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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 8, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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but this one caused us all to stop and take a look this morning. unbelievably one person walked away without a scratch, though one other person did die and all commuters are dealing with the backup. >> yeah, there were gasps throughout the news room, and i gasps when i saw this as well. we are looking at one vehicle in the middle there that was overturned, and all four of those vehicles caught fire and had all lanes of 101 blocked, and now since early this morning only one lane northbound accessible through the area, and now putting this in perspective, green all over the bay but this one area, the one route possible out of hollister, gilroy, san martin, and that is jammed up, almost six miles of backup, from cochran to the 85 split. the commute is a real tough one.
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santa teresa boulevard might help you out, and monterey road is getting flooded with traffic. bob redell has been out there this morning, and i see progress on the freeway. what do you have? >> reporter: we have two wreckers removing two of the cars, and the medical examiner is in the process of removing the person that died, one of the drivers, and chp said it won't be until 7:30 or 7:45 when all the lanes re-open, and we are on northbound 101 south of 85. a firefighter said he never has seen an accident like this where you have four cars that cash fire and become fully engulfed. one driver was not able to get out and did die in the crash. it happened around 3:30 this morning and it's not clear what caused this crash, it was a
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chain reaction involving four sedans with a driver in each car. two were taken to the hospital, and we know a person not involved in the accident did try and help and get one of the people out of their vehicle. the fourth driver walked away unhurt. he said it was his regular commute from hollister, and he was going about 70 miles per hour and swerved to avoid a plastic wheel fender in the middle of the road and collided with one of the cars. >> all i know is a couple cars were already here by the time i stopped. when my car came to a rest it caught on fire, or the car next to me caught on fire and that's what caused the fire. >> what did you do? >> i jumped out and ran over to the side and prayed to god that i am still alive. >> reporter: as mike was mentioning, that backup extends for miles. when we were coming up around 4:30 this morning, the backup
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was about a mile and a half, and now it's back to cochran. again, chp said the reopening of 101 south of 85, 7:30 or 7:45, and right now only one far right lane is open and traffic is sifting through. >> it's just so slow when you have one of four lanes open. >> for sure. let's get you out the door and a check of your weather with kari. >> in martinez, we will have a cooler day, and it has been hot all week long. we have a break. at 2:00 in the afternoon, it will be at 79 degrees, and it will be a nice day not only for martinez as we enjoy a nice cooldown, and we'll talk about what else is ahead go into the weekend. that's coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you.
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there's a deadly rampage and then calls for gun control and americans are wondering what will congress do. >> mitch mcconnell and the gop, there's already universal background check bill when the president said he supports that has been passed by the house and is awaiting a senate vote. tracie potts is on capitol hill. mitch mcconnell is on break like all the rest of the representatives, and we know he has had health trouble but he has to say something about this at some point, right? >> maybe, maybe not. maybe not until they get back in september. he has not said anything so far despite the pressure to try and get this done. president trump suggesting this may be the best way to coalesce both sides that have been at odds for so long over gun control. fresh from seeing the pain and
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anger in dayton and el paso. president trump is promising action on gun control. >> i think we can bring up background checks like we have never had before. >> if the president says pass legislation for universal background checks, the republican congress and senate will move on it. >> so far republican leader, mitch mcconnell, has ignored calls to bring lawmakers back early for a vote. >> i'm not holding my breath. too often we see complete inaction. >> republican lindsay graham will introduce a red flag bill that allows authorities to seize weapons from those who are a threat. >> critics say that's not nearly enough. >> we must require federal licensing for guns in america. >> others are pushing for a ban on assault weapons. >> i can tell you that there is no political appetite for that
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at this moment. >> nothing, nothing about the endemic and the epidemic of guns is fueling a literal carnage in america. >> timing is everything. gun control advocates are hoping to seize the moment to get something done. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. in the meantime, ceremonies and funerals have begun for the victims of the mass shootings. when th-- then in el paso, ther is another a visitation for a man. and then ten days after the garlic festival shooting a crowd of more than 100 people attended last night's free event and security was very tight.
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organizers point out this event was way smaller than the garlic festival. >> we will have a mounted unit of security out in the parking lot, and we will have deputies out here along with the paid security. >> the event got under way with an opening prayer, as you might imagine. another free event is planned for tonight and then the gilroy rodeo ramps up tomorrow when the competition begins. new developments overnight in the largest workplace immigration raid in more than a decade. 680 people are detained this morning after i.c.e. agents raided seven chicken processing plants in rural mississippi. most of the people arrested there are latino and other employees say some have worked at the plant for years. nearly 600 i.c.e. agents took part in the sting. a note here, it was also the
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first day of school. on your thursday morning, there may be a new momentum after several near misses on the tarmac at san francisco international airport. later today, famed pilot, "sully" sullengerger will talk about the problems of landing jetliners nearly missing full planes awaiting take off at sfo. pete suratos is at sfo with what we can expect. >> reporter: good morning, guys. a number of near misses here at sfo and that's why one congressman is going to introduce new legislation later today to hopefully fix this problem. there have been a number of near misses at sfo over the years, and there was an incident back in 2017, it was july of 2017, where the air canada pilot aborted the landing at sfo
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before hearing from the control tower. this incident was one of several close calls involving aircraft at sfo, specifically within a 16 month period. most of the incidents were due to pilot error. >> when it comes to the new legislation, which is being called the safe landings act, it was even spired by some of the recent near misses and would address gaps in aviation safety that contributed to these problems. now, one congressman will be joined by sull"sully" sullenger who has been outspoken as of late on two recent crashes involving boeing 737s from a few months ago citing what he feels is a cozy relationship between the industry and regulators. we will hear more about the legislation during a press conference here at sfo at 12:00.
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>> our veinvestigative unit is keeping an eye on all the near misses. we looed into every aspect of that, and you can see the result on we want to get a check of the weather with kari, because there's something curious out in the pacific. >> we are talking about a weekend rain chance especially for the north bay. this is our usual view, fog over the golden gate bridge, and then as we go into the day we are going to enjoy cooler weather as we get a stronger ocean breeze kicking up today. danville, 64 degrees and 63 in napa. heading out for lunch it's going to be very comfortable. mid to low 70s for inland areas and eventually reaching low 80s in some of the warmer spots like antioch. concord reaching 83 at 4:00 this afternoon. we will cool it down tonight and
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have breezy winds as we go into the forecast tonight we are all drop into the low 50s and low 60s. we will talk about rain chances coming up. mike, you have sky ranger over the scene. >> yeah, sky ranger over the deadly crash on southbound 101. the crews are still on the scene, and there's a third and fourth vehicle, and that's the one where the occupant died as a result of the crash. sky ranger is widening out to show you the jam from northbound 101, and this extends over six miles is what our sensors show. from about cochran to 85, that's where things are jammed solid. you are barely moving. that's over six miles of barely moving traffic.
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santa teresa boulevard also getting flooded with traffic, and a build out of martin, you will see a build there as well. i am timing things out, and i will bring you more details and numbers in the next report but i wanted to show you anywhere north of there, that's moving smoothly, getting over towards the bay bridge, for example, and there's a backup still there at the bay bridge toll plaza. if you use instagram, the company just kicked off one of the partners that may have improperly been accessing your data. several popular series set to leave netflix, but why the streaming service is celebrating a big victory. you are watching "today in the bay."
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as the sun come up we are enjoying cooler temperatures, hopefully in the upper 50s. as we go throughout the day we will have a slow warmup into the upper 70s and overall a much nicer afternoon. we'll get a look at all our microclimates and talk about what is happening this weekend coming up in less than five minutes. sky ranger -- don't worry that smoke is not a fire we are talking about, but on the left, a huge jam, over six miles of
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backup, north 101 shy of 85 into san jose and out of morgan hill is down to just one lane. four vehicles involved in a deadly crash and a multiple car fire. we are tracking the backup and will look at that commute, just an hour from morgan hill to get into san jose. good morning. here are today's top business headlines. wall street is set to open a bit higher this morning following yesterday's wild session. the dow fell nearly 600 points nearly erasing all the losses and staging its biggest comeback of the year. it sparked new worries prompting investors in seek safety in things like treasury bonds, but the markets recovered late in the day. and thone insider said data was
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being collected that could target ads, and the firm that pulled data from instagram stories which is usually not accessible to tools instagram makes available to third parties. this is another privacy issue for facebook, that owns instagram. and then netflix have signed for a deal, they will write, produce and direct exclusive films and shows. netflix beat out disney and warner media. >> that's the original spot, programming you cannot get anywhere else, because everybody
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has already seen "friends." and japan's buda getting cleaned. >> will they come to my house. >> this is the yearly cleaning, and it took 180 people to clean the statue. >> i have gone out and joined you with your parents and it was fun. >> yes, it does honor our a ancestors. our buda is not as big. >> your buda is not better?
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>> we are all equal. we are starting out this morning, a beautiful sunrise. a great way to start out your thursday morning, and if you are about to head out the door it's feeling nice and cool. let's get a look right now at san jose, and as the sun comes up, look at the interesting cloud formations we have over san jose and the streaks you are seeing coming down from the clouds. as we head east of san jose to ev evergreen, they are in the 60s. livermore reaching sunshine, and 83 in concord. it's nice to get the refreshing breezes but we have also had storms firing up over the southern receiver.
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there will be more rain in the forecast, and we will be watching a chance of rain. this is early saturday morning, and i think a lot of this will be fog and drizzle starting out in the morning, and then we will see a weak storm system that could trace amounts of rain to the north bay, before noon, before it all clears out. we will have cooler temperatures before it heats up by the beginning of next week. here's a look at the 7-day forecast, showing low 80s for today and tomorrow. we are up to 84 degrees, and once again, a chance of north bay rain before noon, and then temperatures in the upper 80s and upper 90s for the start of next week. for san francisco, we will keep our temperatures steady, staying in the 60s. mike, you are tracking a lot on the roads, a crash. >> same crash, and we have another vehicle on the flatbed tow truck, but the main vehicle
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involved in the deadly crash still there. this is northbound 101 just shy of highway 85, and getting into san jose out of morgan hill, and you can see only one lane crawling by the scene. while this is a tragedy as far as the death that occurred at the scene, it has a huge impact on the traffic. sky ranger shows you the huge backup on 101 before you get to coyote creek golf course, and folks from morgan hill know it's a huge drive coming in, and it's taking over an hour right now as it times out with our partners. folks familiar with the area know that monterey road is an alternate. coming up towards 85, santa teresa boulevard, hope i am not tipping the cards too much, but we have to give folks an alternate coming out of morgan hill. all of these are building for
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the morning commute, and this split here at 85 is creating a lighter flow to silicon valley. tri-valley, peninsula, all moving smoothly. the san mateo and dumbarton bridge, all moving smoothly. the bay bridge toll plaza, those metering lights were turned on right on schedule. look at this live shot here, north of 680 as you come up into the area of san jose. we show no problems as you are approaching rock. a brushfire forced some folks from their home at contra costa county. we will give you an update on
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the evacuations and the road closures that continue. and then a scam call and just 30 minutes for you to act.
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nbc bay area responds to a south bay woman that warned us about a threatening phone call. >> she fears many others are getting the same call so she alerted chris chmura' team.
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>> we have heard from three people reporting the scam, judy in sunnyvale, art in milpitas, and preston in san francisco, all getting a call from a supposed pg&e representative claiming their power would get disconnected in 30 minutes due to a pending balance on the account. he instructed them to call the direct billing number, an 888 number, to call to avoid getting disconnected in 30 minutes. that did not sound ride to judy, so they alerted us and we alerted pg&e, and it said the calls are a scam tricking people into forking over credit card information. real payment problems are addressed by mail with 15 days notice, not 30 minutes. right after we alerted pg&e about the call, it posted a tweet warning its 84,000 twitter followers thanks to an alert customer reporting a scam call
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demanding immediate payment. if you get this call hang up and then report it to pg&e. you can also call us or online. still continuing, breaking news in the south bay. astonishing images coming to us of a deadly fiery crash on 101. the impact this is going to have on your commute. another big headline we are working this morning, one bay area community may cut funding for school security. something that is alarming families after the three recent mass shootings in just a week. it's a big decision tonight, and we'll tell you what to expect. you are watching "today in the bay."
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that is the sound of chaos right now at 6:30, a horrific scene in the south bay after four cars caught on fire after a crash on the 101 overnight. it was a dramatic situation that followed after. welcome to "today in the bay" on this thursday, august 8th i am kris sanchez. >> we are going to start with mike and the traffic alert. these were the first pictures, mike, to come into our news room, and even jaded journalist said oh, my god. >> we were gasping.
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four vehicles completely burned out. one on its roof. the reports came in that one vehicle hit the center divide and flipped over and then a lot of chaos on the roadway. we will take you out right now with sky ranger over 101, and they are showing a tremendous backup coming through morgan hill to about corcoran. in san jose, that's where the crash occurred and we still have only your far right lane open. let's look at the map. overall, things are moving smoothly around most of the bay. at the bottom, we will zoom in where we have over seven miles registering on the sensors of a traffic jam, all the way through morgan hill and up to the split with highway 85. folks that come through the south county will know it's going to impact monterey road
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and santa teresa boulevard. so the three areas getting out of this area are jammed up, and it's taking possibly two hours to get out of santa martin through morgan hill and up to the split with highway 85. it's a huge situation continuing early this morning, and since early this morning, bob redell has been out there at the scene. bob, you have progress. >> reporter: mike, we are seeing the last of the four cars that burned up about to be removed. this is the vehicle that had the driver that sadly did pass away. we just learned from chp that this driver was a man. this accident happened around 3:30, northbound of 101 south of highway 85. you had four sedans, each with one driver, and we are not sure what caused this yet, but all four vehicles caught fire and became fully engulfed.
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as i mentioned, the one driver was never able to get out and passed away. two other drivers were transported to the hospital, with one moderate and one with minor injuries, and then you have a fourth driver that walked away. he tells me he doesn't remember much but just that he encountered debris on the highway. >> i swerved to not hit it, so i don't know if anybody else hit it prior or what, or was there an accident prior to that that caused me to get in the accident. >> reporter: doing okay? >> yeah, i am just shooken up and in shock. >> reporter: the man told me he praise to god that he is still alive considering how horrific this crash was. you are seeing the last of the vehicles about to be removed, you see a lot of debris and char on the road. it will be perhaps 45 minutes to an hour before they have all
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lanes of northbound 101 south of 85 re-opened, because you have to have the caltrans crews come in here and sweep all of this up. we are maybe looking around 7:30 after what was a horrific crash, a veteran of the san jose fire department, he was a captain, and he tells me that in all of his years he never has seen anything like this where you have four vehicles become fully involved like this. >> bob, we know you got us discovered in the south bay, and we have you covered, and if you have updates, we'll get back to you. and then kari has the forecast, and maybe a whisper that rain for the north bay. >> yeah, not that unusual to have some rain in august, but it has been so long since we had any, and it's like, what, rain? it's starting out cool in santa rosa with 51 degrees, compared that to the 61 in oakland and san francisco. as you head out on the roads in brentwood it's going to be in the low 60s, and a nice cool
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start to the day leading into a pleasantly warm afternoon, low 80s there. a look at all our microclimates in the high temperatures this afternoon, with upper 70s in napa. and santa rosa, 78 degrees. 68 in oakland, and 84 in antioch today. we will talk about the weekend rain chances and some events going on coming up in about six minutes. happening today, a south bay school district decides between paying for campus police officers or other vital resources. the alum rock school district is facing a deficit, and officials are considering cutting the school resource officers on campus, and a school board member says it's a tough decision especially with the mass shootings on the rise in
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america. >> it's hard to come to grips with the fact that in communities around the county, the latino community has been targeted, and that's a hard pill to swallow sometimes but it's a reality we need to face. >> the budget vote takes place tonight and we will have a reporter there. new overnight, an east bay interchange is open again after a deadly crash involving a big rig that happened a little before 11:00 last night on the ramp connecting eastbound 580 to 680 in pleasanton. it's not clear at this point what led to the crash. 6:36. at least one building has been destroyed after a fast-moving fire charred 50 acres and prompted evacuations as well. dry brush fueled the flames as the fire tore through flames near an oakley neighborhood. this morning the fire is completely out and crews were on the scene until early this morning. people along part of sellers avenue were told to get out of
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their homes as a precaution. here's the east contra costa fire marshal. >> started pushing towards a residential neighborhood and we did have to call for an evacuation of approximately about 50 homes. >> the oakley residents were allowed to return to their homes last night. and then this weekend's music festival is going green, and we are not talking about recycling, they will be able to legally consume marijuana for the first time. vendors will be able to sell legal pot products inside the festival venue in an area they are dubbing grassland. park officials and recreation officials say it will be fenced off with tight security and they will be checking ids. they think selling it in a venue where people are using it could keep people safer. >> a lot of times people will be
6:38 am
selling it, and it could be laced with anything and you just don't know so i think it's a good idea to regulate it. >> and it's a first for a major u.s. concert. san francisco's mayor and police chief will talk about the three-day event later today. the host is another planet entertainment. we have been watching this crash on 101. this is from earlier this morning, northbound 101 south of 85. three lanes have been closed after four cars were just involved in this inferno. it's astonishing video. we have been talking about this all morning, keeping the south bay covered for you. mike, you have been on the maps trying to figure out what is going to happen in the next couple of minutes. >> i need to clarify something first of all. let's show the shot from sky ranger. this is a tremendous backup, northbound 101 just before 85.
6:39 am
this is 101 coming out of morgan hill approaching the split with 85 in san jose. here's the huge, huge backup. all lanes are packed for about eight miles approaching morgan hill. this is why i am distinguishing the area, because we are coming up to the bottom of the screen, 101 and 85 meet in sunnyvale, and that's not the area affected. it's seven or eight miles through morgan hill approaching the split northbound 101 with 85, and now our partners have timed things out. if you take 101 through all of the jam where only one lane gets by that crash, we have 2:37 registering right now. given the alternate route by
6:40 am
waze, you can reduce your time to 51 minutes, and still almost an hour and still a tough job, but waze can get you through some of the backup, and that is going to keep changing. i apologize to folks on the city streets through the area, but people need to get through and get through safely. >> that is true. the weekend is nearly upon us, though. >> we have a lot going on not only around the bay area but in the weather department too as we tract the potential of north bay rain. as we start out on friday, some of the kids have the last couple of weeks before school starts. the california academy of silences, this is a free event and will be in the mid-60s in the city looking very good. we also have the jazz fest happening in san jose. i think tomorrow is going to be the best day, we will get
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sunshine and highs only in the low 80s. it cools down nicely if you find a spot in the shade, it's going to be very comfortable. saturday, we are seeing more clouds and coastal temperatures in the upper 60s, and the bay reaching 79 degrees and the inland areas up to 84, and just a heads up in the far north bay there could be rain. we are not going to see any of that in time for the 49ers game, kickoff in the upper 70s, breezy and stpaaying mild through the evening with the low 70s. the raiders with a pre-season game, and kickoff 73 degrees and breezy with mostly sunny skies throughout the day. as we check out sunday's forecast, this is when it starts to heat up. we see mid-80s for the bay and inland areas up to 92 degrees. we had the japanese summer festival happening on sunday in concord. it's going to be hot. the temperatures will make it up to 90 degrees during the middle
6:42 am
of the day. we are tracking this, and in the south bay, temperature forecast coming up in about three minutes. also coming up next on "today in the bay," arson in hawaii. a popular family vacation spot where people are trying to stop more fires from springing up. avoiding a future tragedy. the steps one famous pilot from the bay area will ta today to divert more near disasters at sfo. and then to the big board in new york city where the dow industrials are up 84 points. looking forward to getting back to business so i can tell you about the worries we have about bonds. and then a meatless meat trend. some of the most popular brands will be on the plaza in new york. savannah and the team are going to give them a try. introducing togo's new hot chicken sandwiches.
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the brewpub chicken with grilled chicken, crispy smokehouse bacon, and fresh avocado. the new buffalo chicken with frank's redhot wings sauce.
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or the tangy barbecue chicken with chipotle mayo. the new hot chicken trio at togo's. how far would you go for a togo? get ready to step out the door it's a cool start to the day and a beautiful sunrise over the south bay. as we go into the rest of the day in willow glen, staying cooler than normal. we will talk about a weekend warmup and what is ahead, and that's coming up in less than five minutes. progress being made but still a lot of cleanup. the cars are gone from an earlier crash and car fire, and the deadly crash investigation continuing but the cleanup of the roadway may be an issue. we are looking at at least another hour, northbound 101. we'll show you the huge backup coming from morgan hill. a new national push for change after several near misses
6:46 am
at sfo. later today "sully" sullengerger will talk about the problem of jetliners fearly missing full jetliners ready for take off. the safe landings act, you may remember the near miss involving an air canada flight. it could have been a catastrophe. it's a story our investigative unit helped uncover. you can watch those reports right now at new this morning an arson investigation is under way in honolulu right now and police are asking people if they recognize the man in the surveillance photos. that man was seen at the scene of three fires that happened at waikiki hotels. in one case two rooms were burglarized as the guests were
6:47 am
evacuated because of the fire. nobody was hurt in the fire, but one of the fires did cause nearly $2 million worth of damage. jurors in the ghost ship warehouse trial will begin their fifth day of deliberations in oakland this morning. two men were charged with 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. prosecutors say the two men created the dangerous conditions inside the ghost ship warehouse that caused 36 people to die when a fire broke out during a party in 2016. yesterday one defense attorney showed off pictures his client had drawn as a way to escape the grief during the trial. on the push for a straight pride parade in paw tkes modest night city council, a heated
6:48 am
exchange. >> you pulled the race card. you pulled the race card. and all of you are racist clowns. >> outside city hall dozens gathered to protest that event, and matthew mason is a gay man and he said the straight pride coalition has a hidden white racist agenda. >> the jewel of our parks and recreation -- >> there are a core group that has the same beliefs and we want to take it across the nation, and we start here, and it's just as well as in where else. the city council is expected to make a decision about that event soon. new overnight, willie nelson cancelled his tour. he said he is battling a breathing problem that his doctors just need to check out. no immediate word on refunds or rescheduled dates, but he was due to perform at sanford in
6:49 am
october, so hold on to your tickets, there might be a change. you remember the famous "home alone" movie, it was shot in my neighborhood in new york, yes. my favorite line is i am eating junk food and rubbish, and you can't stop me. we are hearing there's going to be a reboot. >> i like the idea. he is talking about a reboot of the classic we love at our house. culkin, who is now not a kid anymore tweeted this in response. >> oh, that's funny. >> this is what an updated home alone would actually look like. he's still eating rubbish. >> he has a good sense of humor. that's what he is known for. >> he's running with it. >> i think there's a commercial,
6:50 am
and he re-enacted the whole thing in his adult body. >> good for him. >> not a weekend to stay in and watch movies because there's so much going on. >> there's a lot going on with festivals, a jazz festival going on around the bay area, and we have escape from alcatraz, and outside lands, and we are enjoying cooler temperatures. that's a live look in dublin starting out with clouds this morning. those temperatures will stay in the upper 70s. really very nice to have cooler temperatures. for most of us we can leave the a air-conditioning off today. 78 for the high temperature in san jose. if you are making plans to head out to the giants game, first pitch at 6:45 will be cool so make sure you are bundled up and ready for a breezy evening.
6:51 am
and outside lands kicks off, we will see highs reaching up to 74 degrees at golden gate park. i am watching a chance of rain for this saturday. it's mostly for the north bay, and here we are on saturday we are seeing spotty rain popping up around lake county, and as we go into late morning and early afternoon, this starts to push away so it's mostly a morning event with some trace amounts of rain possible. we could see a few 100s of an inch. upper 80s on sunday. we are going to see upper 90s, so the weather quickly turns hot early next week, and then we come back down on wednesday. for san francisco, more clouds on saturday but by sunday we are enjoying more sun and slightly warmer temperatures. mike, you are checking on the progress for highway 101?
6:52 am
i will take the live look we have of the crew on the roadway, literally on the roadway and looking at the roadway, and stepping in now, folks. here's some of the debris and there could be some impact to the pavement there. a number of crashes, four cars engulfed in flames and there could be fluid that seeps into the roadway as well, so the crews for caltrans and chp are assessing the situation to determine whether or not they can open the lanes. they have all the cars loaded up, and most taken away from the scene of the deadly crash, involving four vehicles, one person died and four were on fire blocking all but just one lane of northbound 101. let's look at the impact on the roadways. there's a huge impact out of the south county. we have a big jam coming from the split. the speed sensors are improving northbound 101 at 85 where the scene of the crash is.
6:53 am
in the backup, extending back to corcoran, there have been a series of smaller crashes on the shoulder now scramming you up. this is monterey road, and it's horribly backed up right now as well as santa teresa boulevard. these three main routes flooded with traffic. this has been a problem out of san martin all the way into san jose. this keeps the rest of the south bay moving smoothly, and a light volume all around the bay starting up just across the san mateo bridge. we did see flashing lights and a tow truck, and looks like there could have been a stall in the first cash lane on the approach. no problems for the span of the bay bridge now. there's a state department alert upping the travel warning
6:54 am
to hong kong. this all comes in the wake of the recent unrest and large-scale protests. the new warning points out the confrontations are now spilling out into neighborhoods beyond where the protests have been permitted and they are happening with little to no advanced notice. next on "today in the bay," a quick look at your top stories. of course we will take you back to highway 101. we have that covered. mike was just talking about it, but you are going to hear from one of the people involved in this astonishing crash. then at 7:00 on the "today" show, president trump reacts to the chilly reception he received in el paso. plus, what other lawmakers and presidential candidates are saying. we're back in just two minutes.
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here are the top stories on today in the bay-- welcome back. before you head out the door let's bring you up to speed on the top stories on "today in the bay." >> breaking news, that fiery crash that shutdown all but one lane on 101 in morgan hill. you can't tell by this scene because cleanup is under way, but it was a horrific crash, four cars bursts into flames. now only one lane is open and it has been that way every since we started this morning. we want to show you what it looked like when it was happening because it was so telling. even veteran firefighters were saying it was something they had not seen before. all four cars destroyed. san jose fire department posting that picture to twitter. we know one person died in that
6:58 am
crash, and two others were hurt and one person walked away. we are still working to figure out how all that mayhem started. the one driver that walked away talked with bob redell. >> all i know is there were a couple cars already here by the time i stopped. when my car came to a rest it caught on fire or the car next to me caught on fire and that's what caused the fire. >> what did you do? >> i jumped out and ran over to the side. prayed to god i am still alive. >> no word on when all of the lanes will be re-opened but it's going to be a while. >> even before we went on air, our nbc bay area digital team was ready, and they sent this push alert, so download the nbc bay area app and you will get the breaking news at all-times. we have a little rain in the forecast, but for who? we will talk to kari in a minute. we are still tracking the
6:59 am
backup. you said eight miles? >> almost ten miles because the commute continues to build out of gilroy, and sky range shows you 101 packed solid. the crash at the 101 and 85 split in san jose, and we are talking about the split into san jose out of morgan hill. looking at the maps, we have the huge backup, and it's not just 101. monterey road and santa maria boulevard backed up as well. if you can, call in and let folks know you will be late. that keeps the rest of the silicon valley running smoothly. there's a crash south bay in the commute direction in vasco road, and i have my eyes on that crash as well. we are going to have cooler area for the inland areas, reach into the low 80s. we were talking about a slight chance of north bay showers
7:00 am
early saturday morning and heating up after that. >> all right. that's wh is happen "today in the bay." for now we leave you with live pictures from sky ranger. be careful out there, folks. good morning missed warning, the mother of the el paso gunman saying she raised concerns about her son and his assault rifle weeks before the shooting. what she says police told her just ahead and in dayton the emotional 911 calls just released. >> there were shots and everybody laid down, and i don't know where my sons are >> where the investigation stands this morning and the president's controversial visit to the heart of the tragedy. sounding the alarm, the disturbing new international report breaking this morning that says climate change will threaten the world's food supply and the window to stop it is


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