit to the deepest part of the park. into the stands, 444-hit homer. 33rd of the year. mets win 11-3. that's all for sports.k. this is fred. he's dancing like nobody's watching. and because all of the devices on fred's wifi network are protected with xfinity xfi, literally, nobody's watching. except for millions of you, of course. wait, millions of people are watching? yeah. we're making a commercial. if it's connected, it's protected with xfinity xfi. now that's simple, easy, awesome. xfinity delivers the best in-home wifi experience. plus, add xfi advantage for enhanced network security.
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