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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  August 8, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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here. temperature at 84 degrees. winds, gusts up to 30 at times. we'll put a closer map perspective. it's off to the east of kelseyville, south of buckingham park, right near rivera west. we're seeing the smoke move over towards clear lake. the way the wind is right now, a shelter has been set up at kelseyville high school. we get down to street level here, you can see rivera west drive, broad view drive and harb harbor view drive. gusty winds tonight. we could see them up to 20 miles tomorrow. another day where they'll have to monitor for hotspots with this wind in place. we'll have details on unusual august rain coming up in about 15 minutes. >> let's take another look from our nbc bay area sky ranger. these are live pictures n this area, a lot of people vacation here, clear lake, the buckingham
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golf course, and this is peak season. so this will impact a lot of families on vacation and some of the homeowners who live there full time. we'll continue to stay on the story throughout the evening. we're also the first to send out a breaking news alert about this fire and the subsequent evacuations. you can sign up for these breaking news alerts through our free nbc bay area app. it's a great resource. it will show up right there on your phone. our other top story, new details from law enforcement that the gilroy gunman may have had a plan to escape. >> investigators searched the gunman's home and car. we just obtained the search warn warrant that details what they found inside the car and the family home. the shooter shot and killed himself, but details left behind showed what he thought he could hide out in the wilderness. >> we just obtaned documents from the gilroy police
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department which reveal a bizarre list of items found in the gunman's car parked about a half-mile away from the gilroy garlic festival. inside, officers found a passport and banking documents. five masks, including a clown mask, two threaded pipes which are materials that could be used to make a bomb. a set of california license plates registered to his mother, a shotgun was also found inside the car, as well as a tend ant wilderness training manual. after searching the home in gilroy where he lived with his father, police found a semi-automatic rifle and ammunition packed in the same bag. it was nearly two weeks ago of course when the gunman killed three people and injured at least 16 others at the festival. once police arrived he took his own life, shooting himself in the hid. but today ra la law enforcement official tells us the items
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found tells us he may have thought he could have escaped in his car, and also found was trail mix and an open bottle of jack daniels. one of the three people killed at the gilroy festival was laid to rest today. pa p p pall bearers were dressed in the jersey of his favorite time. >> i think of his fun nature and the way he wa with people. >> what do you think trevor would have said if he saw everyone today. >> he would have said why you cryin'? let's go hang out. let's do something fun. >> he graduated from college in 2017 where he majored in biology and was a multi-sport athlete. it has been nearly two weeks since the garlic festival
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shooting. and some cars still left behind by those who ran from the gunfire, they say if you haven't picked up your car yet you can now. you are told to go directly to christmas hill park to get it. officers escorted people while the fbi was still gathering evidence. that part is done. so the remaining cars can be picked up. it will still be several weeks before the park is reopened to the public. what happened in gilroy has an impact across the bay area, and he is not waiting for the government to act. the police chief in san jose says he's putting officers on the street every day to deal solely with active shooter scenarios, calling it the guardian program. damian trujillo joins us with a closer look. >> reporter: classes begin on tuesday here at james licken, and teachers are getting their classrooms ready. police will be ready, too.
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he saw the images from dayton, ohio and the police chief said he had to act. >> i can't wait for legislation to occur to help this situation. i can't wait for that. and my community doesn't expect me to wait for that. they want to know what we're doing. >> reporter: in response, the chief just started the guardian program. the city will be divided into nine zones. each zone will consist of two officers in a patrol car, specifically assigned to active shooter scenarios in schools or other violent crimes on campus >> if something like this occurs, you know, my job is to place my officers in the best position for them to saveqck red paso prevented those incidents from becoming bigger tragedies. >> i think it's critical to have all hands and eyes on deck. >> reporter: the superintendent of the east side union high school district says his schools are required to undergo annual
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active shooter drills and welcomes the added layer of security. >> when you look at the situation now now, ideally as a former high school principal, i love to have a police officer on campus. >> reporter: and because they are using their own overtime budget, the program can start now. the same program will be under way in this week's jazz festival and sharks games and earthquakes games. active shooter patrols will be on hand. nbc bay area news. >> thank you, damian. a break in the case. police say they have arrested a man and woman in a string of catalytic converter thefts. but they are still looking for more suspects. they are stealing them from electric cars. they can get up to $200 for melting down converts which contain a large a precious metals. since july0t at least 14
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have been taken. the two people were arrested yesterday. this is a picture of a saw they found in their car. they believe there are more suspects involved in these thefts. police say michael fields was looking inside windows of an apartment complex on los robles. a close call at san francisco airport. a little more two years ago, it was a near disaster. now it has spurred a new bill and technology. long-time pilot chesley sullenberger spoke about the importance of safety at the bay area's largest airport. scott budman is there to explain the potential changes. he joins us live. scott? >> reporter: well, good evening, janelle.
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captain sullenberger says he supports a new bill put forward today because he says it mixes new technology with old-fashioned human intuition to improve passenger safety. you can see in this surveillance video an air canada plane barely pulling up before striking a plane with four passengers. the pilot thought it was a runway. 759 came within 59 feet of causing a major disaster at sfo in july of 2017. >> it could easily have been one of the worse catastrophes in the entire history of aviation. >> reporter: captain sulley sullenberger who knows first hand about heroic rescues talked about the legislation that would provide new technology to alert pilots and controllers if a plane is not properly aligned to land on a runway. >> there's a desire to make sure we have the best technology so
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what happened over two years ago here, that the pilots are better informed and air traffic controllers are better informed. >> reporter: it also presents a task force. a better mix, captain sullenberger says of tech and instinct. >> those are two sides of the same coin, and that we need to have a deep understanding of the abilities and limitations of each component. >> reporter: the cost, an estimated $20 million, should the bill pass. something most passengers we spoke to say they'd support. >> once it's verified and tested all over we should definitely be using it. >> reporter: now, for else part, the faa says it doesn't comment on specific bills but did say runway security is a priority and that it expects to pay money to get new technology as well. live at sfo, scott budman, nbc
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bay area news. today president trump largely silent on the issue of gun control, but a chorus of american mayors are raising their voices about this issue. 200 mayors from across the country are urging congress to do something to prevent gun violence. in a letter, the mayors called on senate members to cut short their summer recess and come back to washington, d.c. to deal with gun safety legislation. among those mayors taking action, the mayor of dayton, ohio. >> my focus is getting something done around gun control so this terrible, tragic incident in dayton may not have to happen in other places. >> president trump previously pledged his support for background checks, but that could put him at odds with the nra. the "washington post" reporting the top executive warned that background checks would not be popular among trump supporters. flags across the country are at half-staff to honor the
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victims of these shootings. the mayor of san rafael says the flags will stay at half-staff until congress takes action. president trump ordered the flags to remain at half-staff throughout this week. the mayor says the president's order doesn't go far enough. he will not raise the flags in his city until congress makes significant progress on gun control. >> i think it's way pastime for them to get off their dime and do something about this matter. >> phillips says if congress hasn't taken action by mid september he'll ask the city council to weigh in. a festival kicks off tomorrow and security at gate park is heightened in light of the mass shootings. the mayor spoke about the issue hoping people will have fun and stay safe. there will be more perimeter fencing, more police and security guards. >> our deployment is going to be increased from last year. you're going to see more cops
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than you did last year. you're also going to see, you're going to see some officers that will be in tactical gear. >> and for the first time, cannabis sales and consumption will be allowed at grasslands, a section for those 21 and over. if you're driving along 880, you can see it first hand, big changes at the arena, the warriors are gone. they've moved out of oracle. now oracle moved out of the arena. the name is taken off. once the team officially exited the building on june 30th, the oracle name left as well. the coliseum authorityant to buy the naming rights for the arena. so far, no luck. the search still to come, a close call in contra costa county. what's being credited with stopping a back yard fire from becoming a full-blown brush
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fire. also a local artist. we talk to him and the meaning behind his design. rain still in my forecast as we head into the next couple of days. we'll have the updated timeline on this, plus another check on the fire happening in lake county in about six minutes
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. a close call in contra costa county. a back yard fire flares up and
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almost takes out a home iny, al called for help. we are live where people are breathing a sigh of relief. >> reporter: that's right. another close call here in contra costa county. a neighborhood felt the heat today as fire broke out. now fortunately, as you said, firefighters attacked it and put it out just in time. >> feel shake and little bit, just for seeing the flames going up so high and going so fast. >> reporter: glaoria ochoa says she spotted smoke when she showed up to visit her aunt. she looked in the back yard and saw the neighbor's yard entirely on fire. ochoa called11 and got her aunt and the neighbor out of their houses. >> i never see a fire in my life. never. there was a scary. >> reporter: firefighters worked quickly to put it out, but it
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burned right up to the neighbor's back door and came close to ochoa's aunt's house, too. >> i was close to lose the house. very lucky the fire department coming fast. >> reporter: this is the third fire that's put homes at risk in contra costa county this week. fires in oakley left entire neighborhoods on edge. >> all it takes is a little bit of wind and a spark. >> reporter: the back yard was full of tall, dry weeds that fueled the flames. people got lucky once again that it didn't turn no a major disaster. >> just because of tall, dry grass, and they figure it's in the back yard, nobody will see it, but the our life for something simple, oh, as a family, as a team, we go, keep >> reporter: firefighters say they can't stress enough how important it is to create that defensible space around your
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house. so far they have not lost a single house since fire season in contra costa county, and they want to keep it that way. jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> okay, thank you, jodi. it's just one word, but it's a powerful message. enough, that is the word on the cover of "time" magazine's latest issue. 253 places where mass shootings have occurred this year. that list compiled by the gun violence archives. the man who created this cover is john marujis in san francisco. >> a couple times during the process you have to stop and take a break and walk away from it. you start thinking about all the people involved, not only the people who are directly affected but also friends and relatives. >> he is talented. this isn't his first-time cover. you may remember this
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award-winning portrayed of christine blasey ford of palo alto. how we visited him at his studio to talk about this cover and some of his other work. as the weekend approaches, you've got more options for the do-it-yourself crowd. ace hardware announcing it will open two new locations, it will open at locations that were once home to orchard supply hardware. it closed all of its stores last year. among the two new ace hardware locations, one in panoll and the other in mountain view. the best do-it-yourselfer? >> me! >> no. it's jeff. jeff. >> we will have a little battle, a little competition. >> we can have a diy-offeenhous something? >> he was building a wing. >> i don't want to go there, i don't want to brag. >> let's talk about the green on
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the radar. that is nutso. >> if you have home projects, we'll get you ready for that and let you know the best time for when it's going to be good outside and good to be inside for projects. we are tracking showers just offshore. we'll have more on that coming up, but i do want to get you the latest on our breaking news we were following at the top of the hour, at least ten acres south of buckingham park, right near rivera west is where evacuations are in place. gusts up to 30 tonight, gusts up to 20 tomorrow. shelters set up at kelseyville high school. and you're probably noticing this smoke over to clear lake where a lot of that is blowing right now. so a more zoomed-in version here of those evacuations right here on rivera west drive, broad view drive and harbor view drive.
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now right back across the bay area, i think tomorrow morning we have lots of sunshine for the inland valley. closer to the coast, closer to the bay, you have areas of fog in the peninsula and 60. cool 50s for the north bay, san francisco and also the east bay. that fog clears out of here as we move through the afternoon tomorrow, and i think it's setting us up with a nice friday forecast again. 79 in cupertino. over to the east bay, 84 in concord, 83 livermore, back by the bay, lookin' good here in hayward at 75. the peninsula, 77 in redwood city, right up to daley city, 67, san francisco, 60s across the board and more off to the north, i have plenty of 70s for mill valley, novato and sonoma. we've been talking about this chance here of some showers. still, i think at this point we'll be dry on friday, but saturday would be the best bet as this storm system moves across. now it's not a big storm, but the new update today now has
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increasing rainfall amounts to the north of us. check this out. redding on saturday could see close to a half inch, same thing for eureka, bay area. trace amounts to .01 of an inch. friday, we warm it up with so sosom some 70s. 92 on sunday and a hot 96 by monday's forecast. so all the diy, do-it-yourselfers, i think saturday's maybe the painting inside. >> he's bragging right now. >> sunday maybe some woodworking outside. >> a guest bath and remodel. can you help me on that? >> yeah. >> i need to put together a child's playhouse. >> i'd be more than happy to help. >> i've been working on it for six weeks, jeff. >> i got your back. up next, drinkable weed,
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yep, it's a real thing and the topic of an instagram show.
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have you seen our show on instagram? abby fernandez is the host of "synched in." >> if you're looking to quickly catch up on what's happening in the bay area, this show's definitely for you. here's a sneak peak at the latest "synched in." >> cannabis and drinks? yeah, it's happening. jonathan bloom went to the first-ever cannabis drinks expo and has the scoop on what could be the industry's next big thing. watch the full video or check it out on our youtube channel. >> as you saw, the full story's on our youtube channel.
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we posted the behind the scenes look i did on the report on the dirty streets or a profile of a bar tender named one of the ten best in the country. do me a favor, go check it out and subscribe to our channel so you don't miss any of our uploads. >> what about synched in? >> watch it on nbc bay area and follow us. click it for the latest episode, posted every monday, wednesday and friday. >> drinkable wide, raj. >> it's pretty cool. i'm new to instagram and i watch "synched in." not one but four pumas caught prowling the east bay. here's one you guys will like. show me making it. oh! i got one. the best of amy poehler. amy, maybe we could use the voice remote to search for something that you're not in.
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tonight at 6:00, a corruption probe. the sheriff of santa clara county talks exclusively to us about the seizure of computers, cell phones and records at her office. that story coming up on our 6:00 newscast. finally at 5:00. want to spot a mountain lion in the wild? how about four? they were seen on top of a mountain in san jose. >> right near los gatos.
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>> thanks for joining us. tonight the massive immigration crackdown after almost 700 documented workers are arrested at food processing plants, the largest ever immigration sweep in a single state, children left wondering where their parents were being taken. handcuffed and loaded on to buses in what the government says was a long-planned operation. >> the man hunt in tennessee for an escaped inmate accused of killing a top prison official. appealing to the public for help in tracking him down a heartbreaking mix up as a man learns he is not the father of his 24-year-old daughter, finding out in a home dna test the family now suing an ohio fertility clinic claiming the wrong sperm was used a new warning about letting young children play near the


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