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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 430  NBC  August 11, 2019 4:30pm-4:58pm PDT

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right now at 4:30, san francisco leaders demand change after a woman is hit and killed while walking downtown. we're live with the latest. plus accused of being part of a terrorist sleeping cell. now he's returning home. plus a lyft ride turned terrifying. the news starts right now. thanks for joining us. i'm terry mcsweeney. we start with a female victim that got into a lyft after leaving a bar. that's when things went terribly wrong. the victims thinks she passed out in the seat of thecar the lyft driver took her home. onualce
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terriacgess to lyft has been assaulted described as responded immediately. we are going to have more on this story coming up in our next half hour. a live report from tracy. a san francisco is calling for action. christy smith joins us live from city hall where pedestrian safely will be front and center. anything new on the investigation? >> reporter: well, terry, police haven't really released much on the circumstances of the collision. but thdo did stop and is cooperating. in the meantime, the supervisor is saying he believes that more walking safer. now, this is video that was posted on theed lastalking. a 79-year-old died at the scene.
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police say they don't think drugs or alcohol were a factor in the crash and the supervisor did post to twitter saying she was hit by a taxi, adding in part that we are devastated and furious. another person was hit and killed in the bay area last month and yet another at taylor and ofarrell. he says the area does need improvement. >> in this particular area, it can be very dark at nighttime. for drivers it is hard to see people in this area. we can think of different ways of increasingwe c narrow lanes things to really slow down the traffic. >> reporter: now, he had pushed for a state of emergency around traffic safet according to the group, walk san francisco, this is the 15th pedestrian fatality this year. plans for an overhaul in the better market street project would bring sweeping changes. but he believes there is a lot
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of work that can happen now. reporting live in san francisco, christy smith nbc bay area news. firefighters have stopped a small brush fire in wood side. that doesn't mean they're out of the woods yet. 911 calls came in at 6:00 this morning. a fire in the western hills not far from hunter park. crews were able to knock it down quickly and stop it from advancing. the firefighters still have a lot of work to do. >> it was stopped very quickly. however, what is burning is what's called redwood dust. it's very deep material that's smolders. it will take 24 hours to mop up. you may still see smoke for a day or so. >> one firefighter suffered a minor injury sglrchl. wedging a campaign of terror alleged by kamala harris. on "meet the press" this morning
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she blasted the recent ice raids in mississippi. >> this administration directed dhs tos part of what i believe is this administration's campaign of terror, which is to make whole populations of people afraid to go to work, children are afraid to go to school for fear when they come home their parents won't be there. >> she also told chuck todd she believed russia used race to disrupt the 2016 presidential election. another presidential contender introduced her plan to combat gun warfare. she wants to cut the number of gun violence deaths by 80%. it includes closing gun purchasing loopholes and hiking taxes on guns and ammunition. a man accused of being part of a terrorist sleeper cell in
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northern california is released tonight. he was released friday after spending 14 years in federal prison in arizona. today he returned home. he was accused of plotting an attack on the u.s. after he allegedly went to a terrorist training camp in pakistan. in 2006 he was convicted of lying to federal investigators and giving material support to a terrorist investigation. last month a judge that conviction saying the lawyer did not bring a key witness to the trial and that witness might have provided him with an more busses are coming and going as the ac transit service resumed today, almost a year after crews found large cracks in the flyover bus platform on freemont street. the cracked beams were fixed last month. today the upper level is finally open. san jose police looking for the gunman in a deadly shooting
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last night. it happened near 10:30 near story and king. they found the victim inside a red sedan had been shot. he died later in a hospital. investigators have yet to release a suspect conviction. conspiracy theories around the apparent suicide around jeffrey epstein, accused of or chwhich he is. story. t trump is implicating >> reporter: jeffrey epstein's apparent suicide in a conspirac theories and president trump is joining in. the president retweeting a series without evidence that implicates the clintons in in death. democrats hitting back. >> this is another example of our president using this position of public trust to attack his political enemies c theories. >> reporter: epstein had ties to
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the clintons and president trump and other powerful men. >> trying to connect the president to this monster from years ago where they're seen dancing in a video versus other people who were actively, i suppose, flying around with this monster on his island, which was known as pedophilia island. >> reporter: the attorney general writing mr. death raises serious questions that must be answered. epstein had been on suicide watch but taken off in late july. the wealthy finance man was charged with sex of underage gi >> i really want justice. i really wanted him to take up for what he did and to on epste associates who he invited into his home to have sex with underage girls. several members of congress are supporting the investigations into epstein's death.
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one republican senator saying the government has failed these girls yet again. jennifer johnson, ews washington. the nine women and three men tasked with deciding the verdict in the ghost ship trial will be back to deliberations tomorrow. each man faces one count for each person who died in that warehouse fire, and 36 people died. following the money. nbc bay area tracks the money being spent on both sides of th surveillance video, a mountain line takin the peninsula. we'll tell you where. and as expected, temperatures here to finish the weekend have started warming up near 90 degrees. right now in concord, upper 90s, close to 100 degree temperatures. they try to make a comeback. ♪
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♪ new sichuan hot chicken. for a heart breaking limited time only at panda express. as it happens after most mass shootings, the gun safety debate heats up, so does the lobbying efforts. tonight we follow the money.
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our investigative unit is tracking the money being spent by both sides, one trying to pass stricter gun control laws, the other fighting against regulations. >> reporter: the guns, money and politics might seem like blltrio. as lawmakers debate the issue, we investigate how much money is being funneled into washington from both sides of the gun debate. >> sometimes you can't get out of bed. >> reporter: she lost her son to gun violence. he was 24 years old when he was killed two decades ago. >> i don't want another mother to feel what i feel. we shouldn't be burying our children. it's not normal. >> reporter: she is president of california's chapter of brady united which advocates for stricter gun laws across the country. >> i want to two to graduations,
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not funerals. i'm tired of going to funerals. i've been to so many. >> reporter: nationwide they spent 160,000 lobbying members of congress for tougher gun laws. in the wake of the recent shootings, scott says change is long overdue. >> i have seen a mother over again. her 2019, stillng theillion lobbying congress but were outspent by gun rights groups that paid $12 hard? it's because we truly believe large vast number of lives. sam heads gun owners of california, which has spent more than a million dollars lobbying california lawmakers for fewer
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gun restrictions. he says the focus should be reducing crime. >> more laws, more regulations, more rules will do nothing to prevent mass shootings.head >> reporter: california, texas and ohio all sites of recent mass shootings. also happen to be the biggest recipients of congressional campaign contributions from gun rights groups. texas has received $1.5 million in campaign funds. 662,000 in california and 591,000 in ohio. what does that money buy? in texas less restrictive gun laws earned the state a failing grade, which advocates for more gun control. ohio got a d for its gun laws. california earned an a rating for its tougher regulations even though when you add up the contributions from gun control groups california only received $224,000.
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that's still the most in the country. virginia ranks second with 189,000 but still earned a d rating for its lack of gun restriction. new york is third at 120,000 and earned an a for its gun laws. >> the influence of campaign contributions, really it is a some in congress putting money . >> thiare going to keep fightin. we believe whatlooi lives, and that's why we're in it all the way to the end and we think we're going to win. >> congressional campaign contributions from gun rights groups shot up 20% last year, while groups advocates more gun control save 1,000% more in campaign contributions. an unexpected visitor in a bay area woman's backyard, and
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there it is. the new warning for people in that area. and a picture perfect finish to the weekend right now. emeryville very mid-80s and upper 90s inland. our forecast when we come right back. i'm chris. they just got $100,000 back. the best part of these cases for me is a victory selfie. >> we have won big. >> it is a wonderful feeling. >> i felt that someone cared. >> gracias! >> nbc bay area responds resolved the matter in three days. >> it is nice that we have a voice, somebody that will fight for us. >> thank you. thank you. thank you.
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summer, yes, it's winding down. time to go back to school. and the first day of school is tomorrow, if you can believe that. for students in the oakland unified school district. the oakland mayor and superintendent kyler johnson trammell going to be visiting various schools in the district and oversee the give aways to some of the students. for drivers out there, kids are back in school. eyes open. heads up. caught on camera, a mountain lion walking through a backyard. take a look at this. pretty good video of a mountain lion just walking along. he's in charge of the show. jumps the fence. prowls around. police are reminding people in the area to keep on eye on pets
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and small children, especially at dusk and dawnment don't leave food outsideng, the sky. you got to be a niwant to check this out. prime viewing from 11:00 tomorrow night to 3:00 tuesday morning. the perseid meteor tomorrow night. the shower could have up to 70 meteors in the span of just an hour, which by my calculations is more than one every minute during the meteor shower. it is spectacular, but, rob, your forecast is not spectacular. >> if you are on the coast, you have the fog and low caste. but inland we will see. in fact, you might notice it's really two to three nights where you night get some viewing. ow it's clear in san night.
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francisco, but that's going to likely change a little bit later on this evening, approaching 11:00, you see the low clouds start to make a comeback. if you want to catch those meteors looking off to the northeast around 11:00 tonight, peaking tomorrow night. see how the pattern is here with the coast of low clouds and misty skies. same pattern for monday night as well. there you see the low clouds making a comeback in oakland and the east bay. right now 64 degrees. more sunshine today around san francisco compared to 24 hours ago. notice we managed the 90s again around concord and antioch. that is a sign of things to come. seven day forecast takes those ryville.into the mid-90s em we'll see 80s at this time tomorrow. and san jose 80s today. and tomorrow downtown, upper 80s. might get actually closer to 90
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in downtown san jose. a bit of a breezy finish to the evening just like we saw yesterday. 20 to 30 miles an hour winds out of the northwest. a little blustery out there for your evening plans. and those low clouds going back across the bay. the bay sideay for the morning with some fog and mist to start off your monday morning along the coast. notice the highs tomorrow. more 90s starting to show up. everybody in the 90s. 87 degrees for the tri-valley. same for concord out yards pittsburgh and brentwood off towards the east. lower peninsula upper 80s. downtown starting to see some 70s in reach for tomorrow. and north bay temperatures 80s and starting to see more 90s. this is the pattern now. an adjustment to the forecast not only warms things up a little bit more all the way through wednesday, coulteet of
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next weekend, breezy and cooler. so overall a very summer-like seven day forecast ahead. even san francisco having a better chance of 70s. the sea breeze doesn't totally go away. should stay away from the 80s. but valley temperatures heating up and we'll continue to see those temperatures rise through wednesday and thursday now. 90s. breezy and cooler r days of just in time for next weekend. if you don't like the heat, it should move out by next week. >> getting a little warm there. all right, rob. thanks a lot. we'll be right back. can my side be firm?
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the government is not backing down. north korea's official news agency released photos of kim jong-un over seeing the test of a new weapon. south korea's military says north cka korea did file -- firw projectiles into the sea. president trump tweeted in a recent letter from kim, he wrote a small apology and says the testing would stop when u.s.-south korean exercises end. a deadly fire pennsylvania claimed the lives of five children early this morning. they heard the screams of teenagers who escaped to the roof. the teens were telling people on the ground there were babies trapped inside. in all, seven people had to be rescued. one neighbor reportedly tried to get into the home to help but the smoke was too much.
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it is unclear what started that fire, but investigators are dealy crash in the city. of tonight the calls for change and what some are calling a dangerous stretch of road. plus, serious accusations against a ride share driver. what one woman says her lyft driver did while she was passed out in the backseat. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ the next american chinorinal is new sichuan hot chicken. for a heart breaking limited time only at panda express.
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right now at 5:00, a terrifying or deal for a woman who got into a ride share on the peninsula. news at 5:00 starts right now. thanks for joining us. i'm terry mcsweeney. anoushah rasta has the night off. a night off takes a horrifying turn. a woman was driven more than 60 miles and sexually assaulted. she ordered a ride share. but the driver allegedly took her all the way to tracy. nbc bay area in tracy for us with this dropping story. tom. >> reporter: what a whoivic story. you set it up just right. she does the right thing. she's intoxicated at a bar
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outside a nightclub in san matteo. she does the right thing, she calls a ride share, a lyft driver, and that lyft driver picks her up and instead of taking her home, takes her here to his home in tracy and then allegedly rapes her. this 46-year-old is in jail facing felony charges of false imprisonment and rape. the police department says the victim passed out in his car and he drove her here, attacked her and she called police after waking up and remembering what happened. as a policy, lyft says that it conducts national criminal background checks on all of its drivers prior to hiring them, and it updates that information daily. now, neighbors at this address that we traced back as a possible address tell us they see his lyft car outside all the time, daily, and he has been livinghe at least two
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years. they're pretty stunned to hear about his arrest. >> it's pretty terrifying, yeah. i have a 15-year-old daughter. yeah, and i run out here all the time, so that's even more terrifying. and i am very grateful that you guys just let us know that. scibed as fundamental to terrifying and the driver's access to lyft has been permanently removed. we responded immediately and have reached out to the rider since the incident. we are working with the authorities and will continue to help in every day that we can. now, those neighbors who said that they're sure that he lives here said they have seen no activity at that house, no police activity. in fact, even over the last couple of days have not seen police outside the house. but did not see that lyft vehicle outside the house today. a woman living in the house told us that he no longer lives there. we're live in tracy. thon jensen. >> thank you very much. a deadly crash on market
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street in san francisco is renewing calls for safety improvement. last night a woman was killed, hit by a


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