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tv   Early Today  NBC  August 14, 2019 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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chaos in hong kong as the chinese government cracks down on one of the world's busiest airports where clashes between protesters and riot police may lead to military intervention. exploding revelations. the warden has been reassigned the guards are now on leave. plus more details surrounding jeffrey epstein's relationship with britain's prince andrew new information in the investigation of the dayton, ohio gunman who managed to shoot 26 people in 32 seconds. >> this was a plan well before he got to the oregon district. >> we believe that the shooting
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started at approximately 1:05 and 35 seconds we believe it ended at 1:06 and 7 seconds. that's 32 seconds. the blockbuster nfl deal with rapper and music mogul jay-z as the two join forces to help the league move past protesters and controversies and hanging way more than ten with the dogs of summer. a busy wednesday ahead "early today" starts right now good wednesday morning to you. i'm phillip mena >> and i'm frances rivera. flights are back up and running at the world's busiest airport after a night of violent clashes inside hong kong international it was an explosive scene as waves of pro-democracy protesters faced off with riot police, shutting down the airport. in one instance an officer was cornered and beaten with his own baton. joining us from hong kong is janis mackey frayer. these protests are becoming more persistent and more intense. what's the government's response >> reporter: good morning, frances.
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the airport authority made the move yesterday to get a court injunction to prevent the terminals being flooded again with protesters. hundreds of flights were canceled over two days thousands of passengers were stranded they wanted to ensure that this, one of the world's busiest travel hubs, could get back on track. there are still some protesters here in the terminal they've been confined to the area behind me on the arrivals level. they've been told they need to stay there anything beyond these limits will be deemed unlawful. now, the calm that we see is a sharp contrast to the scene last night where at times it was chaotic. squads of riot police tried to move in to make some arrests there were clashes and tensions spiked with this striking video of one officer being down and being beaten with his own baton. he then pulled his gun and other officers were able to get him away and inside the terminal the mood had shifted too over the course
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of the evening there's a lost suspicion, a lot of rumors about what china's government could do next in order to bring these protests to an end. frances? >> janis, thank you. and hopefully those crowds behind you will stay peaceful. thank you. some news, welcome news on wall street. and for your wallet. president trub is backing off his threats of new tariffs on billions of dollars of products from china, which could have hit americans hard during back to school and holiday shopping. investors cheered the decision the dow rallying nearly 400 points a nbc's craig boswell joins us with the latest from d.c craig, good morning. the president seems to have blinked here >> certainly good morning everyone. president trump walking it back. president trump delaying his tariff threat on $300 billion worth of chinese goods, items that would include cell phones, laptops, video game consoles, some toys, clothing, some shoes, items usually found on christmas
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wish lists and that's what this is about. president trump acknowledging that's what this is about, that consumers would be hit hard, really responding to retailers' fears that the holiday shopping season could get wrecked here's president trump >> we're doing this for christmas season, just in case some of the tariffs would have an impact on u.s. customers. which so far they've had basically none the only impact is we've collected nearly 60 billion frds china, compliments of china. but just in case they might have an impact on people what we've done is we've delayed it so that they won't be relevant to the christmas shopping season. >> reporter: the tariffs scheduled to take effect on september 1st, now on hold until december 15th, putting off for now higher prices for consumers. the president accusing china of taking advantage of the u.s. on trade. he's hoping that these tariffs
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will push forward a new trade deal it remains to be seen when these trade talks will resume again. back to you. >> some relief for the consumer at least here in america craig boswell joining us thank you, sir there are more questions this morning surrounding the death of jeffrey epstein two law enforcement officials say one thing investigators are looking at now is whether employees who were responsible for check on epstein were actually sleeping on the job two sources familiar with the case tell nbc news that prison log books are being examined and compared to what is seen on the surveillance camera system epstein's apparent suicide has already caused a shake-up at the correctional center. here's nbc's stephanie gosk. >> reporter: jeffrey epstein was one of the most high-profile inmates in the federal system at the time we will get to the bottom of what happened and there will be accountability >> reporter: at toernlg taking action reasigning the warden from the jail where epstein was held to a different federal facility and putting two guards on administrative leave.
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epstein died while in federal custody saturday morning >> i was appalled and indeed the whole department was and frankly angry. >> reporter: a law enforcement official says federal investigators are looking into how well people were doing their jobs, adding "some were doing it better than others." according to an administration official familiar with the facts, the 66-year-old had not been checked on for a number of hours. a violation of protocol which requires checks roughly every half hour. epstein was also alone in his krelt night before he apparently took his own life, a violation of prison rules. his cellmate was released and not replaced earlier in the day according to a person familiar with the case. all of this happening three weeks after epstein was found injured in his cell. a suspected failed suicide attempt according to multiple law enforcement sources. the department of justice says as the investigations move forward additional actions may be taken stephanie gosk, nbc news, new
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york this is bill neely in london, where the queen's second son, prince andrew, is being dragged deeper into the epstein scandal. unusually cutting short his vacation they'd been friends and partied together for years the prince now denying again accusations he had sexual encounters with girls lured by epstein. buckingham palace stating "any suggestion of impropriety with underaged minors is categorically untrue." the prince denied this before. >> i just wish to reiterate and to reaffirm the statements which have already been made >> reporter: but he's never explained why he was photographed with virginia giuffre then 17. she alleges epstein asked her to have sex with andrew >> politicians and academics and people that -- royalty >> reporter: last week legal documents revealed a second woman accusing the prince at epstein's new york apartment of putting his hand on her breast the queen publicly showed
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support for her son this weekend, but the headlines that have dogged him for years are back epstein is even tied to the prince's former wife, sarah ferguson, who apologized for once taking epstein's money to clear her debts. lawyers dismiss the possibility of prince andrew facing criminal charges in the u.s but buckingham palace has still not explained why andrew and epstein were so close for so many years frances, back to you >> bill, thank you police are revealing new details in the investigation into the dayton, ohio bar shooting that claimed the lives of nine people and wounded at least 17 others. officials have unveiled a detailed timeline of the massacre but they're still searching for a solid motive here's nbc's dan scheneman >> reporter: new details about the night a gunman opened fire in dayton, ohio. >> this was a plan well before he got to the oregon district. >> reporter: authorities revealed a timeline of the events that began late august 4th. just after 11:00 at night the
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gunman connor betts along with his sister and a companion drove to the oregon district and went to a bar two hours later betts, now armed with an assault-style weapon, began shooting authorities released a video which shows diners scattering when they heard gun nooir. less than a minute after the first shot was fired betts was engaged by police. >> we believe that the shooting started at approximately 1:05 and 35 seconds we believe it ended at 1:06 and 7 seconds. that's 32 seconds. >> reporter: police say betts was wearing body armor but not properly >> because of the way it was worn was vulnerable and fortunately we were able to take advantage of that vulnerability. >> reporter: nine people died in the massacre betts's sister was among the first killed it's not clear if she was a target >> we're divided about how -- whether that was intentional or not. i think it's inconclusive. >> reporter: police say evidence
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suggests betts acted alone and while police don't know his motivation they do understand his mindset. >> there's this history of obsession with violence and violent ideations. a discussion of interests in mass shootings, and expression of desire to carry out a mass shooting >> reporter: a mass shooting that ended nine lives. and left many more broken hearts dan scheneman, nbc news. we are learning new details this morning about an ohio teen arrested for making threats on 18-year-old justin olsen has been charged with threatening to assault federal officers when the fbi raided his home in ohio they reportedly found 25 firearms and 10,000 rounds of ammo officials say olsen was under investigation since february but they decided to act now because of the recent mass shootings it is mid august and it feels like it in a lot of places bill karins, good morning. >> good morning. the problem with these heat waves this time of year you just don't get the cooling off at night. it just stays routely hot. houston still feels like 9423 you walk out the door right now.
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even worse in shreveport for 95. we have 50 million people under heat advisories or heat warnings from the southeast to the deep south and a good section of california and arizona no relief along the gulf coast areas around tennessee and arkansas will get a little bitd feel like 12 in san antonio. you'll be lucky and fortunate if some of those showers and thunderstorms cool you off as we go throughout the afternoon hours from dallas to shreveport to mississippi and alabama of course whenever you get these showers and storms you also get? travel issues. let's talk about possible airport implications coming up >> people coming back and school starting -- >> leist schools starting in the south on monday. >> cade's quick hits cuba gooding jr. is scheduled to
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appear in court for a hearing related to charges in an alleged groping incident a manhattan judge rejected his motion to dismiss the against him and set a trial date for september 9th. the federal aviation administration is banning certain macbook pro laptops on flights after apple's recent anunme se venocentomha battery risks and may cause a fire r&b native and el paso native khalid announced a benefit for the families of shooting victims nap will take place september 1st. ♪ bring back the tigers. ♪ your mighty, mighty tigers. [cheering sounds] ♪ bring back the tigers. across the country, schools are having to cut sports. i'm tony the tiger and i'm on a mission to fix that. buy a box and help all kids be tigers. but one blows them allmany moisturizers... out of the water. hydro boost with hyaluronic acid to plump skin cells so it bounces back... neutrogena® and try our hydrating makeup.
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after a day of wear, pants washed with downy wrinkleguard and detergent are virtually wrinkle free. it even comes unscented. if you don't love downy wrinkleguard, we'll give you your money back. i'm working on a novel it is a story of my life and my sisters. >> make it short and spicy if the main care, a girl, make sure she's married by the end. >> louisa may alcott's "little women" is coming to the big screen and we finally have that trailer. saoirse ronan and timothee chalamet star in the classic story of the march sisters it hits theaters this christmas. leading the news the nfl may have the blueprint to smoothing over a thorny issue with players. the league has struck a deal with jay-z, a major supporter of
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colin kaepernick and the protests he inspired, for a new social justice campaign. the new partnership will also focus on the entertainment side of the nfl like the super bowl halftime show. nbc's katie beck has more. >> reporter: not long ago rapper jay-z was throwing jabs at the nfl. ♪ i said no to the super bowl ♪ you need me i don't need you now the superstar is teaming up with the league. quarterbacking a social justice program to try and ease turbulent times. the nfl still facing backlash in the wake of player protests after quarterback colin kaepernick sparked a movement, trying to raise awareness for racial injustice by kneeling for the national anthem. the ongoing controversy taking a toll on last year's super bowl halftime show. big name artists reportedly passing on a chance to perform >> this is huge for the nfl. this is an olive branch to a community that has really turned against the nfl in recent years. >> thank you >> reporter: the new deal will
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make jay-z and his company rocnation a co-producer of the profitable halftime show and will boost nfl initiatives it drive positive changes in communities. after a public rivalry it seems jay-z and the nfl are now on the same team. katie beck, nbc news, new york >> good idea i'm surprised it took so long. >> they've got to get back in j-znoorhiseon >>ay kws what's up ed sheeran's perfect collaboration. and keystone brings out a plan to give you more money and more beer you're watching "early today." >> what? you don't know my name, do you? (laughs nervously) of course i know your name. i just get you mixed up with the other guy. what's his name? what's your name? switch to geico®. you could save 15% or more on car insurance. could you just tell me? i want this to be over.
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♪ ♪ slave to the way you move ♪ hurts when i the song may be called "only human," but the jonas brothers are looking like '80s gods in their new video. joe, kevin, and nick rock out in a retro club complete with disco balls and rotary phones. "only human" is the third single off of their album "happiness begins," which was released earlier this summer. >> the only thing miss rg some mullets and members only jackets. but other than that they're pretty much hitting it >> disco ball '70s not '80s anything that's not now they're just like back there >> way, way, way old school. pop star ed sheeran's love affair with heinz ketchup has been bottled once more but this
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time it's for charity. the singer's teamed up with the brand to crete a limited edition ed sheeran x heinz bottle. it features his signature and you a variety of tattoos only 150 bottles have been made. of those 104 will be given away via an online sbeep staingz wibs running till august 23rd and three will be auctions off each bottle also comes in a collector's edition speaker box. that's really cool the singer posted on instagram that proceeds will go to two different charities. once you enter the bottle you can either fill it back up reuse ti say you mutt it in a nice clear box for display. >> looks cool. i'm surprised he doesn't go paul newman and make his own dressing from here on out >> he could. he's starting something. keystone light wants to help some of its fans live rent-free. they're giving away 12,000 tods 13 winners they're hoping to recruit more 21 to 24-year-old beer drinkers. 150 people can also win a dull team transition pack which
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include a inflatable chair, shower curtain, and chandelier out of beer cans drinkers have until september 29th to enper. >> the adulting thing is you have >> but only 21 to -- >> but the cande lichlt er for that alone i'm entering. when it comes to words few are used more frequently than the word the but that isn't trying to stop a professor from trademarking the part of the speech the school is commonly referred to as the ohio state university and as part of the buckeyes application they included clothing items which are simply hats and shirts were the word the on them assuming you know it's ohio state university it got at tension of a trademark lawyer on twitter that he bleechbz the trademark application doesn't follow guidelines and will initially be declined >> a l ootf people don't like ohio state right there just ahead the fur flies at the beach in the cutest, the cutest
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in our top stories reality stars todd and julie chrisley are facing some legal troubles the stars of the usa network show "chrisley knows best are facing tax evasion charges in georgia. the 12-count indictment includes bank fraud and wire fraud. todd chrisley has denied these claims in a very lengthy instagram post todd insisted he had & his wife did nothing wrong claiming the indictment was due to a disgruntled employee who allegedly stole from his family. >> now to grammy-winning rapper cardi b. who took a break from spitting brarz to get political with democratic candidate bernie
4:27 am
sanders. the two sat down with a one on one where cardi address what'd she wade were her fans' most asked questions. raising minimum wage >> what are we going to do about wages? america? when i was not famous, i just felt like no matter how many jobs i get i wasn't able to make ends meet. i wasn't able to pay my van, get transportation, and eat. >> that is an excellent and important question >> reporter: the bronx native poechted the clip on instagram captioned in part i got the chance to ask bernie sanders about this keep your sending your questions. the rest of the int screw with sanders is expected to be released throughout the week who knew cardi b. was a reporter >> that may be my favorite pair of the summer. if bernie needs tay little vp push, never know it's 2019. what better way to cool down these days, for a hot dog to cool down than to ride a few
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rough waves? get it nbc's gadi schwartz takes us to the cutest surfing competition you might ever see >> reporter: if you're missing the dog days of summer, lind maher beach in northern california is the place for you. here the kings and queens of the waves are canines. and they charge into the water little sampson's been at it since he saw his surfboard come out. >> he gets here he's ready to play >> reporter: he hits the waves with his partner delilah going head to tail with tandem duo derby and teddy. >> it was wrecking it out there. the board was awesome too. >> reporter: as the waves keep pumping the competition gets even rougher prince dudeman shredding the store, twisting, coming in hot and splitting the crowd. wattstein dropping in on this nice little spell. >> it's the cutest sport i've ever seen in my life
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>> in the end the top dog was a little lady named sheree >> it was awesome. >> reporter: something that might mean something to us humans but nothing to the true surfers at just wantth t
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a good wednesday morning to you. a live look at our radar, we are hitting triple digits today. be mindful, as we have a microclimate weather alert. i'm marcus washington. >> i'm lawyer r.a. garcia. let's check the forecast with kari. >> we are under a microclimate weather alert due to the unhealthy weather quality. the spare the air alert today, so we'll see some unhealthy air in the inland east bay, moderate for the--


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