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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  August 3, 2019 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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injured, some critically. the gunman was taken into custody. he's identified as 21 year old patrick crucias from allen, texas. the attacks began around 10:30 a.m. at a walmart. tonight a lot of people in the beginning stages of shock, grief, disbelief. >> doo, doo, doo, doo. and then i said yes, people were running inside, saying there was a shooter. >> it was loud boxes being drop or something. and it got closer and closer, and when they went inside, when it got louder. >> investigators say the shooter posted some sort of manifesto online before the shooting. it is being characterized as anti-immigration, anticorporation. he said he had these feelings prior to the trump administration. >> hurry up, hurry up! >> this video shows the frantic
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moments as people escaped to safety. you can hear people yelling, get out of the store, right away. >> as shots rang out inside the store people ducked and took cover wherever they could. one person hid under a table. we want to warn you that what you are about to hear may be disturbing. you can see one person taking cover in this video. you hear the gunshots in the background. there were several people inside the walmart when those shots rang out. many people said they were going back to school shopping at the time. president trump reacting this afternoon. he tweeted this, calling the shooting terrible and pledging the federal government's full support. >> an impassioned tweet from governor newsom raids agaeads a. on sunday it was gilroy, today it was el paso. our movie theaters, our classrooms, our homes. this is an epidemic. this is a crisis.
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treat it like one. we need the senate to act now. >> we've been following this tragedy in el paso all day. we'll continue to bring you more information throughout the night and the weekend on our twitter account. we've actually posted a break down of other mass shootings over the past few years. our twitter handle @nbc bay area. the shooting comes less than a week after the shooting at the garlic festival. that community is still trying to heal. we're joined live from gilroy with reaction to the el paso shooting. roz? >> reporter: folks here have barely had time to begin the process of halinealing. the #gilroy strong banner is front and center as people go throughout their daily lives. it's a reminder of the tragedy here less than a week ago. people were out and about, trying to do errands and do shopping and regain some sense
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of normalcy, but news of another mass shooting left them first with disbelief and then sadness. >> my first reaction because we're hearing gilroy, is oh, no, not again. something's got to be done about this. whether it's gun control or mental health. more mental health help, but it definitely needs to be addressed. because their is just terrible. >> my heart like hurts for them, because like nobody should have to go through this, especially so sudden. it's like you just go into walmart to get like daily things. you don't expect for that to happen. and it's just like it hurts, like a lot. >> reporter: meanwhile, a large portion of christmas hill park remains a crime scene. it is shut down as law enforcement officers continue documenting and collecting evidence as part of their investigation. now tonight the san jose earthquakes will be honoring the victims first with a silent auction then a moment of silence
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during the game. and the players will wear black arm bands to memorialize the victims. we're live in gilroy, roz plater, nbc bay area news. in watsonville today, a ceremony to remember the victims of the garlic festival. it happened at the watsonville strawberry festival which is similar but smaller than the garlic festival. they paused to send love and support toveryone affected by the tragedy. one of those killed was a 13 year old, clay salazar. she would have turned 14 tomorrow. the vigil will take place in san jose in about 30 minutes. more officers and more surveillance. fremont has beefed up security for this weekend's free outdoor festival. festival of the arts draws nearly 400,000 people. police are bringing in undercover officers, steel barricades, a surveillance tower and more. festival goers say that extra security allows them to relax
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and have fun. >> you don't have to worry about your back because there's so many looking out for you. they even have a tower, a tower looking out, so i'm sure on a moment's notice they can take care of any emergency. >> event organizers will be collecting donations for the victims of the gilroy shooting which include the honey ladies. a husband wife team were shot and injured, they were supposed to be at the fremont festival this weekend. hundreds of firefighters are still battling fires that broke out between clayton and brentwood. it's burning off marsh creek road. but it was a scary night for people who had to evacuate and shelter in place. firefighters gave us an update, and they're getting a good handle on these fires. >> reporter: yeah, that's right. they're telling us now, 75% contained. but, as you can imagine, neighbors in the area a little bit shake p up. one remembers a fire in the general area this time last
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year. on this side of the fence there is a mobile home community. and if we can swing over there, you can see the hills that burned. neighbors evacuated and say they saw more fires on the way out. overnight, 911 calls came in about a fire burning near marsh creek road in a rural area in eastern contra costa county. >> he says you have to get out. >> reporter: cheryl pounds says she woke up to banging at her door in the mobile home community. >> when i went to leave, here i saw way over there. it's scary. >> my husband's yelling fire, fire, and people waking up and saying oh, my god, thank you for waking us up. and it was like gridlock parking lot here. >> reporter: she took this picture before she decided to leave with her husband steve. >> we saw in the distance the glowing. and it was starting to get bigger and bigger. we thought oh, no. >> reporter: neighbors sheltered in place as firefighters fought
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multiple fires from the ground and the air. >> at least 12 fires after 3:00 a.m. that broke out. a majority of them burned together into three, to three larger fires. >> reporter: within hours, they made progress. no homes were dammed. >> anytime there's multiple fires burning in the same area at the same time it becomes a big priority to investigate what and how those fires started. >> i have kept saying to myself every time i see a crisis on tv that oh, i better get prepared, but you keep putting it off and keep putting it off. and you don't realize in that split second like this morning how important that is. >> reporter: and, again, those latest numbers that we have from cal fire, 655 acres burned, 75% contained. i did want to mention that one firefighter did suffer a newspaper-life-threatening injury. we're told he was taken to a medical center and evaluated for a heat-related illness. christie smith, nbc bay area
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news. the warm weekend conditions will keep firefighters on high alert. meteorologist rob mayeda is tracking those changes for us >> it's the east bay hills, we're seeing temperatures in the 90s. the fog reducing fire danger at the coast and inner bay. but let's take a look at the diablo range and santa cruz mountains. this is typically the driest type of year when it comes to what's available to burn on those hillsides. it's slightly above average and a little below the maximum dryness that we can see for this time of year. you couple that with temperatures hot as the upper 90s earlier. 39 near clayton. humidity levels 29%. it's still pretty dry. and look how the temperatures continue to stay warm all the way through 11:00 tonight. we'll see 70 degree temperatures in the hills. not a lot of wind right now. that is the one component to watch as we wrap up the weekend. we're going to see some cooling, but the wind speeds could be picking up.
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we'll talk more about the cool down on the way and the full wind speeds in the forecast in about ten minutes. a fire that threatened homes in san jose is now contained. we captured these pictures right here from one of our live cameras. fires started near 2:30 this afternoon. they did damage a fence. fire burned 2.5 acres. roads in the area are still closed. when conditions are ripe for fires, our nbc bay area app comes in handy. best part it is free. it gives you a layout of temperatures across the bay area. a hit-and-run involving a police officer at gee and fifth streets. a toyota crashed into the door of a police car. police detained one of the passengers, but the driver and other passengers took off running. the officer was rushed to the hospital after suffering head and neck injuries. luckily, that officer is doing just fine and was released from the hospital this morning.
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a standoff that lasted more than 24 hours on the peninsula is finally over. you see the police scene in that video right there. palo alto police say they've taken the suspect safely into custody and recovered a handgun he had. it started around noon yesterday, involving a man suspected of domestic violence. s.w.a.t. teams spent all day and all night at a house on tennessee lane. police say they talked to the man on and off throughout the night, but he didn't come out until early afternoon. police say the female victim is safe. the father of one of the bay area men accused of killing an italian police officer is expected to speak publicly tonight. elder just returned to the bay area after visiting his son finnegan elder who remains in prison in rome. he confessed to stabbing a police officer a week ago after a drug deal gone wrong. elder's friend is also implicated in the crime. tonight ethan elder and the
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family lawyer are expected to speak outside the family's home at 7:00 p.m. we will bring you the very latest at 11:00. the power is back on, but what happened? the outage at john wayne airport that impacted travelers, including some from the bay area. a good time to ferry into san francisco. when you can take advantage of it, and for how long. at at&t we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet. we've created access from at&t california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits. may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit, to learn more.
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flights took off today at john wayne after a power outage. parts of orange county lost fire, affecting 28,000 customers. all flights were grounded until 7:00 this morning. police say the cause of the outage was a sub station fire. a new option for people out and about today. ferry service between san francisco and richmond is now available on the weekend. >> last call, richmond!
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>> here's video of the ferry departing san francisco today. trial service kicked off today and will last through the first weekend of november. the service includes five trips, both ways, on saturdays and sundays, until now, ferry service between richmond and san francisco was only available on weekdays. riders are encouraged to buy tickets on apps on their phone to avoid delays. cold water on a hot day. this is the first day of the 36th annual celebration of the arts. carrie hall with her beautiful smile, handing out water bottles to festival goers. that's what they needed on a hot day, so why not? >> we're going to see more of that type of weather tomorrow. we're bringing storm ranger out tomorrow. >> that's a treat. >> that's exciting. and the weather's going to be nice. we're not actually going to have to use it. nothing on the radar right now.
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that seven-day forecast might get a little interesting. we'll take a closer look at changes cue our way monday. clear skies, fremont, looking very nice. 78 degrees. mostly clear conditions, few high clouds to the south. a high of 85 in fremont. san francisco, all this talk about the hot weekend coming back to the bay area, clear exception to the rule here. high of only 68 degrees. 64 right now. fog and misty skies moving into downtown and into san jose. you've got numbers at 78 degrees. highs in the mid-80s. high clouds coming out of the south. that is one of the more interesting changes in the forecast heading into monday am tuesday. uniquely bay area, 60s, 70s, and 80s bay side. hot to clay tton and fairfield. at least not a lot of wind near the marsh complex fire. we'll see the winds taper off a little built early in the day
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tomorrow. but notice towards tomorrow evening we're expecting the sea breeze to be a little stronger, so a little cooling as we start to wrap up the weekend and cooler temperatures as well in the seven-day forecast. for the morning, 60s inland, areas of low clouds pushed locally inland. and just like we saw today, most of that will retreat back right over downtown san francisco and the coast before spilling inland during the evening hours tomorrow. so we'll begin the day with low clouds, maybe misty skies around the inner bay and high temperatures close to today. 85 around san jose, low 90s closer to morgan hill, maybe not so many upper 90s. concord, 90s toward the tri valley around livermore. 70s around oakland, bay side temperatures in the 60s to 70s around san mateo and san francisco as the fog continues to come in, ocean air conditioning, keeping temperatures in the upper 60s for tomorrow and north bay temperatures in the 80s, though you'll still find mid-90s around ukiah.
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here is the interesting change. a sneak preview right now. we're going to see a lot more of this heading our way by monday and tuesday. you see that's not fog. that's high-level clouds that will bring, we think, not only mid and high-level clouds, but look at that, increasing moisture. nothing really showing up in the future cast yet to indicate any showers, but right there, monday and tuesday, that's a sign things are going to get maybe a little more muggy around the bay area as clouds start to fill up our skies to start the new week. so there's your inland temperatures. it's a hot finish to the weekend. but the butte eve livieauty of bay area is you don't have to drive too far to find relief. keep it tuned in on monday. we'll watch how tropical clouds could bring changes our way. >> keep an eye on it, thank you. still
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in southern california, experts are assessing the cliff that collapsed on beachgoers. two people were killed and three hurt in encinitas. people are being warned away from the bluff. >> we want to make sure they're aware of what we know. we're very transparent about that, very proactive. our lifeguards in this community care a lot about our beachgoers and residents. so we're out there every day assessing the coastline with our lifeguard trucks, atvs. >> the victims' names have not been released yet, but none were children. video shows people dragged away by police in moscow during a protest. hundreds crowded the streets
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during an unauthorized protest. people are demanding free elections. police detained more than 800 people. reports also indicate that internet service was cut in some parts of moscow. getting rid of grading. grading is when a snippet of audio is taken from your device and sent to internal personnel. nearly a week ago it was discovered apple had access to personal siri recordings. apple saysoma fracti only a fra recordings were heard by company employees for control. they will roll out an update that will let sirrii users choo whether they participate or not. the 49ers and raiders are just one week away from their first preseason game. we'll get you up to date with the latest on each team from our insiders at training camp.
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and after an off sheen theason w a lot of fan favorites leaving the warriors, one is here to stay. we'll let you know for how long, coming up next in sports.
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a rare opportunity to see the earthquakes in prime time. our sister station, telemundo 48 will be broadcasting the game against the columbus crew. you can listen to it in english. turn on the sap function on your tv. it starts at 7:00. here with the rest of sports is joe castellano. >> i'm joe castellano. warriors fans who thought draymond green might leave can breathe a big sigh of relief. they agreed on a four year, deal that will keep him in a dubs
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uniform until he turns 34 years old. he is signed through 2024. steph curry's deal runs through 2022. so three all-stars still in place to try to keep the dynasty going in san francisco. now to nfl training camp. when 49ers' receiver dante pettis played at washington he set the record for career touchdowns, but he was third on the team in punt returns, and san francisco had zero punt return tds. this season he might make more of an impact. matt maiocco explains. >> when dante pettis came as a rookie, he was coming off a record-setting career in college. nine punt returns for touchdowns. but the 49ers really didn't use him in that area. as they wanted him to really concentrate on becoming a wide receiver. now this year, year two, he is certainly in the mix to be the team's punt returner, trent
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taylor, dj reed and richie james have also been back returning punts. richard hightower says one day someone will have a good day, the next day somebody else. but this year, donte pettis, even though he's going to be a starter on offense is very much in the mix to be a major contributor on special teams as well. >> meanwhile, in napa at raiders camp, antonio brown hasn't been a full participant in practice, and now we may know why. vick tayfer learned that brown is seeing a foot specialist. it is not considered to be a long-term injury. our insider, scott bair is in napa with more on the raiders. >> raiders' defense front wasn't addressed in free agency, leading many to think it could be a team weakness heading into the 2019 season.
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buckner has taken articles written by several and shown them to his defensive linemen, and his defensive linemen have taken it as an insult. they want to prove that they will not hold this defense back. that they can be a team asset and that they can do far better than they have in the recent past. rushing the pass. and first round pick is going to be key in the effort. so is the continued growth of second year players, arden key, pj hall and maurice haeearst. they need young guys to step up and get after the cornerback consistently if they want to be a decent defense. >> tonight we'll have highlights of the giants, looking to stay in the wildcard race taking on the rockies. that's all for sports. more news after the break. we are here to discuss jessie's online time. and out of respect, we will let you make the first offer.
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setting vail beyond the sea. the biggest offshore yacht race got under way today. cool. race started this morning in the city, off the coast of england, almost 400 yachts from more than 26 countries entered that race. race officials say they expect a sailor to cross the finish line tomorrow evening. that's like a traffic jam. there's so many sailboats out there. and they go so fast. >> they do. >> look at that!
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all the spectators out there, too, watching it. would be nice to be on the water this weekend. >> one more day into the 90s. we got that tomorrow. and then watching maybe some tropical clouds coming our way. that's something to watch. humidity might not be so good, but more clouds and temperatures cooling off. but if you want to kwool off now, head to san francisco where you have another round of fog and misty skies. we have a bit of a heat spell inland, cool air is just a drive away. >> can't complain about that. >> tlapgss, rob. >> we'll be back at 11:00. thanks for joining us. we'll explore manzanar national historic site beneathpen road. the soaring sierra in eastern california to uncover the poignant and powerful stories of 10,000 japanese-americans
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who were imprisoned here against their will during the dark days of world war ii, stories that must never be forgotten. we'll discover a brand new open space treasure soon to be unlocked in the east bay. and be inspired by a vision for a magnificent trail from a famous summit to a distant shore. ♪ doug: you're looking at mount whitney, the tallest peak in the lower 48 states, about 14 1/2 thousand feet, more than 10,000 feet above where i'm standing here at its base near lone pine, california. and on the other side about whitney is the big back country wilderness of sequoia and kings canyon national parks.


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