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tv   Today  NBC  August 6, 2019 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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that's what's happening today. we will be back with live and local news at 7:25. >> have a wonderful tuesday. good morning, red flags? the former girlfriend of the dayton shooter in an nbc news exclusive. >> this is a man who was in pain and didn't get the help he needed. >> just ahead, were warning signs missed as police search for a motive and new tributes to the victims overnight. no remorse, what police are now revealing about the el paso gunman's behavior after his deadly ram papage inside a crow walmart. around the country, outrage builds. >> enough is enough.
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>> this morning what the president had to say. >> our racism must condemn racism, bigotry and white supremacy. >> the question, will words be followed by action free fall, wall street plummets, its worst day of the year as china plays hardball, the aggressive move it just made escalating the trade war when it will hit your wallet. all that, plus saying good-bye, the heartfelt good-bye. the terrifying moments caught on camera, smoke filling the cabin of a packed plane forcing an emergency landing. and judge jay, late night legend jay leno is on a mission to find hidden talent on our plaza, today tuesday, august 6th, 2019. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza.
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hi, everybody, good morning, nice to have you with us on a tuesday morning, and nice to have you become. i know it's a hard duty to be there in dayton with the community that's just really, really hurting right now. >> yeah, it's good to be back, and you're right, they are deeply hurt in dayton as a lot of folks are all over this country, but they are resolving there to have some good come from this. >> and two communities in a lot of pain. el paso and dayton is where we start this morning the search for clues and answers in ohio and texas. this morning there's new information coming to light about the suspects we're also hearing more from the families of the fallen we've got it all covered we'll start with nbc's gabe gutierrez who's in dayton for us this morning gabe, good morning. >> reporter: savannah, good morning, an incredible act of resilience, the popular bar behind me that the gunman was trying to enter has already reopened now investigators are digging into the gunman's past including a troubling account from an ex-girlfriend, and we should warn you the new video you're about to see is disturbing this morning a terrifying view
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inside the crowded dayton bar as gunfire erupted. people diving for cover while the gunman tried to get inside before police quickly took him down now a growing mystery, why 24-year-old connor betts killed nine people in just 30 seconds police searching his home in a dayton suburb where he and his sister megan attended high school. >> she was a wonderful person. >> late monday an emotional vigil in her hometown. megan bets was the gunman's youngest victim, but it's still not clear if she was the main tart. >> it seems to just defy believability he would shoot his own sister it's also hard to believe that he didn't recognize that was his sister. >> reporter: six of the nine fatally wounded victims were african-american so far police say they do not see a racial motivation. a former girlfriend of the gunman agrees. >> this isn't about race this isn't about religion. it's none of those things. this is a man who is in pain and
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didn't get the help that he needed. >> reporter: adelia johnson said she dated betts for a few months and they broke up in may they originally met in a community college class and bond over their shared struggle with mental illness. >> people go every day being perfectly fine with having a mental illness, me included. and he just -- he got the short end of the stick, no support system. >> reporter: she now believes there were red flags she says he showed her a video of a mass shooting on their first date, that he later took her to a gun range, and that he performed with an extreme heavy metal band known for sexually violent lyrics one former high school classmate says betts also got in trouble for making threats. >> what'd you make of him? >> kind of a loner, a bit of an outcast. >> this community remembering the nine lives cut short, among
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them beatrice warren-curtis whose mother said loved to travel and was on a girls trip to dayton. >> hug your kids and love them you don't know in america now, when they leave they may not come back. >> gabe, i know the gunman's sister obviously was a victim. she was not the only person who was with him before the shooting, is that right? >> reporter: yeah, that's right, savannah police say a friend who rode with the gunman and his sister here to the oregon district was also shot, but he survived, and we're told that he's now cooperating with investigators, savannah. >> extraordinary, gabe thank you very much. from dayton now to el paso where the death toll has risen from the mass shooting there, and as the victims' families share their stories, police revealing what led the gunman to that crowded walmart on saturday nbc national correspondent miguel almaguer has more on that miguel, good morning. >> reporter: craig, good morning. here in el paso the grief is overwhelming
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the death toll has now risen to 22 today we are learning more about the investigation and the suspect's rampage. >> let's go, let's go! >> reporter: this morning, chilling new details about 21-year-old patrick crusius, now facing capital murder charges after police say he opened fire at a walmart filled with families authorities say the gunman stopped at this walmart because he was lost and hungry, then went back to his car, armed himself and started his rampage killing many victims at close range executing some as they pleaded for help >> we're dealing with a tragedy of 22 people who have perished by the evil, hateful act. >> reporter: police say after his arrest, the gunman showed no remorse or regret speaking openly about his extremist and hate-filled manifesto posted online just minutes before the shooting >> this is like a nightmare. this is not el paso.
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>> reporter: sylvia salcedo filmed the the ordeal as she hid under a table with her 91-year-old mother the d.a. now seeking the death penalty for the suspect as he appeared in court, the judge telling nbc news the gunman was attentive and lucid and ordered held without bond. former schoolmates describe him to the "l.a. times" as strong minded with a short temper and often picked on because of how he spoke and because he wore what looked like hand me down clothes. now with the death toll rising, families separated during the massacre are finding out the fate of their loved ones. >> all i want to do is find my mom. somebody needs to tell me where she is. >> katie hallberg has now learned her mother angie was among those killed, newlyweds jordan and andre anchondo both died shielding their baby boy paul. >> they're both heroes because they were doing their job as parents. >> reporter: javier rodriguez was the youngest victim, only 15
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years old. he had just finished his freshman year in high school, jessica garcia, her husband memo and their kids were at the walmart for a fundraiser both parents were shot in the le legs while their children hid from the gunman escaping unharmed. >> my grandmother said she was hiding and heard him taunting saying come on out, i'm going to get you. my son-in-law, i truly believe he stepped in the way and took the brunt of it to protect my daughter. >> reporter: this tight-knit community in mourning and praying for those still fighting to survive >> more than two dozen injured in that shooting in el paso, what do we know about the latest on their conditions? >> reporter: not far from here at a nearby hospital 15 people remain under the care of doctors. two people are still in critical condition fighting for their lives. guys, back to you. >> miguel almaguer there for us in texas >> where does the nation go from here the debate over next steps is
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raging in washington nbc's white house correspondent peter alexander has that part of the story. >> multiple white house officials tell nbc news president trump is kbptexpected travel today ton and el paso in the next few days to pay his respects to the victims and thank the first responders there. the president is facing renewed criticism following his prepared statement here monday where he condemned hate but did not address his own past language and made no call for strict new gun laws. >> reporter: in the wake of what he called two evil attacks, president trump delivering this denunciation of hatred in america. >> in one voice our nation must condemn racism, bigotry, and white supremacy. these sinister ideologies must be defeated. hate has no place in america hatred warps the mind, ravages the heart, and devours the soul. >> reporter: the president emphasizing mental illness, steering clear of proposing any
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new gun restrictions. >> mental illness and hatred pulls the trigger, not the gun >> reporter: earlier on twitter, president trump called for strong background checks and suggested tieing them to new immigration laws, but he made no mention of that during his televised remarks. the president's past rhetoric stoking anti-immigrant hatred according to critics, is continuing to bolster their claims that he's part of the problem. >> this is an invasion it is an invasion, you know that. >> former president obama releasing a sharply-worded statement, a thinly-veiled rebuke of his successor though never mentioning president trump by name, urging americans to soundly reject language coming out of the mouths of any of our leaders that feeds a climate of fear and hatred or normalizes racist sentiments. mr. obama who had at least 14 mass shootings during his time in office also renewing his calls for tougher gun control laws, something he unsuccessfully pushed for as president following the sandy hook school attack. >> the majority of those who
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died today were children, beautiful little kids between ahead of them. >> reporter: obama's the ages of 5 and 10 years old they had their entire lives ahead of them. >> reporter: obama's former vice president and current democratic front runner joe biden also weighed in >> this is white nationalism this is white supremacy. this is about hate, and it's being fueled by rhetoric that is so divisive, and it's causing, causing people to die. >> peter, we've heard the talk, what the candidates, what the president, what people are saying what is being talked about being done actually? is there any action proposed by lawmakers in washington? >> reporter: good question lawmakers aren't in washington in fact, they're in recess until after labor day. top democrats are calling on the senate's top republican mitch
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mccoell to cancel that august recess to call lawmakers back here to washington to act on bills that have been on mcconnell's desk since february, bills passed by the house, but so far mcconnell is resisting those calls. he's encouraging republicans to, quote, reflect on the subjects the president raised and to engage in bipartisan discussions of potential solutions savannah and craig. >> all right, peter alexander at the white house for us, thank you, peter. now we turn to those new jitters on wall street this morning after the stock market's worst day of the year. the dow lost nearly 770 points on monday. the s&p dropped nearly 3%, nasdaq fell by about 3.5%, so what's driving this plunge? what does it all mean for you? nbc's stephanie ruhle joins us with some of the answers this morning. always good to see you my friend. let's start with the worst day of the year for all three of the major indices. it seems as if this was driven by china devaluing its currency.
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first of all, what does that mean? why does that married so mutter us? >> this is all about the trade war. on friday the president threatened new tariffs, 25% on $300 billion worth of goods coming from china. that means u.s. companies have to pay this additional tariff or tax to get those goods here, so what does china do? they devalue their currency. that basically means buying those chinese goods are cheaper, so they want those u.s. companies to still buy the goods. they devalue their currency, and it weighs things out so those -- the u.s. companies pay the tariff. goods cost less, so it's a positive because they want to get that stuff. now, it's really bad if i'm a u.s. company that has any business in china. i don't want that to be the case at all, but it's the worst for consumers because for consumers when you see these tariffs put in place, that means eventually can companies are going to have to charge you more, and that's tech companies. that's clothes. that's shoes. that's toys.
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this is school season. when we have to go buy our kids new clothes for school, i don't want to pay 25% more, do you? >> of course not, and i guess the question is, you know, there's been some misinformation out there about who really pays the tariffs and whether or not companies will pass on the tariffs -- pass on that price to consumers. will they? >> eventually they will. some companies haven't, so people could say i hear all this ability tarif about tariffs but nothing costs more to me yet. it will because margins aren't so big -- companies like to absorb it as long as possible, but eventually they say i got to make money. i have to pass it on to the consumer, and the other thing that china did, they had an agreement with us to buy farm products, agricultural product. they said huh-uh, not going to happen. we know the u.s. government has already been giving farmers billions in aid to weather this storm. it's about to get worse. >> and the markets see that, i guess. >> without a doubt because guess what if we're not buying products those companies, those public companies, it's going to hurt their bottom line.
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>> do you think we're going to hit a recession? >> i mean, eventually we always are, and the reason the fed cut rates is to keep us in an economic expansion, but we've been in one for nine years. at some point a recession is coming and this trade war is not helping it. >> it puts a lot of pressure on. yeah, all right. thank you. >> thank you. british airways is blaming a technical issue for some terrifying moments on a flight from london to valencia, spain. video shows the cabin filling up with heavy smoke about ten minutes before landing. the plane had 183 people on board. it did land safely, but passengers had to slide down emergency chutes. at least three were taken to the hospital but were quickly discharged. now to some sad news that is just breaking this morning. celebrated and trail blazing author tony morrison who won both the nobel and pulitzer prizes has died. rehema ellis takes a look at her illustrious life and career. >> tony morrison was exceptional. she remembers being the only black child in the first grade
7:16 am
and the only one who could read. the early reader became a celebrated writer called one of the greatest authors in american history, the bluest eye, song of solomon are considered classics, illuminating the black experience in america. >> we not only survived, we produced something so valuable, so irreplaceable, and that's what's worth celebrating. born chloe wofford in 1931 in ohio, she studied english where she picked up the name toni, as one of the few black ed dors at random house she published books by angela davis and muhammad ali. a divorced single mother she wrote her own first novel when her two sons were in bed. 14 years later she won the pulitzer prizes for "beloved." it was made into a movie, the story of a black woman who kills her own child to save her from a
7:17 am
life of slavery. poet maya angelou said morrison didn't write english, she compose it hcom composed it. in 1993 she became the first african-american awarded the nobel prize in literature. oprah's book club made morrison a household name whose works challenged readers. >> it's not fast food. it's a meal that you should relish. >> reporter: in 2012, acknowledged with the nation's highest civilian award. >> toni morrison's prose brings us that kind of moral and emotional intensity that few writers ever attempt. >> reporter: she devoted her life to teaching and inspiring others to write. >> i could never be happy if i thought there was going to be another void, another huge historical silence about the experience of black people. >> reporter: toni morrison, a descendant of sharecroppers who changed the face of american literature.
7:18 am
rehema ellis, nbc news. >> you spent some time with her back in the '80s, you interviewed her, right? >> that's right, and just the vast knowledge you got from her, and in the presence of greatness really. >> and a great teacher, too. i was just reading a quote from her, if there's a book you want to read but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it. inspiration. >> the family saying the 88-year-old passed peacefully following a short illness, adding they are grateful she had a long, well-lived life. >> so are we. >> yes, we are. let's get a check of the weather. we're talking about heat out there. we have heat watches and warnings, 5 million people and fire watches as well. we've also got some moisture making its way through the southwest, monsoonal moisture. numerous storms will be firing up by the afternoon. localized flash flooding, especially in the southwest, and then as we go around the rest of the country, severe storms in
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>> that's your latest weather. savannah? >> al, thank you. coming up, in the wake of the and that's your latest weather, savannah. thank you. coming up, in the wake of those back to back shootings, a look inside the world of online hate. we'll talk to a top intelligence official at the nypd about the daily battle being waged against domestic terror.
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back now, 7:30 on a tuesday morning, the 6 back now, 7:30 on a tuesday morning. the 6th of august, 2019 with a look at our fine crowd there on the plaza. we'll get outside to join them in just a few moments skpl we'll start the half hour with a check of the headlines of the morning. north korea is accusing the united states of inciting tension by holding joint military exercises with south korea. pyongyang says the drills are a flagrant violation of agreements between the u.s. and north korea and could derail fragile nuclear diplomacy. the north fired two more missiles into the sea of japan today. this is the fourth round of test
7:31 am
launches in less than two weeks. the florida man who sent more than a dozen pipe bombs to prominent critics of pruresiden trump was sentenced to 20 years in prison. cesar sayoc sent bombs to hillary clinton and barack obama. no one was hurt. he pled guilty to 65 counts including using weapons of mass destruction. vacationers in myrtle beach, south carolina, got an unexpected show yesterday when a school of fish suddenly started jumping out of the water and for good reason, too the fish were trying to escape a group of sharks that showed up for feeding time lifeguards quickly got everybody out of the water the family that captured that moment said it was a trip to the beach they will not soon forget and best viewed from the beach, not in the water. >> man meanwhile, the mass shooting in texas is putting new focus on the spread of hate online. before he opened fire, the gunman in el paso posted on a website that's become extremely popular with extremists.
7:32 am
now that website has been taken offline. nbc's gadi schwartz has more on that good morning >> reporter: yeah, good morning, craig. 8chan is being called a megaphone for mass shooters andand now even the guy that started the site says it should be hut down for good. following two mass shootings in 24 hours that have shaken the nation president trump attempting to shine a light on one of the darkest corners of the internet. >> we must recognize that the internet has provided a dangerous avenue to radicalize disturbed minds and perform demented acts. >> there are countless message boards where violence, racism and hate are the norm and among the most popular and the most divisive a site called 8chan an anonymous forum with few rules and little oversight created in 2013, the site has virtually none of the restrictions found on other forums like facebook or reddit there are no moderators, few guidelines making it a go-to
7:33 am
place for extremists and a place where mass shooters are often glorified. >> when law enforcement saw extremists pushed off the mainstream platforms, extremists went to the niche corners of the internet. >> reporter: prior to the shooting in el paso that killed 22 people, the gunman posted an extremist message to 8chan the mosque attack in new zealand and the synagogue shooting in california have been announced in advance on the same site. now 8chan is down and in limbo after several internet service companies announced they will no longer host its servers. for many the path to radicalization starts with jokes, memes and dark humor. he originally went online to make friends interested in gaming and quickly got sucked into a world of hate. >> you can get from like very innocent stuff to like very iffy stuff to like hard white nationalist stuff very easily within like four or five clicks.
7:34 am
it's really crazy. >> reporter: former white supremacist chris tan says he focuses his energy on helping others leave their racist beliefs behind. >> with the internet, it's as if there is a 24-hour hate buffet online for young people. >> reporter: we spoke to some teens outside of a vigil for one of the victims of el paso's massacre about what they see online and what their parents know. >> do you think your parents know the type of stuff that's posted online? >> i don't think so. >> no? >> they're pretty much clueless. >> reporter: and a lot of times it's that radical content that makes its way from 8chan onto mainstream platforms all the kids that we spoke to in that spot say that they didn't see the racist manifesto on 8chan. they saw it on their twitter feeds. meanwhile, the guy who owns 8chan currently says that they are in compliance with the law, and they work aggressively with law enforcement. guys, back to you. >> gadi schwartz there for us in el paso.
7:35 am
let's bring in john miller, the nypd's deputy commissioner of intelligence and counter terrorism. >> good morning. >> usually when we get together we're talking about al qaeda, isis, foreign terrorist organizations. it sounds like some of this radicalization that happens online bears some similarities to that kind of thing. >> well, they mimic each other in terms of preparation and planning, in terms of using the encrypted apps and chat rooms we see a lot of celerity. >> yesterday president trump, among other things, called on the department of justice, local law enforcement agencies, platforms as well to develop new tools, to better discover some of these would be terrorists before they actually strike. what kinds of tools would help law enforcement agencies, tools that you guys don't have now >> well, tlas couphere's a coupf things one, we don't need to develop new tools. we need to unwind system of the tools that are keeping us from this discovery you know, there was a time not
7:36 am
very long ago, literally a couple of years ago where you would see concerning traffic in one of these places. you would go to a judge or issue a subpoena, and they would turn that over and say this is what it says, and here's the other content. >> yeah. >> we would trace it to the person, and then you could start an investigation when apple locked down the iphone so even they couldn't get in it, you could hand them all the subpoenas you wanted when they developed all these encrypted apps that cannot spon respond to a subpoena or a search warrant because they have designed the app to not get inside, before we think of new things to do for discovery law enforcement and the tech industry need to get together and have a different kind of conversation than we've been having where the tech industry has just said it's what our customers want. >> let's talk about, 8chan, for example the founder telling our reporter this morning we're in compliance we're very forthcoming with law enforcement. is that true >> well, it's true to the extent that they can be, and that's --
7:37 am
you know, that's depending on what they have, you know, the posts that started with this in el paso, you know, was headed anonymous. which means you'd have to find it -- and i think that's what president trump is talking about algorithms, facebook and google have done a lot in that direction. twitter takes down a lot of accounts, but then you have to get to that person. >> how do you tell as a person in your line of work what's just talk, ugly, ugly talk, and what might actually lead to action? >> well, when we operate in the intelligence and counter terrorism bureau of the nypd on the intel side we operate under what we call the hand shore agreement, that says we're allowed to investigate political activity is how it's termed in the document if there's the possibility of illegal activity so when one is espousing violence or saying i'm planning to do something or urging others to do something, that's enough to open an investigation how you make the judgment you're talking about is this real or is somebody blowing steam takes
7:38 am
getting to that person, sitting down and saying what's your intention here. >> let me ask you a question while we have you here, commissioner from a law enforcement perspective, would changing gun laws in this country in a measurable way, would changing those laws, would it make us safer? >> we are touted by ourselves to be the most, you know, advanced civilized society on the planet earth. last week we had four incidents across this country where people with rifles walked in, assault weapons, and killed lots of people for different reasons, political, the garlic festival in california, not the kind of place you think you'd find a mass shooting, in el paso, still trying to figure out motive in dayton, not that in the end it really matters to the victims. you had a workplace violence shooting at another walmart in
7:39 am
mississippi. we had an assault weapons ban. we passed it in 1994 i was on the white house lawn that day, and congress let it expire on purpose, not by accident i think -- i think we need to get serious about this discussion where we can't have a garlic festival or a kindergarten classroom in connecticut where we're not thinking of who's going to walk in with extended magazines with over 30 rounds and a rifle meant for combat that are going into the wrong hands without having a serious discussion again, we're not moving forward. we just need to take a step back to where we were and have a allow that makes sense. >> deputy commissioner john miller, we know it's a busy time for you always, so we appreciate your time this morning >> thank you. >> thank you thank you let us turn now to another check of the weather at 7:39 from mr. roker. >> guys, thanks, a lot, we're watching the remnants of flossie make its way away from hawaii. as it does, it's going to bring
7:40 am
heavy rain and some winds. the good news is the flood watches will expire eventually and the system moves away from hawaii, gets the heck out of here, and we'll see nicer weather again for our state there. now, we're also looking at above average temperatures throughout much of the country, especially as you get into minneapolis, chicago, columbu good morning. we have our typical summertime weather set up with fog in san francisco and cold temperatures there while the inland valleys heat up. we'll see that gradually clear out for a little while with some low 70s across the bay in oakland and mid-80s in san jose while the tri-valley reaches the upper 80s. we're going to cool it off a few more degrees. we will be heating up for the end of the weekend into early next week. >> that's your latest weather. savann savannah? >> al, thank you. lots more to get to this morning,
7:41 am
and that's your latest weather. >> lots more to get to this morning, including is lyft failing to keep female passengers safe? we're going to hear from some women with frightening stories about their encounters with lyft drivers. plus, would you be interested in a free -- that's right, free vacation, a new list of the best travel rewards programs and how you can take advantage of them. and then jay leno is going to be here he's going to visit the plaza. he's on a hunt for hidden talents. first, though, the kennedy family coming together to say an emotional good-bye to robert f. kennedy's granddaughter, how they celebrated her life right after this jardiance can reducee risk of cardiovascular death for adults who also have known heart disease. so it could help save your life from a heart attack or stroke. and it lowers a1c. jardiance can cause serious side effects including dehydration, genital yeast or urinary tract infections, and sudden kidney problems.
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this morning on in-death today, a heartbroken kennedy family again, . this morning on in-depth today, a heartbroken kennedy family again saying a final farewell to one of their own. >> that's right, they gathered in massachusetts yesterday for the funeral of saoirse kennedy, the 22-year-old granddaughter of the late robert f. kennedy anne thompson is on cape cod with more on that.
7:46 am
hi, anne, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, savannah good morning, craig. this morning all that's left to determine is the cause of saoirse kennedy hill's death you'll remember, paramedics were called to the kennedy compound last week for a possible overdose, and today that is the focus now that her family has said good-bye. so many of the mourners were so young. saoirse kennedy hill's classmates and friends gathered outside the church as the 22-year-old's body left the kennedy compound where she died last week. a police escort brought the kennedys to our lady victory church, where they have celebrated and grieved over the years. grandma ethel, the 91-year-old widow of senator robert kennedy helped out of the car by her son max. former congressman joe kennedy and his son joe iii a current congressman were pallbearers along with ted kennedy jr., nbc
7:47 am
news anchor maria shriver was an usher. a happy kennedy hill beamed from the program. inside one of the songs, "when irish eyes are smiling," the words changed to "when saoirse's eyes are smiling." an unnamed mourner telling the "boston globe" the service was full of hope and laughter and love in celebration of a wonderful young woman who filled the world with her adventurous spirit her father carried his daughter from the church. people magazine reporting he told mourners saoirse was the love of my life before breaking down in tears. and from her mother courtney kennedy hill who gave her life a last good-bye. the college student remembered as inquisitive and fearless, a passionate advocate for social justice and candid about her struggles with depression. as for why she died, officials are waiting for the toxicology report the autopsy showed no signs of
7:48 am
trauma after all the ceremony, a simple good-bye from her cousin congressman joe kennedy, we love you, saoirse and always will in his eulogy, robert kennedy jr. said if anyone ever wondered whether god loves the kennedy family, proof is that he gave us saoirse. we should be grateful we had her for 22 seasons savannah and craig. >> wow, that's tough, anne, thank you very much. still ahead this morning, the growing complaints from women across this country who say they've been harassed by lyft drivers how that company is responding but first, these messages. matico keep you both effortlessly comfortable. matico will it help me keep up with him? yup. so, you can really promise better sleep? not promise... prove. and now, save up to $600 on select sleep number 360 smart beds. plus no interest until january 2022 on all smart beds.
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we are back with dylan and baby dryer, as well. we are back with dylan and baby dreyer as well. just ahead, john travolta showing us he still has the moves. >> plus, milolo ventimiglia and amanda seyfried. at the mercedes-benz summer event.
7:53 am
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7:56 am
♪ make you're jaw drop make u say oh my god ♪ good tuesday morning. right now it's 7:56. we're seeing sunshine across the south bay and still some cloudiness in oakland. we'll start to see it clearing up soon as we go throughout the rest of the day. our temperatures will be warming up after this cool start making it into the low 70s in oakland with mid-80s in the south bay and expected to reach up to 91 in antioch while clear lake is the hottest up to 95 degrees today. we'll see some clearer skies and highs reaching into the mid-80s. for san francisco we're still expecting the fog to roll by. we'll see that for the next several mornings but should see more sunshine in time for the
7:57 am
weekend. we start with a live look here. san jose north 101, the billiul the traffic is here. the top of the screen is west 237 into sunnyvale. both sides of the bay slowing in typical direction. both directions san mateo. walnut creek crash down towards concord. back to you. >> all right. lots of people keeping an eye on stocks this morning one day after wall street had its worst losses of the year. right now stocks are trading higher gaining back a small percentage. the dow is up about 100 points and has been higher about .5%. within the last hour we learned toni morrison died.
7:58 am
in 1988 she won the pulitzer and the american book award. she was 88 years old. here's one you guys will like. show me making it. oh! i got one. the best of amy poehler.
7:59 am
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it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, it's 8:00 on "today," coming up, searching for answers. the latest on the investigation into those mass shootings that claimed the lives of more than 30 people. >> she was a wonderful person. >> this morning, what we're learning about the gunman as two communities come together to honor their heroes. >> they were doing their job as parents, protecting children >> we're live with the latest. plus, ride share scare, we'll hear from two women who say they were sexually harassed while getting a ride home lyft.
8:01 am
>> he asked me if my boyfriend was home and i just remember realizing that the door was locked, and i said please unlock the door >> just ahead, how the company is responding to a growing number of complaints and matt marks the spot, a look at the very permanent way matt damon is honoring his family we'll show you the pictures today, tuesday, august 6th, 2019 ♪ we're spending our last days of summer at the "today" show! >> here with my mom. >> from shreveport, louisiana. >> eva's first trip to new york. >> hi from texas ♪ >> good morning, papa and grandma. >> in washington, d.c. >> good morning from belton, texas. >> to my dad and brothers. >> wake up because we're on "today"! >> hi, everybody, nice to see those happy faces out on our plaza. good to have you with us on a nice sunny morning out on our
8:02 am
plaza. >> that's a lively crowd. >> yeah, we're going to get out there in just a moment lets get right to the news at 8:00 the mass shootings this weekend in el paso, texas, and dayton, ohio, have left those communities in mourning and in shock, and the nation's searching for answers. nbc national correspondent, miguel almaguer, has the latest on the investigations, and we're learning more about the victims of those tragedies my fw miguel, good morning. >> reporter: 31 people were killed by two mass shooters in two separate states. the suspect in ohio is dead. the suspect here in el paso is still alive, and we are learning more about his rampage >> these people moved, touched and inspired me. >> reporter: this morning the tight-knit border town of el paso, texas, is still reeling in the middle of a waking nightmare, white crosses representing the dead just feet from where the massacre took place. new names added as the death toll rises
8:03 am
the shooter, 21-year-old patrick crusius is facing capital murder charges, the d.a. seeking the death penalty. law enforcement sources telling nbc news the gunman killed many of his victims at close range and executed some as they pled for help federal authorities are treating the shooting as a case of domestic terrorism police say the suspect spoke openly to them about an extremist and hate-filled manifesto he posted online and this morning, police say the suspect ended up at this walmart because he was hungry and lost in the neighborhood. 22 dead and dozens more injured, some still fighting for their lives. jessica garcia and her husband guillermo were among the first victims. >> thankfully it looks like she's going to make it through this guillermo we don't know at this point. he's got a lot of bad injuries he's still in icu and still in critical condition >> reporter: in dayton, ohio, where nine people were shot and killed outside a bar early
8:04 am
sunday morning, police are still searching for a motive surveillance video shows police killing the shooter, 24-year-old connor betts less than a minute after the gunfire began. authorities say betts fired more than 40 shots, one of them killing his own sister, 22-year-old megan. it's still not clear whether she was specifically targeted. on monday, police searchedhe betts' home in a suburb of dayton where he and his sister attended high school the "associated press" spoke with former classmates who said betts compiled a hit list and another list of girls he wanted to sexual assault. betts was also the lead singer of a misogynistic band that promoted violence against women. for families in dayton and el paso, it's a tale of two cities connected by tragedy. >> my regret was that morning i didn't stop by to say hi, give him a hug or something.
8:05 am
>> hug your kids and love them because you don't know in america now when they leave they may not come back. >> reporter: former classmates of both shterscribe the gunmen as loners many today are wondering why they were both filled with so much hate. savannah. >> it's impossible to understand, miguel, thank you very much. british airways is blaming a technical issue for what many passengers said was a terrifying flight from london to valencia, spain. you can see the video showing the cabin filling up with heavy smoke about ten minutes before landing yesterday. some of the 175 passengers on board said they received very few instructions as that plane descended for an emergency landing. passengers had to slide down emergency chutes at least three people were taken the hospital, but they were quickly discharged british airways says all customers were safely evacuated by its crew. a bus driver was charged with unlawful restraint after police said she purposefully
8:06 am
locked a passenger inside a bus luggage compartment. the driver wendy alberty was arrested during a trip from new york city to boston. the woman who was trapped in the luggage bay had called 911, so police stopped the bus in connecticut, pulled her out. she was unharmed she said the driver locked her inside when she tried to retrieve items from her bag. the peter pan bus company suspended the driver, said it has never had an incident like this in its 86-year history. we've got an important recall to tell you about this morning, entenmanns is recalling some of its cookies because of a choking hazard the company says pieces of blue plastic were found inside some pouchs of five-pack mini chocolate chip cookies the recalled products have best by dates of august 31st or september 7th. there have been no reports of any injuries those cookies were distributed in 36 states no other entenmann's brand products are affected. >> are you ready for a little morning boost
8:07 am
>> pro baseball player isan diaz had just the kind of day every prospect dreams of he was called up by the miami marlins making his major league debut in yesterday's game against the new york mets. his family was being interviewed while diaz was at bat. >> we're with raul jr. his brother, this is la la his sister enjoying the ice cream along with grandma carmen. is this an emotional day for you? >> very, very emotional. >> oh, oh! >> and the crowd goes wild, right? diaz got that first hit, spectacular fashion home run off mets pitching ace jacob degrom that's a moment the family will be reliving for a long time, and now they can because it's on video, the whole thing. >> man. >> look at them, they're so happy. >> wow. >> love that. >> on cue. >> coming up, a very special guest, we've got to find him first, though. where is he? where is he?
8:08 am
where is he? there he is. no there's jay leno late night legend jay leno, why jay is searching our crowd this morning for hidden talents but first, do you use those popular ride share services, the safety concerns being raised this morning by hundreds of female lyft passengers right after this see ya later. i'm out of here. alright. fellas. ♪ hello, are you the locksmith? yes i am. come on in. i think we were able to salvage the lock. [ shouting ] ♪
8:09 am
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8:12 am
and whatever that look is. look like you with fewer lines. own your look with the one and only botox® cosmetic. we are back. it is 8:12 today with today's talker. it is an important one if you use o we are back, it is 8:12 now with today's talker. it's an important one if you use one of those ride sharing services. >> yeah, women all across the country who say they have been sexually harassed by drivers are raising new safety concerns. nbc's jacob ward joins us with the details. good morning, this is disturbing. >> good morning, savannah. it is. hundreds of women say they have reported complaints to ride sharing giant lyft we spoke to two of them. the irony these women say is that they were usiing lyft because of its socially conscious reputation on april 7th, 2019, 28-year-old anna gilchrist took a lift home from a party
8:13 am
it was 2:00 a.m. on a dark street when suddenly her driver leaned in close. >> as we're getting closer to my apartment, he asked me if my boyfriend was home i remember realizing the door was locked, and i said please unlock the door and he didn't, and he continued to drive past my apartment i pried the lock up and jumped out of the car. >> while it was moving >> yes, and ran to my apartment. >> on the other side of the country, allison experienced similar harassment from not just one driver. >> he like leans back and covers the handle with his hand, and then he like wants to get my number i got really, really freaked out. i didn't know what to do. >> but a second. >> talked about all the things he would want to do me if i was single it was really freaky, first, like i didn't know where i was. >> and then a third all in the summer of 2018. >> him telling me like how he could show me like the ropes and like teach me about sex because he was like way older than me. >> lyft won't reveal how many instances like these have been reported but stories like
8:14 am
gilcrest and tillking's show up every hour on social media lyft writing in a statement, safety is fundamental to lyft, since day one we have designed policies and features that predict drivers and riders the company released background checks, plans for a passenger 911 button and optional sexual harassment training for drivers, but the harassment these women describe won't show up in any criminal background check. >> kind of a helpless feeling. >> gilchrist says lyft's customer service told her by e-mail they had looked into the matter, she would never be paired with that driver again, and offered her $5. >> they gave me a $5 credit to use lyft. >> and i was like oh, no, i'm done with lyft i don't want a coupon for lyft >> lyft says it trains its agents to handle these situations but two former lyft agents told us they got only two weeks of training and felt unprepared for calls about sexual harassment. >> i could tell she's reading from the script of what she needs to read from. >> reporter: gilchrist says she kept thinking that driver knows where i live
8:15 am
>> i was terrified that this guy was just going to be waiting for me there any other situation that person would have been fired, like on the spot, and yet here they would not confirm with me that they were going to fire him. >> after gilchrist pressed the company, they did confirm they had deactivated the driver, something the company only does in extreme cases. >> and then i reach out again. >> tealkin who never learned what happened to her harassers was invited to lyft headquarters, not because of her complaints but as a tour for computer science majors given by company recruiters she says she told them her story. >> i started crying even though i had practiced not crying at all. then i was like okay, what are you planning to do to fix this the recruiter, the first thing he said was our first priority is safety. >> reporter: she says her discussions with the company hit a dead end, so she wrote an op-ed for stanford's student paper and soon received an e-mail from lyft's then coo, john mcneil. >> they were like wow, we'll bring you in >> she showed nbc news her
8:16 am
presentation to lyft along with encouraging feedback, but she says executives no longer respond to her suggestions >> the response hasn't changed like the e-mails don't change. >> right, nothing's changed. >> the tweets don't change. >> reporter: both women agree on one possible solution. >> would you be satisfied if, for instance, you could just request rides from women >> yes oh, my god, yes. >> gilchrist and tealking say they're both haunted by the idea that their harassers might still be driving for another service today. >> the feeling i get is like they care a lot more about their image than actually like really putting safety first. >> that's disturbing, when you say on social media you're seeing complaints like this hourly. >> every hour, absolutely. >> so i mean, if something like this happens, people might think they can call the police, but i mean, there's not a lot police can do here. >> that's exactly right. this falls into sort of a gray area between outright criminality and totally unacceptable professional behavior, and what we were looking at here was the glitch that seems to exist for both lyft and uber. local police that we talked to
8:17 am
said it is not a matter for them to handle. it's really up to the ride share companies to handle this to have some sort of internal system for figuring it out, but they really haven't. here's the thing to really understand the difference between a ride share driver and let's say a taxi driver is that they are an independent contractor businesses like lyft and uber require, they need these gieguye independent contractors to make the business model work. if you're an independent contractor, they can't tell you how to do the job. lyft is offering optional training about sexual harassment, but it's not mandatory because if they make it mandatory, it's going to mess up the business model. >> but if they're getting repeated complaints they don't have to contract with that particular driver anymore. >> in the new fluid gig economy, it's a much more loose arrangement with the company and they can go off and drive for somebody else. these are companies that want to take safety seriously. they want to be known for that it's part of their brand, but they have not figured out a way to guarantee it. >> that's a good story, jacob. >> an important story. >> thank you.
8:18 am
we'll go over to al now and get a check of the weather. >> we're looking at showers and thunderstorms moving through the upper midwest, also some wet weather off the mid-atlantic and northeast coast. we've got showers through the southwest. it's going to be hot talk about temperatures in the century mark from southern california all the way into central texas. 90s through the gulf, 90s and 100s up into the western plains. good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we're enjoying sunshine in the south bay and still foggy along the coast line. that will gradually clear up and keep it cool with highs in san francisco in the upper 60s. as you make your way inland it is going to feel a little more humid and still very warm with highs reaching the low 90s in the east bay valleys. as we check out our seven-day forecast we will be in for a cooling trend for the rest of the week. then we start to warm things back up by the end of the weekend into early next week. >> if you're heading out the door, don't forget, check us out
8:19 am
on "today" show radio, sirius xm and if you're heading out the door, don't forget, you can check us out on seirius xm channel 108, off the rails >> we say off the rails, and then dylan goes. >> doo doo daloo. >> apparently you're not watching the show with us. >> it's stuck in your head. >> carson is still working on that other little show called "the voice." >> lots to get to in pop start we'll make this a thing. first up, john travolta. we all know him for his slick dance moves, "grease" of course being the best example of that now fans of pit bull are getting a fun surprise at the end of his latest music video take a look. ♪ round and round and round and round we go ♪ ♪ round and round and round we go ♪
8:20 am
♪ we going to have a love fest, ♪ ♪ let's get down to business ♪ drop it low >> travolta showing off his tango moves, to pit bull's latest single. i didn't see that coming. >> i like it >> still got it. >> if you've got it, flaunt it. next up, matt damon, the actor and father of four showing us he's willing to endure a little bit of pain to honor his kids damon getting four brand new tattoos on his arm reading alex alexia, isabella, g,ia and stella, the new tats are next to a lucy tattoo for his wife lolu. he went to daniel winter who's worked on the likes of lady gaga and jonas. >> i think my next tattoo would be a calvin something. >> and room for a new baby. >> you have to get three because you have to get the fish on it. >> would you do it would you tattoo names
8:21 am
>> i feel like my kids, that's the only thing i would consider tattooing. >> that will never change. >> and mike, definitely, well, i have that big mike tattoo. [ laughter ] >> i'll wear a t-shirt >> i'm with her. >> yes >> and finally, jacob tremblay, we all know the 12-year-old actor from his breakout dramatic role in room with brie larson. appearing on fallon, last night, he proves, when it comes to seth rogen's laugh and arnold schwarzenegger yelling. >> his laugh is like amazing. >> he's got the beth laugh how do you do it again do you know how he laughs? >> yeah, i'll try. [ laughter ] >> it's not that good, but like it kind of sounds like santa if he like smoked cigarettes. [ laughter ] >> i remember like watching like "the predator" and i was like dude, he's got a sick accent, and i was always imitating him
8:22 am
i was always like, get to the chopper, we have to get out of the air. no, no, i need to eat some snickers in my tummy, yum, yum, in my tummy. [ laughter ] >> i think once he gets the deeper voice. >> yeah. >> the kid's a riot. >> he's not wrong about seth rogen either, santa who smokes cigarette. al, we know you are the king of impressions, anything you want to break out, your cartoon impressions perhaps? i'll do marcel marceau >> that's what you're going to give us? every commercial break he's giving us an impression. >> did you give him any warning, though you've got to give him a warning. >> you can do rocky and bullwinkle. >> it's not a tumor. >> there you go. >> hey, rocky. >> we're done now. you missed your chance. >> sorry. nfl teams, they're gearing up for the coming season and for the packers that means taking part in the yearly tradition of riding a young fan's bike into practice this year the texans were
8:23 am
invited to partake, something 6'5"290 pound j.j. watt probably shouldn't have done. >> yeah, that was -- >> oops, oh, he broke the kid's bike. >> the little kid's bike seat snapping he just hoists the bike over his shoulders and here's what he had to say about the tradition after practice. >> pretty awesome until i broke the bike the bike -- the bike that i was using was not equipped for a 290-pound man, and the seat broke off. we have purchased a new bike for the boy so i apologize for that, but i mean, it's cool. >> see, no harm, no foul little packer's fan got a new bike out of the deal. >> probably a nicer bike, too. all right, thank you. just ahead, how you can take advantage of the world's best travel reward programs to score a free vacation. >> all right, and then we're going to sit down with hollywood
8:24 am
stars, milo ventimiglia and amanda seyfried, they're right here they've got a new movie, bring five boxes of tissues to this one, after your local news and weather.
8:25 am
8:26 am
good morning everyone. 8:26. i'm scott mcgrew. jury deliberations set to resume today in the ghost ship warehouse trial. jurors received the case last week. the defendants face 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter for the 2016 fire. prosecutors say the two disregarded the safety of others when they illegally converted the warehouse into a home for artists. defense attorneys say their clients are not the only ones to blame arguing the city, the fire department, and the landlord may be to blame as well. if convicted they could face a maximum of 39 years in prison. well, mike is back from vacation. he had a breakfast and is back
8:27 am
here. >> that's right. looking at san jose where it is starting to lighten up quite a bit. looks like a bit of a vacation for much of the bay area continuing the summer vacation wrapping up for many kids over the next few weeks. look at this. north 87 and north 280, slower drive but west 237 with the slowdown caused by a crash just shy of highway 101 around matilda, i think. looking over here a nice drive for the tri valley. good recovery from the earlier crash on andrade. oakland, slowdown west 58 po approaching 24. fender bender on the side. it has cleared. >> thanks. another local news update in a half hour.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
it is 8:30 now. tuesday morning, 6th of august, it is 8:30 now, tuesday, the 6th of august 2019 we've got a happy crowd, good looking crowd, and we also have a -- there he is, mr. jay leno, part of the crowd. there's jay. >> jay >> late night legend himself good to see you, sir. >> hello, jay. >> how is everybody? hello, hello, hello. >> thanks for coming back. >> should i jump right in here >> we've got a crowd moment, jay. where is he? i'm looking for jagger from austin, texas.
8:31 am
>> there he is >> jagger from austin, texas and how old are you, jagger? >> i'm 12. >> and you're a budding musician, as i understand it >> yes, sir. >> you want to do a card trick for mr. leno >> go ahead. >> okay. so we have the queen of diamonds. >> that is the queen of diamonds. >> now we're going to put the queen of diamonds right in there, okay? so mr. leno, can you tap it right there for me >> tap it right here >> now magically you made the queen of diamonds appear. >> oh! >> oh ho >> pretty good, jagger, well done, sir. >> don't ever go to vegas. >> all right >> thank you, jagger that was a good crowd moment. >> thank you. >> come back when you've got that vegas residency, we'll see you there. good looking kid this is your mother, i assume? >> yes, sir. >> he's good he's got a future in this. >> yeah. >> that's pretty good. >> i'd say so. here's the thing, we were showcasing jagger because coming up, you are going to be showcasing some other folks out
8:32 am
here with hidden talents. >> that's right, i'm a judge tonight on "america's got talent" now i'm searching the crowd. >> i can see a lot of talent here. >> absolutely our crowd's talented. >> unctiyou think so >> yeah, i just like a kid who walks around with a deck of cards, cheating people on the street in new york. >> three card monte. >> there you go. like a dead end kid, you know. >> remember the dead end kid? >> you're just going to go off on random quotes for random things. >> if you'd like a free vacation, who wouldn't, stay with us to find out the best hotel and airline rewards programs to get that vacation. >> then we're going to sit down with the stars of "the art of racing in the rain," milo ventimiglia and amanda seyfried coming up in a few. the third hour of "today," i'm going to introduce you to some dads who are brushing up on a new skill, all in the name of some quality time with their daughters. yeah, it's pretty cool. >> i love it already
8:33 am
>> what do you got for the weather? >> i wish they had those lessons when courtney and leila. >> you didn't do their hair? >> i did it just didn't look very good. it was pretty rough. starting off with today, a heat advisory in the pacific northwest, strong storms through the mississippi and ohio river valleys. monsoonal moisture through the southwest. heavy rain through florida, which will continue tomorrow strong storms along the mid-atlantic, northeast coast, heavy rain in the mid plains, monsoon storms c good morning. ism' meteorologist kari hall. we're starting out with some clouds and fog and clear skies already inland where temperatures will be heating up. we're up to 91 degrees in antioch today. the hottest temperature, 95 in clear lake, with napa at 85. oakland today heading up to 73 degrees. some upper 80s in the inland areas. we will have a cooldown over the next few days with some brisk, onshore winds. we are going to be in for another hot week as we start out early next week.
8:34 am
>> that is your latest weather. craig? >> all right, mr. roker, thank you. with summer winding down, how would you like to >> and that is your latest weather. thank you. with summer winding down, how would you like to sneak in one more vacation? what if we told you that part of it or all of that vacation could be free? just released this morning, a new ranking of the top rated travel rewards programs. this is according to u.s. news and world report here to help you maximize the perks, managing editor for travel, erin shields good to see you. >> thank you so much for having me. >> how did they determine the rankings >> we try and help the efrtd trafrler find what's going to be the right travel rewards program for them we surveyed our readers and they want to be able to eastern a free flight or a free night pretty quickly we take that into consideration, plus member benefits and geographic diversity. >> free flight or free night, that was basically the criteria. we'll start with number three.
8:35 am
>> yes, we have world of hyatt, so that program has numerous vacation destination hotels around the world they also have a lot of different price points, so you've got everything from mid range to budget to luxury. hyatt also has a really cool perk where if you stay at five different hyatt brand hotels in a calendar year, you will automatically earn a free night. >> we're talking about wyndham here, what makes the wyndham program so special >> it doesn't cost a ton of points to back a free night. people like to stay at budget hotels, rack up the points and use it for a nicer property and all inclusive in the caribbean or mexico. >> you can stay in a low end hotel. >> rack them up and save for a nice family vacation. >> what's the best hotel rewards program according to u.s. news >> marriott bonn v o', nvoy haso of distinctive brands, they offer members plenty of benefits, things like in room
8:36 am
wi-fi access and members only discounts. if you stay at a marriott hotel and you're using points for five nights or more you're going to get that fifth night for flee. >> it sounds like one of the reasons their program is so much better, there's more properties. >> more properties, more options to earn and redeem >> to get to these hotels we're going to fly let's count down the top three travel programs, and i'm pretty excited because i'm a member of a couple of these. >> oh, good, why not a lot of them are free to join so jetblue is the number three, jetblue true blue. there are numerous ways to earn points with that program, everything from flights to credit cards to retail purchases or even dining, and points never expire with that program, which is a solid perk. >> they never expire >> never expire. you can keep them until you're ready to use them. >> that's unusual for a travel program, isn't it? >> not a ton of programs do, delta doesn't have miles expire. that's our number two delta and its partners fly you to a thousand destinations around the
8:37 am
world, there are a lot of daily flight options, lots of flexibility. they have partnerships with ticket master and airbnb >> delta sky miles, that's my travel program. >> it's a good one number two. >> let's go to number one here, i found this fascinating the number one travel program has been number one for five straight years. >> it's got lots of really great perks with alaska airline. mileage plan, it's the only -- it's one of the few that, you know, you earn mileage based versus having to spend money, so you're going to earn one mile for every mile flown or 500 miles round trip, whichever's faster it's going to be able to get you to that free flight faster. >> with some of these travel programs, can you use them on other airlines i know some of them have relationships with other airlines is that something? >> absolutely. if alaska has a lot of partners, that's why it kind of -- part of why it ranks so highly delta has lots of partners as well another great thing about alaska is it has unique ways you can
8:38 am
earn miles, also things like joining a wine club or if you wanted to order flowers online, you can earn miles that way. >> erin shields, great. >> thank youi for having me. look who i have over here, mila and amanda, they're co-starring in a new movie, it a's book people loved.
8:39 am
8:40 am
welcome back. new movie, "the art of racing in the rain," milo vent imiglia ♪ welcome back, in the new movie "the art of racing in the rain," milo stars as -- it's narrated by a philosophical dog enzo, and his first impression of a new love interest played by amanda seyfried is less than stellar.
8:41 am
>> hi enzo, what are you doing >> my first impression of vivi was as complicated as the scents in the area. >> i'm not really a dog person. >> produce, and pheromones. >> he's more person than dog. >> denny was clearly taken with her grooming she probably bathed every day as far as i knew. >> does he always stare at people >> we should recognize that voice, right >> yes, kevin costner. >> the voice of enzo dog, kevin costner so perfect. >> i've been a fan of his for so long, we talked about it he did his job after we shot the movie, but so excited. >> yeah, when you saw it all come together at the premier, were you flipping out? >> it was so much funnier than i expected with kevin's voice constantly can you telling back from our real life to what the dog is -- >> yeah, because when we're filming, it's like there's, you know, clicks and chicken thrown to the dogs, and little sticks -- >> there's a big long fork all the time
8:42 am
>> like bacon on it. it's interesting, the dogs were incredible. >> phenomenal. >> they're great actors. >> they are. there was of course, what they were directed to do by our trainers, but then parker and butler, our 2-year-old and our 9-year-old, they were just doing things that instinctually worked, and you couldn't train it they were just responding and reacting to both amanda and i. >> as an actor you're like looking into your co-star's eyes, in this case it's a dog, but did you feel like you're getting something? >> oh, yeah, there's no difference between you and parker that was like slight differences. >> you see what just happened there, right milo, you're just like the dog, exactly. >> it's okay or the dog's like a human, either way. >> people don't know this, this was a book, "art of racing in the rain". >> big one. >> you already loved this book before you even heard about the movie. >> it was like a best seller. i actually kind of became a dog person after that book. >> really? >> this book
8:43 am
less than two years later i got finn, and life's changed forever. >> when you heard they're making a movie, were you like, okay, i have to be in this movie >> yeah, i was born for this this is exactly what i want to do with my time, with my -- yeah tvgs perfec , it was perfect. >> amanda was the first name i heard to play eve, before they even got her last name out, amanda, yes, yes, 100% yet. >> and milo you were in the middle of "this is us," and as i understand it, they gave you this script and they're like we need an answer tonight >> pretty much, yeah, they were like i just got home from work, and they said read it tonight. if you like it tonight, we're going to go get it there are a few other guys that are in the mix, but we're going to go get it, and i read and i was like this is amazing yeah, i went and they got it my guys got it. >> it's really -- >> you got it. >> it's called "the art of racing in the rain." obviously car racing is in the
8:44 am
backdrop, but it's not like a stunt movie. it's really about life more than anything, but did you kind of learn about car racing >> i did, i did. i was brought into the world of racing, but i pretty much took the existence of a race car driver and laid it on top of being an actor it's the same thing, you have to have focus, determination, and a will the lot of heart to do what these guys and gals do behind the wheel. it's really impressive for me mostly it was a film about a father and his daughter. it was a film about a husband and his wife it was a film about a family that was giving the best example of how a family should be to this dog so that he could imprint his soul and have a better life when he's a human in his next life. >> it's kind of interesting, too, because it's such a different perspective. we saw even in that clip, like you're seeing the dog's eye view physically you're seeing it, but you're also hearing his perspective, which is a new way to look at life events. >> it's such a unique perspective. it's the kind of -- i mean, a
8:45 am
lot of us who, you know, love animals and are dog owners especially want to knowhat our dogs are thinking, and we like to project what they're thinking all the time this is what we did, and i think we got it right in some ways i mean, who knows, but it's so funny to hear that perspective it really brings the film, you know, back to life >> it's funny, and it's touching and it's all the feels >> it's all of it, you're going to laugh you're going to cry. it's everything. >> everything all wrapped up in a two-hour movie tell me about your little daughter she's 2 1/2 now? >> oh, my god, she's 2 1/2, and we spent like most of the year on the farm this year. she's getting the life i always wanted i hope, i hope she's happy yeah, it's so fun. >> yeah, i know, the little ones are the best, exhausting but fun. >> exhausting but fun, but also like another perspective i thought finn's perspective was everything, and now she's showing me the world in a way i'd never seen it before, and god, like how lucky am i >> it's beautiful. i always say it's like the gift you unwrap every single day. >> every single day is different. >> yeah, it's true, and milo
8:46 am
we're rooting for you at the emmy's, emmy nominated for lead actor. were you surprise? >> actually, i was surprised this year. there's so many great actors and i thought going into our fourth year it's not going to come my way, and it did and i'm proud to represent the group of people that collaborate for jack. i'm just -- i'm the face man, but there's got to be words that are written that i have to speak. there's got to be clothes and hair and makeup and everything that gets put on we all put jack together i'm just the guy representing. >> you guys are such a pleasure, thank you so mh. i can see why it was working in the movie. >> it totally works. it totally works. racing in the rain is in theaters this friday craig, over it to you. >> thank you, jay leno is here he is still searching the crowd for our special edition of plaza's got talent you've got some talent. >> well, sort of. >> let's see it. ♪ >> okay. okay and how about you young lady what's your name >> stephanie.
8:47 am
>> stephanie, what's your talent >> i can lift my leg up. >> okay. >> all right
8:48 am
8:49 am
we are back on the plaza. ♪ we are back on the plaza, and we loved having jay leno meeting everybody today. it's been fun. >> he's been hanging out with the crowd, hunting for the most talented "today" show fan. recently jay honed his judging skills as a celebrity guest for tonight's episode of "america's got talent." jay, fifrst of all, do you have any secret talent? >> believe me if i had any talent, it wouldn't be a secret. no, i don't, but i got to be a judge and i did the golden buzzer thing. >> that goes right to the live show, then. >> right, right. well, i spent some time in tibet learning the origins of the golden buzzer and how it all works.
8:50 am
>> yes. >> because it goes back thousands. >> thousands of years. i did not know that. >> i remember reading about it in history >> you know, the most fascinating thing was you get these kids -- see, when i was doing the "tonight show," everybody was polished you'd bring on young talent, and they'd have a handler and a stylist and the clothes all matched, "america's got talent" it's literally the people off the street you know, the girl's got the wrong haircut for what they're doing. >> they're authentic. >> you see the raw, really raw talent, and that's the fascinating part you see it before it's been polished, you know it's like finding a diamond and then you polish it up and whoa, it's really judge. >> are you a nice judge or a mean judge >> the fun part was i got to do the champion's series, so these were all really good there were no gong show contestants where a guy comes on and goes is this guy nuts, does he really think he's good, i didn't have to do any of that.
8:51 am
>> we've got three contestants for you. >> okay. >> because you've been spotting talent, our first act, hi, that's a male dancer troop, you're about to perform for us let's see, i don't have the name of your group. what's your name, your group >> what's the name of the group? >> they don't have a name. >> they don't even have a name, that's how raw this talent is. >> the nameless male dance crew. let's hit the music and let them take it away ♪ ♪ >> all right, there you go >> hey >> all right. >> well done, that is not easy to do. >> can you do that >> i can do none of that, no, jay. >> with your newfound judging skills, what would you say >> come up with a name >> now jay, this is an interesting one.
8:52 am
>> yes. >> this is alyssa. how do you pronounce your last name sieja. >> what is your talent >> if you call this a talent, this is soil judging. >> soil judging? >> soil judging. >> yes, this is a college competition that happens throughout colleges in the united states. >> really? >> where do you go to school >> i remember calculus and trig no, ma' trigonometry, i don't remember eating dirt. >> you were in the wrong classes. >> what do you judge you judge based on the soil feel, you can taste it >> you can taste >> oh, you are tasting, you're eating the dirt. >> and what are you trying to find out about the soil? >> is there a nugget center? >> snickers really, it tastes more like a snickers, but you can taste how much sand and silt is in the soil so this one i'm feeling it's kind of a silt, a little silty,
8:53 am
55% silt, good for growing plants, not good for infrastructure. >> wow >> that's my recommendation. >> so when you go to someone's house, if you don't like the food, it's really insulting. >> yeah, i mean, i can just go to the backyard. >> just go out in the backyard i'm going to go in the backyard and eat some dirt. >> where do you go to school really quickly >> i'm actually starting law school. >> starting law school, you'll be eating a lot of dirt there. >> congratulations. >> you know, savannah guthrie's a lawyer. >> i'm very proud of you. >> this is our third one down here >> okay. let's go. >> thank you, alyssa. >> what a hidden talent. what is your talent? >> so i can move one toe without any other toes moving, only on one foot and one toe. >> she can move one toe on one foot without moving anything else. >> okay. do we know which toe >> yep, and i have to balance. it can't be on the floor >> oh, that's -- >> oh, your second guy your second guy is waving away >> okay. you're obviously an alien of some sort. >> okay.
8:54 am
so jay, of the three talents that we've observed today, which do you think of our plaza fans z has the greatest talent? >> well, i know guys who would pay big money for that one i know some toe guys that would just go nuts that's a different -- you know, i don't know how to judge it they're all so similar one eats dirt, one dances, one move their toe
8:55 am
8:56 am
guys, all of our contestants are getting a gift card to the i'm scott mcgrew. the two latest mass shootings in texas and ohio, funeral services will be today for kayla salazar one of the three innocents who died in the garlic festival shooting. services are held at our lady of guadalupe church in san jose. that comes up at 11:00. at the same time the fbi in
8:57 am
gilroy's police chief will meet with the media to give us an update on the shooting investigation. they're combing over evidence trying to piece together how and why this tragedy happened. happening now, our reporter is at the news conference and will have a live update in our midday newscast. we'll post the latest to our twitter feed as well. acclaimed american author toni morrison has died. in 1993 she won the nobel prize in literature. in '88 she won the pulitzer and the american book award for her novel "beloved." toni morrison was 88 years old. a lot of people keeping close eyes on stocks this morning one day after wall street endured the worst losses of the year. stocks moving slightly forward but having given up a lot of the gains. we'll have local weather in an hour. we'll see you then. introducing togo's new hot chicken sandwiches. the brewpub chicken with grilled chicken, crispy smokehouse bacon, and fresh avocado.
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the new buffalo chicken with frank's redhot wings sauce. or the tangy barbecue chicken with chipotle mayo. the new hot chicken trio at togo's. how far would you go for a togo? amid three deadly mass shootings a gun debate comes to the bay area. >> where you can weigh in tomorrow. we are here to discuss jessie's online time.
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and out of respect, we will let you make the first offer. thirty minutes. thirty minutes? objection! overruled. one hour. sweeten the deal by doing the dishes and i'll consider it. i wouldn't do it. i hate the dishes. one hour with the tablet, you walk the dog and do the dishes. if you insist. congratulations. only xfinity xfi lets you take control of your family's online time. that's simple, easy, awesome.
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xfinity xfi gives you the speed, coverage and control you need. manage your wifi network from anywhere live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza, this is the third hour of "today." good morning, everybody. welcome to the third hour of "today." i'm al along with sheinelle, crai and dylan. >> wow. >> good morning. >> it's been almost a month. it's been a little less than a month that we've all been together. vacations, golf. >> ireland. where else did you go? >> northern ireland, london, kentucky for the derby. >> for work. >> i feel i'm missing something. >> you know, given the news of the last several days -- >> very true. >> i think it is important to -- in fact, our good friend


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