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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  August 13, 2019 11:00am-11:28am PDT

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breaking news in the east bay. we just confirmed there was an officer involved shooting in ranger flying overhead a short time ago. we've been monitoring it all morning long in the newsroom. good morning, i'm laura garcia. >> and i'm marcus washington. we started following this breaking news about an hour ago. right now we want to go to nbc bay area's pete suratos just arriving to the scene. and, pete, we know you're not too far from the south hayward b.a.r.t. station and have you been able to find any details from police? >> reporter: we're just getting information that they emailed they were confirming a officer-involved shooting and i'm looking at industrial parkway and can't get much other
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tan by email because we're being kept away from the scene and it is several blocks away. we're being kept so far away but they did confirm in the email that i just looked over that there was an oicer-involved shooting around 9:00 a.m. at valley vista and mission boulevard. now the area is closed between valley vista and mission boulevard but we're standing on mission and it looks like it is blocked off from industrial parkway to tennyson. they are letting some trucks get by who do business in the area. we're still working to get more information on what led to the officer-involved shooting. but we have talked by -- i talked by phone to witnesses. they claim that the shooting may have taken place near a car dealership in the area. we're still working to get that confirmed. that is not confirmed. that information awaiting from hayward police and still an active scene down there and active investigation but they tell us they will release morer
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but your best bet is to avoid the area driving in pete. thank you. and more breaking news from nbc bay area sky ranger. take a look here. this time in contra costa county, we're looking at live pictures from san ram on where investigators are looking into a suspicious package left in a parking lot outside of a starbucks. the scene is in side of the strip mall on 680 and crow cannon road and the device is a pressure cooker but police are being very careful. a bomb diffusing robot was surrounded the package to check it out. people in the area are being told to get away or stay away as a precaution. again, a standard procedure in cases like this. we'll bring you updates as we get them. the top story now at 11:00, issuing that microclimate weather alert. rising trend on its way. >> not only the hot weather, but the spare the air that causes the unhealthy air quality today as a result of that bad air
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quality. especially in the inland east bay where we will see the stagnant air, the smoke and all of the pollute ants we're putting out there that make it unhealthy to be outside for a long period of time. so spare the air issued as our temperatures start to seat up. look at fairfield, 86 degrees and it is 80 degrees in san jose. still mild along the coast but we're going to see the team -- the temperatures continuing to go up. low 90s for the inland valley and then upper 90s with a few spots hitting 100 degrees. we'll cool it off into tonight but then look at what happens tomorrow. it gets even hotter in somesps degrees. so keel talk more about that. the microclimate weather alert in effect and more in burning in mendocino county sending dozens of people from homes. this is new video in from overnight. evacuations are underway healds.
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from cal fire, there are structures threatened. our latest update was at 8:00 this morning where cal fe said 225 acres have burned. the fire remains at 25% containment. >> get the latest and stay connected with the free weather app at get the radar where you live. santa clara county is calling for tighter gun control after last month's shooting at the gilroy garlic festival. bob redell is live at the government center in downtown san jose. and this is where the family of keyla salazar implored the supervisor to do something. bob? >> reporter: correct, marcus. and moments ago the family of keyla salazar joined the board of supervisors and other people states and the california flag back to full staff. you'll recall both of those flags have been flying at half staff since just after theootin.
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one supervisor reminded citizens even though the flags are back in normal positions, we are not to forget the three people who were murdered in gilroy. and morning. keyla salazar's aunt spoke to the supervisors in front of a or tougher gun control. later today the board is expected to officially support the federal passage of a comprehensive assault weapons ban and to take steps toward an ordinance of the safe storage of firearms. all three were shot and killed at the festival by a man armed with an ak-47. the mayor of san jose has just proposed an ordinance that would require gun owners in the city to obtain liability insurance or pay a fee into a fund that would compensate the city for the cost incurred from gun violence. the mayor hopes the insurance requirement would encourage
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people to be more responsible gun owners. the same way insurance encourages drivers to be responsible with their cars. insurance can encourage drivers to be safer, how it enoccur -- encourages us to have cars with airbags in them. those kind of improvements are critical and premiums are higher if you want to let your 19-year-old drive your chev that is the way that insurance helps us to regulate risk and reduce risk and that is what is most critical about this, reducing harm. >> reporter: the mayor expects it will be a few months before the proposed ordinance comes before the city council. if passed he does expect organizations like the nra to sue the city to stop the implementation. reporting live in san jose, bob redell, nbc bay area news. [ bell ] and unexpected rally on wall street after somebody blinked in
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the china/u.s. trade war. washington saying it would delay new tariffs on chinese-made goods including iphones, laptops, toys and other popular products until mid-december. that means the goods would be in the stores before the new tariffs took effect ne christmas. shares in apple leading the perspective, today's t 4%. rally with the dow up 400 isn't enough to make up for monday losses but retailers and manufacturers are pleased about the washington delay. the other thing to watch in our relationship with china is what feels like a crackdown on pro-democracy protesters. a tweet from the global times that said the people's own police have been assembling in shenzhen bordering hong kong in apparent large scale exercises. video obtained by the global times. what the global times didn't tell you about -- it is exclusive is global times is owned by the chinese government. the tweet was mentioning hong kong, we have seen those trucks
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then since move. president trump has been tweeting about this. they are ready to crack down on those protesters. >> and in speaking of hong kong, it is a developingowing all moni in hong kong where protesters have filled the international airport. all departing flights have been canceled. yesterday you'll recall a similar protest shut down the airport causing the cancelation of 150 flights. the protesters are angry over a bill that would allow extradition to mainland china. hong kong international airport one of the busiest in the world handling more than a thousand flights a day. new details we're learning that a deadly house fire in san jose has claimed another victim. santa clara county said 9-year-old jessica bookbank has also died. we broke into this story with breaking coverage of this fire when it happened last month. it broke out on green moore jos.
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83-year-old sydney brookbank also fired and an investigation is underway into the cause. this morning family, friends and the community mourning the death of a chp officer killed in the line of duty in southern ca. this happened during a shootout on a freeway in riverside. overnight we've learned that that officer who died is andre mori, a husband and father. he died after a shooting -- this is after police pulled over the suspect. he was killed and two other officers were hurt. one critically. the gunman also killed. late last night a procession took the flag-draped casket to the county coroner and dozens lined up along the roadside to salute him. tributes come in from around the country and across the state fromnewsom. antonio brown has been away from the team for more than a week and he dealt with frost bite on his feet and the nfl
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banning him from using him using his helmet. he signed a three year $50 million contract with the team. a warning for pet owners. the dangers in the lakes. and bulletproof backpacks. we'll take an in-depth look into the business of backpack safety. it's on. get to the ross shoe event for even more brands at 20 to 60 percent off department store prices.
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you...and mom also gets aoss shoppiback-to-school bag? that's yes for less. ross has the brands you want for back to school. and it feels even better when you find them for less. at ross. yes for less. welcome back. with the tart of another school year and a rash of high-profile mass shootings there is a growing number of parents that re concerned understandably protection in addition to pencils and notebooks, some families are adding bulletproof or bullet-resistant backpacks to the back-to-school shopping list. it is hard to believe this is the society lreports, the fringe products are being now carried by major retailers. >> reporter: for many parents it is a cool supply. steve moore's company toughy packs makes bulletproof inserts for backpacks and sales are up
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200% to 300% over the past week and a half following the mass shootings in el paso and dayton and 95% of the customers are parents with this guide for survival. >> it is sad that we have to deal with a product like this and hopefully we won't in the future. >> reporter: and his company is anotne. bullet blocker said back make sales are up 200% and guard dog security noticed a spike, the backpacks are sold at office walmart, and home depot and bed, bath and beyond. the company said their products could stop handguns when properly positioned and that is how they are marketed. as you can see -- no penetration. but the make they could stop more powerful semi-automatic weapons. still parents are intrigued. >> i will absolutely consider it. absolutely. why not?
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>> reporter: john just bought a bulletproof backpack insert for his son payton. >> i never felt i would have to walk around with a bulletproof backpack to feel safe in my school. >> reporter: they live in ohio, 45 miles from day ton where a gunman killed nine people last week. >> we could forget that it is not going on but at the end of the day, i want my son to be able to come home from school. >> reporter: but what kind of messages do the kid-friendly co send to children? psychologists say there are pros and cons. >> the plus side of handing your child a bulletproof backpack th reminding contact with, especially for young kids and elementary schoolers. >> that was joe fryer reporting. in contra costa county a warning for walnut creek residents. thieves are targeting cars in the city. telling nbc bay area vehicles were broken into last month alone. the apartment complex parking lots on creekside road -- or
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drive and several downtown parking garages have been hit. especially hard by smash-and-grab. one maintenance worker we spoke with believes the recent rash of crimes comes down to what people levin side of their cars. >> if your in a higher kind of clash neighborhood that people can afford more of those luxury electronics. so basically this is a bnd ette keep from becoming a target. now to a warning when it comes to your dog. city officials in san jose callinu and ponds where you see blue green algae. there aultiple reports from texas, george and north carolina of dogs dying after coming in contact. warning signs are now posted. we spoke to one dog owner whose dog nearly died and keeps his new dog out of the water. >> she was drinking water and got really sick during the night
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and took her to the emergency hospital and this was drinking the water with the algae in it. >> the signs warn that if the dogs touch the water, rinse them in clean water right away. vets say there isrobably want to get into the water. they need to be extra careful. >> you do. and even just making sure they stay hydrated throughout the day with clean water. when it is this hot outside, make sure the concrete is not precautions for anyone who has heat sensitivity, children and the elderly as our temperatures warm up. that is a look at a refreshing view of the mendocino coast and right now temperatures there starting to warm up. but i wanted to point out this shot. you could see that layer of smoke as we look from woodside toward the coast and you could see that that is what is drifting from mendocino county down to the santa cruz mountains. we've had reports of people saying they are smelling smoke
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in that area. it is not a wildfire nearby. it is coming from hundreds of miles away. and so as we head out around the afternoon, we're going to have some unhealthy air quality at times aalso causes the ozone that we produce in the atmosphere to get trapped in some of the valleys. and with a high pressure pushing it down, temperatures go up, twe 93 degrees in the middle of the day. and normally we're seeing high temperatures around 82 degrees so we're running about 10 to 11 degrees above normal for the rest of the afternoon. our high temperatures in the south bay may be as hot as 96. that is what we're going to see today in gilroy and our winds coming in from the west to 10 m. but we will also see some triple-digits, concord, pittsburg and san antonio and vallejo topping out at 90 degrees. for the coast, half moon bay close to 70 degrees.
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while palo alto reaches 90 degrees. we still have a wide range of temperatures even in san francisco. the outer sunset will be in the upper 60s while the mission district reaches 83 degrees. mill valley up to 89 and 99 today in clear lake. if you are going out to the giants game tonight, take it easy. we'll see our temperatures starting out in the low 70s. and that may still feel warm to you being out in the sunshine. but it will start to cool ll feel nicer into the evening. this intense area of high pressure is over the bay area. and it is keeping us from getting a lot of wind to mix out the smoke and all now. but as we go from now through thursday, the heat stays. but then we see big changes on the way for the weekend as this area of low pressure moves in farther to the north to change our wind direction and bring us cooling temperatures for the inland areas. so we do have the spare the air today and that means if you can catch public transit or car pool, try to reduce the amount
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of pollutants we're putting in the air. tomorrow is going to be even worse. we do have a heat advisory that will be up for the inland parts of the north bay and as well as the east bay as our temperatures reach up to 104 degrees. and still very hot on thursday. we're seeing the heat backing off just a little bit on friday. but we do have some bigger relief on the way for the weekend with some mid-80s in the forecast and the valleys. for san francisco we do see more mid-80s. could possibly in a few spots reach near 90 degrees tomorrow. and then we'll come back to the 60s as the fog and the clouds return for saturday and sunday. so just a few more days, laura for much of the bay area. e heat >> a little cooldown for the weekend because coming up, we're wog shelters. coming up next, a lovely four-legged friend you could help find a forever home. but first, happening now, new news and happy news for santsoya brown. she tied the knot with recording
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artist jay long. she was convicted of murder and recently released on clemency and claims she was a victim of sex trafficking and served 15 years of her life sentence. we're back with more news for you after the break. uh-oh, looks like someone's
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the secret is an ingredient originally discovered... in jellyfish. in clinical trials, prevagen has been shown to improve short-term memory. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. welcome back. look at this. mike inouye's dog is learning how to swim. this is the scene at his house this past weekend. you can like his facebook page to see how it ran out. follow mike inouye on instagram,
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twitter and facebook. and if you don't have a dog in your life, well, boy do we have one for you this morning. >> all this week we've been saying clear the shelters and we want to do that this week and joining me, we have a special guest, we have laura and -- >> my name is julie saint gregory and this is laura garcia. and laura will be featured at our clear the shelters event this weekend. >> and it is funny because we all have pets named after us here at nbc bay area but it is for a great cause. tell us about all of the animals that you have there. >> well we have so many -- we're going to have over 150 dogs and cats. puppies and kittens available for adoption at our event t weekend. >> and so what are you hoping to happen this weekend? >> well, we hope that it will clear the shelters. that is what we hope. and this is our fifth year participating in this event from nbc. and every year we almost adopt
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every single animal we have. >> and tell me about laura's personality here. >> well, as you can see -- >> which one? [ laughter ] >> laura is a sweetheart. she just is a sweet, mellow little puppy. she does like to play. but she's also real cuddler. >> i see that. >> she loves her treat and would make somebody a great lifetime companion. >> what kind of family do you think would work well with laura? >> well, because laura is a puppy, she could get used to children as long as -- because she is a quieter puppy. as long as they're well-behaved and treated her softly and gently, she would make a great pet for that type of family. >> and do you think that is important? kind of matching the type of dog or cat and the personality of the family and what they're looking for. >> it is important. and it is particularly important
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with the older animals. because their personality is already set. so if you have a really shy animal you want to make sure they don't go into a noisy, loud, rambunctious household. >> it is important because i myself adopted a pet that was an older dog and so it was nice to kind of take care of her in retirement age. >> absolutely. they do -- >> laura is not ready for that. >> if you want, get a couch potato. >> so tell me about where you are located. >> so the san jose animal care center is located on monterey road and kurtner is the main cross street. so we're very easy to find. you could just look us up on the website and hopefully come out this saturday. it is a very fun event. >> and so what are the hours on saturday? >> so saturday we are open from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. >> and so all of that
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information on and click on the clear the shelters link. and this is something all of the bay area shelters will be participating in this weekend. and so this saturday we have 90 of them participating so we're hoping to clear th agive them a >> we are. i did just want to add that our pets are all free that day. >> oh, wow -- that is huge. that is really big. and so that is going to help people who maybe holding you back from getting a pet. >> right. because you could spend your money on a crate or a toy or or instead of the adoption fee. >> right. that is great. thank you for coming by. thank you for bringing laura garcia. once again click on clear the shelters link. >> i got my pet from the san jose animal shelter. that little pip. >> you should bring laura over here to play with her. >> and this saturday, 90 local
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shelter and rescue organizations taking part in the clear the shelters organization and most have waived or reduced adoption fees. 'l berkeley humane on saturday morning. >> this laura garcia will be there. >> i'll>> home. she needs it. >> have a good day. california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones, - (phone ringing) - big button, and volume-enhanced phones. get details on this state program. call or visit
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and accessoriesphones for your mobile phone. like this device -toget details on e onthis state programing ) call or visit right now on toat yoga. it is all about trusting the goat. get ready for a good workout and a few laughs. then kim has a bun in the oven and something's cooking at the pier in venice. >> and momma is ready to get her grub on in venice. it is a mock-tail. and look who is growing a green thumb up in the bay. >> so you're probably the perfect guy to talk to about gardening tips. >> exactly. and plus the dos and don'ts of dating from a couple of
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comedians that show no mercy. >> i got you. >> that looks like a chihuahua. >> it is all happening now on "california live."


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