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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 5, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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sent some contra costa county families fleeing from their homes this weekend. we seen something happening. i was like what's going on? they're like look, somebody's up there. i was getting emotional talking about it because it sucks. >> that man's talking about an act of heroism in downtown san jose. new this hour, meet that man who scaled a 20-story crane to save a life. "today in the bay" continues right now. >> good morning and thanks for joining us on this monday rning. i'ms sanchez. >> and i'm scott mcgrew. marcus washington and laura garcia are off this week, as is mike inouye. we were talking about august being a good time to take a vacation, and some people were listening. so kari is doing double duty. >> we have a lot going on this morning, at least in the weather department, and traffic, as we get ready to get started. we are taking a live look outside in san francisco, where it's all foggy. we're getting a look at the bay bridge where we just got a note there is a big issue there. i wanted to show you, your high
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temperatures for today as you make plans to get ready to head out, san francisco reaches the mid-60s, while we'll see some low 90s in the north bay. inland east bay reaching 90 degrees and san jose reaching a high of 84 degrees. in some spots, it will be slightly cooler, but it is heating up at the bay bridge toll plaza, getting ready to head out and a lot of company there, and we are not only seeing a backup there but also as you approach the bay bridge toll plaza, as we get a look at our traffic maps the overall flow of the roads in the commute direction is looking good, but then we also have a new sig alert that's been issued for around the oakland area eastbound 580 at seminary avenue. a huge backup there with a crash that's caused a lot of problems, and then we also have another crash on westbound 580 east at the interchange or westbound 80 and east at the 580 interchange so there is a new crash there causing more backups as you approach the bay bridge. so we'll have more on that. it's coming up in just a few
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minutes. >> thank you, kari. 6:01 now. this morning, a feeling of overwhelming pain and loss across the nation, one week after the shooting rampage in gilroy. two more cities are now in mourning as gunmen carried out mass shootings in texas and in ohio. they happened within 24 hours of each other. 29 people were killed, and more than 50 others were injured. the first and deadliest attack was saturday morning at a walmart store in el paso, where the store was packed with families doing back to school shopping. 20 people were killed, more than two dozen others were injured, and we don't know who they are at this point. police did arrest that suspect. he is now being called a domestic terrorist. police say he shared a hate-filled anti-immigrant rant online less than 30 minutes before opening fire. >> when you saw the officers approaching the scene where he was at, he basically surrendered. >> then just hours after that, late saturday night, gunfire
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erupted again, this time in dayton, ohio. [ gunfire ] >> i literally just looked down and everybody was on the ground and it was so loud. >> nine people died there. 27 more were injured. among the victims, the sister of this man, 24-year-old who is considered the gunman. in this case police shot and killed him, as officers responded. they responded within 30 seconds of the initial gunfire. >> the mass shootings are putting a few presidential campaigns on hold as the candidates go home to texas and ohio. and this morning, president trump reacting on twitter. "today in the bay's" tracie potts live in washington with more about what he said. tracie? >> hi there, scott. what the president said overnight and on twitter he's blaming the media for the life and safety, responsibility for the life and safety of americans, but also take a look at this. president trump saying republicans and democrats need
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to work together not only on gun legislation but also on immigration and maybe put the two together. president trump condemning hate, after the texas gunman left a post filled with hateful views about race. >> hate has no place in our country. >> reporter: but some are blaming the president for creating a climate encouraging white supremacy. >> if you read the "manifesto" it reads like a script from a trump rally. >> these are white men motivated by the kind of fear that this president traffics in. >> he's responsible when he has taken no action whatsoever to even condemn white supremacy. >> the president must speak to it, first acknowledge it and speak to it. >> we have not just a gun epidemic in this country, but we have a hate epidemic in this country. >> reporter: the white house shot back. >> i blame the people who pulled the trigger, chuck. goodness gracious. are you really -- is someone really blaming the president?
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these people are sick. >> reporter: this weekend's deadly shootings in el paso and dayton sent presidential candidates scrambling back to their hometates and lawmakers urging republican leader mitch mcconnell to call the senate back from summer break to consider universal background checks, which passed the house but stalled in the senate. >> it's time to put public pressure on mitch mcconnell. enough is enough is enough. no one feels safe anymore. >> bring us back, have us do our job, put this on the floor. >> make it clear who is willing to take action and who isn't. >> reporter: lawmakers noting the president has supported strengthening background checks. >> he never did it because the next day he met with the nra and he folded. >> reporter: there's no indication lawmakers will end their summer break early to deal with this. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. president trump is set to address the nation this morning at 7:00 our time. we're going to carry it live.
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you'll be able to watch his complete remarks after "today in the bay." new stories from survivors and at 6:30, the action a san francisco tech company took to limit the way white supremacists interact online. then at 6:45, back to el paso, texas, for a look at the memorial there. there will be two wakes for garlic festival shooting victim keyla salazar, held in san jose. yesterday family and friends gathered for what must have been an incredibly difficult time. yesterday would have been keyla salazar's 14th birthday. instead of cake and gifts they celebrated her short life and talked about the shooting rampages that plague our country. >> there is so much hatred against us, minorities. it doesn't matter what color you are. you know, but they hate us so much, and that's because of all their rhetoric and their racist comments and you know, everything has to do with it. it's impossible, because this is
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just out of control. >> the first wake for keyla takes place today at 2:00 at darling fisher garden chapel. the second wake is at 6:00 at our lady of guadalupe church. now let us show you something happier. a dramatic scene played out this morning, 20 stories above san jose. a man had climbed a construction crane. >> all new this hour, we are hearing from the good samaritan who risked his life to try to talk that man down. "today in the bay's" bob redell is live in downtown san jose with the details. bob, we had no idea why these two men were up there. this is not what we expected, but what a great example of what we can do for each other. >> reporter: well kris and scott, jay bashaw, a hair dresser in downtown san jose, he climbed to the top of this very tall construction crane located across from city hall to get a
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man, a complete stranger, who was intoxicated and suicidal, to come down safely. now, as you can see in this video, that man, the man who was described, came down 90 minutes ago. police have taken him into custody and we believe also we'll have him evaluated at a hospital. that man climbed the crane around 1:30 this morning. police believe he wanted to jump and kill himself. officers surrounded the construction site and closed off santa clara for a couple of blocks. then around 2:00 this morning, 30 minutes into this incident, jay and his friends happened to walk by, they saw what was happening. jay, without police permission, hopped the fence, climbed to the top of the crane, met the man in the crane operator's booth and started talking to the man, who was apparently heartbroken over a girlfriend. why did you risk your life for a stranger, because climbing that is dangerous. >> i love people. it's not a stranger. he's my brother. we're all brothers and sisters. we all should love each other for one another.
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i love you, i don't know you. i love him, the camera guy, i love my friends. i'm just an honest person and i love people. that's all it is, and when somebody is saying oh they're going to jump or something, that scares me. it scared me to a point to where i want to go help somebody. >> reporter: surprisingly, jay is afraid of heights, but was so focused on saving this man's life, he didn't really think about it. he came down around 4:15 this morning. the man wasn't far behind, he came down around 4:30. police did detain jay fortress passing and interfering with a police operation, but they did let him go and according to jay, he doesn't face any charges. reporting live here in san jose, bob redell, "today in the bay." >> bob, in trying to cover my kids, i always tell them, there are more good people than bad and this is the perfect example to share with them this morning. thank you so much. >> welcome story. asry reminder of course if you or somebody you know is struggling, there is help 24/7. you call 1-800-273-8255, check
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with a counselor online as well at a fire burning in eastern contra costa county this morning mostly contained, but one of the main roads include the area will be closed at least through this morning. the marsh creek fire burned close to 700 acres starting early saturday morning near clayton. no homes destroyed but one segment of marsh creek road is still closed and it will impact people who take it from clayton to antioch. right now at 6:10, we are starting out with some cloudy skies, and getting ready for a slightly cooler day. this is a live look outside in san jose, as we head over to sunnyvale to check out our temperature trend, normally we're in the low 80s but i think we're going to stay slightly below that today, with a mix of sun and clouds, and a nice day ahead, with some breezy winds. let's get a look at all of our microclimates, and go through 9:00, we're staying in the 60s, at noon we start to see
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temperatures spreading out. we'll be at 63 in half moon bay and 83 in antioch, reaching the low 90s there. we'll also have warm weather in the north bay, with our south bay temperatures reaching 82, during the middle of the day. so we are going to see some nice weather as we start to cool down, but it will still be hot in some of our valleys. we're all going to cool down tonight into the 50s, as you get hd to head out the door we're seeing it slow down a lot in the east bay, that's a look at oakland with our new crash that we had and the sig alert on the east shore freeway, looking at that crash on eastbound 580 at seminary avenue, causing a big backup, and so this may slow you down as you get ready to approach the bay bridge. our east bay drive times southbound 680 from 580 to vargas road takes about 16 minutes, but it looks like the rest of the east bay drive times are doing fairly well. in terms of mass transit, no delays as you get ready to head out the door, so that may be a better alternative for you, if you're about to head out to
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work. we'll get another look at this and the weather forecast that's coming up in just a few minutes. >> kari, thanks. next, a lucky break for a man who accidentally threw out his entire life savings which he had in cash for some reason. we'll show you where it round up here in california. but first, recording your voice, the work you have to do if you don't want amazon to keep audio of you and your family. plus free perk that tesla is bringing back to try to boost sales. are you listening? you're watching "today in the bay."
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good monday morning. right now at 6:14, as you get ready to head out in palo alto, we are seeing everything looking good here and even some clouds rolling by overhead. we'll have some slightly cooler air for today. we'll reach into the upper 70s by early afternoon. we will have a pretty big cooldown for the inland areas headed into the rest of the week. i'll show you that in a few minutes. we also have a sig alert out there as you get ready to head out on the roads, especially on 580, going eastbound. there was a big rig crash, the truck overturned and it's causing a huge backup. we'll have live pictures of that and also what else is going on around the bay area. it's coming up in less than five minutes. hi. i'm brian sullivan at cnbc global headquarters.
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it could be a tough start to the week for your investments and money. stocks set to open sharply lower. some concerned the trade war with china is heating up instead of taking off. apple down 3% in the premarket, google and facebook each down about 2%, coming off the worst week of the year for the markets last week. apple, google and amazon are making important changes to their home speaker system in different ways. they put human review of the conversations heard over siri and echo on hold. amazon will let you delete alexa recordings. there's been a backlash over the products, people sometimes outside contractors may be listening to what you've been saying. tesla wants to give you free charging if you buy a new model s or model x. tesla is trying to boost sales of the s and x so it's offering free unlimited use of its super charger network. the s and x are just about
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17,000 of the 93,000 teslas sold last quarter. free if you buy the car. >> i want to know if that is going to compel people to buy a tesla. if that is going to make the difference. i'm going to post it on twitter. i'll post a poll. thank you very much, brian. trending this morning, this adds new meaning to the word recycling. this is cash, cold hard cash, $23,000 in all and also one man's entire life savings. guess where it was found? recycling plant in eureka. turns out last week the ashland, oregon, man, accidentally tossed a box with all of that cash into his recycling bin and before he realized that mistake, it was hauled away. after calling the recycling facility workers went hunting and found all but 300 bucks. >> huge shout out to the people who had to do the extra work and return it honestly. good for them. >> i know how i'd feel. sir, i don't want to do it but
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i'll do it for you. >> for sure. >> give that man a piggy bank. looks like a piggy bank at least. >> let's get a check of your weather and traffic. >> we've got a lot going on. the good news in the weather department is that we'll be cooling off in the valleys we know. it's been a hot weekend. here is a look at some of the fog and the low visibility that we're seeing right now. that's a look at the bay bridge, and in san francisco, the clouds are going to linger throughout much of the day. i think in the next couple of hours we'll see a pretty good drizzle happening. if you're about to head out the door in fremont, maybe going to the warm springs b.a.r.t. station, it will be 62 degrees to start out the day, so a nice cool start, and then we'll start to see the sun peeking out but there will be much more cloud cover today thanks to some tropical moisture surging in, but we are still going to feel a little bit of a warmup today in antioch, reaching 90 degrees. we'll also see a high of 90 in clearlake, and santa rosa up to 87 degrees. while san francisco stays in the mid-60s. so this is what i was talking
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about, more clouds today, and some cooling ahead, as we see that high pressure over the desert southwest pumping in some monsoonal moisture. we're also picking up on some higher humidity for today and the next couple of days. by the middle of the week the area of low pressure approaches our coast and brings us a stronger ocean breeze so by thursday and friday, we're going to have some cooler than normal weather in the inland areas. so here is how our temperatures look. upper 80s today in some of the warmer spots, but then lower 80s for thursday into wednesday and thursday, and to start out the weekend, but the weekend will start to heat up once again into the upper 80s, and near 90 on sunday. while san francisco will see some mid-60s as we go throughout the week but i think we're not going to see any changes there. we're in fogest, full effect so the fog will linger near the coast. out on the roads a lot of major issues. this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza as normal backed up
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on a monday morning and getting a look at the roads, we do have a couple of issues that have slowed drivers down to even get to the bay bridge, we have a sig alert, a big rig overturned on eastbound 580 at seminary avenue. we do have a picture of that as the chp tweeted this out this morning, and showing that rig overturned so it was slowing things down in both directions. they're saying they have no eta right now when that will be reopened, and they only have one lane so they're saying to get some other modes of transportation or some alternate routes to get around eastbound 580 near seminary. as we get ready to head out on the roads, we also have a look at the bridge drive times, westbound 580 at richmond bridge, it will take you about 11 minutes, that's starting to slow down but really slowing down westbound across the bay bridge, it will take you 13 minutes, and to get to westbound 92 at the san mateo bridge, it should take but 16 minutes, so we're seeing everything slowing down on this monday morning at
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least once you get past this morning commute, we have a nice day ahead. kris and scott? >> kari, thank you much. still ahead this hour, the reason thousands of schoolchildren may soon no longer have access to free lunch at school. but first -- >> hoping to get some money from that equifax settlement? if you're expecting a cash payment, you might be disappointed. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura. "nbc bay area responds" with a warning, too, next.
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6:23. albany police are sounding the alarm this morning after two recent home burglaries that happened while the homeowners were sleeping. thieves broke into the homes during the overnight hours friday near albany hill park and in both cases the homeowners woke up and scared the burglar away. the break-ins are similar and could be the work of the same person so they're asking neighbors to check their home security cameras. we've been fielding questions about that big government settlement with equifax that happened two weeks ago. >> good morning. this is the settlement that offered people 125 bucks or free credit monitoring because of an equifax data breach that exposed 147 million people's data. we talked about it on the news and people spread word on social media. so many people signed up that the federal trade comission says
6:25 am
there's not enough money in the settlement to pay everyone completely. it turns out they only set aside $31 million for cash compensation. well, if all 147 million people applied, they'd each get less than a quarter. so now, the ftc is encouraging people to choose free credit monitoring instead of cash. we asked the ftc how it calculated the woefully low $31 million figure, but we did not get a response. we'll be watching to see if congress asks that same question. here is the warning part. websites are popping up that promise to get you a cut of that equifax money, but they're a fraud. likely designed to trick you and steal your info. there's only one place to go online to check if you're part of the settlement. it's fair warning they need your last name and last six digit of your social security number to check your eligibility. we added a link to that site at
6:26 am while you're there, let us know if you encounter any online scams. still ahead on "today in the bay," a sig alert in the east bay that could impact your commute. kari is tracking a big rig crash and how it's affecting traffic right now. and then shutting down hate. a san francisco tech company's big move overnight in response to this weekend's deadly mass shootings. the change designed to combat white supremacy. plus -- ♪ stand by me, stand by me >> coming together, will you hear from survivors coming up right after the break. we are here to discuss jessie's online time.
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coverage and control you need. manage your wifi network from anywhere when you download the xfi app today. just moments ago, moments of silence for the victims of the mass shootings in gilroy, el paso and dayton, ohio at the new york stock engs changxchange an. part of our continuing coverage this morning. thanks for joining us on this monday morning. i'm kris sanchez. >> and i'm scott mcgrew. laura and marcus has the week off. kari is doing double duty this morning to get you out the door. >> as you get ready to head out you might want to head to diridon station in san jose and take public transit. we are also seeing a big buildup on the roads. our temperatures start out nice and cool. a lot of clouds and some low 60s to start.
6:30 am
we will still warm up, even though we will see more clouds and looking at 80s today and eventually reaching 84 downtown san jose. in concord a high of 89. 87 in santa rosa. san francisco staying in the d-60s today and we'll have cooler air ahead in the forecast, so a look at the big backup in san jose on highway 101. problems popping up on the traffic maps and we've seen another issue for the east bay. i wanted to give you a look at the new information going northbound on highway101 and near 6 a new crash developed and that may cause a bigger slowdown there. we also have a continuing sig alert after a big rig turned over eastbound 580 at seminary avenue. this is also affecting the traffic trying to get to the bay bridge. so a lot going on, on the roads this morning. that's a look at the overturned big rig that chp tweeted out earlier this morning.
6:31 am
this may take some time cleaning up. so they are saying find some alternate routes, or you may want to take public transit, if you can, to get to work this morning. i'll have another look at this and also the weekend forecast coming up in about six minutes. >> thank you, kari. this morning, two more cities in the united states are mourning after being ravaged by terror. this is of course just one week after the gilroy garlic festival shooting. separate mass shootings happened this weekend in el paso, texas, and in ohio. >> they were just hours apart, killing 29 people combined, wounding more than 50. now the first and deadliest attack was saturday morning at a walmart in el paso. store packed with back to school shoppers, 20 people died, 24 injured. federal agents says this is an act of domestic terrorism. witnesses described that moment of terror. >> you hear pop, pop, pop, pop. pop, pop, pom, pop increasing rapid fire to get as much people he could kill. >> the gunman surrendered to police.
6:32 am
investigatesors say the white supremacist posted racist hate-filled anti-immigrant rants online less than 30 minutes before that gunfire. then overnight, another mass shooting, this in dayton, ohio, nine people died, 27 others injured. the shooter fired into a crowd on a busy sidewalk outside bars and restaurants. >> i would never in a million years think this would happen, especially somewhere i'd go all the time. >> among the victims, the sister of that 24-year-old gunman. police engaged that shooter within 20 seconds of his first shot, killed him less than ten seconds later and yet he was still able to kill nine people. the gunman's manifesto posted on the website 8 khan, that was protected from hacking by a bay area based tech company or at least it was. >> this morning the company says it is pulling the plug on that page. it has no hacking protection. "today in the bay's" thom jensen
6:33 am
is live outside cloudflare's headquarters in san francisco. it didn't waste any time making this decision. >> reporter: it didn't, this is an unusual move before its ceo, matthew prince, is a self-described free speech absolutist, and only pulled the plug on one other website before, that being a neo-nazi website called "the daily stormer" previously. this is a pretty bold move. just a day after that attack in el paso on the shoppers and at walmart stores, prince announced that cloudflare with woo no longer provide crucial web support to 8chan, the website and its lawless message boards had been linked to other white terrorists in the past who spread racism and bragged about killing people of color before committing their attacks. democratic presidential candidate senator kamala harris also pleaded with social media companies yesterday to police themselves and stop baiting racist americans.
6:34 am
>> there is a lot about also the business model of these fights that is about the click bait, the things that attract the most clicks make them the most money and part of their business model and hate sadly happens to attract a lot of clicks, so the responsibility is across the board, including the social media companies. any business model that profits off of hate is a business model that should be shut down. >> reporter: cloudflare announced on social media and posted a statement on its website it was terminating service for 8chan. 8chan says it plans to be back up and running again by wednesday at the latest. we're live in san francisco, thom thom jensen, "today in the bay." >> thank you. we'll be watching what happens wednesday. >> this is not the first time
6:35 am
cloudflare is involved with the shutdown of a website it aprotects. it is a security company that protects websites like 8chan, but matthew prince there a couple of months ago pulled support of daily stormer, which was a right wing website. he was uncomfortable with the idea one person could decide what would be online and what wouldn't but he said it was time for a decision, and he made it. >> it's interesting to see somebody with such power take that kind of decision. >> and be reflective about it. can one guy decide who should be able to post online and who should not. he literally said i woke up in a bad mood. shortly after the virginia you know, the race thing there and he said i should them down and i'm not going to apologize for it. >> but happy to have that conversation. good. president trump is set to address the nation this morning at 7:00 our time. watch the complete remarks on nbc bay area after "today in the bay."
6:36 am
emotional support is still available this week for people who were at the gilroy garlic festival, and endured that terror there. counseling services will still be available all week between 4:00 in the afternoon and 8:00 in the evening, at gilroy high school. anyone who wants to go is encouraged to do so. it doesn't matter if you were there or not. if you feel like you were affected, they are there to help you. the district attorney's office in morgan hill is also providing drop-in service today, all day from 8:00 in the morning until 5:00 this evening. it's 6:36. new this morning 18,000 students in san francisco are at risk of losing their free federal lunches because of president trump's proposed cuts to the food stamp program. 53 schools may be affected. the governor's office pushing back the proposal could go into effect within 60 days. happening today in san francisco, a crackdown on cyclists behaving badly. sfpd officers starting a five-day enforcement operation as confrontations between pedestrians and cyclists are
6:37 am
increasing including collisions. during the enforcement officers will look for speeding cyclists, those who fail to stop for stop signs and red lights and those who don't allow pedestrians to cross in crosswalks. a new weekend ferry option kicked off this weekend in the east bay between richmond and san francisco. >> last call richmond. >> now that's video with the trial service kicked off saturday and will continue through the first weekend of november. the service includes five trips, both ways, on saturday, and sunday. until now, ferries between richmond and san francisco were only available on weekdays. we've got our traffic alert that's slowing down commuters in the east bay, as we look at our overall traffic map, we've seen quite a few crashes starting to pop up now, as we get through this busy hour of the morning commute and we are also keeping an eye on this one. eastbound 580, where a big rig
6:38 am
overturned at seminary avenue, they are saying that they have no eta on when this will be reopened. they do have a lot of cleaning up to do. so we only have one lane open, this is what chp tweeted out earlier this morning of that truck that is overturned the trailer, and that's going to once again cause a lot of problems for that eastbound commute, and we're also seeing it slowing down westbound as people start to look from the other side. so we not only have this, but we also are seeing a slowdown in the south bay. we have a crash on 6 northbound 680 just north of 101 so it's causing both interstates to really jam up near the interchange, and if you're going in that commute direction it's going to take a lot longer. we've seen the roads very slowly moving. south bay drive times from northbound 101, 85 to 87 is going to take you about 22 minutes. northbound 87 also looking like it's starting to slow down just a bit, highway 85 to highway 101 takes about 11 minutes at this
6:39 am
point. all right, we are coming upon one of the last weekends of the summer, if you have kids in the public schools. you got to make it count, kari. >> it will be a warmer weekend so maybe making plans to go to the beach, go swimming, trying to cool down in some of the inland areas after a nice cooldown for the work week, we're headed into the mid 80s and the upper 80s and low 90s for the weekend. san francisco not going to see too many changes here. we're going to keep it nice and cool with some upper 60s on saturday, up to 70 degrees on sunday. if you're planning to head to the sierra this weekend that's a live look from heavenly. at lake tahoe we'll have a beautiful weekend with highs staying in the 70s, just a touch warmer on sunday as we reach up to 78 degrees. we keep the cool and foggy weather at half moon bay, if you are planning it to be a beach weekend, it's going to be chilly, so make sure you pack a lot of warm jackets and maybe even some long sleeves and pants. for l.a. this weekend, we are looking at some mid to upper
6:40 am
70s, so some comfortable weather and make sure you're following me on twitter, facebook, as well instagram, i' i'm @karihallweather. you could see some of the pictures i took over the weekend at the fremont festival for the arts. we'll talk about today's temperature trend for the south bay coming up in three minutes. coming up next, b.a.r.t. goes paperless. as of today, paper tickets nor longer an option. we'll take you live to el paso, texas, to get a sense of the feeling that community has this morning. the no, stock exchange started the day with a moment of silence with the latest slaughtered in america. now the dow industrials down 484 points, as china reacts to president trump's press of tariffs. you're watching "today in the bay." introducing togo's new hot chicken sandwiches.
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good monday morning. we're coming up on 6:42, as we take a live look outside as it starts to jam up in san jose, we've had a couple of problems out there on the roads. at least the weather is looking good today, as we reach into the low 80s by early afternoon, and evergreen we'll also see more clouds than we normally see all throughout the day. but we've also had a lot of problems out there on the roads, and at least at this spot in oakland, looking at 880, we're seeing things also flowing well but we have a big sig alert on eastbound. we also have this crash in san jose, this is northbound 680, so we're seeing it jam up in the south bay as well as in the east bay. so we'll take a look a closer look at drive times, it's coming up in less than five minutes. >> thank you, kari. in our other top stories, riders beware. b.a.r.t. today will start phasing out paper tickets. this is b.a.r.t.'s latest effort to push riders toward using those reloadable clipper cards.
6:44 am
the change will roll out slowly. they'll offer paper tickets for the time being but try to break the habit. lots of regular riders already have clipper cards which can be used on other transit systems. as of today paper ticket machines are in longer at oakland's 19th street station. two weeks from now they will be discontinued at san francisco's embarcadero station. two weeks after that, the powell street station will no longer offer paper tickets followed by downtown berkeley at the end of september, so just get your clipper card. >> 6:44. we have new details this morning in the case of two marin county teenagers accused of stabbing an italian police officer to death. according to reports, there is surveillance of the actual stabbing. a pharmacy across the street in rome said its cameras only run when the store is open. the stabbing happened around 2:30 in the morning. police say a camera at a bank across the street was broken.
6:45 am
19-year-old finnegan elder reportedly confessed to stabbing police officer mario rega 11 times. 18-year-old gabriel natale hjorth allegedly attacked rega's partner. california hospitals are asking lawmakers to rethink a bold earthquake safety plan. it is making sure they are capable of remaining open after a powerful earthquake. the standards are supposed to take effect in the year 2030. nurses unions are pushing back some facilities might have to close if they are not earthquake safe. hospitals are asking for the new standards to be scaled back arguing they are costly and maybe not even necessary. let's continue our coverage of the two most recent mass shootings over the weekend, which of course come in the wake of the gilroy rampage. over less than 24 hours, el paso, texas, dayton, ohio, ravaged by violence. >> in total 29 people were
6:46 am
killed, more than 50 others were injured in those two separate shootings. nbc's jay gray is live in el paso this morning. jay, i worked in el paso for two years as a young reporter. the people there are so kind, so generous, so loving. >> reporter: right. >> it's hard to believe they were targeted specifically. >> reporter: yes, kris, scott, good morning. kris, you know this as well as anybody. this city for decades has been one of the top three safest cities in the nation. so they're not used to this kind of violence. no one is really used to it, though unfortunately we've seen these scenarios, mass shootings play out more and more over the last several years. walmart behind us here still locked down, still an active crime scene at this point. it will be for quite some time according to investigators who said they are going to work meticulously and very determined to find anything that may help them understand a motive behind this shooting here. they've also questioned the suspect in this case, who they
6:47 am
said has cooperated. in fact, these are their words, he's held nothing back when asked questions about the attack. not the same situation in dayton, ohio. there, they are still investigating still pouring over the crime scene and over other areas in the city, that the shooter has frequented. they don't have anyone to question at this point. he was found by police 30 seconds into the attack, they happened to be in the entertainment district, heard the gunfire and responded very quickly. they say the same thing, though. it's way too early for any type of motive. they don't have any direction at this point as to how or why this happened. the community in both cities also looking for answers, and both gathered for memorials last night. when you talk to the folks here in el paso, and again, kris, you know their heart here, they feel like it really makes them stronger to be together to spend time with one another, to go through this with others who understand exactly what they are
6:48 am
feeling so that's what they say they will continue to do. they have showed up for the last two days after a desperate call from police for blood for some of the survivors, with lines around the donation centers that were at times three hours long. so they're looking to do anything they can to help those who are healing here as well as those families who are dealing with their loss. >> i'm not surprised to hear that at all. in dayton, ohio, we heard people chanting right away, do something, change something. are you hearing any of that in el paso as well? >> reporter: yes, a lot of people very frustrated right now. they want action. they don't want the victims of this attack to have died in vain. they do want a change here and don't want it tied to border legislation as the president suggested in a twitter post today. they say the problem's not the border. it's not immigration. the problem is not mental illness.
6:49 am
the problem is not kids playing games. the problem is access to guns and that's what needs to be changed. >> jay, we are so aware how often it happens, gilroy, el paso, dayton. i want to look in the archives. we have sent you to if i've got this right, las vegas, parkland, stoneman douglas, colorado school shooting, the aurora theater shooting, the florida nightclub, baton rouge police ambush and thousand oaks, just mass shootings you covered for us. probably not a complete list. >> reporter: yes, it's not, unfortunately it's not, but it certainly makes the point so excellently, scott. you're right. this happens over and over again, and there seems to be no impetus from lawmakers at the state level or the national level to change things, and that's what's so frustrating for so many in this community in dayton tonight and really across
6:50 am
the country. there's been a real uproar after what i've never seen in all the things you mentioned, i've never been involved in this situation, where we had two back-to-back, within a span of 13 hours before. >> all right jay gray in el paso, thank you. >> president trump will address the nation this morning at 7:00 our time. you can watch the speech right here on nbc bay area. and as we talk about this, we also know you need to get out the door. we're looking at both weather and traffic. >> we've had a big issue in the traffic department but let me start with weather this morning, as we get ready for some cooler temperatures to move into the bay area. as we get a live look in walnut creek, starting out with a few clouds rolling by and we're also going to have a slight boost in humidity today, with the start in the low 60s. we're going to make it into the low 80s by early afternoon, and continue to climb a few more degrees from there. the seven-day forecast is already up at the bottom of the screen, showing you that we will have a cooldown by the middle of
6:51 am
the week, but we do have a warm start for the inland areas, but not as hot as it was this weekend. antioch we're headed up to 90 degrees. 87 in santa rosa. in oakland today, expect a high of 72, and san jose reaching 84 degrees, with some mid-60s in san francisco. that's a live look outside in san jose, if you're getting a look out the window, you're getting dressed, we're getting started with a need for light long sleeves but you may be rolling them up as the day goes along and put on comfortable shoes. it will be a nice day to spend more time outside. throughout the week we'll have a surge of monsoonal moisture pumped in from the desert southwest but also an approaching area of low pressure across the pacific northwest and with that it's going to still help bring in an onshore wind flow, a stronger ocean breeze by the middle of the week for all of us means a cooldown as we keep the coastal fog right there near the bay. as we look at our inland temperatures we're reaching into the upper 80s today but then cooling down into the low 80s as we go throughout the week.
6:52 am
overall a nice week ahead, but it will be heating up for the weekend into the upper 80s and low 90s. san francisco stays in the 60s and each day we will see clouds and fog. right now looking at the san mateo bridge, it is really slow go. we also had a traffic alert so get's let to the maps showing the overall view of the bay area and also that sig alert in the east bay. chp tweeted out a picture showing the eastbound crash 580 at seminary avenue but it's also backing up looking at the other direction as well westbound there's still a backup in that direction, too. find an alternate route to get around this area because there is no eta right now, when they're going to be able to clean up this mess. this affected the drive to get to the bay bridge. we have this and also a big slowdown in the south bay on
6:53 am
northbound 101, and also on 680. rock looking at bridge drive times bay bridge the longest to get across, 13 minutes. westbound 580 at the richmond bridge it will take you 12 minutes. you can see the update there. it's taking a little bit longer as it continues to slow down as we approach 7:00. i'll have an eye on all of this and another quick update coming up at the end of the show. >> thank you, kari. happening now in egypt, at least 17 people are dead and 30 more are hurt after a car accident triggered an apparent explosion in cairo. the blast happened when a speeding car driving against the flow of traffic hit three other vehicles outside cairo's cancer institute. and next on "today in the bay," a quick look at the top stories, including an act of bravery in downtown san jose. >> we walked by and seen something happening.
6:54 am
i was like what's going on? they're like look, somebody's up there. i get emotional talking about it because it sucks. >> a story we needed this morning. meet the man who scaled a 20-story crane to save a life. we'll be back in two minutes.
6:55 am
6:56 am
and welcome back to you on this monday morning. before you head out the door here are our top stories on "today in the bay." >> two more cities are in mourning, just one week after the gilroy garlic festival rampage. separate mass shootings happened over the weekend in el paso, texas, and dayton, ohio, both just hours apart and 29 people combined are dead, more than 50
6:57 am
other people are wounded. this is video of the first and deadliest attack. it was a saturday morning at a walmart in el paso which was packed with back to school shoppers. the gunman surrendered to police and overnight another mass shooting in dayton, ohio, and this is video of the scene as the shooting happened there. police engaged that shooter within 30 seconds of his first shot, and killed him less than ten seconds later. yet, he was able to kill nine people. a bay area tech company has cut critical cyber security to a notorious website where the el paso gunman posted a racist rant before opening fire. cloudflare's ceo said late yesterday his company will no longer provide any web support to 8chan. the website and its message boards have also been linked to other white supremacists who posted racist and threatening messages before committing similar attacks. cloudflare posted this statement saying it was terminating service for 8chan but 8chan says it plans to relaunch by
6:58 am
wednesday at the latest. president trump is set to address the nation this morning, just moments from now, 7:00 a.m. you can watch that right here on nbc bay area. a fire burning in eastern contra costa county this morning is mostly contained, but one of the main roads through the area will still be closed to commuters at least through this morning. the marsh creek fire burned close to 700 acres since it started early saturday morning near clayton. no homes were destroyed but one segment of marsh creek road is still closed and it will impact people who take it from brentwood to antioch. a live look in downtown san jose, where a dramatic scene played out overnight, 20 stories high in this construction crane you see. this is right across from san jose city hall. here is how it looked earlier, a man climbed the crane, police tell us the man was box indicated and suicidal. he's in custody, we believe he's under evaluation. another man, though, climbed to the top of that same crane to
6:59 am
coax him down. jay basha is a hairdresser in downtown san jose, tells us he risked his life for this stranger because "he loves people." >> and when somebody is saying like oh, they're going to jump or something, that scares me. it scares me to a point to where i want to go help somebody. >> thank you, jay. we needed that this morning. police did briefly detain him fortress passing and interfering with a police operation but then they got the straight story and obviously he was free to go. >> jay is my hero today. we want to look at the weather and traffic pictures because we know you're headed out the door. >> we have the fog in san francisco, we're going to see the clouds inland, still a warm day with some upper 80s in the forecast, but cooling down as we go throughout the week. san francisco looking at a nice cool week ahead with some 60s, and we've also had this big sig alert in the east bay on eastbound 580, with an overturned trailer that's caused the big backup. you're going to make sure you want to leave early, check waze now to see the alternate routes
7:00 am
and how long it will take for to you get to work. >> thank you, kari. that is what's happening "today in the bay." a reminder, nbc news will take over with a special report at any moment with president trump's reaction to this weekend's mass shootings. good morning one nation in shock. ♪ and in anger >> do something! do something. >> outrage and grief pour out at vigils overnight for the 29 people gunned down in mass shootings in texas and ohio. two more american cities dealing with the unthinkable this morning, new video of the panic in dayton, as police take down the gunman in moments in texas, investigators zero in on the suspect's manifesto and motive of hate in washi


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