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tv   Today in the Bay  KNTV  August 9, 2019 4:30am-4:59am PDT

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good morning to you, it is 4:30 on this friday. we are looking live at the golden gate bridge and we can see it today. we've seen some fog over the last couple of mornings. it is gone this morning but will it be back? thanks for joining us. i'm sknch snch. >> i'm scott mcgrew. laura and marcus have the week off. let's get your friday started right with traffic and weather. >> i'm going to show you something i haven't shown you a few months, we'll look at the radar. >> oh! >> we see some rain off the coast, that's the reason why we don't have the fog at the golden gate bridge. the clouds are a little bit higher and also will stay right there along our beaches as we go into the rest of the morning and into tonight, so we are going to be watching that rain nearby.
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a live look outside in walnut creek, as we stay partly to mostly cloudy today and that will keep those temperatures down. we'll talk about where we could see that rain, that's coming up in the forecast and mike, you're starting out with no traffic alerts right now. >> which is also something we haven't seen for a while in the reports. palo alto. we don't see construction crews which may be in action over here, anywhere between embarcadero past the bottom of the screen up to whipple, that stretch we tend to see the overnight crews but i haven't seen any slowing. a little bit unclear whether or not most of the crews took effect last night. look at the speed sensors, they are great all around the bay. again no traffic alerts and no problems getting over toward the bay bridge. a smooth drive. i heard about a crash in hayward. there may be a big rig involved just off of 880. back to you. >> had:31 right now. new this morning into our newsroom this is video coming in of a reported shooting in san francisco's fillmore district. you see police there on the scene, they look to be looking
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for clues. there are evidence markers on the ground as well so we know they're working there. we have reached out to police. so far, they're not telling us anything about this incident other than the fact that they are investigating. our crew talked with witnesses at the scene, as many as two people may have been injured but we're working to confirm with police. in february we reported another shooting around the same place. following a series of mass shootings across the country and obviously in gilroy police in san francisco are going to protect the city's biggest annual music festival. >> "today in the bay's" pete suratos is live at golden gate park as the gates are set to open in a few hours. i wonder if people are feeling nervous, pete. >> reporter: good morning to you, kris. the mayor and the police chief of course want folks to have a good time here at the outside lands music festival but the
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most important thing is they want folks to feel safe. you will see an increase in security at the three-day music festival. getting into detail as far as what the security may look like this weekend. overall there's going to be more police, fencing and security at the music festival. also there will be an evacuation plan in place but sfpd did not go into great detail as far as how that will look. sfpd has s.w.a.t. officers in place to joint event security and there will be perimeter security, a high priority as a result of some of these recent tragic events that we've been seeing and here is sfpd police chief bill scott going into more detail on that. >> we're enhancing that this year, want to make sure our perimeter is tight and nobody is breaching that perimeter fence line. it's going to be double fence line. >> reporter: as for the festival, there's going to be a number of high-profile artists,
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childish gambino, paul sigh on and lil wayne and more bus service going into the event but plenty of security will be in place. the festival gates open at 11:00 a.m. we're live in san francisco, pete suratos for "today in the bay." >> thank you, pete. new details are emerging about the gunman who went on the shooting rampage at the gilroy garlic festival. >> documents we obtained from police reveal investigators found several disturbing items in the suspect's car, a shotgun and police say materials could be used to make a bomb including two pipes, a passport, banking documents, a set of california license plates, registered to a family member, a tent and wilderness training manual and several masks. police search of the gunman's home in gilroy discovered a semiautomatic rifle and ammo packed in that same bag. the gunman killed three people, injured at least 16 others, nearly two weeks ago at the festival. families near clear lake have been forced from their
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homes as another fire continues to burn at this hour. clear lake hases o seer the years. the latest fire has been burning since yesterday afternoon, they're calling it the golf fire because it's near buckingham country club. at last check 19 acres burned, it's 30% contained. cal fire on the scene of course. the biggest challenge it's in steep terrain and thick, dry brush. we are still talking with investigators about this breaking news story we brought you all morning yesterday on "today in the bay," that fiery south bay crash that shut down almost all lanes of 101 in south san jose for hours. we don't know much more about why it happened and we are still waiting to find out exactly where those cars caught fire. four vehicles were torched in the accident. one person died, two others injured and a man we talked with made it out of the crash alive. the crash crippled the thursday
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morning commute along 101 near the 85 interchange. we have a follow-up on a story we broke last month, the video of a brutal arrest by the palo alto pd sparking outrage by many in the bay area, a team of lawyers asking the police department to open an inquiry into the case. "today in the bay's" sergio quintana has a look at what's being done. >> come on out or we're going to kick the door in. >> how? do you have a warrant? >> we don't need one. >> this is the february 2018 incident in question. palo alto police accuse resident gustavo alvarez are driving on a suspended license, a possible misdemeanor and the arrest that followed one officer can be seen hitting him a couple times and slamming his face into his car windshie wiie saw the video all charges were in a report and after a judge dismissed. >> the police did not have lawful basis to initiate the detention of alvarez and that's why all thees against him were dismissed.
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>> reporter: these attorneys say the police violated alvarez's fourth amendment right against illegal search and seizure and accuse the police of unfairly targeting alvarez and others who live at the mobile home park. they asked the human relations commission to look at the case. >> what we're doing here today is calling on the palo alto community to recognize that this is a problem and to address it. >> reporter: the nbc bay area investigative unit confirmed the santa clara district attorney's office opened up a criminal inquiry about the way officers handled this case. a district attorney spokesman said they're waiting for materials from the palo alto police to consider how to proceed. a police department spokesman declined comment because of pending litigation. facebook comes under fire for providing a venue for so-called fake news. now it wants to bring you the real information, it says. the new feature it's investing millions in. plus one airline is offering up free flights, folks, but as
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you might guess, there is a very big catch. we'll show you how it's going green, not about the environment. let's take you out live to the highways and by-ways of silicon valley. this is palo alto looking good. mike says he has green across the board. we'll be back in just a minute. introducing my new spicy chicken strips combo. bigger, tastier strips of juicy chicken with crunchy batter. spice them up with hot sauce or cool them down with buttermilk ranch. try my 100% all-white meat spicy chicken strips combo today.
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♪ try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo. good morning. i'm bertha coombs at cnbc headquarters. here are today's top business headlines. wall street looks to start in the red again after the opening bell following yesterday's rally, when the dow jumped 371
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points, its best day in more than two months. jitters over potential trade and currency war between china and the u.s. gave way to investors seeking bargains and many beat down stocks. on today's watch list we're looking for a report on producer price inflation. meantime a lot of us post news on facebook, now facebook is offering news outlets millions of dollars for the rights to put their content in a new dedicated news tab that it hopes to launch later this year. reports say outlets include dow jones and "the washington post." facebook proposed giving them discretion over how their content would appear, they could choose to host stories on the news tab or headlines in previews that would link to their own websites. meantime, you can go green and save a bunch of green if that's your name. frontier airlines has a special offer as pt of its green week promotion, so you can fly for
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free if your last name is green, with or without an "e" on the end. the catch snuff' got to be willing to travel this tuesday, august 13th, and be back by august 20th. you can book your flight on frontier's website and document that your legal last name is green and the airline will refund your trip up to $400. family members and spouses who don't share the same last night would be out of luck. they're not doing it for greenbirn or greenbaum just plain old green. >> a member of our production team is green. he's not here. i wonder if this is why. >> could be. >> could be why. where are you, gary. >> bertha coombs green we appreciate it. >> plan a trip. >> we're all hyphenating now. coming up on "today in the bay," no need to go anywhere if your name isn't green. it's lovely outside. kari? >> i'm going to stay right here. we're going to enjoy a great weekend. this is a live look in fremont and we are going to have our temperatures in the upper 50s as you step out the door, headed
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into the low 70s later today. we'll talk about what's on the radar and all the weekend events, coming up next. adublin, look at the clear flow of traffic which on our maps would be green. i'll see if that clarifies as a travel benefit as well. we'll show you your travel to work, coming up.
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hey mom... can i have a snack? here you go. finally, a snack i want her to eat. finally, a yummy snack. my parenting is so on point. i own you kathy. with jif power ups chewy granola bars, everyone's in power. good morning to you. we are looking live at fremont as folks start to head out the door for work, some on a long
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commute. hopefully you're just getting out the door a little later this morning so stick around, until 7:00. you probably heard about this story by now. we've been telling but it for months. they are finally here, it's a hot getaway and maybe a turndown service with a crunch wrap supreme. this the taco bell hotel in case you didn't notice the branding, palm springs. the twist is the taco bell hotel and resort is called the bell and -- >> that's classy. >> the opening was yesterday. taco bell themed hotel sold out in two minutes and features its signature food items and gift shop featuring taco bell with id nail art. pacifica and surfing finally saw that taco bell. it was pretty darned fancy. >> this demolition man i talked to but this old movie with wesley snipes and sylvester
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stallone and taco bell in that movie is the only one to survive the chain wars. we go to taco bell for dinner. >> maybe this is their strategy. >> kari is not happy. >> right, all right, i'll go to that taco bell in pacifica. >> there we go, that one's pretty. >> weekend plans, out in dublin right now, there's already a lot of people out on 580 headed in to work this morning. if you're headed out the door in brentwood, expect low 60s and we'll see a few clouds rolling by throughout the morning. we'll see every now and then the sun peeking out and that will keep our temperatures down, we're at 74 degrees still feeling very nice and for a lot of us, our temperatures are cooler than normal, as our high temperature in oakland reaches 74, we'll see a high of 81 in san jose, and livermore we'll also be up to 83 in clear lake today and san francisco up to 68 degrees, but this islook
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that green means rain, and it's a very light rain that's just off the coast, even reaching into parts of the mendocino coastline this morning, and so as we watch that, we could see a couple of sprinkles in those areas, but really not expecting much in the way of anything that could really total up to anything, and then going into the afternoon, that first wave moves out. there will be another one coming in early tomorrow morning, that could also bring in a couple of spotty sprinkles for the coastline and the north bay, but once again not expecting much in the way of any totals. if you're head at oracle park, first pitch at 7:15, we have some nice weather butwi beg and if you're going to the san jose jazz festival for tomorrow 78 degrees, as we keep that sunshine. the seven-day forecast heats up after this weekend, even starting out on sunday reaching 92 degrees and mid-90s through
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the first part of next week. mike, you are checking out a crash in hayward. >> i am involving a big rig but thank goodness everything has cleared from that report so that's the good news. we start out in the north bay, san rafael shows you an easy drive for folks with the longer drive down through novato to the golden gate bridge, no problem and no fog even at the going going. that bridge will get crowded because it's friday, midday into the evening, into the weekend you'll have a lot of traffic into san francisco, we'll talk about that in a second. south bay, peninsula, tri-valley, look at that, all moving great. again that crash at the border between hayward and union city cleared from the off-ramp at whipple so no problems there. here is contra costa county, an easy drive in through pittsburgh, bay point for highway 4, out of brentwood, discovery bay, vasco road smoothly to 580. the bay bridge toll plaza we have an easy drive right now, just a few folks waiting and all lanes look like they just opened up in the last few minutes this will get crowded headed toward fran. we talked about a lot of events saturday, a couple of sporting
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events in san francisco and oakland. we also have a festival and parade on saturday as well as outside lands, pete has been talking about that. b.a.r.t. is adding service, that's their alert this morning, we have transit options around the bay. back to you. >> mike, thank you. members of the san francisco asian-american community looking into arming themselves. they say police are not protecting them well enough. several recent assaults and robberies of asian-americans. wendy wong and others believe criminals are targeting their community, she's organizing a gun education class with an instructor. >> the communities are very panicking. they want to build up their confidence. >> the supervisor there is asking the police department for data about crime victims to find out if their suspicions are right and the community is indeed being specifically targeted. there is still no verdict in the ghost ship warehouse fire trial which means now we are headed into the third week of jury deliberations. nine women and three men must decide whether master tenant
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derek almena and second in command max harris should be found guilty of involuntary manslaughter. 36 people died in oakland's deadliest fire ever. each man faces one count for each person who died. court is not in session today. the jury plans to continue deliberations on monday morning. this next story is getting a lot of buzz on social media this morning. he's known as a tough guy on the screen, but actor danny trejo proved he is all heart, after a crash in southern california. all right, that is the scene there, it happened wednesday afternoon. the actor known as machete in one of his roles said there was a driver ran a red light, smashed into another cacar overd a baby inside, there was a grandma calling for help. he crawled in, with the helrl, him to safety. >> when i reached in, i couldn't reach it and this little girl, she was, she says i got it, i
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got it, and i pulled the baby out. thank god. >> l.a. fire department says three people were taken to the hospital, but no one was seriously hurt. trejo gave interviews to police officers and has a message to all drivers and that is to pay attention. back here at home in the east bay, a kidnapped dog is back with its owner, a french bulldog puppy that was taken from inside a parked car in oakland last month. a family in fairfield say they bought the dog for $3800 from somebody they didn't know. then they saw a missing dog poster and quickly realized they had a stolen dog. they returned the dog to its rightful owner last night and received a reward. no word on the exact amount. >> that's nice when those things work out. sometimes they do not. coming up on "today in the bay," "nbc bay area responds." >> plumbing problems, furniture fixes and a mystery charge. our team fights to make things right for you. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura, "nbc bay area responds," next.
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happening now, the u.s. defense secretary mark esper is meeting with military personnel at osan airbase in south korea today. earlier today he met with the south korean president and the defense minister. it comes as tensions continue to rise in the region. north korea just completed its latest round of missile tests and earlier this week president trump pushed for south korea to pay more to the u.s. for american troops stationed in that country. oh thaphenomenal!, that's unfair. that's so unfair. c'mon jay-bo. let's go. let's go. woahh! try my $4.99 bbq bacon double cheeseburger combo. only at jack in the box.
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♪ try my $4.99 barbeque bacon double cheeseburger combo. just logged another successful week fighting for consumers like you. mer investigator chris chmura with a look at some of the money people are getting back. >> good morning, let's start with susan in novato, had trouble getting an electric
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recliner repaired under warranty saving $26. kathryn in pittsburg a $178 charge a full refund and carl in san jose was having trouble with a plumber, while replacing a sewer line that created problems in his yard. we brought both sides together and helped get carl $1,500 back. before we go a quick invitation hi in person tonight, join me, raj mathai, music on the square from 5:00 to 8:00, the treat truck, too, that means free ice cream courtesy of nbc bay area. i hope to seeoue. have are weekend. niners fans will have to wait too see their team's newest top pick in action because defensive end nick bosa sprained his averagele this week. gm john lynch calls the injury
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significant. he will be out at least the entire preseason. bosa was the second overall pick in the draft. it's not clear if he's going to, when he's going to be ready to go to the games, when the games start to matter, about a month from now. the niners opened the preseason tomorrow night at levi's against the cowboys. you hate to see that before it even starts. >> and number two on the draft pick. coming up on "today in the bay," kari will have a look at your football weather. >> looks pretty good this weekend and even as you are headed out the door this morning in concord, we are sealing later with highs in the low 80s. we'll talk about that weekend forecast, coming up next. and the san mateo bridge with the highs at the high-rise in the distance, all mg. no problem an orange cone in the lanes. plus a scare on a bay area university campus, when an armed man makes his way onto the campus grounds. where police found that gunman
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and how they were able to make sure their students already knew.
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i didn't know how to react, reports in the news. >> right now at 5:00, a big scare at san jose state university. police say a man with a gun made his way on to campus, forcing some to shelter into place for hours. how a few terrifying moments turned into a long night for students. plus the fashion protection,
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one bay area woman tng turning it into an unusual safety tactic to keep students safe at school. she says her sales are soaring. and firefighters spring into action after a fire starts near an east bay religious center, what may have sparked that. the news at 5:00 continues right now. good morning to you. thanks for joining us on this friday. i'm scott mcgrew. >> i'm


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