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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  August 9, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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aor escalate additional units immediately. >> reporter: you can see how charred that hillside is, and you can also see, if wen over, how close it came ranch-style house. this was the biggest threat along doolan road where ten housese evacuated. the other side is a huge subdivision, a very scary afternoon for those folks. this fire 90% contained. thankfully, the fire department reacted very quickly. they say they are ready for these fires, and that is what it's going to take to get these things under control. so a lot of folks breathing a lot easier tonight. reporting live in dublin, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> that really was quick work. we've been sending out breaking news alert about the fire all afternoon. you can sign up for the breaking news alerts on our free nbc bay area app and they'll show up right on your phone. you're looking at a time lapse on the golden gate bridge
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camera. the fog could be replaced with a little bit of rain. there it is right there on the radar, a storm is offshore, but it is heading our way. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri is live in redwood city for us. it is beautiful. we see the sunshine in your shot. tell us a little bit about the change coming. >> well, that storm system starting to move right into the coastline and will bring us the possibility of a few showers in our forecast. i want to show you right now where that storm system is located. the center of the storm is off to the north where we could also get a few isolated thunderstorms in northern california. so, again, it's because of that we'll see some changes tomorrow. now at 11:00 in the morning is when we'll have the best possibility of maybe getting spotty showers near the coast and the north bay. that, again, would be the best bet. so let's lay it all out for you. the saturday weather changes with that storm just to the nornor north. only spotty chances.
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ath y and the coast. california/oregon border, anywhere from a quarter to a look at this. half inch that is possible. a change in the weather certainly tomorrow. we'll talk more about those changes in the seven-day forecast. and also about out here, redwood city, we're at music on the square. andçóñiñpáhe nbc bayçóxd area -r and the full forecast in about 15 minutes. >> yes, and you have ice cream, jeff. we'll be back with you because weñi kéé you have t. abroad. it'sçó human rightsñi andñrxd envirop-#nt someone shot him in tku philippines. he's inçó critical condition. city leaders rallied outside of city hall and say the shooting is a violation of human rights and blame the president of theñ philippi ñi coming forçó this year's outside landsçó festivaln san francisco.
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you're looking live at the festival inñi golden gate park. a hot of people thereçóñi enjoy the music andw3ñiñiñiñiñrçó fesñ festival to allow people to legally buy and smoke marijuana. but there's another big change this yoa&1ñ tighter5añiçónb s. nbc bayñi area's alley wolf joi us with what those atdeu9,ñ the ñi . alley? >> reporter: well, we are at one of the entrances right here where yes, there is beefed up security. there is a lot of fencing up as well. and that is because of the recent mass shootings in gilroy ci country, and we ran into a group from el paso, after a mass shooting in that city, and they tell us they refuse to let fear take away their fun. as music fills golden gate park for the 12th annual outside lands festival some can't help but feel a little worried as they pass through the metal detectors.
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>> it's a little scary. >> reporter: omar garcia came with a group from el paso, texas, days after a mass shooting in their city killed 22 people. their shirts say el paso strong. >> this one person that decided to do this hateful act, we're not going to let them stop us from living the life we want to live. >> reporter: after mass shootings in el paso, dayton and gilroy, the city tightened security at the festival, adding more police officers and more fencing. and this year for the first time, marijuana can be sold and smoked in a designated area called grass lands. >> it's honestly groundbreaking. >> reporter: the director of san francisco's office of cannabis expects the change to make things safer. >> we want to make sure that the only people who want to be impacted by second hand smoke are the individuals who are in the consumption space or elect to be in that space. >> reporter: and as for the marijuana section, it can only be sold and smoked in that one section, which is actually away from the stages. you have to be 21 years old or
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older to go in there. more than 200,000 people are expected to attend outside lands this weekend. ali wolf, nbc bay area news. it's not just outside lands, san jose will also be stepping up security at its jazz summer festival over the weekend. festival doors are just opening up now as organizers spent the day getting ready. in the wake of the garlic shooting, they are adding more officers and stepping up security. this year the festival will have less entrances, all attendees and belongings will be searched coming in, and backpacks are not allowed. if you see something strange, say something to a security officer immediately. it was a drain rudangerous la oakland firefighters were called
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to this artist studio. the firefighters say much of what was inside was saved. melissa colorado joins us live in oakland. quite a different outcome from the last time we saw a massive warehouse fire in 2016. >> reporter: a completely different outcome, jess, and the battalion chief tells us it appears the cause of tfire was completely accidental. there are fire crews still on scene putting out some of the stubborn hotspots. this commercial building was a co-working space for dozens of artists. some now having to figure out how to rebuild their businesses from the ashes. >> showing her instagram followers her welding workspace, one of several workspaces that made up the moxie art collective in east oakland. this was her today, watching as fire crews poured water and fire suppression foam over the building on east 11th street and 23rdñr avenue.
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her workspace is somewhere in there under heaps of charred debris. >> it's not a live/work studio. individuals come in during the day and work and go home at night. >> they do a lot of work for burning man and stuff hike that. >> reporter: she lives next door and says she dialed 911 shortly before 6:30 this morning when she saw flames shoot up into the sky. >> they used to have little gatherings, art exhibitions and stuff like that. >> reporter: there were some people inside the building, about to start their work day. they all managed to make it out safely. >> that was my concern, to come up here and see if anybody else got hurt like the ghost ship fire. >> reporter: oakland fire says the commercial warehouse had more than 30 separate workspaces. the flames damaged at least seven studio spaces before fire crews managed to contain the fire and save the rest of the building. >> it was just material and it's replaceable, and nobody lost their life, thank god for that. >> reporter: back out here live, oakland fire still on scene
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putting out some of those stubborn hotspots. we're told the part of the building that suffered the most damage was where carpentry and welding work was done. thankfully, no injuries were reported. melissa colorado, nbc bay area news. he says he did it and that he targeted mexicans. the man accused of gunning down 22 people in an el paso walmart last week is now confessing to the crime. unsealed court documents show patrick crucius admitted to driving from allen, texas to el paso, where more than 80% of the population is hispanic. detectors s detectives say he admitted to going to that specific walmart and shooting people. prosecutors have said they will seek the death penalty. one week after the mass shootings in the u.s., president trump and lawmakers are taking a nine-day vacation. before he left the president called for meaningful background checks and raised the spectre
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that senate may be willing to take action. adding that mitch mcconnell is on board. huge differences remain on what type of background checks can pass on capitol hill. the president did stop short of universal background checks, vigorously opposed by the national rifle association. >> talk about meaningful, add that word. meaningful background checks so sick and demented people don't carry around guns. >> president trump's vacation plans include fund raising and golfing at his new jersey golf club. congress returnsseptember. you are looking live in san jose where in about an hour, just about every law enforcement officer who responded to the shooting will be honored at the giants game. one first responder, jeremy jones, will though out the first
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pitch. he and his k-9 partner, raider, were one of the first on the scene. >> the first response, it's heartbreaking at first. i'm born and raised here. when you hear something like that come over the radio and you're responding and you really just take a second and you have to take a deep breath and remember that what we're doing it for. >> jones will be joined by other first responders as he throws out that first pitch. again, it starts in about an hour. robert handa is at the park. he'll bring us more on the event, the heroes and an update on thenv milions of dollars to crackdown on car break ins. how they plan to spend that money to stop smash and grab thieves. and we are taking our show on the road. >> we are going to give away free ice cream! these are your options. we'll have a taste test coming up after the break.
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is it enough? several bay area cities are getting millions to help solve one of their biggest problems, car break ins. the money is goingan jose, milpitas and pfremont. scott budman joins us live. you're going to tell us about the plan to keep burglars out of
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your car. >> reporter: this is milpitas square, one of the hotspots for car break ins. you can expect to see more of these signs throughout the bay area. it was once considered a san francisco problem, but those days, car break ins are on the rise in the south bay, too. 14% in san jose, 27% in fremont. more than doubling in santa clara since last year, where joseph chen got hit. >> i left my guitar in the car, like a very visible, prime target. the guy broke in, took my guitar, my backpack. my backpack has my corporate laptop and checkbook. >> we are identifying what the trends are, the hours of the day, the days of the week. >> reporter: now all those cities are fighting back, thanks to a $3.75 million infusion from
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assemblyman chu. each city gets $750,000 to curb the crime. >> we're going to invest a little bit more in detection equipment, like cameras. lpr cameras. education campaigns with our community. and then finally, we have to go out and arrest these folks. >> many years ago, we were able to leave our laptops and say, you know, this is my property, this is my car, nobody should come in this. unfortunately, those times have changed. >> reporter: they certainly have changed, which is one of the reasons officials tell us a big factor in all this is pornt ite. live in milpitas, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> yep, that's for sure. firefighters in lake county say they're making good progress on the gulf fire. we brought you the breaking news last night at 5:00. firefighters have the flames 30% contained. the fire has burned 33 acres. it started yesterday near
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kelseyville. an evacuation order for the riv riveriera area has been lifted. a series of recent lawsuits found a chemical in roundup likely led to cancer. california ordered the maker to add a label saying roundup is known to cause cancer. monsanto refused and sued the the epa is refusing to approve the label saying its research shows no chemical in the weedkiller causes cancer. a new plan to help the homeless in walnut creek is happening at the catholic church
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on ignacio valley road. they will allow ten cars to park in the parking lot overnight. people will be allowed to sleep in the cars and there will be access to bathrooms and security there. the homeless will have to heave t leave the lot in the morning. well, treat yourself, yay! our treat truck is on the peninsula tonight, and we are giving out, well, not us. but janelle and raj are giving out free ice cream. s >> we're also not getting any, by t s going to be any extra left. >> of course, you are always on our minds. >> it has been a tough couple weeks not only in the bay area but across the country. one way we can make people smile is by free ice cream. >> it's music on the square. it happens every friday night all summer where there's music, but this friday we have our nbc bay area treat truck. >> who do we have here?
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>> josh from our promotions department, chris chmura. you have an ice cream sandwich. janell janelle wang. what did you choose and why? >> beautiful night. >> you chose the drumstick. s >> i chose the drumstick. >> it's going to be a great night. i'm going to toss you to raj. >> it is a beautiful night. we're going to come over here where all the people and bands are starting to start. up there, the historic redwood city, the old courthouse, i think built in the early 1900s and the historic fox theater, one of the best venues around. not only do we have all our tv friends but our personal friends, jeff ranieri, our chief
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meteorologist. >> hey, what's up. >> you picked a heck of a time to take the forecast outside. >> i said let's get out of the studio, right? i know, yes. >> take it away, jeff. >> we got them free ice cream. what a great time-out here tonight. that weather forecast, even though we have blue sky right now, going to be changing as we head through this weekend. let's take a hook if ylook if y heading to redwood city. we'd love to see you from ñi5:0 to 8:00. we'll be out here with the treat truck. temperatures will be in the 70s ñiñi there is no obligation. we're giving you free ice cream. their vosiqj are going to wear out here. we've got a good group tonight. we have this area of low pressure moving off to the south, and that's going to bring us the possibility of rain and some isolated thunderstorms. as we move into tomorrow morning, what you'll see here is temperatures start off in the low 60s for the south bay,
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peninsula and tri valley, with a slight chance of showers near the coast. also for the north bay, where san francisco begins that 57 and the north bay at 58. overall tomorrow, you'll see numbers looking really good. comfortable, 84 back to antioch. 81 in livermore, 80 in san jose and right near the coastline, we'll be in the 60s. our rainfall estimate is going to be a hot higher, up towards the north bay, a half inn near redding. not a big rain chance for us. but be ready for a stray shower there as we hit saturday. you can see on the extended forecast i have 60s saturday and sunday, then we'll warm up into the mild 70s monday, tuesday, and wednesday. and for the inland valleys, 84 saturday, tomorrow, a slight chance of a few spotty showers. north bay coast, best possibility. and then we'll be up to hotter 90s monday, tuesday, wednesday.
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then we will cool off. so, as we've been talking about, we're out here at redwood city, music on the square. we'll a be out here through 8:00, maybe a hill blittle bit with our treat truck. you've got to come out. i've got my friends out here tonight. [cheers and applause] and who's your favorite station? >> nbc bay area! >> how's that ice cream? i could say anything and they h had agree. are you like a super fan, aren't you. >> oh, my god. >> what's your name? >> my name is susan reed. >> she made it in our promo last year. >> yeah. >> and this is like royalty. it's good to see you. >> oh, my god, thank you. i'm so glad you guys come out to the square. we love you. we love them, right? [cheers and applause] >> and the square is like the best place to be in the summer. >> what's your favorite thing
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about tonight? >> all the people having a good time. everybody's in a good mood and is smiling and friendly. you guys add to the fun. >> great, thanks a lot, you guys. so a lot of energy, and it's just beginning tonight, jess and anoushah, a really fun evening tonight, and i'm going to try to save a couple ice creams for you. it's not one of those tv things. i'm really going to try to pop some of them in my car for>> n't keep, because we're waiting for it. >> drumstick, isn't that your favorite? >> if it's coming from you, jeff, it's our favorite. >> looking good out there, jeff, janelle and raj. coming up, breaking news just into the newsroom. what you're looking at is a dramatic cliff rescue unfolding at san francisco's aquatic park. more after this break. - hey, mike.
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okay. want to bring you up to speed on this breaking news we told you about. this is municipal pier in san francisco near that whole warha area, a boy on a bicycle was riding along, somehow he fell down this area. you can see the boy there, then a man somehow went down also. we don't though what the relation is between the man and the young boy. although, so then now rescuers are right there at this moment, trying to get both the man and the boy out of that location. things we don't know, is the boy hurt or not? is that man connected to the boy? what is going to happen now to be able to rescue them? san francisco firefighters are on the scene right now, trying to figure out what the next step is. apparently, they can't seem to walk out of there. so now firefighters are trying to figure out exactly what they
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need to do to either haul them back up, tie them and bring them up. >> this is a live view from skyranger. we'll bring you the latest as soon as we get it. but it does look like the first responders or san francisco firefighters are there administering some type of aid to that boy. and you see the man with the white tee shirt down there with him. we'll be back with more. we are here to discuss jessie's online time. and out of respect, we will let you make the first offer. thirty minutes. thirty minutes? objection! overruled. one hour. sweeten the deal by doing the dishes and i'll consider it. i wouldn't do it. i hate the dishes. one hour with the tablet, you walk the dog and do the dishes. if you insist. congratulations. only xfinity xfi lets you take control of your family's online time.
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okay. we want to give you a final update on that breaking news, this is municipal pier at aquatic park in san francisco. you can see there's some type of rescue going on there, involving that young boy who we're told ran off the cliff on his bicycle. there are two first responders there administering some sort of aid along with a man there whose relation is unknown at this point, and we don't know the extent of that boy's injuries, but we'll update you at 6:00. let's take it back out to the treat truckers. skm >> we want to end on a smile. they are expecting 3,000 to 5,000 people. the party is just starting. >> the music starts in 30 minutes. we'll be here eating our ice cream, come join us.
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massive immigration crackdown, families on edge after the arrests of almost 700 undocumented workers that separated children from their parents. >> my dad wasn't doing anything wrong. she wasn't doing anything wrong. >> i.c.e. says it was just doing it's job just days after the mass shootings in el paso and dayton, panic at a walmart in missouri, a man charged tonight with making a terrorist threat after police say he walked into the store with two guns and a load of ammunition. >> what police revealed about the suspect in the el paso shooting explosive new claims about jeffrey epstein, one of his accusers says epstein trafficked her to powl


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