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tv   Today  NBC  August 9, 2019 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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down. we have high pressulow pressure rising. >> follow while we're off air for more about this and of course we'll have much more coming up at 11:00 a.m. good morning. good morning breaking overnight, close call a heavily armed man wearing body armor walks into a missouri walmart. customers run in terror. >> i'm still shaking it was just terrifying >> this morning, the bystander who came to the rescue, and the gunman's alarming online pos slip of the tongue. >> poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids >> joe biden's comment during a stump speech raising eyebrows. his rivals pouncing. what they're saying about it on the run inside the desperate manhunt for the inmate accused in the murder of a prison official >> this man is considered
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extremely dangerous, and we need to find him. >> the victim's family with the direct message for the killer. >> you're not going to get away with this. you will be found. >> how authorities are trying to track the man just ahead those stories, plus, crackdown. hundreds of families looking for their loved ones after a massive immigration roundup in mississippi. coffee talk. the surprising new warning about caffeine for millions of migraine sufferers and let the sun shine in al's picture perfect weekend forecast that just about everyone is in on. today, friday, august 9th, 2019. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza >> morning, everybody. welcome to "today. nice to have you with us on a friday morning nice to hear there is going to be a great weekend almost everyone in the country is going to see it. >> yeah. al roker has a beautiful map he's going to show you in a
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minute we have a beautiful concert planned on the plaza this morning. tori kelly is going to be here with a full set. should be fun. >> good way to start the weekend. we'll start with the news and the panicked moments in missouri when a young man walked into a crowded walmart store days after the shooting in el paso armed with a rifle and wearing body armor nbc's ron mott joins us from springfield with the very latest on this. ron, good morning. >> reporter: savannah, good morning to you some very scary moments at this walmart in springfield, missouri, yesterday when thi young man walked in, armed with a rifle. panic ensued people started running out of the store, including the gunman. that's when he ran into a former firefighter who drew his own weapon, held him until police arrived and could make an arrest >> male wearing a bullet proof vest and ar around his neck has just walked into the store and is recording himself >> reporter: police responding to an active shooter call at this walmart, confronting a man wearing body armor, carrying a
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tactical rifle, a handgun, and over 100 rounds of ammunition. this morning jail records identifying him as dmitrey andrechenko. before the 20-year-old was apprehended, he walked through the store pushing a cart and recording himself on the camera. the sight causing panic in the store. >> i'm still shaking it was terrifying. >> reporter: a quick-thinking store manager pulled a fire alarm, urging shoppers to evacuate julie captured this video of the suspect. >> i thought, this is real this is crazy. >> reporter: a former firefighter who had a gun of his own held the suspect until police arrived. >> i looked up, and there was a guy holding his hands up he had a rifle around him. >> i think it is great that that off-duty fireman was here. that was helpful his intent was not to cause peace or comfort to anybody in the business here. in fact, he's lucky he is alive still, to be honest. >> reporter: in a facebook post in february, he wrote, it is official, i hate walmart they won't sell rifle and shotgun ammo if you're under 21.
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new policy however, i can walk into the store with a loaded .40 caliber and nobody says anything what a joke. overnight walmart released a statement reading in part, the behavior of a customer was concerning to thos inside the store, therefore, law enforcement was called they quickly arrived, managed the situation without further incident and no one was injured. this is the third gun-related incident at a walmart in just over a week including the incident in a walmart in el paso that left 22 dead. another incident on thursday in a walmart in florida, a man terrorizing shoppers with a gulf cart he drove into the store and slammed into a cash register in springfield, police are trying to determine why the heavily armed man was there in the first place and whether he had more sinister intentions. >> ron, missouri is an open carry state. if you have a permit, you can carry a gun openly is this potentially legal, what he did
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>> reporter: generally speaking it is legal, savannah. what is not legal is carrying a weapon in a threatening or menacing fashion people say he was talking to them as he was in the store. charges are pending against the suspect for making a terrorist threat in the first degree no shots fired and no one was hurt savannah >> understandably, very much on edge right now ron, thank you. now to the controversial comment on the campaign trail. overnight, joe biden, the democratic front runner, raising eyebrows during a speech in iowa we have coverage beginning with nbc's andrea mitchell. good morning. >> good morning, willie. joe biden, after a widely praised speech against the president 24 hours ago, is now facing a trump campaign counterattack seizing on a few words on the campaign trail. >> reporter: democratic front runner joe biden has been unleashing scorching attacks against president trump this
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week on race the former vice president accusing the president of being a racist who emboldens white supremacists by aligning himself with their cause but it is biden's bungling of his own remarks that's making headlines this morning after a long day and night at the iowa state fair, speaking to a group of predominantly asian and hispanic voters. >> we should challenge these students we should challenge students in the schools that have advanced placement programs in these schools. we have this notion that somehow if you're poor you cannot do it. poor kids are just as bright and just as talented as white kids, wealthy kids, black kids, asian kids. i really mean it. think how we think about it. >> the trump campaign seizing on just the white kids comment. rapid response director andrew clark tweeting out a video clip that notably did not include the full remarks. writing, yikes. have fun mitigating that one. it comes after this confrontation between biden and a reporter from conservative outlet breitbart. biden fighting back after the reporter claimed, incorrectly,
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biden had misquoted the president after charlottesville. >> he said specifically he was condemning them. >> no, he did not. he said he walked out and he said, let's get this straight, he said, there are very fine people in both groups. they're chanting anti-semitic slogans, carrying flags. >> reporter: the biden campaign responding that the president is, quote, desperate to change the subject from his record of using racism to divide the country, that biden misspoke and immediately corrected himself to make the point all children deserve a fair shot. >> andrea mitchell, thank you very much. after the mass shootings in ohio and texas, the push for gun control is gaining momentum with some key lawmakers. peter alexander is on that story this morning. peter, good morning. >> reporter: hey, savannah, good morning to you. president trump speaking as we speak on the south lyawn as he prepares to depart the white house saying america needs what he calls intelligent background checks. that would defy a warning from the nra. the president said he has a great relationship with them. the question remains, what will
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he do? nearlyneeek afr the mass shootings in el paso and dayton, there's growing pressure for stricter gun laws. the senate's top republican, mitch mcconnell, says expanded background checks will be front and center when congress returns from its summer break after labor day. he is resisting calls to bring lawmakers back immediately ts b vote on a pair of background check bills already passed by the house, now on his desk. >> if we did that, we'd just have people scoring points and nothing would happen what we can't do is fail to pass something, you know, by just locking up and failing to pass that's unacceptable. >> reporter: house speaker nancy pelosi is pressing president trump to step in, saying, mcconnell describing himself as grim reaper, has been an obstacle to taking any action. more than 200 mayors, including those in dayton and el paso, are echoing pelosi, writing to mcconnell and chuck schumer, our nation can no longer wait for
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the federal government to act. the president's expressed a renewed willingness to expand background checks. >> there is a great appetite, and i mean a strong appetite, for background checks. >> reporter: the gun lobby is already pushing back nbc news confirmed the president spoke with the nra chief executive wayne la pierre this week according to a source familiar with the matter, la pierre said expanding background checks would not be popular among the president's supporters saying, the nra opposes any new restrictions on gun rights adding, the proposals being discussed by many would not have prevented the horrific tragedies in el paso and dayton. california democrat jackie speier survived a shooting as a young congressional aide more than four decades ago. now, she's underscoring the stakes for the country >> if we really have reached the tipping point, and i do believe that we have, when people are
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fearful to go out, to go to festivals, to go to grocery stores, to theaters, for fear that someone is going to blow people up, we have a problem >> reporter: at his new interview, mitch mcconnell said when congress returns next month, expanded background checks and red flag laws that would empower law enforcement to take guns from those who pose an immediate threat, those would likely lead congress's discussions. >> another big story out of washington this morning, a key intelligence official has stepped down what more can you tell us? >> reporter: it is raising uncertainty over who will lead the u.s. intelligence operations sue gordon is her name she announced in a handwritten note to the president that she was stepping down as the principal deputy director of national intelligence. she will leave the same day as director dan coats she was viewed as a trusted voice by democrats and republicans. amid her resignation, the president announced he would name joseph mcguire, the current director of the national counterterrorism center, as the
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acting director of national intelligence willie and savannah? >> peter at the white house, thanks so much. new developments on the massive immigration raids in mississippi. i.c.e. agents rounded up 700 workers suspected of being undocumented gabe gutierrez joins us from morton, mississippi, with the latest. gabe, good morning >> reporter: good morning. this is one of the food processing plants where i.c.e. agents picked up groups of workers suspected of being undocumented they were taken to a nearby military hangar to be processed. some have been released because of humanitarian concerns, but hundreds of others are now facing deportation families in mississippi are searching for their loved ones after the largest u.s. workplace immigration sting in at least a decade >> just see my mother, please. >> reporter: children left not knowing where their parents were being taken, as immigration and customs enforcement agents
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handcuffed hundreds of workers across mississippi and loaded them on to buses this woman, who says she's been in the u.s. for 24 years, told us her husband is among those still being detained this 11-year-old says her father is gone. >> i need my dad with me my dad didn't do nothing he's not a criminal. >> reporter: the raids, which federal authorities say had been in the works for months unfolded wednesday in six small towns near jackson, mississippi. i.c.e. agents took about 680 people into custody at several food processing plants. >> while we do welcome folks from other countries, they have to follow our laws >> reporter: the operation took place on the same day president trump visited el paso, texas, amid criticism his immigration rhetoric contributed to the mass shooting there the acting director of i.c.e. says there was no connection between that trip and the raids, calling the crackdown a long-term operation. >> these are not victimless crimes
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illegal workers create vulnerabilities in the marketplace by presenting false documents to obtain illegal employment. >> reporter: many undocumented immigrants living in fear. this church a sanctuary for this 1-year-old girl. this woman tells us the church is watching the baby as her father tries to find the little girl's mother, who is in custody. attorney nathan elmore represents several families in limbo. >> imagine a 4 or 5-year-old going to school, parents dropping them off, and learning later on that afternoon that daddy or mommy has been arrested there's a lot of people in shock over the circumstance. >> reporter: child protective services here in mississippi says it was not told about the raids beforehand nearly 300 of the people who were detained have already been released about 400 or so are still in custody. they're being held in facilities here in mississippi as well as louisiana. willie and savannah? >> gabe, thank you very much. now a remarkable story that played out at the airport in dallas yesterday
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the remains of an air force colonel who died serving i vietnam brought home a half century later. in a touching show of respect, an entire terminal fell silent during the ceremony, especially poignant for the pilot who was bringing the veteran home for the final time anne thompson has this remarkable story >> it is wonderful good morning it was a moment that came about because of a defense department determined not to leave a fallen fighter behind a family just as determined not to give up >> reporter: this was colonel roy knight jr.'s final flight. a trip home to texas after more than a half century. the air force pilot shot down in laos in 1967 while fighting during the vietnam war first declared missing, then killed in action, his remains were discovered and identified earlier this year. >> we had pretty much given up any hope that this would ever
7:15 am
happen we're absolutely amazed at how this came to pass. >> reporter: colonel knight served the country for 20 years at air force bases in asia and here in the u.s. marrying his wife, patricia, in the philippines, they raised three children together. roy iii, gayan, and briais youngest in 1967, knight said good-bye to brian at dallas' love field. it'd be the last time the 5-year-old would see his father alive. on thursday, that little boy, now a pilot himself for southwest airlines, flew his father home to the very same airport. the bustling terminal falling silent hundreds of travelers watching the moving and sacred moment unfold outside, airport workers standing at attention, in a gesture of respect the colonel's family, including his sister june, on the tarmac to receive his flag-draped casket son, roy, reaching out to his dad. it was emotional it was sad it was good, too it was like the end of a
7:16 am
journey. >> reporter: on a day of mixed emotions, brian's face said, mission accomplished 52 years after they said good-bye, father and son reunited at last on the same soil >> since 1994, there were several attempts to find colonel knight at his crash site now home, he'll be buried with full military honors this weekend. >> just seeing that moment where everybody comes to attention and acknowledges the sacrifice of this man 50 years later. >> i thought watching the workers on the tarmac, some of them had their hands over their hearts, some of them were saluting, and then inside, you know, we're in airports all the time, and how crazy it is. people just stopped. just wanted to say thank you then the other thing i couldn't help but think of, how different this homecoming was opposed to had he come home in 1967 when the war was controversial. >> the poetry of his son
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becoming a pilot and bringing him home where he said good-bye. my gosh, what a story. thanks, anne. >> you're welcome. let's turn to al for a look at the forecast. it is looking great for this weekend, we're happy to say. >> finally, we have really nice weather to talk about around a good portion of the country. we have this refreshing air mass coming into the plains, great lakes, northeast and mid-atlantic states. temperatures are right and comfortable and, in fact, we're not looking at a lot of humidity for today. it moves all the way to the east coast. 83 in new york city. make that 86 89 in d.c. 83, cincinnati here's the deal, we talk about humidity, but the dew point temperature, that's the amount of moisture that can be held in the air, the bigger the spread from the temperature to the dew point, the more comfortable it is 20-point spread in rochester almost 25 points in cleveland. more than 30 in chicago. as we move into saturday, again, those dew point temperatures and the spread between the dew point and the air temperature nice and comfortable. that means the humidity looks
7:18 am
great. beautiful weather. beaches from cape cod to long island to new jersey, jersey shore, temperatures in the low 70s for the water, air temperatures in the 80s. outer banks, jacksonville, myrtle beach, hilton head, looking good with water temperatures in the 80s. as we get to the gulf coast, we're looking at upper 80s for air temperatures in panama city. water temperature, upper 80s in clearwater miami beach looking good we have fantastic weather along the beaches. everybody is looking pretty darn good >> oh! >> that's what's going on around the country. we'll get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. jerry! and this stuff beets stains. its kind of a big dill. lemon tell ya. it squashes sixty of your toughest stains. and leaves your clothes looking raddishing. so lettuce make the right choice, and choose seventh generation's plant based detergent. was that too corny?
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seventh generation. powered by plants. tested on sixty of your toughest stains. good friday morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. a live look outside in san francisco as we watch fog just off the coast and also some light rain. could be moving into parts of the north bay this morning. after all that clears out, we'll see our temperatures in the low to mid 80s for the inland areas, and some upper 60s for the coast and in san francisco. we keep the cool weather tomorrow, still a slight chance of rain in the north bay tomorrow morning, and then heating up sunday into early next week with highs in the mid-90s. >> that's your >> that's your latest weather. guys >> al, thank you. coming up, overnight developments in the desperate search for an escaped convict in tennessee accused of murder. we'll have the latest on the man hunt and hear from the victim's family. plus, could your morning coffee be to blame for your headache eye-opening findings for
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millions of migraine sufferers first, this is "today" on nbc. e. first, this "today" on
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(baby laughing) ♪ pampers is here to help every parent love the changes a baby brings. ♪ good morning. it's 7:26 right now. we are tracking that breaking news out of oakland, which you might be able to see from wherever you are. firefighters trying to put out a very large and strong warehouse fire. pete suratos is there on the scene right now. pete, what can you tell us? >> reporter: good morning to you guys. i can tell you that fire is still actively burning. as you can see here this warehouse fire a three-alarm fire. you still see crews battling the fire as the flames continue to burn inside of this building. now the details are limited, guys. i was able to talk to a battalion chief with oakland fire. the only thing they can tell me this appears to be a metal company, also the signage i saw there and the fire is contained
7:27 am
to just this building. in this area if you're familiar with this part of oakland just off 23rd avenue on east 11th street there is a number of warehouses and alsos reden units on the back side. the fire is contained to this area. we're hoping to get more details by 8:00 a.m. avoid this area at all costs. the fire is actively burning in oakland. >> all right, pete. once again you can see all this smoke pete referenced 23rd, the major exit sign on the freeway, you'll see this major amount of smoke through the area again, this fire at 11th, between 23rd and 25th. four miles traveling north the distraction southbound and shows the distraction. fortunately the crash at the san mateo bridge did clear from 2 and the rest of the bay is clear. i'm tracking light rain moving into parts of the north bay as we are going to see this barely measuring out to be
7:28 am
anything and skies clearing throughout the day. our temperatures head into the low 80s inland. >> more local news in a half hour.
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♪ we're back at 7:30 on a ♪ we're back at 7:30 on a friday morning it's august 9th, 2019. we have a great concert dialed up for you tori kelly is coming up. big crowd out on the plaza another reason we're excited this morning, today is hoda's birthday. >> yes, it is. happy birthday, hoda i'm sure she got her birthday present five months ago with her darling new little baby hope. >> she has a gift on each arm, i think. >> she does.
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we're sending our love to her, for sure happy birthday. >> happy birthday, hoda. let's get to the headlines of the morning a week after a mass shooting at a texas walmart, police arrested a heavily armed man at a walmart in missouri. 20-year-old andreychenko was wearing body armor when he entered the store in springfield, missouri. a manager pulled a fire alarm. shoppers headed for the exits in panic. no shots were fired. the suspect left and was detained by an armed off-duty former firefighter police say he had a rifle, a handgun, and more than 100 rounds of ammunition on him. in a facebook post this year, he wrote that he hated walmart because it won't sell rifle and shotgun ammo if you're under 21. he said he could walk in with a loaded .40 caliber and nobody says anything, according to the post officials say the man accused of killing four people and wounding two others during a stabbing rampage near los angeles is a documented gang member with a history of violence 53-year-old castaneda is due in court today. he was arrested wednesday after what police say was a rolling
7:32 am
spree across garden grove. officials believe his primary motive was robbery and he chose victims at random. they say there is no indication of a hate crime. visitors to rome can enjoy the city's art and food but should be aware of strict, new rules. [ whistle blowing tired tourists no longer allowed to sit on the famed 18th century spanish steps which, of course, is a popular pasttime in rome. police started enforcing the rule this week violators can be fined up to $450 for sitting there tossing coins into the iconic trepi fountain is still allowed. throwing anything into other historic fountains are no longer allowed. it is designed to protect rome's landmarks and promote safety and civility hopefully overeating pasta is still allowed. >> it always is. we have overnight developments on a man hunt for an escaped inmate in tennessee who is accused of killing a long-time prison official. kerry sanders joins us with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. the escaped convict has been on
7:33 am
the run for more than two days many across the state are terrified as authorities try to track down the man they say is extremely dangerous. >> he could be anywhere. >> reporter: this morning, escaped convict and now suspected murderer curtis ray watson still on the loose after escaping wednesday from a tennessee prison >> this man is considered extremely dangerous, and we need to find him. >> reporter: residents across the state on high alert. >> very, very scary. >> nervous i don't even want to sit out on my porch. >> just the fact that he killed somebody >> reporter: the 44-year-old watson, a convicted rapist and kidnapper, was discovered missing when deputies went to investigate the death of corrections administrator deborah johnson. the 64-year-old found murdered in her home on the grounds of the minimum security prison.
7:34 am
the tennessee bureau of investigation now saying they believe watson is responsible for her death. obtaining warrants for the fugitive for first degree murder, aggravated burglary, and aggravated sexual battery. johnson's son and daughter devastated. >> you don't want to believe it. even now, i don't want to believe it >> reporter: urging watson to give himself up. >> man, turn yourself in you're not going to get away with this. you will be found. >> reporter: watson last seen in a prison uniform looked like this when he made his getaway from a farm at the prison. authorities also releasing older mug shots because watson may try to change his appearance what he can't hide, distinctive tattoos. >> we need tennesseans as well as our partners throughout the bordering states to be vigilant on this. he could be outside of tennessee. >> reporter: for johnson's family, surprisingly, no anger >> first thing i would say is we forgive you. >> reporter: just incredible grace in the face of unspeakable
7:35 am
tragedy. >> she's gone, but she's touched thousands of lives because of that, that'll be the most comforting thing we do have. >> residents across tennessee worried about their own safety what are authorities telling them >> reporter: tennessee authorities are suggesting that people look around their homes, their garages, their barns, even the doghouse to see if perhaps something is amiss if it is, to call the local police they ask people, because this is a rural area, if they have cameras that are out on trails for hunting, to go review those cameras to see if there might be a recording of something at this point, there is a reward for $52,500 for information leading to the recapture and arrest of this inmate. >> let's hope they find him. kerry, thanks so much. >> thanks. we turn now to the weather and al's forecast. no beach ball, but it is going to be hot down south. >> it is going to be hot uncomfortably so with records possible, as well. stretching from texas all the
7:36 am
way to the florida coastline, georgia coastline, 34 million people impacted on this. as we look at dallas, second day yesterday of 100 degrees seven days in total above 100 into next week it's the hottest stretch so far this summer for them as we slide down to the south to houston, you can see, again, they had a high yesterday of 101. that's the hottest since august 21st last year average about five or so less days with 100 degrees plus as you look across the south, with the humidity levels, it's going to feel much hotter than the 99 in shreveport 93 in new orleans. 95 in montgomery and savannah. jacksonville will be 95 tomorrow birmingham, 92 relative hum good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. a live look outside in dublin today, another really nice day, as our temperatures head into the low 80s, and san jose expect a high of 81 degrees, and 84 in concord. 81 today in napa with san francisco staying in the 60s. our inland temperatures will
7:37 am
stay in the 80s, with a slight chance of rain today and tomorrow in the north bay, and then by sunday, we're up to 92 degrees and our temperatures stay very hot into the start of next week, and coming down gradually by next wednesday. >> that's your latest weather. willie >> al, thanks very much. there's a lot more ahead this morning, including an nbc news investigation into the dark side of the billion dollar business of sports memorabilia one family lost their life savings on fakes and shares a warning. also ahead, taylor swift getting candid about facing her critics, and her music tori kelly celebrates the release of her new album with a live concert on our plaza. first, could your daily caffeine fix actually trigger headaches? new advice for millions of migraine sufferers on how much coffee and soda you should be drinking right after this if you have moderate to thsevere rheumatoid arthritis, month after month, the clock is ticking on irreversible joint damage.
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this morning on in-depth today, important health news for the nearly 40 million americans who suffer from migraines. >> a new harvard study shows a potential and perhaps surprising link to too much coffee. it found that drinking three or more cups a day can actually trigger migraines for those already at risk. it is not just coffee but too much tea, soda, energy drinks. that can hurt, as well nbc medical correspondent dr. john torres is here with more. doc, good morning. >> good morning. >> caffeine is one of the things said to help you with a migraine this study says too much of a good thing can cause a migraine. >> people are saying i heard caffeine is good for it. caffeine works great for a lot of people. but for some people, it might be triggering their migraines, and they need to know that and avoid it can they can. >> how much is too much? if i suffer from migraines, what should my limit be in terms of a
7:43 am
cup of coffee? >> healthy amount for any of us is 400 milligrams, four cups, or can equivalent for soda or energy drinks or tea for people who suffer migraines, if you drink three or for cups in a day, it can trigger migraines that day or the next this is not all bad for coffee drinkers it also found people who drink one to two cups a day, it did not trigger their migraines. they could drink their coffee, just moderate it a little bit. >> everything in moderation. that's always the rule how do you know if it is the caffeine that's triggering your migraine >> that's the puzzle with a lot of people who do suffer from migraines. as doctors, we say, keep a migraine journal over the next two or three months, when you have your migraines, go back the day before and see, what did you eat or drink how are your sleep patterns? what was the weather >> the weather can affect migraines? >> certainly were there bright lights or unusual noises or smells you noticed? you and your doctor can look at the journal and say, there seems to be a pattern here it's the coffee, or it's the lights or it's the sounds. then take care of that. >> we're a morning show so we're focusing on the coffee, but we're talking about soda and tea, as well.
7:44 am
>> caffeine is what the study looked at. coffee, tea, soda, and energy drinks people don't often think about that some of the energy drinks have the equivalent of two or more cups of coffee a day look at the label. >> dr. torres, thank you very much. >> you bet. >> appreciate it. coming up next, the big news that's giving kevin costner's beloved "field of dreams" movie another moment in the spotlight. first, these messages. g with hi? keep being you. and ask your doctor about biktarvy. biktarvy is a complete one-pill, once-a-day treatment used for hiv in certain adults. it's not a cure, but with one small pill, biktarvy fights hiv with three different medicines to help you get to undetectable. that means the amount of virus is so low it can't be measured in lab tests. serious side effects can occur, including kidney problems and kidney failure. rare, life-threatening side effects include a build-up of lactic acid and liver problems. do not take biktarvy if you take dofetilide or rifampin. tell your doctor about all the medicines and supplements you take, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, or if you have kidney or liver problems,
7:45 am
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we're we're back 7:48 dylan joins the table, as does joe fryer, with exciting news for baseball fans. >> this is really cool it was just announced the next season, a major league game will be played at the site of the beloved movie "field of dreams." >> for many baseball fans, the
7:49 am
real life field of dreams is an iconic landmark, but it's never hosted a major league ball game. the entire state of iowa has never held a big league game next august, that'll change, when the yankees and white sox go head-to-head in baseball heaven >> reporter: 30 years after a beloved movie put this humble cornfield on the map, it is about to be transformed again, this time without all those mysterious voices. >> if you build it, he will come >> reporter: the fabled field of dreams was originally cultivated by kevin costner playing a fictitious farmer. now, a kernel of truth for this cornfield, it'll be the scene of a real-life big league game during the 2020 season a video announcing the news featuring aaron judge, yankees star, pays homage to the movie. >> is this heaven? >> no.
7:50 am
it's iowa. >> reporter: as the film advises, you really do got to build it before yo comes construction starts later this month on an 8,000-seat ballpark seen here in a 3d rendering. a pathway carved through stalks of corn will guide fans to the park which will overlook a smaller field where the movie was shot the news is harvesting positive reactions with the yanks and white sox superimposing their players on the movie poster. >> beauty of baseball. that's the coolest thing for me. watching as a kid, just the love i have for this game, getting a chance to go to a field and have a cornfield behind me in the outfield, it'll be special. >> reporter: excitement is building in iowa, too. >> it is cool. >> reporter: for three decades, the movie site in the small town has been a magnet. >> it is nice to look around and play. >> reporter: costner reflected on the movie's impact. >> you don't know when a movie is going to stay in the conscience of americans like "field of dreams." i describe it as our generation's "it's a wonderful
7:51 am
life." >> go the distance. >> reporter: no longer just the stuff of dreams, this legendary field is bringing big league baseball heaven to earth >> right center field. >> major league baseball says information on tickets will be announced in the days ahead. availability will be limited with 8,000 seats compare that with yankee stadium, 50,000. >> i volunteer to cover that game. >> how fun would that be >> you and me, dylan. >> so cute, i know i could recite every word of the movie. >> including, dad, you want to have a catch >> i can't i do the ugly cry. >> i couldn't have gone on if you'd done it. >> done. >> that's it. >> cute. tickets go on sale later. >> more information about that down the road. it'll be a popular ticket. >> for sure. >> what a great idea by major league baseball. joe, thank you so much speaking of sports, just ahead, an nbc news investigation you need to see if you collect memorabilia. can you really be sure that priceless autograph is
7:52 am
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good morning. it is 7:56. i'm kris sanchez. the breaking news continues in oakland right now, where firefighters are still trying to put out the flames at a very large warehouse fire. nbc bay area sky ranger is flying over the scene right now over what has been a metal company on 23rd avenue and 11th street, not far from i-880. it is also west of the fruitvale station and looks about 30 minutes ago, there are homes right across the street from the fire, though it is in an industrial area. no word on evacuations. we have someone on the ground and so far there is no report of any injury but the fire is having a traffic impact on nearby interstate 880. while pete talks to the fire department, mike has a look at that.
7:57 am
>> we're looking back sky ranger, surface streets an issue, this is 11th street at 25th avenue, not far from the 123rd avenue exit, and that's the reason why we're having the slowdown. this three-alarm fire has the biggest impact on your traffic as well because other than this stretch of the nimitz freeway northbound from about we should say fruitvale up to the scene, that's where the slower drive is southbound distraction as well, everything else is moving clearly because it is a friday, the three-alarm fire we continue to follow in oakland. kari? >> along the weather department we are seeing more clouds moving in. a live look in san jose, a few of the sun rays peeking through underneath the cloud cover. we're going to start to see things clearing up throughout the day. high temperatures reached the low 80s in the south bay as well as inland valleys. oakland headed up to 74 degrees and in san francisco 68, while we will be watching out for a slight chance of rain in the north bay. our inland temperatures stay on the mild side and heat up from
7:58 am
sunday into next week. kris? >> more local news coming up for you in just a half hour. find the latest also on our social platforms.
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today. coming up, panic in it's 8:00 on "today. coming up, panic in missouri overnight, police arrest a man after he walked into a walmart dressed in body armor and carrying a rifle with 100 rounds of ammunition. scared shoppers told to flee the scene. this morning the latest on the suspect, his social media post linked to gun control, and the bystander hailed as a hero forc. signature scams. an nbc news investigation into sports memorabilia after one family found their own collection was fake. how one dealer reacted. >> we bought the ball in your right hand from you. >> really?
8:01 am
from youtube to the plaza. ♪ unbreakable smile >> grammy winner tori kelly will be here for a live summer riday 9th, 2019. >> hey, tori kelly. we love you! >> celebrating her 12th birthday. >> and cindy's 50th. >> we're the yellow jackets buzzing about the "today" show. >> here from columbia, south carolina. >> tennessee. >> and boston, massachusetts. >> excited for tori kelly. >> good morning. welcome back to "today" on a friday morning. that is a happy crowd. why not? tori kelly is here. >> on a beautiful friday morning. she's been warming up a little
8:02 am
bit. tori kelly can sing, she's about to do it for a full half hour. >> she is. remember, if you want to get in on the action, you can send your "today" shoutout from home. just use the hashtag mytodayplaza. put it on instagram and twitter, and we'll put you on the air. let's get to your news at 8:00. we begin with the arrest of a heavily armed man at a walmart in missouri. less than a week after the shooting at a walmart in el paso, texas. ron mott joins us with this story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. very scary moments at this walmart yesterday afternoon. happening about 4:00, a little after 4:00 yesterday. the young man carrying an assault style rifle walked into this walmart, started pushing a cart through the store. especially, a store official pulled a fire alarm, ordered the store evacuated. people scurried outside, including the gunman, who ran into a former firefighter who drew his weapon, held the suspect until police arrived to arrest him. the suspect is dmitrey andreychenko, a 20-year-old.
8:03 am
in february, he posted a message about walmart. he said, it is official, i hate walmart. they don't sell rifle and shotgun ammo if you're under 21. new policy. however, i can walk into the store with a loaded .40 caliber and nobody says anything. what a joke. this scare comes five days after the deadly rampage at a walmart in el paso. four days after the deadly shooting in dayton, ohio. back here in springfield this morning, jail records show this suspect is facing potential charges for making a terrorist threat in the first degree. fortunately, no one was hurt. no shots fired. >> ron mott, thank you very much. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says the senate will discuss expanding background checks for gun buyers when it returns from a summer recess. mcconnell said he won't call senators back early to vote on two gun bills already passed in the house. after the mass shootings last weekend that killed 31 people together, president trump said there is a strong political
8:04 am
appetite in congress for expanded background checks. but the head of the national rifle association pushed back when he spoke with the president this week, telling the president its members will not support any new restrictions. there are new developments this morning from the massive immigration sweep in mississippi this week. i.c.e. agents raided food processing plants and detained nearly 700 workers suspected of being undocumented. about half had been released by this morning. many with court dates set. some families say they're still trying to locate their loved ones. volunteers stepped in to look after some children who did not know where their parents had been taken. immigration officials say schools were alerted after the raids and knew how to get in touch with i.c.e. about detained parents. a wildfire in western idaho is threatening homes in a historic resort town. the fire has burned more than 1,000 acres near the town of bergdorf, known for its hot springs. evacuations were ordered earlier this week. 350 firefighters are battling that fire, but it is still only 5% contained. emergency officials believe the fire was sparked by a lightning
8:05 am
strike. now, they're worried high winds forecast for the area will spread the flames even further. it is 8:04. we have a morning boost. actually, even better, an update toorning boost we brought you almost a year ago. maybe you remember wesley ryan. he was brought to tears when his adult children surprised him by tracking down and buying his beloved 1993 mustang. he had sold it 15 years earlier to pay for his wife's medical bills. well, the people at ford heard about this. they offered to have the car restored top to bottom. new transmission, paint, everything, the whole thing. then came the big unveiling. >> oh, my goodness. is this my car? >> we love you, man. we love you guys. e your story. >> i mean, come on. only one thing left to do.
8:06 am
get behind the wheel and take it for a spin. >> sweet sound of a mustang. you hear that engine, that is so cool. >> i love that. you can see it is more than a car for him. >> yup. coming up, pop start. willie, get excited. the "anchorman" returns. ron burgundy's late-night takeover. >> i cannot wait. plus, the big business of sports memorabilia, as one family shares its troubling story. are you getting what you pay for? nbc news investigates right after this ave moderate to severe psoriasis, little things can be a big deal. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. it may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. otezla is associated with an increased risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression or suicidal thoughts or if these feelings develop. some people taking otezla reported weight loss. your doctor should monitor your weight and may stop treatment. upper respiratory tract infection and headache may occur. tell your doctor about your medicines, and if you're pregnant or planning to be.
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[zara larsson - "wow"] ♪ ♪ baby i'm not even in a gown ♪ and the only thing u have to say is wow ♪ ♪ make you're jaw drop drop say oh my drop drop drop ♪ ♪ make u say oh my god my drop drop ♪ ♪ make you're jaw drop make u say oh my god ♪ ♪ and you never felt this type of emotion ♪ ♪ make you're jaw drop drop say oh my drop drop drop ♪ ♪ make u say oh my god my drop drop ♪ ♪ make you're jaw drop make u say oh my god ♪ we're back on a friday
8:10 am
morning with nbc news investigates if you're a sports fan, you know memorabilia is a big business. it is a billion dollar industry. >> signed balls, uniforms, gear can be priceless, but how do you know you're getting the real thing? stephanie gosk met a family facing that question good morning. >> good morning. it is a cautionary tale. imagine a family member pouring their life savings into an investment intended to be passed on to the grandchildren only to find out it may not be authentic. we spent time with a family from new jersey in that situation then we searched for answers >> reporter: unbridled joy and then misery is that of a sports fan. this retired firefighter's passion was owning a piece of history, an investment for his family >> he was like, don't worry, the kids have college taken care of. i have it taken care of. >> reporter: he helped raise jennifer sullivan whose mother
8:11 am
was his long time partner. when he died last fall he left behind a huge collection >> this was his retirement plan. this was his 401(k). >> yogi berra autographed career stats ball >> reporter: over $100,000 memorabilia purchased from ralph, best known for buying up joe dimaggio's personal collection from his estate in 1999 a month after chuck's funeral, one of the salesman called to collect what he said was an overdue bill >> i said, listen, let me call my husband and get back to you >> reporter: brian was suspicious and brought some of the signed baseballs to an authenticator. >> all four items came back as not authentic. >> reporter: they were all fakes. >> yeah. >> reporter: now what are you thinking >> i'm angry. >> reporter: the sullivans asked the credit card company for a partial refund and received $7,000 that's when they say the intimidation started, including this voicemail from the salesman.
8:12 am
>> yeah, calling trying to see about this stunt you're trying to pull. it ain't going to work. >> reporter: then an email apparently from ralph himself, demanding they return some items and threatening legal action writing, i am not going to go away >> he's trying to intimidate her. >> reporter: the sullivans reached out to nbc news through a relative who works here. we paid a top authenticator to examine 11 more items. >> this particular ball is what we'd call amateur hour >> reporter: all 11 rejected declared not authentic then we bought three baseballs ourselves from ralph's company. >> this would never be accepted in a major league baseball. >> reporter: he looked at willie mays' signature under infrared light. >> see this direct line? this wobbles. >> reporter: this is a fake? >> yes, i would not put any value in this in terms of its authenticity. >> reporter: or in the other two either
8:13 am
a separate authenticator came to the same conclusion. all of these items from the same company, all with letters of authenticity we showed some of the balls we bought, without saying where we got them. >> reporter: we have a willie mays i have a mickey mantle here. >> i don't believe this is real. >> reporter: you don't think this is real >> right willie wouldn't sign this ball. >> reporter: why wouldn't he sign the ball? >> it is not a major league baseball >> reporter: echoing what the authenticator told us. the ball in your right hand, we bought from you. >> pardon? >> reporter: we bought the ball in your right hand from you. >> really? >> reporter: how did a ball like that -- >> that's a good question. you got me >> reporter: for just the average person, they think, that's it. i've got a willy mays ball. >> i 100% agree. >> reporter: he told him about chuck kerr, the retired firefighter. he used his entire life savings
8:14 am
to buy memorabilia all of the items came back as potentially fraud. >> first i'm hearing of it. >> reporter: we played his salesman's threatening voicemail. >> now you've forced our hand. >> reporter: it seems this caught you by surprise. >> absolutely. >> reporter: your salesman david engberg called her boss at his office >> he's not going to be my salesman much longer >> reporter: we also showed him the email from his account to jen sullivan >> i'm not going to go away. >> reporter: it's menacing it has a menacing tone >> this is embarrassing. i would never write a letter like that. never. >> reporter: let me ask you this, if you were the sullivans, what would you think was going on >> it's a good question, and i intend to get to the bottom of it. >> reporter: the sullivans think chuck kerr was intentionally duped. >> these people are knowingly
8:15 am
selling fraudulent items i don't care what anybody says this is what they're doing >> reporter: we heard from the salesman who left the voicemail on jennifer's phone. he denies knowingly selling to chuck or anyone else anything that was not genuine he also dismisses the sullivan's claim, saying the family is simply trying to avoid honoring payment obligations. as for the balls we purchased, we brought them here for you to take a look at we have those letters of authenticity >> dimaggio, mickey mantle. >> over $1,000 worth of fraudulent balls. >> these are the ones you took to two authenticators who determined them to be fake. >> exactly we have tips for people who buy this stuff a lot of people do they feel passionate about these things one of them is, and this is really important, is to go to an independent authenticator. that's someone outside of who is selling you the ball and saying, it's real. sometimes people who sell this
8:16 am
stuff will get independent authentication that helps don't trust a signature. sometimes there will be photos of the athlete signing the thing. no way to know if that's true. prices are really important. if you're getting a deal that's too good to be true, it's too good to be true. eah, yeah. >> right then also research the seller and make sure you know who you're buying from there is a lot of fraud out there. this is a cautionary tale for people. >> so sad. he, obviously, spent his life savings and thought he was doing something great for the next generation >> as you say, the sullivans are not alone. this is a billion dollar industry presumably, there are a lot of families with this problem this is helpful. thank you, steph. turn now for a check of the weather from al. >> thanks so much. as we look right now, we're seeing a lot of showers and thunderstorms through the central plains a few showers moving off the eastern coast. not too bad. they upgraded the hurricane season 2019, the national hurricane season now, because there is less of an
8:17 am
el nino going on, it looks like we're expecting more hurricanes for this season. 2019 outlook, 10 to 17 named storms, 5 to 9 hurricanes, 2 to 4 of these could be major hurricanes last year, we had 15 named storms, 8 hurricanes, and 2 major hurricanes we'll be watching this very carefully. hurricane season goes all the way to novembe good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. inland we are seeing more clouds moving in while the coast may see some light rain as we go throughout the morning. our temperatures stay cool there with san francisco reaching 68 degrees. oakland expect a high of 74. 81 in napa. we'll also see the highs reaching up to 81 in san jose. the weekend forecast looks pretty good with a chance of showers in the north bay. a few clouds elsewhere. highs in the low 80s. then heating up sunday into early next week. >> that's your latest weather. best time of the day. it's pop start time. dylan has the duties.
8:18 am
>> let's get to it will farrell last night, he made an appearance on not one, not two, but six late-night talk shows, though he wasn't himself he brought out one of his most beloved characters to try his hand at stand-up we think we may be better in broadcast news, but we'll let you decide. >> new york city in the house. am i right am i right yeah what does that mean by the way, in the house are we in a house? no, we're in a building. a tall building that no one would mistake for a house. new york city in the house >> we're all still laughing. >> hilarious >> to promote the second season of the ron burgundy podcast, will farrell brought his "anchorman" character to every last-night show. check out season two, streaming now. >> it is really funny. >> there's not enough ron burgundy content in the world to consume. >> i know.
8:19 am
>> i always need to be fed that night, i was. >> he is your spirit creature. >> more ron and more cow bell. up next, taylor swift with a debut of her latest album a couple weeks away. she's on the cover of "vogue." she sat down with the magazine and opened up about the difficulties she's faced living her life in the public eye speaking about how she has dealt with online criticism, swift said, i realized i needed to restructure my life. i felt completely out of control. i knew immediately i needed to make music about it because i knew it was the only way i could survive. it was the only way i could preserve my mental health and also tell the story of what it is like to go through something so humiliating for more on the story, check out the september issue of "vogue" on newsstands august 13th. up next, julia louis-dreyfus sat down with "vanity fair," talking about her legendary career, from her start on "snl" to "seinfeld," she reflected on
8:20 am
her favorite episodes of the sitcom, including one that featured a particular dance. take a look. >> the elaine dance is from "the little kicks." it was just written that elaine danced really badly. so the night before the table read, i had this script. frankly, i just stood in front of a mirror and tried to do movements that looked incredibly bad. people approach me about the dance all the time i say, oh, thank you so much no, i'm not going to do it >> such a classic dance. have you ever broken it out on the dance floor? >> i don't think i'm talented enough to do the elaine dance. >> i think you can do that one. >> i love it though. >> george costanza's sweet, fancy moses. >> yeah. finally, tiffany haddish our own willie geist sat down with the comedian and actress for a sunday sit-down. she talked about her journey from homelessness to stardom and what it meant to host "snl" in
8:21 am
2017 take a look. >> once it was done, i w like, okay, i made that history. i did that that was history >> i know. >> i was the first african-american female stand-up comedian to ever host. i thought it was crazy i just knew whoopie goldberg did it but she just appeared in some sketches wanda sykes. i was like, the best of the best had to have done this. nope i was like googling. i went through the archives and looked at every episode. i'm like, oh, i'm literally about to make history. i always wanted to be the first black woman to do something. boo-yah. >> she's so fun. what else can we expect? >> you guys know, she's been here this week, she's all light and energy she's so funny, and she goes down these rabbit holes. she was describing to me why pickles dipped in kool-aid powder is the best treat you can eat. she wants to start a food line. >> that was the candy she made.
8:22 am
>> exactly too funny. >> awesome you can catch the full interview this sunday on "sunday today." how about a daly click i know you have a good one today. >> this is a wild daly click, really special, featuring or "today" show staff getting the show on the air every day is a 24/7 operation. two hours yesterday, the staff put down their phones, turned off the news alerts, and gathered for the first annual "today" show field day there to officiate and heckle, al roker let's go to the tape >> reporter: forget battling it out to the number one in the tv ratings. >> "today" field day >> reporter: today, the "today" show staff faced off against each other for a friendly employee smackdown >> black jack. black jack >> reporter: clearly, we've got some of the most competitive coworkers in the business. >> run like it is a special report >> running laps around here. >> reporter: who knew we also
8:23 am
had so much talent behind the scenes the producers in pink were strong out of the gate, but the yellow jackets swarmed everyone thinks they cheated al, as always, delivered encouragement and kindness. >> looks like walt disney threw up on you. it is field games, not stand around games let's go >> reporter: after two hours and more sun and exercise than any of these producers have had in decades, we can proudly say, nobody lost an eye >> amazing they're like, what is this yellow orb in the sky? it is sun, light, air. >> why are you being so mean it was a fun day >> yes >> you know what kill them with kindness. >> that's it >> right it did get competitive we did have a few field day casualties let's roll the tape. as you can see here -- >> oh. >> drink it in
8:24 am
>> pete green himself. >> so far, so good >> doing great >> a lot of strength core control >> wait for the turn >> oh, no. >> very, very -- >> oh. >> in the bag. >> look at the socks >> a lot going on there. >> the you >> if you want to know whether writes those puns on the show every morning, it's that guy pete green. >> show that to your kids in case they missed it, pete. >> we love it. coming up next, it is concert time tori kelly live on our plaza after a check of your local news, your weather, and these messages
8:25 am
8:26 am
good morning. 8:26. we have breaking news and an update in oakland where firefighters are trying to put out a large fire at a warehouse there. pete? >> reporter: good morning to you, scott. you can see over my right shoulder still a very active fire scene at that warehouse on east 11th street and 23rd avenue. we are getting new details from oakland fire in the past hour. we know they got the call roughly around 6:30 a.m. when the warehouse caught on fire. they are saying inside the building were dozens of art businesses. basically what is burning, you talk about plenty of wood and as
8:27 am
well as metal inside the building. there is no one living inside. these were just business according to oakland fire. no injuries to report. still a very active fire scene. we'll have another update at the end of this hour. >> all right. pete, thank you much. scott, you saw the smoke pouring out of the building behind pete. that is still a distraction for folks on the nimitz. tapering off a bit we have about three and a half miles of really jammed traffic out of san leandro up past the 23rd exit. avoid it if you can. more local news and an update on the fire in a half hour.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ ♪ it's 8:30 on a friday morning. it is go time out on the plaza this crowd has been waiting all morning for tori kelly she's about to dig into a live concert on a beautiful friday morning. >> we're so happy to have you here, tori you have so many fans out here dylan is down with someone who really loves you. >> good morning, guys. i was chatting with vivian for a few minutes here, and i hear tomorrow is a big day. what is tomorrow >> it's my birthday.
8:31 am
>> how old are you turning >> 8. >> where are you from? >> california. >> all the way from california all right. would it be really, really cool if tori kelly wished you a happy birthday >> yes. >> oh, my gosh, hi what's your name again >> vivian. >> can we all sing you happy birthday is that okay will you help me sing it ready? one, two, three. ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ happy birthday to you vivian♪ ♪ happy birthday to you ♪ happy birthday dear vivian ♪ happy birthday to you [ applause ] >> happy birthday. >> and she's back. >> how are you feeling right now? >> feeling great >> that's hard to top. tori, thank you so much. >> she'll be talking about that one for a lot of birthdays to come tori's music is straight ahead first, a check of the weather.
8:32 am
let's show you what we have for your weekend starting with tomorrow, gorgeous day, less humid in the northeast, mid-atlantic states hot through texas into the southwest. severe storms move into the pacific northwest. sunday, sunday, much of the eastern half of the u.s. looking good showers along the southeastern atlantic coast monsoonal moisture in the southwest. severe storms in the western plains sunshine along t good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. live look outside in san jose. a few passing clouds and nice, cool temperatures. we'll see our highs only reach the low 80s today. slightly cooler than normal. for the inland valleys expect low 80s today. upper 60s for san francisco. we'll also be watching out for some spotty showers. mostly across the north bay today. early tomorrow morning also. after that system moves on it starts to heat up and we'll have a hot start to early next week. >> announcer: the citi concert series on "today" is proudly
8:33 am
presented by citi. >> we're mere moments from our tori kelly concert on the plaza. first, a look at her breakout career >> reporter: she's the two-time grammy winner lighting up the pop landscape. ♪ unbreakable smile >> reporter: since breaking out with her 2015 album "unbreakable smile," tori kelly has brought an easy energy to the charts her incredible range of vocals winning over fans around the world. ♪ nobody loves like you do >> reporter: kelly's amazing talent premiering on the big screen in "sing. and with two new grammys on her mantle, 2019 is proving to be another massive year for tori kelly. her third studio album "inspired by true events" is coming out, and she's on our "today" plaza to get us moving away.
8:34 am
>> tori, take it away. ♪ it came to me like a song ♪ one i knew all along ♪ and he's got a hold on me, i know you think that it's wrong ♪ ♪ he grew on me like a rose ♪ the sweetest smell i've ever known ♪ ♪ i swear he's got a hold on me and now i can't let him go ♪ ♪ no one ever said it was easy, and i know you've got to believe me ♪
8:35 am
♪ no, it don't seem right, but i'll change your mind, mind ♪ ♪ believe i'll need your blessing, oh, i love him, yeah, i'm confessing ♪ ♪ if it takes my life, imma change your mi ♪ ♪ he spoke to me like the rain ♪ i knew that i would have to see him again ♪ ♪ as he poured out his heart on me, i was a moth to a flame ♪ ♪ oh, yeah ♪ no one ever said it was easy and i love him, you gotta believe me ♪ ♪ no, it don't seem right, but i'll change your mind, mind,
8:36 am
yeah ♪ ♪ trust in me, i'm a need your blessing ♪ ♪ oh, i love him, i'm confessing ♪ ♪ if it takes my life, i'ma change your mind ♪ ♪ oh ♪ no, no, no, no, no, oh, no ♪ i'ma change your mind ♪ oh ♪ you look at me like the sun ♪ and i can see that your mind' made up ♪ hold on me ♪ ♪ i swear that he is the ♪ but daddy, he got a hold on
8:37 am
me ♪ ♪ i swear that he is the one >> tori kelly sounding so good she's just getting started on a friday morning
8:38 am
8:39 am
concert stage where tori kelly is playing to an amazing crowd devoted of fans. >> her new album "inspired by true events" is called out today. calling it her most personal yet. good morning again great to see you. >> you, too. >> you sound amazing. >> thank you. >> why do you say this is your most personal and maybe cathartic? >> this is by far my most vulnerable album a lot has happened in the last couple years things within my family. my grandfather passed. this album isn't necessarily the most dancey and upbeat and fun,
8:40 am
but just for the chapter of life i was in, i felt i needed to put these songs out. i'm excited for people to hear them. >> you always put your heart out. you seem to have conquered every genre, pop, country, gospel. you won two grammys. where are you keeping your grammys these days, by the way >> they're in my studio. kind of like they have their own spot in the house. >> it wasn't so easy to get your grammys. there was a story behind them being delivered to your house. you weren't home, so they were left at a local walgreen's is that right? >> this is true. i wasn't there to sign for them. i missed it. i got a notice, and it said your packages -- they didn't know there were grammys inside -- they said the packages will be at walgreen's. i said, great, this will be funny and super glamorous. it was hilarious picking up my grammys atwal greens really awesome. >> i love how you didn't wait until you were home. >> i'm opening these now in the car. >> when we get prescriptions, you get grammys at walgreen's. very nice. >> what are you singing for us now? >> i'll sing a song off the
8:41 am
album called "language." >> take it away, tori. ♪ let me choose my words real carefully ♪ ♪ don't let me be misunderstood no ♪ be misunderstood, no ♪ ♪ cause i don't wanna say something i don't ♪ cause i don't wanna say just
8:42 am
you, love you, love you real good ♪ something i don't really mean ♪ ♪ i just wanna love you, love you, love you, love you real aln good ♪ ♪ they always say don't go to bed angry ♪insecure ♪ so it's been days since i got some sleep, babe ♪ ♪ i say, i miss you, you take i as i'm trying to guilt you like i'm insecure ♪
8:43 am
♪ this quiet game ain't working out for me ♪ ♪ leave your pride, i'll leave mine ♪ ♪ lord knows i need patience with you so i can explain this to you ♪ ♪ i'm trying to learn your language, sugar ♪ ♪ i just want to love you, love you, love you good ♪ ♪ we got issues, so what ♪ it's gonna be worth it when it's over ♪ ♪ i'm trying to learn your language, sugar ♪ ♪ so i can love you, love you, love you good ♪ you, love you, love you good ♪ ♪ we got ♪ don't hear me wrong, i know i
8:44 am
ain't perfect ♪ you good ♪ it won't be long till my word carefully cause you hurting ♪ ♪ let me choose my words learn carefully ♪ ♪ so you can learn we, yeah, need to ♪ yeah ♪ just wanna learn your language ♪ ♪ just wanna love you ♪ so what, it's ♪ i know i need patience, yeah ♪
8:45 am
♪ ♪ just wanna learn your language ♪ ♪ just wanna love you ♪ so what, it's gonna be worth it when it's over ♪ ♪ i'm trying to find your language, sugar ♪ ♪ so i can love you, love you, love you good ♪ ♪ lord knows i need patience with you ♪ ♪ so i can explain this to you ♪ i'm trying to learn your language so i can love you, love >> much more of tori kelly and you, love you good ♪ >> much more of tori kelly and that voice coming up first, thiis "today" on nbc. s california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones,
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tori kelly's new album is out today, and she's giving our fans a great concert about to perform her hit "nobod away love," tori kelly, take it away. ♪ everybody's looking for that price ♪ ♪ everybody is scared of something, ♪ ♪ no one ever wants to pay the price ♪ ♪ everybody is scared of going nowhere ♪ ♪ but we ain't going anywhereoui
8:49 am
tonight ♪ ♪ no, i should be more cynical and tell myself it's not okay ♪ ♪ to feel this good when i'm with you ♪ ♪ i try my best to fight it, sa i hate you but i always stay ♪ ♪ whoa, whoa, whoa, cause ♪ ain't nobody love, ain't nobody love like you do ♪ ♪ ain't nobody love, ain't nobody love like you ♪ ♪ ain't nobody love, ain't nobody love like you do ♪ ♪ ain't nobody love, ain't knob love like you ♪ ♪ everybody's talking bout the next thing ♪ ♪ feel like what they got ain't good enough, oh, oh, yeah ♪ ♪ but all i wanna do is release the tension, oh, yeah, oh, yeah ♪ ♪ bring the conversation back t us ♪ ♪ oh, i should be more cynical and tell myself it's not okay ♪ ♪ to feel this good when i'm with you ♪
8:50 am
♪ i try my best to fight it, sa i hate you but i always stay ♪ ♪ whoa, whoa, whoa cause ♪ ain't nobody love >> sing it out, y'all. come on. ♪ ain't nobody love, ain't nobody love like you ♪ ♪ ain't nobody love, ain't nobody love like you do ♪ ♪ ain't nobody love, ain't nobody love like you do ♪ ♪ yeah, you reached out and pulled me out, i want you here and now ♪ ♪ i try my best to fight it, sa i hate you but i always stay ♪ ♪ hey, hey, hey oh, oh ♪ ♪ oh, yeah ♪ everybody is looking for that
8:51 am
♪ oh, oh, oh ♪ oh, yeah ♪ everybody is looking for that new thing ♪ ♪ oh, oh, oh ♪ ain't nobody, nobody, nobody love ♪ ♪ ain't nobody love, ain't nobody love like you do ♪ ♪ ain't nobody love, ain't nobody love like you do ♪ ♪ ain't nobody love, ain't nobody love like you do ♪ ♪ ain't nobody love, ain't nobody love like you do ♪ ♪ ain't nobody love, ain't lik ♪ ain't nobody nobody love like you do ♪ ♪ ain't nobody love, ain't nobody love like you ♪ ain't nobody love like you do ♪ ain't nobody love, ain't nobody love like you do ♪ ♪ ain't nobody love, ain't nobody love like you do ♪
8:52 am
>> what a voice. tori kelly, thank you so much. again, her new album is out today. she's going to be back in our next hour with more music. first on a friday morning, this we are here to discuss jessie's online time. and out of respect, we will let you make the first offer. thirty minutes. thirty minutes? objection! overruled. one hour. sweeten the deal by doing the dishes and i'll consider it. i wouldn't do it. i hate the dishes. one hour with the tablet, you walk the dog and do the dishes. if you insist. congratulations. only xfinity xfi lets you take control of your family's online time. that's simple, easy, awesome. xfinity xfi gives you the speed, coverage and control you need. manage your wifi network from anywhere when you download the xfi app today.
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welcome back on a beautiful friday morning tori kelly helped us celebrate a birthday to begin the half hour. al, let's end with more birthday wishes. >> fire up those smucker's jars, boys, we're coming in. first, happy 100th birthday to josephine. bingo champion from rocky river, ohio, near cleveland secret to longevity, be happy. dr. gonzales of minnesota celebrating 100 years. married to the love of his life for 60 years happy 100th to louise charles. a gardener from kentucky wrote her own cookbook, "granny's family favorites." >> teresa neil is described as a
8:55 am
go-getter who never slows down donald brubaker, 100 years young. this diamond back fan is from preston, arizona served in the navy we salute you for your service finally, a proud grandma from boulder city, nevada secret to longevity, chocolate for dora mcnulty head to and add a photo. tori kelly, can she sing or what >> that voice. >> i know. >> we'll have another song next hour she's amazing. >> yeah. >> before we do that, dylan, what's ahead tomorrow on "today"? >> we have an interesting story. we're going to take you to an ancient cathedral that has set up a mini golf course. some say it is getting more people to church others argue it isn't appropriate. >> so you can get a holy in one. >> so good. >> that was offered up for al. >> i have to watch tomorrow. i want to know more about that
8:56 am
story. don't miss sunday today. and see our sit-down with tiffany haddish. have a great weekend it is a beautiful one. >> spectacular. >> back after our local news. >> i'd like a little more humidity really >> oh! >> green down. >> oh! >> green down. it's 8:56. i'm scott mcgrew. let's get an update about that breaking news out of oakland, a three-alarm warehouse fire. what is the latest, pete? >> reporter: good morning, scott. the fire continues to be an issue here at this warehouse in oakland. you can see it over my right
8:57 am
shoulder. they are definitely making progress. the flames aren't as big as they were. oakland firefighters tell us they got the call just before 6:30 a.m. and say the warehouse was on fire on east 11th street. inside that warehouse there were dozens of art businesses. ten of the businesses have been affected and have plenty of wood, bronze, and metal inside. that's what's burning. we do want to point out no one was living inside. only businesses. no one was inside at the time of the fire. there are no injuries reported. the fire does continue to burn. we'll have another live update at 11:00 a.m. >> thank you, pete. before we go let's look at traffic. you can see 880 which is never speedy this time of day is still slow. the fire is off to the left there. a lot of people looking. low clouds. rain coming, too. see you at 11:00.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza, this is the third hour of "today." good tgi friday. welcome to the third hour of "today." i'm al along with dylan. florida, the national as craig and sheinelle are still down in florida, at the national association of black journalists convention we have lester holt from nbc "nightly news. "good to see you. >> always fun to hang to you guys. >> i love we have to say lester holt from nbc "nightly news. >> it is like a business card. i haven't seen you in a while. >> it's been a long time >> the whole group i saw earlier this week. the whole group. >> first time since early july. >> july 8th. >> it was like a drive-by reunion. they're together and then they're not. >> gone again. >> here we are


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