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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  August 13, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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elderly neighbors, findeep cool and the parked car with the windows up ? it is uncomfortable tonight. look at this, 10:00 people still in the 70s to 80s from concord to antioch. tomorrow morning starting off warm. 9:30 in the morning, 84 in danville, 83 in concord, 86 in antioch, 79 in livermore and through tomorrow afternoon, there is the hottest, livermore and antioch over to concord. we'll tell you who reaches into 105 degrees in about 15 minutes. we also wanted to let you know, unhealthy air quality in the east bay and the south bay with a spare the air alert in effect due to the heat and poor air quality into the next 24 hours. a brand-new update in 15 minutes. big numbers here in august. thank you. now we did mention that fire in mendocino county. jeff just mentioned. it we told you about this last night at
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11:00. it is since tripled in size to about 225 acres. containment remains at 25%. this is outside of hop land which is about 30 miles north of healdsburg and the fire is moving away from the populated areas. you could keep track of the fires an the hot temp and hazy skies doing to our air quality on our website. we posted on traffic cameras on the front page at there is disturbing video in san francisco. it shows a woman being attacked by what appears to be a homeless man. some say this is a pure example of what would happen if that proposed homeless center in the embarcadero is allowed to open. nbc bay area terry mcsweeney joins us in the city with the details. >> reporter: raj, very disturbing video but keep in mind it is just one incident. however, it happened at the wood mark condos on beale street. just a stone's throw where i'm
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standing at the proposed station here on the embarcadero ando opponents of the homeless center said if this goes through this is the kind of crime it will atrack. take a look at the video. the woman -- it is incredible. 1:30 in the morning, monday, the victim said the man was trying to get into the condos and the guard won't let him in and the man knocked the phone out of her hand and pulls her to the ground and ranting about saving her from the robots. he made no sense and struggles and caught in the middle of a tug-of-war and then gets inside. she talked to us today, two days later and she's still shaken. >> the first time i thought i was in and i wasn't. he came in with us. but the second time, the moment when i finally closed the door and we were safe, that feeling of i'm safe, i survived, after fighting for so long is
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irreversible. >> reporter: wow. police identified the attacker as 25-year-old austin james vincent, no city of residence. the supervisor who represents this district gave us a statement today. he said he i believe strongly that our neighborhoods and residents are safer when we implement effective accountability for crimes and ensure robust services and treatment for those who require it. if you want more controversy on this story we'll have it tonight at 6:00. what was the police response time. those who want to stop the navigation center from going in say it was 35 minutes to get a cop to help that woman. police i talked to a short time ago say it was three minutes. we'll explain the discrepancy coming up live in san francisco, terry mcsweeney, nbc bay area news. >> we'll see you at 6:00. a bizarrerd ended with polie shooting with what officers thought was an armed man. police said it started before 9:00 on mission boulevard near valley vista.
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drivers spotted a man on the sidewalk waiving a gun in the air and officers arrived and moments later shot him. a witness on the way to work told us he saw an officer with the weapon pointed at the man lying face down with his arms flailing. >> he was on the ground, looked like he was obeying what the officer was telling him. but he just seemed agitated because he had a backpack on. >> police say the suspect's gun was a replica firearm. the man was taken to the hospital. he is expected to survive. the two officers involved in the shooting are on routine leave while this shooting is investigated. so what is going to happen with that controversial mural at george washington high school? san francisco? today actor danny glover made a plea to save the murals and said they depict slavery and the mistreatment of native americans but they are important in telling the story of our history. tonight the san francisco unified board will address the issue. nbc bay area's mark matthews is outside of the school board headquarters with the latest. and i believe that meeting
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getting underway within the hour, mark. >> reporter: it gets underway at 6:00 but already there is a lineup of people waiting to come into the meeting. some -- as you know this issue has inflamed passions and it was a month ago that the board voted to paint over the mural that depicted george washington as a general and a statesman but also as a slave owner and a soldier who fought and killed native americans. today a famous alumni of george washington high danny glovered argued that that is exactly why the murals need to stay on display. actor danny glover attended george washington high school in the early '60s. he walked past these murals every school day for three years. and glover is dead set against any effort to cover them up. >> james bald win said when we cannot tell ourselves about the truth of the past we become trapped in it and that is this country's history. >> reporter: the school bordu e
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an mus vote to cover up the murals has led to a loud outcry from artists, politicians and the local chapter of the naacp. this afternoon school board president stefan cook told reporters he's now considering an alternative. >> which wasn't essentially coming back to the initial recommendation from staff which was to cover the murals instead of destroying them with paint. >> reporter: the board president announced over the weekend that he's now considering preserving the art work by hide it behind panels. a proposal danny glover calls absurd. >> to board it up? to hide it from our view? that is basically what you're saying. we don't get enough history in our history books any way. >> reporter: now in addition to the question of whether the mural should be painted over or covered over or left alone, there is also a question of money. i've heard some of the proposals considered run as high as
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$600,000 to cover up the murals. i asked the board president about that number and that is part of the story we're working on for tonight at 6:00. should be quite a meeting. from san francisco, mark matthews, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. making changes after the mass shooting at the gilroy garlic festival, santa clara is calling for dunn control. this morning keyla salazar's family joined supervisors in downtown san jose to raise flagged back to full staff, they were at half-staff since the shooting four days ago. she was one of people killed. she begged the chamber to push for tougher gun control. yesterday the final memorial service for the youngest victim 6-year-old steven romero was laid to rest yesterday. the largest utility in company has a new boss. pg&e named andrew messy as the new ceo. he was four years of the ceo of the energy company in australia.
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he'll earn $2 million in 2019 alone. he's filling in -- a role open for a year. pg&e is trying to regain the public trust after filing for bankruptcy in january. the company faced an estimated $30 billion in liabilities after the electrical equipment was blamed for the deadly wildfires that devastated our state. stocks rebound after trump administration delays taxes on china. in pennsylvania he toured a future petrochemicals complex. wall street rallied today on the news of the delayed tariffs on chinese-made cell phones, laptops and video game consoles and other items until mid-december. >> this is an acknowledge bip the white house this could have driven up prices for american consumers ahead of the christmas season. >> the president insisted china pays for the tariffs but it is u.s. shoppers facing this financial hit. they are still deliberating
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in oak the ghost ship trial jury made a question. they wanted all four days of testimony of master tenant derick almena read back to them. he and his cotenant mark harris are on trial for the deadly oakland fire that killed 36 people back in 2016. the jury also wanted to have the testimony from two other people read back to them. that includes niko bush ard whoco signed the warehouse lease and a man named ryan o'keefe who volunteered to man the door on the night of the deadly fire. still to come, as political unrest continues to cripple hong kong airports, a ripple effect being felt here in the bay area. also how a question aimed at stopping a co-worker from asking the same thing has led to saving the lives of big dogs. and it is 104 in san martin and campbell 101. how much warmer tomorrow. my full forecast update in about
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ten minutes.
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a suspicious package brought everything to a standstill at a san ram on shopping center. this started when someone called police reporting what looked like a pressure cooker with exposed wires. police evacuated the strip mall off 680 and crow canyon road
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after a slow and methodical investigation police determined the device was harmless. another day of violent clashes between police and demonstrators protesting police brutality at hong kong airport. more flight cancellations, about a hundred today. at sfo we caught up with passengers who managed to catch one of the few flights out of hong kong before the latest shut down. one passenger was stuck for 14 hours and forced to sleep on the floor. >> shutting down a big airport it is scary but it didn't last long thankfully. so -- but it is scary. >> a lot of business travelers at the airports it is unusual. we came in on singapore airline and they said the business class was empty because there was no business travel. >> china government has characterized the pro-democracy protest as something approaching terrorism. president trump tweeted that everyone should be calm and safe. a phrase that could be a subtle
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approval of the heavy-handed police tactics. back here at home we spend so much time with co-workers and we spend a lot of time together. years together. they could feel like family for better or for worse. >> this is for better. there is a little boast and the end result is nothing but great. we have tonight's bay area fam >> this weekend, this saturday our big clear the shelters event. and we're hoping our viewers will go out there and help save an animal's life. if they do, they'll still have a long way to go if they match the effort of two women from pets in need. inside the pets in need shelter in redwood city -- >> i'll email you. >> reporter: these two share close quarters -- >> we've shared an office how long? >> reporter: and an even closer relationship. >> f >> like my lile trips, across the western u.s. rescuing small
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dogs. but not having the resources to rescue the larger ones tugged at patty and marsha's hearts. patty in particular. >> it's super sad. can't take you, sorry. >> reporter: so back in the office patty would talk with martha how she dreamed of starting a program that could help pets in need take those larger breeds. and she talked. and talked. >> she kept talking about it. this is -- okay, how will i shut her up. we'll get her what she needs. >> reporter: marsa who is the pets in need program director looked for ways to raise money to fund patty's dream program. >> my dream not to have big pities and other dogs put down. they don't deserve it. therefore, let's get this program on. >> reporter: though she had never done anything like it before, she talked to donor after donor until finding one who loved large breeds and the
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idea and donated $500,000 to make it happen. >> text a picture and i said, okay, now it's your turn. >> and i was like -- amazed. i could have fainted. >> i did my job. now it's her turn to do hers. >> reporter: the cause for big paws program is now in full swing and funded for the next five years. one co-worker's love and annoyance for another giving big dogs a second chance in life. >> be quiet. take the money and do something good. >> i want to give credit to the people who donated the money but they want to stay anonymous. >> that is a lot of money. >> and i learned a lot about the situation with big dogs. i didn't know that many shelters had more resources and space it takes to help larger dogs so this was limited so this happened them expand the space
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and medical care and more food. >> a lot for food. >> and our clear the shelters this program this saturday at the local shelters. >> at the local shelters. >> 90 of them. >> waived or reduced fees, so come adopt. >> the owner of a rescue and you guys too, it is a wonderful thing to do. >> thanks. back outside live picture of walnut creek. a scorcher today. jodi hernandez is live in contra costa county with the hottest temps and unhealthiest air today. >> reporter: well we hit the triple-digit marks in parts of contra costa county today but it is not just the heat that is making folks uncomfortable. it is the air quality. take a look at the hazy sky behind us. we have unhealthy marks here in contra costa county and air experts say we will see the same conditions tomorrow. >> i definitely -- it is a little scary. to think that is the quality that we're breathing in. especially for the little kids
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and their lungs, their bodies and it is not healthy for them. >> reporter: katelyn said the thick haze of smog over contra costa county makes her nervous. the mother of two said she can definitely fill the impact of the poor air quality. >> it hurts a little to take a full deep breath. >> reporter: this week's high temperatures mixed with pollution prompted the bay area air quality management district to issue a spare the air alert through tomorrow. >> we want to make sure that people are protecting themselves and the lungs from the elevated ozone this afternoon. >> reporter: that means avoid strenuous activity in the afternoon. air quality experts say conditions will be bad in contra costa county and the santa clara valley. where ozone levels will hit unhealthy levels for sensitive groups. >> they're shielded from the normal breezes that clear out of the rest of the bay area and the temperatures when they are high and the pollution sitting there just cooks it up into an unhealthy ozone.
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>> reporter: james is a dialysis patient gearing up for a kidney transplant and the hot conditions could be life-threatening if he's not careful. >> if the park didn't have shade i wouldn't be here. >> reporter: we're back here live and you're looking at the source of the pollution. the pollution from our cars again mixed with the hot, hot temperatures. a spare the air alert has been issued through tomorrow. but i'm told it could be extended another day. that decision should be made tomorrow morning. reporting live in contra costa countries, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> jodi, thank you. and so many schools are back to school this week and next week and so many sports and youth leagues so this will impact families and kids. >> some isolated areas trapped with the hottest heat. let's go into the microclimate forecast and a look in concord where we currently have 99 degrees. humidity value right now at just 12%.
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so some very dry air in place. closer to zero the dryer the air is and tonight is uncomfortable. 90s through 7:00 p.m. and 80s into 8:00 and 9:00 and then holding on to uncomfortable 70s into 11:00 this evening. and know there are some of you out here in concord without air-conditioning, even though it is one of the spots that does tend to get hot, so please make sure you find some way to stay cool even if it means heading out to a movie or taking yourself out to dinner. let's show you the source of the heat. it is all about this area of high pressure which yesterday was sitting right back near the four corners. but today we saw an important change in this as it is now beginning to move right on top of the bay area. wherever high pressure goes it will bring the heat so that is why we'll see the increase in temperatures. now along with the heat we have fog at the coastline and so not everyone will be hitting 100 tomorrow. look at these records. livermore 106 and san jose 96.
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close to record-setting territory for all of the cities and certainly a few more. so bottom line with this, as you move through tomorrow morning, temperatures are going to heat up fast. i think a lot of you get kids ready for school tomorrow morning and another day where you do not need a jacket. 76 in the tri-valley and peninsula 69 with patchy fog near the coast and the south bay at 73. starting off with 73 in the north bay. san francisco 65. isolated fog and for the east bay anywhere from 68 to 77 degrees. closer to the bay you'll be in the upper 60s and then you head out near concord and antioch and pitsberg and brentwood in the upper 70s. so temperatures starting off this warm for the morning and an easy time reaching the triple-digits. let's pinpoint that and closer look. east san jose and margan hill and gilroy looking at low 100s. most critical dangerous levels of heat through contra costa and alameda county. 105 in danville, 104 in pleasant
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ton and 106 in concord and also 106 in antioch. to the peninsula, 95 in palo alto. but you head to the beaches and that ocean breeze will have us at 69. san francisco warming up to 80 frs from -- from the embarcadero to the mission. in the north bay also dangerous heat from novato to napa through clear lake and ukiah in the 100s. so it is common sense but remember to drink a lot of water. take frequent breaks. do not forget the hot car danger. a car with the windows rolled up and turned off could be 30 to 50 degrees hotter inside and remember those pets. as we look at the extended forecast, in san francisco we cool off into the 60s into this weekend. and into early next week looks comfortable. for the inland valley at 105 on wednesday. 104 on thursday. and it looks a lot better as we move into this upcoming weekend as we'll drop back down into the 80s. more look at the hot temperatures coming up at -- at
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6:19 and 6:48. one of the world's most famous singers is getting the cold shoulder in san francisco. here is a clue. he's one of the three tenors.
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the san francisco opera is canceling a show after news of recent sexual harassment allegations. the opera is scratching an october concert featuring singer placido domingo. in a statement the opera said while the alleged harassment didn't take place at the san francisco opera, the company, quote, is unable to present the artist on the war memorial opera house stage. they said ticket holders will be given the option to em change tickets for another performance
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or receive a refund. big news, don't be surprised if you spot your favorite superhero or star trek character in san jose. comic con is here. steve wozniak dropped by to make sure everything is ready to go. it kicks off on friday at the san jose convention center. it is a whole lot of fun and a little crazy. >> whoa! >> did you see that. he started this event but guess who else is here? former governor arnold schwarzenegger and aqua man co-star jason mammoa. >> it is going to be packed. we'll be right back. we are here to discuss jessie's online time. and out of respect, we will let you make the first offer. thirty minutes. thirty minutes? objection! overruled. one hour. sweeten the deal by doing the dishes and i'll consider it.
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olive garden pasta pass is back but this time you get a chance for a lifetime. starting thursday, you could buy the so-called pasta pass for $100 and that gives you nine weeks of unlimited pasta, soup, salad and bread sticks but this year the company is upping the ante. if you pay $500 for that $100 pass you're entered into a drawing for a lifetime pasta pass at the olive garden. are you doing the math for me. >> you said $100 for nine weeks. >> once a week that is only $9 per visit. >> she's really --
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>> and every day you'll need a gym membership. yspecifically, anyone. >> good save. lester holt is next with "nightly news." thanks for joining us. >> see you at 6:00. breaking. the major new fallout from the jail where jeffrey epstein died. the warden taken off the job two guards who were tasked with watching epstein placed on leave as the fbi investigates how the accused sex trafficker was apparently able to take his own life and tonight, growing questions about epstein and his connection to the royal family. chaos at one of the world's busiest airports violent clashes erting between protesters and riot police one officer beaten with his ton tonight investigators hunting for a motive


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