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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  August 8, 2019 11:00pm-11:33pm PDT

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. right now at 11:00 that lock down lifted. the search for an armed man coming to a dramatic end at san jose state. >> where the suspect was hiding and where police found the gun. and they don't feel protected by police so they take matters in their own hands. and frenchy has been found. we're the only ones there when the family is reunited after being stolen from a dog walker's car.
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our communities already sensitive to all the recent gun violence and tonight the campus on lockdown for hours. officers swarmed the campus looking for a gunman. >> ultimately they found him and a gun as well. the first reporter on the scene joins us from san jose state. >> reporter: and this all started when someone saw a man with a handgun. someone saw a man with a handgun about two blocks away from campus. when the first officers arrived, they spotted the suspect running into this complex build 200 yards from us and that's when dozens of officers responded. >> with the nation on high alert, they swarmed the san jose state campus this morning with news from a gun. >> i got a text in a group and i'm like, oh, wow.partan
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complex. the entire campus told to shelter in place. one student capturing the fear inside. >> we pushed the stabtables aga the door and there were definitely people shaken up and you could hear people crying. >> three female students were inside the vehicle. another locked herself in a closet until police found her on the first floor. the k9 team swept the building and found the suspect in a vent on the third floor. he was arrested and taken away by ambulance. >> we take this very seriously and not because of the recent events but the safety of our students, faculty and staff and the neighboring community is very important to us. >> reporter: students we spoke with weren't worried so much about another mass shooting as they are about criminal suspects right outside spilling on to campus. >> it's kind of of frustrating sometimes.
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sometimes classes are cancelled. >> reporter: the gun that police believe that suspect was carrying was actually found right across the street they say. his name has not been released but he is not cooperating. ian coal, nbc bay area news. now a fire that had a lot of people nervous in lake county. hours after the gulf fire broke out. right now the fire has consumed 19 acres and 30% contained. it's burning near the buckingham can country club. they're working through the night to clear the fire but terrain is steep and brush thick. new at 11:00 taking safety into their own hands. some members of the asian community in and want to take matters in their own hands. jean. >> reporter: some members of the asian american community believe
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criminals are targeting them. they talked with folks here and they're not satisfied with the results. so some people are now looking to getting guns for protection. wendy wong is fed up with crime in san francisco o. pointing to assaults and robberies she believes criminals are tarting her community. >> all the targets, victims, are partially to the smaller size and asian face. >> reporter: she says she and others don't feel protected by the police. wong talked about wanting to get a gun to protect herself. she says people are reacting with interest. >> the communities are very panicking. they want to build up their confidence. >> reporter: wong is org oinizinging a gun education class with an instructor. >> i totally support her decision. inb fact i personally think san francisco is not doing the right
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thing. >> reporter: ellen jou, who is running for mayor says she would make san frisk oo clean and safe again. >> and many of the parents feel hopeless, helpless because of the failed policies. >> reporter: now wong says tonight she plans to have a two-day -- she plans to have a two-day class with an instructor set up later this month. reporting live in san francisco, nbc bay area news. new disturbing details. documents we obtained from police reveal items that included a clown mask. also found a passport, five masks, two threaded pipes. and a set of of california license plates registered to a family member. now the search of the gunman's
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home discovered a semiautomatic rifle and ammunition inside. the gunman took his own life after police confronted him on the fagrounds. one of the garling festival victims was held at his high school's auditorium. the paul bearers dressed in pittsburgh steeler jerseys because he was an avid fan of the team. he went to the garling festival with his girlfriend. they had just moved in january. the mayor of san rufell wants to go one step further. w staff until congress takes action. gary phillips says the president's order didn't go far enough. he won't raise the flags in san rafael until they make
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significant progress. >> i think it's past time they get off their dime and do something about this matter. >> he says if they haven't done something by september 16th, he'll ask city counsel to weigh in. this video sparking a lot of anger in palo alto and beyond. a brutal arrest that was captured on camera. you can see it here. tonight a team of lawyers is asking the police department to open anb inquiry into this case. nbc bay area joins us in palo alto with the new details. sergio. >> reporter: well, those attorneys came to city hall to ask had the commission on human relations to start looking nothing to this case. this is the latest effort by these attorneys to try to get the city of palloality oo alto something about the behavior.
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>> come on out or we're going it kick the door in. >> don't you need a warrant? >> we don't need one. >> reporter: they accused resident of driving on a suspended license, a possible misdemeanor. in the arrest that followed, they can be seen hitting him and slamming his face in the wind shield. alvarez was injured during the arrest. it officers never mention it in the report and after a judge saw the video all charges were dismissed. >> police did not have any lawful basis to initiate the detention of alvarez and that's why all the criminal charges were dismissed. >> reporter: attorneys say the police violated alvarez's fourth amendment right against illegal search and seizure and they accuse the police of unfairly targeting alvarez and others at the mobile home park.
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they ask people to take a look at this case. >> what year doing is calling on the community to recognize this is a problem and address it. >> reporter: net knebc bay area investigative unit has opened an inquiry to how they handled the case. a police department spokesperson declined declined any additional comment because of pending litigation. so what triggered this deadly and fiery crash in the south bay? this is what it looked like near the 85 interchange. several cars caught fire. one died and two taken on the hospital. at this point don't think drugs or alcohol played a role in the chain-reaction crash. >> that french bull dog puppy taken last month was reunited
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tonight with her owner. a happy reunion. but it wasn't easy. a family bought her the for 300 bucks from someone they didn't know. then they saw a missing dog poster and quickly realized she was stolen. they returned the dog to the rightful owners and they got their reward money. recently french bull dogs have been the target of thieves. ahead a close call that could have been a disaster. now captain wants to keep it from happening again. new technology will make flying safer, he says. the south bay spot where four mountain lions were caught on camera taking a stroll. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. we're tracking the chance of rain by saturday.
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new at 11:00 tonight with the new school year approaching, there's anxiety. and there's with been an uptick of people ordering bullet-proof hoodies. she wanted to keep her mom and brother safe. >> an option to feel safe and it's one option. >> hoodies are not the only option being outfitted with bullet-proof vest material. bullet-proof backpacks are to protect kids. toughy packs have seen sales spike 200%. san jose's police chief is putting officers on the street every day to deal with active shooter scenarios. call the guardian program. the city will be divided to nine zones. each will have officers
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specifically responded to active shooters inb schools or campus. the same strategy will be used duri during sharks, earthquakes games and festivals. the cover on the it "time" magazine's latest issue. enough. the 250 places where mass shootings have occurred so far just this year. the man who created the cover is a graphic artist at the center for the arts in san francisco. >> amesuring the process you have to stop and take a break and walk away from it because you start thinking about are the penvolopd ise,ot directly effected but also friends and relatives. >> this isn't his first "time" cover. you may remember his
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award-winling cover of christine blasey-ford. one shirt at a time, helping the victims in gilroy. bagged and boxed. those gilroy strong t-shirts tonight. the goal was to maybe raise 1,000 bucks but they've sold 600 so far and raised $21,000. that money goes directly to the victims and their families. the jury the ghostship trial left without a verdict. nine women, three men must decide whether they should be found guilty of involuntary manslaughter. each man faces one count for each person who died in the warehouse fire. the jury will be back to deliberate monday morning. a close call in contra costra dounty. saw the smoke and the flames came dangerously
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close to two other flames. >> all it takes is a little bit of wind and a spark. >> this is the third close call this week alone. fires in clayton and oakley also left neighborhoods at risk. always a good reminder to clear the brush from your home. >> that close call two years ago could lead to new technology. it's something that sull sulenberger -- sglqts. >> reporter: it came within four feet of crashing nothing to four planes load woued with passenge. as they sat on the oiding the taxiway. the plane thought it was a runway. >> it can have had easily been one of the worst catastrophes in
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the history of aviation. >> reporter: that's why they joined the safe landings act that would provide new technology to alert them that it's not on the runway. a better mibsx and technology ---ing >> we need to have a deep understanding oabilities and limitations of each component. >> costen estimated 20 million should the bill passed. >> what happened here, that pielts are better informed and better informed.chnology most passengers told us they'd vote for. >> it's what makes us go into the future and safer.
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>> reporter: scott, nbc bay area news. a sign of the times. people stealing cat littic converters. this is like electric cars like the toyota prius. they're still looking for more suspects. thieve kz get up to 200 bucks by melting down those converters. since july 20th at least 14 have been taken, mostly in the nojt part of berkeley. this is a photo foind their car. investigators pleev there are more suspected involved.ate park is being tightened in light of the recent mass shootingse the mayor and police spoke abou time and making sure they're safe and continue to be safe. >> dour ploemts is going to be
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increased from last year. you're also going to see -- you're going to see some officers that will be in tactical gear. >> right. for the first time canada sales and consumption will be allowed at the section inside the park. >> next time you're on 880, the warriors have left the oracle aroon auau and now oracle is frors bottom line this is an arena without a name. trying to find a new company that will buy the naming rights. so far, no luck. it is rare to see a mountain lion in the wild. how about four? check it out. one, two, three. a quarteat spotted. just slowly, slowly along. there's the twour four. you see him around the corn.
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>> you say five? >> there's four. there's four. >> that's a party out there. >> and year close to friday. >> everybody is counting down to that weekend and we have a little to contend with when it comes to the possibility of showers and we wanted to start off with that so you could be thinking about it for your plans. we're going to detail that for you but i want to get you an update on the fire in lake county. being called the gulf fire. evacuations in riviera west with a shelter set up at kelseyville. right now 19 acres. 30% contained. winds have lightened up here. but we could still see gusts up to 20 and that's what they would have the toughest thing battling when it can comes to the wetter conditions. and we'll continue to have
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updates as we head to tomorrow and the weekend. our forecast toorj 60s from the south fwha try valley and cool for the north bay and san francisco. i ye see the fog roll out into the afternoon. 79 in cuperin that makes it really nice here. 84 in concord. to fremont, 79. 77 in red wood city. year going to do our tree trunk, handing out free ice treme to this area. frfrs between 5:00 and 8:00. from the marina down that ingle side. i have you at 81 tomorrow. napa, 71 in nuval vadau. what about it that chance of rainfall?
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still holding on as we hit saturday's forecast. what we see is storm system into saturday. so still look the the highest to the north of us. we could see at least a quart inch there. trace amount about 100th of an inch. that would be a amurin, napa, sonoma county. low 70s into san francisco and deal off by thirst of next week. j all the kids head back to school, at least of thoem, knelt week. i think saturday will be okay. >> right. sunday looks warm.
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>> ice cream sandwiches? the cones? >> pops. >> we got to check the inventory. >> you're going to safeway on your own. >> thanks, jeff. up next a new study about coffee and what could be triggerering your migraines. i have a very special guest tonight. you have to wait and see who it is. nattily mursen performs "these are days." with the roots. and happening now it's back the it perseid meteor shower and it might not be so bright because it's also a full moon next monday. here's your buick sir.
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well, good news here. the struggling giants have just what they needed, a heavy dose of mad bum. >> that trademark snarl. the giants hosting the fillies. mad bum delivered, huge on the mount. one hit in seven innings. bottom of it seventh.homrun her. giants beat the phillies 5-0. well thrk, the raiders and s held a joint practice in napa. they actually play each other in the preseason opener for both teams. another injury to their top draft pick. nick bosa, with a history of being injury prone is out with the entire preseason. he suffered an ankle sprain yesterday. a big human fell on him.
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we're not being punked, are we? see you in palm springs. goodnight. [ cheers and applause ♪ >> steve: from 30 rockefeller plaza here in new york city, it's "the tonight show starring and now, here he is, jimmy fallon


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