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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  August 7, 2019 6:00pm-6:59pm PDT

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the sar yus stagvarious stages . it's the rodeo. >> it's the opening night of that annual event. as you can imagine, security, physical and emotional is a top priority for everyone there. maryan favro is there with the changes they had to make there after the garlic festival attack. >> reporter: one notable change. every visitor's bag will now be searched and strollers checked as well. if you take a look here, you can see that they're getting ready for the barrel races. right now, we're seeing a procession of horses and riders with flags coming in. this is the very beginning of the event as they're filing into this arena. one thing unique about this particular venue is it's very open. as you can see here. that means that's an advantage for security guard. from this small hill, they can see the entire 360-degree
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perimeter. as crews clear the way to welcome thousands to the rodeo this weekend, many still have heavy hearts after a gunman opened fire at the gilroy garlic festival less than two weeks ago, killing three. with the sadness, there are concerns about security at the rodeo where organizers have made changes. >> we feel that they can come out and feel assured that we're providing a safe event for them. they will see an increase in security. they will see it at the gate. every patron that comes in gets wanded with a metal detector. >> kurt ashley heads up security for the rodeo. he says there will be more security personnel this including santa clara county shoifrs units, officers on motorcycles and paid security guards. this is his first major community event since the festival tragedy. miss gilroy rodeo will ride in
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the rodeo with a gilroy strong flag as a tribute to the victims of the shooting and a boot will be passed to collect money for them. >> we need to come back together as a community. this is the perfect time to do it. >> organizers say despite the shooting at the garlic festival, they feel compelled to hold the rodeo as scheduled. >> the vast majority of people i talked to don't want to live in fear. they want to make sure the rodeo happens. >> working to help people feel safe and create new memories for communities struggling to heal. >> reporter: a lot of visitors are arriving, including families. there are a lot of kids here as well. and they're watching this procession of flags. this is the opening ceremony. we can also see the rodeo queen there aswell. she talked to us about how important it is to hold this event. this particular arena holds 6300 people and organizers tell me they're hoping that it will be
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full come saturday and sunday. reporting live in gilroy, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. after most of our mass shootings, the gun safety debate heats up and so does the lobbying efforts. tonight we follow the money. our investigative unit is is tracking the money being spent on both sides. one trying to pass stricter gun laws while the other fights against more regulations. here's by gash siobhan. >> guns, money and politics might seem like strange bedfellows. they're an inseparable trio. we investigate how much money is being funneled into washington from both sides of the gun debate. >> sometimes you can't get out of bed. >> maddy scott lost her son to gun violence. he was 24rs old when he was killed in the western addition neighborhood two decades ago. >> i don't want another mother
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to feel what i feel. we shouldn't be burying our children. it's not normal. >> maddy scott is president of california's chapter of brady united. which advocates for stricter gun laws across the country, including universal background checks for anyone buying a gun. >> i want to go to graduations, not funerals. i'm tired of going to funerals. i've been to so many. so many funerals. >> brady united spent $160,000 last year lobbying for tougher gun laws. in the wake of the recent shootings in gilroy, el paso and dayton, scott says change is long duare, 2019, battle agains. >> groups pushing for more gun control shelled out $2 million lobbying congress but were outspent by gun rights groups which paid out more than $12 million. >> why do we lobby so hard? why do we not let down?
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because we truly believe that what we do saves lives. a large vast number of lives. >> sam heads gun owners of california spent more than a million dollars lobbying california lawmakers over the past 15 years for fewer gun restrictions. he said the focus should be reducing crime not disarming lawful americans. >> more regulations, more rules will do nothing to prevent mass shootings. that's what we have to get into our head. >> california, texas and ohio, all site of recent mass shootings, also happen to be the biggest recipients of congressional campaign contributions from gun rights groups. sitting members of congress in texas have received $1.5 million in campaign funds. $662,000 in california. and $591 thouz in ohio. in texas, less restrictive gun laws earned the state a failing
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grade from the giffords law center with advocates for more gun control. ohio got a d. california earned an a-rating. when you add up the contributions from gun control groups, california only received $224,000. but that's still the most in the country. virginia ranks second with $189,000. but still earned a d-rating for its lack of gun restrictions. new york is third at $120,000. and earned an a for begun laws. >> the influence of campaign contributions is a wakeup call for the american people. >> do you see this as some in congress putting money above lives? >> that's what the american fighting. looking at. we believe what we do saves lives. and that's why we're in it all the way to the end. and we think we're going to win. >> and if money talks, the gun
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debate certainly seems to be heating up. >> congressional campaign contributions from gun rights groups shot up 20% last year. while groups advocating more gun control, raj and jess, gave a thousand percent more. >> thank you very much bigad. some bay area tech workers voiced their opposition to parent company, walmart. sale of firearms. some employees of the key commerce division left their desk in san bruno for a moment of silence. they want the company and executives to know that they're against the company's policy of selling firearms. >> our goals are to get walmart to stop the sale of all guns and ammunition, to get walmart to publicly acknowledge that the role that selling guns and amnition has played in the mass tragedies we've had. >> walmart issued a statement today saying that it has no plans to change policies on firearms sales. dangerous conditions in contra costa county.
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a fast-moving brushfire forcing people from their homes earlier this afternoon. you can see the flames there. here's the update. evacuations lifted. the fire is more than 80% contained. let's bring in jodi hernandez who has been on site throughout the afternoon and joins us with the latest in oakley. joe die? >> reporter: raj, i'll tell you this fire moved quickly. gobbling up 58 acres out here in no time and put the entire neighborhood at risk. tonight as you can see, firefighters are still out here in force. they're keeping a close eye on a hotspots. thanks to their quick actions, they made a huge save today. >> nerve racking and sad. >> kelly mcgee watched in disbelief as her oakley neighborhood filled with smoke and fire. her house was in the evacuation zone and she couldn't get in. >> i want to go to my house and grab my animals and get
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everything out. i'm not able to. so i'm just hoping f the best. >> the fire broke out just after noon. once the wind kicked in, the flames quickly flared up. burning at least two shed and threatening an entire neighborhood of ranch-style homes. >> pushed toward the residential neighborhood. we did have to call for an evacuation approximately about 50 homes. >> reporter: firefighters waste nofd time attack tg from the ground and the air. as people grabbed their pets and animals and headed to safety. >> couldn't get much worse right now. >> reporter: some people refused to leave and joined the firefight to protect their property. >> when the wind kicked up, everything changed real fast. it moved through this very quickly. deja vu all over again. >> george linden bauere same ar
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years ago destroying his greenhouse. >> there's the paper. >> this time he didn't lose anything. thanks to the quick acting firefighters. >> i thought maybe the fire would come across the street. it was really -- it was intense, you know. i mean, they did a hell of a job. they really did. >> reporter: we're back here live. you're looking at one of the three sheds that this fire destroyed. now, fortunately, thankfully, no houses were destroyed today. but, again, the fire came awfully close. it was a scary afternoon for everybody who lives out here. again, another wakeup call for folks to be ready reporting live in contra costa county, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc ou be a dangerous couple of months. let bring in our chief meteorologist, jeff ranieri, tracking the conditions throughout the afternoon in east contra costa county. what are you seeing? >> the biggest concern for the
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firefighters into tomorrow. it will be the wind gusts. you can see the fire near oakley and nigh son. gusts up to 30. humidity at 36%. and as we move through tomorrow, wind gusts could be at 30 miles per hour. firefighters staying on top of this to monitor those hotspots with these wind gusts. that definitely will be flaring up. it's 0% contained as we heard from jodi hernandez. even though there's a smoke advisory tonight with the high containment number, we've seen the smoke lessen quite a bit. i just checked the monitoring stations across that region, we've seen a dramatic decrease in that smoke. so everybody reporting good levels here from oakley to knightsen and bethel. in if the smoke is irritating your eyes, any symptoms, you want to limit your outdoor exposure. we'll talk more about a system changing it up to cooler
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temperatures and the rain chance, an august rain chance coming up in about 15 minutes. >> we'll see you shortly, jeff. you can stay up to the minute, we've been sending out alerts to our nbc bay area app. download the free app and sign up for our alerts. >> a quick end to the manhunt for a killer in livermore. early this morning, the city recorded its second homicide of the year. a busy walmart. just hours later, the suspect 75 miles away was found. anoush anoushah ruse coo reports. >> an early morning shooting in the parking lot of this livermore walmart. >>rdma about this stuff before. now you're hearing all about it. >> he got into a victnd ultimately shot him multiple times in the chest. >> to our knowledge, the suspect resides here in livermore. but the suspect and the victim are transients and reside here.
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>> police were instantly focused on him as the prime suspect. this afternoon, they announced that he had been arrested about two hours away in the sacramento suburb of elk grove. those in livermore say the murder rattled them. >> i have a baby. it concerns me, yeah. makes me worry about her safety and mine. >> this morning's shooting is the second killing in livermore in less than a month. just a few weeks ago, a 16-year-old boy was shot and killed outside a local taco bell. anoushah rasta, nbc by area news. up next, a call to boycott the gymow it'strum the plan between san francisco city leaders and federal agents. a much more comfortable 72 in san jose. we'll show you how much cooler tomorrow and that chance of rain. i'll have a new update in about six minutes.
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still poring over a mountain of evidence according to defense attorneys who spent all day waiting for a verdict. tomorrow the jury returns for a fifth day of deliberations. mel mel colorado is in oakland for us with where things stand. melissa. >> reporter: raj, it appears the jury is still going over all of the evidence of this case and that could take a while. keep in mind, the prosecution presented over a hundred exhibits throughout the trial. right now, as far as we know, the jury did have some issues, some problems whi examine one o exhibits brought forward by the prosecution. the jury told the judge they had a problem with a computer program and needed another electronic device to look at a diagram presented by the prosecution. the deputy d.a. said they would give the jury a clean tablet
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tomorrow morning so they could see the exhibit for themselves. so what exactly can key decipher from all of this? defense attorney tony sar is says this proves the jury is methodical and nowhere near reaching a verdict. they face a maximum of 39 years behind bars if found guilty on all 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. >> they haven't said yea or nay with respect to guilt. they're gathering all the data. that's why love them. so we kno the jury. what about the defendants here. what happens to them as they wait this t both of defendants, they're actually on the tenth floor of this courthouse. basically, waiting for any word of the verdict. defense attorney tony serra says his client not in good spirits. his other defense attorney showed us some of the drawings he's been doodling if you will during the course of this trial.
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he said that's his way of escaping from the pressure from the grief of this trial experience. briggs on the other hand, his client is more optimistic. he's a lot more positive and grateful for every day that the jury spends deliberating. >> we'll have melissa colorado with us when the verdict is announced. we'll break into programming whenever that is. thank you, melissa. is this the right time to cut funding for police officers in school? given the rash of mass shootings, most parents would say no. yet the alum rock school district in san jose is so in the hole financially, it may have to slash funds intended for campus safety. nbc bay area's robert handa is in front one of the schools that may lose the funding. robert, a lot of parents have to be worried. >> reporter: that's right. it's a tough time to be a leader in the alum rock district. it's a $14 million deficit that has cost the district its librarian.
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now with the decision looming on how much to pay for cops on campus, that timing got much worse. the recent mass shootings have many communities on edge. thursday night the alum rock school district is expected to vote on whether to slash its budget to have police officers on campus. from 210,000 a year to 100,000. the proposal stunned the san jose police officers association which sent this letter to the district saying in light of the recent shootings, the cut makes little sense and flies in the face of reason. >> every second counts. so ensuring that we have officers on campus to do whatever they can to ensure that safety is very, very important to us. i know it is to the community. >> school board trustee says the district must make tough choices but admits the shootings weigh on his mind. >> it is certainly hard to come to grips with the fact that communities around the country are -- the latino community has
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been targeted. that's a hard pill to swallow sometimes. but it is a reality that we need to face. >> the situation upsets community groups which says 100,000 should be enough to keep cops on campus and it should help with campus safety to free up money for student programs. >> we feel bad because it shouldn't be a topic we have to talk about. we have different allies and makeizations around our area sure that our students are safe while they're receiving the help that they need. >> reporter: well, pretty big crowd is expected. the school board meeting is scheduled to start around 5:30 p.m. the board will be going into a closed session fairly quickly. so the debate will probably start closer to around 7:00 p.m. live in san jose, robert handa, nbc bay area news. >> thank you x robert. a lot of people rattled by what's happened and safety for
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their children. >> school starts for so many kids beginning next week. jeff ranieri is here. we're talking about contra costa county and the fire. >> biggest conditions. the smoke is going to be the wind. smoke sizry in effect through this evening. the good news from jodi hernandez, our reporter out there, it's at least 80% contained. right now, they're holding the fire at least 50 acres. a little bit of good news. with the higher containment number, the air quality is at good levels accordingoent monit. if we see any flare-ups that could get worse again. just monitor it. if you're outside, the smoke is irritating your eyes at all, limit your outdoor exposure. we're looking at wind gusts up to 30 miles per hour. they will be continuing to monitor for any hotspots. we'll have coverage on twitter and facebook. back here through the east bay,
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you can see mostly sunny skies as we look right now along the creek and nearby concord. you're at 80 degrees. notice, we're dropping down to cooler 60s through this evening with that ocean sea breeze returning. now that's going to mean tomorrow morning, we have fog at the immediate coastline and low clouds pushing into contra costa, alameda counties and cloud cover in the north bay. as you move through the ild in back e're expecting l to across the bay area. numbers will be cooler, a couple of it will put us at 78 in san jose, 83 in concord. rt bay, upper 70s in santa rosa and napa. coming up in 25 minutes, an update. northern california rain chances. let you know what the bay area could be getting. that's about 25 minutes. we want to hear about the rain. thank you, jeff. up next, vintage surfboard gone in a flash. the reason why investigators believe that a scooter is to blame for that. ♪
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$100,000 worth of vintage
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surfboards up in smoke. it started at the workshop of well-known surfboard maker ace elliott. firefighters say an e-bite charger sparked. he lost decades of work. all that's left are a few photographs. take a look. a laptop thief in daly city. the police department tweeted out this photo. this man took the computer from a krarls junior last long 200 stores across the country. walgreens is. this time it isn't saying which stores will close. the company wants to minimize so most employees can move to other locations staying open. up next at 6:30, a presidential visit to el paso and dayton today as those cities continue to grieve. but is the president's visit doing more harm than good? tonight, the message some people are sending to the commander in chief. plus, san francisco teaming up with federal agents.
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the plan to clean up a troubled part of the city.
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right now at 6:30, a mixed reaction as president trump travels to dayton and el paso to meet with survivors and first responders of those mass shootings. many people in both cities urged the president to simply stay away snd spend his time fighting for stricter gun control laws instead. >> tonight, that debate on weapons rages on. but the only thing both sides seem to be able to agree on is that both of those cities are in deep mourning.
6:30 pm
jay gray has more from el paso. >> president trump on the ground in dayton and met by protesters. >> i want to spend trump a message that we need to have sensible gun control in this country. >> that message in the wake of the weekend attacks. loud and clear.ingime with victims in an area hont local lawmakers and first responders as well as lawmakers who say they challenged him on the issue of gun control. >> both the senator and i spoke very directly. what we've been saying the whole time about the need for common sense gun legislation. >> the meetings outside the view of cameras but a handful of supports were not. >> it's terrible what happened down here. but that has nothing to do with our president. >> in el paso, the president's second stop, frustrated city officials say he has everything to do with the massacre there. >> they were killed because of
6:31 pm
the rhetoric from the president and the community knows that. >> a community on edge. >> the shouting match. >> [ inaudible ] the first responder. >> at the memorial outside of the walmart where 22 were gunned down. as the president, again, sits down with survivors, medics and good-bye to one of eight mexican nationals making one last trip across the border. >> saying good-bye as that doze are dealing with right now. jay gray, nbc news, el paso. thank you, jay. sweeping race in mississippi. i.c.e. agents arrests nearly 700 immigrants in one of the largest workplace stings in a decade. the race happened at food processing plants in mississippi this afternoon. the raids took place in small towns where the undocumented
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workers make up most of the workforce. agents blocked the plant so the workers couldn't get away. it is often described as san francisco's dirtiest district, but the feds and the city rolled out plans to clean up the tenderloin. federal agents will begin to target high-level criminals in the tenderloin with a focus primarily on drug sales. that decision after the dea recently broke up an international drug pipeline they say was bringing heroin and cocaine from central america directly into the tenderloin. >> we're investing a significant amount of manpower. this is important to us. it's much quality good work in the tenderloin as we can because the tenderloin is an area that needs our help right now. >> while the feds target the drug dealers. the city will targets another big issue. the number of people using city streets as bathrooms. the city announcing it's opening three more public restrooms with
6:33 pm
24 hour a damon tors. san jose got greener. the city signed a deal to buy solar power and ten megawatts of battery storage from a solar farm in fresno. >> the equivalent of taking almost a million cars off the roads in terms of cleanup gas emission savings. >> the renewable energy will cut greenhouse gas emissions by 4 million tons. the project will provide nearly 36,000 homes with cleaner energy each year. that's expected to start arriving in 2022. okay. it is -- safety regulators say tesla is embellishing the model 3 safety rating. the car was given a five-star safety rating. regulators say they went too far by claiming it was the safest car it ever tested. the feds warned tesla to stop
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facing making that claim. fitness is colliding with politics for a lot of people. no spin class tonight. a high end finesse brand is distancing itself from a fundraising forepresident trump. soul cycle and equinox is hosting a fundraiser for the president in new york. they have studios across the bay area. they faced backlash after news of the fundraiser went public. some customers are calling for a boy covet the businesses. equinox and soul cycle say they have nothing to do with the fundraiser and do not support it. california homeowners and renters who can't make their payments may get hundreds of millions in assistance from the state. governor newsom announcing he wants to give $330 million to nonprofits that help californians facing foreclosure or eviction. the state got the money following -- the case related to
6:35 pm
the 2008 mortgage crisis. court mandated that the state use that money for housing assistance and consumer protection programs. this will now head to state legislature for approval. san francisco is changing before our eyes. the booming economy is taking a toll on artists who find it hard to afford to stay, work and live in the city. >> that includes businesses that work with the arts as well. nbc bay area joe rosato jr. has a story of a well loved san francisco business singing a sad tune these days. san francisco's haigt ash bushy neighborhood has a legacy tied to music. for musicians, the center of that has been since 1972 has been the music center which grew out of a small neighborhood music store. >> those are -- >> 40 years ago this man was
6:36 pm
strolling down haight street when he was pulled in. >> i was looking for a space to open a used record store. i noticed there was a sign looking for working praartner. >> the sign sat in the window with the help of a professor, he ended up buying it. >> i had a vision to have a place that people would love to come to work. and have a good time. >> he filled his store with guitars, abbass, drums, about anything else that can make a sound. >> feel like it's a museum. there were times we have harps and si tars. >> the signs appearing on the front of the store this week have struck a sad note in the music scene. after 40 years, he has decided to close. >> demographic has changed in san francisco, cost of running a business in san francisco is very high. the rise of internet killed a
6:37 pm
lot of small businesses. we happen to be one of them. >> the store is among a slew of independent music shops that have shuttered in the city in recent years. many blame the tech economy for pricing out artists and musicians. >> peotree to play in a band. you come to haight, you can't afford an apartment. >> the only thing harder than watching his instruments go is saying good-bye to employees and customers. >> come and see me, it -- it's a sad day. >> store will have a blowout sale starting this thursday. then become just another memory of haight street's musical past. joe rosato jr., nbc bay area news. up next here at 6:00, how a coast guard team nabs smugglers and captured more than 2,000
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it's a big haul. more than 2,000 pounds of cocaine seized on the seas. a helicopter spotted a ship on the pacific ocean. started to follow it. people on the ship started throwing stuff overboard. the coast guard cutter joined in and arrested suspects. $60 million on the streets is what it was worth. the board of supervisors unanimously approving raises for the county clerk recorder, the treasurer tax collector and the auditor controller. the raises will range from nearly 5% to more than 8%. that's in addition to the 4% cost of living increase they all received last month. with the bump in pay, the three officials will make more than 200,000 bucks a year. that's still less than those holding similar jobs in nine other northern california counties.
6:41 pm
fedex is no longer delivering amazon ground packages. it does not plan to renew the contract with amazon. fedex has ended its express contract with amazon wsch amazo its own delivery service. jeff, we're midweek. we're been waiting for this for days. it's nice midweek we had comfy temperatures outside right now. from 2 to 8 degrees cooler that the hour. we'll talk about the cooling trend and a few shower chances coming up in a couple minutes. their phone line is down for weeks. the outage cost them almost $3,000. i'm chris chmura. nbc bay area responds, next.
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6:43 pm
a doctor in the north bay with a phone probable plem at his office. >> he asked for help to find a cure. >> find us a cure. >> for the phone. >> we're going to talk about an answering service.
6:44 pm
remember those? they're actually still around. >> with people? >> yes. ask dr. jack waxman. he operates a clin nick santa rosa. he moved to a new location down the rohone lines at his new office didn't work. month to get them ringing again. well, while he waited for the fix, dr. waxman and his staff hired an answering service that cost $2800. those people cost money. so dr. waxman asked at&t to pay that money since the phone company took so long to transfer the service to the new location. he didn't get an answer. that's when he asked us for help. it took four more months of back and forth but at&t agreed to credit the clinic more than $3,000. that's the cost of the answering service plus service charges for the month the lines were down. we asked at&t what happened. but it didn't get back to us. got a problem with your phone
6:45 pm
carrier, give us a call any time. 888-996-tips. online at answering service, that sounds like an interesting job, right? >> now they have them with artificial intelligence. this is real people. >> i hope that doesn't happen. that could put me out of a job. >> no, no. >> thanks. have you seen the videos? they're the big rage on youtube. the videos made to chill you out. >> should you be walking along a beach and -- >> chill you out or scare you? >> i heard janelle say -- i'm with her. that's creepy. >> it's like a halloween movie. the videos are autonomous -- asmr for short. they're big on youtube. apple, of course, fear of missing out is getting in on the action. posting four new videos today as part of its own shot on an iphone campaign. the company is trying to make the point that all you need to make the videos is an iphone.
6:46 pm
>> okay. that sounds like a -- i'm going to stab you. >> i'm going to say. it's time for unsupervised child to send off a home alone. remember that? >> yeah >> macaulay culkin. the original one is getting a reboot. the first movie hit the screens in 1990. so popular, five more came out. the new one comes out in november on disney plus. no word if the reboot comes in the form of a movie or a series. we don't think -- we don't know if he'll be in it? >> i've seen that movie 40 times. could be the beginning of a comeback for the gray wolf in california. the department of fish and wildlife showed off proof. these are the pups and their parents roaming around in june near redding. the grey wolf was extinct in california in the 1920s. but then came back to the states from oregon about eight years ago. the three new pups were born in
6:47 pm
mid april. that's the name of california's only wolfpack. >> that looks good. don't eat the snow. that is the warning tonight from park rangers in yosemite. this is why. it is pink snow. it's also watermelon snow. the name it makes. it sounds tasty but refers to the color pink. it's algae that lives in the snow at high elevation when the sun comes out. the algae uses a red pigment to protect itself. it's ping and pretty but not good for you. it may look delicious, but the al gentlemen tastes terrible. >> don't touch it or eat it. >> don't eat snow where you see any pigment in it at all of any type. >> especially yellow or that one. >> that's where i was going with that. thank you for saying it. >> it's not a snow cone. >> gross. >> we have beautiful weather today. going to get better as we head to the next couple of days. cooling it on down after lots of 90s this past weekend. to start off the week, we have
6:48 pm
changes. i wanted to update you on the oakley fire. at least 80% contained on this. at least 50 acres. we do have more on this on twitter. also on facebook. happened near oakley and knightsen around midday today. the biggest problem for firefighters even though the nt numbere gusts tomorrow of 30 as well. so they're all over it with the hotspots. once again, wind is going to be breezy if you're out in this area. if you continue to smell smoke, head inside and limit your outdoor exposure. twitter, facebook, check it out. nbc bay area. now, back here across the bay, we do have major changes taking place. all of that hot air sliding to the east. it's happening because of this system developing in the pacific right now. it's going to sit and spin in about the same spot for the next three days. then eventually, it's going to move across northern california and then it will help to bring us possibly some showers.
6:49 pm
hang on, an update on the shower chances in about a minute and a half. i want to focus on tomorrow morning first and we'll get fog or us.he bay. upper 50s and also low 60s from the south bay over the tri-valley. i have the 60s for the east bay. fog pushing out of here for the afternoon and numbers dropping. a couple more degrees and it's going to feel amazing down here to the south bay. i have you at 78 in san jose and 82 in morgan hill. no 90s for the east bay. 85 in pittsburg. 79 in livermore and near oak lands and hey word in the upper 60s. the peninsula and redwood city, chilly ocean breeze and chilly in half moon bay. more of the 60s in the embarcadero to the outer sunset. noticening will side, chilliest with 59 degrees. 70s from mill valley to napa. hotter in clear lake.
6:50 pm
you're away from any kind of ocean breeze. extended forecast has the slight chance of showers. we'll see the rain move sloclosy on friday with a slight possibility on saturday. we'll warm you were to some milder 70s here in san francisco. also tuesday's forecast. inland valleys we'll see that shower chance move close by on friday with the best bet on saturday. i want to show you a wider view of what we're looking at here. you'll be able to see this. not a big storm system by any means. better chances of rainfall by the california oregon border. may get a quarter to half inch. down here near the bay area. trace amounts to .02 of an inch. hit and miss. our chances are extremely low. we're continuing to monitor that. any change in the forecast, we'll bring it to you. keep your eye on it early next week. a lot of kids head back to school. we have 96 on monday. 97 on tuesday.
6:51 pm
should drop off once we hit next thursday and friday. nothing like going back to school with hot temperatures. thursday. >> all the kids want another pool day. >> transfer to the coast. you could do that. >> thanks, jeff. up next here at 6:00, a special day for the 49ers. we'll show you why. cover your eyes if you're a giants or a's fan. ugly afternoon. we are here to discuss jessie's online time. and out of respect, we will let you make the first offer. thirty minutes. thirty minutes? objection! overruled. one hour. sweeten the deal by doing the dishes and i'll consider it. i wouldn't do it. i hate the dishes. one hour with the tablet, you walk the dog and do the dishes. if you insist. congratulations. only xfinity xfi lets you take control of your family's online time. that's simple, easy, awesome. xfinity xfi gives you the speed, coverage and control you need. manage your wifi network from anywhere when you download the xfi app today.
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makes. it's not a good difference. the giants were doing greatast week riding high. decided not to trade madison bumgarner and then not so well. >> they're fading fast in the playoff race. here's the upside. sunshine at china basin. a lot of pins and stories on the hats right there. top of the third inning. pick it up here. washington's gerard owe parra who started here with the giants. hits a three-run homer for the nationals. nationals pitcher joe ross, there he is from berkeley and bishop o'dowd high school. the nationals beat the giants 4-1. the giants lost six of the last seven games. the a's played a day game
6:55 pm
trying to win against the cubs. they hit a grand slam. the cubbies never looked back. a's lose 10-1. today is august 7th or 8-7. >> that was dwight clark's number, 87. so the team held dwight clark day. clark died last year after battling als or liou gehrig's disea disease. they hosted families who have been impacted by the disease. nbc sports bay area's maiocco signed his book that he wrote titled letters to 87. >> certainly, a legend in the 49er community and more of a legend in the 49er player community. so just a great friend. we miss him. but this is exciting that we get a chance to honor him.
6:56 pm
>> the team also announced it will be new signage inside levi stadium that honors clark. >> that's pretty cool. we celebrate the life of dwight clark. it's called hero in the end zone. we've posted it on our youtube page. the full episode.usiv interview montana and jerry rice. check out our nbc bay area youtube page. >> see you at 11:00.
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fake out fake . ♪ >> now on "extra" -- oprah sounds off on america's mash shooting epidemic. >> i think what people are missing is a core moral center. >> days after dayton and el paso, her take on stopping the violence. >> until we can return to that, we will continue to be lost. >> her powerful new series exploring the lives of young black men. >> i need a way out.
7:00 pm
>> and just back from italy, how she dodged a near-disaster with bradley cooper. >> i go, this is very dangerous ! monica lewinsky bringing the clinton affair to the screen, breaking news on the next edition of "american crime story," produced by monica. ♪ photos, kylie jenner boarding a private jet w


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