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tv   Today  NBC  August 13, 2019 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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give you a sneak peek here behind the scenes. special guests in our news room, in fact, right now. >> you don't want to miss that and so much more we're going to have for you at mid day coming up at 11:00. . good morning, fbi raid, agents descend on jeffrey epstein's private caribbean island, the criminal investigation only intensifying after his suicide. this morning, what investigators could be looking for and the attorney general sounds off. >> victims deserve justice, and they will get it. >> the latest just ahead. breaking overnight, highway shooto shootout. a gun battle breaks out on a california interstate. one officer killed, two others injured. the investigation into how it happened and the emotional
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tribute to the fallen overnight. terror scare, a man goes on a deadly stabbing spree in the heart of sydney. bystanders racing to the rescue. this morning, what australian police just revealed about a link to the mass killings here in the u.s. those stories, plus wicked weather, severe storms expected from texas to the east coast and dangerous heat across the entire southern half of the country. sign of the times, the surprising back to school item flying off shelves at major retailers across the nation. and close encounter. >> oh, my god. >> one family's unforgettable brush with a massive great white shark, today, tuesday, august 13th, 2019. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza.
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>> hi, everybody, good morning. welcome to tuesday morning. i look at that weather map, it's got a little something for everybody but not in a good way. we've got storms across a lot of the country and then hot down south. >> fall right around the corner, summer though not going away quietly. >> no, it will not. we've got a lot to get to this morning. we're going to start with the latest in the jeffrey epstein investigation, the raid that just took place yesterday on his private caribbean island where he alleged trafficked girls. nbc's stephanie gosk has been to that island. she's been covering this for a long time. what could they be looking for? >> the search is on, instead of bringing an end to the criminal case surrounding jeffrey epstein, his death in a federal jail cell has only triggered even more intense investigations. now, two main issues are being looked at, the circumstances surrounding his apparent suicide and possible crimes committed by his yet unnamed others who allegedly helped him recruit and traffic underage girls. >> reporter: jeffrey epstein's caribbean island hideaway swarming with fbi agents. they're looking for any evidence
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that could help them pursue charges against those who may have helped epstein create what prosecutors have described as a sex ring of underaged girls. >> any co-conspirators should not rest easy. the victims deserve justice, and they will get it. >> reporter: but attorney general william barr didn't stop there. coming down hard on the federal jail in manhattan where it appears, according to multiple officials, epstein took his own life. >> we are now learning of serious irregularities at this facility. >> reporter: an administration telling nbc news epstein hadn't been checked for a number of hours when he should have been checked roughly every 30 minutes. according to a union official, the facility is understaffed and employees overworked, in fact, citing three prison officials, the "new york times" reports one of the two people guarding epstein at the time of his apparent suicide wasn't even a full-flejed correctional officer. the day before epstein's death a
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person familiar with the case says epstein's cell mate was released and not replaced with anyone else, another violation of protocol. the 66-year-old was taken off suicide watch after an apparent attempt to take his own life several weeks ago. according to multiple officials, a medical professional would have had to determine he was no longer a threat to himself, according to former federal prison workers. as the federal prison system is put under a microscope both the u.s. attorney and the attorney general have promised epstein's alleged victims will still get their day in court. in the cross hairs now, a number of epstein associates accused in different civil proceedings, among them british socialite gis lain maxwell, alleged maxwell recruited girls for epstein to prey on. >> i made a statement, thank you. she has denied the allegations in sworn testimony.
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that same case also naming sarah kellen who allegedly reported directly to maxwell as she scheduled underaged girls to visit epstein for sex. >> so now we're talking about a conspiracy case going forward, which would be against other people, but there are challenges there for prosecutors? >> yeah, there is. a number of them, but most circled around do you remember that 2008 plea deal with jeffrey epstein that was so controversial, struck with then u.s. attorney alex acosta, it gave epstein immunity from federal prosecution in the southern district of florida, but it also controversially gave immunity to his co-conspirators, and it was something that legal experts told us was incredibly rare, and that could get in the way. >> yeah, although prosecutors had said that it wasn't going to be a bar to prosecuting epstein in the southern district of new york, so we'll see if that argument -- >> and it's clearly not slowing down this investigation. >> thank you so much. we're going to get more perspective on all of this in our next half hour when we talk to the reporter who helped break this case from the miami herald. she'll be here later.
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now that breaking news in california overnight where a routine traffic stop turned into a wild shootout all caught on camera. the suspect and the highway patrol officer were killed. two other officers were hurt. nbc's steve patterson has the very latest. steve, good morning. >> good morning. this was a deadly gun battle in broad daylight that sent commuters scrambling for cover near the busy 215 freeway. that's just outside of l.a. we spoke to one man, a former u.s. marine who helped a mother and her young children to safety, but we want to warn you, what you're about to see is graphic and may be unsettling. >> reporter: police under siege, california highway patrol officers taking heavy fire sprinting for cover, locked in a life and death gun battle that erupted in the middle of rush hour traffic. in the chaos, two officers were wounded, another critically shot
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and later died. overnight california's governor identifying him as california highway patrol officer andre moye, members of the downed officer's family emotional. >> i've known him since he was a baby. i just don't understand. i don't understand. >> shots being fired, requesting a scene medic at this time. >> reporter: police say the suspect was shot and killed in the exchange. his father identifying the gunman as 49-year-old aaron luther. >> i expect that within the next few days, we will have a very clear picture of who that suspect was and what motivated him. >> reporter: the shooting started at about 5:30 off interstate 215 just east of los angeles. it started as a routine traffic stop when authorities say the suspect grabbed a rifle, possibly from a police vehicle, and ambushed the officers. >> it was a long and horrific gun battle. >> reporter: the harrowing video
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shows officers trying to drag the wounded colleagues to safety. >> as soon as i heard that gunshot and saw the glass shatter, i heard the screaming, and i could tell from the screaming that there were children involved. >> reporter: retired marine charles childress says bullets were flying into the car in int front of him just missing a mother and her twin boys. >> so i told her that i'm going to take her and her kids out and try to get them to safety. >> reporter: he says that's when his military training kicked in. >> you hear those kids screaming. those kids needed help they needed to get out of there. there was no thought about it. i just got out and did what i had to do. >> reporter: this morning investigators are trying to determine a motive, a reason why someone would turn a traffic stop into a deadly interstate shootout this morning we're told those two wounded officers suffered minor injuries along with two civilians who were also caught in the cross fire. thankfully, all of them are expected to recover. craig and savannah. >> thankfully indeed
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steve patterson for us in l.a., thanks. now to that frightening scene overnight in the streets of australia nbc's chief global correspondent bill kneneely joins us with this breaking news. good morning. >> good morning, savannah, australia has a history of deadly terror attacks so when a man with a butcher's knife began shouting threats often heard from isis killers there was panic this morning in australia's biggest city he is now under arrest police say he had a computer drive with information on mass killings in the u.s., but they don't believe he's a terrorist >> reporter: downtown sydney and a man with a knife is on a rampage. shoot me he shouts, blood on his shirt, he's threatening everyone around him, but they close in, one with a chair, another with an iron bar. repeatedly he shouts allahu akbar, god is great.
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more people join the chase through the streets warning there was good reason. one woman nearby had been stabbed in the back, another 21-year-old woman was dead of knife wounds suddenly, they pounce, pinning the man down with a milk crate on his head and two chairs >> there are people you just stabbed you dog! >> reporter: the knife is out of his hands, he's injured and appears confused as he's bundled into the police van, he blames australia's government >> the government has failed me! >> reporter: one woman he injured is being treated in the hospital police say he's not linked to any terror group. >> he is by definition at the moment a lone actor. >> reporter: police have now found a usb drive with content related to mass killings in the u.s. some of those who tackled him said they'd been prepared for a lone wolf attack. >> we've talked about it, haven't we, as a team. imagine if he was in the
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vicinity, what would you do. >> reporter: so far police say they've established no motive but are aware of the man's mental history yes, it appears this man escaped from a mental health facility some days ago. the bystanders who tackled him are being hailed as real heroes. police say if they hadn't acted, there would have been what they call real carnage. savannah. >> they were very courageous, bill, thank you. another major story today, we just talked about it a few moments ago, the weather also, a dangerous heat wave, right? >> there's a lot going on. we've got the storms already firing up south of st. louis, heavy rain moving into southeastern ohio and into west virginia as well we are going to see more storms fire up this afternoon there's a frontal boundary that's separating the cool, dry air to the north and the very hot, humid air to the south. the threat, though, has shifted a little farther to the south today than we were originally thinking, so now we're looking at some of our strongest storms
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possibly across maryland, down through richmond, virginia, and also this entire area in yellow that extends back through tennessee. large hail is possible, damaging winds, but really only an isolated tornado threat. the rain could be one of our biggest concerns, especially considering just how intensely it will fall perhaps at rates of about two to three inches per hour, and that could lead to some flash flooding we could see some airport impacts, but again, since all of this is shifting farther to the south, it's not so much across boston and new york, but really pushed down into philadelphia and washington, d.c. where we could see some of our delays today. as for the heat, the entire south, the southwest and the southeast dealing with the heat, 77 million people under some sort of heat advisory or heat warning, and we are looking for temperatures to get very, very hot today, but there is a slight cooldown in sight. we'll get into that in just a few minutes. savannah. >> thank you there are new developments this morning tied to that mass shooting in dayton, a friend of the shooter accused of buying body armor, a high capacity magazine and an accessory used
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in the attack is under arrest in an unrelated case. officials say 24-year-old ethan kollie lied on the federal firearms application he used to buy his own handgun. court documents do not indicate he was involved in the shooting by conor betts that left nine people dead. however he did store the accessories that he bought for betts at his house to hide them from betts' parents. the trump administration is making it harder for legal immigrants to enter or stay in this country permanently under a new rule that was unveiled monday, officials can deny green cards for legal immigrants who have received certain levels of public assistance, like food stamps or medicaid temporary visas can also be denied for those with low incomes. the rule is scheduled to go into effect in about two months the state attorney general of california and new york are threatening lawsuits to block it. lots more to get to including more shark sightings, this time a pair of close calls caught on camera look at that, sheinelle's here with more.
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>> good morning, my goodness if it seems like you've been hearing a lot about sharks this summer, you're right there has been an increase of sightings, especially off the coast of cape cod where there were more sharks spotted in july than all of last summer, and now you can add two more sightings to the list. >> no way. >> reporter: close encounters off cape cod. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: this video captured by boaters off the coast of province town shows a great white appearing to be about 16 or 17 feet long getting so close it even bumps the boat >> that is a great white. >> reporter: meanwhile, across the bay, passengers aboard a boston harbor cruise boat got this view. the sightings come as several beaches across cape cod were closed to swimmers on monday after reported sightings this was the scene in nearby duxbury where despite a shark warning flag, swimmers can still be seen in the waters. it's the latest in what's been called a summer of sharks off
7:15 am
the coast of massachusetts where more than 180 sharks have been spotted this season. >> so basically we've seen more white sharks this past july, the last month, than we did last year at this time. >> that number only expected to rise with the warmer waters of august attracting more vacationers and more sharks. >> well, it appears that the water temperatures as well as the presence of seals is the really optimal conditions for white sharks, and so, you know, august, september, and october are the big months, and as soon as temperatures start to decline in early november, the sharks begin to leave >> at this point, beaches are closed for one hour after each sighting, but slowly but surely after the warnings are lifted, people get back in. >> of course they do. >> sure. >> best way to avoid sharks. >> stay out of the water. >> that's our method >> we always are like, well, we'll sit by the pool. maybe a little margarita it's an important warning. >> sheinelle, thank you so much. we go back to dylan. it is beach weather. >> it is, and it's hard to do when it's so hot
7:16 am
you want to get some relief. it is going to stay exceptionally hot, especially across the southeast it will feel like it's 105 to nearly 115 degrees this cold front will create some relief, although it doesn't push that far south to really wipe out the heat completely. it does come with some severe storms today across across the eastern rockies we could see isolated severe storms that's a look at the weather across the country, we'll get to your local forecast in the next 30 seconds [sfx: water splashing] [sfx: crackling noise] [sfx: bottle opening] [sfx: whistling noise] [sfx: crackling noise] good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. as we take a live look outside.
7:17 am
we're starting to see the fog clearing and also more healthy air qualities expected. an air alert in effect as our temperatures get really hot today. reaching up to 100 degrees. we'll also have upper 90s in the north day. lo low 90s for san jose. a cooldown just in time for the weekend, back for the 80s on saturday. cast >> dylan, thank you. the next phase and that's your latest forecast. >> all right, dylan, thank you just ahead the next phase in the jeffrey epstein case how does his death impact the powerful people in his orbit, some named in newly unsealed court documents. we're going to talk about that and more with a reporter who originally broke this scandal wide open. also ahead, a grim reality as families prepare for the new school year. we'll explore the surge in
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good morning to you. 7:26, i'm marcus washington. a wildfire burning in mendicino county sending dozens of people in their homes. this is new video in from overtime into the newsroom. evacuations are under way about 30 miles north of hillsborough. 85 acres have burned. cal fire said it's 25% contained and we're expecting an update. meantime, victims of california wildfires can soon ask for help. a bankrupt judge just approved a $1.5 million fund to help those with relief efforts. beginning soon, those affected can actually go to.
7:27 am
pg&e website. right now, we talk about the heat up. >> yeah. as a lot of kids in palo alto get ready to head back to school today we're dealing with heavy air quality and extreme temperatures. as we check out the high temperature, we'll reach up to 90 degrees today. liver livermore, 90 degrees. clear lake upper 70s and low 80s. the temperatures will be dangerously hot through the end of the week and coming down for the weekend. let's head to mike for the overnight commute. >> we'll take you south, north 280, recovering from an earlier crash right around -- i'm sorry, the express. it's light for a tuesday. there's the bay bridge, the fasttrack lanes are showing good
7:28 am
movement as folks are heading over from oakland to san francisco. >> a lot of fun there, thanks, mike. >> more local news coming up in 30 minutes.
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7:30 am
. back at 7:30 on this tuesday morning on this 13th, 2019, not just any day it's a very special day for you, very special lady, savannah's daughter vale 5 years old today. >> happy birthday, vale, i know she's watching right now i'm so proud of her. she's such a lovely girl, kind, and strong and intelligent, and that's our headline in our world this morning say happy birthday sweet vale. >> milestone birthday, yeah, it is it's a big one. let's get right to our headlines.
7:31 am
a california highway patrol officer was killed, two others wounded during a dramatic freeway gun battle outside los angeles. investigators say an officer pulled over a pickup truck for a routine traffic stop while he was filling out paperwork, the driver opened fire with a rifle. the mortally wounded officer was able to call for help. more gunfire erupted when backup arrived. that exchange left the suspect dead and two more officers wounded. a cooling swim in a lake could be deadly for your pets. dog owners in a number of states are reporting their pets became sick or even died after coming into contact with blue-green algae in lakes and ponds they believe the dogs may have ingested toxins in the algae while licking their fur. the algae has been found in texas, north carolina, new jersey and several other states. veterinarians say dogs that come into contact with toxic algae should be rinsed off as soon as possible. imagine showing up at the airport and finding out you'll have the entire plane to
7:32 am
yourself. >> would the only passenger on this flight kindly board at this time >> vincent peone flight was canceled and he was the only person who rebooked on the evening flight they had to actually load sandbags onto the airport so the plane would meet the minimum weight requirements, and he got a lot of attention. >> welcome aboard. >> thank you >> we're taking care of you today. >> thank you so much for flying me. >> no problem. >> thank you so much pleasure. >> can't wait. >> your private jet. >> vincent was required to sit in his assigned seat, but all in all, not a bad way to fly. >> no, no, they lost money on that flight. >> definitely. >> lost a few bucks. meanwhile, as new information comes out in the investigation into jeffrey epstein's death, there are also new allegations tied to how he allegedly recruited his young victims and the rich and powerful men in epstein's circle nbc national correspondent miguel almaguer has more on this good morning. >> good morning. though jeffrey epstein is dead,
7:33 am
prosecutors say they'll continue their investigation, including conspiracy charges against the financier. now recently released court documents make stunning allegations about epstein's alleged web of sexual crimes against girls. >> virginia giuffre now 36 years old says when she was just 16 she was recruited and groomed to be a sex slave by jeffrey epstein's friend, british socialite ghislaine maxwell. >> before you know it i'm being lent out to politicians and to academics and to people that -- royalty. >> reporter: in 2016, she sued maxwell for defamation maxwell, who was never charged, later settled with giuffre out of court and did not return our request for comment. in partial depositions released before epstein's death, giuffre says a as a teen she worked as locker room attendant at mar-a-lago, the private club owned by donald trump, when
7:34 am
maxwell recruited her to train as a masseuse for epstein. giuffre said while she had no sexual contact with trump and wasn't aware of him having relations with other girls, she alleges epstein and maxwell directed her to provide sexual services for several other rich and powerful men including former new mexico governor bill richardson, former maine senator, george mitchell, attorney alan dershowitz and prince andrew seen here in a photo with giuffre and maxwell >> i was young i was scared i knew these people were powerful i didn't know what would happen if i said no. >> reporter: none of these men have been charged with a crime or named in any civil suits linked to epstein. all have sharply denied these allegations and say other documents still under seal directly contradict them or challenge the credibility of those making them. buckingham palace releasing a statement in defense of prince andrew that says in part, any suggestion of impropriety with
7:35 am
underage minors is categorically untrue while it's unclear who else may be targeted in the conspiracy investigation, the attorney general, now promising swift justice against anyone involved. >> this case will continue on against anyone who was complicit with epstein >> with criminal charges against epstein no longer an option, many alleged victims are seeking justice through civil lawsuits epstein's estate is said to be worth more than half a billion dollars, and attorneys representing his alleged victims say they may go after his potential co-conspirators, too >> all right, miguel, thank you. julie k. brown, an investigative reporter with the miami herald has spent years digging into this case. she blew the lid off his 2007 plea deal and has spoken to dozens of his alleged victims. it's good to see you. >> good morning. >> there's a lot of talk now about this criminal case, this criminal conspiracy case going forward against others potentially who might those people be?
7:36 am
are we talking about somebody who might have abused girls? are we talking about the people that may have enabled the alleged conduct by epstein >> i think to start with, i think they're going to go after the people that were directly involved we know that there were a lot of people that made money off of this he didn't do this all by himself. he had schedulers. he had people that went out to certain areas to lure these girls. >> recruiters. >> recruiters. all over the world, actually, we heard because when -- what would happen is when some of the women or girls would age out in his mind, 17, 18 was too old, some of them were so wrapped up in his organization that he kept them under his wing by using them then as recruiters. so you can imagine how if you're approached by someone who is sort of, you know, the same age as you or a little bit older, and they say hey, we can help you out. we'll, you know, pay for your college. we'll do this or that to help you out of your situation, it was easier for them to recruit
7:37 am
that way. >> one of the most shocking things about the plea agreement that he got back in 2007, 2008 was that not only was it a promise to not prosecute him further, it was a promise not to prosecute alleged co-conspira r co-conspirato co-conspirators, other people. do they know -- i mean, were there names in that document, even if they're not known publicly, of those alleged co-conspirators? >> there were four women's names, and these were women that kept his schedule, that called the girls up all the time and said, you know, let's arrange you for 2:00 and you for 4:00. so there were four names, but then it said the agreement said something to the effect that there were other people that were unnamed that we're not naming here, and we don't really know whether there was ever a list put together, but jeffrey berman, the u.s. prosecutor in new york who's pursuing this now, doesn't believe this agreement is enforceable. >> let's talk about this fbi raid of the caribbean island, notorious in your reporting. what could they hope to find at
7:38 am
this late date, to go in there literally yesterday and look for what what could possibly still be there? >> yeah, it is sort of a mystery, and it also is a mystery to people on the island. i was there a couple of weeks ago, and everybody was asking why didn't they raid the island, and i spoke with a couple of people who were on that island in the days before his arrest, and he was -- or i should say the days right after his arrest. they were taking stuff off that island they were packing up his computers, so it's a little surprising that it took them that long. i'm just supposing that they didn't have probable cause perhaps to do the raid at that time. >> let's talk about the alleged victims, many of them you keep in touch with. i know my jaw dropped when i saw that news saturday morning, and i immediately thought about some of the people i've talked to over the course of this investigation and how complicated it must be, how their feelings must just run the
7:39 am
gamut right now. >> yeah. it's been quite a journey for them, and you know, they were the first people i called when i heard about it, and it was very painful, actually, to hear how upset they were and distraught because they had finally been at the point where they felt like, you know, he was under arrest, and they were going to try him they had even set up a trial date, so to them this was another really big blow, you know, another piece of the criminal justice system, the prison system in this case, that is broken and betrayed them in some respect. >> julia k. brown, remarkable reporting all along the way. that you think so much thanks for being here. >> we appreciate it. >> we'll head over to dylan now. good morning, everyone we're focusing on the heat down south. it is oppressive we've got temperatures that will feel like 112 in montgomery, 107 in nashville, 111 in little rock and dallas, 107 in houston in fact, with a high of 101 degrees today, this will be the
7:40 am
tie for the longest stretch of 101 degree days in houston the last time it was back in the '90s, so we are going to see the warm temperatures continue to stick around on wednesday, especially farther south there is a cold front that's going to try to push the warmest of the air to the south, so we will see some relief for areas in nashville, thursday, friday, we'll beround 90 degrees on saturday we're right back up to 93. columbia stays on the warm side and same for new orleans as well good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we have some sunshine out there as we head out there san jose. nice cool start to the day, but it will heat up and we'll have unhealthy air quality. our high reaches 92 degrees with our high temperatures reaching up to 100 degrees in antioch and concord and upper 90s for much of the north bay. our danger heat continues and
7:41 am
look for a cooler weekend ahead. >> and that's your latest forecast. >> dylan, thank you. just ahead the downside of those beautiful travel pictures that you see on social media. for the people who actually live in those places. >> speak of beautiful sites, there's a young man on a mission to change the way we look at the moon, and harry smith has his remarkable story. plus, we'll get you excited for the return of "the crown" with the first look at the highly acclaimed show's new season. an unfortunate sign of the times, the booming back to school business of bulletproof backpacks right after this ent that encourages discovery at their own pace. these schools may not be for everyone, but they are here for anyone.
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...or dying from one. don't stop taking brilinta without talking to your doctor, since stopping it too soon increases your risk of clots in your stent, heart attack, stroke, and even death. brilinta may cause bruising or bleeding more easily, or serious, sometimes fatal bleeding. don't take brilinta if you have bleeding, like stomach ulcers, a history of bleeding in the brain, or severe liver problems. slow heart rhythm has been reported. tell your doctor about bleeding new or unexpected shortness of breath any planned surgery, and all medicines you take. if you recently had a heart attack, ask your doctor if brilinta is right for you. my heart is worth brilinta. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. we are back at 7:45 now with in-depth today this morning a grim reality with millions of kids heading back to school. >> that's right, in the wake of these recent mass shootings some families are taking action
7:46 am
buying their children added protection nbc's joe fryer is on that story this morning good morning. >> good morning guys, this school year in addition to pencils and notebooks, some families are adding bullet proof or bullet resistant backpacks to back to school shopping lists. these once fringe products are now being carried by an increasing number of major reta retailers. >> reporter: for many parents it's an unexpected school supply steve narimore's company makes bullet proof inserts for backpacks. he says sales are up 200 to 300% over the past week and a half following the mass shootings in el paso and dayton 95% of his customers are parents who received this guide, which shows how kids should use the backpack along with other survival tips. >> it's sad that we even have to consider a product like this, but it's the issue that we have to deal with now, and hopefully we won't in the future >> reporter: and his company's not alone. bullet blocker says its backpack
7:47 am
sales are up about 200%. guard dog security has also noticed a spike. its backpacks are sold at office depot and online by walmart, home depot and bed, bath and beyond the companies say their products can stop handgun bullets when properly positioned, and that's how they're marketed. >> as you can see, no penetrations >> reporter: but the makers don't claim they can stop more powerful semiautomatic weapons, still parents are intrigued. >> i will absolutely consider it, absolutely why not? >> put top spin on it. >> reporter: john drury just bought a bullet proof backpack insert for his son payton. >> i never thought i would have to walk around with a bullet proof backpack to feel safe. >> they live in ohio, 45 miles from dayton where a gunman killed nine people last week. >> we can forget that it's not going on, but at the end of the day, i want my son to be able to come home from school. >> reporter: but what kind of messages do these backpacks sold in bright kid friendly colors
7:48 am
send to children psychologists say there are pros and cons. >> the plus side of handing your child a bullet proof backpack is in some way you're conveying to them you want them to feel safe. as a downside, we're reminding children of the dangers of world that they wouldn't otherwise come into contact with, especially for young kids, elementary schoolers. >> reporter: prices for these bullet proof products range from $99 to 490 bucks critics argue they give a false sense of security and the odds are not high the child will have that backpack within reach should a shooting begin. back to you guys. >> all right, terrible sign of the times. >> yeah, joe, thank you very much coming up, when's the last time you stopped everything, just stopped, to simply gaze up at the moon. harry smith shares one man's inspiring mission to bring us all just a little bit closer but first these messages ce symp,
7:49 am
they can progress quickly and can be fatal... sometimes within 24 hours. before you send your teen to college... make sure you help protect them. talk to your teen's doctor... about meningitis b vaccination. ♪ ♪ music playing good morning, i am bringing you some sad and upsetting news. first and foremost i want to... i am a journalist, i can feel when the world needs me. because guess what, america loves me! i'm just here to deliver the news to america, that's all i ever wanted to do. people get their horrible news, delivered to the palm of their hand. don't you ever question my integrity in my own house again. i feel that people are screaming for an honest conversation. i can guarantee that you are underestimating me. i think they want to know the person behind the facade. i have to fight back! you're not listening! i push, that's just my nature. i don't need to justify anything. and they all want to be right, and they all want to win. we are doing this my way. i think they want to trust, that the person that is telling them the truth about the world, is an honest person.
7:50 am
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7:53 am
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good tuesday morning. right now at 7:56, we take a live look outside in san francisco. checking out a little bit of fog rolling over the north bay. and we're also dealing with unhealthy air quality. spare the air alert day if you can, carpool reaching up to 100 degrees. going to be hot there as well. as much as the north bay with valley temperatures up to 99 degrees. san francisco in upper 70s and low 80s. and our extreme heat continues through the end of the week. then for the weekend, we're coming back down to the mid-80s for breezy winds for san francisco. expect mid-80s in the forecast for thursday. then it does start to feel better on friday. but we see much more fog and breezy winds in the forecast for the weekend.
7:57 am
how are the roads looking like, mike? >> looking pretty good right now. silicon valley, towards mountainview, sunniville that continue to push in the northbound direction. a look at dumbarton bridge, 84. that's much more throw as you travel to the fremont, and palo alto. there's the westbound direction across the san mateo bridge which is lightening up a bit. >> thanks, mike. happening now, pg&e announcing a new ceo. he takes over from the interim ceo john simon. earlier this year, geisha williams stepped down after a series of devastating wildfires. police say thieves are targeting cars in walnut creek. 106 vehicles were broken into last month alone. parking lot on creekside drive and downtown parking garages have been hit especially hard. police say drivers need to be on
7:58 am
extra alert to take those steps from becoming the next target. this august, clear the shelters is back. it's not just what she says, the way she listen. the nod, the bob, the polite. we are here to discuss jessie's online time.
7:59 am
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8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today," coming up, looking for evidence just days after jeffrey epstein's suicide, the fbi swarms the billionaire's caribbean island hideaway. this morning, what they're looking for as the attorney general sounds off. >> the victims deserve justice, and they will get it >> so what happens next? we're live with the latest ♪ plus, wish you weren't here, how instagram influencers are turning trips abroad into a serious business >> noting hill has the perfect instagram background, colorful, flowers, everything can
8:01 am
imagine. >> and the locals are not too happy about it. and between the moon and new york city, we'll meet a young man who's making it his mission to give people a better look at the moon. >> wow. >> is this the real moon >> we'll show you the new view you have to see to believe today tuesday, august 13th, 2019 ♪ >> hello to my fellow nurses in rochester, minnesota. >> i brought my beautiful granddaughter haley. >> for my 16th birthday. >> here for my sister's 60th ♪ >> hi to our grandkids. >> in st. louis park, minnesota. >> from pennsylvania. >> hi "today"! >> hi, everybody, good morning welcome back to "today" on a tuesday morning. good to have you along, a little -- a couple of sprinkles out there, but lots of smiles as well. >> that's not going to keep us from going outside either. by the way, keep sending in
8:02 am
those my today plaza shout-outs. record a quick hello, post it on twitter, post it on instagram, and you can be a part of our virtual plaza. >> absolutely. let's get right to the news at 8:00. the fbi has raided the private caribbean island where accused sex trafficker jeffrey epstein is said to have brought dozens of girls for sex stephanie gosk has been to that island while covering this story. >> good morning, this story is not slowing down, guys the investigations surrounding jeffrey epstein are intensifying this morning focused on two fronts, his death and those who may have helped him create what prosecutors have called a sex ring of underaged girls. the fbi swarmed his private caribbean island on monday while attorney general william barr vowed to give the victims their day in court in the cross hairs, his alleged co-conspirators who have not been officially named by prosecutors. court documents from civil cases reveal several women epstein was associated with who worked with him allegedly recruiting girls
8:03 am
for sex, including ghislaine maxwell, his long time friend, an accusation she has denied in the past the attorney general also coming down hard on the facility in manhattan where epstein was being held barr said, quote, serious irregularities have been found, among them apparent lapses in guard checks an administration official tells nbc news epstein hadn't been checked on for a number of hours before he was discovered unresponsive in his cell saturday morning when he should have been checked roughly every half hour. a person familiar with the case tells nbc news epstein's cell mate was released the day before his death and not replaced in another apparent violation of protocol we're also still waiting on the official cause of death, which the medical examiner still hasn't released, guys. >> a lot of moving parts to look into thank you. a suspect is under arrest this morning after a wild scene in the heart of sydney, australia. police say a man with a butcher knife went on a stabbing rampage
8:04 am
there. that man is suspected of killing one woman and injuring another he was subdued by some local citizens who used a crowbar, chair, and as you can see there, a milk crate as well at one point, the man shouted at police to kill him officials do not believe the attack was terror related. however, they do suspect -- they do say that the suspect has a history of mental illness and appeared to be acting on his own. in the meantime, the trump administration is facing the threat of lawsuits after it announced a major overhaul to the landmark endangered species act. nbc's chief environmental affairs correspondent anne thompson has the details. >> it is one of the most important pieces of environmental law in american history, but now the way the endangered species act is administered is being changed by the trump administration, endangering the very species the law is designed to protect. >> if you've ever marvelled at the flight of a bald eagle, you
8:05 am
can thank the endangered species act. the law passed by congress in 1973 and signed by republican president richard nixon. the esa is why there are brown pelicans off the waters of louisiana, grizzly bears in yellowstone, and american alligators in florida. now for the first time in 45 years, new changes pushed by the trump administration allowing officials to reveal how much it would cost before protecting animals and making climate change less of a factor in deciding if a species should be protected. >> the law says it's illegal to consider the economic costs of protecting a species and deciding whether to list it under the endangered species act, and the trump administration is trying to pretend that they'll just compile and analyze the information but they won't actually consider it. >> reporter: administration officials say the move will increase transparency, something the president has promised in the past. >> when i ran for president, i pledged a strong growing economy and a healthy environment
8:06 am
because i believe that we can pursue both at the same time. >> reporter: environmentalists say the rule changes could impact campaigns to get the wolverine and monarch butterfly listed as endangered today some 1,600 species are protected by the act, more than 40 species in this country have recovered under the act's protection, including that soaring symbol of american might. >> environmental advocates are now saying to the trump administration see you in court because of the price tag it's going to put on protection they will also sue to make sure that threatened species still continue to receive the same protection as those said to be endangered under the law it's going to be a big court fight ahead. >> keep us posted. >> thank you very much. >> seems like it might be time for a little boost. >> we've got one today last year golfer scott harrison -- excuse me, harrington put his dream of making the pga tour on hold to help care for his wife jen who was battling cancer. jen's cancer is now in remission, and she was there on sunday as scott finished strong
8:07 am
in his latest tournament to qualify for his pga tour card. [ applause ] >> there's a lot of meaning in that hug he's 38 years old now. he's finally achieved his dream playing on the biggest tour in all of professional golf, and they did it together >> yeah. >> sweet >> congratulations. much more ahead this morning, including a first look at the highly anticipated return of "the crown. first, though, the amateur astronomer bringing the wonders of the moon to complete strangers, those ooh and ahs, harry smith has one of our favorite stories of the day right after this ssion, restores heart rhythms, helps you back from strokes, and keeps you healthy your whole life. from the day you're born we never stop taking care of you.
8:08 am
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♪ ♪the happy heart, is a healthy heart.♪ ♪so find a fun way to make your style.♪ ♪do whatever makes your heart grin and take a spin.♪ ♪and go and do it over again. ♪honey nut cheerios, good goes round and around.♪ talker sometimes we need somebody to remind us to pause, look around, absorb the scenery >> harry smith just the man for the job. he is here this morning to introduce us to another young man who's doing just that. >> you're going to love this when was the last time you actually looked at the moon? i mean like really looked up and sta stared, not just glanced it can be mesmerizing to look into the moon. it can make you dreamy or thoughtful sometimes it makes us feel a little lonely.
8:11 am
as cool as it is to look at the moon with the naked eye, there is a simple treat in store that will blow you away and bring the moon so close you can't quite believe it >> oh, my god. >> reporter: in our explorations of all things lunar this year, we came across this most wonderful video. >> do you want to take a look at the moon >> a company by the music of claude debussy we watch as viewer upon viewer lays eyes upon the moon. >> oh, my god. >> oh, my god, i can't believe it. >> no way, that's the moon >> as if for the first time. the short film is called "a new view of the moon," and this is the guy when the telescope. >> my name is wylie overstreet, and i am a writer and occasional amateur astronomer the genesis of the idea came one night, i was just bored, and i had recently purchased a telesco telescope, and i looked outside, and the moon was up, and there were people walking out, and it was a pleasant evening, and i
8:12 am
just thought why not like why not just take it out to the sidewalk. >> oh, wow >> reporter: overstreet has been up and down the west coast with his telescope offering views to passers by, so we asked him to bring a telescope to central park >> oh, my god. >> yeah. >> wow [ laughter ] >> oh, my. >> isn't that amazing? >> yeah. that's the real moon >> yep >> second person that wanted to know if it was real. >> yeah, yeah. >> wait, can you see the american flag? [ laughter ] >> you need a little more telescope for that one >> reporter: we encountered a problem when we were informed that the place we set up was a place we could not set up. >> we'll move the equipment, but i promise this is a good view, so just get real close, and the view will get wide
8:13 am
>> oh, my god. >> isn't that amazing? >> wow >> every single creator. >> see the little guy running around >> that is amazing. >> yeah. >> have you ever found, oh, well, they react to it one way here or they react to it a different way there? >> there's no difference it doesn't matter where they come from. it doesn't matter what their background is. it doesn't matter if they're rich or poor the reaction is the same it is something that is truly human. that's what i think is so magical about it ♪ >> reporter: as the sunset, we moved to a sanctioned spot, and the show did, in fact, go on. >> no way. that's a joke. that's not real. >> oh, man golly. that's insane. >> oh, my god. >> the craters that is -- that's unbelievable >> what do you see, buddy? >> it's like -- i see a moon,
8:14 am
and it's pretty cool it has a bunch of holes in it. >> reporter: it makes you wonder what else we might learn about so many things if we only took the time to take a closer look >> so special. >> so this video, i've only watched this video and google it at home, "a new view of the moon." it's only three minutes or so long 20 times i've watched it now, tears so amazing, right? if you don't have a telescope or don't know somebody who has a telescope, there are all kinds of telescope clubs all over the country and there's a website, nasa's night website astron nomr clubs. >> you're saying there's nothing special about this particular telescope? >> no, no, no. >> that anyone would give you that beautiful lovely view of the moon if you looked, if you just looked. >> breathtaking. so many people have never really seen it.
8:15 am
>> it's the one thing that connects us all. we all look at the same moon no matter where you are, who you are. >> so true, so true. and it kind of unifies us it feels like a little bit, right >> we enjoyed it so much, we'd like to invite you to stick around for "pop start". >> what? >> carson daly guess who's here for "pop start". >> how about a little check of the forecast first >> yes, and speaking of things happening in the sky you know, we've also got the perseid meteor shower, which is -- >> ooh, that's the best. >> right i know you can see up to 100 meteors go by per hour. it really is going to be spectacular and a good portion of the country should be able to see it tonight we do have this cold front that is draped back through oklahoma and the midwest and reaches into the east coast that's where we will see a line of storms develop today, especially a little farther south than yesterday, down through maryland into virginia, this area in orange is where we have the best chance of seeing some damaging wind gusts and perhaps some large hail, also
8:16 am
torrential downpours too we can see rainfall rates of two, two and a half inches per hour that could lead to brief flash flooding as well as this slowly moves to the east through the day today. good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we have a clear view of the thec north.g just to we're alsot( dealing with somee unhealthy air quality in the ii. so you are going to see some drifts of smoke and really hot and not much wind. we're reaching up to 100 degrees in concord and antioch. sanok jose up to 92. ;p santa rosa. triple digit temperatures in the forecast throughñr thursday. then cooling down for the weekend. >> and don't forget, you can find more of today on our sirius
8:17 am
xm channel 108 today craig you're jning sheinelle. >> i am so looking forward to it, off the rails debut. >> we're very excited. >> we are really getting our money's worth out here have a little pop start. >> tell someone. >> they know, they know. >> to pop start now, first up, "the crown." we know the wait for season three has felt like forever, but netflix has finally revealed the new season will debut on november 17th. mark your calendars. they even dropped a very short ♪ teaser to get everyone excited did that work? >> it works for me >> very important. >> one of the best shows on television. >> new cast, but olivia coleman is so amazing. netflix has decided to recast
8:18 am
the entire show as they now move the story forward to the '60s and '70s olivia coalman will be stepping into the role of queen elizabeth ii, and helen bonham carter will be playing her sister. tune in tomorrow, we are going to have an exclusive look at the new season >> wow excited for that. next up, another highly anticipated project, "little women. entertainment tonight got a sneak peek on the movie based on the classic model. this new version stars emma watson and meryl streep. take a look. >> and they've got ambition, and they've got talent as well as just beauty, and i'm so sick of people saying that love is just all women are fit for, i'm so sick of it. >> i intend to make my own way in the world. >> you will need to marry well. >> well you're not married. >> that's because i'm rich. >> it's a great cast it should be amazing. and next up, ed sheeran, the music star who famously had a cameo on the seventh season of "game of thrones," recently
8:19 am
caught up with a fellow co-star, the mountain actor and winner of europe's strongest man bjornson. check out what ed ran into thor backstage at one of his concerts in iceland >> whoo! >> oh, my god. [ cheers and applause >> and that's why he got the nickname the mountain. thor writing on his instagram, luckily i didn't drop him. he has to work today impressive. and finally, kate upton, the super model stopped by the tonight show to see if she and jimmy could keep up with the best aerobic dance instructors of the 1980s
8:20 am
♪ ♪ >> i mean, you got to end it with a little flash dance. >> you know, savannah was an aerobics instructor, and i think we actually have some video. >> you don't >> nope, i burned every last -- it doesn't exist they did it very well, really brought back some memories. >> were you that kind of aerobics instructor? >> i was more in the '90s. that was more '80s. >> there is no video at all. you think the "today" show wouldn't have found it after eight years. >> jane fonda, i kept thinking jane fonda. >> the funny thing is kate upton wasn't born until 'u 92 so she doesn't know about the '80s aerobics craze. >> some things are better left in the past. >> you don't want to get physical
8:21 am
>> during the summer months, our social media feeds flooded with pictures of people in drop dead gorgeous places. >> if those images have inspired you to take a trip, maybe there's something you could consider kelly cobiella joins us to explain. hi kelly, good morning. >> good morning, we've all been guilty of it, looking for that perfect backdrop for a picture, but for some it's actually a job, and they inspire their followers sometimes by the thousands to seek out these same gorgeous backdrops, like the quaint neighborhoods of notting hill, and not everyone is loving the invasion >> they definitely want to emulate the barbie. >> come one step forward and a little bit further in. >> it could be a high end fashion shoot. >> oh, i love those. >> reporter: but it's all in pursuit of the perfect supposedly spontaneous instagram shot london based cassie sanji is an
8:22 am
influencer creating content for her 63,000 followers and making money through brand deals and paid partnerships. for cassie, who has a masters in entrepreneurship from cornell university, this isn't a hobby, it's serious business. so there's a lot of work that goes into it, there's a lot of hustle that goes into it and with every other industry, and every other job there's a lot of hard work and blood, sweat, and tears that go into it notting hill, it's colorful, flowers, everything you can imagine. >> notting hill captured the world's attention two decades ago when julia roberts' but recently residents areere. seeing swarms of people clogging door steps and sidewalks, armed with professional cameras, suitcases of clothing changes, and for the camera kisses all in service of the insta-worthy shot. >> let's say i wanted to take the perfect instagram shot give me a lesson who do where do i start
8:23 am
>> first you pick your location. >> right. >> and then you want to frame it properly. >> reporter: cassie helps me pick a yellow house to contrast with my blue just about. >> there you go. >> that's cute >> reporter: for families on the other side of the door, it's a nonstop show. >> what's the most unusual thing you've seen here >> the most unusual i would say that model. >> what happened with her? >> i don't have a good recollection of that, but all i remember is she was, you know, almost in a bathing suit. >> reporter: simply stepping outside can be stressful. >> sometimes it's so busy out there, you'll open the door and you literally have 30 faces just looking back at you going, whoa. somebody actually lives there. and then you sort of got to wade through the crowd. >> reporter: and it's not just in london, one picturesque street in paris is trying to banno ban nonresidents during evenings and weekends it it's catnip to instagramers, they're everywhere one person even posing on a bike still chained to the wall by its real owner
8:24 am
all selling life they're not really living. dear instagramer one sign declares, the human people that live here do not want to end up on your photographs. even the flowers are suffering. >> it's called egotourism. they're not here for a hike. they're here for a picture >> reporter: trampling delicate poppy fields in lake elsinore, california, they called it poppy paloo palooza, officials forced to close access to protect the blooms the local mayor posting himself with the #poppynightmare and s and #isitover. >> you think the crowds can lead to good things >> absolutely. next to the instagramable locations they're leaving buckets outside in hopes that people will leave donations. >> reporter: and she says these picture perfect poses are already becoming passe as any
8:25 am
good influencer knows what's cool, the poses are becoming a little less popular. it's the candid not so perfect shots that are in. guys. >> all right, thank you. catch that harry you like to take a sell fefie? >> i'm into imperfection, okay >> i'm into filters. >> wipe those wrinkles away. >> ingenious storage solutions for those small spaces in your home. >> we enjoyed having you for pop start, we should make this a regular thing. >> don't tell carson. also, some simple dishes that will make the most of the summer's best produce. that's coming up, but first your local news and some weather. >> nothing better than a real tomato
8:26 am
a very good morning to you. it isó÷8:26.xd i'm laura garcia. it's been more than two weekzó since the deadlyxd attack at th adjourn the city council meeting to raise the flag in honor of the three vick tils killedu the mass shooting. deliberations in the wóouse trial dragging into the seventh dayçó today. he jury has more than 100 exhibits and three months of the defendants each face 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. right now i want to check the morning commute with mike. how is it looking?
8:27 am
>> we have a slower drive over all but not bad.i] @r(t&háhp &h% this is san jose. just a lit lighter in the traffic volume right here past 680. ai. a crash over on the shoulder around great america parkway. 280. held steady with the initial slowdown around the area justfr% past 17 1[7eholds steadyçó aft theñi earlier crash cleared lon ago. we just have that pattern. same thing the southbound 880 jam through hayward the earlier crash around 92 on the shoá3i and san jose still slow both directions as well. as we drive here toñi walnut crk and over herelp west 580 just before 24. back to you. >> thanks so much. news update in a half an hour.t(
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
morning, 13th of august, 2019 as we stepped outside to spend some time with the folks here on the plaza, our plaza friends it was raining a few minutes ago. looks like it's cleared up now. >> now it's beautiful, and i want to introduce you to somebody really cool, arlene, where are you? >> hi, nice to meet you. >> nice to meet you. >> i understand that you teach sign language. >> yes, i do, near boston at waltham high school, i teach special ed and american sign language. >> do you think you could teach a couple of people a little bit?
8:31 am
>> sure, and i hear you want to learn this is today. >> we say it every day, i think it would be good if we knew it in sign language, can you teach us that? >> three signs. >> let us hand this off. thank you, and that too. >> all right there's no verb to be, so just point down here like this. no is, for today it's now day, the sign for now is in front of you, now straight down dylan, now sign for day set your horizon, sun going across, and just go down: >> okay, so can we do it all together >> this is today oh, you got it, yeah >> thank you so much >> thank you, arlene. >> i love that, and it's cool to hear how they -- the signs come about, what they mean. >> there will be a quiz at the end. >> we did a little sign language with calvin when he was younger so more. he still does them to this day >> i love it it's a great way -- >> you're a great teacher. you taught us that quickly
8:32 am
coming up, we've got clever ideas for making the most out of those small spaces we've got hacks to help whether you're settling into a dorm room or you're in an apartment that's not exactly roomy. so first let's get to a must do checklist to make sure your affairs are in order we'll help you cross some items off the list so you and your family can have peace of mind. >> after that, we're going to whip up a couple of delicious dishes that let produce shine, some fancy fried tomatoes, to die for peach dessert as well. >> yum >> nice take on fried green tomatoes too. and on the third hour, he's in two of the summer's hottest shows, we're talking "stranger things" and "flea bag" and o the fourth hour brian austin green is here. >> "today" show making all of dylan's dreams come true teenage dylan is dying a thousand deaths right now. >> dancing with new kids of the block, i don't know how you top that. first let's get a check of the weather.
8:33 am
>> announcer: today's weather is brought to you by honey nut cheerios, good goes round. here in the northeast we started with rain. the sun's coming back out. we'll see more rain later today. it's just really an unsettled forecast because of that big old cold front that's draped across the center of the country. it is going to cause some stronger storms across the eastern rockies, also severe storms today possible from tennessee all the way to virginia and even up into philadelphia, d.c., we could see some airport delays with some of the stronger storms redeveloping later on this afternoon. tomorrow that front pushes a little farther to the south. we'll get a break from the extreme heat and humidity across areas like st. louis, down through arkansas into tennessee, but it is still going to stay hot and humid along the gulf coast. that's where we could see some of our stronger storms tomorrow. heat warnings in the southwest i'm/=qi=logist kari hall.ep&r(% it's starting to warm up out there as the fog clearsñi away from the golden gate bridge.ó[ we'll also have unhealthyçólp a
8:34 am
quality. the aire1 alert has been issued. inland temperatures up to 100 deg inconcor and antioch.çó upper 90s in much of the north bay while the south bay will see a high of 92 degrees. our seven-day forecast shows triple digit temperatures through thursday. still hot onxd friday. but it does get much cooler in the forecast for the weekend. and that's your latest forecast, craig. dylan, thank you so much up next, from passwords to power of attorney, stephanie ruhle is in the house to walk us through
8:35 am
8:36 am
this morning on living longer today, are you one of the 60% of americans who haven't planned ahead.
8:37 am
as we age, it's important to prepare for family for the inevitable stephanie ruhle is here to walk us through a really important checklist. >> it might be an intervention for some of us at this table. >> it's going to be an uncomfortable conversation. >> you just said it, 60% of americans don't have a will, and most people say, you know, i can't afford that. i'm not really rich. we don't need to do that but it's not just about your money. it's also about the guardianship of your children i didn't want to write a will. i said to my husband, yopts i d want to think about the money or when we die and then we sat down with the estate planner and i saw who my husband designated to take care of our children and i'm lunging across the table, are you kidding me depending on the state you live in, the state decides, and i don't think you want to do that to your family and put them through that you have to lay it out >> is there an easy way to do it a lot of people are sbintimidat and say i can't afford a lawyer to do it and all that. >> getting a lawyer is the easiest way, and if you have a complicated life, it's
8:38 am
important. let's say you have a family cabin that's been in your family for generations, you might want to designate that it goes to your kids if you died, and not necessarily to your spouse who then might marry someone else and have a different life or your jewelry, i mean, it sounds terrible, right? nobody wants to talk about it, but it's a reality now, you can, if you have a pretty simple life go to office depot, go to staples, there are online places that you could fill it out, but it's also about your care if you became incapacitated. >> walk us through the checklist here, what do we need to have? >> let's talk about that you need to think about a health care proxy you need to think about do i wanted to have a living will written out, so if i couldn't articulate to the doctors the kind of care i want, it's already laid out imagine if something terrible happened to you, and suddenly your family who's dealing with that mess now has to make those decisions? it's not just sad for them, it often destroys families. no one wants to say it but you hear about family feuds over things like this, and if you
8:39 am
don't have a living will, you do need to have something called a durable power of attorney where another person in your life, it could be a spouse, it could be a friend, makes those decisions. you have to have a conversation with that person before hand and say will you take this responsibility. >> a durable power of attorney, how is that different from a regular power of attorney? >> a regular power of attorney is really when i'm in good shape. let's say you and i are married and i say you know what, craig, you're in charge of all of our finances, all of our life planning i hand it off to you a durable power of attorney, if suddenly i can't speak for myself, you can manage that. that's also really important because you might need to handle my finances because unless i hand that over, let's say something terrible happens to me, who is going to have access to my ira, my pension, my bank account. you're going to need to if we're going to have to figure out long-term care. >> let's keep going down your checklist. the next thing on it has become more popular in the last ten years or so. >> it's passwords. i ask you guys, does someone in
8:40 am
your life -- >> no. >> -- have access to get into your phone >> no and no >> you say no because you're like i don't want somebody to read my texts. what if they needed to contact your work or your doctor or your lawyer or your family or even the photos you most recently took that you didn't back up you need to have someone know those passwords or this goes back to the durable power of attorney what about banking two-thirds of us bank online if suddenly something happened wouldn't you want your spouse to be able to figure that out without having to show up with a death certificate and special forms, at the most stressful time in your family's life, plan for them >> it's probably a good way to start, too that's something you can just write down and kind of go from there. one thing i noticed with my mom who's moving right now, she has so much stuff, and i'm trying to convince her to get rid of all this stuff now so that down the road, god forbid, i don't have to go through all this stuff. >> that's it that's another huge burden yes, the paperwork you need your family to know where the title to your car is, the deed to your house, those things, but how
8:41 am
about memorabilia, how about your high school yearbooks and the -- your first lost tooth, those things are so stressful and overwhelming if you can start to weed those things down and give them to the people who matter most, you're going to save your family a lot of stress and yourself. >> you're giving us a lot to think about. >> listen, i know it's uncomfortable, but it's far more uncomfortable to not address these things, and then they go the way you don't intend. >> you've given us a lot to refresr repress. >> thank you, stephanie. >> we have more information on our website as well. >> good information. thank you. just ahead, some decoration and stor
8:42 am
8:43 am
well, it's that time of year more people moving into college dorms and apartments in august than any other month of the
8:44 am
year, and decorating those small spaces can sometimes come with big challenges here with stylish solutions is "today" contributor elizabeth m mayhew you always give me good ideas. the things we're going to talk about would work really in any space but great for a small space. >> there's three things that you need to have you need to have creativity, ingenuity and you have to be organized in small spaces. so thinking outside that little box is what you have to do. >> yes and the first thing you say is we've got to kind of maximize our sense of space how do you do that >> well, so think about it in a dorm room or in a small apartment, you probably are eating, sleeping, working, studying, lounging all in the same space, so you want to create walls where maybe you don't have them. so a great way to do that is a screen i love this screen it's from world market you can see through it so if you only have one window, it allows light in imagine if your bed's on the other side of it, it just gives a little sense of privacy. the other thing you can do is hang a curtain
8:45 am
ikea has a brand new system that's great it's one little rod that goes into the ceiling with one screw. it's $46, and then you buy the curtains for like $15, and you can have curtains that close it off. >> which is nice to kind of keep the light in too, if it's a sheer curtain so it doesn't feel clas phobic. >> the other thing is a bookc e bookcase, it's $150 from wayfair. what you want to do when you use a bookcase, is you want to make sure you can access it from both sides, a lot of bookcases have a solid unfinished side. it gives a little architecture to the room and provides tons of storage. you can cover it in boxes and bins you can do whatever, but there's no reason you can't store your socks or whatever it is you need in bins as long as they're contained and they look really good. >> better than a dresser and you can use the height, too. >> that's the other thing is a lot of us think horizontally in spaces we need to think vertically as well, and that's what this does. i call this kind of sneaky storage. my other favorite sneaky storage.
8:46 am
i love this consol it's from ballard. it's got shelves here i put all my shoes. you can put your files, whatever. >> that's clever, and you can buy that it's actually on sale right now. >> the consol is. >> what is this, like a table cloth or what? >> they sell this. this is a cover you can buy. they have ready made ones or fabrics you can choose from and do customs it's a really nice look for a hallway or anywhere. >> okay. and then you said just because you have a small space, doesn't mean you can't be stylish. >> you can be stylish, so i love like all of these storage solutions are also great because they're stylish, but they all open up. i mean, this one's from target it's 69.99 i love this one from world market look, savannah, it's got a little tray. and we could get you a little wine and the whole thing, so you're good to go. >> a little breakfast in bed. >> that's good it becomes a real coffee table. >> that's great in front of a sofa then in terms of decorating like
8:47 am
big stylish ideas, don't worry you can totally paint your rooms dark colors. people think dark colors make it look smaller. >> i thought about that. >> think about when you go to the theater and you can't see the edges of the movie theater, it blurs out the edges stripes elongate a room, they trick your eye into making it look bigger. >> what about mirrors? >> mirrors are great you want them to reflect something pretty think about putting a mir acrro across from a window it doubles that effect lastly, i really like clear furniture. this is a great -- this is like an $88 chair from the -- from home depot which is also remarkable who knew they sold that. i love clear things, you see through them, they take up no visual space. >> these are really good ideas if you want more information on these products, more decorating tips go to >> kracraig, over to you. coming up, summer produce at its best right now chef greg making it shine.
8:48 am
he's going to share some recipes here's one you guys will like. show me making it. oh! i got one. the best of amy poehler. amy, maybe we could use the voice remote to search for something that you're not in. show me parks and rec.
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backseat tropical sto this morning on "today food," what to do with all that summer produce local fruits and vegetables are at their peak right now. if you have someaying around, fear not we've got some delicious ideas for you. greg baxtrom is the chef and owner of olmsted it's a fine dining restaurant in brooklyn greg's team including his dad designed the space, which includes a backyard garden greg is here to share two of his most popular dishes. i know dad's watching in chicago right now. >> for sure, he's on the couch watching. >> how involved was he in the opening? >> when i was final able to open a restaurant, i didn't have a ton of money i got the keys to the space but
8:51 am
didn't have any money to fix it up i convinced my dad to come drive out from chicago i grew up on an old farmhouse. we took the old barn wood, the barn actually collapsed not that long ago from a tlornado, and we took it and used it to frame out the restaurant we opened another restaurant across the street from the first one, it's french, and he did the same thing we brought wood from chicago. >> that's a cool story thank goodness your dad's handy. >> yeah, definitely. >> what are we making today? >> at the restaurant we try to keep flavors that everyone knows but present it in a, you know, unusual way. so heirloom tomatoes are super in season. we cut them almost like into a steak, right, so it's just like a big piece. everyone right now is serving heirloom tomato salad. we take it, we have our heirloom tomato we season it with salt and pepper and mix eggs and flour. >> we're going to make a sh nit se
8:52 am
zelle? >> it's a hot heirloom tomato dish instead of a cold salad we coat it in battle, we dredge this tomato in the flour, dunk it into the batter, right? >> all right >> and then like that is what's going to -- the flour and the egg is what's going to make it golden brown. >> what kind of oil there? >> that's olive oil. whatever tomatoes that you can get, like the bigger the better, right? >> what actually makes it an heirloom tomato? >> it's sort of before it's been adulterated and turned into like a tomato that's meant for shipping and picked before it can -- it's ripened. it's like at its peak. it's grown for flavor, and it's like the original tomato, heirloom means it's the original. >> very good. >> i worried it would take away from the fresh delicious tomato, but it almost enhances it. >> honestly, we tried to just pair it with things, like right now it's very simple there's still only three ingredients. it's tomato, flour, and egg. >> what are these yummy sauces that we're trying? >> so it's -- you know, because
8:53 am
there's a little toastiness to it, it kind of tastes like a pizza, so we just kind of paired it with things that go well with pizza. it's like a ricotta cheese, very simple you can make it or buy it. mix it with a little bit of olive oil and it thins it out to make it a spread roasted peppers with some preserved lemon. >> what a great yidea. >> and then the basil, mix it with anchovieanchovies. >> that's a cool take on a fried green tomato how long on each side? >> two minutes on each side. you finish it with more nice oil and chives. >> voila. >> tasty. >> put whatever you want, how much you want on it. that's how we present it we present it like that, there's just a couple of sides to the dish, put whatever you want on it. >> let's start on this we're going to start on this peach dish i'm going to dig into the tomato while you do that. what are we making here? >> super simple. i was in the boy scouts we made a lot of peach cobbler it's just some peaches with some salt, sugar, some rum, some elderberry flower syrup to make
8:54 am
it a little sweeter. honey, and lemon juice and we take some zest of an orange. >> by the way, this is a solid tomato, greg. >> i didn't grow the tomato, i bought that one at the farmer's market very simple. we take this, we put a used vanilla bean, any herbs that you have growing in the garden we have a garden out back of our restaurant wrap it up, toast it, and they become a nice roasted peaches over here. >> there's a full stick of butter huh >> a lot of butter >> a man after my own heart. >> it's so good. >> however, there is flaxseed in it which makes it healthier. >> we'll go with that greg >> it's just equal parts brown sugar, butter and flour, flaxseed, salt and cinnamon. >> what does the flaxseed do >> it adds like a toastiness to it >> okay. >> food processor? >> food process it, whether the butter's cold, it doesn't really matter you take what you have, and you take like a wire rack that you
8:55 am
have in your house, and you just push it through and you have a nice mix. >> oh, wow >> that's a good tip. >> you can't make it wrong. >> it's like a little crumble basically. >> just bake it like a cookie, 12 minutes, 350. that's it. >> next step >> those peaches are now cool. you can easily peel the skin off. >> and you just cut it that's that. you take the juices from the pan, you pour it over it so it's really nice and juicy, and it's just -- we make peach ice cream at the restaurant. we make a jam at the restaurant, so it's always raspberries, peaches and vanilla ice cream. >> fantastic, and it seems as if the crowd's pleased. >> i'm in love. >> this is delicious. >> delicious thank you. >> thank you so much, congrats on everything. >> >> you want to say hello to dad? >> and mom my mom would be really mad at me. >> for more great stories check out we've got a breakdown of another kitchen staple, salt, there are a lot of options, sea salt,
8:56 am
pink, himalayan, what's the difference, what should you use them that plus more ways to save space, these hangers free up room in your closet and they're so popular i guess they have a cult following dylan. next on the third hour of "today," one woman's warning about a popular cosmetic treatment that promises a beauty boost. we'll get into all of that, but first your local news. a very good morning to you. i'm laura garcia. we are following developments in the death of a chp officer killed in the line of duty in southern california in a shootout on the freeway in riverside. who died was andre moya, a husband and father. he died after aok suspect was pulled over. there was a shootout. he was killed and two other
8:57 am
late last night a procession took his flag-draped casket to the county coroner's office. dozens lined up along roadways to salute him. tributes are pouring in from across the country and the state including from the governor. happening now, pg&e plans to conduct a public safety power drill today in oakland, san leandro, and castroe1 valle. power will not be interrupted. police say thieves are targeting cars in walnut creek. 106 vehicles were broken into last month alone. 1# and downtown parking garages have been hit especially hard ac locust. police say drivers should be especially alert and take steps to keep from becoming a target. a local update in about an hour.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
live from studio 1a in rock felg her plaza, this is the third hour of today. >> the gang is here. sheinelle here with dylan and craig. al is still in greenwood. normally he's on it, tweeting, posting. >> maybe he doesn't have much service. >> maybe hust busy. there's that. if you're planning on trying to squeeze in another trip to the beach or want to continue going to the beach as long as you can, you might want to watch a little more closely. i feel like we've talked about it


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