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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 1, 2019 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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"today in the bay" continues right now. good thursday morning to you. the 1st day of august, already. thank you for joining us. i am laura garcia. >> i am marcus washington. we want to start out with the forecast for you. walking outside this morning, it was cooler. >> yeah, nice and cool. we can turn the air-conditioner off, and it warmed up in some of the inland areas, but we will go from the upper 50s to low 60s at 10:00, and then we see the temperatures spreading out in the 70s. along the coast we are staying in the 60s today, and it will be a warm one in the tri-valley today. vianey has a look at the commute. not a lot to tell you about, the speed sensors are green, and up to the tri-valley we are noticing the slow spots from grant line road to 680, you are looking at about 21 minutes and
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things are starting to slow down along westbound 84. back to you. a developing story in san francisco. police breaking up a protest against i.c.e. overnight involving dozens of people. the protest has been going on for nearly two days. >> pete suratos is live in the financial district with new video overnight, and some of the video looks very chaotic out there. >> reporter: that's right, guys. as you can see behind me the protest has cleared out. sfpd expect to open the street shortly, but it was a much different scene earlier this morning. >> because they are undocumented and terrified, and yet they are still fighting for their future. >> reporter: that's police clearing out the folks near the i.c.e. headquarters on sampson street. the streets we just showed you
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are still barricaded off of battery street. the protest was put together by appalished i.c.e. sf. this has been going on since july 30th. the protests regarding the situation at the border, a much discussed topic, and specifically the separation of families and the treatment of undocumented immigrants at the detention centers. it's unclear what prompted the police to shut it down after it has been going on for nearly two days. we still have one sfpd patrol car here. this is not the first time the area has dealt with i.c.e. protest. we will have more on that in the next half hour. >> thank you, pete. immigration, of course, one of the top issues discussed on the debate stage in detroit last night. it was night two of the democratic debate, and there were two targets, joe biden and
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president trump. tracie potts is live with those highlights. >> marcus, joe biden's record after working decades in washington gave his opponents a lot to work with, but they had a big target, as you said, and that was not on the stage. democrats brought a united message against re-electing president trump. >> the opposite of donald trump is an asian man that likes math. >> he has to be a single term president. >> the best impeachment is beating him in the election of 2020. >> the candidates turned on each other, and -- >> the people that suffered under your reign as prosecutor, you owe them an apology. >> the biggest target onstage was former vice president, joe biden. >> we cannot work this out!
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the time is up. our house is on fire. >> on deportable immigrants? >> one of us has learned lessons from the past and one didn't. >> what did you mean when you said when a woman is working outside the home it's the deterioration of family. >> another attack on kamala harris on bussing. >> vice president biden was in the senate to oppose bussing -- >> there were two of the most segregated school districts in the country, in los angeles and san francisco, and she -- i didn't see a single solitary time she brought a case against them to desegregate them. >> tracie potts, nbc news, washington. 5:04 right now. gilroy continues to pray for strength to move forward after
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there was a shooting. another vigil takes place tonight downtown. we have more on the memorial and how festivalgoers might get some of their things back, and they had to leave them behind just fleeing the scene. >> yeah, this is a slow road to recovery here, but this is where tonight folks with gather to provide comfort and get comfort. it's the work of the business association as they try and gather people together. a prayer vigil at south valley community church drew some of its 2,000 members, and some of the folks that showed up to pray were also at the gilroy festival when the gunman himself showed up. outside the t-shirt shop we found two sisters who were separated from each other and their dad at the festival when the gunfire started. their dad was among the last to comfort 13-year-old that was
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killed. >> he told her you are going to be okay, you are going to be okay, and -- sorry. then he was, like, we have to help her, and everybody was just running. >> today any festival goer that left belongings behind in the chaos can provide a description to try and get them back. starting at 9:00 this morning at rucker elementary school, the fbi and sheriff's office will take down descriptions of what they want to pick up, and i will put a link on my twitter and facebook pages, and some have reached out on social media asking how to get the gilroy strong items, and i have have link there for that as well. for two hours this afternoon
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you can get an up close look at a mural that sparked a national debate. it's a mural of george washington. it shows him at different points in his life, and earlier this month the school board voted to paint over the mural. the decision is sparking a lot of controversy across the nation, but today there will be a free public viewing of the mural between 1:00 and 3:00 this afternoon. if you are looking for summer fun in a pool, listen up, especially if you are planning to hit a south bay community pool. the public pool located on patricia drive is used for several professional and olympic teams. just a month away from a grand opening, and last night they unveiled some of the
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specialty drinks. it will showcase local breweries. >> we have a lot of training to do and we have pretty rigorous training we put into place to make sure the first time somebody comes to the building they will have a great experience >> this was the first event at the arena, but you can be sure metallica can bring down the house when they play the first concert at the arena on september 6th. a lot of people waking up this morning to cool temperatures, and kari, how is it looking? >> looks amazing today. first day of august, and not dealing with extreme heat anywhere in the bay area. starting out with cool temperatures and a nice breeze. low 60s until 8:00 and then we warm up, we will be at 71 degrees at 11:00. your morning looks good as well
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along with the cool temperatures, but it will be warm in spots like antioch reaching 87 degrees. that's very normal for this time of year. reaching low 80s in san jose, and morgan hill, 84, and 82 in santa rosa. we'll talk about what is ahead for the rest of the week and into the weekend, and vianey has a look at the morning drive. we have been doing good but now we are getting reports of two crashes down in the south bay just as i was making my way over to the report in san jose, i will find out what that is about, but we have another crash. this one is in san francisco on northbound 101 right over the i-80 interchange eastbound side. the number one lane is blocked and we are starting to notice delays because of the crash. as of right now chp is reporting tow trucks are already on their way and hopefully everybody is okay in the crash, and it doesn't appear to be a serious crash but it is causing delays in san francisco.
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i will go find out what is going on with the two crashes i just saw up in san jose. >> thank you, vianey. and then football in the golden state, and coming up, what a new law is calling for as they look to reduce concussions. and the president got the rate cut he asked for, but he doesn't like it and neither does the market. >> what was that? >> i have no idea. a little off pitch, just a little. >> we'll find out more coming up. we are here to discuss jessie's online time.
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right now at 5:13, it's thursday morning and the first day of august. we have beautiful weather today even in the inland areas. even though it heats up we will keep it cooler than we have seen recently. headed into the weekend, we will be heating up with martinez possibly reach into the 90s. i will talk more about that coming up in less than five minutes. the roads are certainly getting busy out there. look at the live view of the bay bridge, at the toll plaza and i am getting reports of a crash in the south bay. i will have a look at that coming up shortly.
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good morning and happy thursday to you. san francisco's lyft said it will pull electric bikes off the streets of san francisco after two bikes caught fire, apparently a problem with their batteries. tomorrow we get the latest job numbers, and the market is looking for a turn around after they plunged on wednesday after the fed cut interest rates for the first time since the 2009 recession. you might think investors were unnerved because rate cuts are a sign of fed is nervous of a recession, but stocks fell because the market didn't think it cut enough. and trump tweets, powell let us down again. trump has been pushing powell for a rate cut. he got one, but trump says it's not enough. the fed is not supposed to do something because the president said so. the fed cut rates because it was
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saying inflation was not high enough, a little inflation is a good thing. trump was worried because the latest numbers show the economy is slowing. the people that signed up to get money from equifax will not get enough as they hoped, and the key phrase was up to, and most people asked for the money, and it shows how small that settlement really was. $31 million, 147 million americans affected, and that's one out of every two americans, and everybody gets 21 cents of those that applied. >> i was happy my name was not part of it. >> yeah, that would be the ultimate win. it shows you whether it's the 5
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million against facebook, which was, facebook, whatever, 5 -- or this 31 million. the fines are nowhere big enough. >> thank you. trending this morning, new plan aterry neighbors discovered. according to the study, two are mostly gases, and one rocky, and for those of you hoping for signs of life, they say no such luck because of the rocky planets' atmosphere, it's unlikely because it's too hot. a south carolina man is bringing "lion king" to live thanks to his daonkey. he started to sing "the circle
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of life," and his donkey started to sing along, too. >> whoa. >> if i recall, that was a solo. he posted the video on facebook and expected to get a few shares and likes but instead it has more likes than the circle of likes, and at least one mention here in the bay area. >> i want a donkey. >> i think the donkey was like, please, stop. >> in donkey language, right? >> i did see the new "lion king," and i liked it. >> me, too. >> you have not seen it? >> funny, the people with kids have not seen it. >> yeah, we're big kids. >> i did cry. >> goodness. >> girl, you have seen "lion
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king." >> it's a really good family movie. >> all right, kari. >> yeah, we got to do something. this weekend we are also going to have a heat up in the temperatures, so maybe we will be headed to the movies. this is a live look outside in san jose starting out with a few clouds rolling by and the clouds will keep it a little cooler and keep the temperatures from warming up so quickly. we start out with upper 50s. we will be at 59 degrees at 7:00, then 69 degrees at 10:00 and upper 70s by noon today. overall we are looking at a seasonable day. as you head out the door in pleasant hill, expect 60s there. clouds will roll by until 9:00, and then we are clear for the rest of the day reaching into the mid-70s at lunchtime. let's check out our south bay high temperatures, and we will see a high of 78 in milpitas.
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and oakland, expect a high of 71 degrees. it's still going to be cool and foggy at half moon bay reaching 61 there, and san mateo up to 72. 64 in the embarcadero today. you will get a little more sunshine there while the north bay will be clear and sunny, warming up to 88 in ukiah while mill valley tops out at 75 degrees. as we check out our forecast and things to do around the bay area, maybe you are going to the early afternoon a's game. mostly sunny but staying comfortable with upper 60s throughout the day. here's what is happening out there in the pacific, just keeping an eye on the two tropical systems. eric has been downgraded to a category 2 hurricane, and flossy is downgraded to a tropical storm. eric stays to the south, but it looks weaker than some of the original forecast bringing it closer to the hawaiian islands,
5:20 am
and as a tropical storm still bringing rain and winds. for the inland areas, we are heating up for the weekend and then cooling down by the middle of next week. in san francisco we are not going to see much more of any changes there, just keeping it foggy as we head throughout the next seven days. vianey, you are tracking the roads and a couple crashes already. yeah, we have two crashes and the first one in the south bay. this is new, this is along southbound 280 and meridian. one of the cars may be blocking the number one lane, and then the second car may be blocking the number three lane. tow is already on the way, but judging from the speed sensors looks like we are still doing okay, no major delays through there. we have another crash, this one in san francisco along northbound 101 at the eastbound 80 interchange. this one we also had the number one lane blocked, but this is
5:21 am
definitely starting to show slowing along the side. aside from that, roads looking good. westbound 80 along the bay bridge slowing down to about 13 minutes. the metering lights are on at the bay bridge toll plaza. coming up, why governor newsom is going after president trump on wildfire prevention. who these men are pretending to be, and what you should do if they show up at your door. this guy looks happy, and he's already headed into second grade. where does the time go? follow kari on your favorite platform. you are watching "today in the bay." degree program gives you the skills you need to grow and develop your career. private. christian. affordable. nonprofit. visit
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welcome back. 5:23 for you this morning. right now you are looking at this right here, this is video of a jail in downtown oakland and it could soon house the
5:24 am
homeless. alameda county is making an offer to lease the jail from the city of oakland. the talks are ongoing and the jail is slated to close due to budget reasons. there's a new warning from oakland police. >> it's all over this video. take a look. >> police, open up! >> police, open the door! >> it shows a group of men identifying themselves as police officers banging on the door of a home trying to use a crowbar to get in. they admit they are not sure where it's happening in the city. >> we do not have any similar reports, but we just want to make our community aware so they can notify police immediately if this happens to them. >> when in doubt, police say barricade yourself in your home and call police. 5:24 right now. governor gavin newsom is defending the wildfire
5:25 am
preventions. despite pushback from president trump who has criticized california leaders for poor forest management. new details now on something our investigative unit uncovered. pg&e now revealed it missed a key tupt thopportunity that may prevent prevented one fire. they did not climb the tower where that fire started. a worn hook holding up the voltage snapped. it killed at least 85 people. 5:25. new this morning, your kids' football practices may soon be undergoing huge changes to stop
5:26 am
head injuries. governor newsom signed a law limiting the practices. football season is here and happening today you can watch the first pre-season game, the hall of fame game here on nbc bay area. the denver broncos take on the falcons in ohio. the game starts at 5:00, and stay for more news after the game. coming up here, top stories we are following on this thursday morning. >> including a developing story overnight, demonstrators protesting i.c.e., clashing with police. >> the people united, we'll never be divided! >> coming up, we're live with the new numbers of citations just released. plus, jurors deciding the
5:27 am
fate of the two at the center of the ghost ship fire. what jurors are asking the judge ahead of their verdict. that's coming up in a live report. look at the people on the toll plaza this morning, kari and vianey working together, one with the traffic and one with the forecast. there's more ahead. oh thaphenomenal!, that's unfair. that's so unfair. c'mon jay-bo. let's go.
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better, faster. i mean sign me up. comcast business. beyond fast. ♪ try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo. first day of august, and fogust by the coast. hot maybe later this weekend? >> yeah. >> the dog days of summer. thank you for joining us. i am laura garcia. >> i am marcus washington.
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let's meet over with kari hall. >> starting out with clouds and a slow rise for the temperatures in the afternoon in san jose. this could be one of the better days to enjoy the santa clara county fair. reaching the 80s in the day and then falling to the 70s. look at all the high temperatures today. east bay valleys reachg upper 80s while the coast stays in the lower '60s, and still a wide range in temperatures. we'll talk about the weekend coming up in six minutes. vianey is looking at a couple issues on the roads. >> the earlier crash in the south bay is getting way more backed up than earlier. we are noticing it on our speed sensors at meridian avenue. two lanes remain blocked. you can see the red right here
5:31 am
which means we have slowing, so take surface streets and hop on after or before meridian and stretch it out along the surface. 101 is doing okay in san jose, so not seeing issues there. 280 at meridian, stop and go there. 580 from grant line road to 680, looking at 24 minutes. >> thank you, vianey. intense moments overnight in san francisco in the financial district as dozens of people protesting i.c.e. clash with police. >> we have new numbers police released just moments ago, pete? it appears his live shot is frozen -- no, wait. pete? there we go. we just you for a moment, pete, but tell us about overnight activity. >> reporter: yeah, guys, we just got that update from sfpd, and
5:32 am
you can see the scene is clear right now but it was a much different scene earlier this morning. >> i am here for my students whoever day are fighting. >> reporter: you can see the police clearing out folks roughly around 1:30 a.m. taking part in the protest not too far from i.c.e. headquarters on sampson street. they are wanting to abolish i.c.e., and the group was involved in what they called illegal lodging and were issued several warnings to remove their equipment, and we are talking about the tents that have been out for the past couple of days. 16 adults and one juvenile were cited and released, but one adult is in custody and will be
5:33 am
charged. we were here back last year after police cleared an encampment in the same area as the protesters were speaking about the family separation at the border, and as we go back out live on the scene, there's still one sfpd patrol car here. police say they expect to re-open the street in the next hour or so. pete suratos for today in the bay. >> a busy night for police in san francisco. thank you. police are busy with this one, too, looking for a gunman overnight that left two men critically injured. that shooting happened about 10:30 last night in the parking lot on mission and cesar chavez. one witness that did not want his face on camera said he just got off a bus when he heard what he thought were fireworks.
5:34 am
>> people are getting hurt and hurt and losing their life. >> police are asking anybody that may have seen something or has video that can help to call san francisco police. the city of gilroy now working to heal following the deadly garlic festival rampage where three people were killed. they are having a large candlelight vigil downtown tonight. last night members wrote cards for the victims at a vigil, and those who were at the festival on sunday are being allowed to get back in and get their belongings. happening today there will be added security measures in place when the santa clara
5:35 am
county fair. and then authorities will add patrols around the parameter of the fair grounds. a jury in oakland has begun to deliberate the fate of the two men in the ghost ship fire that killed 36 people. bob, i know the jury have questions already for the judge. >> reporter: correct, marcus. the jury of nine women and three men that began deliberating yesterday afternoon had questions about the language regarding building permits, specifically whether or not the terms property manager, tenant and leaseholder are interchangeable. this is relevant because one of the defendants was the master tenant of the ghost ship warehouse, and the other defense was the number two of the property, and both men face charges of involuntary
5:36 am
manslaughter for the death of 36 men and women who died in the fire in december of 2016. if the jury convicts them on all counts they could each spend up to 39 years behind bars. >> i am so glad to have had this trial. i am so grateful for our attorneys and the jury. >> they have paid attention and taken notes. it's in their hands now. >> reporter: the jury will continue duh lib deliberations this morning. >> make sure you stay with us for continuing coverage of the verdict. we will bring it to you live here on nbc bay area as it's announced and we will post it immediately on the digital platforms. and then the google campus expected to take center stage in court today when the judge will
5:37 am
hear arguments about the nondisclosure agreement made between the city and google. some claim the disclosure lacks transparency. originally a hearing over the deal was supposed to take place on monday but opponents asked to replace the judge because of close ties, and that was granted. and then the academy is about to become a middle school exclusively and there's talk of dropping the late civil rights leader's name. critics say it disrespect the memory of an icon. the community meeting will begin tonight in east palo alto at the municipal center. it's 5:37. an observant witness helped to
5:38 am
crack a recent string of home burglaries. two weeks ago police arrested this man and woman, and officers responded to a home burglary call where they got descriptions of the man and woman and their car, and they found the car and then pulled it over and found items from three recent other burglaries. our traffic is picking up. we are seeing slowing down in the south bay. let me get to a hot spot, and there's a crash along southbound 280 and meridian avenue. two lanes remain blocked. you can see delays up through here. your best bet is to take a surface street, which is meridian avenue, and hop on after bird because it's extending up through bird. 680 to 580 on vargas road, and
5:39 am
dublin traffic building through there. the san mateo bridge, plenty of taillights as we look at the commute. i will be giving out ice cream, and we'll talk about that. let's get a look at our overall saturday forecast with the coastal area staying in the upper 60s and low 90s in the valleys. even still very hot on sunday as we reach into the 90s as well in the valleys, and the bay at 82 and the coast staying cool, in the upper 60s. what are you going to be doing? how about coming to see me at the fremont festival of the arts on saturday. we will have the treat truck out there from noon to 3:00, and our temperatures will be in the mid-70s making it into the low 80s. this weekend starting out
5:40 am
tomorrow, pleasanton will be celebrating their 125th anniversary from 3:00 to 9:00 in the evening, so it will be warm to start and then cooling down nicely for the evening. then we also have a back to school festival and rally in oakland that will be also a really nice event to check out at the city hall. we will see some of the temperatures in the mid-60s warming up to the mid-70s all throughout the day. if you are planning to go to napa this weekend, hotter there with upper 80s on friday, and peaking at 90 degrees on saturday but sunshine all around, and also hot weather in lake shasta reaching up to 96 degrees for both saturday and sunday. we'll talk about what is going on today while it's still cool coming up. it's 5:40. the very latest in the search for the pilot after a military jet crashes in a california
5:41 am
desert. the president continuing his attacks this morning as he gets ready for a big rally tonight. i have a question for you? are you a fan of mustard? i relish it. >> well, how about mustard ice cream? it's a thing. that's coming up next.
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right now at 5:43 as you get started this morning, here's a
5:44 am
live look outside in fremont, and it's going to be another beautiful day. make plans to get outside even though it's cool to start. look at the noon temperature, 75 degrees. we will have a hotter weekend ahead and i will show you the numbers coming up in less than five minutes. i will call this the bay bridge toll plaza traffic woes this morning. look at that, starting to get really backed up all the way through 80, and i mean even backed up through some portions beyond the toll plaza. if you are going to head out on the bridge, it's time to head out. we have an update on the crash in the south bay at meridian avenue coming up. new overnight, police in antioch investigating a late-night deadly shooting. new video just into the news room a short time ago, the shooting happened on 18th and
5:45 am
kau sraul yo road. a vandal attack in the east bay has one family convinced they are victims of hate crime even the sheriff's office is saying so far not so fast. >> somebody spray-painted the n-word on three houses, and when the homeowner heard the broken glass she ran outside and saw spray paint on the trailer. >> we looked and saw the vulgar word on the trailer, and something that appears to be something like a swastika, it's planned and it's calculated. it's a target of black neighbors. >> some neighbors believe a personal dispute may be behind what happened. the sheriff's office releasing a statement saying at this point
5:46 am
they are not calling it a hate crime but it is being investigated as felony vandalism. a navy fighter jet crashed and injured one group of tourists on the ground close to where that plane went down. the crash happened yesterday morning in death valley national park in a place nicknamed. last night they were still searching for the pilot. >> we are looking for an aviator out there hoping for the best, and i am always optimistic, and we have procedures in place, and we are running those procedures right now. >> and people on the ground were treated at the scene. the navy said the crash happened during a routine training mission but right now there's still no cause. 5:46 right now, and another republican congressman is
5:47 am
calling it quits. >> that makes five in just the past few weeks. >> in the most recent case it was mike conaway from texas who is probably going to get primaried from a candidate that supports trump. conaway really well thought of in texas, and in fact he played football at the high school memorialized by friday night lights. he is the second texas congressman from the republican party to retire just this week, and in the last 14 days you can add republicans from indiana, georgia, utah and michigan. and a congressman from pennsylvania did the same earlier this year. speaking of lists, president trump added don lemon to the list of people he's attacking this week, calling lemon dumb and stupid, and previously he has attacked elijah cummings and al sharpton. he will be having his 29th rally
5:48 am
tomorrow. that starts at 4:00 this afternoon our time. and then sanctions slapped on this man because he's a worldwide spokesperson for the iranian government, and he went to high school in san francisco and went to college in san francisco state, and responded of course i am the iranian spokesperson, and he's literally the foreign minister and that would be his job. sharif on twitter said the sanctions won't affect him. and he's the primary negotiator, and he helped originate the iran deal, and he has gotten pressure from conservatives in iran accusing him of being too cozy with america. >> thanks, scott. new for you this morning for the first time, even ice cream
5:49 am
lovers will be able to hold the mustard. we are talking about mustard ice cream, and it's national mustard day, and french's is unveiling the mustard ice cream, and scoops will only be available in los angeles -- i don't think it's worth the drive. i will say no. >> just freeze mustard in the freezer. >> a mustard pop? >> no. my grandma would make fruit juice and we would freeze it in the freezer. >> could you pass the gray pew pawn pop? >> maybe regular sugar pops this
5:50 am
weekend? >> yeah, it's going to be heating up. you want to find something to cool you off. we are cool right now. here's a look outside in palo alto starting out the day with a beautiful sunrise, and then as we check out our temperatures we have upper 50s and we're going to see the 50s turn into mid-70s by laununchtime. if you are headed out and looking for something to do in sonoma, mostly sunny skies and a few clouds rolling by in the early hours, and by 4:00 at 80 degrees, and so a little warm into the afternoon and probably today is the best day to check out the santa clara county fair and that kicks off at 10:00. our temperatures will rise to 80 degrees and then cool down for the evening. we're at 71 degrees, and you can beat some of the clouds, too, before the weekend. oakland will see a high of 72.
5:51 am
up to 83 in livermore, one of the warmer spots will be antioch reaching 87 degrees. as we go into the weekend we will start to feel warmer temperatures moving in, as this storm system moves off towards the north and east away from the pacific northwest. it's going to allow for the high pressure to roll back in and heat up our inland valleys. we do keep the coastal fog, so at least that will provide some places where we get our natural air-conditioning. here's a look at the high temperature today reaching 84 degrees in some of the valleys. you can see our temperatures will be heading up and then back down for the middle of next week. our temperatures peak on saturday and in san francisco we're staying in the 60s there with breezy winds and early morning fog each day. vianey is tracking the roads before you step out the door. we have a couple issues, but i want to get started by saying the east is doing okay, the peninsula is doing okay driving
5:52 am
to the city, and it's the south bay we are starting to notice some delays, but the crash on 280 and meridian, that was cleared out and i am assuming the tow truck helped clear that out. westbound 80, the bay bridge toll lights are on, and back to you. >> thank you, vianey. puerto rico may have some protest, and this week the outgoing governor made a controversial choice for his replacement, and it sets up a battle for legislative leaders who are not sold on his selection. more infant sleepers are being recalled for safety reasons, and we'll show you
5:53 am
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we know you can always find our team on social media, and bob redell throwing it back with this video on twitter for the reporting of the gumby exhibit. you can follow him on twitter and instagram. >> did you have that? >> i did not. my mom said no. >> that would be a good throwback picture. and then more than 100 million were impacted by the capital one data breach. the lawyer says his firm wants to hold capital one accountable. >> companies are obligated to the extent they collect sensitive information of consumers to maintain, that information should be as secure as possible environment.
5:57 am
>> we learned a hacker exposed customer information including social security and bank account numbers, and experts say if you were affected you should freeze your credit. parents of baby need to hear this. there's a recall on two infant sleepers right now. we will put them on your screen, it's the disney baby doe bass annette. the manufacture is citing safety concerns with inclining sleep projects as the reason, and deaths are linked to other brands. babies can rollover when they are not properly retrained. a robot that looks like a cockroach could soon be saving lives. researchers at uc berkeley are
5:58 am
making it a reality after looking at this small robot that can help during search and rescue missions like after earthquakes, and they will be able to squeeze and squish into debris where humans and dogs can't go. >> that's interesting. 5:58 for you right now. makeup not just for ladies now, and some people would say i am wearing some right now. >> yeah, tv people do. >> i do wear the block so i don't shine. >> and men's makeup is becoming a booming business in the uk. 1 in 20 men in that country say they frequently wear makeup. one company that specifically makes makeup for men said it has seen a 36% month on month growth
5:59 am
for sales since launching last november. here's the ceo. >> people are seeing that men are confident enough to do so. it has helped them to overcome their own security as well. >> we explore why men wear makeup and when, some are wearing it at private at home, and some are wearing it on a date and sometimes at work. >> there are more and more male beauty bloggers out there, and so they are finding it. i am finding some of the makeup stores in makeup chains they are hiring more attendants that are male, and they have full makeup on. >> it's interesting, and i have seen some of the videos and they transform themselves. you are, like, and you do it
6:00 am
with just -- >> yeah, and they look way better than me. >> they can make their nose look this small or that big and their checks -- it's art. >> yeah. almost 6:00 right now, and women in the workplace can soon be as fashionable as the duchess of sussex. >> meghan markle is partnering with a fashion brand designer and department stores to develop a line of women's work wear, and proceeds benefit a charity helping unemployed and vulnerable women entering the workforce. for each item purchased by one customer, one is donated to a charity. the collection is due out later this year. it's 6:00, and i.c.e. protest arrests. police in san francisco breaking up i.c.e. protests overnight, and some arrested and why this was déjà vu for some. >> we


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