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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  August 11, 2019 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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right now at 11:00, she ordered a lyft and woke up 60 miles away. tonight the driver is facing serious charges. the news at 11:00 starts now. good evening. thanks for joining us. i'm terry mcsweeney. anoushah has the night off. a ride home from san mateo turns into an alleged rape and a ride share driver is in jail tonight. he is accused of taking a passenger who passed out in the back seat of his car on the peninsula. he took her all the way the tracy and then raped her. thom jenson has been covering this all day long. he is outside the san mateo jail in redwood city where the lyft driver is locked up tonight. thom? >> locked up here in the san
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mateo jail on the rape charge. also false imprisonment. we tried to talk to the suspect at the jail, but he denied our request for an interview. police arrested 46-year-old tonye kolokolo in san bruno yesterday. a 25-year-old woman told police she called lyft for a ride early saturday after becoming intoxicated and that colocolopicolocol colocolopicked her up, but instead of taking her home he drove her to him home over an hour away in tracy and raped her. nbc bay area found a possible address for kolokolo in this tracy neighborhood and neighbors recognized him right away. >> he does right over there. >> yeah, i've seen him before, and i see the lyft there all the time, yeah. >> reporter: neighbors say they've never seen any police activity at the home and aren't close to kolokolo who they say has lived next door at least since 2017.
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>> we probably spoke two, three times in the past two years. >> reporter: the accusations unnerving to say the least. >> it's pretty terrifying, yeah. i have a 15-year-old daughter, yeah, and i run out here all the time. so that's even more terrifying. >> reporter: lyft tells nbc bay area it adheres to strict criminal background checks on all drivers before hiring and updates the information daily. in a written statement, the company said safety is fundamental to lyft. what is being described as terrifying and the driver's access to lyft has been permanently removed. we responded immediately and have reached out to the riders since the incident. we are working with the authorities and will continue to help in every way we can. it's still unclear exactly where the victim was picked up in san mateo and the exact address in tracy where police say that attack occurred. san bruno police have not responded to our requests for
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more details. we're live in redwood ty, thom jensen, nbc bay area news. >> thom, thanks very much. new at 11:00, the san bruno police department is debunking some prie frightening rumors on the mall. police say they know where the threat came from. they don't believe it's credible. the department is working closely with security at the tanforan mall has they have a police officer at the mall. last month there was a shooting inside the mall that left two teenaged boys hurt. detectives say that was not a random shooting. two groups got into an argument before that shooting began. police busted two teenagers in connection to that shooting. loved ones paying respects at a santa clara cemetery say they were stunned with what they found. dozens of headstones completely covered with grass. now they want to know why the city is not doing more to give their deceased relatives the respect they deserve.
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nbc bay area's marianne favro with the concerns. >> reporter: i'm here at mission city memorial park, and i talked to a man tonight who said he came here this weekend to visit his late grandfather and pay his respects here at this cemetery. but he told me he couldn't even find his grandpa's headstone because there was so much overgrowth. >> i was just appalled. >> reporter: that's the reaction dave pereira had this weekend when he went to visit the grave of his grandfather at mission city memorial park cemetery in santa clara. he says it took him four hours to find the grave site of the world war ii veteran because grass had grown completely over his headstone and dozens of others. >> i walked around literally on my hands and knees, moving grass away, trying to look at the names. i uncovered probably dozens of headstones, of previous world
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war veterans. >> reporter: he questions why the 25-acre city run cemetery is not better maintained. city manager deanna santana says the city has recently hired two part-time staff to maintain the cemetery. tonight she sent us photos of the work being done. and in a statement the city manager said the amount of labor required to accomplished the more detailed ground maintenance has recently increased with the discontinued use of roundup, a toxic chemical which was used in the past to control weeds and grasses around headstones. that is absolutely ridiculous. all it would take is one person with a string trimmer, as i did today to go around and clear these headstones out. >> reporter: the city plans to hold a volunteer work party at the cemetery next week, but dave isn't waiting. today he returned to the cemetery with a weed wahacker.
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>> they have forgotten the people that put their heart and soul in that city. >> reporter: the city's volunteer work party is set for this coming wednesday here at the cemetery. now as for roundup, several cities throughout the nation have banned the use of the weed killer on city property, in part because of a san francisco jury awarding millions of dollars to a man linking it to the cause of his cancer. reporting live in santa clara, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> marianne, thanks very much. firefighters on the peninsula will remain on the scene of a small brushfire that caught a lot of attention earlier today. emergency calls in about 6:00 this morning. a fire in the hills west of wood is tied not far from hunter park. crews were able to get to it quickly and stop it from advancing. it's a small fire. only charred half an acre, but firefighters say they still have work to do. >> it was stopped very quickly. however, what is burning is what is called redwood duff. it's the it will they're falls
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from redwood trees. it's deep material that's smoldering at's going to take us 24 hours to mop up. you may still see smoke for t xt day or so. >> one firefighter was slightly injured. no structures were threatened. all in all a very pleasant weekend weather-wise. a live look outside at san jose. a crystal clear gorgeous shot of the city. in the coming days, we've got a warm-up, expect the 90s to make a run. rob mayeda is here to tell us. >> we're seeing the signs of a warming trend under way as we have the lack of any clouds. the coolant to the air conditioning as you see the golden gate bridge. we're still seeing 60s in san francisco. for a brief time today temperatures were in the 70s. so even the bay and coast started to warm up to wrap up the weekend, and more of that to come certainly over the next few days. the morning we'll see patches of low clouds on the coast once again. cool start to the day. but for the next four days, valleys not only soaring through the 90s, but we could see upper
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90s and maybe close to 100 degrees inland while the coast and bay see temperatures climbing closer to the 80s. a timeline of when to expect the hotter temperatures coming up in a forecast in eight minutes. >> sounds good. thanks much. traffic back upped as far as you can see after a car caught fire in the caldecott tunnel this morning. right around 10:30, a subaru caught fire in the tunnel. the driver got out safely, but the tunnel had to be shut down for about 45 minutes. backup was huge. finally that car was towed away. that tunnel open and operating and ready for tomorrow's commute. another pedestrian has been killed on a san francisco street, and there are now more calls for change. this is video of the aftermath of the crash. police say last night about 9:00, a woman in her 70s was hit and killed by a taxi cab near fifth and market streets. police say the driver stop and is cooperating. they don't think alcohol or drugs played any role. another person was hit and killed in this very same area last month. while there are many unknowns with the crash last night,
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supervisor matt heaney says the area needs improvement. >> in this particular area can be very dark at nighttime. i think for drivers it's hard to see people in this area. we can think of different ways of increasing lighting and improving the daylighting of how turns are happening. we can narrow lanes and do things to really slow down the traffic. >> heaney had pushed for a state of emergency for traffic safety. according to the group walk san francisco, this is the 15th pedestrian killed this year. an autopsy performed today, but jeffrey epstein's cause of death remains a mystery tonight. the 66-year-old accused of sex trafficking was found dead of an apparent suicide in his new york jail cell early saturday. epstein was not on suicide watch when he died, even though he apparently attempted to take his own life weeks before. a new report from the associated press says the jail was understaffed. one guard was working his fifth straight day with overtime just before epstein was found dead. the many unanswered questions
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about epstein's death are fueling conspiracy theories online and off. nbc's kelly o'donnell reports. >> reporter: wielding the world's most powerful mega phone, president trump retweeted a baseless conspiracy theory to nearly 63 million twitter followers. a spurious accusation that the clintons are somehow linked to jeffrey epstein's death. today democratic candidates said enough. >> this is another example of our president using this position of public trust to attack his political enemies with unfounded conspiracy theory. >> what he's doing is dangerous. >> president trump once socialized with jeffrey epstein, but said last month their friendship ended years ago. >> well, i didn't get along with him. >> reporter: president clinton had known epstein too, but a spokesman said they had not spoken in more than a decade. the trump conspiracy retweet
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provoked this response from a clinton aide, "ridiculous and of course not true, and donald trump knows it." trump adviser kellyanne conway today. >> why did the president then retweet that clinton suggestion? >> i think the president just wants everything to be investigated. >> reporter: donald trump has a pattern of promoting false claims. birtherism about barack obama, linking ted cruz's father to the jfk assassination. notably, epstein's death conspiracies are covered by some russian-owned media and all over the web. >> just because the accounts that initially pushed this are domestic accounts doesn't necessarily mean the russia or other foreign actors aren't involved. deliberations in the ghost ship warehouse fire trial continued tomorrow morning. the jury is trying to figure out if master tenant derick almena and max harris are guilty of
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manslaughter. each man faces one count for each person killed in that warehouse fire. 36 people died. more buses are coming and going at the new salesforce transit center. ac transit service resumed today, about a year after crews found large cracks in the fly overbus platform near fremont street. the cracked beams were fixed last month allowing the center's lower level to reopen. today the upper level finally opened. if you take a muni subway at night, you may have to find another way to get around. a portion is being shut down for critical maintenance. the closure starting tomorrow night from 9:30 until 1:00 in the morning. regular service will be available outside of those hours. this is going to impact service from the embarcadero to west portal. shuttle buss will be provided as an alternative. and for anyone going to the giants/a's game on tuesday, don't worry. the closure will be pushed back that night so crowds will be
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able to use the subway after the game. coming up, he's accused of being part of a terrorist sleeper cell in northern california. now he is returning home. his unbelievable story and first public comment since getting out of prison. plus, a cat bigger than most spotted in a woman's backyard. this camera caught it slinking around in the peninsula. we'll tell you where. and if you think it feels warmer outside at this hour, well, you're right. temperatures about 5 to 8 degrees warmer compared to the same time last night. and we're talking about mid- to upper 90s for the valleys ahead. a closer look when we come right back. at comcast, we didn't build the nation's largest gig-speed network just to make businesses run faster. we built it to help them go beyond. because beyond risk... welcome to the neighborhood, guys. there is reward. ♪ ♪
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beyond work and life... who else could he be? there is the moment. beyond technology... there is human ingenuity. ♪ ♪ every day, comcast business is helping businesses go beyond the expected, to do the extraordinary. take your business beyond. an effort to clean up the streets of san francisco starting tomorrow the city will have a month's long test to see the effectiveness of this plan.
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the program will feature three public toilets to not only be open 24 hours a day, but also seven days a week. you've seen these i'm sure around san francisco. one is going to be in the tenderloin. another in soma, and one at castro and market streets. the program will cost $300,000. an emotional day for di man at the center of a story that made international headlines in the wake of the 9/11 attacks. he cement more than a decade in prison for alleged terrorism crimes his attorneys insist he didn't commit. it's a case that has galvanized the islamic community, and as nbc's mike lurie shows us, they celebrated his return home today. >> i'm at a lost for words. >> reporter: hamid hayat overcome with emotion today as hundreds of fellow muslims celebrated his release from 14 years in a federal prison. last week a judge overturned hayat's conviction for training in a terrorist camp and lying to
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the fbi about it. he is free now because a judge ruled he didn't have adequate legal counsel in a case filled with holes. >> it was one of the sorriest interrogations i had ever witnessed. >> reporter: the key witness against hayat was an undercover operative who threatened hayat physical harm when he refused to attend a terrorist training camp according to hayat's team. >> and he said to him, he will come over there and do violence to you if you do not go to that camp. the government informant said this. >> reporter: dennis riordan said the informant was paid nearly a quarter million by the u.s. government. the entire ordeal has traumatized the hiayat family. >> if we see a black car anywhere, they're still following us. if we see an airplane flying around our house, they're still following rouse for the islamic community at large, it's justice delayed but ultimately not
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delayed. >> post-9/11, with many terror-related cases and innocent people being swept up. this is vindication. >> it's a legal victory that hamid hayat is just now starting to process. >> i'm still in shock. i i can't believe this day came. i still think this is a dream. i wake up and i still think i be in prison. >> that was mike lurie reporting. now to the race for the white house, the latest quinnipiac poll shows massachusetts senator elizabeth warren making gains on california senator kamala harris losing ground. the democratic race for the nomination, joe biden remains the democratic presidential front-runner in this new pole. he's got 32% of the vote. warren now has 21%, a perspective of voters, and harris has now only 7%. two weeks ago, very different story. warren had just 15%. harris was close behind with 12%. waging a campaign of terror against minority communities? that is the new accusation being leveled against the trump
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administration by senator harris. the presidential hopeful appeared on "meet the press" this morning blasting the recent i.c.e. raids in mississippi. >> this administration has directed dhs to conduct these raids as part of what i believe is this administration's campaign of terror, which is to make whole populations of people afraid to go to work. children are afraid to go to school for fear when they come home, their parents won't be there. >> harris also told host chuck todd that she believes russia used the issue of race to disrupt the 2016 presidential election. another candidate for president, senator warren unveiling her plan to combat gun violence this weekend. she says her goal as president would be to cut the number of gun violence deaths by 80%. key parts of her plan include closing gun purchasing loopholes, investigating the nra for corruption and hiking taxes on guns and ammunition. anyone convicted of a hate crime would also be barred from owning a gun. caught on camera, a mountain
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lion walking through the backyard on the peninsula. take a look at this video of a mountain lion in san bruno's rollingwood neighborhood. big cat jumps the fence, checks it out, right in front of the camera. he doesn't care. police are reminding people in the area keep an i didn't on pets and small children, especially at dusk and dawn. don't leave food outside, and avoid hiking, jogging or biking alone. well, we are just one day away from a spectacular sight in the sky, the perseid meteor shower happens tomorrow. prime viewing from 11:00 tomorrow night until 3:00 on tuesday morning. the space and science center in oakland is hosting a viewing party for the public. viewers can use the observation deck. at its peak, the shower could have up to 70 meteors in the span of just an hour. it's going to be gorgeous, if you can see it. can a telescope get past the shiningness of the bright moon? >> that's the thing. you want to get away from the areas that have a lot of light
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pollution. for a moon that is 80 to 90% full, that's a little tough. at least the weather starting to cooperate more. look likes we're going have less issues of low clouds tomorrow night. besides nearly full moon spoiling some of the meteors outside, we're going to jump ahead to the perseid meteor shower forecast tomorrow night. the low clouds starting to break up a little bit. similar to what we're seeing outside right now. so it looks like it will be the almost full moon causing more issues than our low cloud cover. late tomorrow into tuesday morning right now, fingers crossed, it actually looks pretty good. a sign of warmer temperatures on the way as well as we see less of that marine influence on our weather. right now 65 degrees in san jose. a high of 85 today. this will be the coolest day, at least for the next five days around san jose. emeryville looking pretty good right now. 64 after a high of 82. and yes, not much in the way of low clouds right now, as you can see from the view out towards the golden gate bridge. still 60s near san francisco.
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61 degrees. highs today in the 70s. if you compare this to 24 hours ago, even though the winds are on shore, we lost the coolant to that air conditioning and that's the fog. inland temperatures have trended a bit warmer, which was in line with the high temperatures we had today. so we're not really going to completely lose the sea breeze. it's the reason why the coast and inner bay will still see 70s and 80s. it's the valleys, though, where we'll see less of the low clouds for the morning and a faster warm-up as we head through the afternoon. morning temperatures again starting off in the mid- to upper 50s. but now the high temperatures are trending warmer. a blend of upper 80s and 90s around san jose tomorrow could see numbers approaching the mid-90s around san martin to the south and towards the east antioch 95 degrees. a range of 90 to 95 around the tri-valley. oakland down into fremont, mid- to upper 80s. peninsula temperatures now trending a bit warmer. if you joinled us at 6:00, the weather model is warming things up a little bit more now,
11:22 pm
including san francisco. mid 70s could be possible, possibly for the next three days, and up towards the north bay highs in the upper 80s to low 90s. so the trend continues to good a little warmer. we'll probably see the hottest day wednesday. that's when we'll see numbers getting close. maybe to 100 around concord or livermore. thursday maybe still a few more 90s. and then by the time we approach next weekend, this high will back off a little bit, and then we'll see a system drop in east of the sierras. no showers out of that. but one thing we'll have to watch, especially where the sierra is concerned, gusty dry north winds, which will eventually take away these temperatures in the mid- to upper 90s inland and trend us cooler towards the end of the week. but if you want more sunshine in san francisco, looks like a pretty good pattern ahead. as you can see 70s for the middle part of the week. it's the valleys, especially tuesday and wednesday, i think there is a chance a few spots are getting a little close to 100 degrees. so a real taste of summer weather through midweek, and then we trend cooler, back into
11:23 pm
the 80s, just in time for next weekend. >> jumping around. >> all right, rob, thanks. still to come, a lunaunch a a letter. north korea fired off another missile. president trump says kim jong-un waited until afterwards to send him a letter. what it said next. plus, making history again. simone biles doing, this showing off another dazzling move. we'll show you more, next.
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you know, it seems night after night, simone biles makes history in the gymnastics world. she dominates. tonight it happened again. biles became the first gymnast to do this. a triple twisting double somersault in her floor exercise. to break that down, that's three
11:26 pm
times around, three times around with a double backflip. if she does this move in an international meet, it will be named after her. they'll be calling it the biles. it has to happen during an international competition. it will be the second to be named after her. tonight biles did win her sixth u.s. gymnastics title. congratulations. this week's a special one here at nbc bay area. we along with our sister station telemundo 48 are teaming up to help clear the shelters. it's our annual campaign to help find forever homes for animals in shelters. last year's campaign a runaway success over just two days nearly 2800 animals found a new home, and that's just here in the bay area. just here in the bay area. across the country, more than 100,000 pets were adopted over that same time period. we hope you're going to come out, help out this year.
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19 loc 90 local shelters and rescue organizations are taking part. most will wave or reduce shelter fees. go to our website, just click on our clear the shelters section. coming up at 11:30, we recap tonight's top local story, including a cemetery in santa clara in need of some major upkeep. reaction from the community, next. here's one you guys will like. show me making it. oh! i got one. the best of amy poehler. amy, maybe we could use the voice remote to search for something that you're not in. show me parks and rec. from netflix to prime video to live tv, xfinity lets you find your favorites with the emmy award-winning x1 voice remote. show me the best of amy poehler, again. this time around... now that's simple, easy, awesome. experience the entertainment you love on x1. access netflix, prime video, youtube and more, all with the sound of your voice. click, call or visit a store today.
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time to recap tonight's top stories. a lyft driver was accused of sexually assaulting a female passenger. police say the female victim got into a lyft after leaving a bar in san mateo. officer says she thinks she passed out in the back seat of the car. the lyft driver, tonye kolokolo then allegedly took her from the bar to his home in tracy, and once there police say he sexually assaulted her. lyft had this to say about the incident. safety is fundamental to lyft. what's being described is
11:30 pm
terrifying, and the driver's access to lyft has been permanently removed. we responded immediately and have reached out to the rider since the incident. we're working with authorities and will continue to help in every way that we can. in the past three months alone, three pedestrians have been hit and killed in san francisco. the most recent last night at fifth and market. nbc bay area's christie smith talked to safety advocates and a city supervisor. they're calling for changes. >> reporter: at fifth and market streets in san francisco, eric ruche is very careful when he is walking. >> just being vigilant, being really patient, especially if there are any aggressive drivers. >> reporter: a sign is posted in the area about another deadly collision just last month. last night around 9:00 p.m., a taxi hit and killed 79-year-old jhun yang. this was posted on the zen app. >> this particular situation, we
11:31 pm
don't know exactly what happened yet, but we know this is a very high injury area. there are changes that can be made to market street to ensure that people are safe. >> reporter: supervisor matt heaney tweeted in part another pedestrian fatality. we are devastated and furious. >> if we had slower speeds, if we had narrower lanes, if we had traffic lights timed for safety for speed. >> reporter: he had called for a state of emergency over traffic safety. jody maderos is with walk san francisco. >> a total of 15 pedestrians being hit and killed this year, and that's more than double already of what we had last year. >> reporter: plans for the better market street project could bring big changes and restrict personal cars, but many believe there are improvements that need to happen, quickly. >> our thoughts are with this woman and her family. >> reporter: christie smith, nbc bay area news. a shocking discovery for people trying to pay respects at a santa clara cemetery. dozens of headstones are
11:32 pm
completely followed with grass at mission city memorial park cemetery. those who have family members a the cemetery wonder why the 25-acre lot is not better maintained. a city manager says two part-time workers maintain the grounds but it's tougher because they no longer use roundup. roundup is at the center of numerous lawsuits for allegedly causing cancer. >> that is absolutely ridiculous. all it would take is one person with a string trimmer as i did today to go around and clear these headstones out. >> reporter: the city plans to hold a volunteer work party at the cemetery next week to help clean it up. four people taken to the hospital after a shooting in san francisco's western addition neighborhood. the shooting happened about 11:30 last night near fillmore and golden gate. four victims taken to the hospital. no arrests have been made. as it happens after most mass shootings, the gun safety debate heats up, and so do lobbying efforts. tonight we follow the money. our investigative unit is
11:33 pm
tracking the money being spent by both sides. one trying to pass stricter gun control laws while the other fights against more regulations. begad shaban has more. >> reporter: guns money and politics as lawmakers debate the issue, we debate how much money is being funneled into washington from both sides of the gun debate. >> sometimes you can't get out of bed. >> reporter: mattie scott lost her son to gun violence. george scott was only 24 years old when he was killed in san francisco's western addition neighborhood two decades ago. >> i don't want another mother to feel what i feel. we shouldn't be burying our children. it's not normal. >> matty scott is president of brady united which advocates for stricter gun laws across the country, including universal background checks for anyone buying a gun. >> i want to go to graduations,
11:34 pm
not funerals. i'm tired of going to funerals. i've been to so many. so many funerals. >> reporter: nationwide brady united spent $160,000 last year, lobbying members of congress for tougher gun laws. in the wake of the recent shootings in gilroy, el paso, and dayton, scott says change is long overdue. >> i seen the mother on the news, and i just saw myself all over again. here we are, 2019. still losing the battle against gun violence. >> reporter: last year, groups pushing for more gun control shelled out $2 million lobbying congress, but were seriously outspent by gun rights groups, which paid out more than $12 million. >> why do we lobby so hard? why do we not go let done? it's because we truly believe that what we do saves lives. a large vast number of lives. >> reporter: sam peretta says
11:35 pm
the focus should be reducing crime, not disarming lawful americans. >> more laws, more regulations, more rules will do nothing to prevent mass shootings. that's what we have to get into our head. >> reporter: california, texas, and ohio, all sights of recent mass shootings, also happen to be the biggest recipients of congressional campaign contributions from gun rights groups. city members of congress in texas have received a $1.5 million in campaign funds. $662,000 in california, and $591,000 in ohio. so what did that money buy? in texas, less restrictive gun laws earned the state a failing grade from the giffords law center which advocates for more gun control. ohio got a d for its gun laws. california earned an a rating for its tougher regulation, even though when you add up the contributions from gun control
11:36 pm
groups, california only received $224,000. but that's still the most in the country. virginia ranks second with $189,000, but still earned a d rating for its lack of gun restrictions. new york is third at $120,000 and earned an a for its gun laws. >> the influence of campaign contributions really is a wake-up call for the american people. >> reporter: do you see this as some in congress putting money above lives? >> that's what the american people is looking at. >> reporter: this issue is intense. we're going to keep fighting. we believe what we do saves lives, and that's why we're in it all the way to the end, and we think we're going to win. >> that was nbc bay area's begad shaban. congressional contributions from gun rights groups shot up 20% last year while groups advocating more gun control gave a thousand percent more in
11:37 pm
campaign contributions. well, another meeting is set for later this week involving a controversial homeless navigation center in fremont. last month hundreds of people turned out for a city council meeting. they were not happy for a planned navigation center coming into their neighborhood. a public workshop will be held wednesday between 5:30 and 8:30 to continue to discuss the matter, the city is considering two sites for the center. one is right next to the reagan nursery on dakota road. the other is in the back parking lot at city hall. school begins tomorrow for some places in the bay area. for example, oakland. a north bay district is hoping to avoid a teacher's strike. the forestville teachers association will meet one last time in the morning to try to reach an agreement. if the deal can't be reached by 7:30, it will mark the first time since 1980 that teachers in sonoma county have gone on strike. teachers want a two-year contract that gives them a 5% annual increase and better health benefits. still to come, lost and found. it's not a dog we're talking
11:38 pm
about, not a cat. police found this turtle. we'll shell out the details, next.
11:39 pm
north korea's official news agency has released photos of leader kim jong-un overseeing what it called the test of a new weapon. photos from north korean state media cannot be independently confirmed, but south korea's military says north korea did fire two projectiles into the sea early yesterday. south korea called the launches a show of force against new joint military drills with the united states. the north korean news agency said kim inspected the test. president trump tweeted yesterday that kim apologized to
11:40 pm
him in a letter. kim also said the testing would stop when u.s./south korean exercises end. the nationwide college admissions scandal in which dozens of wealthy parents paid a consultant to bribe their kids into elite schools show how far some people will go to get an edge. but there are some legitimate ways to help your kid's chances, as nbc's scott cohn reports. >> reporter: long before a confessed college admissions fraudster rick singer launched his massive scam, he was running an apparently legitimate consulting business in sacramento. but parent margie hammond immediately sensed something was wrong. >> his main pitch was always i can get you into college x. i was appalled because no counselor can say that. >> she started her own business, competing with singer for a time. he moved to southern california, rigging exams and creating fake athletic profiles for hundreds of students, a story told in the next "american greed."
11:41 pm
rich parents were so desperate, they paid $25 million to rig the system. getting into college can be at least as stressful for the parent as for the student. but there are ways to channel the energy constructively. and you don't have to be rich or famous. first, consider what's available for free, the school guidance counselor. >> the ones who i have dealt with over the years, they are amazing. >> reporter: if you want to hire help, look for a certified educational planner. they're not cheap. a full package starting around junior year will cost upwards of $5,000. but a far cry from the hundreds of thousands rick singer charged. a good planner will motive your student to do the work. >> i want the kids to be engaged that they've made the choice. >> reporter: college application season is one of those times that put your parenting skills to the test. scott cohn, nbc news. it was a busy week for contra costa star 3 helicopter. this is the sheriff's office chopper responding to two emergencying involving hikers
11:42 pm
near danville. the dehydrated hiker ended up stranded about a mile from the trail head. the crew also responded to a hiker stuck on mount diablo. the victim was severely dehydrated, suffering from heat exhaustion. both hikers airlifted to alamo for treatment. take a look at this. this little guy was found on the sidewalk in foster city today. and police officer spotted him. snapped this picture, tweeted it out, and then rescued him. police say the turtle is only about 6 inches long, but it's got very strong and very fast feet. fast for a turtle. anyway, right now this turtle is safe at the peninsula humane society, and if you're missing one, that's where it is. still to come, a bountiful bunny problem. one bay area city welcoming more than a few of them. they're not welcoming them any more. it's a problem. don't hop away. the story is next. and right now clear skies looking out to the golden gate
11:43 pm
bridge as we see a warming trend to finish the weekend, and hotter weather on the way for the workweek. we'll look at that when we come right back.
11:44 pm
11:45 pm
spotting a bunny or two in your neighborhood can be cute. look, cute stuff. but the rabbit population in antioch is a little out of hand now. it's no longer cute. litters of bunnies are popping up in several neighborhood, and they're digging holes. they're destroying yards, and they're leaving presents everywhere. people say the problem started about six months ago, and it
11:46 pm
just keeps getting worse. the theory is that someone had bunnies as pets and let them go. and now they're just going crazy. reproducing. the phrase breed like rabbits is no joke. female rabbits can get pregnant immediately after giving birth. and from conception to delivery, it's only about 30 days. rob mayeda joining us now with the i guess a wonderful warm-up. if warm-up is your thing, it's a good week. >> you saw antioch in those. >> yes. >> one of the warmer spots to be watching as we good through the week. in fact, could see mid-90s tomorrow. maybe closer to 100 degrees by the middle part of the week. and right now one of the signs that we got warmer weather making a comeback, not much in the way of low clouds tonight from san jose up towards san francisco. and high of 85 today in san jose. still 65 degrees outside. and look at that view. golden gate bridge. it's been a while since we've seen a view like that. clear skies from now. patchy low clouds later. and yes, san francisco finally back into the 70s throughout the
11:47 pm
weekend. so we've got numbers still by the way close to 70 degrees out in concord and antioch. and this time tomorrow night might see mid-70s after 11:00. so the trend was warmer to wrap up the weekend. in fact, compared to 24 hours ago, we're still hanging on to the warmer temperatures inland. so not only will the warnings start off a bit warmer, but less low clouds for the morning, more sunshine. signs pointing to a warmer forecast. the sea breeze is still out there, it's just more shallow. our inland east bay valleys, especially areas south of san jose will climb another 5 to 8 degrees warmer for tomorrow afternoon. the morning begins with patchy low clouds. mainly along the coastline. and for highs tomorrow, very close to 90 around downtown san jose. and low 90s from south san jose. mid-90s closer to places like san martin and the alma din valley. anywhere east of 680 along highway 4, some of the hottest temperatures around the bay area for your monday, and even
11:48 pm
bayside now are beginning to see the numbers in the mid-80s from oakland down into fremont. peninsula temperatures s is in. half moon bay upper 60s. and the wind is still coming in off the west. so we're probably not going to see 80-degree days in san francisco, but mid-70s for tomorrow. and for the north bay, highs from the mid-80s closer to mill valley and 90s to mid 90s from santa rosa up towards ukiah for the afternoon. high pressure, the influence will strengthen probably all the way through about wednesday. and maybe for thursday. could see those hot temperatures linger. and as we head towards next weekend, the system dropping down the coast. what's kind of interesting, you just saw the model update there. showers possibly returning to northern california. that would be good news, because these are north winds which typically can be dry at times. we have to watch out for that around the sierra where fire danger concerns might be going up next weekend that will bring
11:49 pm
cooling later in the week after san francisco sees the first half of the week with mid 70s in reach. and for the valley, tuesday and wednesday will be the hottest days where some upper 90s could be possible. may see a spare the air day. also in there too midweek. and we're trending cooler to next weekend. we'll keep a close eye on the extended forecast. as you just saw, a chance of showers maybe north of tahoe next weekend. >> a little bit of everything. >> it is. that's an interesting forecast. >> rob, thanks. let's close out the weekend with some baseball. andrew has a look at your sports headlines. >> could the a's get the rubber match in chi town? the giants turn back the clock 30 years and made a thrilling announcement. and had a thriller of their own against the phillies. all that and more next in sports. we are here to discuss jessie's online time.
11:50 pm
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xfinity sports desk. surprisingly, it's already been 30 years since the world series battle of the bay. today the san francisco giants held a team reunion to honor that team, plus made a very special announcement. it was an all-star cast, to say the least. joining in the celebration was 1989 mvp kevin mitchell. our own mike krukow, and of course dave drabeky. and robbie thompson and will the thrill clark. the giants also announced that they will officially retire clark's number 22 next season. and there was still a game to be played. giants hosting the phillies. bottom of the third, giants down by three. mike yastrzemski, his 12th homer of the season. giants cut the lead, 5-3. bottom of the sixth, tied game now and a hot day around the bay. so scooter gennett is going to take a dip, hitting one into mccovey cove. it's a splash hit. they go up 6-5.
11:53 pm
bottom of the eighth, tied at six now. runner on second, two outs. and kevin pillar stays red hot. he finds triple valley. evan longoria will go on to score. the giants take the lead. two batters later, will smith. the giants closer making his first career at-bat, slaps a single to right. he drives into pillar and brandon crawford would score. he is surprised he got the hit. the dugout loves it. pablo sandoval is more excited than smith. giants win 9-6 and smith gets the w. a's in chicago looking to take the series against the white sox. no score. matt schaap man drives it deep to right. he keeps it in the yard. chappie has to settle for a double. jay saved the run. but it wouldn't matter anyway because the very next batter, matt olson with a two-run shot to right. dave not going to be able to grab this one this time. oakland gets a 2-0 lead.
11:54 pm
and a's starter would handle the rest, striking out 7, bringing his a game against his former team. and he even got the gatorade bath. well-deserved. a's win 2-0. here is bob melvin. >> it might be the best game i've ever seen him pitch. but that ranks right up there. coming back home, your former team. after losing one last night, i know he was up for the challenge. and boy, the only walked two guys, gave up four hits. still got seven or eight. that might be the best -- it was the best fastball i've seen from him this year. well, the 49ers were able to take game one of the preseason last night. a 17-9 win over the most heated rivals the dallas cowboys. jalen hurd caught two touchdown passes. after the game head coach kyle shanahan on what he saw from game one. >> a better feel for our team and the guys who have
11:55 pm
established themselves. there are some guys that you got to prove yourself all the time. but there is -- we want to take care of a lot of guys too. we're having four of these and have a few more established starters. the most important thing is to get our team the best that they can be by tampa, but we also hope our team can be ready for tampa. and any time we have a chance to rest guys and keep them healthy, that's what we'll do. >> that's all for sports. more news after the break. my experience with usaa
11:56 pm
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a story that might leave you reaching for a blanket. an austrian man set a stone-cold world record by spending more than two hours inside a box filled with ice cubes. the audience watching in front of vienna's main train station. this is entertainment in vienna. the man climbed into a phone booth sized box.
11:58 pm
you see him. he wore nothing but a speedo and flip-flops and had his body temperature monitored throughout the event. the final time in the box, the icebox. two two hours, eight minutes 47 seconds. we're going to bring a box of ice to the east bay? is that correct? >> that is not the way. two hours too long there. but all seriousness, we got some hot weather coming our way. the valley soaring into the mid- to upper 90s. midweek cooling. >> and i love it. because i love summer. have a great night and a great week. take care.
11:59 pm
12:00 am
this week on a special "in depth," a look back at the life of formula 1 legend nikki louda. >> i have an excuse. some people don't have excuse. >> one of the greatest, most fearless drivers in history. >> you have to block everything out and then do the job. >> we spent two days across europe with the racing icon just over a year and a half before his recent death in may 2019 at only 70 years old. after a challenging rise through the ranks, the austrian driver won three f-1 championships. but a near fatal accident completely changed his life. >> i said, if i look through the rest of my life like this, are you going to


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