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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 9, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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an east bay jewish community center. crews told us what might have kicked up those flames. and starting service soon, the time line for the embattled sales force transit center. "today in the bay" continues right now. thanks for joining us on this friday, i'm kris sanchez. >> and i'm scott mcgrew. marcus and laura have the week off. they'll be back on monday. we'll fill in for them one more day because it's friday. we get a check of your weather as we go into the weekend. >> this is not a fake background. >> isn't that fabulous. >> it's really nice. as the sun rises we're seeing a few more clouds, a lot of colorful hues in the sky actually because we have a storm system sitting off the coast. look at the radar right now. i know, it's the beginning of august and we're talking about rain, maybe a few sprinkles around ukiah, parts of the north bay may see some trace amounts of rain while the rest of the bay area sees some interesting cloud cover, that's a look at the south bay and our temperatures in campbell will be in the mid-70s by early
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afternoon, well below normal so i'll talk more about that and what else is ahead coming up. mike, you're seeing the buildup at the bay bridge. >> yes, folks check this out, right here. off the berkeley curve, just a little trickle slowdown, folks are tapping their brakes as they approach that one part of the toll plaza, went way on the right, coming off of the nimitz, how do folks get over there? they come off the east shore freeway. a little build there, a steady flow of traffic, no metering lights just yet. there is a little slowing into san francisco as folks funnel over and switch sides depending on which exit they're taking. that crash around hospital curve cleared from highway 101, no more slowing there and no slowing shows up for most of your commute. this is a great drive around the bay, it's friday. things will start to kick in over the next 45 minutes. back over to you. panic on san jose state campus as a man with a gun triggered a lengthy lockdown, this is the scene as it was happening just yesterday. the suspect is now in custody.
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no shots were fired, but a lot of students were terrified. "today in the bay's" bob redell is live in san jose where he's learning more about the suspect and the investigation and i don't know that we can call this a false alarm, bob. >> reporter: no, there was a gun found on campus and the man, he was found as well. that three-hour-long shelter in place for students is of course over but that man with the gun caused quooity a scare here at san jose state. this started yesterday evening. police say the man was spotted a couple blocks away from campus, then he ran on to xan into the spartan complex here at sjsu, a building full of classrooms, offices and a gym. dozens of officers responded. three female students inside the complex, two evacuated quickly and another locked herself in a closet until police found her on the first floor. we spoke with another student, she was in a neighboring building and she described what was a very frightening experience.
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>> so we pushed the tables against the door and then we all kind of sat up against the wall and there's people who were shaken up and you could hear people crying. >> reporter: a k-9 team swept the complex, found the suspect in a vent on the third floor. he was arrested, taken away by ambulance. no shots were ever fired. i misspoke, the gun was not actually found on campus. the gun police believe he was carrying was found shortly after the arrest across the street from the university. the man's name has not been released but police did say he is from san jose. reporting live here at san jose state, ready ready, "today in the bay." >> just a really scary situation especially given what's happened in our community. thank you, bob. amidst all this, president trump says a vote on a new background check law for gun sales would be a good idea, but we do not expect that senate majority leader mitch mcconnell will bring back lawmakers from summer break to address that.
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in the meantime the nra is talking to president trump. "today in the bay's" tracie potts live on capitol hill with what the gun lobby is saying about those background checks. good morning, tracie. >> hi, scott, good morning. good morning, everyone. the gun lobby the nra, national rifle association is warning president trump he might have some trouble if he backs some of these things that congress is talking about. that's moms demand action headed to kentucky demanding senate majority leader mitch mcconnell schedule a vote on expanded background checks. >> we want mitch mcconnell to take this up, pass it and have president trump sign it. we're not going to stand for anything less. >> reporter: 200 mayors urging congress to come back early and vote. >> something needs to be done. >> the one thing that's off the table for me is doing nothing. >> reporter: mcconnell is asking lawmakers to start informal talks this month, so they're ready to vote in september. >> we are hopefully by the time
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we get back, have aired some of the differences and see what we can actually turn into a law instead of finger pointing. >> reporter: mcconnell says they'll consider red flag laws that allow police to seize guns if the judge says the owner is a threat. >> i don't want to put guns into the hands of mentally unstable people. >> reporter: the national rifle association reportedly warned president trump that supporting gun laws could cost him voters. in a statement, the nra says the proposals being discussed by many would not have prevented the horrific tragedies in el paso and dayton. now president trump tweeting this morning that he wants to see guns restricted particularly to people who he believes are mentally ill. he said that lawmakers are talking. he's working with them and that he's talking to the nra. he wants to make sure their very strong views are respected and
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kept part of the process. scott? >> tracie potts reporting live from washingtonnk , thayou. with the new school year fast approaching there's troubling anxiety among many families after the recent mass shootings. one east palo alto entrepreneur has seen an uptick in orders for, this her bullet proof hoodie. she called them wonder hoodies and the woman who created them says she did that after a recent neighborhood shooting. she wanted to keep her family members safe. >> i think people are looking for an option to feel safe or like to move on from these events and i guess mine is one option. >> the hoodies aren't the only bullet proof items on the market. sales are also up for bullet proof backpacks and ever since last weekend's shootings the maker of a product called puffy pack says her sales have doubled. new overnight in the east bay, firefighters making short work of a fire that burned near a jewish community center the fire broke out at chabad center
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for jewish life on hopyard road in pleasanton. the fire doesn't appear to be suspicious and could have started from smoldering coals on the grill. >> 6:07 on your friday morning. bus service rolls back into the trans bay transit center this weekend sunday. it's been ten months since that happened. the facility was shut down shortly after opening last year because of cracks found in two support beams. that's been fixed. the center reopened a couple weeks ago but buses were still being diverted to a temporary location. happening today, south bay law enforcement leader also talk about new funding they hope can cure what they call a car break-in epidemic. santa clara police say the number of break-ins this year has more than doubled. you can blame some of it on technology. thieves are using bluetooth sensors to pinpoint and when where valuable devices might be locked in a car or a trunk. south bay assembly member chu secured nearly $4 million in
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funding to combat those car break-ins. he will attend the news conference today. new details now facebook users in illinois can move forward with a class action lawsuit. they say they are concerned about facebook's use of facial recognition technology. here at home, a san francisco appeals court ruled that users can sue facebook over privacy rights, infringement allegations. according to the aclu, this is the first appeals court decision to directly address privacy concerns posted by facial recognition technology. san francisco and oakland already banned the use of facial recognition software. china's coast is bracing for a powerful typhoon right now and you can see from this new video, gusty winds are already there and they could get worse. the typhoon is expected to hit the shanghai region at some point today, after bypassing taiwan. right now tourist s are beig evacuated from the island resorts as the locals are hunkering down. one of the biggest celestial
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shows is coming this year or coming right now to the perseid meteor shower, it's going to be this weekend. there may be an unexpected party pooper, that's the moon. >> oh. >> this year's activity will peak monday night, astronomers predict about 20 shooting stars an hour. it is amazing if you are in the right spot. it would just be filled with shooting stars but there's also a full moon at the same time so we could wash out some of the action this year but don't worry. it comes around every year. >> that moon is such a wanda one-upper, kari. >> not only that but the clouds. if you can see the meteor shower between the bright moon and then the clouds, i mean we're going to have a hard time seeing anything around here. we are seeing a cloudy start this morning as you get ready to head out. we'll have a great weekend. there's so many festivals and events going on, parades and we're going to have some cool weather for outside lands today. expect it to be at times cloudy,
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breezy, temperatures reaching about 67 degrees in the middle of the day and cooling off quickly and for concord, we're looking at highs up to about 84 degrees, livermore 83. san jose keeping them slightly cooler than normal weather up to about 81 degrees, and santa rosa reaching 80. we'll talk about where we may see spotty light rain this weekend and also what's ahead is our temperatures heat up that's in just a few minutes and mike you're checking back in at the san mateo bridge. >> that's right, over here on the san mateo bridge shoulder, we're looking at that disabled vehicle, the vehicle with the hazard lights shall we say out of the lanes. it's been a distraction. i'm concerned because that box truck going by is very close. this is not a service, it's not a lane, it's a service area, but no one has shown up to help yet and no chp reports. i hope the bridge crew knows about that. we may give a call to make sure. no one at risk. we haven't seen anybody walking around. that's good news. someone may have come to pick up that person. we don't see any slowing.
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everything is moving smoothly, all around the bay green. we love this for a friday. 6:10, almost 6:11 we'll see a build. contra costa county slowing for highway 4 and built approaching the toll plaza is off the about erkly curve. freedom for some bay area students, up next brand new numbers showing how much bay area families are spending to get those kids back to school. plus -- >> i love hipster culture. i like jewels. and skinny jeans. >> ron burgundy, who can resist an anchorman joke? not will farrell apparently. next highlights from the surprise late night tour and the reason behind it. you're watching "today in the bay."
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happy friday, right now it's 6:14, and it's a mostly clear start in walnut creek. we'll see some clouds rolling by over the next couple of hours, and our temperatures in the low 60s to start leading to some upper 70s by early afternoon. we're still enjoying the cooler than normal weather, but we have some hotter temperatures in the forecast. more on that in less than five minutes. and just a little south of your shot, kari, looking at dublin westbound 580, moving
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very nicely with the headlights. we also see the sunlight coming up behind me, folks looking at a nice easy friday drive but we'll see what changes over the next few. happy friday to you as well. this feels more comfortable, business headlines. wall street could see red arrow at the opening bell this morning following yesterday's rally. the dow was up 371 points, that's the best day in more than two months yesterday but you've got this potential trade and currency war between the u.s. and china and that's giving investors seeking bargains some beaten down stocks. there's some viable stuff there. on today's watch list, there is a report on producer price, th's inflation. facebook is offering news outlets millions of dollars for the rights to put their content in a dedicated news tab that it hopes to launch later this year. reports say the outlets include the dow jones and also "the washington post." facebook has proposed giving them discretion over how content would appear.
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they'd be allowed to choose between hosting stories directly on the facebook news tab or including headlines in previews with links to their own websites. stay tuned for that. you can go green if your name is green. frontier airlines offering a special perk for its green week promotion. you can fly for free if your last name is green for real, like just green, you can add the "e" at the end if you want. a few catches. you have to be willing to travel this tuesday august 13th coming up. you have to book on fran tier's website and document that your legal name, not your nickname, is green, and the airline will refund your trip up to $400. spouses and family members can fly free, too, unless they didn't take your name. they will be out of luck, have to pay full fare so maybe you're going by yourself. >> it's a clever promotion. >> kind of cute. so if you have school aged kids this probably is not going to be a shock. your kids are older, mine only
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one is. >> when it comes to santa clara it gets worse. >> oh, boy. back to school basics are getting a lot more expensive, parents across the u.s. including here are expected to spend about 30% more than last year. >> nationally back to school shopping expected to rake in more than $27 billion according to the accounting firm deloitte. in the bay area average household spending rising 2% to $611, nationally it's $519. more than 50% will shop in stores, 30% online. interesting note, online back to school shopping dropped slightly since last year. >> not at my house. >> no, for sure. trending this morning while you were probably sleeping if you're up at 6:17 in the morning, late night blitz from a broadcaster who is near and dear to all of our hearts. >> does the phrase stay classy, san diego, mean anything to you? >> favorite animal. >> meerkat. >> favorite article of clothing? >> brass knuckles.
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>> that's ron burgundy, of course. he's launching the second season he appeared on six late night television shows, including s "tonht show" and "late night" with jimmy kimmel show, he calls this a world record. as for the podcast, the new season debuted yesterday with california senator kamala harris as the featured guest. >> i get so many questions from my son's friends about how much of that is real and i said you know, it's a documentary. >> definitely. >> only coffee. >> here is the coffee. >> and cold at that. let's get a check of your weather. >> this morning we're starting out with some clouds near the coast and also for the inland
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area. take a look out the window. let me show you the radar right now as we get ready to head out the door and yes, there is some green on there. i know for a lot of you just waking up and looking at the tv, you're like what is that? okay, so we're seeing this very weak storm system coming in and we're able to track some spotty sprinkles across parts of the north bay, as we get ready to head out for work this morning. now this is not something that will ruin your outdoor plans and i think a lot of this will be evaporating before hitting the ground but could bring trace amounts of rain to the north bay while we enjoy a beautiful start to the day in the south bay. that's a look at the sunrise and we'll see clouds for a couple more hours and our temperatures going from 60 degrees at 7:00 to the mid-70s at noon. so the warmup happens slowly, only reaching about 81 degrees today. we're up to 84 in concord. 81 in napa. san francisco will see some upper 60s there, and as that storm system lingers near the coast, we will once again watch
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out for that slight chance of rain this morning across the north bay, and then the fog starts to return to the coastline by 5:00 this evening, while all the inland areas are clear, and then going into tomorrow morning, the clouds roll right back in, there may be once again some mist and drizzle near the coastline, not expecting anything major out of this, and even as we go into tomorrow afternoon, our skies clear once again. if you're going to the gias game this evening, be prepared for another chilly evening, breezy winds, temperatures in the mid-60s and for the san jose jazz festival, i don't think the weather could be any better. we're reaching into the upper 70s today and tomorrow, and during the middle of the afternoon, we've got sunshine, and a nice little breeze picking up. by sunday, though, that's when it starts to warm up, our inland areas in the low 90s. we'll see some mid-90s this start out early next week, with that spooic in temperatures doesn't last that long. it will come back down next wednesday and san francisco stays in the upper 60s and lower
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70s. mike, you're seeing some more slowing for one of our bridges. >> yes, but it's not the one folks are predicting, not the bay bridge. it is the san mateo bridge. we have a tow truck that just arrived. no need for to us call that in to chp or for the bridge crew, that truck has arrived, helping out that disabled vehicle which was actually operating without any slowing as that truck arrives, folks slow down to see the activity and so that is going on for the flat section of the san mateo bridge westbound. that is a sudden change over the last five minutes. not enough to really cause a problem but you see the little blip on the otherwise green sensors across 92. otherwise green around most of the bay. a little build south of there out of the area for 92 and toward hayward, that shows also there's a build. as far as the volume a slight build, only 6:21 right now so traffic flows smoothly this friday, throughout contra costa county a mild slowdown for highway 4, pittsburg, bay point, clear toward contord. no problems for the upper east
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shore and through the maze, it's the last bit of traffic flowing into the bay bridge toll plaza that starts to build right now. we are looking at just these folks off the berkeley curve, though, all the other lanes fastrak, hov and cash lanes moving nicely at the toll plaza. they funnel down and half the lanes headed across the bridge when things start to slow down. despite that, getting to the bridge just 19 minutes from highway 4 to the slowdown off the berkeley curve. back to you. >> thank you, mike. it is 6:22 on friday. still ahead this hour, a reported shooting in san francisco early this morning, police activity cameras caught overnight at 6:30, we'll tell you what we know so far. plumbing problems, furniture fixes and a mystery charge, our team fights to make things right for you. i'm consumer investigator chris chmura, "nbc bay area responds," next.
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welcome back. chris chmura loves his java and frizz the most because he often sums things up for us. the "nbc bay area responds" team log in another successful week fighting for consumers like you. >> that's right. consumer investigator chris chmura shows us some of the money that he helped to get some people back. >> good morning, let's start with susan in novato, had trouble getting an electric recliner repaired under warranty we helped get that fixed saving $26. kathryn in pittsburg was fighting a different furniture
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dilemma. she didn't get a store to correct an unexplained $178 charge and we helped kathryn land a full refund and carl in san jose was having trouble with a plumber, while replacing a sewer line that created problems in his yard. we brought both sides together and helped get carl $1,500 back. before we go a quick invitation to say hi in person tonight. join me, raj mathai, janelle wang and jeff ranieri at redwood city's music on the square from 5:00 to 8:00, the treat truck, too, that means free ice cream courtesy of nbc bay area. i hope to see you there. have a great weekend. here are some of the stories we're working on for 6:30, juul, the san francisco based company is responding to one teen's warn being ecigarettes. new this morning, what the company is saying overnight about keeping young people safe. plus bad news for the 49ers, an injury to the team's top
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pick, when we may finally be able to see him in action. but first, san francisco's biggest music festival ramps up today. the security plans in place to keep those hundreds of thousands of music fans safe. you're watching "today in the bay."
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right now at 6:30, we go out live to look outside in walnut creek, it's been a wonderful sunrise all morning. >> embarrassment of riches with
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all of our traffic cameras. thanks for joining us on this beautiful friday morning. i'm ks sanchez. >> and i'm scott mcgrew. laura and marcus have the week off. they'll be back on monday. let's look at your weekend forecast with kari. >> we're seeing beautiful sunrises because of this, some rain near the coast, yes, i said rain. this is a look at the radar right now, as we are seeing some spotty sprinkles starting to make it into the north bay, and i think we may be able to squeeze just enough moisture out of that while the rest of the bay area stays dry. in martinez as you get ready to step out the door you don't have to worry about lugging around the umbrella. we'll be in the low 60s this morning and also going to enjoy some cooler than normal weather, low 80s today, and some upper 60s in san francisco and near the coastline. we'll talk more about that radar coming up and mike, we're right on schedule at the bay bridge. >> that's right, 6:0 on a friday, during the summertime still for the kids, just a few folks waiting in those fastrak lanes, slowing down as you
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approach and the build off of the berkeley curve continues there, been there for about 20 minutes an a smooth flow and a smooth build. no metering lights registered just yet as far as the chp report goes but we do have that little bit of build and slowing in toward san francisco the tail end headed toward the skyway. a great drive reports of a smooth drive for highway 4 just more traffic out of antioch, through pittsburg and bay point. there may have been an animal running around somewhere along the highway itself onned shoulder, we're watching for the reports. a blip for san jose triggering a little slowing because a few more cars, kris, hitting the road. new details on a story we've been reporting since 4:30 this morning. san francisco police just confirmed to nbc bay area within the last ten minutes that there was a shooting overnight in the city's fillmore district and that two people were shot near turk and divisedero. both victims were rushed to the
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hospital. police say the shooter got away in a car but police did not give a description of the suspect nor the vehicle. another shooting happened in that same area back in february. now following a series of mass shootings across the country and in gilroy, police in san francisco are also ready to protect the city's biggest annual music festival. "today in the bay's" pete suratos is live at golden gate bridge as the gates to outside lands are set to open in a few hours, pete? >> reporter: yes, that's right, good morning to you, scott. you can expect to see large crowds here for the outside lands music festival, that will last for about a few days. so of course security will be a top priority in light of the recent events. let's talk about what the security may look like folks coming out here to attend the festival. overall there will be more police here. there will be more fencing and security at the music festival. there's going to be an evacuation plan in place but sfpd did not go into great
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detail how that will look. the sfpd has s.w.a.t. officers in place to join the event security here. there will be perimeter security which will be a high priority as a result of the tragic events that we've seen and here is sfpd police chief bill scott going into more detail on that perimeter security. >> we're enhancing that this year, want to make sure our perimeter is tight and nobody is breaching that perimeter fence line. it's going to be double fence line. >> reporter: for the festival, there will be a number of high profile artists, including childish gambino and paul simon and lil wayne. the festival gates open later this morning at 11:00 a.m. we're live here in san francisco, pete suratos for "today in the bay" >> thanks, pete. we also have new details on a panic in one missouri walmart, an armed man in full body armor walked in, he was carrying a rifle, terrified shoppers.
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>> this is an incident that happened yesterday in springfield. no shots were fired, and that man is now in custody, but police say the store manager pulled a fire alarm urging people to get out. and when that armed man went out an emergency exit he was detained by an armed off-duty firefighter until police arrived but as you can imagine, there were moments of sheer panic for those shoppers. >> i thought this is real, this is crazy. before i had seen a rifle on him, it didn't look quite as big but when the police officer had it up in the air like so, it looked very terrifying. >> police now confirm that the man had loaded weapons with him along with 100 rounds of ammunition. we are getting new details about the gunman that went on the shooting rampage at the gilroy garlic festival. >> more evidence coming to light. documents we obtained from police reveal investigators found several disturbing items in the suspect's car, a shotgun and police say materials could
6:35 am
be used to make a bomb including two pipes, a passport, banking documents, a set of california license plates, registered to a family member, a tent and wilderness training manual and several masks. police search of the gunman's home in gilroy discovered a semiautomatic rifle and ammo packed in that same bag. the gunman killed three people, injured at least 16 others, nearly two weeks ago at the festival. families near clearlake have been forced from their homes as another fire continues to burn at this hour. clearlake's seen its fair share of wildfires over the years. the latest fire has been burning since yesterday. they're calling it the golf fire because it's near buckingham country club. at last check 19 acres burned, it's 30% contained. you can see cal fire on the scene. the biggest challenge it's in steep terrain and thick, dry brush. an update to a story we brought you earlier this week about a florida teenager who claimed to thank his lung
6:36 am
collapsed because he used ecigarettes n particular vape pens made by san francisco-based juul. this morning the company is responding. now the teen says that the toxic chemicals in juul pods cause the lung damage. he vaped one juul pod every two days. history is going viral on social media but juul tells us "while we do not have any details about this alleged incident we have robust safety monitoring systems in place and will vigilantly monitor for any evidence of safety issues as we continue to combat youth usage." let's take you out live to a video we have of coming in from our emeryville cam camera, a two-alarm fire and it's a pretty serious one. this is our emeryville camera but the fire appears to be in oakland. obviously that is a big fire. we have several crews on the way. we are no doubt going to launch our helicopter as well, sky ranger, and get answers as to
6:37 am
what is burning and we will stay on top of this and of course you can watch be as well. expanded health care options in east contra costa county. the jon muir health outpatient center in brentwood is undergoing a multimillion-dollar renovation project. a major renovation will include a larger urgent care center. this morning the "east bay times" is reporting work inside the facility at balfour road and john muir parkway should finish by 2021. the $25 million project is expected to create 25 jobs, add more doctors on staff and hopefully expand other services. knipers s niners fans have to wait too to see their top defensive end this in action. is like the car ending up in the shop after you drive it off. nick bosa sprained his ankle. john lynch calls the injury significant. he's going to be out at least for the entire preseason. bosa was the second overall pick in the draft.
6:38 am
it's not clear if he'll be ready to go when the games really start to matter about a month from now. the niners open preseason tomorrow against the cowboys at levi's stadium. the raiders play their first game tomorrow and won't have to go far, they are hosting the rams at the oakland coliseum. the two teams are actually practicing against each other today in napa. >> it's of:38 on your friday morning. let's get a look at traffic with mike. >> a slow drive over the last half hour across the westbound direction of the san mateo bridge at least it looks very slow. when you're in it, it feels average even for a friday, a smooth flow of traffic and better news as they've cleared the disabled vehicle and the tow truck from the service area on the right. no more distraction. looking at the speed sensors, you can tell that even though it looks very slow, it's just down to 50 at the worst, and at the spot just after the toll plaza where our camera is. everything else is moving
6:39 am
smoothly through most of the bay, including up here getting toward the bay bridge, a little slowing for west 80 around university, typical as we have the build pattern for friday, kicking in much later as well. we'll get to richmond-san rafael bridge we have about as much backup as we do at the bay bridge toll plaza and i want to take you to one of our oakland cameras. scott you were talking about the fire, here is another view. east 11th and 25th, that is in the oakland downtown-ish area, i'm saying "ish" because my wife works off of broadway, it's not there. east 11th and 25th, a third alarm, means three fire companies called. >> partially hidden by the words on your screen but there are flames we're seeing in that as well. we'll continue to monitor this, thank you author that, we'll continue to monitor this. this is no doubt visible all over the bay area. let's get a check in the meantime of your weekend forecast. >> we've got a lot of weekend events. we're going to start out with outside lands today, that will
6:40 am
be kicking off early this afternoon with some perfect weather, sunshine, highs in the 60s and we're going to stay there throughout much of the day and then if you want to head down the peninsula, down redwood city and get free ice cream and meet our team, we'll be out there with tat treck at music on the square and weather slightly warmer in redwood city, upper 70s and cooling off into the evening as the music wraps up. your saturday forecast looks good. more clouds near the coast and also for the bay we're up to about 79 degrees. some mid 80s inland, and we also have the san jose jazz festival happening all weekend long, perfect weather with a mix of sun and clouds and we're only reaching up to about 78 degrees and so it's going to be very comfortable if you're out there for several hours and then if you're going to be out there at the raidsers preseason game at kickoff at 5:00, we're at about 73 degrees and then halftime about 72, with some breezy winds
6:41 am
on sunday, that's when it starts to heat up, we're up to 92 degrees in the valleys. the bay up to 84, and the coast at about 71 degrees. we also have the japanese summer festival happening in concord, and on sunday it's going to be pretty hot during the middle of the day, reaching the upper 80s and low 90s, so make sure you stay hydrated if you can, find a spot in the shade. in the tri-valley, we're also going to have some temperatures heating up with today only up to about 80 degrees, and 90 degrees on sunday, as those skies clear. that's a live look at squaw valley this morning, if you're going to the sierra, expect it to be cool and our temperatures there only reaching 59 degrees, but 70 degrees pretty nice temperature jump on sunday, and then also for half moon bay we're going to stay foggy and cool, only some mid-60s there all throughout the weekend. i'll have a look at today's south bay temperature trend coming up in three minutes. >> kari, thanks. next and all new this morning, we are tracking the
6:42 am
large warehouse fire in oakland right now. we're getting more details in, as we speak. also, arrests after a chase involving multiple law enforcement agencies across contra costa county. the crime authorities say started it all. but first, school lockdown. >> there's definitely people who were shaken up and you could hear people crying. >> everybody is okay, but there were terrifying moments at san jose state university, students forced to take shelter as officers searched for a man with a gun and they found him. then later, keeping your credit card safe, the high-tech new measure visa is testing this morning.
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right now at 6:44, let's
6:45 am
take a look outside. we have a beautiful sunrise under way right now, as the weak storm system lurks just off the coast. we're going to keep our dry weather here in san jose and campbell at 60 degrees, as the skies gradually clear today, we're keeping it cooler than normal. we'll talk about a hotter end of the weekend forecast that's in less than five minutes. you're looking at great travel times around almost everywhere in the bay right now. here is your approach to the bay bridge, top number just 20 minutes from highway 4 to the backup that's starting to build off the berkeley curve. a little slowing over here through the tri-valley but nothing compared to the monday through friday or your non-summer commute, things are starting to build. and mike, we have breaking news this morning at 6:45, you see this large plume of smoke, this is in oakland. it looks as if the buildings are on fire there but let's change your angle and maybe we can see a little bit more of what we're seeing, this is a warehouse, this is a three-alarm fire. this is on 11th street between
6:46 am
23rd and 25th avenue. this is kind of roughly behind the sheriff's office near the train yard. the sheriff's office has nothing to do with it but to orient you where this is. it is a tremendous amount of smoke, again it's a warehouse. we have three different alarms on this and oakland fire is on top of this but we will continue to monitor it. thing are back to normal on the san jose state campus where a man with a gun triggered a lengthy lockdown. police say the man ran into san jose state's spartan complex after police spotted him nearby and then the search for him was on. folks were evacuated quickly from several buildings. others were told to lock down. one student locked herself in a closet until police found her on the second floor -- the first floor. there was a shelter in place issued for nearly three hours, until officers arrested the suspect. one student in a neighboring
6:47 am
building says that people were in fear and they were trying to figure out how they could protect themselves. >> so we pushed the tables against the door and then we all kind of sat up against the wall and there's definitely people who were shaken up and could you hear people crying. >> a k-9 team found that suspect, he was hiding in a vent on the third floor. no shots were fired, but the situation could have been very different. police officers say that they found a gun shortly after the arrest across the street from san jose state. that suspect has not yet been identified. it's 6:47. we have new details a group of suspected armed robbers in custody after police say they broke into a contra costa home and then led police on a high-speed chase. antioch police rushed to a home on gold pine way on wednesday night, the victims say three men with guns forced their way into that house, brentwood police tried to stop the suspect's vehicle. the suspects led them on a chase, it ended at bixler road
6:48 am
and marsh creek road several miles away. three people arrested immediately. another suspect found in a nearby field. new details now on a southern california story, we're getting a better sense of changes that are planned for santa anita racetrack where 30 horses died last season. the track yesterday announced new leadership and the "l.a. times" reports that one of the tracks linked to the deaths last year will not be used for sprint races. santa anita is expected to open september 27th. in the east bay a kidnapped dog is back with its owner. a french bulldog puppy was taken from inside a parked car last month in oakland. a fairfield family bought the dog from $3800 from somebody they didn't know and saw a missing dog poster and realized that dog was stolen. they returned the dog to its rightful owner last night. they did receive reward money though. no word on the exact amount. all right, we want to, 6:48
6:49 am
right now and new this morning, you may never have to worry about having a credit card fraud situation ever again. visa is reportedly using artificial intelligence to detect and prevent credit card fraud according to the "wall street journal." the ai will use a.m. for algorithms to detect patterns that could signal criminal behavior. back to oakland where the breaking news is developing. we have nbc bay area sky ranger over a large and smoky warehouse fire. we know that there are oakland fire crews on the ground pumping water onto that as we speak. this is now a three-alarm fire, which means that it has grown quite a bit over the last couple of minutes. we have a different angle as well, where you can actually see some of the flames that are making all of that smoke. this is on 11th street right around the intersection with 25th avenue. mike inouye says it's not far
6:50 am
from downtown. we know it is east of 880. >> you can really see the smoke from far, far away. we have other angles which you can see the huge column of smoke. there we have sky ranger zooming out, you can kind of get perspective. was sing earlier if you think of it as sort of behind the sheriff's main office there. it has nothing to do with the sheriff's office, there's a train yard there as well. and so three-alarm fire with oakland fire department taking care of things, but obviously you can see that from quite a distance. >> usually when we see a lot of smoke like, this we have concerns about possible air quality issues. kari, the rest of the sky seems pretty clear. >> the rest of the sky is clear and this is what happens when we have low pressure overhead. it causes that smoke plume to go straight up that forces the air to rise, and so that's the reason why we call it low pressure, and so we are also getting in a breezy westerly wind, so get a look at the wind speeds right now, at about 10 miles per hour in oakland. anywhere just to the east of
6:51 am
that area, may still have some smoke drifting by, but it is once again going up higher into the atmosphere. so that may be some good news and we will also see our winds staying light throughout the morning. as we head across the bay to san francisco, and a look at the golden gate bridge, we're also seeing some of the clouds higher up in the sky, no fog right now as we are seeing that system moving in. so we'll talk more about that, as you get out the door in brentwood. we have some partly to mostly cloudy skies, we'll start to see a little bit more sun, but we're also keeping the cooler than normal weather with some low 80s there, and up to about 85 in antioch. livermore we're up to 83 for the high today with san jose, seeing a high of 81. we'll see santa rosa reaching 80 degrees in san francisco, in the upper 60s. this is a look at the radar right now, and we talked about that low pressure and it's because we are seeing some spotty, light rain moving up around parts of the northern sonoma and mendocino coastline
6:52 am
up to ukiah right now, spotty sprinkles and we'll see that quickly moving through over the next couple of hours, much of the rain will evaporate before hitting the ground. we could see a few hundreds of an inch in some areas with higher terrain and going into the rest of the day, our skies clear, and then san francisco starts to see the fog coming back to the coast right at about 5:00 to 6:00 this evening, and then we have a partly to mostly cloudy night, and then tomorrow morning we still see some rain off the coast, but i'm not expecting a lot of that to make its way inland. so indeed we don't need to cancel any weekend plans even though we have some rain nearby. today we have some cool weather, more clouds, if you're going out to the giants game tonight, first pitch at 7:15 and it's going to be cool, only 64 degrees, breezy, and staying in the low 60s later on tonight. and then tomorrow you can head down to santa clara to check out the 49ers preseason game, it will be breezy at times, upper 70s at kickoff, and then staying
6:53 am
mild around halftime, 76 degrees. we have a lot of events going on around the bay area, get out there and enjoy it. and also the cooler weather, but it will be heating up early next week, we're up to 96 degrees on monday. mike, you have some important info about those headed to the bay bridge. >> that's right, kari, if you're headed toward the bay bridge somewhere in your periphery you'll see the huge plume of smoke. the bay bridge very light as you expect on a friday but coming down from emeryville, not those clouds, look our emeryville camera can see this huge stream of smoke coming up over and drifting away from the area right off of the nimitz freeway. sky ranger out there as well. you see the crew is on scene, going from darker gray all the way to white. usually when we see white that's better news as far as how much of this fire is being handled but we'll let the fire department tell us the details oen that. we do see crews on scene. you see flames and all that smoke pouring out of the buildings and flying up into the
6:54 am
air. the plume is visible from the nimitz freeway and emeryville, folks traveling through the maze will see this coming off of 24, 580 and across the bay bridge even from san francisco, this will be a distraction, lighter traffic often means folks are driving faster. distracted driving is not good. you'll se smoke and now you know why it's there. around 11th street at 25th avenue, just off of the nimitz freeway. we're going to look at the maps and show you how traffic is slowing on our sensors as well. we have a slow drive headed up the nimitz freeway, really the only major issue. everything else reporting a smooth, easy drive, where things are jamming up as you approaching 23rd on the nimity and everything else is moving smoothly because it's friday. back to you. happening now, u.s. defense secretary mark esper is meeting with military personnel at osan airbase in south korea.
6:55 am
earlier today he met with the defense minister as tensions rise in the region. north korea just completed its latest round of missile tests and earlier this week president trump pushed for south korea to pay more for the u.s. troops, who are stationed in their country. and we're ready to get you out the door next on "today in the bay," a quick look at the top stories, including a top story just now, those live pictures of that major fire that mike sum rised so well. we have our eye on it, we'll get all the information to you and be back in just a minute.
6:56 am
6:57 am
welcome back to you on this friday morning. we are tracking breaking news this morning, let's take you out
6:58 am
to our helicopter, this is happening in oakland, a very, very large fire. >> you can see that giant plume smokeoingp into the air, so this will be visible if you are driving in the area. mike says it will be visible from the macarthur maze. what we know is that it is a warehouse that is on fire. it's now gone to three alarms. oakland fire has been on the scene for a while now, and you can see some of that water that's being pumped from overhead. >> this is happening at 11th street between 23rd and 25th avenue near that large train yard there in oakland. if we could see another angle of it, just the enormous smoke that has gone up into the air, is going to be visible from everyone, and obviously we're concerned about this warehouse but i think for a lot of people in oakland, and berkeley and emeryville they are looking at this and they can't quite get the context of where this smoke is coming from. it is not coming from downtown. it is coming from the warehouse district and you can just see
6:59 am
the roaring, roaring flames there. >> it's not too far east from 880, so it is going to be a visual distraction, mike, you were talking about the fact that this makes things dangerous on the roadway. >> folks are able to drive a little more quickly today baums i because it's lighter traffic friday. you see it, it's right off of 880 just east of there into the area scott mentioned the train tracks that go alongside the freeway. folks know that as you head south of downtown. let's look at the map, showing you the context entire east bay, the maps are showing a smooth drive, but it is slow on the nimitz, as we zoom in here, look at this, north 880 really slows down not because of the traffic volume but because of the distraction just around 23rd. that's the closest exit, zooming out to the rest of the bay, everything else is moving clearly so there will be a big distraction around the maze, contra costa county in toward alameda county. >> kari is saying the weather is impacting, why we can see the smoke. >> high pressure would push it
7:00 am
down. we have high pressulow pressure rising. >> follow while we're off air for more about this and of course we'll have much more coming up at 11:00 a.m. good morning. good morning breaking overnight, close call a heavily armed man wearing body armor walks into a missouri walmart. customers run in terror. >> i'm still shaking it was just terrifying >> this morning, the bystander who came to the rescue, and the gunman's alarming online pos slip of the tongue. >> poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids >> joe biden's comment during a stump speech raising eyebrows. his rivals pouncing. what they're saying about it on the run inside the desperate manhunt for the inmate accused in the murder of a prison official >>


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