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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  August 6, 2019 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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gilroy, el paso and dayton, all these communities sharing the pain, here at home there are new developments in gilroy. the teenage gunman had a hit list. the fbi is investigating this as a domestic terrorism case. >> we hear from his family for the first time since this tragedy. we have a team of reporters working all angles of the story. >> reporter: more than one week after the shooting, the fbi has wrapped up operations here. you can see it's still not open to the public. the fbi confirmed today not only did the shooter plan to target the garlic festival, but he was also considering other possible targets nationwide, including religious and political groups. this morning, investigators
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revealed the gilroy gunman fired 39 shots, kng it was one of several troubling details, including the fact that he was wearing a bullet resistant vest and had plenty of backup ammo, including two 40-round magazine strs strapped his body. >> i'm thankful that 39 rounds was all he was able to fire before the officers were able to neutralize him. >> reporter: three police officers fired 18 shots at the gunman, hitting him several times. none of the victims were hit by friendly fire. the biggest announcement came from the fbi, who declared this a domestic terrorist investigation because the gunman's digital media revealed he had a list of several possible targets. >> these organizations from across the country include religious institutions, federal
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buildings, courthouses, political organizations from both major political parties and the gilroy garlic festival. >> reporter: the chief hasn't seen the list but believes the new terrorism classification will help the investigation. >> i look forward to having the fbi increasing their involvement into looking at this person's background and motive. a n a large case like this,ed aasiaa aadditional resources is beneficial. >> reporter: police say the gunman had a backpack. in it they found a loaded 40-round magazine, also a shovel and a rifle scope. the police chief says that people are still collecting their belongings from the park. once that's done, the city plans
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to go in and clean up the park as well. that could take weeks before it's back open to the public. >> thank you. each day this case continues to unravel. today remorseful comments from the gunman's family. >> that family issued a statement. it reads in part -- >> this is now a domestic terrorism case. what does that mean? we will have that part of the story later in the newscast. we have posted today's news conference with the police chief in gilroy and the fbi special agent in charge. we put it on our website.
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click on our top story box at anti-muslim messages scrawled across east bay businesses. the suspect was caught on surveillance. he managed to back up as we were gathering the story. we watched the arrest unfold. >> reporter: folks here say a very disturbing day. the international grill and market specializes in selling afghan and arabic products. they have been hit with racist graffiti three times. the latest incident happened right here. you can see that graffiti has been covered up. a suspect is in custody. >> our shop, to see something
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like that happen. >> reporter: that's how this man is feeling after arriving to open his business this morning to find hateful messages spray poi spraypaispra spraypaispra sprspray painted across the building. leaving customers and neighbors feeling outraged and rattled. >> that feels really bad. it's really sad that seeing those people having those mind and having those thinking. >> they are targeting especially us. us and the owner, we are the muslim people. >> reporter: the surveillance camera captured a woman in the act. as we talked with them, the store's employees identified a woman outside as the person in the video. >> muslim men are bad. >> reporter: she denied doing
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the graffiti. police arrested her on vandalism charges. they say it will be up to the district attorney to decide if she will be charged with a hate crime. >> we want our community to know we are with them. we support them. we are going to do everything we can to bring people to justice that do this. >> reporter: again, the suspect is in custody tonight. she's described as a homeless woman. it will be up to the district attorney to decide whether this will be charged as a hate crime. she struck in several areas, including right here. the mayor of concord has issued a statement saying, racism and hateful speecil tolerated in the city of concord. >> thank you. in the south bay, a vacant field across the street from here caught fire this afternoon. shortly after 1:00 p.m., you can see the flames and smoke filling
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the area on north 1st street. this is near paypal headquarters. firefighters were able to knock down the fire in an hour before it spread to buildings. the cause is unknown. witnesses tell us, it's likely started with a couch that was on fire. homeless people live in rvs in this area. officials at san jose airport kept a close eye on the fire. the smoke did not impact flights. a memorial at an east bay intersection after a driver hit and killed a woman. the driver hit a 26-year-old woman in the crosswalk. it happened sunday night. the driver has been cooperating with police and won't be charged. people who live in the intersection say speeding cars and the lack of lighting at night is an issue for them. they are surprised more people haven't been hit. >> these lights have been here for 20 years maybe. they are embedded in the street.
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they are old. they need new ones. flashy signs and stuff. >> police say the last time that someone was killed at this intersection was in 2008. uber and lyft are great options. here is the problem. all those cars are clogging our streets. a new study shows the bay area and several u.s. major cities are seeing more cars on the road. scott will break it down. where do we go from here? >> reporter: it's a good point. the dream was, less congestion. big cities, including here in the bay area, have more congestion than ever. a new study shines a ridesharing, two, million we have known for a long time that uber and lyft cars are pretty much everywhere in the bay area. now we know just how much.
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a new study sponsored by both rideshare companies shows uber and lyft account for just above 13% of all vehicle miles traveled in the bay area. >> there's a lot of lyft and uber drivers on the streets. >> reporter: this woman drives for lyft. she says, and the study points out, people are not leaving their cars for public transportation. they are leaving their cars for other cars. >> people are using less bart, the bus, taxis. they are mad at us. i can see why. >> reporter: part of the reason is they're always driving. 10% of the miles driven by rideshare drivers are logged while driving to pick up a passenger. >> if the person is less than five minutes away, you drive maybe 2.1 miles or 3.1 miles, it varies. >> reporter: in a blog post, uber admits the drivers take up
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a lot of space. but points out that 90% of traffic comes from non-rideshare cars. at least for now. >> it's never a dull moment. you have someone in your car. a million people always looking for not to deal with parking. >> reporter: i reached out to bta. it like other public transportation agencies has seen a decline in ridership because people are driving their own cars or as we see getting a ride from other people. live in san jose, scott budman, nbc bay area news. you can breathe again. u.s. markets recovered from their worst day of the year. applause today. stocks closing higher. wall street regained its foo th average more than 300 points higher and snapped a six-day losing streak. the s&p 500 recouped a little
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more than a third of its losses. disney announcing new details of its disney plus service. it will be offered in a bundle along with espn plus and hulu. it launches in november. up next, still no verdict in the ghost ship trial. the defense attorneys tell us and explain why this is good for their case. we are tracking this system right here. we will talk about cooler temperatures and the possibility of rain. that's in about seven minutes. ♪
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♪ for a heart breaking limited time only at panda express. late today, the jury wrapped up its second full day of deliberations in the ghost ship warehouse trial. no verdict yet. a lot of people wait for this outcome. speculation grows about who benefits from a prolonged
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deliberation. is it the defense or ecutosn? olado joins us with the latest in this trial. >> reporter: the defense attorney says this is the worst part of the trial experience, waiting for the verdict to come down. he says he believes that the jury is in deep discussion over all of the evidence of this trial. that explains why they are taking their time. he says he believes that the jury is well aware of all the attention the media spotlight that's on them and the fact that their decision will impact the lives of many families. the jury of nine women and three men has spent nearly 12 hours deliberating so far. they must decide whether or not the two men should be found guilty of 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. that's one count for each person that died in the 2016 warehouse fire. prosecutors say the men were criminally negligent when they allowed people to live and party
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in a warehouse that lacked safeguards like fire sprinklers and fire alarms. the defense attorneys say the men are scapegoats and city officials failed to inspect the building. both attorneys say the more time the jury spends pouring over the evidence, the better the outcome will be for their clients. >> 39 years in prison if convicted. we're grateful for every minute the jury continues to deliberate. >> you have been in court almost every day of the trial. from what legal experts are telling you, what do they think about the jury? you mentioned nine women and three men. what do the legal experts say? >> reporter: i spoke to bay area's legal expert. he says this is a complex case. he predicts the jury will take more daz more days, maybe a full week to arrive at a unanimous decision. he believes the case against the
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one man is stronger than the other. we could see a situation where perhaps the jury has made their decision about one person and perhaps they are debating about the fate of the other defendant. >> melissa colorado, we will be waiting when the verdict is announced. a san francisco judge released another warrant in the raid on a journalist's office and home in the city. the warrant was used to raid the office of brian carmidy. police were trying to determine who leaked a confidential police report on the death of a public defender to local media. california has strict laws that are supposed to project journalists from these raids. the war rerant raises a lot of questions. it seems to show the judge knew he was issues this warrant to search the newsroom of a journalist. neither the court nor the judge has commented on that specific issue.
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a california company is about to cut hundreds of jobs and make it a little harder to go green. the state's largest recycling redemption company is going out of business. it closed hundreds of centers, leaving people with few options to cash in cans and leaving hundreds of people without jobs. we have that story. >> reporter: a steady stream of people all day long here at the replanet sight. the closing caught many people off guard, not only those that lost their jobs but those who fear it means more trash. >> we come here a lot. now it's closed. it's kind of sad. >> reporter: redeeming cans and plastic bottles is a regular outing for this family. >> we recycle to save the planet. we recycle so we can reuse stuff because we don't want to see plastic on the streets. >> reporter: they will have to find somewhere else to turn in their cans for cash.
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replanet is closing nearly 300 recycling centers across california saying it's losing money and the rising cost of doing business, including an increasing minimum wage. >> i don't know what we're going to do. something else to do with our recycle. >> reporter: this man turns in recyclables. >> it's an easy way to get some quick cash back. i thought it was a great way to bring the community out and do something for the environment, even as little as bringing in plastic bottles. >> reporter: it comes three years after replanet shuttered centers. a former employee who didn't want to be identified says he wasn't given any advance warning that the company was closing. >> saturday at 2:00, they call us and tell us, no more job.
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>> reporter: there are options to turn in cans for cash here in the bay area, including certain good will locations. >> thank you. jeff is back to talk about our weather. things that might change with a little slice of rain. small chance. it's looking more likely we could see showers as we get into the extended forecast. let's get you ready. we are going to start right off with tomorrow morning. wanted to let you know fog is going to be coming back with areas of drizzle near the coast. low clouds to the east bay as well. as we hit the nshine returns wi the coast. big headline for tomorrow will be the dropping temperatures. i think we are down four to seven degrees. that's good enough to push us out of the 90s in the east bay.
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86 in concord. 80n. 79 in palo alto. oakland, 68. san francisco, we are at 65. tomorrow, it's dry. we have the sunshine. the day for possible showers gets here once we hit saturday. a cooler system that's developing offshore. that is dropping our temperatures and once we hit saturday, it looks like that will move across the bay area. 5:00 a.m. on saturday, showers start. right near the northern coastline. by 11:00 in the morning, could get spotty showers near the bay area. then by the evening on saturday, best chance of accumulation near the california/oregon border down to about eureka. a cser look at the want to show do usually get a little rain in august. trace amounts. that's really what we are looking at for a lot of california. our average monthly amount maybe this one day.
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i don't think we will get near the records, which is one to two inches. we will talk more about the shower chances in 25 minutes. >> thank you. see you then. up next, she saved a baby's life while it was the mom. six months late he the doctr ge to meet the child.
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a sweet story. a couple enjoying their healthy newborn thanks to a determined doctor. dylan looks like most happy six-month-old babies. his mom's pregnancy was anything but normal. a number of doctors told them they could not have a second child after the first because it was too dangerous. mom has a rare pregnancy complications. a doctor performed blood transfusions. with the baby inside. >> i cannot be more grateful for this wonderful group of women
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that had my family's back throughout the whole process and made him possible. re.i am very happy to see the i methey as a fetus. it's great to meet him in person. >> she's one of a few doctors trained to perform that type of procedure. 12 years after jackie robinson broke the color barrier in major league baseball, elijah green became the first black player for the red sox. he grew up in the east bay and died last month at the age of 85. now comes word the board of supervisors unanimously declared august 25 as elijah green day. he grew up in richmond and then contra costa. a new charter school in the south bay won't be opening. promise academy, the name of the school, was scheduled to open next month.
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it failed to enroll enough students. the school building the district set aside for it. it will be used for other district programs. coming up next, opening an investigation into the shooters. the fbi explains what it is looking for as it digs into the recent mass shootings and tries to find similarities.
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right now, gilroy, el paso
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and dayton, the grieving continues in the wake of the mass shootings. tonight, new information about the investigation and the role the fbi is playing. the motive as to what fuelled those shootings is a mystery. investigators have uncovered new clues. >> among the new developments, doe memestic terrorism. >> the el paso shooting, the gunman is in custody. he posted a document before the shooting describing anti-immigration, anti-government, anti-corporation beliefs. in the other shootings, the suspects killed. the gilroy garlic festival shooting now part of a domestic terrorism investigation. the teen gunman had a target list. >> these organizations from across the country include religious institutions, federal buildings, courthouses,
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political organizations from both major political parties and the gilroy garlic festival. >> three investigations going on as symbols of unity appear every day in the three cities rocked by shooting massacres. three people killed in gilroy. in el paso, texas, 22 people killed at the walmart. in dayton, ohio, nine people killed in a popular entertainment district. law enforcement in dayton say the gunman was exploring violent ideology. >> materials reviewed reveal that the individual had a history of obsession with violent ideations to include mass shootings and had expressed the desire to commit a mass shooting. >> turning anger into action in ohio, the state's republican governor facing mounting pressure to do something. >> we are angry. they should be angry. i understand that anger. it's impossible to make sense
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out of what is senseless. >> the governor calling on the state legislature to pass laws requiring background checks on nearly all gun sales and allowing courts to restrict firearms access for people perceived as threats. remembering lives lost, three communities knitted together in pain, leaning on the country for healing. today, we learned more about the gilroy gunman. he was wearing a bullet resistant vest. he used an ak-47 and was carrying lots of ammunition clips. the fbi is exploring if he had help or if anyone else had advanced knowledge of his plan. >> thank you. as janelle mentioned, it's now a doe mess tamestic terrorism cas. what does that mean? >> law enforcement hopes it could unlock other potential leads. the gilroy gunman shot and
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killed himself after murdering three people and injuring 12 others. as heinous as those moments were, the fbi says it wasn't enough to open a domestic terrorism case until federal agents managed to unlock some of the gunman's digital devices and found a hit list of courthouses, places of worship and political organizations across the country. >> due to the discovery of the target list, the fbi has opened a full domestic terrorism investigation into this mass shooting. >> the fbi special agent in charge said openin terrorism case arms law enforcement in order to dig deeper into possible leads. >> what if any ideology he had settled on. who, if anyone, he may have been in contact with regarding these ideologies. who, if anyone, helped him or had advance knowledge of his intentions.
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why he committed this specific act of violence. >> there are specific criteria for a crime to be considered domestic terrorism. the suspect must have an ideological motivation towards violence. threats of use of force. a federal crime needs to have been committed. the san bernardino mass shooting four years ago was domestic terrorism after 14 people were killed and 22 injuries. the couple responsible for inspired by foreign terrorist groups, according to the fbi. domestic terrorism didn't apply when a gunman in san francisco killed three and injured five others at a u.p.s. facility. >> an act of violence alone, even large scale and horrifying as it may seem, does not necessarily give us the legal authority to open a federal terrorism investigation. >> over 30 years, the feds have opened more than 900 domestic
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terrorism cases. of those, 18% involve firearms, 71% included fire or explosives. law enten is beginning the process of helping businessowners reclaim their equipment and belongings that were left behind at the crime scene when gunfire rang out. >> thank you. the shootings led to the con seine lags cancellation of a youth summit. with so many young people in attendance, organizers were jittery about safety. a supervisor didn't want students to be even potentially at risk. what can be done to stop the mass shootings? lawmakers are taking public stands on gun laws. they are urging the top republican, mitch mcconnell, to bring the senate back to washington, d.c. from its summer
6:35 pm
recess to consider a bipartisan already passed in the house back in february. >> we are calling on leader mcconnell to bring the bill that passed the house, that peter king bravely sponsored, to the floor of the senate asap. >> if the president would say, we need background checks and let it go to the senate. >> in a statement last night, senator mcconnell says he encourages bipartisan discussions that don't infringe on americans' constitutional rights. california's new ammo background check law stopped more than 100 people from buying bull let bullets illegally. gun rights ghallging the law saying it violates the second amendment rights to bear arms. the governor held an emergency meeting yesterday to figure out what california can do to prevent mass shootings. the trump campaign and the
6:36 pm
republican party are each suing the state of california. this is all about the new california law signed by the governor last week. it requires people running for president and governor to release five years of tax returns in order to appear on the state's primary ballot. the law is aimed at getting trump to release his tax returns before the 2020 election. today's lawsuits argues this sly late violates the constitution. a teen's lawyer is requesting the surveillance footage. there's been doubt as to how much foot anl theage there s. ay has a camera. it only runs when the store is open. that stabbing happened at 2:30 in the morning. the camera as the bank was broken at the time. the teens have been in jail
6:37 pm
since july 26. a scare in the air. a british airways plane was forced to make an emergency landing. it took off from london. it was ten minutes from landing in spain when that white smoke began pouring in. >> smoke filled up the cab within a slightly rubbery smell. we didn't receive any information about what was going on nor what we should do. >> the plane experienced, quote, a technical issue. up next, reshaping walnut creek. a decision coming down that will have a huge impact on the future of that city.
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a deadly crash in the east bay just after midnight. the chp says a driver swerved off the road right on the off
6:40 pm
ramp. the car hit a tree and the driver died. it's unclear what caused the driver to run off the road. you are looking at the aftermath of a deadly police chase in napa. it started last night. officers found a driver and passenger passed out in the car. when the paramedics showed up, the driver woke up, took off, triggering a chase. during the chase, police put down a spike strip hoping to flatten the tires. the driver swerved, wiped out. the driver and passenger were rushed to the hospital. they could not revive the passenger. the driver could be facing vehicular murder charges. we will look at downtown walnut creek. city leaders will discuss the north downtown plan. it covers the area between downtown and the bart station. it's part of a 30-year plan to resign 191 acres. a big deal. these are renderings of the what the project would look like.
6:41 pm
tonight's meeting is about finding the best way to integrate stores, housing and restaurants into the area. >> they're able to accommodate people from all walks of life in all sorts of salary ranges and types of jobs, i think it could work out. >> in 2014, the metropolitan transportation commission and the county transportation authority awarded walnut creek more than $600,000 to redevelop this area. >> so much has changed in the last 20 years. changed a lot. >> it's massive. >> all the construction they have done. >> a lot of people used to do shopping in san francisco. people like to head there. >> all the stores. >> it's nice. maybe it will be good shopping weather. >> it was warm today. we had lots of upper 80s from walnut creek down to livermore. we are at 82. we will talk about the cooldown tomorrow and that shower chance coming up in a few minutes.
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don't smoke it. drink it. we will show you what may be the next big think in beverages. drinkable weed.
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it's a topic we don't talk about very often. plenty of people ask us. has a relative left behind life insurance for you. >> we see how you can locate unclaimed life insurance policies. >> when long lost uncle joe passes on, life insurance companies don't hunt down his family. many policies go unclaimed. that's why the national association of insurance commissioners set up this online database to help you solve that mystery. searching is simple. find hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars there. there is work involved. before a life insurance company cuts you a check, they will demand proof you are entitled to uncle joe's policy. we have a link on our website.
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or you can call us, 888-996-tips. for a long time, there's been a divide between people who drink alcohol or smoke weed. >> a breakthrough for cannabis drinks that they say taste good. >> our first beverage, you could see the cannabis go up and down. >> they were like salad dressing. they had to be shaken. a lot didn't taste or smell that good. >> it comes back to a truth, oil and water don't mix. >> it's fat based. it does not mix well. >> it starts out as the green plant we recognize. the cannabis we are talking about gets distilled into a thick oil. it mixes with chocolate, which are fat-based. companies hired experts from the
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capp candy industry. they pour crystals into a glass of water and they appear to dissolve. >> lipids cannot dissolve in water. you can coat them and enable them to be water compatible. >> this sends sound waves through the cannabis oil to break it into tiny particles and coat them with a substance that stays suspended in water. it's the solution that's unlocked a new kind of adult beverage. >> drinking alcohol has been around forever. it's familiar to everybody. why shouldn't drinking cannabis be the same? >> for those who want refreshment with a splash. >> you will feel the effect within 15 to 30 minutes. >> cheers and bottoms up with the drinks all modelled after your neighborhood bar. >> our approach is an
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alcohol-inspired strategy. we have ready to drink tonic. it is compared to a margarita. >> they offered tastings of samples without cannabis. there are cocktails and shots. >> it smells cinnamony. >> it may be no surprise, the industry is going after a specific customer. those who are less experienced with cannabis but love trying new drinks. >> craft beer consumers are perfect. they are into experimenting new beverages. >> there's hemp beer and weed wine, there's one thing you won't find. drinks can have cannabis or they can have alcohol. but they can't have both. >> when you drink too much alcohol, you are supposed to throw up. that's what stops you from being poisoned. thc throwing up. >> it's the ultimate irony. stopping nausea was a reason marijuana was legalized for legal use. >> our idea is to bring it into
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the sports world. >> legal in all 50 states, cbd is making its way into everything, including this sports drink. >> it helps flame, inflammation. >> those looking to use cannabis for wellness. >> we wanted to go with organic. >> they are going after the same crowd. >> people come to cannabis to help with health. i don't want to give someone diabetes while trying to help them combat alzheimer's. >> eat green makes juices in three versions. is this the packaging? >> this is our hemp packaging. >> they can be sold anywhere. >> i smell watermelon. >> we use all organic produce. >> at dispensaries they sell thc versions. one with a little and one with a lot. it can't cross state lines. all these drinks are made and sold in california at least for now. tomorrow the world? >> the whole world.
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>> maybe i'm the rookie here. i had no idea it's drinkable. that's a very interesting business idea. >> lots of options. take us outside. >> we are looking good. if you haven't spent too much time outside, we have a beautiful evening coming our way. then we do have changes moving on in. let's start off with those changes. we have had some hot weather most recently. it's all about the system offshore developing right now. that's going to continue to push some of the hottest air off to the east. this storm is basically going to sit and spin in the same spot for the next 3 1/2 to 4 days. it's going to drop our temperatures but has showers with it. we will talk about those shower chancea little unusual.'s that possibility. we will have the fog near the
6:50 pm
58 through the north bay. as we kick into wednesday afternoon, sunshine returns. anywhere away from the beaches, numbers also drop three to seven degrees in response to that storm system developing near the coastline. that means you are at 83 in east san jose. you will notice the difference after plenty of low and mid 90s the past couple of days. 83 in livermore. that's better. near the bay, a cool 69 in oakland. i have 75 in redwood city. san francisco, no 70s tomorrow. you are locked in withcae we ha westerly wind. low 80s with a hotter 92 in clearlake because there is no ocean breeze. that's why you will be warmer.
6:51 pm
san francisco, 60s next couple of days. notice on friday, that's when the spotty showers move close to the bay area. we will see a slight chance once we hit saturday. after that, we begin to warm up once we hit sunday, monday and tuesday. our inland valley forecast keeps 80s through saturday's forecast with that slight chance of showers as we hit saturday. i want to make sure you are ready for what could be come ourg wing our way. we are looking at trace amounts. better bet of higher accumulations around eureka. saturday, best day for that possibility of showers in our extended forecast. then hold on. we get heat as we hit next week's forecast. 96 on monday. 97 on tuesday. it does not look like a heat
6:52 pm
wave at this point. once we hit the end of next week, we should see temperatures drop off. certainly enough to keep it interesting on that seven-day forecast. that rain situation is going to be developing. every day as we learn more information, we will update and fine tune. >> i know some kids are going back to school next monday. soon we will need the back to school forecast. >> next monday in the east bay. >> thanks. a major move by the giants. saying good-bye to a fan favorite. we are here to discuss jessie's online time. and out of respect, we will let maes? one hour with the tablet, you walk the dog and do the dishes. if you insist. congratulations. only xfinity xfi lets you take control of your family's online time. that's simple, easy, awesome. xfinity xfi gives you the speed, coverage and control you need. manage your wifi network from anywhere
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when you download the xfi app today.
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actually, that's my buick.. your buick doesn't have a roof rack! this is my buick. how are we gonna fit in your mom's buick? easy. i like that new buick. -me too. i was actually talking about that buick. i knew that. -did you? buick's fresh new lineup is full of surprises. current eligible non-gm owners and lessees get 20% below msrp on most 2019 buick encore models.
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unfortunately, it's a sad reality that sports can be cruel. joe panic, his career with the giants is over. >> he is no longer needed in san francisco. the giants decemb s designated assignment. it comes less than a week after they acquired scooter ganet. he was an all star at one point. his last two seasons have been filled with injuries. good news for the 49ers.
6:56 pm
mckinnon practiced for the first time. he tore his acl in practice last year. he is limited to non-contract drills. they hope he can play in a preseason game. they kick off preseason this saturday at levi stadium when they host the cowboys. maybe just a little amount of time. >> we have to see jimmy g. >> maybe game two. >> i will ask next week. >> you ask all the time. thanks for joining us. >> see you at 11:00.
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♪ now on "extra" -- "the bachelorette" love triangle. we have hannah speaking out as tyler is spotted for the second time with supermodel gigi hadid. >> whatever else happens, happens. >> dropping clues on "extra" about their future, and did tyler just blow his shot at being the next "bachelor"? new video. pink's entourage in a fiery private jet crash. how they miraculously got out h demi moore about their most iconic "instyle" covers and covntroversies. >> kerry washington, she was white wash.


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