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tv   Sunday Today With Willie Geist  NBC  August 11, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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when they leave, they may not come back. >> you are not going to get away with this. you will be found. good morning welcome to "sunday today" on this august 11th, i am willie geist, questions are swirling around the death of jeffery epstein with victims and prosecutors and the united states attorney general asking how on earth such a high-profile
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closely watched inmate can die in his jail cell. what it means for the alleged victims prepare for their days in court with him. new details of what happens. new information about what happened and what's next plus the democratic presidential candidates all in iowa this weekend going after president trump and calling for stricter gun control in the wake of last week's mass shootings. the president has said he wants reform, too, but can it pass through congress we'll get into all of it with chuck todd and later a sunday sit down with one of the brightest stars in hollywood and one of the funniest people on the planet, tiffany haddish on her extraordinary rise from homelessness to the top of the game, and the big star who helped her get there >> he was like, you can't be sleeping in the car on the streets. i live in beverley hills i sleep in beverley hills. i'm doing just fine. the police wake me up every morning, okay? so he was like, tiffany, no, no. he gave me 300 bucks
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find yourself a place for the week write out a list of goals of what you want to do and start accomplishing those goals. and then i started attacking those goals. >> a sunday sit down with tiffany haddish plus harry smith and another life well lived all a bit later in the show. let's begin this morning with big questions and outrage over the death in jail of accused sex trafficker jeffrey epstein and what it means for his victims. nbc's morgan radford is here with the latest developments morgan, development. >> willie, good morning. the 66-year-old convicted sex offender and disgraced financier was found dead by apparent suicide in his jail cell early saturday while in federal custody. epstein, who was being held on sex trafficking charges was no longer on suicide watch and now investigators are wondering just how prison officials allowed this to happen as his accusers are left without their day in court this morning accused sex trafficker jeffrey epstein bringing new grief to his alleged victims, even in death
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>> and he really stole a big forward of my life >> jennifer claimed epstein raped her when she was just 15 >> what he do to me was disgusting, and i know that justice will be served >> but the financier's apparent death by suicide robbed her and other alleged victims of the chance to face him in court. arose expressing her anger in a statement. we have to live with the scars of his actions for the rest of our lives while he will never face the consequence of the crimes multiple law enforcement sources tell nbc news that epstein hanged himself in his manhattan jail cell saturday morning. just three weeks ago, prison authorities found him injured with marks on his neck, possibly an attempt to take his own life. he was put on suicide watch, but taken off in less than a week. according to multiple law enforcement sources. both the fbi and inspector general are conducting
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investigations into the high-profile death attorney general william barr writing, i was appalled to learn that jeffrey epstein was found dead mr. up stoon's deathaises serious questions that must be answered >> the job of epstein's criminal defense lawyers is essentially over because the federal government doesn't prosecute deceased people. >> but one of his attorneys still mounting a vigorous defense. releasing a scathing statement blaming epstein's death on overzealous prosecutors, pandering politicians and pandering press core adding all seem to have a share of mr. epstein's blood on their hands. epstein's death came a day after the release of documents from a 2015 case detailing sordid details of his seconds trafficking. federal prosecutors are still pursuing the investigation so the accusers may yet have their day in court perhaps against epstein associates willie >> morgan, thank you very much
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we'll see you again in a few minutes. let's bring in chief investigative reporter for new york station wnbc jonathan dienst he's been covering epstein for no one more plugged into new york law enforce: thanks for being here the question everybody is asking is how, how could kuchibhotl sahigh profile inmate, perhaps one of the most high profile in the entire system of the united states be left unguarded, unwatched for so long he could take his own life. >> the first question how is going to come from the medical examiner because it is going to tell us officially how it appears. it appears by suicide at 6:30 yesterday morning. how was he left alone in his cell for some time he's supposed to be checked every 30 minutes were those checks being done as appropriate? he's in a cell on his own. it's a steel door with one window guard is supposed to come by and check every 30 minutes was that enough time, a gap for
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him to take his own life there was an incident back in july, late july 23rd, where there was an apparent suicide attempt. it wasn't taken that seriously because it was a question whether there was a ruse to get transferred. it was looked into he was put on suicide watch. he convinced prison psychologists he was able to be returned to his cell being on suicide watch means you're in a cell by yourself, no sheets, no clothing, just a smock to wear. the conditions, he had been complaining about conditions in that prison for sometime again, the question why was the decision made to take him off suicide watch, you'd have to ask the psychologist or psychiatrist who made those determinations along with the prison management resources could also be an issue. did they have enough staff to watch him that closely for that amount of time if the psychologist said he's not that much of a risk of suicide.
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so perhaps a decision was made to move him back to this lone cell and check on him every 30 minutes. >> a lot of people are seeing something suspicious here. i've heard it, you've heard it over the last 24 hours is there any evidence someone turned a blind eye or wasn't doing his or her job this that cell >> too early to know whether people did their job correctly obviously something went wrong because an inmate in federal custody is dead and there is a lot of disbelief this kind of high profile inmate that this could happen, inside the mcc, a praise on kno prison known for holding the most notorious prisoners el chapo was there as to whether something sinister happened deliberate, there is nothing to indicate that as of now. sometimes a suicide is just a suicide. the question is how was he able to do this and not get noticed and not have it prevented. >> a lot of people want those answers. prosecutors have promised to
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continue pursuing $9 charge. thank you for being here a few hours after epstein's death president trump weighed in sharing an unfounded conspiracy theory palomi theory speculating how the financier died quote, how does this happen? jeffrey epstein had information on bill clinton and now he's dead again, the president retweeted that chuck todd is nbc's political director and moderator of "meet the press. chuck, good morning. i wish you and i could sit here and say we're surprised the president retweeted that right away jumping to a conspiracy theory about his opponent in the last election and his family >> willie, think about what donald trump has done to american mass communication over the last two years i'm quite frankly appalled and embarrassed by the amount of responsible people that have jumped right into a conspiracy theory on this yes, the president is sort of leading the irresponsible charge here, but there's a lot of people on social media
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i mean, it is to the point where i think it's way ahead of any investigation here i think it just shows you how particularly the president and the way he sort of warped information, attack the press, fake news, conspiracy theories, all of that stuff which he's embraced over the years, i think the fact is my biggest concern is you can tell this is a virus that is spreading. so let's set that aside with what the president did there because this is -- that's a horrendous virus as for epstein, look, i think you're seeing bipartisan outrage. some senators who have been so mute on other issues, they see the epstein thing as an opportunity to say i get to be outraged about something and i don't have to make donald trump mad. so you're going to have some of those people coming after the justice department here. but you're also going to have others that are going to come after the justice department for what they believe. so i think bill barr is in the hot seat the entire justice system is in the hot seat on this one,
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willie >> you'd like to think the president of the united states would tamp down conspiracy theories, but he's elevating them let's talk, chuck, it was a week ago we talked about the shootings in el paso and dayton. the president of the united states said numerous times he wants to look at universal background checks. the nra is in his ear saying that's a bad idea. mitch mcconnell said hemight consider it. do you see any movement, chuck, or is this something they can filibuster away? >> the latter is the likely result background checks after the las vegas massacre, he said the same thing after parkland and each time the sort of the nra lobbying team got republicans to back off. this time it is slightly different, maybe and i say it for this reason the 2018 midterms, republicans got clobbered in the suburbs one of the conclusions
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strategists made was on the gun issue. you're seeing a republican divide in the republican party in southern and rural politicians. maybe if the president provides them cover it will due it, but i don't know if he will. >> we will see chuck, thank you very much woolfolk look for more on "meet the press" when chuck is joined by 2020 democratic presidential candidate kamala harris of california israelis fired tear gas at worshipping muslims. they were trying to head off a confrontation as tens of thousands of muslims arrived at a worship site along with at least four israeli officers four new york city emts are recovering this morning a day after two ambulances speeding to the same emergency slammed into each other in the middle of an intersection the incident caught on surveillance video, the cause of that crash is under investigation. and it's not often you see a new record in the long history of major league baseball, but
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rookie akino just set one. the rookies sensation blasted a home run in three consecutive innings saturday three altogether he's the first rookie to do it in a single game seven home runs and once again, we have a cloudy start over san jose. current temperature right now 61 degrees. expect to see a warming trend. still foggy in san francisco at 56 degrees, as we head in towards the afternoon. your daytime highs will warm up into the mid 80s for the south bay. some 90s through antioch. san francisco topping out at 70 degrees. santa rosa 87. ukiah 93. napa 84. clearlake 90 degrees and morgan hill, 90 degrees. straight ahead the highs and lows of the week including straight ahead, the highs and lowes of the week including what happens when big men ride
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small bikes. we're talking nfl superstar big. plus the moment that brought one airport to a stand still when a pilot brought home the war remains of his own father a half century later and in the weeks since el paso and dayton, the country has been talking about access to guns with a group of american mayors trying to take action are running into roadblocks. >> can't do anything >> you're pourlwerless? >> powerless >> it's ahead. the photo of the week, tony kissing a cross honoring his wife, one of 22 lives lost in the mass shooting at a walmart in el paso, texas, last saturday you got this. you got this. you got this. you got this.
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shooti shooting. ruben martinez lives in el paso. he was terrified of what happened. his mother, rose, told him he could not live in fear. he created the el paso challenge asking people in the city and ultimately across the country to commit 22 random acts of kindness in honor of the number of people who died in the shooting. >> i want to honor everyone who was killed and i want to make the world a better place. >> ruben's first good deed was to buy taco bell for first responders at that walmart and the next day he brought roses for doctors and nurses at the hospital. he inspired people across the country to share their small act of kindness via social media whether cooking for co-workers
6:19 am
or buying a stranger grocery. i love that he went out and did something to inspired other people. >> the message from his mom, you can't live in fear. that's something we all need. >> our first low is the roller coaster of emotions that you feel when an nfl player borrowed your bicycle for practices but crushes it. the green bay packers had long traditions where the players rode bikes. j.j. watt, one of the best guys in the league was in town and looking for a ride. he found one but it did not last long. >> oyou are okay? that's not big man. j.j. promised to get the little
6:20 am
packer fan a new bike. >> the bike i was using was not equipped for 290 pounds man. the seat broke off. we have purchased a new bike for the boy. i apologized for that. >> i got a new bike from j.j. watt. i saw that coming. that bike was so small and that man was large. >> 290 pounds. >> i bet he was tripped out that j.j. watt bought it. our nextes to the man who brought his father home. brian knight was noofive years when he waved good-bye to his father. colonel roy jr. knight. colonel knight was shot down at laos and declared missing. after years of searching, knight's remains were recovered
6:21 am
near the site of his crash. on thursday, brian, now a pilot himself for southwest airlines flew his father's remains back to the same place where as a little boy he last saw his dad 52 years ago. the busy airport in dallas came to a complete standstill as travelers paused silently to watch the homecoming. fire trucks greeted the plane with the water cannon salute and workers stood to honor colonel knight. brian spoke about his father on an emotional coming in a video. >> when i got the call, it was surreal. i really did not think it would ever happen. >> wow. >> he's really coming home. he's really -- we'll be able to bring him back and we'll have a place where we can honor him. >> colonel knight received full military honor upon landing.
6:22 am
he was laid to rest in texas at long last. >> i have chills. >> the fact they got a phone call that we found your father 50 years later and to be in a position you are a pilot to fly your dad home. >> it is not just dad, it is the people saluting him. that's america. >> it is a beautiful moment. >> our final low goes to the house hunters who were swiping through the real estate prices and found a home in an unbeatable price with one small flaw. the house was on fire. the house looks like it is going to need a little tlc from chip and joanna. the house does have to be demolished but he points out, it located in a popular area. the burned down house was in the market for $99,000. but it feels like you got your way into a deal this one.
6:23 am
excellent marketing tactic. >> $99,000 for a house in flames. >> i want to run that back. >> it is no longer in flames. it is clearly burnt down. >> wow. >> morgan, thank you, we'll see you again in a minute. a sunday sit-down with one of hollywood's most charismatic stars, tiffany haddish climbing her way out of a difficult childhood. her wild run over the last two years with her more dramatic turn. harry smith with the break-out star of another movie that had people talking this weekend and the actor's story that's be tt when you shop for your home at wayfair, you get more than free shipping. you get everything you need for your home at a great price, the way it works best for you, i'll take that. wait honey, no. when you want it. you get a delivery experience you can always count on.
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good sunday morning, everyone. you are taking a live look at a very foggy golden gate bridge. gosh, you wouldn't know that it's there, on this sunday, august 11th. thanks for waking up with us. i'm bigad shaban in for kira klapper, joined by vianey arana. >> we have a few from the top our sutro tower shot and once it peeks through, you're like there it is. right now in san francisco, this is what it looks like in the city, 56 degrees. wind speeds 7 miles per hour. not too windy. san jose, you can see the clouds up there p temperatures at 61 degrees, and in through today, we're going to start our warming
6:27 am
trend, so we have this fog early on. we'll get some clearing, the fog will burn off and our temperatures are expected to climb into the 90s today and through the tri-valley areas, some parts of far northern california, including ukiah, a look at napa 84. oakland 76, san jose 85. morgan hill 90 degrees and half moon bay still in the 60s so that's still your go-to spot. san francisco 70 degrees and this is just the start of our warming trend, as we head in towards the work week. we have high pressure building in. that will set things up a little bit different as we head in toward monday, tuesday and wednesday. i'll have a closer look at how that will affect the next seven days coming up. a follow-up now to the plan to paint over a controversial mural at a san francisco high school. "the chronicle" is reporting that san francisco school board president steve cook is proposing a compromise. don't paint over it, just cover it with some panels, talking about the decade's old mural of
6:28 am
george washington at the high school named after him. critics point out it includes images of slaves as well as a dead native american. in june the school board voted to paint over the artwork. that position sparked controversy. now cook is proposing to cover the objectionable parts of the mural with panels. the school board will vote on cook's proposal on tuesday. and it's official, all trans bay buses will return to the sales force transit center in san francisco today. it was nearly a year ago when crews found large cracks in the fly-over bus platform near fremont street. after being fixed in july, the lower level opened and san francisco muni buses moved back. today the upper level reopens and ac transit service resumes. and for the second time in two days, rescue crews were called to a san francisco cliff around 12:30 yesterday afternoon, two men hiking near
6:29 am
fort funston decided to go over the edge but couldn't back up. by the time first responders got there, one had reached safety. >> we respond out here a lot. a lot of times a dog will get over the side and the owner will try to go down and help him, but we find a lot of times we get the owner back up and the dog gets themselves back up, or somebody gets too close to the edge of the cliff and want to explore and find they can't get themselves back up. >> fortunately no one was hurt. still ahead on "today in the bay," gaga and gilroy. we'll tell you how the mega star is helping victims of the recent mass shooting, still ahead.
6:30 am
ouch, you bit me in the arm. >> hey, hey! that's tiffany haddish co-starring with kevin hart in "night school." the movie that made more than $1 billion at the box office. it began in the summer of 2017 with her break-out role in "girls' trip." as included in movies and
6:31 am
television and commercials and a stand-up comedy commercial and hosting "saturday night live." haddish stars with melissa mccartney and elizabeth moss in the kitchen, a gangster movie, the three women took over the family mob business while their husbands are in prison. tiffany and i got together this week in the real-life kitchen for a sunday sit-down. >> tiffany haddish knows how to handle her business on screen and off. >> i have grown up around that type of environment. i know how you have to move around those type of men and how you need to communicate with them in order to demonstrate some sort of power. >> when i found out melissa was on and elizabeth moss is on oh -- this is about to be super
6:32 am
fun. >> there was a small part of me like what if they're like divas or super hollywood chicks. i know how to deal with those. i will be like hey and get off their face. >> and get out of there. you know? >> you didn't have to do that with them? >> turns out they are weirdos just like me. we laughed a lot and did a lot of online shopping. i got them to try things they never had before like pickle dipped in cool-aid. the 39 years old haddish grew up in south central los angeles, her childhood was marked by pain. tiffany's father left the family when she was three. she was still a young girl when her mother suffered brain damage in a car accident and became
6:33 am
abuse s abu abusive. >> i heard a lot of comedians saying they had difficult childhood. >> where does this shine come from? how were you able to be full of energy and laughter and life where you had so much trouble. >> i kind of escape from the trouble and to get rid of the darkness, you got to turn on the light. i feel like i am the light. >> tiffany was 12 when she and her siblings were placed in foster homes. she began to see her light could take her places. i started working at the energy producer in high school. >> somebody paid you 50 bucks and go to the party. >> it started out what low. but, yeah, they would pay me like to come to a bwedding or
6:34 am
emcee. when tiffany was 15, her social worker gave her a choice. >> i was like which one got drugs? you will definitely be on drugs if you go to therapy. i went to the comedy camp. >> i want to be a huge star not physically but i want to be big. >> here i am today, 20 something years later telling jokes. >> haddish graduated from camp to the stand up stage. those early years of comedy were not always filled with laughs. tiffany was homeless and living out of a car when a fellow future star named kevin hart helped to change her life. >> i would always pull up like five or ten minutes late so nobody can see my car because i had all my clothes and everything and suitcases in the car. one day i pulled up a little late and he was there at the same exact time. what the hell is going on here?
6:35 am
you live in your car? you can't be living in your car. i live in beverly hills and sleeping in beverly hills. the police wake me up every morning, okay? >> no, he gave me 300 bucks to find a place for the week and write out a list of goals and start accomplishing those goals. i started attacking those goals. >> haddish began to land small roles on television shows like "who's got jokes"? >> i gave her five and "that's so raven." in 2013, she played a reoccurring role in the bet's series starring kevin hart. >> look like your phone died. >> tiffany's breakthrough came two years ago as dina in the
6:36 am
2017 movie "girls' trip." >> i just want to say hi, that's all. >> that fall of another big moment as haddish hosted "saturday night live" in a historic performance that earned her an award. >> tiffany, you are a big star now, you are balling and i am looking at my bank account, oh-uh. >> i made history. i am the first comedian to host. i knew whoopi goldberg did it but she appeared in sketches. >> she never hosted? >> nope, the great and the best ever hosted. i listed every episode, oh, i am literally about to make history. i always wanted to be the first black woman to do something.
6:37 am
booyah. >> do you stop and thinking wow, the last two years have been insane? >> i am praying and thankful, trying to find something good. some days suck, i am tired as hell right now but i look good. >> she may be heading off next to japan. >> i have no idea what you just said. >> i went to japan and did comedy for the troops and started watching japanese television, man, this is entertaining, especially soap operas. i didn't see any black people on soap operas. what if i am the first african-american to be on the japanese soap opera. when i came back, i got pamphlets and japanese 101. i started playing it in the car
6:38 am
during l.a. traffic. i am just waiting for a call. >> we need to make this happen? t "the kitchen" is in theaters now. to hear the entire unedited interview with tiffany haddish and there is a lot in there. check out our sunday's sit down podcast. you can find it in our apple podcast. next week we revisit the classic sunday sit-down with david letterman. we talk about the state of comedy. what he's been up to since he left the air and we did a little fly we've got a foggy start, not just in san francisco. take a look at our fog map right now. we've got limited visibility in through santa rosa, as well as the santa cruz mountains, so if you're driving anywhere near napa town to about two miles, make sure to use your regular
6:39 am
headlights and drive carefully. microclimate highs expecting a warmup in through the hot interior valleys especially concord, antioch and livermore, talking upper 80s or low 90s. mid 80s through the south bay. next on "sunday today," a question many have asked many times in the wake of mass shootings. will something finally change? a group of politicians at the local level is not waiting for washington. we are bacin 60 seconds. k this is not just a headache. this is not just a fever. this is not just the flu. it's meningitis b... and you're not there to help. while meningitis b is uncommon... once symptoms appear, they can progress quickly and can be fatal... sometimes within 24 hours. before you send your teen to college... make sure you help protect them.
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talk to your teen's doctor... about meningitis b vaccination. we're going all in thion strawberries.ra, at their reddest, ripest, they make everything better. like our strawberry poppyseed salad and new strawberry summer caprese salad. order online for delivery. panera. food as it should be in the days after another horrible shooting in el paso and dayt dayton, you will hear terms like universal background checks and red flag laws. the president himself publicly
6:41 am
entertaining a couple of those ideas. history has taught us that washington is slow to move. local politicians are trying to take manners in their own hands. they are finding out why it is not so easy. kerry sanders has our sunday's spotlight. >> reporter: from el paso where a gunman killed 22 people. >> we have to stop and come up with some kinds of gun laws. d.j. nichols was among the nine men that was gunned down. >> i am mad, something needs to be done. demands for stricter gun control laws are once again in the talking stages of washington. >> we are talking to a lot of people. a lot of things are in the works. >> reporter: with washington grid look in the wake of these mass shootings, local mayors are saying enough is enough. >> i have no faith in this president and the u.s. senate.
6:42 am
i have no faith of the legislatures to do anything about this and it is left to us. >> reporter: it is not so easy for the mayors to do something in 45 states including pennsylvania, state laws we don't want allow local government to enact their own gun laws or ordinances. it is called preemption. it is designed to leave mayors out gun control debate. >> reporter: no one from the gun rights group would appear on camera but in a statement says preemption holds everyone to the same standards that means law-abiding gun owners would turn to criminals when passing over imaginary border. in florida more than 400 municipalities, how can the gun owners know the patch work of hundreds of different gun laws.
6:43 am
a gunman killed 17 at marjorie douglas high school. al youthful outrage launched the movement. >> register, educate. vote! >> reporter: young and old demanding actions say they since learned any gun legislations get bogged down. >> what are your thoughts that local government can't touch this issue? >> it is ludicrous. >> reporter: what happens in one part of our community happens in the entire community. the mayor of westin tried to pass gun restrictions but he ran head onto preemption. sth >> that's out of your personal pocket. >> reporter: before parkland,
6:44 am
the mayor -- >> this was a real issue for me and what should not be on our street. >> reporter: he's battling preemption in court. until a judge's final decision -- can't do anything. >> reporter: you are powerless. >> it leaves you feeling that i have to give people thoughts and prayers. >> reporter: which leaves those demanding change once again back in washington. >> we go and we hear them say yes. we are so sorry for your loss. we are going to work together to fix it and then nothing happens. >> reporter: for "sunday today," kerry sanders, westin, florida. harry smith on a buzzy new film, and a star is on the movie himself. >> i probably have to move. >> you may have to move. >> yeah. >> reporter: a life well lived,
6:45 am
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an independent movie with an inspiration first time star has hollywood and the country talking. harry smith introduces us in our sunday's closer. >> every year or so at the movies there comes a break out star. someone who grabs our attention and dares us to let go. this summer, look out for "the peanut butter fou tntain." >> you got shaniiya lebeoff. >> did you think this would make you nervous? >> zach walked the red carpet with his co-star.
6:49 am
>> unless you think he's some kind of over night sensation. the 34 years old with down syndrome wanted to be an actor. >> his first role was as a frog. he was a great frog. i still remember the lines because i worked with him for a long i am time. >> zach's mom, shelly and wife trish are his biggest fans. >> you got to believe in your kids and advocate. >> advocate, shelly did. >> zach was the first student here in palm beach county to be fully included in his education. >> in a regular public school. >> in regular classes. it was not easy. >> i value independence and zach values independence. >> and look at the results. >> i love you, too. >> zach is a regular at improv
6:50 am
classes. he attends dance classes. >> he did a lot of stuff before you did this movie. >> yes. >> you have been working with the this for a long time. >> oh, yes, i have. >> his big break came at vermont's xeno mountain fall. >> there are all kinds of disabilit >> so there's all kinds of disabilities there autism >> autism. >> cerebral palsy. >> yeah, down syndrome, kind of person i am. >> a counselor recognized zack's talent and wrote a screen play with him in mind >> what's she like >> she is my friend. >> zack was cast and went all-in what is it like to sit in a
6:51 am
darkened screening room and look up and see your son? >> it's amazing. >> zack, no question, is a hometown hero. but we wondered. how are we going to keep zack in palm beach when hollywood is calling? >> i probably just have to move. >> you might have to move. >> yeah. >> you have to go where the action is. >> yes, i do >> for "sunday today," harry smith, palm beach, florida >> zack, you are the man we can't wait to see what you do next harry, thank you very much this week we highlight another life well lived. the term author feels insufficient to describe nobel laureate toni morrison she was a lyrical historian who described the pain of being black through the generations. morrison wasborn the granddaughter of a slave and born poor in the 1930s and '40s
6:52 am
in a ohio steel town after graduating from howard university she became a college english professor. she took a job as an editor in the text division of random house publishing a short time later morrison was promoted to senior editor where she played a crucial role in cultivating african-american authors and elevating their voices into the american conversation morrison was nearly 40 years old when in 1970 she published a novel of her own, a classic called "the blue est eye." her best known work is the pulitzer prize winning work "beloved" which became a movie starring oprah winfrey it tells the heart wrenching story of a slave mother haunted by the decision to take her baby's life rather than to have the child grow up in slavery in 1993, morrison won the nobel prize for literature in 2012 barack obama awarded her the highest civilian honor, presidential medal of freedom.
6:53 am
obama said her writing was a beautiful meaningful challenge to our conscience and moral imagination. what a gift to breathe the same air as her if only for a while oprah adding, she was our conscience, our seer, our truth teller toni morrison, whose writing confronted us with important uncomfortable truth, died on monday in the bronx, new york. what y d. wow. thanks, zoltar. how can i ever repay you? maybe you could free zoltar? thanks, lady. taxi! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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she is back to help me look through the sunday mail. we take your questions from twitter, facebook and instagram. the first question comes from
6:57 am
lori on instagram. in honor of back to school show us -- that's not a question, that's an order. >> lori, this is a strong word that's not my favorite picture i cried all morning. why did mama kelly put me in the multi? come on, man >> you look adorable that's a great picture what age are we looking at >> first grade i want to sue yours, willie. >> it's not my favorite. it's the one i could find on short notice that's junior or senior year in high school. >> i had to zoom in. is that an earring in the left lobe >> it is >> willie from the block >> we had our entire football team got earrings. we jambed it through the ears at somebody's house my mom was like, you can get one but i'm taking you to the salon with me. my re bell ious act was to go with mize mother to the salon to get my ear pierced >> you took it off this morning before we came on air. a little something-something >> my earring phase. another one from cindy on
6:58 am
instagram. she asked, i love this which nbc colleague would you want on your dodge ball team, morgan >> i would start to say you because you are the tallest among everyone however, i'm going with al roker, clear al roker. he has the commitment. i feel like he'd be committed to the game and he would talk the appropriate amount of smack to my opponents >> for all his cheer and sunshine, he has some intense -- >> i like that >> i honestly would say you. you're athletic. you have that whit motion. i would go with dylan dryer. >> she's fierce. >> we have more of your "sunday today" mugshots this week. thank you, vick, in tanzania at the international sarenter natii park the greatest inspiration of his mother cassandra as she begins treatment for cancer we're thinking of you today. special shout out to baby hal
6:59 am
hager watching with mama jenna bush hager on the second sunday of his life. thanks for watching, hal thanks for the 9 day old
7:00 am
good morning, everyone. thanks for waking up with us. you're taking a live look at downtown san jose. seems like the sun might be peeking through some of those clouds. we appreciate you spending the morning with us. it is sunday. i'm bigad shaban in for kira klapper of course joined by vianey arana. vianey, good morning. >> good morning. >> what are you going to tell us about the clouds that we are seeing? >> much like yesterday. we got some good clearing especially if you were hanging out in downtown san jose. we had a little bit of a breeze going as well which made the afternoon feel a little bit cooler but today we're going to warm up. south bay right now 61 degrees. 53 degrees for the peninsula, tri-valley a cool 60, and yes, we do still have some areas of


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