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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  August 9, 2019 11:00am-11:28am PDT

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altogether inside. only about seven to ten of them were affected by that massive fire. now these businesses, they included woodworking shops, metal working shops as well as bronze. and we talked to oakland fire and they explained the difficulty of putting out this fire and the type of businesses that were inside. >> heavy fire load in there. especially with the woodworking shop. that makes it very stubborn for
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us. there part of the facility or the warehouse is two stories and the roof collapsed in and trying to get to the fire on the first floor is difficult because we can't get the water to ther >> reporter: as you mentioned, no one lived in this building. this was strictly for work. so no one was -- no one was anide at the time of the fire. issue as they tried to extinguish the fire and the fire crews were able to fix the problem. as we take you back out here live to the scene, there were no mandatory evacuations. this is primarily a residential area but the cause of the fire is still under investigation. live here in oakland, pete suratos, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, pete. now we were the first to alert people about the fire with our nbc bay area app. we sent this out at 6:42 many morning, this alert.
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so download the app to get breaking news right oyo now this morning's fire is half a mile away from the site of the ghost ship warehouse fire. so when today's fire tarted folks immediately thought of thato verdict. nine women and three men must decide whether or not master tenant derick almena and second in command max harris should be found guilty of involuntary manslaughter, each facing one count for each of the 36 people in the fire. court is not in session. the jury continues deliberation on monday morning. in san francisco, the outside lands music festival kicks off in golden gate park and there is more security this year than ever before. we're talking more police and more s.w.a.t. officers at that event as well. perimeter security will be a high priority as a result of some of the recent tragic events including gilroy.
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nd process but sfpd did not go into detail as to how that will look. as for the festival, there will be high-profile artists including paul simon and childish gambino. live out to san francischait high up on the sutro tower. maybe we could make out a couple of things there. expect the cooler temperatures because of the fog but a nice weekend ahead says kari hall. >> we have going on and peel outside and cooler weather thank to the low clouds. if you are heading out to outside lands, it's in the upper 60s throughout the day and the skies will gradually clear. by 1:00 to 2:00 we'll seeing no but sunshine at golden gate park. and then cooling down nicely this evening. but we do have a very weak storm system passing by that brought in -- a couple of sprinkles for parts of the north bay. nothing measurable here so as you go out for the rest of the day, our skies will continue to
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clear out with our temperatures in the low 80s. we'll be up to 85 in antioch. 84 in concord. and oakland seeing a high of 74 degrees today. in the south bay we're gearing up for the jazz festival so we'll talk more about either -- other events going on for the weekend and the forecast and the hot weather coming up in a few minutes. new at 11:00, sacramento is giving the south bay a shot amor break-ins. we are live in milpitas. major but a nuisance. >> reporter: it is a growing problem and that is why sacramento is pitching in. millions of dollars for local naw enforcement here south bay to combat a growing problem in the south bay where law enforcement has seen a huge spike in smash-and-grab of parked cars. the reason we're seeing so many now according to police, the
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economy is doing good. shopping centers are thriving and the thieves know that and they take advantage and target the parking plots. so assembly member carson chui presented five local police departments to try to combat and the assembly member was able to secure $3.75 from the state to be split between fremont, milpitas and newark san jose and santa clara. it will be for areas to spend the money on public awareness, business overtime so they could more time investigating the thefts and then signs and equipment to deterred these type ofow il show you some numbers and show you how severe the spike has been. this is according to the local police departments. newark, the city of newark has seen a 30% increase in car break-ins between 2015 to 2018. fremont, 27% increase in the
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same time period. three se, 14% increase, same months of this year and milpitas seen a 35% increase the first half of the year. now organized groups from san francisco, and san joaquin, they are selling the goods overseas and they are sophisticated and they work in shifts up and down the highway, 880, 237, 101, they are looking for laptops, cell phones and other electronics that people leave in cars. law enforcement is encouraging not to leave items in your car. but if you do, put it in the trunk and put the devices in airport mode. thieves do have equipment to detect blew tooth and wi-fi. the chief said they received over laptop computers that wasi
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a weekend's worth of stealing. reporting live here in milpitas. bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> one weekend. that is shocking. so new details on the in one m terrifying shoppers there. the incident played out yesterday in springfield. no shots were fired and he is in custody but police said the manager pulled the fire alarm to get people out and when he went out an emergency exit and he was detained by an armed off-duty firefighter until police arrived. but there were moments of sheer panic for the shoppers. >> i thought this is real. rifl. it up in the air like so, it but when the police officer had looked very terrifying. >> police now confirm that the man did have loaded weapons and a hundred rounds of ammunition. right now house speaker nancy pelosi is asking president trump to use his constitutional
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powers to call the senate back into session immediately to consider house-passed legislation expanding federal g. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell said he will not call senators back from the august recess. but in a move that may alarm the nra, he said he would consider allowing a vote on background checks and other gun legislation when congress returns next month. nbc's peter alexander has the latest. >> reporter: nearly one week after the mass shootings in el paso and dayton, there is gun republican mitch mcconnell said expanded background checks will be front and center when congress returns from the summer break after labor day but resisting calls to bring lawmakers back immediately to vote on a pair of background check bills already passed by the house, now on his desk. >> if we did that, we'd just have people scoring points and nothing would happen. but what we can't do is fail to pass something, by just locking
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up and failing to pass, that's unacceptable. >> reporter: house speaker nancy pelosi is pressing president trump to step in saying mcconnell, describing himself as grim reaper, has been an obstacle to taking any action. more than 200 mayors, including those in dayton and el paso, are echoing pelosi writing that mcconnell and chuck schumer, our nation can no longer wait for the federal government to act. the president's expressed a renewed willingness to expand backgroundks >>re checks. >> reporter: but the gun lobby is already pushing back. nbc news confirmed the president spoke with nra chief executive wayne la pierre this week. according to a source familiar with the matter, la pierre told the president expanding background checks would not be popular among the president's supporters. he said in a statement the nra opposes any new restrictions on gun rights. adding, the proposals being discussed by many would not have
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prevented the horrific tragedies in el paso and dayton. california democrat jackie speier survived a shooting as a young congressional aide more than four decades ago. now she's underscoring the stakes for the country. >> if we really have reached a tipping point and i do believe that we have, when people are fearful to go out, to go to festivals, to go to grocery stores, to theaters, for fear that someone is going to load people up, we have a problem. >> that list. one east palo alto entrepreneur is filling more orders for bulletproof hoodies recent neighborhood shooting to keep her own family safe. >> i think people are looking for an option to feel safe or move on from these events and i guess mine is one option. >> she's selling hoodies but sales are also up for the bulletproof backpacks. ever since last weekend's
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shootings. maker of a product called toughy pack said her sales have doubled. if you have school-aged kids this may not come as a shock but back-to-school costs keep going higher and parents are expected to spend 30% more than last year. nationally back-to-school shopping is expected to rake in $27 billion according to the accounting firm. but in the bay area average per household spending is only expected to go up aut to $611, nationally it is lower, it is $519. more than 50% will shop in stores, 30% of people will shop line like i did, and interesting note online back-to-school shop htl since last year. >> i don't know why you do it any other way. coming up, protesters filling up hong kong international airport. the latest in a long series of protests. and a home coming for a veet vet killed in action. the touching moments inside of a
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- ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program call or visit welcome back. families near clear lake have been forced from homes as another fire continues to burn. clear lake has seen its fair share of wildfires over the years. the latest burning since yesterday afternoon calling it the gulf fire because it is near buckingham country club. at laeft check 33 acres burned and it is 30% contained. biggest challenge is the steep terrain and brush. >> firefighters making short work of a fire that burned near jewish community smoldering coal left on a grill. international airport. one of the busiest in
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filled the arrival lounge and protesters politely handing out pamphlets to tourists including a full withdraw of extra diction. hong kong is supposed to have its own independent judiciary and that was sus pended after weeks of similar protests. china said protesters are misguided. today's demonstration is not impacting travel. though the u.s. government does warn americans traveling there, tourism is down 30% since the protests began. [ bell ] >> markets are lower this -- what is it? friday. and rth on that. that will affect stocks line intel. emotional moment at an airportinyeterday long missing vietnam veteran arrived home after 50 years.
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>> the entire airport going silent after the casket of colonel knight made its way off the tarmac and a special poignant moment for the pilot who flew his remains home. >> this is colonel roy knight junior's final flight, a trip home to texas after more than a half century. the air force pilot shot down in laos in 1967 while viting dur the vietnam war. first declared missing and then killed in action, his remains were discovered and identified earlier this year. >> we had given up any hope that this would ever happen and we're absolutely amazed at how this came to pass. >> reporter: colonel knight served the country for 20 years at air force bases in asia and here in the u.s. marrying his wife patricia in the philippines, they raised three children together. roy iii, gayan and brian his youngest.
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in 1967 knight said good -- good nights's love field and it would be the last time he saw his father alive. and that bill boy now a pilot for southwest airlines, flew his father home to the very samethe silent. hundreds of travelers watching the moving and sacred moment unfold. outside airport workers standing at attention in gesture of respect. the colonel's family including his sister june on the tarmac to receive his flag-draped casket and his son roy reaching out to his dad. >> it was beautiful. it was emotional. it was sad. but it was good, too. it was like the end of a journey. >> reporter: on a day of mixed emotions, brian said mission accomplished. 52 years after they said good-bye, father and son reunited at last on the same soil. >> ann thompson reporting. what a give for that little bur
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this weekend with of course full military honors. >> how i c that one. >> sorry about that. >> you're a good person. let'she your weather. >> okay. as we get ready to start out the weekend, we're going to enjoy nice weather and mostly sunny skies. we're starting to see things clearing up near the golden gate bridge as we see some breezy winds there. a lot of tourists there walking across the vista point and looking at the golden gate bridge now. and then inland we're seeing in dublin a nice little cooldown. we continue to enjoy some cooler temperatures here. and our high temperatures heading into the low to mid-80s. napa today will reach up to 81 degrees. and 74 today in oakland. and palo alto looking at a high of 80 degrees there. and m anbottom of the screen as we check out a little bit of a warm-up in the forecast. and you want to enjoy the cooler weather while we have it.
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head out to the nbc bay area treat truck this evening in redwood city and you're going out to music on the square look for folks there to give you free ice cream and have some nice weather. we'll be in the upper 70s and then cooling down to the lower 70s as that music continues. and then tonight welsohave and we're going to see temperatures in the upper 60s, a mix of sun and clouds, or clouds moving in this evening as we have seen mostly cloudy startay even producing some spotty sprinkles across much of the north bay. we haven't measured anything and we are seeing this system moving on. and theremorrow morning. that could bring in some rain from ukiah on northward and also a slight chance that we could see some lightning strikes across northern california. here in the bay area, we'll see more clouds and fog fear the coast to start out the day and
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then everything clearing out into the afternoon. and then tomorrow we have the raiders game and a preseason kickoff with temperatures in the lower 70s at halftime at about 73 degrees so the temperatures there holding steady. if your going to be in santa clara, it is till going to be beautiful, comfortable and highs in the upper 70 temperatures. by sunday, that is when it starts to heat up. so if you are in the spots like 90 degrees and the hotter spots up to about 92. we are going to have a hot start to the week. but then as we head towards tuesday or wednesday and start to see itm coulding back down into the upper 80s and san francisco for the most part stays in the 60s and lower 70s. but overall a lot of events going on and a great weekend for some kids enjoying the last before school starts. >> thank you into coming up, the 49ers number one side lines and
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when nick bosa will be on the field and when you could watch the niners and the raiders play this weekend. but happening now, tiger woods is out. he's withdrawingrom the abdomi him pain and stiffness. woods said he's received treatment for the strain earlier this morning but he's going to be unable to compete in the tournament. we're back after the break.
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and you score the you knperfect outfit?at ross ooooohhhh! game on! now, that's yes for less. we are looking live at some of the video from this morning's warehouse fire in oakland. the flames are now out.
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but again find all of the latest details at in the meantime, marcus washington will be back on monday. marcus and laura have been off this week. while i've been filling in with marcus i'm working on our new podcast sand hill road. they're going to tell you it is about venture capital and i do menlo park but this week it is not all about money. i talk to rebecca lynn about the proper number of chickens you should have. >> and i said if we get another dog we'll get a chicken. >> just one. you can't just have one. >> little did i know when i showed up, you can't have one. they're social. >> they're flocks. >> sand hill road is available on apple podcasts and google play and i encourage you to give it a try. sometimes it is about chickens. >> did you get more than one
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chicken. >> i got two chickens. >> can't wait to see the pictures. niners fans have to wait to see nick bosa, the defensive end sprained his ankle. gm john lynch called the injury significant so he's out for the pre-season. he was the second pick in the draft. it is not clear if he'll be ready to go when the real season begins about a month from now. as we were mentioning, pre-season begins against the cowboys at levi tonight. >> what do you do when you sprain your ankle i wonder. the raiders also play the first game tomorrow and they're not going to go far. they're hosting the rams at the oakland coliseum. the two teams are practicing against each other in napa. >> and then they play on sunday. that will be sunday -- >> saturday. >> i think it said over your shoulder on sunday. it is saturday because it is pre-season. thank goodness we have a scientist to give us some kind of factual information. >> we have great weather for half of the weekend. so if it is on sunday, it is a little bit warmer out there. 92 degrees for some of our inland areas and then heating up
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early next week. we'll come back to work. and talking about it being hot, sweating. >> we have a ruling on the field, it is saturday. >> saturday. >> goal. >> i should have trusted myself. i knew i was right. have a great weekend, folks. >> see ya.
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right now on "california live," an inspiring group of people who dance in the dark. >> from hip-hop to salsa, they do it all without missing a step. and they're blind. n malou is swinging in the shadows of the golden gate. >> there is vip and then there is a level above vip. from outside land we'll come to you from the hottest music festival in san francisco. and ladies, you're welcome. this one is just for you. >> you guys ready. we're about to bring the thunder from down under. and hollywood's bad boy is serving up local love.
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>> that is good. >> it is all happening right now on "california live."


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