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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 6, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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thousands of people remember the victims of two mass shootings 1,500 miles apart. key clues investigators are still trying to unearth this morning. we are expected to get a bigbig update in violence closer to home. who we are slated to hear from more than a week after three people were killed at the garlic festival mass shooting. while the future of california's high speed rail is up in the air, authorities want to hear from you. thanks for joining us on this tuesday morning. mike is back from a long vacation. >> thank you for -- >> you were ahead of me. >> i'm glad you are back.
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never seen a bigger hug. >> we're going to have a nice day starting out with cool temperatures across the bay area. let's get a look at our view out there and what to expect as we go throughout the day. let's go hour by hour. here we are taking it through noon. we will see some of our south bay temperatures in the low 80s, inland east bay, 81 in liv livermore. it's going to heat up as we see clouds pass by. little bit more humidity in the air. i will have a look at the rest of the forecast coming up. do you have any news for sfo? >> we don't have a lot on this investigation. your roadways, 101 was closed all morning until a few minutes ago when things reopened and traffic was reinstated. this crash, you are watching cleanup. two vehicles as well as a big rig. there's one honda. a couple of folks were transported away with injuries. there was a spill across the
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freeway that has been taken care of by hand by the fire crews that were on scene. let's get a look at the map. very quickly, the speeds recovered. 101 at speed all the way from the south bay almost the rest of the bay just fine. back to you. two cities dealing with loss after the latest mass shootings. >> the shootings within 24 hours have left dayton, ohio and el paso, texas, asking the same questions we have been having in the bay area since gilroy. here is the latest. the number of dead, 22 in el paso. two more people in critical condition. authorities arrested the gunman and investigators are pretty certain the shooting was fuelled in part by racial hatred. investigators say the suspect drove ten hours from his home in dallas. here is the police chief. >> as soon as he got here, he was lost in a neighborhood.
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after that, he found his way to the walmart because we understand he was hungry. >> for the latest in ohio, the number of dead is nine. 14 more people recovering from being shot in dayton. authorities killed the shooter less than a minute after the first shot rang out. investigators say there's no real indication yet of what fuelled him or if he knew his sister was among those he killed. >> it's hard to believe that he didn't recognize that was his sister. >> the white house confirms the president will travel to dayton and el paso. mourners hold events to stay strong and be together the same way it's been happening in gilroy. here in the bay area, one of the three victims killed in the attack will be laid to rest as investigators prepare to give new information in the case. we have what we could expect this morning. i'm afraid we're not going to get all of the answers we're hoping for.
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>> reporter: the police chief and a special agent in charge for the fbi will speak to us at 11:00 a.m. to provide what law enforcement is saying -- referring to as new details and an update on the investigation into what drove the 19-year-old suspect to shoot people at the gilroy garlic festival. two sundays ago, as the festival was winding down, the gunman shot 16 people with an ak-47-style rifle purchased legally in nevada. 13 of the people survived. three died, including a 25-year-old man, a 13-year-old girl and a 6-year-old boy. the gunman shot and killed himself after police shot him within a minute of the start of the shooting. that 13-year-old girl who died was keyla salazar who would have turned 14 this sunday. two memorials were held for her. her family shared stories about her personality, her love of
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animals and dreams of a career in animation. later today, her family will hold a funeral and a separate celebration of life. the police department has postponed national night out, which was scheduled for tonight here in gilroy. they are postponing it to let the community grieve. it's a time when police and residents come together to celebrate neighborhood watch and community safety. >> we know a lot of folks are listening for those answers. it's 5:05. there's a new battle in the trait war with china. the u.s. claims china is manipulating its currency. we have more this morning with what that means for the country and your retirement fund. >> reporter: the united states is labeling china a currency manipulator. accusing the nation of deliberately lowering the value of its money to sell goods cheaper and gain a competitive
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advantage. president trump tweets, it's one-sided, a major violation of international community, designed to steal our businesses and factories, hurt our jobs, depress our workers'farmers' pr. >> if they don't want to trade with us, that would be fine with me. would save a lot of money. >> hoping to get a good bilateral trade deal that benefits americans and american workers. >> reporter: china has a long history of undervaluing its currently. they plan to keep doing so. wall street is not happy with this trade war. the dow plunged more than 750 points monday. its worse day of the year. we were looking at futures.
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we might start the day in the green after such a dismal day yesterday. >> there are buying opportunities to be had. home depot was down, macy's was down, nordstrom down, a lot of companies that import from china. their stock price -- apple is a big one. very significant reductions in cost. i think you will see buying back as we hit the markets this morning at 6:30. even the futures are calling for a half or a third of what we lost yesterday. >> i took a couple of econ classes in college. for the president to say we don't need china seems unrealistic. >> very unrealistic. >> i think this is from china. that's from china. my phone is from china. >> most importantly. >> looking at everything. >> the other thing that they're accusing china of is manipulating currency. they were earlier. now they are letting their
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currency fall in a way that displeases the president. >> he is tweeting about it this morning. we want to move to the ghostship trial where jury deliberations are set to resume today. they face 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter for the deadly 2016 fire. prosecutors say the two disregarded the safety of others when they illegally converted the warehouse into a home for artists. defense attorneys say their clients are not the only ones to blame, arguing the city of oakland, the fire department and the landlord, the owner of the warehouse, may be to blame as well. if convicted, they face a maximum of 39 years in prison. the rail authority wants people to know if construction ever makes it to the bay area. happening later today, high-speed rail leaders are
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hosting an open house. they are hoping for feedback. that starts at 5:00. another first for berkeley. the east bay city will be the first in the country to ban the use of natural gas in new construction. the mayor will sign the law. all new building construction will no longer have natural gas hookups. this comes as berkeley is about to see a wave of new construction. more than 3,000 residential units are planned. >> i don't know how i would heat my tortillas. new this morning, a landing scare for a flight arriving in the south bay. pilots reported some kind of mechanical difficulty while arriving last night. the plane was coming from phoenix. emergency crews arrived on scene as a precaution. the plane landed safely and there were no other impacts on
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other flights. certainly not what you like to hear if you are headed out on a plane. hoping to fight the new san francisco ban on e-cigarettes and vaping, leadersrom juul and other companies are meeting today. they are working on a ballot initiative to combat that ban. in june, san francisco was the first city to ban all sales of all e-cigarettes. the fda is calling vaping an epidemic that specifically targets youth. i know juul has started backing some psas coming out on tv. the gilroy garlic shooting is prompting police to postpone national night out. several other cities are going to take part tonight. among those are san francisco and oakland and morgan hill, richmond. national night out is a campaign aimed at helping bring the community and police together. we want to get a look at the weather forecast for national night out. we know a lot of folks are
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planning on being with their neighbors tonight. >> a nice one out there. as you get started this morning, we are going to feel some cool temperatures this morning. if you are going to national night out in union city, kennedy park, starts at 5:30. we will be at 72 degrees. perfect weather. a nice little breeze and mostly clear skies. we are look at temperatures in rohnert park at 76. cooling down into the lower 70s and then upper 60s by 7:00. overall, really nice day as we check out our high temperatures for this afternoon. reaching low 90s in napa. oakland, 73. san francisco, up to 68 degrees. heading over to mike, you are looking at some on the san mateo bridge. >> it just popped up. detail comes in. overall, everything is moving smoothly, including 101 past sfo. we have one exit closed. i will tell you about that in
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the east bay. it's not the industrial boulevard exit. that's open. an earlier crash leaves one fire crew there assisting with someone maybe minor injuries there. that will be a distraction as you head toward the san mateo bridge toll plaza. the quick look does show you that things are moving smoothly on 92 approaching the toll plaza that distraction. back to you. coming up, imagine having access to your money 24 hours a day, seven days a week. a new system from the fed expected to go live in 2023. how it's hoping a tech crunch will help people managing their bottom line. a young boy falls down a manhole. have you seen this? what they all do to get him out alive. we are here to discuss jessie's online time.
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good tuesday morning. you get ready to head out the door in palo alto, looking good with a few clouds rolling by and a cool start. we will see those clouds clearing out for a warm afternoon. at noon, we're at 77. a look ahead to the weekend forecast. that's coming up in less than five minutes. traffic is starting to stack up. no surprise for a tuesday at the bay bridge toll plaza. we are talking about the san mateo bridge with crash recovery. good morning.
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i'm confetessa brewer. wall street looks to recover some losses. the dow was down 767 points. it was down more than 900 during the session. right now dow futures up. the sell-off was sparked by trade tensions between the u.s. and china. starting with president trump last week threatening a new round of tariffs on chinese-made goods. beijing responded by allowing its currency to break through a psychological level with the dollar that was last seen in 2008. it now appears things are stabilizing. asian markets declined overnight but not as much as feared. europe is higher. we could see the green arrows persist through the opening bell this morning. barney's has filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy. the luxury retailer will close stores in chicago, las vegas and seattle in addition to five
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smaller concept stores and seven warehouse locations. it will operate its flagship store in manhattan while it seeks a buyer. it was hurt by high rent and the do downturn in retail. the federal reserve will allow all u.s. banks to offer real time payment services. the fed is expected to be available by 2023. it will support transfers up to $25,000. that makes managing money easier for small businesses. it could put the fed at odds with big banks. >> thank you. happening today, demonstrators will rally and march against the future use of any nuclear weapons. it's been 74 years since the u.s. dropped atomic bombs on
5:18 am
hiroshima and nagasaki. historians say the bombings killed between 129 and 226,000 people. protesters along with pentagon papers wh papers whistle-blowers will march where they say nuclear weapons are being developed. shocking video from overseas. look at your screen. a little boy -- >> oh. >> falls through a broken manhole and into a well. instantly disappears. his father jumps to the rescue, pulls his son out. this happened in southwest china. a camera recorded that scary scene. the boy did sustain minor injuries but is expected to be okay. kids being kids. >> he sees that and says, i'm going to step on that. >> that happened to my mom. >> no! >> i was a child. i still remember it. we were walking down the street. she stepped and fell down. she didn't go that far.
5:19 am
it was like, wow. we had to have everybody come and get her out. >> my goodness. that's a scary experience. >> you think they would do more to make sure they are stable. >> in the middle of the street. a cone or something? >> they are covers. they are supposed to be stable to walk on. >> or personal access. >> yes. it looks good this morning. we're all clear. we are seeing clouds rolling by. in terms of our temperatures, nice and cool with upper 50s and low 60s. as we go through the day, we will see whatever clouds we are seeing clearing out. in pittsburg, 64 at 7:00. 74 at 10:00. it's going to warm up fast today. we're in the low 80s by noon. we will have a warm afternoon. in the north bay, expect a cool
5:20 am
start with upper 50s. by noon, we are feeling comfortable. 75 degrees and a few clouds overhead with low 80s there. in the south bay, if you are going out to the park, enjoying the last few days before school, we will have a cool morning. becoming partly cloudy but sunny and 73 degrees at 11:00. at 1:00, we're at 80. you might feel a little bit more humidity today as the temperatures go up. as we look at our highs today, we are going to have 90s. a few more 90s than yesterday. clearlake up to 95. high pressure continues to bring in some of the high level clouds and tropical moisture. then going into the rest of the week, that starts to move away as an area of low pressure affects part of the pacific northwest, brings them rain but brings us cooler temperatures. our temperatures go from the upper 80s to the low 80s over
5:21 am
the next few days. it heats up again for the right-hand once the low moves on. 90 on sunday. 94 on monday. san francisco keeping clouds and fog with cool temperatures. you have a couple of updates for the east bay? that's right. peninsula, fine. south bay, no problem. we had the crash and it has the slow lane blocked west 92 approaching industrial boulevard. just past that, the toll plaza seeing backup. the good news is that the dutton off ramp from east bay 580 has reopened without any other problems. there was an investigation from an overnight deadly crash. over here, westbound 88, a crash there. no slowing and no lanes blocked. a little slowing at the top of the screen, west highway 37. the backup forming in the last few minutes at bay bridge toll plaza.
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coming up, in between rounds in the hardwood, how steve kerr is spending part of his summer. what he has to say. our team always on social media. check out this -- what kari hall is sharing on instagram. she's showing us her spaghetti squash and tomatoes. mine are all green and not with envy. check out kari on instagram, twitter and facebook.
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tense moments in spain after a british airways plane is forced to make an emergency landing. this is video from a passenger. the woman says the smoke started seeping into the cabin during the final ten minutes of the flight. it had taken off from london and was headed for spain.
5:25 am
everyone got off the plane safely. no injuries were reported. no thank you on that one. ta just cause eviction will be dumped less than two months after enacting it. property owners warned they had the support of voters to putle repeal on ballot. they decided to repeal it. lyft is under fire. a woman feared she was in danger in a recent ride. >> he asked me if my boyfriend was home. i remember realizing that the door was locked. i said, please unlock the door. he didn't. he continued to drive past my apartment. i pried the lock up and jumped out of the car.
5:26 am
>> while it was moving? >> yes. >> she's sharing her story to raise awareness about the issue and that she hoped lyft will take action. another woman from the bay area is speaking out about the issue this morning. watch both interviews on "today" at 7:00 this morning. it's 5:26 on tuesday morning. steve kerr is moonlighting. he is an assistant coach for team usa in the international basketball federation world cup. training camp started yesterday. all anyone wanted to ask him about was the future of the warriors. he is ready for changes. he is not sure what it all means. >> this summer was painful losing the guys we did. reassuring in the sense that we brought back some key guys who are going to help us get to that next era, whatever that looks like. >> a lot of familiar faces are
5:27 am
gone. the central nucleus remains intact. it's 5:27 right now. funeral plans are underway for some of the victims killed in the outbreak of violence over the weekend. the president prepares to visit el paso and dayton. one piece of evidence investigators are still trying to nail down in both of the investigations. big plans are coming for one major city. the new addition under consideration for walnut creek.
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welcome back to you on this bright tuesday morning. we look at sfo. there was a crash out there earlier, a car crash. it looks all clear now. good morning. thanks for joining us. >> you have us and you have kari with your forecast. >> it starts out with clouds and cool temperatures as you get ready to head out the door. we have low 60s in evergreen. to the low 70s at 10:00. it's going to be warming up quickly. normally, you are up to 82. but we are slightly above that for our high temperature. 90 in concord. 73 in oakland with mid 90s in the north bay. we will talk about the weekend forecast and, mike, you are saying let's enjoy the bay bridge toll plaza. >> not everyone stops to smell the roses. you often stop at the bay bridge.
5:31 am
a little better traffic. we are in summertime mode. we are easing in toward the school year the next few weeks. it will be critical for folks trying to enjoy the last of their vacation. light traffic highway 4 and the bay bridge toll plaza. everything else looks green except for this north 101 through san jose. this is the first burst of traffic we see. it tends to slow as a lot of folks flood the freeway. new this morning, a police cheese led chase led to a deadly crash. a driver was passed out in a white sedan. the driver took off when emts took off. officers tried to pull the car over. the driver didn't stop. they put down a spike street on ranch road. the driver went around it, lost control and flipped the car. the driver and passenger were taken to a hospital. the passenger died. they have not been identified.
5:32 am
the future of walnut creek comes into focus. planners debate a plan to reshape the area between downtown and the busy walnut creek bart station. we will hear what the plan promises. maybe we see a population boom. >> reporter: good morning. walnut creek city council will discuss the final draft of the plan which could add homes and businesses to the area. i want to show our viewers some of the renderings if it's approved. this is a part of the 30-year plan for the downtown area of walnut creek spanning 191 acres. it was proposed in 2014 with the transportation commission. they awarded walnut creek more than $600,000 to redevelop the area. the plan is to better integrate the rest the downtown area.
5:33 am
specifically, the bart station where we are standing, civic part as well as the iron horse trail. it will include pedestrian retail stores, house, restaurants and service businesses along north main street and north broadway. there will be an emphasis on bike routes and shared use paths, connecting to the bart station. above all else, they want to make sure the area is an important job center. if this is approved, it could be adopted by october. live in walnut creek. >> a lot of folks will weigh in. thank you very much. this morning, growing calls for change in the wake of three deadly mass shootings. the latest in texas and ohio, of course. both coming off the heels of the gilroy rampage. families in two more cities planning funerals as those stories begin to emerge about
5:34 am
those lost. >> jay gray is in el paso with the latest. >> reporter: the pain is staggering. the emotions raw. >> all we can do is stay together as a community. >> reporter: so they gather in el paso and dayton, finding strength in being together. >> it's about our community and how much we care about each other. >> reporter: and how much they miss those lost. 22 in texas, ranging in age from 15 to 90. nine in ohio, their ages 57 to 22. the youngest, the sister of the alleged gunman. >> it's hard to believe that he didn't recognize that was his sister. >> reporter: police don't know what sparked the killing spree. motive now at the center of investigations in both grieving cities. >> this was an act of domestic terrorism fuelled by hate.
5:35 am
>> reporter: officers in el paso say the suspect drove more than ten hours overnight from his home near dallas. >> as soon as he got here, he was lost in a neighborhood. after that, he found his way to the walmart because we understand he was hungry. >> reporter: information he shared according to police who say he continues to cooperate with their investigation. >> he volunteered most of the evidence that we're able to utilize. >> reporter: that evidence, the intent, is important. but not to nadine warren right now. >> i'm broken. not only was she my daughter, she was -- we were friends, best friends. >> reporter: her daughter nicole isn't coming home. killed during a girls' trip to dayton. >> you don't know in america now when they leave, they may not come back. >> reporter: an ominous warning in the wake of overwhelming tragedy.
5:36 am
carrying the sympathies of the nation, the president will travel to dayton and el paso tomorrow. >> have you heard from anyone about the president's visit? any details? >> reporter: a bit of a mixed bag. a lot of people saying now is not the time, that politics aren't needed here. they are going through this tragedy and trying to help one another. others saying it's very important the president travel to the area. that he show that he is concerned, that the nation is watching and wanting to help here. as for the mayor of el paso, he said, this is not a political visit. there will be no politics here. we will try to get all of the support we can for the long and difficult road away. >> it will be a long and difficult road. thank you very much, jay. back to the bay area this morning. we are expected to get an update on the investigation into our
5:37 am
own shooting. they will meet with the media at 11:00 this morning. investigators have been combing over evidence trying to figure out why this happened. we will be at that news conference. we will update you with the latest on television and on for anyone impacted by the shooting, counseling services are still available this week between 4:00 in the afternoon and 8:00 in the evening at gilroy high school. it's something the community has been doing since the shooting. for those looking to collect missing items left at the park last sunday, a property return site is opening today. many people left behind items like phones, wallets, backpacks, things they dropped as they were trying to find safety. it will be at the wheeler community center on sixth street. it will be open from 11:00 this morning until 7:00 tonight. the latest gun violence across the country prompting new calls for change. ♪ we shall not
5:38 am
>> demonstrators stood outside nra headquarters in virginia. many held signs and sang songs. protesters argue the nra is leading the fight against enacting common sense laws that would save innocent lives. new legislation so far seems a long way from being enacted, especially with congress on break. new details about california's new ammo background check law, which now we know has stopped more than 100 3e 000 pe from buying bullets illegally in the first month it was in operation. a federal judge is expected to decide later whether to stop the law as a violation of the second amendment right to bear arms and other federal laws. the governor held an emergency meeting yesterday to figure out what the state can do to prevent mass shootings. the fire that started over the weekend near clayton and forced some evacuations is still not fully contained this morning. the fire started as a series of
5:39 am
overnight fires which reopened marsh creek road. some people wonder if the fires were set on purpose because firefighters are talking about several points of origin. so far, they haven't figured out a cause. the rush to be prepared for wildfire season begins. pg & e plans to shut power in certain areas where the fire danger is high enough. santa rosa leaders want people to be prepared, knowing what to do and what to have if power is down for an extended time. that could be two, three days or more. a study session is 2:30 this afternoon. watch that on the city's social media pages. a look around the bay. we have no signaling problems as far as those power issues. the south bay shows a smooth drive. so does the peninsula. crossing to the peninsula, just fine. here is the problem spot.
5:40 am
traffic feeds through livermore, highway 85 merges and past that merge, a crash in the middle of southbound 680. three vehicles are involved. no major injuries reported. chp and a fire crew are arriving on scene. that's a bad point funneling into toward the south bay. bad timing there. the rest of the timing fine. good toward the bay bridge with they turned on the metering light later than we often see on a tuesday. they are on. it's not a surprise. >> good to have you back. we were all on european time. it's easy to transition. >> europe heat and humidity. >> ridiculously hot. this weekend is looking warm. it's looking like paris warm. >> european. >> mike will be getting rest and catching back up. we will see the temperatures cooling off by the end of the
5:41 am
week. check out that weekend forecast. it starts to heat up once again, especially on sunday, reaching 90 and that's before we see our temperatures peak early next week. san francisco, not seeing a lot of changes here as we keep the clouds and fog and cool temperatures. we will have nice cool places to go hang out like santa cruz with our highs in the low to mid 70s. if you are thinking about going to the beach or mountains, we will see yosemite, nice weather there. cooler than recently with highs in the mid 60s. a look at today's temperature trend coming up in three minutes. a san francisco neighborhood, what led to serious evacuations. the new details of a california police officer under investigation after a disturbing discovery on the day he was due in court. we're back in two minutes. can my side be firm?
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now that dream is a reality. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn? happy tuesday. it's 5:44. a nice sunrise even with the clouds over walnut creek. we ling we a areer with low 60s. another warm up with and a cooldown in the forecast.we areer with low 60s. another warm up with and a cooldown in the forecast.e areer with low 60s. another warm up with and a cooldown in the forecast. areer with low 60s. another warm up with and a cooldown in the forecast.areer with low 60s. another warm up with and a
5:45 am
cooldown in the forecast.reer with low 60s. another warm up with and a cooldown in the forecast.eer with low 60s. another warm up with and a cooldown in the forecast.r with low 60s. another warm up with and a cooldown in the forecast. fathwe have a crash, i'm concerned about 680. we will talk about that. 5:44, new this morning, a woman died after an early morning crash. this is video from the scene just in. it happened on interstate 580 at the dutton avenue off ramp. the woman veered off the road and hit a tree. it's not clear why that crash happened. a tragic warning for everyone this summer. a 2-year-old was found dead inside a hot car in san diego. the toddler's mother called police just before 1:00 in the afternoon to say she had woken up from a nap and couldn't find the child. the mother called back to report she found the child. it was in the car. the toddler was pronounced dead as police arrived. things are back to normal in san francisco. a bomb scare. >> it was shut down for hours
5:46 am
yesterday because of a suspicious package. the bomb squad sent a robot to the area to get a closer look. a large number of police officers were in the area asking people between 20th and 23rd to evacuate or lockdown. >> it was subtle at first. then all of a sudden, sthey tol us get out or stay in and lock doors. >> what we can tell you is one man was questioned but no one was arrested. no explosive device was ever found. the fbi was called in. jean was tweeting live updates while the story was unfolding. we put those on our twitter feed. it's a great resource for breaking news when you are not close to a tv. a former san diego police sergeant accused of soliciting sex from a minor has been found
5:47 am
dead in his home. he missed his arraignment yesterday. they checked out his home and found him dead from a self-inflicted gun shot wound. he was arrested in july after the department received a tip about people looking for sex with minors. the raiders' move to las vegas got real for fans. it's the same song but a different location. vegas not only celebrated the stadium topping off but announced the official name. the black hole will be allegiant stadium. the stadium is on track to be ready for the start of next season. trending this morning, all jokes aside, spaghetti squash in kari's garden. you are on a roll right now.
5:48 am
>> i think so. that was spaghetti squash and you have been making so many wonderful things in the garden as well. i'm not sure we will get you on camera. you have done a wonderful thing. we were talking about "saturday night live." >> returns in september. it's one of the most difficult shows to get into, meaning as an audience member. we can't get in. there's a chance that you could. you can't buy tickets. you have to enter a lottery for a chance to attend. you have to send an e-mail to snl tickets explaining why you want to be in the studio audience. it can't just be please, please, please. winners will get two tickets. hopefully, it's somebody you want to see. >> just being there at all would be just pretty amazing. >> that's true. people ask us, can't you get us tickets? >> can't even get us tickets. >> i have seen the studio, not with it being live and it's
5:49 am
tiny. everything is smaller than you think it is. >> except for my shoulders. >> back to my garden. i had spaghetti squash. i scooped out the seeds. i got six more once i put it in my garden. >> you put the seeds back in? >> yeah. >> i'm jealous. >> i call myself a farmer now. tomatoes and spaghetti squash. the weather has been good. we look out our window. look at the fog rolling by san francisco. this is an amazing shot. we can watch fog roll by every day all day. as we look at our temperatures, that's what keeps it cool in san francisco and along the coastline for today. inland, we will start to see the temperatures warming up. noon, we are in low 80s in the
5:50 am
south bay as well as parts of the east bay. in livermore, 85 degrees at 5:00. this is during the commute home or heading out for dinner. it's going to be warm for the east bay and south bay. in santa rosa, 80 degrees. not bad there. san mateo is 74 going into this evening. the winds pick up. it starts to cool off. it will be another nice one. this is a live look outside at our sunrise in the south bay. you are looking out the window, you are getting started, the sunlight starting to come through night. you get dressed, wear something cool like a dress and t-shirt. we are getting ready for national night out. wanted to show you the forecast. looking good this evening. it will be warm to start and cooling down quickly for this evening. we have seen a lot of interesting looking clouds. we have had higher humidity that's going to wind down as we go throughout the day. cooler air tomorrow. inland, highs in the low 80s.
5:51 am
heating up again this weekend. now you have a new crash jamming up oakland. >> our view from the coliseum, it slows approaching high street. it jams up around the bend. this is up toward 23rd where a crash blocks your middle lane. one lane blocked out of four. a big distraction at a tough time. 580 westbound is clearing. into downtown oakland, that crash is a problem. opposite direction commute south, 680 jams up. the crash involves three vehicles in the middle of the freeway. this will jam up as more traffic feeds in. this is a bad time for folks heading toward fremont on 680. 880 is clearer.
5:52 am
back to you. happening now, a developing story out of asia. south korea says north korea fired two short-range missiles into the sea. the military continues its weapon tests it stafrted last week. this is the fourth round of tests and comes during stalled nuclear negotiations with the united states. what's in a name? the reason instagram's name is changing and what it is. a story you will only see on nbc bay area, the booming business of drinkable cannabis. you are watching "today in the bay." here's one you guys will like.
5:53 am
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you can find our team on social media. chris and i were talking about this over the break. pete sharing about his weight loss on twitter. follow pete on facebook, twitter, instagram to read his story. instagram isn't just instagram anymore. the facebook-owned app is now called instagram from facebook. it's the same thing. the company wants to be clearer about which services are a part of facebook. google pledging a greener future. by 2022, all hardware products
5:56 am
will contain recycled material. >> some of the changes start this year. >> the list includes phones, speakers, cases, charging stands. google says it started to use recycles plastic. by 2020, google promises to make all of its shipments carbon neutral. we talked before about the booming business of marijuana. new this morning. the beverage industry is poised to make drinkable cannabis the next big thing. folks said the drinks actually taste good. >> don't have that cannabis taste that a lot of people think they're going to get. >> the drinks taste delicious. they work great. it's just a nice feeling. >> how is it? >> very good. >> check out this story. it's new on our website and our nbc bay area app.
5:57 am
trending this morning, a huge first for victoria's secret. casting its first transgender model. >> she will be features as the pink campaign is set to be released. she wrote, never stop dreaming. she made history as the first transgender to appear on the cover of "vogue." a former executive at tinder claiming the site claiming she was sexually assaulted by the former ceo. >> she filed that lawsuit yesterday in southern california. she said she was fired as tinder's marketing vice-president as she complained about the 2016 incident. she says the ceo made a lewd overture at a company party and later groped and kissed her without consent in front of two witnesses. she claims the company's investigation was a sham. the company previously called the allegations meritless. back here at home, you might
5:58 am
want to check your bank accounts. a woman used stolen information to load up at local grocery stores. police released these pictures last night. this woman went to four south bay stores and bought $4,200 worth of alcohol and gift cards. call police if you recognize her. new details, a new law aimed at forcing president trump to release his tax returns is facing new legal opposition. last week, the governor signed the law that requires presidential candidates to file tax -- income tax returns to appear on the ballot. a conservative group filed a legal challenge. the lawsuit claims the new law violates the first and 14th amendment. coming up, mass shootings in america. we continue to learn more about the victims and the survivors from this weekend's shootings. a big update that we expect in just a few hours about the
5:59 am
gilroy shooting. wall street experienced its biggest one-day decline of the year. >> wall street worries after a new escalation in president trump's trade war with china. we will tell you what he is saying and the impact on us. ending an epidemic. the key meeting in san francisco today about the future of the leading e-cigarette company. thanks for joining us on this tuesday morning. >> mike is back from vacation. kari doesn't have to do double duty anymore. she will give us the weather. >> the weather is looking great. it's going to warm up as we go into the afternoon. you may feel a little bit more humidity. that's going to be what's a little different today. here is a live look outside at sfo. the fog rolling over the hills there, moving towards san bruno. we look at our transit forecast. if you are about to head out the
6:00 am
door, expect it to go from low 60s to the upper 70s by noon today. we will talk more about that coming up. the east bay is starting to have problems. >> the rest of the bay is fine. we have two spots. the first, tri valley southbound. the fire crew arrived because of injuries reported. they got there first. your left three lanes blocked. you have one lane, perhaps two depending how they blocked things out, which is scramming up traffic. that joins in with slowing out of highway 84 westbound. no details on the update as far as time. we hope to clear that soon. 880, a single car in the middle of the freeway. that jammed up traffic from the coliseum, it's jammed past high street around the bend into downtown. west 580 is your option.


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