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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 1, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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with just -- >> yeah, and they look way better than me. >> they can make their nose look this small or that big and their checks -- it's art. >> yeah. almost 6:00 right now, and women in the workplace can soon be as fashionable as the duchess of sussex. >> meghan markle is partnering with a fashion brand designer and department stores to develop a line of women's work wear, and proceeds benefit a charity helping unemployed and vulnerable women entering the workforce. for each item purchased by one customer, one is donated to a charity. the collection is due out later this year. it's 6:00, and i.c.e. protest arrests. police in san francisco breaking up i.c.e. protests overnight, and some arrested and why this was déjà vu for some. >> we cnoteep the republican
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talking points on this. you have got to stop. >> another democratic debate for the democrats divided on issues like immigration and health care. who stood out and how the frontrunners faired. >> plus -- >> we are live in gilroy as the community continues to remember the victims of this week's mass shooting. we will tell you what is going on tonight. "today in the bay" continues right now. a very good thursday morning to you, the first day of august. thank you for joining us. i am laura garcia. >> already in august, wow. i am marcus washington. we will look at the commute looking up this morning, and first let's look at the forecast. kari, how is it looking? >> it's going to be another beautiful day, and we are going to have more sunshine once the early clouds clear out. let's look out there as you gget
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ready to head out the door. in martinez, not in the 90s yet but we can enjoy one last mild weekend before it heats up this weekend. 81 today in napa. we will talk about that hotter weekend forecast for you, and vianey has a couple issues you need to know about. it's 6:00 a.m., you heard me right, it's 6:00 a.m. and the traffic is building. but good news, the crash along the south bay has cleared at meridian avenue, but now we have a new crash that popped up on 680, and one thing slowing us down are all the bridges. there it goes, just changed, live updates right here, ten minutes on the reufichmond brid. a live look in dublin, building commutes, but no slow spots. no crashes in the tri-valley, and now back to you. busy night for police as they broke up protests against
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i.c.e. last night involving dozens of people and protests that have been going on for nearly two days. >> pete suratos joins us with new video. a lot of activity overnight there, pete? >> reporter: yeah, that's right. good morning to you, guys. in the past couple of moments the streets here have re-opened and those protests have cleared out. there was a lot of activity this morning, and it was a much different scene earlier this morning. >> because they are undocumented and terrified. yet they are still fighting for their future. >> reporter: sfpd clearing out folks around 1:30 a.m. who were taking part in the i.c.e. protest near the i.c.e. headquarters. the protesters have been here since july 30th, so a couple days now demanding officials abolish i.c.e. and close down the detention centers outside the borders, and they were
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tkhaurpblg tkhaurpb charged with illegal lodging. one adult remains in custody and will be booked on one count of resisting arrest. as we take you back out here live at the scene where it's cleared up for the most part, and we will have more in the next half hour. live here in san francisco, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> thank you. immigration, of course, one of the top issues discussed at the debate stage in detroit last night. it was night two of the democratic debate. >> there were two targets, former vice president biden and president trump. tracie potts joins us live from washington with some of the highlights. >> you might want to add california senator kamala harris to the list as well because she certainly took some lumps in this debate, and it took a bit to recover from some of them, but biden was a clear target for
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his opponents and so was president trump. democrats brought a united message about re-electing president trump. he has to be a single-term president. >> the best impeachment i beating him in the election of 2020. >> the candidates turned on each other, and kamala harris w. >> you are dipping into the kool-aid and you don't even know the flavor. >> we cannot work this out. the time is up and our house is on fire? >> >> mr. vice president, it looks like one of us has learned lessons from the past and one hasn't. >> on working women -- >> what did you mean when you said when a woman works outside
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the home it's a deterioration of family. >> vice president biden was in the united states working with the senate to oppose bussing. >> there were two segregated areas in the country, and i didn't see a single solitary time she brought a case against them to desegregate them. >> debate three is set for september. debate three in houston is going to have different rules. these candidates are going to have to step it up because the democratic party is doubling the requirements to qualify for that debate, they have to have twice as many donors and twice as much support in the polls. >> marcus? >> we will see who makes it to the top and the next debate. thank you. gilroy continues to pray for the strength to move forward
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four days after a gunman shattered the community sense of safety, a local church hosted a vigil last night, and another vigil takes place tonight downtown. kris sanchez joins us with more on the memorial and how festivalgoers can get things back from the festival when they had to flee for their lives. >> reporter: they are trying to get back to normal and trying to remember the lives lost, and today it will be helpful for the purpose, the vigil happening in downtown gilroy tonight. a similar one was held last night drawing some 2,000 members and other folks from around the community in gilroy and beyond. some of the people who showed up to pray were also at the gilroy festival when the gunman showed up. outside the t-shirt shop selling those gilroy strong shirts we found two sisters who were separated from each other and
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the dad when the gunfire started, and their dad was the last to comfort the 13-year-old girl, one of the three that was killed. >> he said you are going to be okay. you are going to be okay -- uh, sorry. he said, we have to help her, and everybody was just running. >> reporter: any festival goer who had to leave things behind when they were fleeing, they will have to give a description of an item to be picked up at a later date, and you just can't show up and pick it up. and you can also fill out a form on the fbi website. i put a link to the information about the vigil on my facebook page and twitter feed, and that's where you can find the information on how to buy the
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gilroy strong items. >> you are seeing more and more people wearing those in the south bay. thank you. coming up at 6:45 this morning, we will take you back live to downtown gilroy where the president of the city chamber of commerce will speak to us about tonight's candlelight vigil. you can get an up close look at a mule that recently sparked a national debate. it's a mural of george washington and it shows him at different points in his life, but critics point out it includes images of slaves working at his home and a dead native american, and it was decided to paint over the mural, but today there could be a free public viewing of the mural between 1:00 and 3:00 this afternoon. plans up if you are hitting the international swim center in
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santa clara will be closed for the rest of the summer, and the public pool on patricia drive is used for several professional and olympic teams. >> what about the temperatures for swimming today? >> not there, and probably not anywhere in the bay area today. maybe over the weekend when we have hotter weather coming our way. we have clouds this morning and then will see the clouds clearing in the south bay, and then making into it low 80s which is seasonable. here's the high temperatures today, east bay up to 76 while san francisco in the upper 60s while the north bay reaching 83 degrees. vianey has a heads up for the drivers. we have a crash clear up in the south bay, and that's working to catch up in terms of
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traffic delays in through meridian avenue, and chp is reporting another crash along 680, northbound 680, it could be a semi versus a car situation. they are not reporting any major injuries and i am not noticing big delays in terms of the speed sensors, and so people tend to slow down to see what is going on. a live look in san jose along 101, both sides moving along just fine. back to you. >> thank you. a new meaning this morning for the saying sleeping with the fishes. >> president trump says that big interest rate cut is not enough, and wall street not happy either. we will take a look when "today in the bay" continues. - hey, mike.
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right now at 6:14 we have a cool view of the clouds rolling over walnut creek this morning. as you get ready to step out the door, we have temperatures in the low 60s that will lead in the upper 70s today by the early afternoon. enjoy the cooler weather while it lasts. we have hotter temperatures for the weekend, more on that in less than five minutes. look at those drive times. westbound 80 towards the bay
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bridge less than 20 minutes. i will have a look at how the rest of the bay area is doing coming up. very good morning, and happy thursday as well. san francisco's lyft said it will pull electricity bikes off the street of san francisco after two bikes caught fire, apparently a problem with the batteries. the markets are hoping for a turn around, take a look at this after they plunged wednesday after the fed cut interest rates for the first time since the 2009 recession. you might think investors were unnerved because rate cuts are a sign the fed is nervous about another recession, but stocks fell because investors did not think the fed cut rates enough. and president trump tweeted, powell let us down. president trump himself chose
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powell to lead the federal reserve. president trump was pushing for a rate cut and he got one but it was not enough. the fed is suppose to cut rates because the inflation was not high enough. let's go to that age-old question, what does it mean for me? the answer is little to nothing. you may have way higher interest rates on your credit cards, and mortgage rates are not directly related, and after all it's only a quarter percent. and all those people that signed up for money to get money from equifax may not get as much as they hoped. you can get free credit monitoring or $125, and most took the money, and the key phrase is "up to," and so the more people that asked for money
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means less for each person. 147 million people were hurt, and that's 1 out of every 2 americans. >> i was one of them. >> me, too. >> i wasn't. i was kind of surprised. >> but for those of us, and i d. you know, i typed in i deserve something out of this as well, and if everybody does that, if every person affected does that, it ends up to about 21 cents per person. >> thank you. new this morning, sweet dreams are made of seaweed if you love visiting the monterey bay aquarium. mark your calendars for this one. there's an adult sleepover to honor the aquariums 35th anniversary. the event will include games, sunday bar, games, a photo booth and tickets start at $150.
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you have to be 21 years old. they have a lot of kid camp sleepovers there, which is always fun for the kids, but interesting. >> an adult sleepover. >> being 21, that steps up the situation. >> keep it clean. let's look at what we can expect outside, because it's going to be a nice one? >> yeah, great today, and still nice and cool. as we go into the weekend it will start to heat up. let's get a look out there at our cool and refreshing shot of san francisco on this first day of fogust. we will have a wide range of temperatures from san francisco and the coast and all the way to the bay area. dublin, starting out in the 50s and mostly clear skies and then into the 70s by the early afternoon. check out the 7-day forecast at the bottom of the screen as we
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look at the high temperatures for the day, 81 in napa. palo alto, a high of 78 degrees with low 80s in livermore today. we are kicking off the santa clara county fair. today may be the best day to go in terms of our temperatures, and you may be able to beat the clouds, too. it will cool off quickly from the mid-70s to 71 degrees at 7:00. you see the two tropical systems out in the pacific, and eric is going to stay south of the hawaiian islands, but over the next few days we will watch flossy. it's not showing as an intense of a storm as the original forecast, so even though it mov moves directly over the hawaiian islands, it will bring rain and
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gusting winds. we will have more updates on that over the next few days. inland valleys, up to 93 on sunday as we heat things up and then cooling down by the middle of next week, back down into the lower 80s. san francisco not seeing as much of a change there, and we will have clouds and fog throughout times over the weekend, and then sunshine in the afternoon. we're starting to slowdown as expected. it's normal for around the 6:30 hour. overall look at the bay area, we are doing pretty well. i do have a look at the tri-valley drive times. westbound 580, you are looking at 24 minutes from grant line road. westbound 84 to 680, 13 minutes. a live look at some of the bridges. san mateo bridge, those metering
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lights are on at the bay bridge. but we're doing pretty good. back to you. >> thank you. next, new limits on youth sports. the rules governing your kids that just became law in california. first, kari's son celebrating the last week before school starts. he'll be heading into second grade, oh, the good old days, second grade, mrs. king's class. follow kari on her social media platforms. she's got so much to share with you. it's 6:21.
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governor gavin newsom is defending the california's wildfire presrepbtions while going after trump. he said he is getting the state ready for the wildfire season by adding more resources for the sta state. the new executive order includes 400 more firefighters. pg&e now revealed it missed a key opportunity that could have prevented the deadly fire, the butte fire. they acknowledged during the month leading up to the fire the inspectors climbed 80 towers in the area but did not climb the
6:25 am
tower where the fire started. when a worn steel hook holding up the voltage line snapped, that fire was the most devastating in the state's history killing at least 85 people. this jail in downtown oakland could soon house the homeless. alameda county is making an offer to lease the jail from oakland. the jail is slated to close due to budget reasons. your son's football practice could be limited to 30 minutes a day twice a week. before those practiced could go as long as 90 minutes. medical professionals also need to be at all games and will have the authority to remove players that show signs of being injured. football season is here, and happening today you could watch the first pre-season game, the hall of fame game right here on nbc bay area.
6:26 am
denver broncos taking on the atlanta falcons in canton, ohio. we will have the news at 4:30 and the game starts at 5:00 and then you can stay for more news after that game. okay google, the tech giant's plan for the south bay expansion heads to court, and the key issue is the political reason for the delay in the hearing. people united, we'll never be divided! >> back to our big story in san francisco, demonstrators fled as police moved in overnight. the issue these people were protesting and where the scene stands right now. you are watching "today in the bay."
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♪ ♪ see how investing with a j.p. morgan advisor can help you. visit your local chase branch. live look outside. sfo this morning, coming or going, you want to know the forecast. it's the first day of august. >> we want to head over to kari hall keeping us up-to-date. >> let's start with our inland forecast getting you out the door in brentwood. starting the day in the low 60s and sunny skies throughout the
6:30 am
day. by early afternoon we will warm it up in brentwood, 82 degrees, but today's forecast overall looks seasonable with the south bay high temperatures reaching into the low 80s. we will see mid-70s in the peninsula. the tri-valley up to 84 degrees. for san francisco we're going to stay in the upper 60s while the north bay reaching 83 degrees. the weekend forecast is coming up in about six minutes. vianey has a look at the morning commute. how does it look as drivers get out on the roads? >> we had a couple fender benders in the south bay, but now westbound 80 towards the bay bridge, you are looking at 17 minutes. i have an update on how your mass transit is doing. bart is showing no delays, the
6:31 am
ferry also showing no reported delays at this time. new overnight police in san francisco break up a protest against i.c.e. involving dozens of people. >> it's a protest that has been going on for nearly two days now, and pete suratos is in the district to show us new video from overnight. pretty active there, pete? >> reporter: yeah, sfpd actually opening the streets near washington street in the past few minutes, and it was active earlier but now it's a much different scene, so we want to show you that video from early. >> i am here for my students whoever day are fighting! >> reporter: things are all clear now, guys, and police clearing out folks around 1:30 a.m. earlier this morning that were taking part in the i.c.e. protest here on washington street near the i.c.e. headquarters. a group of protesters had been here since july 30th demanding officials to abolish ice and close down the detention centers
6:32 am
at the border. many were issued several warnings to remove their equipment, and some were cited but one adult is still in custody and booked on one count of resisting arrest. i want to show you a video from last year. we were there back on july 8th after police cleared out an encampment in the same area when they were speaking out on the issue of family separation, and that lasted a week before the police cleared it out. the incident is still an active investigation. we're live in san francisco, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> thank you. 6:32 right now. happening today, expect added security measures when the santa clara county fair begins following the deadly rampage in
6:33 am
gilroy, the sheriff's office yesterday reassured everybody safety will be a top priority. added security measures are already in place, and two bay area county fares are getting under way today, and security will be much tighter at the sonoma county fair. and there will be patrols added around the parameter of the fair grounds. and the fate of two men on trial for the ghost fire. >> reporter: the jury did have questions about the language regarding building permits, specifically if property manager, tenant and leaseholder, if those terms are interchangeable. this is relevant because one of the defendants was a tenant and his codefendant was considered
6:34 am
to be his number two in command of the property. one of the defense attorneys tells nbc bay area that this is a good sign the jury is scrutinizing the evidence. both men face charges of involuntary manslaughter for the deaths of 36 men and women that died in that fire in december of 2016. if the jury convicts them on all counts, each man could spend up to 39 years behind bars. >> i'm so glad to have had this trial and i am grateful for the attorneys and the jury. >> they have paid attention and taken notes. it's in their hands now. >> reporter: the jury continues deliberations at 9:30 this morning. whatever they decide, their decision must be unanimous. reporting live, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> we will bring that live right here on nbc bay area as it happens. new overnight developments
6:35 am
in the international case of two marin county teenagers accused of stabbing and killing an italian police officer. we show you the father of one of the teenagers. elder participated in fight nights while he was in high school. we tried to reach out from elder's mother from the sidewalk in front of her home yesterday. >> i asked you not to film, please. >> we are on the sidewalk. can we ask you a couple questions? can we ask you a couple questions, ma'am? >> i have no comment. >> italian police say the stabbing happened after the police officer was investigating a drug deal gone wrong. the battle over google's planned mega campus in downtown san jose is expected to take center stage in court today. that's where a judge will hear arguments about the nontkeuz closer agreement made between the city and google. two public interest groups claim
6:36 am
the agreement lack transparency. originally a hearing over the deal was supposed to take place on monday but opponents asked to replace the judge due to his close ties to the major, and that request was granted. even though cal train is on track to raise fares, they still want your feedback. the base fare is expected to go up half a dollar. a public hearing will be held at 9:00 in san carlos to morning, and the final vote expected next month. green on my map doesn't mean rain, it means go. we have a couple regular morning commutes in the south bay, but i have a crash to tell you about. this one in san francisco, eastbound 80, it's causing
6:37 am
delays, and this is also the bay bridge, so it's expected to be busy this morning. overall happy to report your mass transit are showing no reported delays this morning, and your east bay drive times, the one area that is slowing a bit is southbound 680 to vargas road, about 15 minutes. >> looks pretty good. >> let's look into the weekend where people have plans. >> we are still going to have a cool coast and some hot inland temperatures. this is a look at saturday's forecast reaching into the low 90s, and then as we go into sunday we're still going to have the low 90s and the bay area reaching 82, and 60s for the coast. this weekend i will be at the fremont festival of the arts giving away free ice cream with our treat truck, and that's
6:38 am
happening in fremont on saturday from noon to 3:00 in the afternoon. we're still going to have nice weather for that and continuing throughout the day. then tomorrow we're kicking off pleasanton's 125th anniversary celebrating downtown from 3:00 to 9:00 in the afternoon. it will be warm to start but as we go into the evening, the winds will pick up and it will cool off nicely for all the activities going on there. there's also a back-to-school rally festival happening in oakland, and we will have workshops there, and we will have free school supplies as we get ready for school to start in oakland at city hall from the morning to early afternoon. if you are planning to go to napa this weekend, expect upper 80s and low 90s go into the weekend. we'll have a look at today's temperature trend coming up in three minutes. >> thanks, kari. coming up here on "today in the bay," two shootings overnight, one in san francisco and the other in contra costa
6:39 am
county. details coming up. we will talk live to the organizer of the vigil tonight to owner the victims of the gilroy garlic festival shooting coming up. introducing togo's new hot chicken sandwiches.
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right now at 6:41, let's head outside in san jose and get a look outside as the sun comes up and the clouds roll in. we have a beautiful view and start to this thursday morning. evergreen will start in the low 50s and reaching low 80s today. we are seeing it a little cooler than normal, and we will look at a hotter weekend forecast in less than five minutes. a live look right now in san jose. a smooth commute there, and
6:42 am
drive times looking standard for this morning. no big accidents to report and i will look at the bridges coming up. 6:41 right now. new overnight police in antioch investigating a late-night deadly shooting. this is new video of the scene. it happened near 18th and kau sraul yo road at about 10:30 last night. the man that died was in his 20s. police have not made any arrests and we do not know what led up to the shooting, and this is antioch's sixth shooting this year, and five more than last year. >> the shooting happened at 10:30 last night on mission and cesar chavez. one witness said he just got off a bus when he heard what he thought were firecrackers. >> we need to stop having guns in the city because people are getting hurt and hurt and people are losing their lives.
6:43 am
>> police are asking anybody who may have seen something or have video of what happened that can help police, they are asking you to call san francisco police. the president nominated a new u.s. ambassador to the united nations. >> the president tweeted this morning, marcus, he would like to move kelly kraft from her current position as u.s. ambassador to canada to u.s. ambassador to the u.n. she has been key in renegotiating nafta. she told the cbc she believes both sides are true, the scientist that say humans caused it as are the scientist that doubt climate change. and then the second republican said he wanted to leave on his own terms.
6:44 am
he played football at the high school memorialized by "friday night lights." in the last 14 days, you have republicans from indiana, georgia, utah, michigan, and a republican congressman from pennsylvania did the same earlier this year. president trump has added cnn's don lemon of the list of people he attacked this week calling him dumb. the president travels to ohio for a political rally in ohio. the u.s. slapped sanctions on the spokesperson for the iran government, and he went to college in san francisco, and he responded, of course i am the iran spokesperson, and he's
6:45 am
literally his job. he was the one who agreed to the original iran deal as well. he's been friendly enough to the u.s. he is getting pressure from conservatives in iran who accuse him of being too cozy with the u.s. i will update you on twitter on the happenings in washington, and you can follow me. the shooting in gilroy left three people dead, and this morning at rutger elementary school, festivalgoers will be able to pick up what they left behind, but they have to give a detailed description. >> this morning we are joined by
6:46 am
the organizer of tonight's vigil. his name is mark turner and he's the president of gilroy's chamber of commerce. i know a lot of planning goes into this and it's so nice that it has been great to see the community coming together, all these local business leaders. >> it has been. good morning and thank you, we appreciate the opportunity to share about the vigil tonight. you are right, there's a lot of work that goes into this and i want people to understand while the gilroy chamber of commerce is involved in helping it's primarily being driven by the downtown gilroy association, and we are assisting in that effort and a lot of people are coming together to make this happen. the vigil will be taking place tonight at 7:00 p.m. >> mark, i know a lot people want to come out and be part of something bigger because they just want to do something. what message do you want to send to people about tonight's event?
6:47 am
>> yeah, i think what is important to know is that this is just part of the process, and these vigils occur for different reasons for different people, and it's part of what we are doing tonight, and the theme is that we need to be here together. we are hoping people will come out. for some this will be the beginning of the healing process, and for others they just need to be with people, and for some others it's a matter of trying to process what happened this past sunday and figure out where we go from here. i think the thing about it is what we are seeing is that the community is indeed coming together, and people are encouraging one another and lifting one another up and praying for one another and assisting one another. we are getting calls every day about what can i do? how can i contribute? what can i give to the cause, especially to help the families and victims, not to mention the vendors, and there are so many vendors stranded that need help.
6:48 am
but our first responders, i police officers and fire personnel that were active that day and tried to get people to safety, a lot of them are still at the park working night and day and they are totally exhausted. we can't be more thankful to them for the work they are continuing to do out there to make sure that the public and the residents here feel safe. >> you know, it has been lovely to see the way people are trying to give in their own way. you have business owners that own restaurants that are helping to feed the first responders, and little kids with lemonade stands doing their part to raise proceeds, and the shirts, the wrist bands now, and everybody in their own way and that's a beautiful sentiment of the community down there, mark. >> it really is. especially those kids with the lemonade stands, we see them as future business leaders, and we love the entrepreneurialism that comes out from everybody, and people, as you said, people are
6:49 am
making shirts and selling them and donating that, and one of the main areas people can donate is the gilroy foundation that is collecting money to help the families and the victims, and business leaders and restaurants, they are finding some way to give back and be a help to the community. the business community has responded well to this as have so many residents. >> thank you very much, mark. remain strong down there. i know it's a tough time. just to recap, tonight's vigil is open to the public. it starts at 7:00 p.m. downtown gilroy, right off of fifth street and monterey road. it's easy to get to. they will sell the gilroy strong t-shirts for $20 and all the proceeds go to the victims and their families. going to something like that, it helps in the healing for a lot of people and it's a sense of community. >> yeah, people going through the same thing and going through
6:50 am
it together and encouraging each other. >> and talking to the kids about it, too. there are lessons to be learned. >> yeah, gilroy strong. 6:49 for you right now. we want to get a check of the commute for you, and i know a lot of people are heading out. before we get to that we want to go to the weather, and people are getting ready, what should they wear because it's starts off cool? >> starts off cool, and then warming up. we start out with a few clouds. let's get the live look outside in san franci misting and drizzling. we have the temperatures in the low 50s there as you get ready to head out the door. for the north bay at 8:00 in sonoma, we are at 60 degrees and then lunchtime, 72 degrees, and you might want to eat lunch in a restaurant that has an outdoor area, and then it starts to warm up a little bit but not too bad. here's a look at the live
6:51 am
cameras and high temperatures for the microclimate. south bay reaching up to 81 degrees, and the peninsula will reach in the upper 70s and the tri-valley up to 84. and walnut creek, the high temperature for the bay will be up to 76. for the north bay up to 83, and san francisco in the 60s. we will have the upper 60s at the a's game, and the first pitch 66 degrees, mostly sunny and breezy throughout the day. as we go into the weekend we are going to have slight changes, so the area of low pressure that brought us cool weather throughout the week starts to move away and high pressure makes its way closer to the bay area, and we will still have the coastal fog so that will keep it cool for the beaches while the valleys will be a little hotter for the next few days. looking at our forecast, we go from the mid-80s today to the low 90s by saturday, and that's also when our temperatures peak.
6:52 am
going into next week, we start a gradual cooldown by wednesday and cooler than where we will be today. for san francisco, we are going to see at times clouds and fog and highs staying in the 60s. vianey is tracking the roads and it's getting busier as we approach sev approach 7:00. >> we are still dealing with delays and a crash along the eastbound side of 80, which is bay bridge. there are delays on the bridge itself, but it looks like we will clear it out and should be okay in the next couple of minutes or so. southbound 101 from van ness to sfo, 13 minutes. southbound 101 to bowers avenue, 20 minutes. your tri-valley drive times, they are doing okay as well.
6:53 am
a live look right now using our dublin camera, you can see it's moving along just fine. back to you. >> thank you so much. 6:52. happening now, puerto rico bracing for possible protests ahead of a special session to choose a new leader. outgoing governor leaves tomorrow and this week made a controversial choice for his replacement. that set up a battle for leaders that are not sold on that selection. we will look at the top stories including i.c.e. protests arrest. >> they are undocumented and they are terrified. >> police in san francisco broke up a protest outside i.c.e. headquarters overnight, and we will look at their message and why this was déjà vu for some. you got to stop. >> another dramatic debate for the democrats divided on issues
6:54 am
like immigration and health care. who stood out and how the frontrunners faired. a complete analysis at 7:00 on the "today" show. we have much more coming up on "today in the bay" in just a bit.
6:55 am
6:56 am
welcome back on this thursday morning. before you head out this morning, the top stories we are following on "today in the bay." >> the financial district, dozens of people protesting i.c.e. clashed with police. >> i am here for my students whoever dwho every day are fighting! >> police clearing out the
6:57 am
people near the i.c.e. headquarters. the group of protesters have been there since july 30th demanding officials to abolish i.c.e. and close down on the detention centers at the border. the group was involved in illegal lodging according to the police, and they were issued several warnings to remove tents, and six adults and one juvenile were cited and released on the scene but one adult remains in custody. police broke up a similar protest this time last year. jury deliberations resume this morning on the ghost ship warehouse fire trial. the jurors indicated they already had two questions regarding testimony. the nine women and three men will decide if the defendants are guilty of involuntary manslaughter. the two men face up to 39 years in prison if they are convicted. when the verdict comes down we will push that news to your phone and break into programming
6:58 am
here on nbc bay area. if you are at work you can live stream our app at as well. a follow-up on a story you first saw here on nbc bay area, the fight over renaming cesar chavez academy. there's talk of dropping the late civil rights leader's name. critics say that this disrespect the memory of an icon. a community meeting begins tonight at 6:30. an observant witness helped to crack a string of recent home burglaries. police arrested this man and women, and officers earlier responded to a home burglary call where the witnesses described the thieves and their car, and the police located that car later and pulled it over and found items from the recent
6:59 am
burglaries. and then electric vehicles tend to have low theft rates. the car least likely to be stolen is the bmw 3 series, and the honda civic is the most stolen vehicle. >> i keep leaving the keys in that van. >> that's part of the reason why, you have cameras and they are easily tracked. >> yeah. >> it's a short joyride. we are getting ready to head out with the inland areas reaching mid-80s today and then heating up for the weekend. not as hot as last weekend. san francisco staying in the 60s. hope your tesla is charged up if you are going on the bridges, they are slowing down a bit, but the rest of the area doing okay. we will look at the bridge drive
7:00 am
times, and the red looks a little more dramatic. >> yeah. that's what is happening on "today in the bay," and we're back at 7:25 with a local news update. ♪ good morning, shots fired. mr. vice president, you can't have it both ways. it looks like one of has learned the lessons of the past and one of us hasn't. >> if you want to be president of the united states you need to be able to answer the tough questions. >> the candidates pile on joe biden in night two of the democratic debate, the former vice president standing his ground. >> everybody's talking about how terrible i am on these issues. barack obama knew exactly who i was. >> just ahead, did the debate change the race? breaking overnight, a massive gas explosion rocked a small kentucky community. witnesses say it felt like a bomb


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