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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  August 8, 2019 11:00am-11:28am PDT

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nothing beats getting the latest trends at 20 to 60 percent off specialty store prices. we have been here before. once again, after a mass shooting, gun safety debate heats up, and so does the lobbying effort. today we follow the money. >> our investigative unit is tracking the money being spent on both sides, one trying to pass stricter gun control laws. bigad shaban. >> they'n inseparable trio. we investigate just how much money is being funneled into washington from both sides of the gun debate.
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>> sometimes you can't get out of bed. >> reporter: maddy scott lost her son to gun violence. he was killed? francis's western addition neighborhood two decades ago. >> i don't want a what we feel. we shouldn't be burying our children. >> she's the california chapter of brady united, which advocates for stricter gun laws, including university background checks. >> i want to go to graduations, not funerals. i've been to so many funerals. >> reporter: nationwide brady united spent $160,000 last year lobbying for tougher gun laws. in the wake of the recent shootings in gilroy, el paso and dayton, scott says change is long overdue. >> i saw a mother on the news and she battle
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again gun violence. >> reporter: last year groups shelled out $2 million lobbying congress, but were seriously outs igts groups, which paid out more than $12 million. >> why do we lobby so hard? not let down? because we truly believe that what we do saves lives, a large vast number of lives. >> sam heads gun owners of california, which has spent more than a million lobbingy california lawmakers. he says the follow conduction should be reducing crimes. >> more laws, more regulation, more rules will do nothing to prevent mass shootings. that's what we have to get into our head. er: lifornia, texas and ohio, all sites of recent mass shootings, also happen to be the biggest recipient of
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congressional campaign contributions from gun rites groups. sitting members in congress of texas have received 1.5 million in campaign funds, and 591,000 in ohio. what did that money buy? in texas less restrictive gun laws earned a failing grade from the gifford in. ohio got a d. california earned an "a" rating, even though when you add up the contributions from gun control groups, california only received $224,000, but that's still the most in the country. virginia ranked second with $189,000, but still earned a "d" rating for its lacks of gun restrictions. new york is third at $120,000, earned an a-minus for its gun - people. >> do you see this as some in congress putting money above
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lives. >> that's what i person people is looking at. >> this sudden is intention he we believe what we do save lives. that's why we're in it all the way to win. >> reporter: if money talks, the gun debate certainly seems to be heating up. congressional campaign contributions from gun rights groups shot up 20% last year, while groups advocating more gun control gave 1,000% more. back to you. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, you can give us a call, or you can send it in turning to decision 2020, businessman andrew young is the ninth democrat to qualify for the september debate. yang is getting 2% support that qualifies him for the next debate. the flagship proposal is to give every adult is a basic income of
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$1,000. joe biden has 28%. of iowa warren trailing at 19%, kamala harris at > t popular gyms are middle of a political controversy today, and some folks are quitting their memberships. the chairman of equinox and soul cycle's parent company is a supporter of president trump and hosting a fund-raiser later this week. some customers are calling for a boycott. a topic that was trending on twitter. some folks outside the gym in castro is hurt up, because it ut its support for inclusion. >> to have this kind of business running, bud supporting somebody who is completely against what we believe. >> both companies say they have nothing to do with the fund-raiser, only the chairman
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of the parent company does and they don't support it. this weekend's music festival is going green. people will be able to buy marijuana to consume at the event for the very first time. they will sell legal pot products in an area that they h d officials say the event will be fenced off with tight securities. concert-goers say selling state-regulated poll inside the venue where people are already using marijuana might actually keep people safe. >> you will have people selling it and you don't know what they're putting in there. it should be laced with anything. so i think it's a good idea to regulate it. >> the company sponsoring the event says it's a first for a major u.s. concert.
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they will talk about that three-day event later today. that's this weekend, right? >> yeah, it is. let's check in with kari to see what the highs will be. >> if y of a breeze. here's a live look outside as we see the skies clearing, even the fog rolling away, but we can still see it near the coast in woodside, as we are starting to see more sunshine. this is a live look outside in walnut creek. our temperatures are only heading into the low 80s today. it's going to be perfect, to think that in early august we are going to have some cooler than normally weather look with breezynorecast is now at the bottom of the science, showing much hotter temperatures down the line. today in gilroy, we'll see a high of 83 degrees, while milpitas tops out at 79 degrees
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reaching 80 degrees he, fremont with a high of 73. we'll see a high of 74 in redwood city with san francisco up to 66 in the mission district. point reyes at 59. santa rosa at 79. 87 in clear lake. if you're planning to head out to the giants game today, first pitch at 6:45, we'll see those temperatures in the upper 60s cooling down to the low 60s as the follow rolls in. make sure you're dressed with a nice warm jacket. and then looking at what's happening regionally. if you're planning to go hiking in the next few days, keep in mind we have seen storms fire up each day. it looks like it continuing even into the weekend. temperatures are storm system approaching the pacific northwest. at it does so, it will bring in a slight chance of rain on saturday to part of the bay where we could see light
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amounts of rain between late friday night and early saturday morning. after that, we see those temperatures heating um. by next week, there will be another storm system moving in by wednesday to help cool us off. so the spike in temperatures thankfully won't last that long. here's a look at the how-by-hour photograph. it does show some light rain moving through. then by the afternoon to evening hours, that system is moving and we'll be clear out. for outside lands we're reaching into the mid 70s, whine the inland areas reach the low 80s. by sunday we'll see the temperatures going up. it would be hot starting off the new week, and then down to scott and kris? >> thank you. your favorite friend as wednesday. os pizza birthday party soon? you may want to pick a different venue. pizza hut is planning to close
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about 500 stores across the country. the company wants to shift focus towards delivery and carry-out exclusive. they said it will set up pizza hut for a faster, long-term growth. we're coming back after the break. california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones,
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like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program call or visit to our olympics coverage, is ryan lochte back for good? he just won his first national title since 2014, and it happened here at the nationals at stanford. by winning the heat in the 200-meter, he may have punched his ticket into the fifth
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remember, he just big suspension. he did. if you're a fan of legos and love "friends," could you bet any more excited? >> take a look at this. this is a video lego showed online, six legos in front of the a fountain, and one of the toys pulls the light switch, which is an awful lot like of the ending of the "friends" song. let's get the one with the weather. >> we've got the one weekend with some nice weather, but it does heat up, and it's going to be hot early next week. if you're headed to outsidelands, wear that sunscreen. >> see you tomorrow.
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ow on beverly hills. >> i'm sitting on top of the
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world in the 90210. a prince of beverly hills is here. >> we're talking zombie tidal waves. what more could you ask r? trap on your helmets. we're about to get a crash course. plus pt for your pooch. >> i'm in oakland, this is soda. say hi, soda. it's all happening
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